Baby cute sex stories storys xxxxxxxx

Baby cute sex stories storys xxxxxxxx
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This is part three of three. Keith introduced his bi-sexual girl friends that are 16 and want to have sex in front of a camera with an older woman to sell on the Internet. I would like to stop having sex with these teenagers this before John finds out and wants to divorce me. I love him and want our marriage to last. Keith has copies of all the videotapes I made. I met with Keith, Tim, Sara and Dawn to try to talk them into giving me the videos because I want to stop having sex with them.

Dawn said, "I love sex with you Cheryl." Tm said, "Cheryl you started this by showing yourself to us masturbating in your home window.

Now you want us to forget how much you enjoyed having sex with us." Dawn said, "Cheryl I'll give you the video I have if you let me suck your thighs and your vagina again." I agreed to have sex once again with her. I got a big surprise. We had sex in my bedroom when I heard the front door.

About 15 minutes later I looked up to watch Dawn kiss my thighs and my husband here standing naked. John said, "Cheryl just bend over and lesbo cougar toy fucked and licked from behind say anything." I bent over and Dawn guided John's penis into my vagina. Dawn said, "John I want you to fuck me too." I said, "John please forgive me. I have been unfaithful to you, but you haven't given me enough sex.

I had to look somewhere else for my sexual release." John said, "Cheryl I want to meet some of your sex partners." We arranged to meet Keith, Sara and Tim. John said, "Cheryl these are only kids you've been having sex with." Keith said, "John your wife is a great fuck. I hope you appreciate her.

Would you like to see how good she is?" I said, "Keith you promised not to show the tapes." John said, "Cheryl I've seen all the tapes and yes I want to join you and your friends." John got naked and we went into the room where Dawn and Keith were.

John was naked and I began to take my clothes off. Dawn and Keith were on the couch kissing. I am shocked that John saw the tapes and still wants me. John said, "Keith I want you to fuck Naughty lezzies fill up their big butts with milk and squirt it out and I want to fuck Dawn." I said, "I thought you were concerned that they are only teenagers.

What do you want?" John said, "Cheryl you've had your fun. I want to have some fun now. Dawn is sexy, at least that is what you said when you had sex with her. It is my turn." Keith and I watched as John got on top of Dawn and guided his penis into her vagina and pumped in and out.

Keith got on his side and guided his penis in me.

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Dawn said, "John I'm only 14 and you are the first guy to fuck me. Your penis feels so good in me and I want you to fuck me everyday." I said, "John, stop!" Keith said, "Cheryl you've had your fun. Let me fuck you again and let your John have his fun." I sat on Keith's lap with his penis deep in my vagina.

I love it. Dawn sat on John's lap and guided his penis into her vagina. She bounced up and down on John's penis.

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He said, "Dawn I'm going to have to ejaculate in you soon. I want to ejaculate in your mouth, not in your vagina" I went to a hotel to think about what to do next. When I went home I found John, Keith and Sara in the living room.

John and Keith were masturbating. Sara watched them. I said, "John do you still want me to stay home with you?" He said, "Cheryl I want you to stay home but I also want to experiment and have sex with your friends." I said, "John are you sure you want sex with them? They are all either 14 or 15 and we could get into trouble having sex with them." John said, "I want sex with them!" John took off his clothes and said, "Cheryl I want sex with all of your friends." I asked, "John do you mean you want sex with the girls and the boys?" He said, "Cheryl look at this part of the tape and do the same thing with Dawn." Dawn had sucked my breast in the video.

Dawn said, "Cheryl I love your breasts." I looked over at John and Keith. Another one of my fantasizes was being fulfilled. John was on his knees with Keith in front of him and sucking Keith's 9" penis. I left John again to think about what we were doing. I decided I would convince John to stop this. When I got home John, Keith, Tim, Roger, and Todd were nude. Keith and Todd came to me and guided their penises into my mouth as John was on his knees with Tim on the ground.

John was masturbating Tim's penis. We went into the house and I decided if John wants to suck a boy's penis then I'm going to enjoy it. Keith sat on the couch and I guided his huge penis into my vagina. Todd sat on the sexy babe mia blow has her pussy demolished and watched us.

He said, "John your wife wants to see you suck our penises and taste our cum." John licked my vagina with a penis in me. I said, "John I know the boys are video taping this. I want you to suck my clitoris and when Keith takes his penis out of me I want you to suck his big penis." John didn't say anything.

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He went to my vagina and kissed my thighs and then he sucked my clitoris. Keith pulled out of my vagina and John sucked Keith's penis. John and I agreed to have sex with each of my students one more time. We were afraid the kids would report us.

Tim, Todd, Keith and Sara stayed with us. I walked into the living room and found Sara sucking all the boys' penises with John watching them. Sara said, "Cheryl after I grandmas bingo night starts with an orgasm the boys John wants too." I went into the family room with Erick and Phil. Phil guided his penis into my vagina and I took Erick's penis in my mouth.

John stood by watching us. Phil said, "John your wife sure gives a great blow job. Do you want to see if you can give me a better blow job?" I said, "John go ahead and eat their sperm." I got up and Phil and Erick stood up. John went to Phil and sucked his little penis as Phil masturbated Erick. Phil ejaculated in John's mouth. I was so shocked. I said, "John don't leave Erick's penis hanging there. You should suck his penis too." John said, "Cheryl if that is what you want me to do then give it to me." Keith and Todd came in naked.

John sat on a chair. He had sperm on his face and Keith got on the chair and said, "John open your mouth I want to fuck you in your mouth." Todd came to me and said, "Cheryl I need a blow job and the guys say you give the best blow job." I took his penis into my mouth as I watched Keith pump in and out of John.

John said, "Cheryl I saw the tapes and saw how much you like sucking all those teenage penises. I know you also love sucking teenage girls' vaginas." I sat on the dining room table with John on the floor and Todd and Keith at the side of John with there penis in his face.

They guided their penises in his mouth. I was serious about not having and more sex with these teenagers.

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Sara, and two more of her friends came in with John. Sara took John's penis in her mouth. As I sat and watched them having sex, I noticed that my vagina was really wet and I was horny like before.

I tried to keep my senses, but I wanted to join them. Sara could sense that I was horny and she had me get on the couch where she kissed my ass and licked my vagina. I didn't want it, but I ha another orgasm. John watched Sara and said, "Cheryl I guess you are still horny.

I hope you will change your mind and lets keep having sex with our sex loving teenage friends." I agreed with John and think there is no way I can stop having sex with these boys and girls. John and I met two of the neighborhood teenage girls today.

They had heard about my bi-sexual adventures. Both girls are 16 and they have never had sex with either a boy or another girl. John sucked both their vaginas. John was in the family room masturbating to a porn film when Phil and I came in naked. I decided that I wouldn't stop having sex with my high school students.

When the boys and I have sex I consider I'm teaching them. I sat with Phil and we watched John ejaculate all over his pubic area and thighs. Phil took some sperm, John said, "Cheryl go ahead and suck Phil's penis. I want to watch him as he ejaculates in your face." I said, "Ok John, but you have to kiss me afterwards." John said, "Ok Cheryl when Phil ejaculates in your face I'll clean the sperm off your face with my tongue.

I've fantasized, like you, sucking a guy's sperm. Phil ebony babe gets pumped by big thick dick, "John I want to fuck Cheryl and when I'm ready to cum I'll tell you and you can then suck her cunt and then suck my prick." I said, "John lets do it." John went to my thighs and vagina again.

He said, "Cheryl you gave me the idea to try a bi-sexual experience and I want some more sperm." Erick, Cheryl and I went to a nudist beach. I took off my bathing suit top and John went to my vagina and sucked me. Erick knelt by my face and guided his penis in. Erick pumped his penis in my mouth and ejaculated all over my face. I said, "John please kiss me and clean the sperm off my face." John licked the sperm off me.

I said, "Guys lets go back to the hotel room and continue this. I want you to fuck me and see if you can get both your penises in my vagina at the same time." You might say that I fantasize a lot.

I do and having two penises in me at the same time is another of my fantasizes. I didn't know John would be part of it. Todd masturbated all over my breasts and on my chest. I said, "John you missed some sperm.

Please clean Phil's sperm off my breasts and chest for me." I watched John lick Phil's sperm off my stomach. He then went to my chest and licked sperm off me. I had sperm on my breasts and John licked it off my breasts. We went to the park and Phil and John undressed. I said, "Guys you better get dressed before someone sees you." John said, "Cheryl I want to suck a penis." I guess John is as much of a sex addict as I am.

I don't know if I will write anymore in my diary. I wouldn't want t to fall into the wrong hands. I am fully dressed and still in the park with Phil and John. I looked over to see John sucking Phil's penis again. Phil said, "John don't stop sucking my prick." John mumbled, "Phil I want more of your warm sperm." I said, "Ok guys we have to leave here before someone oil massage one minute storys At that Phil ejaculated in John's mouth.

I wanted one last fling with one of my students who is the youngest of all my students. I don't want to write in my diary as to how old or young he is. I said, "John I want you to just sit and watch as I have sex with Justin." John said, "Cheryl do you know how old Justin is?" I said, "Yes John he is young." Justin reached into my bra.

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I know I rarely wear one but today I did. He massaged my breasts and I said, "Justin if you want to suck my breasts, go ahead suck me." I said to John, "You have to stay right there and watch. In fact why don't you get the video camera and see if we can sell it over the porn site on the Internet." Phil pulled my top down and I looked at John who said, "Cheryl Keith has the camera and I just want to sit here and watch you have sex with Justin." I said, "Ok John but remember you have to sit and watch and make sure you don't interrupt us no matter what we do.

You are not to suck his penis or my vagina." I put my hand on John's thigh to keep him calm. I hope he won't get too excited and want to join in. Justin got a little confidence and pulled my shirt and bra off. I had a pair of sexy see through panties. Justin could see my pubic hair and vagina.

He finger fucked me with two fingers. I could see John has an erection. For such a young boy Justin has great abs. He works out a lot and I want him to work out with me.

He massaged my breasts and I can tell John is getting horny. John asked, "Cheryl are you sure you want sex with Justin?

I know how young he is and I'm sure he has never even seen a naked woman never mind fucked one." Justin said, "John you are right but Cheryl will be the first girl I fuck. I hope you enjoy watching me fuck your wife. I'm going to suck her cunt now if it's ok." Justin went to my vagina and he stuck his tongue in and out of my vagina as he also sucked my clitoris. I had an orgasm and I think John had one to. I leaned over on John and rubbed his thighs. I could tell he definitely had an erection.

Justin guided his penis that is about 8" long while erect into my vagina. His huge penis felt so good. I want him to ejaculate in me and maybe I'll let John suck his sperm out of my vagina. I said, "Justin you are very good for your age." I got on my knees and held John's hand as Justin showed me his penis. I said, "Wow Justin your penis is huge. How long is it?" He said, "I think it is 9" Cheryl." John said, "Cheryl that huge penis will never fit in your vagina if you let him fuck you on top of you.

My camera inside vagina during first time intercourse with blood is too big for your vagina and it is only 5.5" long." Justin said, "Cheryl I want you to suck my prick and see if you can make me cum in your mouth.

I have never been able to cum. I must be too young to cum." I said, "Justin I'll see if I can help and get you to ejaculate in my mouth. I want to taste your young sperm." I masturbated his huge penis and tasted his pre-cum. I said, "Justin let me get on top of you and guide your penis in my vagina. It will fit better and I think I can make you ejaculate in my vagina and the in my mouth." John leaned over and watched as Justin pumped his 9" penis in and out of my vagina.

John said, "Cheryl I have never seen a penis as big as Justin's." I got on my back and Justin sucked my breasts after he ejaculated a huge load of sperm in my vagina. John couldn't help himself and went to my vagina. I was having such an intense orgasm and didn't want to stop John from sucking my vagina. My vagina had a lot of sperm oozing out of my vagina. John sucked it. John got on the bed and said, "Justin please come here.

I want to masturbate you and see if I can fit your penis in my mouth." I watched John suck Justin's penis. This scene proved to me that John is a bi-sexual. I'm sure he prefers to suck a boy's penis to sucking my vagina. Justin ejaculated another load In John. I said, "John you promised to just watch and now you are sucking Justin's penis.

I hope you like his sperm. I want you to suck my vagina. It is full of his sperm." John didn't know it but I took out the digital camera and took 10 pictures with John sucking Justin's penis.

I got great some shots as Justin ejaculated. A week later after John and I had agreed we wouldn't have sex with anyone but us. I got home and found John cheating on me with a 15 year-old boy again. John said, "Cheryl I had to have one more taste of sperm.

I won't do it again. This is the last episode of my diary. I might write more if there is a call for more. If my readers want me to write mature lady gives a blowjob and enjoys fucking I can probably convince my husband to have more sex with my high school sophomore boys and maybe with the girls too. It wouldn't take much to convince me to have more sex. I know a lot of other boys and girls who would love to have me suck their penises and vaginas.

John and I talked about it and decided if the readers want more from my diary we can write more. Originally I wrote the diary until John read my diary. John wants to write some more in the diary.

He doesn't want to just fantasize sex with boys or girls. He wants to suck more penises and more young vaginas.