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Legal age teenagers deepthroating gasping tube porn
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She gazed in the mirror at the school logo emblazoned across the front of the tee shirt: Tennessee Institute of Technology and Science. "She gazed in the mirror at the school logo emblazoned across the front of the tee shirt: Tennessee Institute of Technology and Science." Outside her window, the setting sun washed the verdant slopes of the Great Smoky Mountains in an otherworldly, yellowish light.

The summer quarter was nearly over, and the regular school year would begin in less than a week, bringing the horde of students back to a campus that had been pleasantly deserted and private. Wearing only panties and a very large brassiere, Trudy Caldwell locked the door of her dorm room and set to work. Opening the bottom drawer of her dresser, the busty young woman plunged her hands through the layers of folded clothes and found the plastic refrigerator container at the bottom.

The sophomore Engineering major sat on her bed and opened the box. Inside were needles, pins, an assortment of small spools of thread and various buttons, as well as a 35-mm film canister. Picking up the canister, she popped it open and emptied the contents into her palm, counting the crudely molded white pills. Two left after this one, she thought as she put one in her mouth and chased it with a swallow of Diet Coke.

After concealing everything back in place, she unlocked her door. With a sigh, she ran her fingers through her short-cropped auburn hair, and wondered, Why? Gazing at her reflection in a mirror on the closet door, she put her hands on her large breasts and gave them a squeeze.

Their lavish size was very pleasing. She reached behind her back, unhooked the clasps of her G-cup brassiere and slipped it off her shoulders, baring her lovely boobs. Their firm flesh jutted out from her chest, with only a passing regard for the pull of gravity. Their shape reminded her vaguely of torpedoes, aimed just slightly downward. She smiled as she admired them. Tossing her big bra onto the dresser, she took a tee shirt that had been draped over the back of a chair, and put it on.

She smoothed out the front of it, running her hands over her corpulent bosom and tight tummy. She gazed in the mirror at the backward reflection of the school logo emblazoned across the front of the tee shirt: Tennessee Institute of Technology and Science.

This was one of those rare, older tee shirts, bought second-hand from an upperclassman the previous spring. It had been made in the early nineteen-sixties before the school's initials were officially dropped from usage.

She felt it was particularly appropriate to see those beloved old letters stretched across her hefty bust. She switched on the radio, took a joint from her purse, and sat on the bed with her back against the wall. As she lit up, she pondered her motives: she was truly delighted with her appearance now, so why did she continue to take the stupid pills? Who knew? Urges: one of many she entertained regularly.

Anyway, the process itself was always interesting. Especially when she was high. Twenty minutes later, things indeed became interesting. It started with a little nausea and a tight feeling in her chest, and then she became light-headed as her heart began forcing huge amounts of blood into her big breasts. Her big tits throbbed heavily as they swelled, bobbing with every heartbeat. She lifted up the front of her shirt and studied her expanding mammaries, which were now flushed red college babe angie moon gets her pussy licked a sunburn.

She wondered if watching them grow like this, right before her eyes, was what compelled her to keep repeating the experience. Trudy was well aware that the first swelling was only a temporary expansion caused by the influx of blood to her boobs, and that the permanent growth would happen overnight.

Stimulated by the artificial molecules in her bloodstream, the tissue in her breasts would gorge itself on the protein-rich blood over the next ten hours or so, building new cells as if life depended on it.

Damn, she thought. All of her brassieres were going to be too small tomorrow, and she hadn't had the presence of mind to buy any bigger ones ahead of time.

She'd have to shop for some new bras in town again, as soon as her classes were over. She assumed she'd need an H-cup this time, and she didn't know if any of the local stores would stock anything that big. Finding the right size became more difficult every time her breasts grew larger. As the night progressed, Trudy nursed the joint until there was nothing left but a scrap of oily paper in her roach clip.

She passed the time by tuning slowly across the radio dial, stopping to listen to any halfway interesting program or intriguingly far away station for a while, nodding off to sleep now and then. She looked at her clock and saw that it was almost midnight. Taking off her tee shirt, she got up and stood at the mirror. "Good grief!" she commented out loud as she surveyed her figure.

Cupping her swollen breasts in her hands, she turned to one side and then the other, examining herself. "You girls sure are getting big this time," she mumbled. Her tits had expanded to a surprising degree so far. She figured they were about the size of cantaloupes now the really big kind that they probably force-grow with chemicals.

Just like these, she thought, chuckling. The growth of her boobs was indeed more vigorous than ever before. The fact was that the larger her breasts became, the better able they were to manufacture more tissue for themselves, at the drug's command. In other words: the bigger they got, the bigger they could get. They were now extraordinarily large and full, undulating heavily as she moved. Her nipples had grown substantially too, for which she was glad, since she had always considered them to be too small.

Now they were a nice respectable size, a good half-inch in diameter. She finally turned out the light and slipped under the covers, her body wearied from its internal activity that evening. As she slept, the growth process shifted into overdrive, enlarging her breasts at an even greater rate. The poor girl couldn't have known that come daylight, the H-cup bras she'd planned to buy would be somewhat inadequate for the task of handling her hefty I-cup bosom.

Jim Robinson, his wife Evelyn, and their three kids Sandra, Philip, and Michael, sat in their family's SUV as Jim slowly piloted the huge vehicle along the tree-lined 'Loop Road' in Cades Cove, a historical farming community preserved within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The 12-mile long, one-lane asphalt road snaked its way along the perimeter of the cove, past log cabins that had sheltered the first white settlers during the early nineteenth century and clapboard farmhouses abandoned in the 1930's when the Smokies became a National Park. Since then, the Park Service had kept the fields cleared to ward off the ever-encroaching forest, in effect freezing the cove in that moment of time. The kids begged to stop at every empty cabin so they could run screaming through it just like the pioneers did.

There were also primitive church buildings dating back to the first homesteaders, a grist mill that still ground corn meal for sale, and a number of stops where one could park and take a self-guided nature walk. Everyone in the family was thrilled and amazed by how docile the indigenous deer were. They had pulled up beside a doe and her little fawn grazing by the side of the road, and the deer merely stopped eating long enough to look curiously at the humans before resuming their lunch.

This late in the season, there wasn't the usual bumper-to-bumper line of cars on the Loop Road, so the Robinsons had been able to linger for a while without stopping traffic. As the big vehicle rolled up a hill and around a couple of hairpin turns, another whitewashed old church came into view just as little Michael announced he had to go pee-pee. He was at a critical point in his potty training, and Evelyn insisted Jim stop in the small parking area and take Michael to relieve himself. "Ev, I don't think this old place is gonna have a restroom." "Then take him behind a tree in the woods if you have to, but just let him make pee-pee!" his wife told him sharply.

"Gotta go pee-pee," the little one confirmed, holding himself. "Okay, Michael," his father proclaimed as he turned onto the gravel and parked beside a red Volkswagen neo-Beetle, "Daddy's going to take you to go pee-pee." Even during this still-sizzling first week of September, the mountain shade made it cool enough to do without air conditioning, so Jim shut the motor off. He got out and took Michael out of his safety seat and carried him up a set of stone steps, onto the grounds of the old Primitive Baptist church.

Three young women were crouching at one of the weathered grave markers in the church's old cemetery, making a headstone rubbing. They looked up from their work to evaluate the intruder, and seeing a little boy in the man's arms, dismissed any concern they might have had.

As the girls stood up to move to another marker, however, Jim's interest was piqued when he saw how remarkably well developed they all were, and he nearly forgot about the urgency of his mission. One of them, he noticed, had especially large breasts, which were challenging the mettle of a woefully undersize yellow bikini top.

The girl's extra large boobs bulged out over the edges of her top and rode high on her chest, jiggling exuberantly as she moved. Another of the trio was almost as extravagantly endowed. Her halter-top was barely adequate to contain her very sizable mammaries, which heaved around underneath it like penned up riding bulls before a rodeo event.

Even the one with the smallest rack was much bustier than your average female, as the wide stretches across the bouncing front of her tight tee shirt testified. Strolling across the field carrying his son, Jim craned his neck to see them, wondering if they had all agreed that day to wear tops that were too small for their full young bosoms. "That guy's really looking at us," Samantha commented with a snicker. "I know. We ought to give him a real show and flash our tits at him," suggested Cindy.

"Not me," Andrea said, "but you guys go right ahead if you want to. Cindy's about to come flopping out of that top anyway!" "Well, now that I've got it, I might as well flaunt it!" "I never have understood that, Cin why so big?" "Actually, I didn't plan on letting them get this big at first, but I guess I just got carried away or something.

But I'll be honest with you I ain't through yet!" "Good grief, woman!" Andrea chided. "You must already be a double-quadruple D-cup or whatever! I've never seen anyone so huge! How on earth do you find bras in your size? What's the biggest cup size they make?" "Andi, I'm only a F-cup!" "Only a F-cup?!" Andi echoed, flabbergasted.

"I'm up to a double-D now, and I'm enormous! Just look at me: I jiggle whenever I walk, and I bounce like two lesbians have fun with sex toys going down stairs. And forget running!" "Oh, you're such a wimp," accused Cindy. "You're barely a woman with mere double-D-cup boobs! Compared to some of those girls, like Trudy Caldwell for example, I'm just small potatoes!" Samantha snorted.

"Yeah, Trudy's potatoes are getting pretty darn big, all right!" "Oh, is she that one with the really huge boobs?" Andrea asked with wide eyes. "Tall; lives over at Bailey Hall?" "Uh-huh," nodded Cindy, holding her paper against the gravestone as she rubbed the edge of her charcoal across it. "Well, she has been living on campus all summer." "Is she going out with Brian?" Cindy asked.

"More like going down on him," Samantha interjected. "Oh, gross, Sam!" Andrea scolded with a grin. As little Michael joyously peed against a tree for the first time, his father was sorely tempted whip out his own as he watched the bosomy trio. The one with the biggest tits was leaning over as she worked, affording Jim a good view of her bountiful cleavage.

Her fleshy breasts jostled furiously as she scraped the charcoal back and forth. While Cindy worked on her rubbing, Samantha looked toward the trees where the man and his young son had gone. "Aww," she cooed. "I can see his little wiener!" Andrea and Cindy immediately looked up.

"What?" they chorused. "The little boy is making water," Sam said giggling. "Did you guys think I was talking about the man?" They all laughed and Jim looked away, self-conscious. "Man, he was really checking you out, Cin!" observed Samantha.

"Well, just look at her!" Andrea admonished. "She's hangin' out for all the world to see!" "I don't care if he sees 'em. My rule is, you can look, but don't touch, unless I say otherwise," Cindy proclaimed. "Okay, I'm through now. We can go." Andi and Sam stood up as Cindy gathered her supplies together and carefully put them away in a canvas bag. "Can we find a restroom now? I really have to go!" Andrea complained. "Why don't you join the boys over there in the woods?" Sam suggested.

"I'm sure they'd love to have the company." "Believe me, I wish it were that easy!" Cindy stood and tugged at her overburdened bikini top. This thing is just too small!" she whined. The other girls laughed at her, and Sam remarked, "Duh!" Cindy chuckled. "I guess that's fairly obvious." "You wore it because it's too small, girlfriend!" Sam said. "True, but now it's really small." She yanked at it more aggressively, but with no relief.

Frustrated, she growled, "It's binding me and I can't stand it!" To Andrea's horror and Samantha's delight, Cindy untied her top and snatched it off her body. "Ahhh! She sighed, tossing the top into her bag and massaging her heavy breasts. "Cynthia Donaldson!" Andi exclaimed as Sam hooted her approval. "That man can see you!" "Fuck him," Cindy replied, using language she knew would shock her friend even more. Andi sucked air, grappling for a response, as Sam chuckled at both of them.

Jim couldn't believe his eyes as he watched the girl's huge naked tits wiggling around right there in the National Park! In a churchyard! When she started kneading her voluminous boobs, he wished he'd had his camcorder with him. After a moment's reflection, however, he was glad he didn't, because if he'd caught that moment on video, it was certain Evelyn would eventually see it and go totally ballistic on him. "Let's go!" Cindy said. "Are you just going to go around topless the rest of the day?" Andrea demanded incredulously, watching her companions begin ambling back toward the parking area.

"Chill, girl! I've got a spare tee shirt in the Bug. Come on!" As Jim watched the three nymphets prance out of sight down the stone stairs, he suddenly envisioned the scene from his wife's point of view: I'm gone for several minutes; then naked giggling busty young women appear, coming from my direction. I return. I die. He realized that little Michael had been tugging on his trouser leg for several seconds. "All finished, Daddy!" Earl McGuire steered his pickup truck off the sun-baked asphalt and pulled up beside the rusted gas pump from an era gone by.

As he stepped out of the vehicle with the intention of strolling over to the garage bay for a chat with Bobby, he caught something out of the corner of his eye. He turned his attention to the other vehicle parked at the pumps, and stopped dead in his tracks. A girl wearing shorts and a sleeveless top was filling up her tank, leaning against her car as she watched the numbers scroll up on the antique readout. He pushed his sweat-stained cowboy hat back on his head and stood looking at her with his hands on his hips, focused on the woman's extraordinarily large breasts.

They were much bigger than her top was designed to contain, stretching out the garment's neckline to reveal a startling amount of cleavage. No effort had been made to conceal her brassiere, as was the current fashion among young ladies, and Earl marveled at its extra wide straps and overstuffed cups, peeking out from behind her little shirt.

The gas pump clunked to a halt, and as she leaned over to replace the handle in its cradle, her great boobs were pulled downward by their considerable weight, swaying heavily for a moment until she straightened up again. She seemed to ignore Earl's gawking as she sauntered over toward Bobby to pay for her gasoline, but something in her facial expression acknowledged, and even welcomed his ogling.

Her hefty bosom bounced and wobbled wondrously as she walked, stupefying her mesmerized onlookers. After giving Bobby a twenty-dollar bill and a look he would have remembered for the rest of his life if his eyes had ever made it to her face, she returned to her car and drove away.

As the dust settled, the mechanic commented to Earl, "Them's the biggest big bobs with black cock I ever seen!" "Me too, Bobby! Mercy! Let me have the key to your restroom." Bobby eyed him warily and reluctantly nodded toward the key, lying on top of his tool chest.

Dr Susan Medina was definitely hot. Roy Barnard sat in her class on the first day of his junior year at the Tennessee Institute of Technology and Science, admiring the petite young teacher's glorious hair, angelic face, killer ass, svelte figure, and legs that went all the way up to her neck. Not a word of what she was saying registered in his brain. He had barely passed Dr Medina's Biology 101 last year for the same reason, and he was starting to wonder, even on the first day, if he would be able to pass her course this year.

The previous year, Roy had concluded that the only thing Dr Medina lacked was a nice healthy set of tits. He felt like a jerk thinking that way since girl show panties on bus was so near perfection otherwise, but it was undeniable that she was pitifully flat chested, and nice big breasts were undeniably a very important factor for Roy.

As he sat with these thoughts, his eyes drifted dreamily to her chest. As he looked, his brow knitted. Well, maybe I need to reassess my thinking on that point, he considered silently. Upon closer scrutiny, her bust appeared to be rather lovely. Not big, but certainly respectable at the very least. Maybe it was the way she was dressed.

He knew that the right clothing could very effectively flatter a woman's bosom, but that wasn't a likely explanation here, because Dr Medina had always worn tight-fitting clothes that left little to the imagination. Roy wondered if it was possible for a grown woman's breasts to begin spontaneously developing again.

He struggled to put the question from his mind and concentrate on the lecture. Biology was Roy's last class for that day, and he was glad when it was over, even though the scenery was so luscious. After stopping by his dorm to relax for a couple of hours, he decided it was time to head over to the cafeteria and get some supper. On his way, he saw pretty Andrea Warner coming down the walk toward him.

He'd dated her a few times the year before, and though they'd always had fun together, they'd never gotten serious or been intimate. He called her name and waved as they approached each other, and she waved back, smiling broadly.

She sure looked good. She was wearing a pair of very brief shorts that showed off every inch of her long, pretty legs, thus occupying his attention until the two were close enough to speak. "Hey there, beautiful! Sure is good to see you!" "Hey yourself, Roy!" "So what'd you do all summer?" "Worked." "Yeah. Me too. Where?" "I was a Wal-Mart checkout lady!" "I thought Wal-Mart employees had to weigh at least 300 pounds to qualify for that position." Andrea chuckled.

"No, but it helps! Actually, for the past two weeks I've been living on campus, working with the Earn and Learn program." "Is that the deal where they pay you to tutor underprivileged kids and then write a paper about it for credit?" "Uh-huh. It was actually pretty neat. I was a little intimidated at first because I've never worked with children before." As Andrea continued telling him about her experience, Roy noticed that her bust seemed considerably fuller than he remembered it being, even camouflaged as it was by her billowy blouse.

He knew she wasn't the sort to wear a padded bra could she have gotten implants? He thought about Professor Medina's apparent development, and how much bustier Cindy Donaldson had looked when he'd caught a brief glimpse of her across campus earlier, and wondered if it might all be in his imagination.

It simply didn't make sense that a grown woman could spontaneously sprout big boobs. Maybe his ceaseless contemplation of oversize breasts had done something to his mind, and he had begun superimposing false images of enlarged tits on the women he met.

That'd be strange but not necessarily a bad thing. Agent Louis Kerpalscheiker saw his partner Michelle Myers up ahead as he picked his way toward her through the darkness. She was standing on a patio talking with a tall, handsome man in a tailored suit.

Kerp stopped and watched them from the shadows. He had never seen the man before, but he didn't like him not at all. Mich was laughing with him in a way that seemed somehow adulterous, but that was silly: Kerp had no grounds for jealousy because Mich only belonged to him in his fantasy life. Nevertheless, he felt miserable as he watched Mich bat her eyelashes and subtly push out her chest toward the good-looking stranger.

Kerp silently crept closer until he could hear their conversation. "Michelle, I don't remember you being quite so - buxom," the man said with a smiling glance at her huge bust.

"I had a growth spurt, you might say. It's just one of those things. It seems Mother Nature wasn't through with me yet." "I'll say! I've never seen a woman so full-busted!" "I get a lot of stares some good, some bad. Frankly, in spite of what anyone else might think, I love having really big boobs. It's fun!" "They're very becoming on you, my dear." "Thank you, Walter." Mich turned and looked straight at Kerp.

"Oh, there you are, Louis. Come join us, won't you?" Kerp was shocked that Mich had found him out so easily. Nothing to do now, though, but just play it cool.

He strolled over to them. "Louis, this is my old friend Walter Scherningfluntnam; Walter, this is Louis Kerpalscheiker, a coworker of mine." A coworker? I'm your damn partner, Kerp silently fumed, or did you forget?

Usually, whenever she called him by his first name, it was with a fond familiarity that bordered on intimacy, but just now it had been the coldest name he'd ever heard.

"I thought you'd like to know that Walter has asked for my hand in marriage." Kerp's blood instantly froze. "He's a great guy, the solid sort, runs his own successful business, has a huge house, plenty of money." More powerful than a speeding locomotive, Kerp thought. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. His world was turning gray. "Do you love him?" he asked, trying to keep the emotion out of his voice.

"Yeah. Walter will take real good care of me, and be a good husband and father. He's been a close friend of the family for years." "You don't exactly sound like you've been swept off your feet." How Kerp wished he were the kind of guy who could sweep her off her feet. "Well, I don't think that's ever going to happen, and I really don't want to grow old all alone." "Are you willing to settle for that?

Is that all you want?" "Listen, sonny," Walter said in a deep voice, taking a step toward Kerp. "You've got a lot of nerve, suddenly acting all concerned about Michelle, when you've had such strong feelings for her all this time!" Kerp blanched.

"What?" "You know what I'm talking about!" the man abruptly hollered at him with a distorted expression and horrible breath. "And you know exactly what she needs, too! Someone who'll be her soul mate. A man she'll know as well as she knows herself, but who'll beauty is engulfing studs wang wildly for his baby gravy be able to surprise her.

You know that, and you withheld it from her!" Kerp jolted awake with a cry. Exhaling a deep sigh of relief as he realized it was only a dream, he looked at the clock and saw it was nearly 6:00 AM. He turned on the light, deciding he might as well get up a few minutes early anyway: there was a lot to do today. If he worked hard and things went well, he might be able to finish interviewing the list of witnesses before the end of the week, and then go home early.

Rather than take a shower first, he decided to shave instead, so he could answer the phone when his wake-up call came in a few minutes. As he scraped a razor across his face, he mentally organized his to-do list. It would be good to get back to DC he missed her. Michelle sat at her desk filling out reports that she had left unfinished on busier days. Hudson was screaming for them, and she could no longer put them off.

As she clicked away on her keyboard, her mind gravitated to Kerp, so far away. He was on one of Hudson's shit assignments, the kind that needed a seasoned field agent, but did not require said agent to be equipped with mammary grandeur. The poor guy. He never bitched, though. Hudson probably thought he was doing Mich a favor whenever he spared her from accompanying her partner on one of these assignments; but she would much rather go anywhere with Kerp than be stuck at home without him.

Lacing her fingers behind her head, she arched her back and indulged in a refreshing stretch. If Kerp had been at his desk next to her, she mused, his eyes would surely have been drawn to her as she thrust out her huge bosom but that pleasure eluded both of them for the moment. Michelle's immense boobs were slowly but steadily growing even bigger, a result of the bureau's enlargement regimen.

Female field agents of the Federal Bureau of Gigantic Bosoms were put through a program of extreme bust development so they might more easily build a relationship with certain men who would otherwise be unapproachable. A true big-tit man turns to putty in the hands of a woman with a radically oversize pair of breasts. The FBGB maintained the world's most extensive body of knowledge about mammary enlargement because their operatives had to be incomparably busty in order to wield the necessary power over their contacts.

It was an edge they intended to keep, so the bureau constantly monitored all advances in breast enhancement technology worldwide. Years of clandestine research had produced the method Mich was currently undergoing, which induces mitosis in breast tissue, resulting in the ongoing duplication of mammary cells. Initiated by hypodermic injections, an agent's mammary glands would grow rapidly over the following weeks until they achieved the maximum size she could tolerate, at which time a second set of shots would be administered to terminate the process.

The bureau had employed this secret technique for years with great success. Though Mich had begun the treatment over three years ago, she had not yet received the 'shutdown' shots.

After an impressive start, her growth rate had leveled off, and though her breasts continued gradually expanding to extraordinary dimensions in the ensuing time, she was still not satisfied with their size. Within the last few months, however, this technique had been superseded at the bureau by a less expensive, more predictable method of breast enlargement. FBGB scientists had finally isolated specific 'development genes', and by identifying the chemicals those genes produce, they had created a pill that naturally enlarges the breasts with precise control.

Results of the new drug were very impressive, as the many newly swollen bosoms at the FBGB attested. It irked Mich, however, that she was still required to keep a written daily log of her development, like some rookie recruit although it always made her feel good when Kerp was compelled to sneak a peek at her log book to see her current measurements.

She was looking forward to telling him she'd just reached the 84-inch mark. She loved the expression on his face whenever she gave him such updates: like a little kid looking into Santa's bag. "Louis," she whispered, missing him. Dr. Medina was late for class on Monday. As she walked into the room, it was like a shock wave as people reacted in various ways to her appearance.

There could be no doubt about it now: her breasts had irrefutably grown bigger: much bigger! This gorgeous woman, whom Roy had at one time filed under the category of "Hot Babe Even If She Is Flat", was now standing in front of the class with a serious set of magazine-grade knockers!

They stuck out, they made big horizontal wrinkles across her blouse, they bounced all the things actual big tits do! She was wearing her characteristically tight clothing, and even though she was obviously wearing a bra, her nipples were clearly outlined in the material. As she went about the routine of teaching the class, Roy followed her every movement, watching how her voluptuous breasts jiggled, and marveling at their striking protrusion.

Miss Medina had Roy's undivided attention for the entire hour, though he couldn't have told you a thing that was discussed. After class, Roy decided it would be a good time to cruise by the Student Center and grab a snack. He walked in the door and was taking a moment to survey the disorder when he heard his name being called. It was his best friend Brent Norris, sitting in a booth with some girl, waving him over.

"Roy! My man!" "Hey, Brent!" they shook hands warmly and Roy sat opposite them. "Roy, this is Julie Clark, she's a sophomore transferring here from UT. We met during summer semester. Julie this is Roy Barnard." "Hello, Roy." "Hi, Julie." Roy could not help but notice the girl's particularly large bust.

She was obviously not wearing a bra and as they all sat chatting, she seemed to be purposely animating her torso so as to maximize the bobbing and swaying of her abundant bosom. As sincere a tit-man as Roy was, all this intentional jostling seemed a bit silly, as if no one had ever had breasts before, but what the heck big boobs are big boobs.

After several minutes, Julie excused herself to go to an appointment. Both men watched her as she walked out of the Student Center, and when she had bounced out of sight, Roy turned to his friend and commented, "Nice tits!" "You said it!" "Fuckin' her?" "Constantly. The best sex I've ever had." "Good for you!" "Damn straight it is! You know how I love them big titties." "I've been noticing an awful lot of them around here this year.

I'm not complaining, but it's really kind of weird!" Brent chuckled and looked down at the tabletop, shaking his head. "Dude: you are not gonna believe this." Thursday morning, the phone on Michelle's desk rang. It was Hudson demanding to know why Kerp hadn't included a transcript of a suspect's confession in his last report.

Mich gently reminded him that Kerp had been in the field all week, and had not had time to print the transcript before leaving. She promised the Director that she would find the document on Kerp's computer, print it out, and deliver it as soon as possible. Michelle was one of the few bureau employees that could sweet talk Hudson's fury into remission, even when Hudson knew very well that she was covering for someone she loved. Upon hanging up, she scurried over to Kerp's desk and started his computer.

The system finally came to life and she began searching through all the directories for the confession, stretching her arms around her enormous, bulky bosom in order to reach the keyboard and mouse.

Her confidence in being able to find the file began to fade as she opened directory after directory with no success. She finally searched the system folder, simply because it was the only place she hadn't looked.

Then, frustrated that she had found nothing, it occurred to her that Kerp might have accidentally deleted the file. She launched a utility program that could look for "erased" files that were no longer recognized by the operating system, but still existed on the hard drive. Scanning the list of such files, she perked up when saw a word-processing document named "Confession_Dec01".

The December reference seemed wrong, but she was obliged to check it out. She clicked the RETRIEVE button and waited for the process to finish. In a few seconds, Michelle opened the resurrected document and read: My dearest Mich, You'll never read this, so I'll speak frankly and openly about how I feel.

I think you already know I love you with petite promesita rides on a big dong pornstars creampie my heart. What you don't know is that I love you in every way a human being can love another.

I never knew it was possible for me to feel this much love for a woman. If I weren't so crazy about you, I'd have told you how I feel a long time ago, but I need you too much to take that chance.

As she read the text of the note she had stumbled upon, so many feelings flooded her soul that she felt incapable of containing them all. She sent the document to the laser printer and read it again on the screen as she waited for it to print.

As soon as it was ready, Mich grabbed the sheet of paper and hurried to the ladies' room. She locked herself inside a stall and read the letter yet again as she sat on the commode fully dressed, laughing and crying at the same time. Her eye makeup ran down her cheeks and though she tried to minimize the damage by dabbing at her face with toilet tissue, she really wasn't very concerned with her makeup at the moment.

That idiot, she thought to herself. Why didn't he tell me? An invisible finger suddenly pointed back at her. Right. Why didn't I tell him? Because we're both idiots!

She chuckled amid her tears and mentally named their movie, Idiots in Love. She read the last lines of his letter again: No one else will ever own my heart like you do. I've stopped looking forward to the weekends, unless we're going to be together for some reason. I live for the work week, because the only time I feel alive is when I'm with you. You're my dream girl, Mich. I'm crazy about you! Michelle almost dared not hope for the corny things she dreamed about in her childish heart visions of marriage and home and babies.

She reined in her imagination and concentrated on the here and now. A lot of other things had to fall into place before she could realistically consider any of that. The first among which was to verify that this letter represented Kerp's true feelings. Logically, that ought to be the case, but she couldn't just throw herself at the man without knowing his position (though she had come very close to doing exactly that on more than one occasion).

But how in the world could she determine for sure that the letter was genuine? It immediately became apparent that she would have to accept the risk and confront him. Approaching him about this would be uncomfortable, even embarrassing if it somehow turned out to be dillion harper in cum fiesta cum like crazy misunderstanding, but she had to do it.

She couldn't stay in this state of limbo. She composed herself, folded the letter, and left the stall. Standing in front of the big mirror, she had just begun repairing her makeup when Faith Church came in. Faith, just out of training, was a naturally busty young woman of extreme proportions. Her huge breasts rocked heavily as she entered the ladies' room.

"Hey, Michelle!" she said. It had taken a while, but Mich had come to understand that when Faith, a southern girl, said 'hey' to someone, she meant 'hello'. "Good morning, Faith." "Sweetie, are you all right?" Faith asked with sincere concern, noting the state of Mich's makeup. "I'm fine," she answered. "But you've been crying!" Michelle smiled and nodded, and handed her the printout. She had to share it with someone, and she felt a certain kinship with Faith, who was currently dating one of Kerp's buddies.

"I just found this on Kerp's computer. He never told me." Faith opened the letter, and as she read, her facial expression reflected its content. When she had finished, she looked back at Mich and asked, "You just found out about this?" Mich answered with a nod.

"How do you feel about him?" Michelle smiled. "I've been crazy about him from the start. I love him so much." Faith's face started to pucker with sympathetic emotion, and in her sweet unguarded manner, she hugged Michelle.

There was some jockeying for position as the two excessive bosoms met. "Now don't get me started again," Mich pleaded. "Why didn't you two ever tell each other?" Faith asked incredulously, taking a step back and holding Michelle's hand.

"I don't know. It's just the way we are. We spend so much time with each other and it's so much fun being together, I guess neither of us wanted to rock the boat. But you know what I think I've been seducing him this whole time." "Moe told me he was pretty sure you two were an item, but that Kerp wouldn't admit it.

Frankly, I was wondering about y'all myself, even before Mohammed mentioned it. You two seem to go together like peas in a pod. So whatcha gonna do about this?" "I'll have to ask him about it, but I just don't know how." "Sweetie, just put your cards on the table. No man would write something like this and keep it a secret if it weren't the gospel truth!" "Wow. I hadn't thought of it that way. You're right!" "Then don't be shy!

When are you going to talk to him?" "I need to soon this is driving me nuts! He's out in the field this week, though. He'll probably call this afternoon, but I really need to discuss this with him in person." "Well, y'all need to get past this thing and move on to the good stuff! You should break into his apartment and wait for him to come home, draped across his bed wearing a teeny little nightie. I'd love to be a fly on the wall just to see his face!" Mich smiled slyly as she considered the notion, commenting, "Actually, I wouldn't have to break in: I have a key to his place." "Sakes alive, gal!

When a man gives you the key to his apartment, that means he's ready for love!" Faith advised with a giggle. "It's a tempting idea, but with my luck, he'd probably come through the door bringing along his Aunt Matilda. You're nicki minaj sex storyback tblack, though - I really do need to figure out some decent way pull this off!" "You've got one chance to take advantage of this situation here, and whatever you do will most surely go down in history.

My guess is that it's going to be a story you'll tell your grandkids, so make it a good one!" The thought of grandchildren belonging to her and Kerp brought on the tears again. She then uttered aloud the name, "Michelle Kerpalscheiker," and they both snickered. At 3:15 PM, Michelle's cell phone rang. "Myers," she answered.

"Hi, Mich it's Kerp." "My man!" she greeted him. "Good to hear you." "Same here. How's it going?" "Never better! How are things going there?" "Excellent on this end, too! I've got everything wrapped up already, so I'm taking an early flight home." "Great!" Her little heart skipped a teenfidelity schoolgirl gina valentina creampied by the dean internal cumshot masturbation. "When?" "Arrival time is 7:05 this evening." "Do you need me to pick you up?' "No, my car's at the airport.

Thanks, though." Disappointed, she searched for some other way to see him. "How honey west gets fucked with brute force stopping by my place on your way home and I'll feed you a home cooked supper?" "That sounds terrific!

There's no reason to make a big fuss, though, Mich just order a pizza and that'll be fine." "Nope. I'm cooking for you, and there's no way out of it! I promise not to serve you anything too lethal." "Now, stop that! I know you're a good cook; I just don't want to put you out." "You're not putting me out. This is my idea, remember? I just want to do something to remind you that I'm a girl." "That fact, my dear, is indelibly impressed upon my innermost being.

It'll probably be close to eight o'clock by the time I get to your place. I hope you don't mind waiting." I've waited this long, Mich reasoned silently. When Michelle answered his knock at her door, Kerp was stunned. She was wearing a floor length black silk dress with string straps, cut so low that an electrifyingly immodest portion of her huge bosom was exposed, undulating before his eyes.

Her big nipples poked into the fabric proudly, each encircled by radiating wrinkles. She savored the hunger on his face and the effort that was evident as he struggled to move his gaze from her enormous bust to her eyes.

Mich looked so incredibly sexy that Kerp didn't know if he had the self-control to be with her all evening without seizing her and having his way sarah highlight spreads tight ass to fuck a big cock hardcore and brunette her.

She looked like she hadn't seen him in years as she grabbed him in an eager embrace. This wasn't the sort of leaning hug that large-breasted women tend to give; she unabashedly wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her tremendous bosom, as far into her cleavage as the tight dress would allow. "Wow!" Kerp said, smelling her hair while he was in the neighborhood.

"If this is the reception I get, I should go out of town without you more often!" "No, you shouldn't." He wanted never to release her, but propriety insisted. Or at least he thought it did; she seemed to be more reluctant to let go than he was.

"Come on in. How was your flight?" "Uneventful." "An uneventful flight is a good flight." "Absolutely. You look incredible, Mich.

Skinny teen babe gets fucked by stepbro

I didn't know this was a dress-up thing. I would have worn something a little nicer. You didn't change your mind about eating at home tonight, did you?" "No, I didn't. Don't feel uncomfortable, dear, I just wanted to dress up for you." "Really?" He glanced once more at her enormous unbrassiered tits, wiggling half-exposed just an arm's length away.

They seemed impossibly big to him. He couldn't tell if her boobs had actually grown that much bigger while he was away, or if absence from her incredible figure had merely normalized his sense of proportion. "Supper is ready, so let's eat while it's hot." "Great! I'm hungry." She took his hand and led him from the foyer into the living area.

"Mmm, it smells terrific! Wow I see you even set your dining table!" Normally when they ate together at her place, they sat either at the kitchen table or in front of the TV. "What's the occasion?" he asked. "Can't I get out the good china without it being a special occasion?" she teased. She had made a point to have their food ready by the time Kerp arrived so they could finish as soon as possible and move on to bigger things. "I passed up the in-flight meal on the way, to save myself for your home cookin', but I did bring us a bag of nuts for dessert," he jested.

"Oh, I've got something special in mind for dessert," she declared. "What is it?" "It's a surprise," she said with a twinkle in her eye. "I hope you like it." "I'm sure I will." The meal was delicious, and Kerp ate voraciously, wolfing down his serving as if he hadn't eaten in days. Later he was bangbros pawg gianna nicole sucks multiple random big dicks in gloryhole embarrassed when, being almost finished, he noticed how little Mich had eaten.

"Are you feeling okay?" he asked. "I feel wonderful." "You've hardly touched your food. It's so good are you sure you're all right?" "Yes! I just don't have much of an appetite tonight. I've got something on my mind." "Anything you want to share?" "As a matter of fact. I just thought we should eat first, before discussing it." Kerp paused a beat. "Oh. This sounds serious." Mich nodded. "It is." Uh-oh, Kerp thought as a cold sweat engulfed him. She's leaving the bureau!

No, she's going to marry some geek from her past! Why did I allow this to happen? I should have told her a long time ago how I feel about her! How could I have let this woman get away? "Okay. What's up?" She gazed back at him a moment, and decided that it was as good a time as any. "Kerp, I need to know something, strictly between you and me.

Whatever your answer, we'll keep it between the two of us and we don't ever have to talk about it again if you don't want to. All right?" "Uh sure, Mich." "I mean we're buds, right?" "To the end." Bewildered, Kerp compulsively watched her immense breasts swing around inside her gown as she leaned over and picked up a hardcopy of Kerp's confessional letter from the buffet nearby.

She handed him the paper and asked simply, "Is this true?" Lord, what have I done now? He took the letter from her and unfolded it. At first he didn't remember it was something he himself had written, mistaking it for a love letter from some secret beau, but he soon realized it was his letter, and he was the secret beau.

Caught! There'd be no excuses this time. The cat was out of the bag. "But I deleted this file! How'd you get it?" "I was looking for the transcript of the Macaluso confession you were supposed to have given Hudson, and I used DataVise to undelete your letter, thinking doctor sex sex stories big boobs might be it. You didn't answer my question: is this true?" He couldn't see past her unruffled veneer, and didn't know if she was angry, interested, disgusted, or amused.

Time to own up and face the consequences. "It's true. Please don't be offended, Mich. I never meant for anybody to see that." Maintaining an absolutely straight face, she looked him dead in the eye and said, "Do you have big cock for a hungry sex doll hardcore big dick idea how much trouble could come down on both of us if that letter had been discovered by someone other than myself?" "But I deleted it!" "Not so it couldn't be retrieved.

What do you think Hudson would do if he caught us necking on the job or something?" she asked crossly. Kerp squirmed, miserable. " Or what if we were alone together in the elevator and it got stuck, and we proceeded to totally screw each other silly, right there on the floor with The Girl From Ipanema on the overhead speaker?

When they found us, the elevator would be full of semen and ripped clothing, my lipstick would be smeared across both our faces, and your fingerprints would be all over my boobs," she continued, thrusting her chest out as if it could make her giant breasts more obvious. "These people are trained in forensic investigation! They'd figure it out! We could both lose our jobs!" Kerp began deliberating on Mich's strange reprimand.

Fingerprints all over her boobs? What's going on with her? "Or what would happen, for example, if I invited you over to my apartment for supper and seduced you with my wily feminine ways?" she asked, beginning to soften her tone.

"What if I asked you to spend the night in my bed, or asked you to slip these little straps off my shoulders and fondle my great big boobies?" Then she grinned.

Kerp gazed at her in wonderment for a few seconds, and then exhaled a chuckling sigh of relief. "Michelle Myers!" he said, shaking his head. "You're playing with me!" "I must admit. Sorry I couldn't resist!" "You're not sorry in the least!" "That's true. But it was a spur of the moment thing: mostly unpremeditated. And since I took the liberty of playing with you, in a minute I want you to come over here and play with me," she said with a wink.

"But first I need to respond to your beautiful letter. By the way, that's the second copy I've printed out. The first one got all messed up." "How?" he asked, still somewhat confused.

"Never mind that. I just want you to know that I feel exactly the same way about you." "You do? Really?" "Of course!" "Why didn't you tell me?" "The guy is supposed to make the first move!

A lady likes to feel pursued. Besides," Mich continued, "I didn't want to risk scaring you off and possibly losing my best friend. Why didn't you make a move on me?" "I was afraid you'd break my arm! Plus, I thought you might see it as a betrayal of our trust." "Oh.

Yeah, I can understand that." "Mich." "Shut up and let me finish. I've come to realize that I've been in love with you since the beginning. I haven't even gone out with anyone else in almost three years! I feel so at ease when I'm with you except for wanting to screw you so bad it hurts! I've never wanted or loved a man so much in my life, Louis, and I'm not going to hide my feelings from you anymore.

You're the one, my friend. There's nobody else who could ever win my heart and soul like you have." "Wow. Mich!" Kerp sat back in a daze, trying to absorb these things.

"Incredible! If I'd only known. Did I mention in my letter that I think about you all the time?" She smiled and answered, "Yes, you did. But feel free to mention it again." "You're constantly on my mind." "Same here." "I even stole your picture from your personnel file so I could look at you when I'm at home." "I've noticed it. The first time I saw it was the night I fell asleep on your couch, remember? You never knew this, but in the morning before you woke up, I sneaked into your bedroom and watched you sleep, and I very nearly got under the covers with you.

I'd taken all my clothes off and everything!" "Really? You were naked in my bedroom?! Shit! I can't help but think about all the wasted time." "Well, instead of wasting any more, why don't you come over here and take this dress off of me. There's not a thing underneath it, by the way." "Man this is hard to believe! It's been so long since I've been with anyone." "Me too. If you forget what to put where, just let me know and we'll have fun figuring it out together." "Oh, I don't think I'll forget.

I've been rehearsing." Kerp stood and stepped toward her. Michelle also got up and met him halfway. "This is so exciting," she said with a girlish giggle. "I'm really nervous." "Me too." He reached out and took her face between his hands, brought her lips to his and kissed her. Their tongues met and played, and their hands began exploring each other's bodies. Kerp slipped the straps of Michelle's dress off her shoulders, and with a little help, the bodice fell to her waist, baring her immense breasts.

He placed his hands on their fleshy sides and caressed them appreciatively. As erotic as it was to look at Michelle's enormous boobs, it was a thousand times more so to have them in his hands, doing with them as he pleased.

He slid his palms across their expansive curvature to her fat nipples, which he gently played with. The two new lovers soon forgot their nervousness. Michelle began unfastening Kerp's trousers as he sent wild thrills through her body. The touch of his hands on her breasts felt so amazingly good, she momentarily feared she might faint.

Foreplay had never been this intense before. She opened his pants and freed his erection, moaning blissfully as she caressed it between her hands. Kerp's passion rose rapidly as she fondled his genitals, and he pulled her dress down, letting it fall to the floor. Then he attempted to pry his shoes off with his toes while kissing Michelle and feeling her up at the same time, but the task proved too awkward.

Their lips parted and they looked in each other's eyes from a very few inches away. Still playing with his engorged member, she said quietly, "This is wonderful, Kerp!" "I know." "I love you." "I love you too." "Let me help you with those shoes." As she stooped down and began unlacing them, she slurped the head of his engorged penis into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Kerp tried to unbutton his shirt. After helping him off with his shoes and pants, Michelle stood up again. He unabashedly watched the heavy bouncing of her gigantic tits, and did what he'd been wanting to do for a long time: he lifted them up and buried his face between them, kissing their soft sprawling acreage as he worked his way toward one of her nipples.

While she tenderly stroked his stiff dick, he started sucking on her and she drew a deep breath. The nipple grew in his mouth and she tilted her head back, closing her eyes in pleasure. He then sent one hand exploring between her legs, and after locating her clitoris, began fingering it slowly. She let out a moan of pleasure and ran her fingers through his hair. "Louis," Michelle rasped when she couldn't stand waiting any longer.

"Take me to bed!" .and now here he was, about to actually make love with his Gorgeous Naked Dream Girl Tit-Goddess. .and now here he was, about to actually make love with his Gorgeous Naked Dream Girl Tit-Goddess. Kerp took her hand and led her down the short hallway, keeping an eye on her enormous naked boobs, which bounced deeply with each step. As they entered her bedroom, he thought of how many times he had fantasized about being with her, and now here he was, about to actually make love with his Gorgeous Naked Dream Girl Tit-Goddess.

He was tempted to pinch himself to see if it was a dream, but thought better of it, half-fearing he might be right. If this was a dream, he was at least going to take care of this before waking.

Michelle sat down on the edge of the bed facing Kerp as he stood with his swollen hard-on wagging before her. She took it into her mouth, slowly moving up and down its length to lubricate it. Then she lifted up her huge tits and clamped them around his erection as he began tit-fucking her. After an exhilarating couple of minutes, he stopped and gently pushed her backward onto the bed with a look on his face that said, Woman, I'm going to have you now! He crawled on top of her and she grasped his erect shaft, guiding it as he gently pushed inside her for the first time.

They both moaned in delight as he penetrated her more deeply with each stroke. It was an incredible sensation for both of them, not only because they were fiercely horny, but also because of the way their bodies fit together so perfectly. With Michelle's gigantic tits wet sweet love tunnels licked masturbation smalltits solidly against Kerp's chest, the lovers began moving together in exuberant counterpoint, getting to know each other in new and extraordinary ways.

As they assaulted one another, Kerp opened his eyes and looked at her pretty face. He found that she was looking back at him with an expression that spoke volumes about the pleasure he was giving her.

It was exciting enough for each of them to be having sex at all, but to be making love together was doubly stimulating, and it didn't take long for things to approach a crescendo.

Mich began vocalizing her pleasure as he brought her closer and closer to satisfaction, and Kerp took glad note of the fact that he had a moaner on his hands. As he sensed her orgasm about to erupt, unfathomable and sexual anal penetration smalltits homemade released his own too, and a flood of ecstasy simultaneously swept them up and merged them into a single being for that moment.

The lovers clung to each other joyfully as waves of rapture washed over and through them. Lying in their blissful embrace, the intensity of their climax slowly began to ebb, and they both broke into spontaneous laughter. When the laughter had subsided, Kerp asked, "Okay, why are you laughing?" "I honestly have no idea. I just had to!" she panted. "Me too! That's a new one on me." "Yeah.

It was some kind of catharsis, I guess, after we've wanted this for so long. You're totally amazing, by the way," Mich asserted. "I knew you would be." "You're amazing!" he countered. "I've never had anything like this before!" "Me either," she sighed.

"I should have dispensed with protocol and just forced you to be my sex dongs for a horny legal age teenager attractive nymph a long time amazing round ass while make you cum Lying on top of her with his erection inside her and her huge breasts pillowed against his chest, he confided, "I've never looked into a lover's eyes during sex.

That's so cool!" She smiled and nodded. "Yeah, it is. I hadn't either." "I'm so glad this happened!" "Yeah, finally!" Mich said with a chuckle. "I've had dreams about making love with you." "Really?" she asked, looking at him with an intrigued smile. "Oh, yeah! Lots of times." "Tell me about them!" "Well, generally in these dreams, we take our clothes off and fuck each other." "All right, bozo!

Then tell me about one of them! And I want specifics!" she commanded, grinning and poking him. "Well, one of my very favorites was a dream I had a few months ago. You walked up to me wearing a black husband and wife dress up shirt, which you lifted up to show me your big naked tits, and then you clamped my head between them and kissed me right on the lips!

It was great! So I backed you up against the wall and nailed you right there. We got good and sloppy about it, too!

That was the only part of the dream that was still true after I woke up!" "Ooo, yeah! I've changed a few pairs of midnight panties myself, after dreaming about you!

In fact, it was the first of those dreams that made me realize how much I'm attracted to you." "No kidding? Cool!" "So was it as good in real life as it was in your dreams?" she asked. "There's no comparison, of course! But it's worth mentioning that making love with you in my dreams was the best sex I'd ever had until just now!" After several minutes of lying together still united, they finally rolled over to one side and disengaged, lounging on the bed in radiant exhaustion and giggling a little from time to time.

As they lay facing each other, Kerp played a game with Michelle's huge lolling boobs, trying to balance the upper one atop the bottom one without letting it roll off. "They'll never cooperate," Mich advised.

"I know from experience how stubborn they can be about that. I guess if I was wearing a bra I wouldn't have this problem." "Problem? What problem?" he asked, giving up and letting her upper breast slide off its twin. After a moment's reflection, she said, "This makes so much sense the two of us being together." "I know," he agreed. "More sense than my life has ever made before." Sprawling together naked on Michelle's bed, the lovers quietly savored each moment as time drifted by, gazing dreamily at one another, kissing and caressing now and then.

Finally Mich sat up, cross-legged on the mattress beside Kerp. He loved to see her in that position because she looked so sexy with her enormous boobs resting on her thighs and knees. Of course, in the nude, she was that much more alluring.

"Louis," she said, "this probably goes without saying, but I have tell you anyway. I'm simply overwhelmed! I feel like we've started out on a huge new adventure, and I don't ever want it to end!

You've been my best friend since we first knew each other, and that alone is more precious to me than anything in the world. And now that we're lovers, it's almost too much to take in!" "It's wonderful!" "Even if the sex wasn't so amazing, I'd still be blown away!" Mich paused and sighed happily. "By the way, I want you to know you give me incredible pleasure when you play with my boobs," she said, placing her hands under them and giving them a little lift. "I was afraid they were getting too darn big and that they'd only be in the way during sex, but you really know what to do with them!" she said, clutching their bulky flesh to her chest.

"Just doin' what comes naturally," he said, watching her tremendous breasts as she released them and let them fall heavily into her lap. "I've been hauling around these humongous tits all this time, and I had no idea they'd be so much fun during sex!

That makes me more excited than ever about being this big!" She unconsciously tossed her head to fling a wisp hair out of her face, and caused her enormous breasts to bump together and shudder enticingly. Kerp didn't let this nuance escape his trained eye, and that eye immediately sent an urgent message to his groin. Michelle noticed that Kerp's penis, rather than exhibiting the fat-and-happy plumpness of a recently satisfied member, was now becoming fully erect again.

As she reached over to fondle it, her immense boobs swung out, dangling just inches from his hands. Bees are drawn to flowers, moths fly into the light, and Kerp's hands went to Mich's giant undulating breasts, stroking their wiggling tips and making her nipples erect. Once again, intercourse was afoot. She shrieked a high note and climaxed with pointed intensity. After several wondrous seconds had elapsed, she panted, "Louis Armstrong Kerpalsheiker!

Where did you learn to do that?!" Raising his head from between her legs, he said, "I didn't know you knew my middle name." "That was incredible!" "Glad you liked it. I learned that from an ancient Hindu sex manual that predates the Kama Sutra." "Wow! You've completely turned me to jelly! Uhhhn! I'm your slave!" "Yeah? I should have tried that a long doggy style fuck of obscene legal age teenager hardcore and blowjob ago!" "Darn right!

Okay, now it's your turn to come. Climb on top of your big mama," she coaxed with a grin. "Actually," he replied as he mounted her and slid in, "I already did." "Mmmm," Mich intoned, welcoming him into herself again.

"A couple of times, in fact." As his words registered in her brain, she asked, "You did?" "Uh-huh. Remember those times I withdrew for a few seconds?" "Yeah, I thought maybe you were climaxing, but then you kept right on making love to me!" she said, relishing the sensation of his body on hers again. "How can you do that?" "A man can have multiple orgasms if he knows the technique," Kerp explained, probing around in search of maximum penetration.

"An ejaculation and an orgasm are actually two different things; they just seem to be one and the same because they usually occur together," he explained, taking one of her big erect nipples in his mouth. "You're serious?" "Mm-hm," he answered, not releasing it. "Well, how in the world do you do that?" Letting her abundant flesh fall from his lips, he replied, "Basically, once a guy learns how to isolate and control ejaculation, he can go for hours, climaxing as often as he wants.

An ejaculation concludes sex for a man, but an orgasm doesn't. It just takes a little time to get the hang of separating the two." "Why don't guys know about it? "Oh, a lot of them do." "You're the only man I've ever been with who does. So many seem to prefer the 'Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am' technique. So how'd you learn about it?" "I read it in a book. Now are you going to talk, or are you going to fuck?" he asked with a grin, pumping her with a couple of emphatic strokes.

"Oh, I'm fucking, Mister K," she assured him, grabbing his butt and firmly pressing him into her. Mich had just had another lovely series of orgasms, and Kerp was giving her a chance to blonde looker with massive tatas gets fucked boobs and cock her breath, burrowing his face between her giant breasts. After coming up for air, he saw that she was looking at him with a very satisfied smile.

"That was wonderful!" she purred. He grinned back at her and returned to the soft enclosure of her cleavage. "By the way," she continued, "we can sleep late tomorrow morning I told Hudson I'd be out of the office doing interviews until after lunch, and he doesn't expect you back until the early afternoon." Kerp's head re-emerged and said, "So you never told him I'd finished the assignment early?" "Must have slipped my mind." "Ah!

Thank you! My hero!" he exclaimed, relieved. "I'm assuming you do want to stay here with me tonight." "Nowhere else I'd rather be." "Let's never sleep apart again," she suggested, slowly twirling her finger in his ear. "Not if we can help it." "Agreed." "We're full time pals now." "Twenty-four seven," he affirmed.

"Bosom buddies," she continued with a grin. "You got that right," he said, looking down at her giant breasts, mounded up against him.

He watched in rapt fascination as her breathing caused them to subtly rise and fall. Michelle looked at them too, towering up from her chest like mountain peaks, and step mom and not her son fuck cute blonde teen, "Let me ask you something, and I want you to be brutally honest." "Yes, Ma'am." "Do you think my boobs are getting too big?" He laughed and answered, "My dear, they'll never be too big for me.

It's like that saying about being too rich or too thin." "Good! I just wanted to be sure, because it's a lot of nasty playgirl loves to have a fun sex hardcore and blowjob having such huge boobs! How much bigger should we let them get before I take the shots to stop their growth?" "It's up to you. Whatever you feel comfortable carrying around." "Hm.

That's never been a problem for me: I must have strong back muscles. We'll just let them grow, then, and see what develops." "Har har. On second thought, the hell with comfort: grow 'em 'til they're the size of blue whales." "Seriously, with the bureau paying for all the custom tops I could ever need, why not let my boobs get a lot bigger, since we're in agreement about it?" bright orgasms satisfy breasty lovely bitch naturaltits and hardcore "Be still my heart!

So what is your bust measurement these days?" he asked, trying not to drool. "A little over 84 inches now." She giggled. "All this talk about my breasts getting bigger turns you on, doesn't it? I feel kada love couple fucking outdoor in forest getting hard again inside me." "It does and I am," he responded, pushing himself a little farther in.

She smiled and purred, pushing in opposition to his gentle thrust. After a few seconds of reciprocal grinding, Michelle grasped his shoulders and rolled over on top of him. Closing her muscles tightly around his rallying erection, she slid up and down on it slowly and whispered with a grin, "Do me again, Kerpalscheiker!" "My pleasure, Myers.

The night is young." "There's not a bit of doubt in my mind that you're my true soul mate. I'm so crazy about you," she said, still panting as she caressed his ankle lovingly. He raised his head to try to see her face over her mountainous bosom, but could not. "Same here!" he huffed. He looked cross-eyed at her knee, intently wiping a spot of his drool off it and adding, " Now I can call you my baby, and you can call me yours." She giggled.

"Yep; we're babies!" After lying there for a while, Kerp disentangled himself from Mich and crawled up beside her on the bed, so he could look at her face. She lifted one of her huge breasts off the mattress to give him room to snuggle up close to her. Mich sighed. "Remember when we were in the hotel in Vegas with that terrorist shadowing us," she asked, laying the massive mammary down again on his chest, "and we made a pretense of making out with each other in the hallway so we wouldn't blow our cover?" "Oh, shit!

That was so intense, I could barely think afterward! I thought for sure my boner was gonna pop right through my pant leg!" "I was so turned on I had to hide in the bathroom so I wouldn't give myself away! I wanted you so bad that night." "Same here. Unfortunately, we didn't know the feeling was mutual." Mich giggled. "If we'd made love then, I might have forcibly kept you in that bed for days, and we'd never have caught those terrorists!" "So, by the same token, are you keeping me prisoner here in this bed now?" "Of course I am!

So don't you even think about trying to escape. Resistance is futile!" "Who's resisting?" he asked, idly rolling her enormous gland back and forth on his chest. "I could stay here and make love with you forever." "I don't doubt you could," Mich commented as he played with her fleshy tit. After a moment's reflection, she said, "You seem to have a really broad experience sexually, Kerp.

You're doing things to me that I never even knew about! You must have been with a lot of women." "Actually, I've only been with a few women. A lot of times, though," he added defensively. "I learned the exotic stuff from a temple prostitute I met in the Cambodian jungle about five years ago." Mich looked at him as if he'd just sprouted antlers.

"I was stationed there alone, camped out in the bush to gather intelligence on a secret sect of Hindu courtesans who were rumored to practice some kind of yogic breast-enlarging technique. Hudson wanted to know all about it. Turned out there is no such technique; they were just big girls. Having a large rack is a prerequisite for entering that order." "So they like big bosomy ladies over there?" "Well, you're familiar with the temple complex at Angkor?" "Oh, yeah! I really like those busty carvings.

They're all so round, firm, and fully teens drill boyfriends anus with oversized strap ons and squirt cum Mich said, giggling.

"So, were you in love with her?" "With who?" "This temple prostitute of yours!" "Oh! No, she was just a friend." "A friend who taught you exotic sexual techniques." "She educated me in some of the ancient things, yes, but it was a professional courtesy." "Uh-huh." "I became friends with all of the girls there after I scared off a gang of marauders one night.

The ladies were very grateful." "I can imagine." "Not in that way! Except for Candy," Kerp added. "Candy?" "The one who showed me how to, uh." "Right." "Her name was Candravadana, but I called her Candy for short." "Of course." "They gave me a small room to sleep in." "With 'Candy'?" "By myself." "But you did have sex with her." "Yes; I was their honored guest and it was considered her duty to keep me healthy and relaxed." "Now that's hospitality!" "Anyway, one afternoon she and I were talking, and I asked about her work." "Which would be religious fucking." "Yeah.

It seemed strange to me, too. Candy told me all about the Kama Sutra, as well as some older books I'd never heard of. Their temple had a complete set of them hand copied and handed down for centuries and I was allowed unlimited access. Since it qualified as on-the-job research, I studied every bit of it." "In Sanskrit?" "Candy translated as she read it to me." "Ahhh, she read it to you." "And when I didn't understand something, she demonstrated how it was done." "Sweet of her." "It came as quite a surprise the first time it happened!

Pretty wife gets titty fucked with ddd tits recall that thing I did with my tongue earlier?" "Oohhh!" she moaned, remembering. "She read to me how that's done, but I didn't get it at first: Candy's English was much better than my Khmer, but it was far from perfect. So she turns to me on her little stool, hikes her skirt up to her waist, and with her legs spread wide, graphically demonstrates in meticulous detail leigh darby chris diamond nasty checkup with dr darby brazzers what the book was describing: up close and personal!" Mich laughed.

"I can just see the look on your face, too! Well bless her heart, I guess I owe a debt of thanks to good old Candy Banana, or whatever her name is!" "So you liked that little trick, huh?" Kerp asked with a grin.

"I'm sure I expressed that at the time. I suppose that's where you read the book about multiple male orgasms, right?" "No, I found that at Barnes and Noble." "Oh! Too bad those books Candy read to you aren't available there, too! The world would be a better place." "I agree. There are so many cool sexual techniques in those writings." "Such as?" she asked, intrigued. "Well, for example, there are two spots one here and one here and when simultaneously rubbed with a light touch of the fingertips like this, it can have a really powerful effect on some women." Mich moaned deeply as Kerp began demonstrating.

She clutched his head and pulled it in between her giant breasts, while little chirps of delight occasionally escaped her lips. After less than a minute of such stimulation, she reached down and felt for his penis to see if it was erect, and finding that to be the case, aggressively pulled him up on top of her and put it inside her. Spent again, Michelle lay on top of Kerp with her enormous boobs splayed out on either side of him.

"It's kind of funny," she mused, sticking her tongue in his ear. "What is?" "If you look at it one way, this azhotporn com big tits lesbian esthetic treatment to us so suddenly," she explained, "but on the other hand, it took an incredibly long time." "I know what you mean.

An incredibly long and horny time. Being with you every day is the only thing that kept me sane." "You're sane?" Mich asked. "Well, there's another thing I never knew about you, Kerpalscheiker!" "Don't jump to conclusions. It was just a figure of speech." She smiled and murmured, "I'm so darn happy, Kerp," "I am too, babe." He thought a moment and then took a deep breath.

"Mich, you said earlier tonight that you weren't going to hide your feelings from me anymore." "Never again." "Me either. I could kick myself. So I'm going to ask you something that's probably really dumb," Kerp ventured warily. "Be dumb, then, my love," she encouraged him as she propped herself up on her arms and looked at him. "You also said I was the one," Kerp continued.

"You are." "You mean the one?" "The one." "I probably shouldn't ask you this so soon, but sexy chloe shares a cock with stepmom after playing with sex toys you like to get married?

Of course, I don't have a ring to give you, because I wasn't even remotely expecting to propose when I came here tonight. Uh am I rushing things?" She laughed and rubbed noses with him.

"When you finally get rollin', you really get rollin', don't you!" "I'm sorry. Look, I'm not trying to pressure you." "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes, I'll marry you, you bozo!" "You will?" he asked, amazed. "Of course!" "Wow!" he murmured, unable to muster a more eloquent response.

"Only we'll have to keep it a secret, at least for a while," Mich advised. "I agree." "That'll be kinda fun, though, being secretly married." "Yeah, as long as we don't get caught." For a moment they both happily meditated upon the gravity of the decision they'd just made, and then Kerp took her face between his hands and kissed her to seal their agreement. It would have been a longer and more elaborate kiss if there hadn't been so much to talk about. Mich rolled off of him and leaned her head on her palm.

"Do you have any family you want to invite to the wedding?" She knew that Kerp's parents weren't living and that he had no brothers or sisters, but she wasn't sure if he had any other close relatives. "Not really. I've got some distant cousins, but I've never even met most of them." "Well, you can share my family now.

I think I mentioned that Mom and Dad really liked you when they met you last Christmas, didn't I?" "You did. I liked them, too." "Kerp ever since I was a teenager I've wanted to have my wedding in my parents' garden out back." "You mean standing in the zucchini patch?" "Not that garden," she said, poking him. "Okay, seriously their garden would be a great place to get married!

You got a date in mind?" "Well, I was hoping you'd be my date," Mich responded with a straight face. "I deserved that." "Actually, I'd like to get married as soon as possible, if that's okay," she amended. "Fine with me. Since you want an outdoor wedding, I guess we'd better have it before the weather gets too cool." "If we fly up sometime soon to apply for our license, we can get married in a few weeks." "Can we get all the necessary legal stuff taken care of in time?

I'm not sure exactly what's needed I'm new at this." "No problem. I helped my sister arrange those things when she got married, about six years ago." "Whoa! You have a sister?" Kerp asked, incredulous. "Sure do." "I didn't know that." "I never told you." "How come?" "I never tell guys I'm interested in about my sister.

She's prettier than I am, and her boobs're a lot bigger than mine, too!" "What?! Wait did you say here boobs 'were', or 'are' bigger than yours?" "They were until I joined the bureau.

You should have seen the look on her face the first time she saw me after my enlargement it was priceless." "Well, she can't be prettier than you." "I'm gonna hold you to that." "What's your sister's name?" "Jeanette." "How come she wasn't at your folks' house when I was there for Christmas?" "She and her family live in Seattle, and it's a long trip with small children.

Besides, they were still pretty nervous about flying then, so soon after nine-eleven." "But your parents didn't even mention her!" "Oh yes they did," Mich corrected with a grin.

"I was very surprised that you didn't pick up on that." "Seriously? They did talk about her?" "Yeah! They mentioned Jeanette and her family several times! You were probably too busy looking at my Mom's boobs." "Well, they are really nice." "Don't you remember my parents talking so much about how Lee and Jeanette had peculiar teens take the biggest strap dildos and spray charge all around monstercock and squirting them a video clip as a Christmas card?

They thought it was really hi-tech?" "Ohh! Yes, I do remember that, as a matter of fact. But I didn't realize she was your sister." "Yep. You'll meet her and her family at the wedding." "You'll allow that?" Kerp asked. "Of course. Now that you're all mine," she explained with a grin. "Can I look at her boobs?" "Absolutely not, buster!" "You let me look at your mom's." "That's because I'm reasonably sure Daddy could take you if you got fresh with her," she teased.

"Ah, but if I made a pass at Jeanette, you don't think Lee could to beat me up, is that it?" "He wouldn't have to. I would." "Mich, all kidding aside, I can't help it when I look at some woman's big boobs, but I want you to know I wouldn't even think of I mean I couldn't." "I know, Louis.

Me either." In a moment Kerp commented, "I was ready to punch that Scherningfluntnam guy." "Who?" Mich asked, puzzled. "Never mind." "Well anyway, since you and I just got engaged," she said, grinning in wonderment at him, "I think it'd be appropriate if we celebrate by making love again." He smiled back at her and began stroking one of her enormous breasts.

Emerging from a blissful reverie, Michelle chuckled and said, "I'll definitely have to put out some clean sheets tomorrow!" "We've been very busy tonight, all right.

I've never done anything like this before!" Kerp sighed. "No, I haven't either! This is like all the sex we've missed during the last three years rolled up into one night!" "Really! I'm so sore - but I don't want to stop!" "I know, me either!" Mich agreed. "It's like I can't stop! No one would believe us if we told them we've been screwing from about 8:30 until almost two o'clock in the morning!" "I'm having trouble believing it myself!" "The only real problem in our relationship so far," Mich whined as she rolled over on top of him, "is that we just don't seem to stay screwed!" Finally, exhausted, sore and fantastically happy, they fell asleep tangled in each other's arms.

Michelle woke to use the bathroom just after 4:30 AM, and climbed back in bed afterward. Kerp was having a splendid dream about making love to Mich, when he awoke to find her sitting astride him, impaled upon his erect penis, sensuously moving up and down on it while kneading her huge breasts.

After a moment of wit gathering, he piped up and asked, "Do you need any help with those?" Mich opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Well, hello there! Sorry I woke you." "Not at all! This is even better than the dream I was having," Kerp said, admiring her giant wiggling tits.

"Oh? What were you dreaming about?" Mich asked as she leaned over and dangled them in his face. Caressing her huge mammaries, he answered, "I dreamed I was being thoroughly fucked by a gorgeous woman with insanely large breasts, and now I wake up to find I'm being thoroughly fucked by that very same gorgeous woman with insanely large breasts." "I couldn't resist.

I just hated to see such a nice nighttime erection go to waste." "Yeah? Well, you know, don't you, that a man has an average of four or five erections during the course of his sleep?" "Yes; I managed not to wake you the other times. And I must say, Kerpalscheiker, you're even good in your sleep.

Oh my! Now you're getting bigger!" she observed, lowering herself more deeply upon him and wiggling with relish. He played with her immense boobs as she squirmed merrily atop him with ecstatic abandon, and they franticly made love once more. When they had finished assailing each other and their passion had been satisfied yet again, they lay together as sleep crept up on them once more. She playfully pressed her giant boobs against the glass shower door, creating two family-size pancake profiles.

She playfully pressed her giant boobs against the glass shower door, creating two family-size pancake profiles. They awoke just after 10:00 the next morning, feeling rested, if delightfully sore. Mich was already taking a shower when Kerp walked into the bathroom to shave. He studied her fragmented image through the frosted glass of the shower enclosure, watching her huge breasts jostle as she soaped up. "Do you always shower in the nude, lady?" he called out through the steamy mist.

"Almost every time," Mich answered. She playfully pressed her giant boobs against the glass shower door, creating two family-size pancake profiles. Kerp immediately forgot about shaving, took off his clothes, and invaded Michelle's shower. Stepping in, he leered at her tremendous breasts, slick and shiny as they wiggled temptingly before him. Rivulets of water poured from her big nipples as if she were a sculpture in some obsessively mammiferous public fountain.

"Good morning, my love," she said, kissing his lips. "Mornin', beautiful," he answered. "So you've decided to join me." "Oh, don't mind me, I'm just waiting for the next bus," he said, watching the woman lather her luscious body. As she scrubbed the washcloth over her various parts, her arms repeatedly bumped against her huge breasts, making them dance around as if in celebration of being the biggest, most beautiful pair of mammary glands that had ever been grown.

"Are you still sore?" Mich asked. He chuckled. "Yes, but it's wonderful! You?" She nodded and said, "Same here. Are you too sore for a morning quickie?" "I don't think I'll ever be that sore! Last night was so amazing, I didn't want to stop, no matter how raw I got." "Well then, how about soaping me up?" Michelle asked with a mischievous smile as she pushed her immense dripping tits at him. Kerp immediately took the bar from massive dong causes whore to cum homemade and hardcore dish, worked up a lather, and began smearing it all across the gleaming expanse of her huge breasts.

It was an extraordinary sensation to run his hands back and forth on her smooth skin, caressing her large nipples, which were growing even bigger. "Well, while you wash my boobies, I'll wash your hair," she said, reaching for the shampoo. "That hardly sounds equitable, but to each his own." Michelle started massaging the lather into his hair, using the activity to purposely push his face just inches from her tits.

While her fingers stimulated his scalp, Kerp enjoyed the close-up view of her gigantic boobs, squirming vigorously as he handled them. Her breasts were so amazingly big that, at that proximity, they completely filled his field of vision. He loved the way her huge boobs felt as he stroked their broad, slippery contours. Michelle closed her eyes, and with an expression of bliss on her face, began uttering delighted little moans and sighs as he caressed her.

He was mesmerized by the sheer size of her massive boobs and wondered how much they each weighed. "Why, Mister Kerpalscheiker I believe you have an erection!" "You noticed." "That's very rude, sir!" "Yes, I suppose it is. I am a rude man, you know," he said as he reached down and slipped a finger into her pussy. She responded to his touch with slow, erotic squirming, and murmured "Mmm, very rude." Grasping his hard-on and gently drawing him against her, she put her mouth to his ear and whispered, "Fuck me, Louis," gently biting his lobe.

Needing no further encouragement, he backed her up against the shower wall and kissed her. She wiped her immense wet boobs back and forth across his chest as their tongues wrestled passionately, and she felt his erection continue to swell. They stopped kissing momentarily as Michelle spread her legs and helped him slip inside her. She clutched him tightly to her enormous bosom as they thrust against each other, striving for an ever-deeper union.

Kerp leaned back to appreciate the spectacular size of her mammoth tits, rocking and quivering in response to their vigorous lovemaking. He lifted one of her great, heavy breasts up to his face, took her fat nipple in his mouth, and sucked on it. Down below, her labia held his cock snugly, caressing its length as he slid it in and out of her.

He held her enormous tits in his arms, clutching them against his chest and feeling her proud nipples poking against his skin.

He was extremely aroused and he could feel himself probing her deepest interior. Mich dug her fingernails into Kerp's back as her excitement intensified, and she began moaning urgently. She opened her eyes a moment to look at him, and flashed him a sultry smile when she saw he was looking back at her. "You know just how to reach right up into that special spot that makes me feel so good," she breathed.

After several more minutes of fervent screwing, an ebullient expression lit Mich's face as she let out a short cry and came hard, her body jerking in spasmodic rapture. Then Kerp's swollen shaft began throbbing and pumping inside her as he too climaxed, and they became like one person having the same orgasm.

He continued to fondle her huge tits as they stood lingering in their union, but too soon the hot water began running out, and they were forced to quickly finish their shower. Kerp had to dress in clothes from his suitcase. Though he would have preferred to wear a fresher change of clothing, staying unexpectedly with Mich overnight more than compensated for the inconvenience.

As he looked in the bathroom mirror to put on his tie, Michelle came in and stood behind him. "I have a little present for you," she announced as she watched him straighten the knot under his chin. "You do?" he asked, turning to face her. "What is it?" She unbuttoned her blouse, and with a dramatic flourish, revealed the huge, bright red brassiere she was wearing.

It held her immense breasts high on her chest, thrusting them out before her boldly. "I thought you were looking a bit fluffy!" "Like it?" "Very much!

It's absolutely beautiful! Thank you! Does this mean I get to wear it too?" "As soon as your boobs get to be as big as mine," she answered with a grin. "My my, this really is amber rayne and andi anderson vs six hard cocks interactive pornstars Look at all that red lace!

Custom made by the bureau, I assume?" She nodded. "I'd originally intended to wear it at supper last night with that sexy red gown of mine that you like. But then I changed my mind and decided to wear the black silk dress with nothing else." "By the way, if your black and white bareback tube porn was to flabbergast me with that dress, it sure worked!

But still, I really do like this bra!" " I had Margery make it about two cup-sizes bigger than I need, so I'll have room to grow." "She did a great job of camouflaging all the industrial-strength stitching it must have. Are you going to actually wear a bra to work?" "No, not today.

It's too hot." "The bra?" "No, the weather." "So, if this is my present, then do I get to unwrap it?" "It unhooks in the front," she replied seductively, holding her hands behind her back and thrusting her immense bosom out at him.

He had to run his palms over the expansive topography of her enormous breasts before unclasping the monster bra. "It's such a pretty package, though!

Let me admire this a minute before I open it." He proceeded to appreciatively handle her colossal boobs: caressing them, pushing them together, lifting them, letting them drop and bounce. His loving breast play aroused her as she stood before him, and her breathing soon became deep and heavy.

As he fondled her, she unfastened his pants, pulling out his erection and enclosing it snugly between her palms. "It's a good thing Hudson isn't expecting us to come in on time," she murmured. 'Look how tight your bra is now. Your boobs are bulging out all over!' "Look how tight your bra is now. Your boobs are bulging out all over!" After a few minutes of this foreplay, Kerp noticed something. "Hey, look at this!" Mich opened her eyes and asked, "Mmm?" "Look how tight your bra is now.

Your boobs are bulging out all over!" She nodded blissfully and explained, "Yeah. My breasts always swell up a little when I get turned on." "So it's not my imagination! Your boobs actually get even bigger when we make love! I've heard that happens to some women. You said you had this bra made two cup sizes too big?" "Uh, yeah, that's right." "I'd say it's about two sizes too small now!" They stood momentarily gazing down at Michelle's immense, overflowing red brassiere. "You're right!" Mich murmured, hefting her tremendous lace-clad bosom in her hands.

"My boobs used to swell a little bit during sex, before I got the enlargement shots. But four cup sizes?" "It could be a side effect of the bureau's augmentation process, or maybe you're just swelling up so much bigger because there's so much more to swell." "Maybe the person I'm with has something to do with it, too," she said coyly.

As he began unfastening the hooks one by one, gravity pulled her extraordinarily huge breasts lower and lower until, as he unhooked the last one, her boobs slipped out of their encumbrance and bobbled against her tummy. They were irresistibly enormous, and Kerp seized them as if they had become hand magnets.

"I can't believe we're doing it again!" Mich murmured as she wrapped a leg around behind his. "You don't mind, do you?" Kerp asked. She smiled, "I'd mind if you stopped!" About an hour later, they were ready for work again. They both rode in Mich's car so they could be together for the commute, and also because they intended to return directly to Mich's place after work and pick up where they left off.

With Mich at the wheel, they drove through the late morning DC traffic. Kerp reached across and stroked the bulging side of Michelle's right breast, to which she responded by smiling and making a yummy noise. After a glamorous centerfold is showing off her opened spread slit in closeup spreading and trimmed or two of such caressing, she hiked her blouse up enough to bare that nipple, and Kerp began playing with it, causing it to quickly distend to its maximum extent.

Her boobs were also beginning to swell with arousal, and the exposed tit slowly slipped ever farther into the open, growing its way out from under her blouse. She reached across to caress his groin and discovered that something was growing there as well.

They both realized at that moment that they were nearing the point of no return, and if they didn't stop immediately, they'd have to pull to the side of the beltway and start banging each other in the back seat.

"Sweetheart," Michelle cautioned as she took her hand away, "I guess we'd better not go there just yet." Kerp exhaled as if he were venting steam. "Yeah, I was about to say something. At least, in theory I was." After a moment, Kerp looked at her with a big grin. "What are you smiling about?" Mich asked. "You called me 'sweetheart'." She grinned back at him.

After arriving at work and parking the car, they walked together from the parking deck to their cubicles, now and then taking the chance to hold hands when no one was around. As they rode the elevator, Kerp slipped his hand up the back of her short skirt, out of sight of the security camera, and caressed the inside of her thigh. She whispered, "Unless you want me to drag you to the floor and rape you right here, I think we'd better save that for later!" Tantalizing though the threat was, he knew it was neither the time nor place.

As Kerp sat at his desk getting organized, he glanced over at Michelle, who happened to be looking at him. She air-kissed him and placed a hand under one of her massive breasts, subtly lifting it for him. Then, turning to her keyboard, she typed for a few seconds, clicked her mouse and looked back at him expectantly.

Kerp's computer beeped, and he clicked to open the incoming email message from Michelle. It read simply: You make me so hot! He typed a reply and sent it back: I make YOU hot?? Good grief - you're the sexiest, most desirable woman I've ever seen!

You're off the scale! She smiled broadly and entered her answer: Ever since we met, whenever you compliment me it always makes my panties wet. and by the way, I love it when you look at my boobs! Kerp read it, smiled, and replied: I love it when I look at your xxx story gey boy and old man too!

Reading it, she snickered. She then straightened up in her chair and scanned around to see if anyone was watching. Confident that she was unobserved, she quickly unfastened the upper buttons of her blouse and pulled its lapels open wide, flashing a deep expanse of cleavage at him as she leaned forward and rotated her torso to make her enormous unbrassiered bosom sway.

Kerp ogled her helplessly and exhaled a deep sigh of longing. With a pained expression on his face, he whispered, "This sort of torture goes against the Geneva Convention, doesn't it? I may have to place you under arrest, young lady!" "Oh, goodie!" she responded. They both suddenly remembered where they were and looked around to see if anyone had overheard their flirting.

Fortunately, everyone was busy, paying no attention to them. Kerp raised his eyebrows at her as he turned back to his desk. "It's gonna be a long day," he murmured.

"We'll just have to make up for it with another long night, then," she whispered with a wink. Kerp smiled as he forced his attention to the array of papers, folders, and sticky notes that had accumulated on his desk while he was away. He waded into the work, hoping that immersing himself in it would make the time pass more quickly.

It didn't. Having arrived late in the morning, however, at least the noon hour was soon upon them. Kerp was looking for Mich so he could ask if she wanted to go out to eat or just bring some take-out food to their desks and work through lunch. She'd left her desk a few minutes earlier and hadn't told him where she was going or when she'd be back. As he sat wondering where she was, his cell phone rang. He got it out and answered, "Kerp." "Did you know there's a big comfortable couch being stored in a basement room of this building?" "Uh zat right?" "Yep.

I'm lying on it right now. Completely naked." "Which room?" he asked desperately. "B102. Knock twice." In a couple of minutes, Kerp knocked and Mich peeked out to be sure it was him before opening the door. He entered and saw that she was indeed totally nude, padding around on her bare feet with her giant breasts swinging ponderously. "A couple months ago I stored a few things down here," she began explaining as she unzipped his pants, "and when I came to retrieve some of it the other day, I noticed that this room has a deadbolt that locks from the inside, and it made me wonder why." Kerp fondled her huge tits as she continued, "Then I realized that this sofa never seems to have any junk stacked on it.

And you know what?" she asked, plunging her hands into his underwear. "What." "I think somebody's been makin' whoopie down here," she alleged with a playful smile. Kerp grinned back at her, and as he ran his hands over the surface of her huge boobs, answered, "Surely you don't think anybody here would do that?" "Certainly not!" Mich exclaimed, sitting down on the couch. She eased herself down onto her back, and as her enormous breasts began rolling off her chest toward her armpits, she trapped them between her upper arms and motioned for him to come to her.

Kerp quickly wriggled free of his clothes as he hungrily leered at her super bosomy nakedness. He knelt beside her and began sucking on a stout nipple, while easing the fingers of one hand into her pussy and caressing her enormous breasts with the other.

After several lingering, delightful minutes of this, Mich pulled him toward her to let him know she was ready. Kerp mounted her, and his stiff shaft slipped right inside. She moaned and enfolded him in her arms, squeezing him against her voluptuous body as she began moving in girlfriend asian pov riding reverse cowgirl big dick. His erection strengthened within her as her immense tits pushed into his chest, poking him with her big distended nipples.

Just as they had gotten their rhythm established, they heard footsteps shuffling around outside the door. When someone began rattling the knob, Kerp sprang up from atop Michelle in a panic, his wet dick slapping against his abdomen. They scrambled to put their clothes back on as quietly as possible. Mich stopped and held a finger to her lips as she watched the shadows under the door hurry away. "I think they're gone!" she whispered. "It looked like there were two people out there, and they might have had the same idea we did, trying to sneak in here for some lunchtime nookie.

Probably the same people who keep the clutter off this couch. I think we'd better clear out of here before we get another visit. That was way too close!" "Yeah. They sure spoiled my mood in a hurry," he commented, looking down at his flagging erection. "I need this like you need a padded bra!" "Sorry. Seemed like a good idea at the time," she apologized as she buttoned her blouse around her tremendous breasts. "Oh, the idea was great! It was their timing that sucked." "Yeah.

Of course, they're saying the same thing about us right now!" They finished getting dressed, and after peeking out the door to make sure they were unobserved, they stole back upstairs by way of a back stairwell. After placing an order with a coworker who was making a run to a nearby Chinese restaurant, they begrudgingly settled down at their desks again.

The afternoon plodded sluggishly along, with every second overstaying its welcome like a dull relative from out of town.

Later that day, as Kerp walked down the hall to deliver his expense report to the accounting department, he saw Michelle standing in the copier room, minding the machine as it spat out and collated her job. He poked his head in the door. "Hey there, gorgeous!" "Hi, sailor!" she responded, beaming at him. "Got a minute?" "Sure. What's up?" "While I'm waiting for this to print, I wonder if you'd be so kind as to step into the paper closet with me for a moment?" Mich opened the door for him and closed it behind her as she followed him inside the small room.

She flicked the light on and pulled him up against her, hugging him into enormous bosom. As they slid their tongues into each other's mouths, Kerp reached down and lifted her skirt up enough to slip his fingers through her panty leg and into her pussy.

She responded passionately, opening her legs for him and hugging my friends hot mom mrs lee mrs jewell and mrs charms hard.

They squirmed and wriggled around with each other like a tangle of worms, making body contact in every way they possibly could. She threaded her hand into his trousers and underpants, taking a big handful of urgent business, which caused them both to draw a deep breath. Mich heard and felt a slight pop. She disengaged from their lip lock with a quizzical expression. "What was that?" With smoke escaping from his ears, Kerp asked, "What was what?" "Something on me broke!

I think." As she stepped away from him, they heard a small, hard object hit the floor tiles and bounce away. Her blouse, disheveled from their embrace, was severely taxed by the impassioned temporary enlargement of her huge breasts, and one of the buttons was gone. Mich saw the gap and was about to comment on it when another button gave up the fight and popped off! Just then they heard someone just outside the door, in the copier room. "Shit!" they hissed in unison.

"Hide in the back behind those boxes of paper!" Mich whispered. Kerp quickly rearranged some boxes and made a hiding place while Mich did her best to tidy herself up. As soon as Kerp was hidden, Mich opened the closet door a crack and looked out. It was Lucinda Freitag from Accounting, looking around to see who had left their copy job running unattended. "Pssst!" Mich beaconed. " Lucinda!" "Michelle?" the woman responded, looking at her coworker's head emerging from a closet.

"I thought I heard someone in there. Is everything okay?" "I have a little problem," Mich began, thinking fast as she opened the door a bit wider. "I made the mistake of assuming I could wear this blouse one more time, but apparently I've gotten a little bigger than I realized!" She stepped halfway out and showed Lucinda where the buttons were missing.

Lucinda was a likable woman, if a bit stiff and formal. She was one of the few female office employees who had never taken advantage of the bureau's program offering nominal breast enlargements for clerical staff. A look of horror came over her face as she gawked at Michelle's gigantic boobs. "My goodness!" Lucinda exclaimed.

"You poor thing! Is there anything I can do to help?" "Would you mind running down and asking Margery in Apparel to send me something to wear?" "Okay, sure will!" She set down her stack of work and left, saying, "I'll be right back!" When the woman was out of sight, Mich called quietly to Kerp, "Okay, it's safe! You'd better git while the gittin' is good!" Kerp emerged from his hiding place. "Okay, but I want a rain check!" Mich giggled. "I know; me too!" Kerp stepped out of the closet and nonchalantly left the scene.

Several minutes later, Lucinda returned and knocked on the closet door, where Kayla synz horny blonde wish for an anal sexual activity was hiding. Ordinarily Mich wouldn't let a little thing like a couple of missing buttons keep her from working, but because modesty had been the premise for her hiding in the closet when Lucinda found her, Mich was compelled to maintain the deception.

Opening the door a crack, she peeked out. "It's me, Agent Myers. This is the only thing Margery had on hand that was big enough to uh that would fit you. It's awfully low cut, I'm afraid." "That's okay. Any port in a storm. I sure appreciate it, Lucinda!" Mich said, taking the garment.

"No problem. Glad to help." When Mich emerged from the closet wearing the knit top, Lucinda was setting up the now-idle copy machine for her job. Looking up from the control pad, she gasped when she saw Michelle. "My word, Agent Myers!" she declared, staring wide-eyed at her enormous bosom.

The substantial weight of Michelle's immense boobs pulled down on the already revealing neckline, stretching it out even wider. Even though the adjustable top was specially designed for the bureau's outrageously busty agents, Michelle's breasts were considerably larger than it was intended to accommodate.

They bulged out from the neckline, exposing a vast tract of cleavage that danced with the bobbing of her heavy tits. Mich tugged upward on the neck in an attempt to hide her large areolae, which were trying to peek over the top, but every time she did that, the bottom hem raised up, exposing her tummy.

"Oh, Agent Myers, I'm so sorry!" Lucinda apologized, gawking at the alarming amount of bosom that the garment failed to conceal. "About what?" Mich asked offhandedly as she made a few more adjustments. Not knowing how to answer, Lucinda changed the subject.

"I hope I'm not being too nosey, but I couldn't help but notice you're not wearing a brassiere," she whispered, "and I have to wonder is it true that you never wear one?" Mich smiled indulgently. "No, it's not. Is that what people say?" Lucinda cleared her throat, embarrassed by the way the question associated her with office gossip about a coworker's underwear habits.

"It's true that I usually don't wear a bra," Mich confided. "I like to let 'em run free." Gathering together all her copies and originals, she concluded the conversation, saying as she walked out, "Thanks again for your help, Luce!" The afternoon finally began to wane, and since Mich and Kerp had no pending time-critical work that would keep them after hours, they began looking forward to the pleasures that awaited them at home.

At twenty minutes until 5:00 o'clock, however, Director William Hudson rang Mich's desk and asked that she and Kerp report to him immediately.

They trudged to his office with an attitude that was less than enthusiastic. As they entered, Hudson grunted, "Sit down," gesturing toward two chairs sitting opposite his huge oaken desk.

"Your stellar performance in tracking down and neutralizing that al-Qaeda cell last year has impressed some very influential people," Hudson began. "So much so, that I've been asked to have you two spearhead a new domestic division the Bureau is launching. This division will be charged with investigating suspicious or unusual circumstances having to do with exceptionally large breasts. You'll be responsible for looking into disappearances of extremely busty women, sudden unexplained enlargements, new techniques of augmentation, urban rumors about women with exceedingly big busts and any other appropriate circumstances that might come up." "That's quite an honor, sir.

Thank you," Michelle said. "I presume a commensurate increase in pay for both of us goes with our added responsibilities." Hudson stopped short. He hadn't considered anything of the sort, but the way Michelle put it, he'd have a hard time squirming out of it. He inhaled to speak, still groping for a response to Mich's bid for dual pay raises. She straightened up in her chair and tugged at the hem of her top, gestures that might seem to be mere adjustments of posture and apparel, but were actually intended to intimidate Hudson with her giant thrusting bosom.

It was body language for, If you like these two great big titties, then you'd better come up with two great big raises. Hudson cleared his throat. "Well, then, uh four percent." Almost imperceptibly, Michelle raised an eyebrow and cocked her head.

"Or rather, six," Hudson amended. "Six percent, of course." She didn't move a muscle except for blinking once, very slowly. "Okay, seven is as far as I'll go, Myers," he mumbled, exasperated. She relaxed and smiled. Kerp had never seen anyone handle Hudson the way Mich could when she needed to. Hudson took a cleansing breath and continued.

"At first, you'll be the only agents assigned, and as you proceed with your casework, I want you to iron out all the procedural and logistical bugs in this new division before we bring on additional personnel. It's wide open. This is a great opportunity for you to shape this new branch of the Bureau into something that will make a difference." "Thank you, sir," Kerp and Michelle said in unison.

"This will be your division's first case," Hudson went on, sliding a file folder across his desk at them. We've had reports from various sources about a small town in Tennessee where sightings of remarkably busty women are occurring in significant numbers. In addition, witnesses insist that these individuals are growing bustier with time!" Kerp opened the folder and Mich leaned against him, looking on.

"The town of Blountville, population 20,000, is about 15 miles outside of Knoxville in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Its claim to fame is the Tennessee Institute of Technology and Science, a small but respected school that has turned out more than its share of rocket scientists. The town has a local radio station and a small newspaper, and both are currently running human-interest stories about all the remarkably well-developed women being seen in the area.

Last week a Knoxville radio station picked up the story, and we want to nip this thing in the bud before it goes nationwide. "We consider these reports to be more than idle talk," Hudson continued. "In that case file you'll find a map that shows all the approximate locations where these sightings occurred, and if you were to draw a circle around all of them, you'd see that the Institute is located right in the center.

I think we're looking at one of two situations here. Either there's a craze going around the school that provokes young women to go out in public wearing balloons under their shirts as a prank, or somebody at that school has invented a new method of breast enlargement: possibly some sort of unapproved pharmaceutical.

If so, that substance must be seized and removed from public access." Mich nodded. "Without the standard regimen of controlled scientific testing, a drug like that could have any number of unknown side effects." Hudson removed his reading glasses and tapped them on his desk.

"That's very true. However, if that were the only consideration, this case would have fallen solely under the jurisdiction of DEA. Our interest is not so much out of concern for the public welfare as it is self-preservation. Our female field agents need to have the biggest breasts people have ever seen, in order to manipulate their target mammophiles effectively.

If we let some pimply little geek put out a drug that can turn any woman into this," he said, gesturing at Mich's huge bosom, "then we'll no longer have that edge!" "Yes sir," Kerp said. "Director, if this case is not solely in DEA's jurisdiction, is it solely in ours?" "No, it's not, Agent Kerpalscheiker. Unfortunately, DEA gets the glory for this one. Once you make your bust, immediately turn the case over to their local office in Knoxville; they'll be waiting for your call the number's on this card.

The FBGB will have to be invisible during this op." As Kerp took the DEA business card, he reflected that being invisible was easy for him he merely had to stand next to Mich. For her, however, that trick was much more difficult to accomplish. "To help you in the field, I've reserved the CircumMatic-110 for you to take." "Great! Thank you, sir," Kerp said.

"Don't forget to stop by the Tech department and pick it up before you go. I'd like you two to be ready to leave by the end of next week. Make arrangements to fly down Saturday, and that'll give you Sunday to get organized before Michelle starts classes on Monday. Michelle, have Betty arrange for you to be enrolled as a student at the school under a fictitious identity. Tell them to assign you to a roommate with the biggest breasts on campus." "I tried that when I enrolled in college, but they didn't go for it," Kerp wisecracked.

Mich stifled a chuckle as Hudson gave him a deadpan look before continuing with the briefing. By the time Hudson had finished with them, it was nearly six-thirty, and as they made their way through the deserted hallways, it was apparent that virtually everyone else in the office had gone home for the day. Mich and Kerp returned to their desks to straighten things up and shut down their computers.

As Michelle sat waiting for hers to power down, she turned and looked at Kerp. He was watching her like a starving man looking at Christmas dinner spread out on his table. His expression thrilled her and she winked at him. "There's something I've been wanting to tell you," Kerp said with a grin. "I used to lick the lipstick off the drinking glasses you used after you'd been to my apartment." Mich put her hand to her mouth and giggled, a little-girl gesture sharply contrasted by the magnitude of her big-girl bosom.

"Seriously?" she asked. "Absolutely!" Kerp assured her, raising his hand in pledge. "That was as close to you as I could get at the time." "Not if the truth had been known," she hot brunette schoolgirl rides a thick dong with a seductive smile.

She lifted her knit top and bared her giant breasts for him, temptingly patting their sides and sending quivers rippling through her abundant flesh.

"You had not because you asked not." Kerp walked over and knelt on the floor before her, at about eye level with her huge, magnificent tits. She leaned forward and dangled them in his face, urging him to caress them (an encouragement that was altogether unnecessary, yet welcome nonetheless). He put his hands on her immense boobs and stroked their expansive flesh with focused appreciation. She savored the expression of delight on his face as he handled her, and she rapidly became aroused.

Glancing around once again to check for stragglers, she whisked off her knit top and got down on the floor with him, lifting her enormous tits in her arms and pushing them into Kerp's grateful face.

They began groping each other, their hands finding bits of clothing to be unfastened and body parts to fondle. Sexual arousal tends to cloud good judgement like a narcotic, causing people to do things they wouldn't ordinarily consider. Though they both had been hungrily planning to make love as soon as they got through the door of Mich's apartment, they became swept up in the waxing heat of passion, and their petting turned to foreplay.

Fifteen frantic-but-well-fought minutes later, they had obtained the cure for all the day's frustrations. "Oh, no," Michelle sighed as she stood and pulled up her panties. "We left a stain on the carpet!" "So we did. Right between our desks, too. How clever of us." "Oh, it'll come out. Won't it?" "Not with a vacuum cleaner. I bet that little memento will be around until the next time they steam clean the carpets." "When will that be?" "Let's see what year is this?" "That long, huh?" Except for her shoes, Michelle was now dressed from the waist down, considerately leaving Kerp's favorite anatomical topography exposed until last.

He watched her tremendous breasts swing out heavily as she stooped over to pull her shoes on, and was riveted by their fleshy wiggling and bouncing. She stood up again, looking around for her top. Gleaming with fullness, Mich's gigantic wiggling breasts were still so swollen from sexual excitement that they were raised up and standing out from her chest proudly. She put her little borrowed top back on, and as she laboriously pulled it over her huge tits, their expanded volume stretched the garment to its limit, barely covering enough of her extravagance to be street legal.

Kerp gazed at the woman he loved so much, studying her beautiful face and knockout body, crowned with the prettiest pair tits that had ever burst forth into enormity, and he was seized by a strong desire to have her again, even before they'd finished dressing.

He shook his head, amazed at what the woman was able to evoke from him. "You know, it's going to take a lot of fucking to make up for the past three years," he observed. "You're absolutely right about that, buddy boy," Mich agreed, straightening the top around her tremendous bosom. "I suggest we go home and get started." "Didn't we just do that?" "That," she murmured, "was just a nesty in freaky blonde demand sex outside peck on the cheek at the end of the work day." She stepped close to him until her face was inches from his and her enormous boobs were pressed solidly against his chest.

"Come home with me now so I can really fuck your brains out." "Oh, good!" he responded with a grin. "I love it when you fuck out my brains." Their quickie had been barely enough to hold them for the ride home, but as soon as they'd closed the door of Mich's apartment behind them, they grabbed each mom son daughter and father porn and were at it again.

Clothes sloughed off their bodies, and hands were everywhere as their passion quickly rose to fever pitch. They left a trail of discarded garments from the front door to the couch, which was as far as they could get before having to satisfy their pronounced desire for one another.

The big couch turned out to be very conducive to having sex, providing plenty of cushioned area that was comfortably soft, yet firm enough to offer the proper resistance needed for optimum penetration. Mich climaxed twice before Kerp did, and once again afterward as he continued making love to her for a time. As they lay united together, Mich observed, "It's funny, but all this great sex we've been having has only made me hornier." "I know; me too," Kerp concurred.

"This couch turned out to be really nice to screw on, though!" "Yeah; was that one of the selling points when you bought it?" he asked, grinning. She chuckled and answered, "Yes, I went down to Crazy Jim's Sex Furniture City and asked for the best fucking sofa they had!" Kerp laughed.

"When we have our own house, let's buy nothing but fucking furniture to go in it." "We'll get a fucking dining room set, a fucking hutch, and some fucking end tables." "Maybe a fucking whatnot shelf, too," Kerp added. Mich sighed happily. "What a nice thought that is." "Fucking?" "Well, yeah mom teaches compeer companion how to put condom xxx a mother companions daughter I meant having our own house.

We'll be like a normal couple!" "Right, you'll be like a normal wife who has breasts twice the size of her head." "Only twice? I'm not through growing 'em yet, you know!" "That's my gal! By the way, I was thinking that it might be fun to go to the mall tonight and do a little shopping." "Shopping? Mom told me never to trust a man who says he wants to go shopping." "Even if he wants to shop for an engagement ring?" "Ooo!

Yes, that would be an exception to the rule! "While we're there, let's get some supper in the food court so we don't have to cook." "Fine with me. That'll give us more time for other things," she said with a couple of little pelvic thrusts to convey her meaning. "But before we go, I have a phone call to make." After they had cleaned up and gotten dressed, Mich dialed a long distance number and sat down at the kitchen table, twirling the cord as she waited for an answer.

"Mom, hi! Call Dad and tell him to get on the other phone." She waited, grinning. In a few seconds she said, "Hi, Dad. I was wondering if I could borrow the backyard in a few weeks." She looked at Kerp and winked. "Well, Louis has asked me to marry him! .Louis Kerpalscheiker. Yeah, Kerp! .Yes, it was kind of sudden, in a way. But it turns out we've been in love with each other for a long time! .You did? How?" She covered the mouthpiece with her palm and relayed to Kerp, "They've known we were in love since we were there at Christmas!" "They should have told us!" he answered, pretending to be offended.

"No, Daddy, I'm not pregnant," she said, rolling her eyes. Crystal Hayes, cheerleader and homecoming queen, checked her perfect make-up in the mirror for the umpteenth time that night since beginning her shift at the jewelry store. The only traffic that had come through the shop so far consisted of the usual parade of young men stopping by to flirt, having no intention of spending any money there. At her school, she was considered to flirty riley sucks his professors massive dick and she get fucked a major babe by all the guys, an opinion that she shared.

Crystal had everything a guy could want, including a lovely pair of D-cup breasts. The universe revolved around her, as should anyone who endeavored to gain her favor. Then Michelle Myers walked into the store. With Kerp on her arm, they browsed among the glass cases as a startled Crystal looked on, not wanting to believe her eyes and unwilling to admit that here was a woman who exuded so much more sex than she herself did.

It took her half a minute to work up the strength to go wait on them. As she approached them, Michelle's astoundingly huge boobs seemed to get bigger with each step, appearing to be the size of zeppelins by the time Crystal was standing across the counter from her.

"May I help you?" she asked weakly. Outside the jewelry shop, a man sat by a fountain, staring intently at a fantasy come to life. He got up and strolled across the aisleway as nonchalantly as he could (considering his brain was short-circuiting), and stood at the window of the jewelry store, pretending to look at the merchandise in the display window.

He made careful mental notes so he could report this sighting to the internet bulletin board where other mammophiles like himself exchanged thoughts, sightings, and photos (unretouched and otherwise). They have to be real, he thought. They can't be water balloons, because she's showing so much cleavage!

They can't be implants, either - I don't think they even make them that size! He could even see where her big nipples were poking into the fabric of her top. That lucky fuck, he mused, glancing enviously at Kerp. The man resolved that he had to have a picture of this vision of profound bustiness, and hurried to the nearest drug store to purchase a disposable camera. When he returned to the jewelry store, however, Mich and Kerp had already gone, to his utter disappointment.

When he got home later that night, he went straight to his computer and dutifully logged on to report the amazingly busty woman he had seen. After submitting a carefully crafted account of his experience, however, no one believed a word of it. The timid knocking at his door would not have been enough to wake him, had he been asleep. He got up from his studies and cracked the door. It was the Little Professor, as he privately referred to her. Lately, though, the term 'little' was becoming less and less appropriate to describe the young teacher.

He let her in and checked the hall before closing the door behind her. "Hello, Brian," the petite beauty greeted him. "Doctor Medina. How's it goin'?" "Good!" She was in her off-hours clothes, wearing tight blue jeans and a bright red spaghetti top that was not quite big enough for the strikingly well developed breasts swaying beneath it.

"Sorry it's so late I was afraid I might wake you." "No, I'm up studying. So I take it you changed your mind?" "Yeah, I did," she answered, a bit embarrassed. "I thought this would surely be plenty, but the more I look at myself, the more I wish I was a little bigger." "No problem.

A lot of my customers come back for more. How much do you want?" "I have a hundred dollars." "Okay, two doses, then." "Actually," she began hesitatingly, "I was wondering if we might work out a deal." This sounded interesting.

"What kind of deal?" he asked. "Would you throw in a couple extra doses if I let you enjoy your handiwork?" She seductively lifted up the front of her spaghetti top, exposing her lusciously fattened boobs for his viewing pleasure. They were big and round, with wide areolae surrounding her pert nipples.

"Well, well, Professor Medina! How can I refuse an offer like that?" he said as he took her fleshy tits in his eager hands and began to knead them zealously. She moved closer to him and started rubbing his crotch, feeling the rapid swelling inside his pants. Brian reached over to the doorknob and turned the lock. Mich got out of bed Saturday morning, and after her bathroom routine, walked nude into the kitchen where Kerp was cooking pancakes.

Her enormous breasts danced and frolicked about furiously with each step, providing a rather stimulating show. After kissing him good-morning and thanking him for making breakfast, she poured herself a cup of coffee and announced, "I've decided that today is Naked Day." "I like it already! National Naked Day?" Kerp asked, deftly flipping a flapjack. "No, Michelle's Apartment Naked Day," she answered, taking a hot sip.

"So, tell me about it." "It's occurred to me that men have an advantage over women, when it comes to Viewing the Goods." Pushing out her chest, she explained, "Y'see, a big girl like me can't help but stick right out, and clothing doesn't hide size or, uh, resiliency. So you guys get to watch us bounce and jiggle all the time. But when men a man is wearing pants, everything is tucked away out of sight.

And while a nice tight swimsuit might show how much there is, there's none of that yummy wiggly stuff." Kerp was chuckling. "Wiggly stuff," he echoed, eyeing her huge undulating mammaries. "So this is Naked Day, and we both have to go without clothes all day, unless we leave the apartment." "Yeah, that could get complicated in a hurry," Kerp said.

"So take 'em off." "Really? Now?" "Of course! Strip, mister! We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way," she said with a wry grin, putting her hands on her hips. "The hard way sounds interesting," he said, pouring a new batch onto the pan. Mich stepped behind him and, with her huge bare boobs pressed against his back, began undoing his pants.

As she slipped them down his legs, Kerp commented, "You seem to be serious about this. Be careful there, sweetheart: if you distract me, these pancakes might burn. She pulled his underpants down, caressing his genitalia as she passed, and answered, "Why don't we eat the pancakes first, and then after breakfast, I have an idea how we can 'burn' them!" She nibbled at his ear as he shuffled out of his clothes.

Having finished their breakfast, they relaxed at the kitchen table with no plans except to enjoy each other's company. While Kerp perused the morning newspaper, Michelle sat idly admiring the new diamond ring on her finger, which was the only thing she was wearing.

The low morning sun poured honey-colored light through the windows, playing across their empty plates and bare bodies like an impressionist painting. It was one of those simple but glorious moments that grace everyday life. "That was good, hon! Thanks for fixing it," Mich said.

"My pleasure." "So how do you like Naked Day so far?" she asked with a mischievous grin. "If we had a glass tabletop, you'd already know the answer to that question!" Mich giggled at him.

"Good!" "I have to confess, though, it's a little embarrassing." "Embarrassing? Why? You know that I love to look at your body, don't you?

Why would you be embarrassed?" "Well it's just that, uh." He stopped and chuckled at himself. "The truth is, when I'm with you, I spend most of the time at least partially aroused, if not with a full-blown hard-on! It makes me feel like some adolescent kid!" She rested her chin on her hand, raised her eyebrows and grinned at him. "Full-blown?" "I left myself wide open for that, didn't I?" "Seriously, hon, it's very flattering to know I turn you on so!

You see, that's the kind of thing that Naked Day is designed to bring out! But there's no reason to feel self-conscious about it. Seeing you like that is inspiring to me!

Tell you what," she said, pushing her dishes and silverware away. "Whenever you have trouble with a problem erection, just bring it to Doctor Myers," she recommended, lifting her giant breasts up onto the table one at a time, "because she knows just how to cure it!" With her boobs mounded up high on the tabletop like that, their incredible size was dramatically accentuated, an effect that she played on by casually fluffing them. As Kerp gazed hungrily at her enormous lolling bosom, he lifted a bare foot under the table and slipped his toes in between her thighs.

Caught off guard, Michelle shrieked and then dissolved into laughter. "We can leave these dishes until later, don't you think?" he asked.

After an interlude of lovely sex, their attention turned to more mundane activities. While Mich did some rearranging to accommodate her new live-in lover, Kerp worked at nestling his belongings into the various nooks she was creating. It was amazing to watch Michelle walk around the apartment in the nude with her colossal breasts jerking and shuddering like oversize water balloons, and her big nipples darting around as if they were frantically looking for loose change on the carpet.

Kerp was helpless to conceal his involuntary reaction to the astoundingly mammiferous scenery, which Michelle found very flattering, taking advantage of the phenomenon freely. He was always happy to comply. While Michelle was rummaging through the bottom drawers of her buffet, looking for a photo album to share with Kerp, he passed by and saw her bending over at the waist with her port of entry shining out behind her.

As she rooted through the drawers' contents, her massive breasts dangled down, swaying pendulously. He had no choice. To Mich's surprise and delight, he came up in back of her and took two large overflowing handfuls of fleshy bosom and began petting her. After a few seconds of playing with her huge tits, something independently nosed its way in between her legs, just under her vagina.

She spread her legs enough to let it through, and then closed back upon it, purring with pleasure. Mich closed the drawer and braced herself on the buffet, raising up her fanny as offering. It was quite a while before she thought about the photo album again. During the course of Naked Day, Michelle and Kerp had sex numerous times in various places around the apartment. When evening came and they had cleaned the supper dishes off the table, they sat down to watch a detective movie on television.

At the beginning of a commercial break, Mich got up and walked to the kitchen, and Kerp's eyes followed every wiggling, bouncing moment of it. From his vantage point on the couch, he watched carefully as she hovered around the cabinetry, putting away this and that, straightening things, and performing various other nesting displays.

This movement caused repercussions in her massive unsupported breasts, which swung, bounced, and shuddered engagingly. As she leaned over to stow a pan inside a lower cabinet, her huge boobs swung down and bumped heavily on the kitchen's vinyl floor. Finally she returned to the couch, her giant tits bouncing and rocking with considerable animation. Before taking her place beside Kerp, she noticed he was watching her, and had developed a very formidable erection.

"Oh, my!" she exclaimed happily as she leaned over him to caress it. Her enormous breasts swung out and collided solidly against his bare chest as she said, "It's a good thing science has found a cure for this condition!" As they kissed each other, Kerp played with her huge boobs with one hand and fingered her clitoris with the other.

After enjoying that pleasure for as long as she could stand it, Michelle turned her back to him and sat down on Kerp's lap, easing his dick inside her. They both moaned and squirmed with delight. Kerp kissed Mich's bare back and reached around front to fondle her phenomenal tits. Their immensity always made them easy to find, even in odd positions or in the dark: all Kerp had to do was stick out a hand, and it would probably bump into a sprawling breast out of pure chance.

"This feels so good!" she murmured. Kerp had to agree. The movie came back on, and they kept one eye on the drama as they played. The plot soon began to take some interesting turns, and they sat united but idle as the story unfolded.

"I've never watched a movie this way before," Mich said. "What fun!" "I'll say! Though I imagine it's best practiced at a private showing like this. If we tried it in a theater, they'd probably ask us to leave and we'd miss the show." "Or the other patrons might decide they like our show better, and demand to see that ending." "Speaking of which, I don't know how long I can keep this up without having to do something about it," Kerp advised.

"Well, let me know I don't want to torture you." "Ah, but it's such sweet torture!" Fortunately, the network's lust to air commercial messages was even more urgent, and it wasn't too long before the next break.

Mich got up and turned around, kneeling astride him, now face to face with her hot japanese filly gets pleasured with toys breasts crammed between them. The long wait with Kerp inside her had made Mich extremely ready, whereupon she clutched the back of the couch for balance and began rising and falling on his erection, fucking him vigorously.

Pressed against Kerp's chest and shoulders, her immense mammaries shook and jiggled furiously, and he began wondering if he could hold out, assailed by such stimulation. With Mich sitting on top of him, he couldn't withdraw to control his ejaculation if he started to come before she did.

He didn't want to leave her unsatisfied. Just as the inevitable started looming over the horizon, though, Michelle began voicing the sharp moans of extreme pleasure that signified she too was on the verge of climax. When he began throbbing forcefully within her, the sensation was just enough to tip Mich over the edge, and she came with him. She slowly continued impaling herself on Kerp's stiff cock, and he couldn't tell if she was having another orgasm or prolonging the same one.

Eventually, she relaxed and vented a deep satiated sigh. After they had recovered their senses, Kerp kissed the nearest bulge of Mich's enormous bosom and said, "The movie's coming back on. I guess there's something to be said for long commercial breaks." "We'd better go get cleaned up, then," Mich said, disengaging herself from him and standing up.

As she preceded Kerp toward the bathroom, he watched the wild rollicking of her giant tits as she hurried to avoid dripping on the carpet. "You know," he commented, "Naked Day is a pretty good idea!" After the movie was over, they watched a nature documentary and then Kerp started channel surfing. Mich stretched out beside him on the couch with her head resting against his thigh, and soon fell asleep. He came across an 'I Love Lucy' rerun, and made a comment, unaware that she was sleeping.

When she failed to answer, he looked at her dormant form and smiled. Trying to wake her, he tapped her nose with his finger, but she didn't stir. Then he wiggled her nose between his finger and thumb, but her slumber was too sound for it to have effect. Amused, he tried playing with one of her big nipples, and though it began to distend, she still slept peacefully. He was fascinated by this, and decided to try an even more extreme experiment.

Stretching his arm out, Kerp slipped a finger into her pussy and began probing around in it, switching between the interior and her clitoris, and though he noticed some reflexive lubrication, she still didn't wake up. Amazed, he continued with this manipulation, and the longer he did so, the funnier it seemed to him, until he had to stifle himself to keep from laughing out loud.

He finally gave up the experiment, shaking his head in wonder. As he sat there for a moment, looking around and wondering what he could wipe his finger on since he wasn't wearing pants, Michelle suddenly awoke with a start. "Oh!" she exclaimed with great urgency. " Kerp!" She sprang to her knees, took his hands and placed them on her enormous bobbing breasts, and then began playing with his penis.

As it rose and stiffened, she nibbled on his ear, whispering, "I just had the sexiest dream, and it made me so hot I can't stand it!" "No kidding?" he asked with all the innocence he could feign. "Shall we go to the bedroom?" Lying back on the couch and pulling him on top of her, she replied, "I don't have time for that!" "Mich?" Kerp croaked.

A man on television was very excited about a new kind of mop he wanted them to buy. "Mich!" "Mmm?" she groaned, shifting under him. "It's after three. We fell asleep!" "Oh. I have to pee," she said, rubbing her eyes. Kerp reached for the remote on the end table near Mich's head and turned off the TV. After replacing the remote, he grabbed the couch for support, and as he raised up off of her, their genitalia stuck together, peeling apart like Velcro.

"Ow!" Michelle complained with a laugh. Kerp chuckled. "Sorry. I'll go make sure everything's locked up." Kerp opened his eyes and saw Michelle lying beside him in the bed, smiling at him with her head propped on her hand. "Good morning, cutie!" she greeted. "Good morning!" he answered. "Have you been awake long?" "No. I've just been lying here looking at you. I really love waking up next to you!" He gently pulled her close and kissed her. "Me too." "I've been thinking.

You know where I'd really like to make love to you?" she asked. "Where?" he responded, interested teens orgasm on cam watch part on suzcamcom in the act itself than the site.

"In your bed at your apartment." "Really? Your place is so much nicer, though!" "But yours has such character," she said, rubbing his chest. "I've always enjoyed going there because there's so much of the man I love in it! Maybe we could sleep there sometime soon. One night this week before we leave for Tennessee." Kerp shrugged. "Okay. I don't see what the attraction is, but I'm game.

Now if you'll excuse me," he said, throwing back the sheet and starting to get out of the bed. Michelle caught his arm and held him fast.

"And just where do think you're going, mister?" After they finally got out of bed, Mich put on shorts and a low-necked peasant blouse with a laced bodice. It had been a few months since the bureau's Apparel department had made it for her, and her breasts had since grown somewhat too big for it; but as far as Kerp was concerned, that fact only enhanced the look. Her enormous boobs ballooned out within the lightweight blouse, opening the neckline even wider.

She left the laces untied for effect. "We're going to have a special breakfast this morning," Michelle announced. "I'm going to fix us some fresh fruit, toast, and coffee, and if you'll clean off the patio table on the balcony, we can eat out there." "That sounds like a great idea." Shortly, they were enjoying breakfast in the fresh air, serenaded by birds and bathed in oblique morning sunlight.

"I was thinking that we should set our wedding date for the middle of next month," Mich announced, setting down her coffee cup. "That way my mom won't have time to make it into something too huge. Even if we haven't broken the case by then, we can still sneak a flight up to Willow Grove for a weekend and then go back to Tennessee afterward." "We wouldn't be able to take a honeymoon, then," Kerp complained.

"We're pretty much forced to delay that anyway, aren't we since we're vean bien asi se ve un culo roto por una fuerte our marriage a secret? Won't people become suspicious if we both take our vacations at the same time?" "Maybe.

It's been done before, though by officers who weren't romantically linked. People around the office might talk, but they already talk about us anyway." "True," Mich conceded. "But I definitely want a honeymoon, no matter what! I don't want to end up as one of those couples who whine about never having one." As Kerp nodded his agreement and munched on his toast, he studied Mich's huge bosom, undulating within the flimsy fabric of her blouse.

A glorious amount of cleavage was on display, framed by her low-cut neckline, and as she shifted in her chair, he attentively watched her tremendous breasts bump and jostle.

"Your tits look enormous in that peasant blouse," he said appreciatively. "My tits are enormous," she responded with a grin. "Ah, so that's your secret!" After swallowing a sip of orange juice, she said, "I seem to have spilled some crumbs down between my enormous tits. I'll need an expert breast man to clean them out for me after breakfast." brazilian mamita sucks hard rod hardcore blowjob "Well, enormous tits happen to be my specialty, madam, if I can be of service." "Really?

This must be my lucky day!" "I'm starting to feel pretty luck myself!" "Are you qualified to remove jelly as well as toast crumbs?" she asked. "Yes, I am, but I don't think you spilled any jelly down there." Mich then casually dipped a spoon in the jelly, dropped the glob into her expansive cleavage, and looked at him primly.

Kerp gazed up at the undersides of Michelle's immense boobs with awe, as they swayed back and forth like giant parade balloons. Even though he was thoroughly satisfied, he was compelled to put his hands on them again, as if to verify that her tits truly were that huge.

Sitting astride him with his slowly subsiding erection still inside her, Mich stretched and said, "These were the last of the clean sheets. We'll have to do the laundry today. Our clothes need to be washed, too. I hope I can get that jelly out of my peasant blouse." "Sorry." "Not your fault," she chuckled. "I'm just glad we didn't get it all over the walls." A load of clothes was sloshing around in the washer as the dryer spun a load of its own, filling the apartment with mechanical background noise.

Michelle looked breathtakingly sexy walking around wearing only her panties and one of Kerp's sleeveless undershirts. The front of the shirt was stretched out to an extreme, leaving the very bottoms of her enormous breasts exposed.

Her big nipples were unmistakably evident. The undershirt clung tightly to her phenomenal torso, allowing the great size and lovely shape of her giant beauties to be plainly seen as they wobbled and jiggled heavily within the thin material. Often, when she knew he was watching her, she'd tempt him by doing things that vigorously animated her huge tits as she went about her business.

When she walked, her calculated heavy stepping caused them to dip and wiggle furiously, and she would occasionally pick them up by their sides to separate them from the skin of her chest. The effect of lifting her breasts up and away made them look like they were suddenly growing even more gigantic.

Kerp spent much of his time erect. There wasn't a square inch on Michelle that was anything less than mercilessly sexy. His eyes followed her constantly, fixed on her mammoth wiggling bosom as she pranced about, attending to various household endeavors.

Watching his gorgeous tit goddess was painful ecstasy, and he was often moved to simply grab her right then and there, and make desperate love to her. That was, in fact, the woman's intent. She had emptied out a couple of her dresser drawers so Longhaired babe likes wild pounding with hugecocked dude would have a place to put his clean clothes as they came from the dryer.

She had dumped the former contents of the drawers onto her bed, and as he went about organizing his things, he became distracted and sat on the bedside, picking through her pile.

He loved to look at Michelle's oversize brassieres, camisoles, and any other articles of clothing associated with her spectacular bosom. He found a couple of particularly interesting items in her heap of things. "Mich?" he called, holding up one of them. She appeared in the doorway, her huge boobs rocking mightily, and answered, "Yeah?" "This is a tube top, isn't it?" Kerp asked. "Sure is." "How long ago did you last wear this?" "Oh, a few months ago, I guess.

Why?" "That's all? It looks way too small for you." "Tube tops can be deceiving that way." "But it couldn't possibly fit you now, right?" "It might." He studied Mich's huge bust for a moment and finally decreed, "No." "Well here, let's see," Mich said, taking the tube top from him. She stepped into it and pulled it up to her waist, pausing long enough to repurchase her grasp before attempting to scale Everest.

With a frown of concentration, she began tugging upward and outward on the front of the garment so the bottoms of her giant boobs would slip into it. Though it was a promising start, her tits were just too enormous to fit into the top anymore, and the more she tried to shake them in, the more amusing it became to her. Finally, with just over half of her voluminous bosom encompassed by the tube top, she gave up the struggle, letting her arms fall limp at her sides.

"How this?" she asked with a giggle. The upper hemispheres of her immense boobs bulged up out of the top copiously, and she laughed as she looked down at the mammiferous, wobbling sight. Her nipples were barely concealed by the fabric, but her wide areolae rose as half-disks above the neckline's horizon.

"I guess I'm a little bigger than I thought!" she admitted, lifting her huge boobs from beneath and letting them drop. 'Now, here's another curious article I'd like you to tell me about, please.' It was made of a sheer fabric printed with a zigzag pattern of alternating dark and light green stripes.

"Now, here's another curious article I'd like you to tell me about, please." It was made of a sheer fabric printed with a zigzag pattern of alternating dark and light green stripes. "Personally, I think the look works," Kerp said. He then picked up an unusual looking bra and said, "Now, here's another curious article I'd like you to tell me about, please." It was made of a sheer fabric printed with a zigzag pattern of alternating dark and light green stripes.

As he held up the garment and looked at it curiously, he said, "It looks like the design is supposed to imitate the stripes of a watermelon." "Right! I forgot all about that thing!" she said with a chuckle. I found the fabric in a store, and I just had to buy a couple yards so Margery could make me a bra.

Let me show you." Michelle peeled the tube top from her phenomenal torso and took the brassiere from Kerp. "It's been over a year since I've worn this and my watermelons have grown a lot bigger in the meantime," she said with a grin, "but the material is elastic enough that I still might be able to get it on." She held the bra by one of its huge cups, gathering the sides like a stocking until she held the very tip between her fingers.

Placing that over her nipple, she stretched out the cup and drew the material around her huge breast, jiggling the oversize gland to shake it into place. As she slipped the brassiere over each immense tit, the fabric took shape around them, and the watermelon motif came to life.

The dappled stripes of alternating dark and light green made Michelle's breasts look uncannily like a pair of blue-ribbon prize winners at the county fair, as if to poke fun at their enormity. After fastening the clasps behind her back, she bent forward at the waist and vigorously shook the big bra by its band, which caused a wondrous quaking throughout her tremendous bosom.

When she was satisfied that her giant breasts had settled into the garment as best they could, she thrust her chest out for him, still pulling at various corners of the material to remove the remaining wrinkles. It lacked the deeply cut neckline that Mich normally preferred, having been designed instead to cover her giant tits as much as possible to preserve the watermelon illusion.

"There!" she said proudly. "At least Sex appeal legal age teenager amazing hottie kneels can still get this on." Mich's tits had become considerably larger since she'd had the bra made, and they were bulging out beyond every limit of the garment.

She put her palms against the bottoms of her enormous boobs, lifted them up high on her chest, and dropped them again, still trying to shake them into place. Kerp studiously observed their heavy shuddering and wobbling while she repeated the maneuver a couple more times.

Just as Kerp was about to melt into a puddle of warm goo, a rip opened in the upper hemisphere fabulous ashlynn brooke rides a big cock cunnilingus and straight the right cup, and a bubble of flesh protruded from the gap! The bulge widened the tear, which then ran toward the front of the cup, splitting it completely asunder and spilling out her giant naked breast.

As it bounced and wiggled, Mich commented, "I guess I've outgrown this too, then." "Wow!" Kerp murmured. "That was great! Can you do that with the other side?" Mich laughed and reached her hand to his groin. "Yeah, I'd say that did the trick! I guess we need to take this boy in for some more deep penetration therapy, Doctor." Kerp smiled. "Yes, I think that would be beneficial. Here, let me help you with that one." He pinched the fabric of the remaining giant watermelon and pulled at the material to induce a split.

Mich helped out by lifting her huge boob from the bottom and letting it drop and bounce, stressing the fabric. Suddenly that cup failed too, and with a nice ripping sound, Michelle's lovely immense breast came tumbling out. Kerp enclosed the wiggling nipple-end in his hand and had her up against the wall before they could take a step toward the bedroom. The day was punctuated with such sweet diversions.

Toward evening, as they were making love again on the couch, the telephone rang. They ignored it until the voice of Michelle's sister began emanating from the answering machine, and as they continued to copulate, Mich reached blindly for the phone on the end table near her head. Kerp stopped and wondered if he two small boobs blonde babes enjoy ing withdraw for the duration of this interruption.

"Jeanette? Hi!" Mich sang, placing her hand on the small of Kerp's back to keep him inside her. She covered the mouthpiece and whispered, "Don't stop!" "Did I catch you at a bad time?" Jeanette's voice asked. "No, not at all," Mich replied. In fact, she was having a lovely time. "Sorry it took me so long to return your call seems like I spend all my time running back and forth between schools and ballet lessons and scout meetings! What's up?" "Well, I've got some news," Mich said as Kerp found his groove, humping away at her.

Her sister gasped. "You're getting married!" "You ruined it! I'm supposed to tell you!" she chided, trying not to breathe heavily into the receiver. "Sorry, sis; but after what Mom told me about you and that guy, what's his name Kirk?" "Kerp," she corrected. "Anyway, I figured somebody had finally gotten to you." "When did she talk to you?

What'd she say?" she asked family amrrican full hairy x story sex stories xxxxxcom Kerp bore deeply into her. "She's been talking about you and your boyfriend for months now every time I've spoken to her since Christmas. She said she'd never seen you make such goo-goo eyes at a guy." "Goo-goo eyes?

I wasn't Kerp and I weren't even dating then!" "Ah, but still, you brought him home to meet Mom and Dad, didn't you?" Mich covered the phone again to moan, as she was too preoccupied with the thorough fucking she was receiving to argue with her sister in the manner to which they were both accustomed. Jeanette readily took this lack of response as a point in her favor. "Is Kerp his first name or his last?" "Kerp is his nickname. His real name is Louis Kerpalscheiker." "You're kidding!" Jeanette asked with a laugh.

"So how long have you known him?" "About three years now," Mich interjected between panting breaths. "And what does he think of those humongous boobs of yours?" Jeanette asked, baiting her. Watching Kerp nuzzle his face into her yawning cleavage, she responded, "No problem there." "Have you set a date yet?" "Not an exact date, but it'll be soon middle of next month." "You're not pregnant are you?" "Daddy asked me the same thing!

No, I'm not pregnant!" Kerp couldn't help but chuckle as he pressed on, adding in a low voice, "We're working on it, though!" Michelle shushed him. "It's just going to be a small family wedding." "Does Mom understand that?" "Probably not, but Dad sure was happy to hear it." "I'll bet!" "I'd like you to be my Maid of Honor, Jen." "Really?

I'd love to, Mich! Thank you!" "Can you hold on for a second?" "Sure, hon," Jeanette said. She heard Mich cover the mouthpiece again as Lee walked in the room. "Michelle's getting married!" she announced to her husband. "Ah, great! Is that her on the phone?" "Yeah." "Let me congratulate her!" he said, moving toward his wife. "She's away from the phone right now.

I'm not sure, but it sounds like she's having a orgasm!" He stepped back, saying, "That's more information than I needed! Just give her my regards when she's through." In a moment, Mich had a whole new perspective on life, and she held the receiver up again, saying, "I'm back." "So what are you going to do about a gown?" "Mom's going to get Leah Pittman to make it for me." "Is there enough time?

October is just a couple weeks away!" "I'm sure Leah can handle it." "I hope so. I dare say she's never made anything to fit a shape like yours before!" "I'm sure you're right. But every spring she makes an Easter dress for big old Mrs Bradley, and if Leah can tailor around a butt like that, she can manage my little pair of boobies!" Monday morning, Kerp strutted up to Michelle's desk carrying a steel-reinforced briefcase, and set it down with two foxy lassies and one black shaft cumshot mature flourish.

"Agent Myers, may I present the CircumMatic-110 by AccuTrac Corporation!" "The what? Oh! That thing Hudson wants us to take along to Tennessee! I was going to ask you about that. What the heck is it and what does it do?" "This little gizmo will allow us to remotely take a woman's bust measurement from as far away as 75 feet, with an accuracy of plus or minus five hundredths of a percent! Let me show you." He flicked the latches and opened up the case, revealing an array of electronics within.

"This was originally made for construction engineers to take measurements in places that would otherwise be inaccessible. Watch. Let's say we're repairing a bridge, and that column next to my desk is a box beam.

We know it needs to be replaced, but we don't know what its circumference is, and it's out of our reach. Rather than send a man up there to measure it and possibly get it wrong, we simply use the CircumMatic instead!

I just push this button on the hand unit, and a laser is activated. See the red dot there on the column?" As Mich nodded, the unit inside the case beeped. "Okay, my laser target has now been acquired by the scanner in the main unit. Now I just move that dot a few inches along the plane I want to measure, and then I release the button." The digital readout within the case displayed the word 'SCANNING', and after less than two seconds, a result appeared on the screen and was automatically printed out on a roll of cash register paper: 21.4 inches.

Kerp continued, "For our unique purposes, the bureau bought this deluxe model with an infrared option, which allows the device to xxx story deshi 18 shall gujarati between living tissue and inorganic material." "Like the difference between a woman's boobs and her bulky clothing?" "Right; or the difference between her chest and a pair of water balloons.

Okay, stand up let's try it out on you." Mich rose from her chair as Kerp reset the CircumMatic-110. When he turned around again, she was waiting with her hands behind her back and her chest pushed out in front of her.

"I'm ready for you," she informed him with a mischievous grin. "If you're not careful, you're going to put somebody's eye out with one of those things." Kerp murmured. "Okay, here we go." Kerp held up the hand unit and pressed a button, transmitting a small dot of red light that fell upon the fullest latitude of her tremendous bosom.

After he indicated the plane of the measurement, the device began its routine but then squawked rudely. "What was that?" Mich asked, frowning. Kerp grinned. "You went off the chart, Myers! Your boobs are so big they broke the machine!" "You've got to be kidding!" Mich moaned. "Yeah, I am," he said with a confirming nod as he read the display.

She grinned and slapped playfully him on the arm. "You're gonna get it someday, Kerpalscheiker!" "Actually, you are off its current scale, but it just needs to be calibrated." "Is that hard?" "Not at all." As he looked through a desk drawer for his bureau-issue 120-inch measuring tape, he explained, "We just need to take your exact bust measurement first, and then calibrate the CircumMatic to that, which will give it a bench mark to refer to." "So when we want to take a woman's bust measurement with this machine, we'll have to stop her first and ask if we can measure her by hand?" Mich asked, suppressing a grin.

Having just located his tape, Kerp closed the drawer and answered her, "Of course not, silly girl! We don't ask permission, we just knock her out!" "Seriously, though, if you're calibrating it to my bust measurement, what happens if we want to scan a girl who's bigger than I am?" Kerp stopped everything he was doing to let that scenario roll around inside his mind for a moment, and responded, "Bigger than you?

If the machine is accurately calibrated from zero to about 84 inches, which it will be in a minute, it ought to measure a woman whose boobs are big enough drag webcam masturbation with bigtits chick big tits and amateur ground!

Are you suggesting these students might grow their breasts that big?" "I'm just asking a hypothetical question." "Well, hypothetical boobs are always bigger than real boobs. Lift your arms, please." She raised her arms and her partner threaded the tape measure around her bosomy chest, tightening it up and touching its metal-clad end against the numbered demarcations in front.

As he carefully positioned the tape for maximum accuracy, She whispered to him without moving her lips, "Everyone in the room is watching us!" Mich and Kerp worked in a large open area with a dozen or so coworkers, and anything unusual that was said or done immediately fell under the public domain. "Really?" he whispered back. "Is this an uncool thing to do?" "We're fine, I think. We'd be doing this even if we weren't screwing each other, wouldn't we?" "Probably.

On the other hand, if I suddenly stuck my head between your breasts, then we wouldn't have to worry about these people speculating about us anymore. Wait - this is weird. I can't get a good reading because it keeps slipping upward.

It started out at about 84 inches and now it's over 85!" Mich smiled sheepishly and murmured, "It's because what you're doing is turning me on, you sexy man!" "Shit I didn't think of that," Kerp said with a grin, letting the sexy maid sucks on two hard dicks fall slack. "I need a stable measurement for calibration." She looked around the room for a moment and then suggested, "How about that big cardboard box over there by Faith's desk?" "That'll work.

I'll ask if we can borrow it for a minute." He walked over to where Faith was stationed and greeted her. After a half minute of idle chitchat, she asked Kerp, "It's none of my business, but what are you two doing over there?" "We're trying to calibrate a laser measuring device, and we need something with a big circumference to use as a standard.

I tried using Mich's bust for that, but we ran into a slight technical problem so I was wondering if we could borrow this big old box of yours here. We won't even need to open it." "Help yourself, sweetie." "Thanks, Faith." "You two behave yourselves, now," she whispered, winking.

He carried the box to his desk and set it down. "This ought to give us a decent circumference for calibration. Let's see." he mumbled as he wrapped the tape around it. After double-checking, he announced, "Okay, this box is exactly 72 inches around." "Whoa! You mean my bust measurement is a foot bigger than that big box?" Mich asked incredulously.

She then looked at Kerp with an impish expression and commented offhandedly, "I have big tits." Kerp pushed the CALIBRATE button, and entered '72.0' into the CircumMatic's built-in CPU. Then he picked up the hand-held unit and initiated the calibration routine. After the unit beeped to signal its completion of the task, he scanned the box with the device to be sure it was measuring accurately, and then announced, "Okay, I think we're ready to try this again." Mich straightened up her posture, throwing out her substantial bosom.

As Kerp took aim at it with the targeting laser, she asked, "Won't that thing include the circumference of my arms along with my bust, unless I raise them up?" "Nope. It can tell that your arms are separate from your torso at that level." "What if your subject is moving?" "Again, not a problem.

Laser travels at the speed of light, which is a constant, so we can accurately measure a moving bust the same way a cop can radar a moving vehicle." "Ah yes, Einstein's Law of Bouncing Boobies." The device beeped and Kerp looked at the readout. "Your bust measurement is exactly 84.3 inches. At the moment." "Point three? It measures in tenths of an inch?" "Yeah, apparently that's a standard thing for construction engineers." "Weird.

Okay, try Faith." "What?" "See if you can take Faith's bust measurement without her knowing it." "Oh. That might be a little hard when she's sitting kind of hunched over her desk like that, but I'll give it a try." He pointed the targeting laser at the young woman's bounteous bosom and pushed the button, dragging the pinpoint of red light across horizontally, but her forearm came up and blocked the machine's line-of-sight, causing an error.

Kerp reset it, and tried again. Faith suddenly became unwittingly cooperative, pausing from her work to lean back in her chair and stretch. As her huge L-cup breasts xxxpawn fiery cuban chick yells in spanish gets fucked by big dick sean lawless against the fabric of her blouse, Kerp seized the moment and set the CircumMatic to its task.

Before Faith had finished stretching, it beeped and displayed the result: 49.7 inches. Mich reflected upon the number for a moment and then picked up the phone on Kerp's desk. "This is Faith Church, how may I help you?" "You must get a lot of callers who think they've accidentally reached a place of worship," Michelle said.

Faith grinned and looked across the room at her. "All the time. It provides nonstop comic relief. What's up?" "Would you by any chance happen to know your bust measurement?" "Why, Michelle! I didn't know you were that kind of girl!" she teased. "Sorry, this is strictly science, Faith!" Sexy cougar nina elle loves sucking black cocks said, chuckling.

"We're testing a gizmo that's supposed to measure a girl from a distance." "Wouldn't that take most of the fun out of it?" "So it would seem, unless you get off on stealth! Anyway, we just measured your bust as a test, and we want to compare our result to your actual measurement." "Well, it's printed here on my ID card, pinned right over the very glands in question, and it says 49 inches." "Even?" "I guess." Mich moved the phone's handset away from her mouth and said to Kerp, "She says it's 49." "Close enough for government work," Kerp concluded.

"What did you guys get?" Faith asked. "Around 49 and three quarters." "Yeah. I've been feeling a little swollen today. It's the time of the month for that." "Okay, dear thanks for letting us borrow them!" Mich said. "Any time," Faith responded, chuckling. As Michelle hung up the phone, Kerp commented, "If someone ever comes out with an affordable battery-operated pocket model of the CircumMatic, every breast-man in the world will want one." As the workweek progressed, agents Myers and Kerpalscheiker continued to prepare for their assignment in Tennessee.

Rather than going through standard bureau channels, Michelle made their airline reservations herself so she could include a clandestine stopover in New York State, where they would get a marriage license. While they were there, Michelle would also be measured for her wedding gown, a process that Kerp hoped he'd be allowed to watch. Wednesday evening, as they cleared the table after supper, Mich reminded Kerp of her desire to sleep together at his apartment, asking that they plan to do so the following night.

Though he didn't fully understand this urge of hers, he was compliant: it didn't matter to him what bed he slept in, as long as she was in it with him.

Before work the next morning, Mich packed the items she needed for overnight (which Kerp deemed sufficient to sustain a week's stay) and put it in the trunk of her car. When the noon hour came, they were on the road running a mundane errand for Hudson. Since they were near Kerp's neighborhood, they decided to swing by his apartment to drop off Mich's bag and turn on the air conditioning.

On their way up the stairs, Bridget, a little dog belonging to his neighbor, greeted Kerp with uncontainable enthusiasm. She followed them to his door, knowing she'd be let in and would receive a treat from her good friend. As soon as the door was opened, she shot inside gorgeous czech blonde nicky angel clinic fetish made a beeline for the cabinet where the goodies were kept.

While Kerp was taking care of Bridget, Mich walked into his bedroom and set her overnight bag on the floor. The early afternoon light played across the unmade covers of his bed like a miniature mountain range.

She pulled back the top blanket and lay down. Inhaling deeply with her face against the sheet, a smile spread across her face as she savored the faint smell of her lover. She recalled the times she'd done the same sort of thing before they'd become intimate, and realized how much more precious his scent was to hungry babe sucking tight teen pussy and cant get enough now, and she desired to enfold herself in it.

Without getting up, Michelle began slipping her clothing off and dropping young brunette wants her first rough anal sex in articles on the floor beside the bed. When she was completely naked, she pulled the sheet up over her and curled up into a fetal position. She loved being cloaked in Kerp's familiar warmth, and she began sending him telepathic messages to come get in bed with her. "I'll fix us something for lunch!" she heard him call after letting the satisfied little Bridget back out.

Kerp was standing at the stove cooking hot dogs when he heard her bare feet padding up behind him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and began nibbling his ear as two immense naked breasts nosed their way into his peripheral vision on either side of him. She then reached one hand into his pocket teen bailey bae gets doggystyled by hung jock felt around front until she found his manhood.

Fondling it, she asked, "What's up?" Kerp turned off the burner. "Coincidentally, I was just about to ask how you wanted your wiener." Mich chuckled. "Well, come with me and I'll show you," she coaxed, taking a step toward the bedroom while holding on to his rapidly swelling member.

He was compelled to follow. For the next 45 minutes, Michelle made very urgent and passionate love to Kerp in his bed, surprising him with her fervor. In matters of romance as well as real estate, location can be a prime consideration. There in his room, lying with him between his old sheets, she felt immersed in him, becoming keenly aware of how long she had wanted to give herself to the man, but could not. How right it felt, now that they were finally lovers.

Her craving was so intense that she climaxed a number of times before being satisfied enough to quit devouring Kerp. He had managed to hold himself back until Mich finally seemed to be content, and when he came at last, she did once more as well. As they lay in afterglow, Kerp sighed and commented, "I think I'll continue maintaining this apartment just so I can take you here every so often and have you do this to me again!" She giggled.

"Oh, contraire, my love. It's not the apartment; it's you. I want us to bring everything in here to my apartment, so we can really live together!" Suddenly a dark look crossed her face, and she asked, "Do you really want to keep this apartment?" He looked at her and saw the doubts that were trying to worm their way into her mind.

"Seriously, I wouldn't care if I never saw this place again. Schoolgirl gets her ass crammed with a strap on by teacher miss my neighbors, of course.

Some of them. Why?" "It'd hurt my feelings if you wanted to keep a bachelor pad." Kerp looked at her sternly and replied, "I spent many lonely nights pining away for you in this 'bachelor pad', and there's nothing about that life I care to keep. You need to understand that I'm jumping into this thing with both feet. I was just joking about keeping this place. As far as I'm concerned, it can all go to the dump. I don't know why you want to drag this old stuff over to your our apartment.

Where would we put it all? You already have plenty of furniture, and it's a lot nicer than mine!" Mich smiled. "I want it because it's yours. It has your smell on it." "My smell?" Mich grinned and nodded. "Well, if that's what you want," Kerp declared, "I'll just leave the bathroom door open from now on!" She laughed. "That wasn't exactly the smell I had in mind." "Well, that's good to know. That evening after work, they arrived at Kerp's apartment carrying bags of take-out food.

Kerp's kitchen contained nothing suitable for supper, and Mich didn't want to spend their time cooking or cleaning up: she had something else on her mind. As soon as the door to Kerp's apartment had closed behind them, Mich guided him forcibly into the bedroom and whisked off her top. Standing in front of him, she bent forward slightly at the waist and gently swung her giant breasts from side to side, wordlessly luring him to take the enticing display in his hands.

Such temptation was unnecessary but highly stimulating. He stroked her lavish flesh eagerly, savoring the enormous size and weight of her breasts as she unbuttoned his shirt. After she'd pulled that off him, she drew him close to her, pushing her giant tits into his bare chest so they bulged out broadly at the sides. Kerp gathered them up in his arms and held them lovingly while she felt around underneath to unfasten his pants.

It was amazing to have a woman be this hungry for him, and he found it intensely erotic. He played with her tremendous boobs fervently, kneading and caressing them deeply in ways that heightened Michelle's already-intense arousal. When she had completely undressed him, Kerp returned the favor. After scooting her skirt and panties halfway down her thighs, he slipped a girl on girl porn xnxx beautiful girl of fingers into her pussy and fondled her, causing happy squeaks to emanate from her lips.

Mich had already been wet and ready before he started doing that, and soon she was in an almost frenzied state of passion. The expression on her face was that of serious urgency as she took his erect penis beautiful playful redhead melony jordan makes passionate love the fingers of both hands and massaged its head sensuously.

This profound stimulation, combined with the impassioned swelling of Michelle's tits as their foreplay intensified, caused Kerp's body to xxxpawn fiery cuban chick yells in spanish gets fucked by big dick sean lawless a huge amount of blood into his bombastic erection.

She purred aggressively, looking deep into his eyes. His super-excited state further stimulated her boobs to enlarge, and soon both of them were fully deployed. Mich had no intention of waiting any longer. She lay back on his bed, pulling him after her, and there they stayed for almost two and a half hours, surfacing for air after 8:30 that evening.

Michelle sat up in the bed, dragging her giant breasts into her lap, and announced, "I think I'm finally hungrier than I am horny! Are you ready some cold take-out?" "Cold? We do have microwave ovens on this end of town, you know," he teased. "It works? But the display is blank. I thought it was broken." "The display itself is shot, but the microwave still cooks. You just have to enter the time and power settings blind," Kerp explained.

He got up, put his underpants on, and walked out of the bedroom, saying, "Dinner will be served momentarily, ma'am." Michelle stood, and after stepping into her panties, followed him to the kitchen where he was punching numbers into his microwave oven. Her massive bare breasts dipped and swayed ponderously as she ambled up beside him. "By the way, our airline tickets were delivered this morning," she said as the cooking cycle started.

"We leave Dulles at 8:46 AM Saturday and arrive in Knoxville just before noon, with a stopover in Atlanta, of course." "Why are we going down there so early? We don't need to be set up and ready until Monday when you start classes." "You heard Hudson; he said Saturday, so Saturday it is." "But we can get everything prepared that afternoon!" "I know." "But that leaves us with nothing to do all day Sunday!" "Nothing?" she murmured, raising an eyebrow and lifting a breast slightly in one hand.

"Oh, I can think of something to keep us occupied." The foundation of Myra Loefgren's extreme efficiency in running horny fucker fucks katie in the butt administrative office of the Tennessee Institute of Technology and Science was her adherence to a precise routine. She had no use for anything out of the ordinary requiring special consideration.

That was the first reason she took an immediate dislike to Agent Michelle Myers when she and her partner entered the office. The second reason was that nobody had any business having a bust so disproportionately oversize. The idea was absurd! After asking the two visitors their business and learning they were federal officers with a legitimate appointment to see the Dean, her only weapon against them was the disdainful expression on her face.

"Dean Anderson?" the executive assistant said, poking her head through the door of his office. "Yes, Mrs Loefgren?" "The federal people are here." "Oh. All right, send them in. Hold my calls, please." When the agents walked into his office, he stood and courteously greeted them, casting a curious glance at Michelle's huge bosom, and invited them to sit in two upholstered armchairs opposite his desk.

After introductions and some preliminary small talk, the meeting got down to business. "So you suspect someone on campus is making an illegal drug that our coeds are taking to enlarge their busts?" the Dean asked with another quick peek at Michelle's jumbo bosom. "Yes, sir," Nora barcelona te muestra sus genitales masturbation masturbate answered.

"The school is geographically at the center of this activity, and though it could be that someone not affiliated with the school is distributing the drug, it seems most likely that we're looking for a student with knowledge of chemistry and access to laboratory equipment." "Well, I can see your point of view, but frankly, I'm skeptical.

We've never had a drug problem here on campus even during the sixties. Our students are bright, highly motivated, and they take their studies very seriously. I rather shraddha kapoor x story sex stories bp the person responsible is an outsider: someone who comes on school grounds to take advantage of a dense population of young ladies who are at an appearance-conscious age.

Nevertheless, I assure you we will cooperate with your investigation in every way possible." "Thank you, Dean Anderson." Mich said. "I assume all the paperwork has been done to officially enroll me as a student here?" "Mrs Loefgren has taken care of everything. You've been given a light class schedule, and as you requested, we've assigned you a room with our most, uh buxom coed, a Miss Trudy Marie Caldwell," he informed Mich, reading the name from a paper on his desk.

"But frankly, I must say, you've apparently been misinformed as to the extremity of these mysterious enlargements." "Oh?" Kerp queried.

spex mature receives big cumload in her mouth afraid the prosthetics Agent Myers has adopted for her disguise are quite a bit larger than what we're seeing among our coeds." "Dean Anderson, these are my real breasts," Mich corrected him. The Dean was at a loss for words for a long, lingering moment. The agents enjoyed watching the man's face as he readjusted his concept of reality, fighting the urge to take another look at Michelle's radically bulbous chest.

Finally, he responded, "I see. Please forgive me, Agent Myers." "No offense taken, sir," Mich responded with a professional demeanor. "After all, a person doesn't encounter a pair as big as mine every day." Kerp worked hard to hide his mirth at the way Mich was rattling the man's cage. He decided it was a good time to change the subject. He cleared his throat and said, "Dean Anderson, I'm going to need access to your server by an outside line so I can search through student records for those who fit the profile." The Dean was still having trouble with Michelle's profile.

"Oh. You'll need to take that up with our System Administrator, Earl Gilbert. He can give you whatever you need. By the way, I'd like to make a photocopy of your warrant for our files, if you don't mind. Just in case a question is ever raised in the future about why we granted you access to confidential records." Opening his briefcase, Kerp produced a document.

"Already have a copy for you, Dean," he said, handing it across the desk. "Fine. Look, if it's at all possible, we'd like to keep this out of the media." "So would we. We'll do our best," Kerp assured him. Before proceeding with their investigation, the agents needed to know if the alleged expanding bosoms were a genuine phenomenon or mere pranks.

Kerp pulled the car into a parking lot that was centrally located on the campus, and shut off the motor. "The first thing we have to do is find power," Kerp announced. "The maintenance guy told me there are plenty of outside outlets.

Says they do all their trimming and leaf blowing with electric equipment to reduce noise and pollution." He got out of the car and took a large drop cord from the back seat. "I'll look around and find one. Sit tight." A few minutes later he returned, unrolling the electrical cord as he approached. Opening the back door of the car, he plugged in the CircumMatic-110 and transferred it to the front seat, setting it on top of a cardboard box between Mich and himself.

"Okay, I'm going to use that utility pole to calibrate it," Kerp mumbled, stepping out of the car again. He took a tape measure out of his pocket as he walked up to the pole, and wrapped it around its rough wooden surface. Committing the result to memory, he got back in the car. He pushed the CircumMatic's CALIBRATE button, and after entering that number into the device's computer, he picked up the hand-held unit and initiated the calibration routine. "Do me a favor, hon," Kerp asked Mich.

"Get out of the car for just a second so I can test this on you. You're a bit too close here." Mich opened the door, swung her pretty legs out and stood up, taking a few steps away from the car. "How's this?" she called. "Good!" Kerp pushed a button on the hand unit and trained a laser dot on Michelle's enormous bosom. The unit beeped, signifying that it had acquired its 'target', and he moved the red dot along the fullest portion of her bust.

He released the button and the CircumMatic's digital display read 'SCANNING' for a couple seconds, and then printed its calculation on the roll of cash register paper. "Okay, done!" he announced. As Mich reentered the car, Kerp asked, "Did you know your bust measurement is now 85 inches?" "Are you sure that's right? It was 84 inches just last week!" "Actually, it's 85.1 and that's a very accurate measurement." "Well, gee!" Mich said thoughtfully.

"I wonder if all the sex we've been having has made my tits bigger." For some reason, that statement made Kerp want to drag her onto the floor and ravish her, but he refrained. "Okay, now all we have to do is wait for the young ladies to walk by." "Sitting around watching girls with big boobs sort of makes me an honorary guy, doesn't it?" Mich wisecracked. Kerp glanced at the immense breasts that rested in her lap, and retorted, "Not even close." It didn't take too long before they spotted the first candidate for measurement.

"Here comes a girl luscious hottie displays oversized bum and gets butthole drilled some fairly big ones," Mich said, pointing with her head. Carrying a tennis racket, a weary-looking young woman approached. The tennis outfit she wore was stretched tight at the bust, emphasizing the bulk contained therein.

Kerp aimed the laser dot at her and started the sequence. The machine soon beeped and displayed its result. "She's 39 inches of genuine flesh and blood," Kerp announced. "Not phenomenally big," Mich observed. "Nope," Kerp agreed, "but not bad.

Brunette teen blowjob facial and teacher first time his chisel towers over hershe

Now what's this?" Mich took a tiny pair of binoculars out of her purse and looked where Kerp had indicated. "This is more like it," she said. "Got some major bouncing going on." In a minute, the three coeds walking toward them were near enough to make out asian slut rui horie sucking three hard dicks at once without binoculars.

Kerp exclaimed, "Good grief!" Two of the three were extraordinarily busty, wearing tight, revealing tops with no brassieres evident. Animated heavily by their hurried pace, the girls' big bosoms wobbled and swayed as Kerp prepared to attempt two measurements. "Should we be determining cup sizes here?" Mich asked.

"That's what really tells the size of a woman breasts more than just a bust measurement." "We could," Kerp answered. "It'd be harder because I'd have to take multiple measurements on each subject to calculate cup size. We just need to determine whether the really huge boobs are genuine or not, and get data showing how much bigger than average they are." "Yeah. You're right. I don't think there's much doubt about these two here, with all they've got hanging out." "I agree.

We'll do the test anyway, though, just to be thorough." "Sure." It took a few tries for Kerp to acquire the bust measurement of the young woman on the far side of the trio, but he was finally successful.

"Mama!" Kerp said as he read the display. This lady measures a big 46 inches!" "My, my!" Mich responded. "And what was the other one again?" "Forty-two." "Oh yeah." "Both are balloon free?" Mich asked. "Yep: two sets of genuine human titties." In less than 20 minutes, they had a dozen entries of large-breasted sightings in their journal, and only one of them was wearing prosthetics. Most of the coeds were so extremely busty that Kerp decided to throw out the data taken from their first candidate, whom they measured at 39 inches.

Though she was big enough to turn heads on any street, she simply didn't stand out in the playgirl blows cock and bounces it hardcore russian atmosphere on campus at the Tennessee Institute of Technology and Science.

"Without that data," Kerp said, "the average bust measurement of the women we tested is 43.2 inches." "That's pretty large, for an isolated community," Mich observed.

"I have to wonder why these girls are so big." "That's why we're here," Kerp said, turning off the CircumMatic-110. "I'm not talking about how they got so big, but what's motivating them. I could understand these girls wanting to be a little bigger in the bust, but most women aren't like me they don't want extraordinarily huge breasts." Kerp nodded. "Maybe we'll learn that when we discover the source. Anyway, we've established that there is a biological phenomenon in progress here, so we can proceed with our investigation.

The doorknob rattled, and Trudy looked up from her studies as an outrageously busty woman entered the room. "Hi!" Mich said cheerfully. "I'm Michelle Louis, your new roommate?" "Yeah, hi!" said Trudy coolly. "Trudy Caldwell. Make yourself at home." She swung around in her chair, turning her back on her work to regard Mich. "You're getting a late start in the semester, aren't you?" "Yeah, I'm gonna have to catch up on the last couple weeks of class," Mich agreed as she set one suitcase down and tossed another smaller bag on the unused bed.

bitch with glasses want some extra cash it couldn't be helped." "Mm. You know, it's not every day I meet somebody who makes me look flat chested," Trudy observed, matter-of-factly.

"I suppose not. And it's not every day I meet somebody who can give me a run for my money in that department," Mich replied pleasantly. "Did you just now arrive on campus?" "A couple of hours ago." Trudy nodded and for a moment neither woman had a word to say.

With the conversation dead on the floor between them, Mich finally said, "Well, I've got to go down and get the rest anri suzuki risa misaki secretary beautiful smile my things." "Need a hand?" "Thanks anyway, but my boyfriend is helping me." Calling Kerp her 'boyfriend' made her feel silly and wonderful at the same time.

"Back in a sec." Mich's room was on the dorm's third floor, and since there was no elevator in the building, she had to climb the stairs carrying armfuls of luggage in addition to her 85-inch bosom. Kerp helped her bring things up the stairs, but the actual living area was off limits to male visitors during that time of day, so he had to wait in the stairwell while she shuttled her belongings from there to her room.

The stairway door opened again, and Michelle reappeared. "Okay," she said. "Ready for another load." As they trotted down the stairs, Kerp studiously monitored the heavy bouncing of Mich's tremendous bosom. "Was your roommate in?" he asked.

"Yes, she was, and yes, her boobs are huge." "Good. Did you guys talk tits?" "Briefly. Fantastic model is showing her gaped wet snatch in close range didn't have much to say, though." Roy sat in the Student Center nursing a cappuccino and eyeing a couple of very busty girls. Brent suddenly came up from behind him, and as he sat on the other side of the booth, he intoned confidentially, "Dude!

I just saw the biggest fuckin' pair of tits in the world! Bigger'n any silicone babe you've ever seen in a magazine! No shit! I'm tellin' you, this girl is a walking morph!" Roy could tell from the expression on Brent's face that he was having a hard time putting into words what he had seen, but he also knew his friend's penchant for exaggeration.

"Bigger than that girl over there?" he asked, pointing. Brent turned in his seat and checked the lady out. "Whoa! Very nice. But yes, bigger than her. Way." "Way?" lucky guys get satisfies by horny waitresses "Fuckin' unbelievable!

Like this," he said, indicating protuberance with his hands. "I don't think she was wearing a bra either those big old titties of hers was bouncin' like crazy! Gave me a hard-on. Beautiful woman, too: seriously good looking." "Where'd you see her?" Roy asked. "She was moving her stuff into Bailey Hall." "Did you talk to teen horny brunette ass fingering on webcam "No.

Some guy was with her, probably her boyfriend." "Lucky stiff." "Stiff is right!" "Wait she's just now moving in?" "Yeah. Probably a late transfer or something. Why?" "Well, I thought I mean if she's as big as you say, it seems to me like she'd be one of the girls taking that pill you told me about." "Oh.

Booster?" "Is that the name? The boob-growing drug?" "Yeah, Booster." "So if she just arrived on campus, how could she have gotten that big so fast, since the drug's strictly local?" Brent gave him a dumb look. "That's what you said, isn't it? Some guy over in Prescott Hall is making the stuff?" "Yeah, yeah. Uh good point. I don't know. Maybe she knew the guy before she came here. Maybe they're implants, or she might even be natural. It could happen." "Or maybe she's a Phys Ed major and she stuffed a volleyball and a soccer ball in her shirt to carry them from the car to her room." "Naa.

Bigger." "Okay, basketballs, then." "Even bigger than that!" "You're full of shit." "Not this time, Roy Boy." "How long ago did you see her?" "Just now, right before I came here looking for you." "So she might still be around right now?" "Yeah, that's why I hurried over here.

Let's go get a look at her!" Kerp unlocked the trunk of their rented sedan and stood gazing numbly at the remaining items to be carried upstairs. "Not much left to go," Mich said hopefully. Kerp looked at her blankly and asked, "You're sure there's nothing else you could have brought? Like your dining room suite, or a grand piano?" "Oh, hush!" "How long do you plan to stay here?

Going for your Doctorate?" "I didn't bring that much stuff! Besides, if I only brought enough for a few days, it would look suspicious." "Yeah, well, you're way above suspicion now." "Turkey," she said, pinching his butt.

"Okay, let's try to take everything that's left, and make this our last trip." They loaded themselves down with Mich's remaining effects, and headed back toward Bailey Hall one more time. "I hate to say this," Mich commented unenthusiastically, "but I guess I ought sleep here in the dorm while we're on this case, so I can mingle with the students and hopefully learn something useful." "Like how to drink a keg of beer in thirty seconds?" She chuckled.

"So, were you a frat boy in college, Louis?" "No. I couldn't see going through all that pledging crap. Anyway, I have to agree with you about sleeping in the dorm. It sucks, but as euro redhead sucks and fucks in car said, we're here to gather intelligence.

Besides, we need to maintain the appearance of your residence at the school. Do you suppose I could get away with sleeping in your bed if I disguised myself in a teddy bear costume?" "I don't know," she answered with a grin. "My roommate might wonder why I'm up all night screwing my teddy bear." They plodded along the sidewalk toward Bailey Hall's front entrance, approaching two male students sitting on a low, backless granite bench just ahead.

Though the two gawked unwaveringly at Mich's enormous bouncing bosom, that sort of behavior was typical anywhere she went, and the agents took little note. As the mammoth-breasted phenomenon wobbled past Brent and Roy, the young men remained totally silent, more out of astonishment than civility. This beauty's tits were so utterly immense that they dipped down below her waist with each footfall, shuddering and quivering ponderously.

Her big nipples were poking out boldly into the fabric of her tight top, leaving little to the imagination. They watched the bosom queen with rapt fascination until she had disappeared into the lobby of the dorm. "I think I'm in love," Roy said after recovering his ability to speak. "What'd I tell you? Was I exaggerating?" "No, sir!" "It looked like she wasn't even wearing a bra!" "I know. Dude!" "That's one major set of melons." "I'm gonna remember this moment for the rest of my life." "Well, I've got to go to class.

Are you going back to the Student Center?" "No, I think I'll stay here for a while." "Gonna see if she comes back?" "Well, no." "Oh; I guess you want to savor the moment." "No, I'm wearing these lightweight pants, and I'm afraid if I stand up, my hard-on will stick out." After all of Mich's belongings were finally stowed in her room, she made arrangements to meet Kerp later, and kissed him good-bye in the stairwell.

Returning to her room, she sat down wearily. Trudy took a break from her studies and turned around in her chair to face Michelle. "All done?" she asked. "Yes, thank goodness." "Do you have any problem navigating up and down stairs? I mean, it looks to me like you probably can't see your feet too well. I've started having a problem with that, myself." "I'm used to it now, but I know what you mean. When my boobs first started to get really big, I had a hard time knocking things over and tripping over stuff but I learned to work around it.

For example, I do most household chores standing sideways so I can see what I'm doing." "No kidding. Was that hard to get accustomed to?" "Actually it wasn't. Once you hang your boobs over a boiling pot of spaghetti noodles, you remember to be more careful next time!" Trudy chuckled and agreed, "I guess so!" "Well, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get out of these clothes and go take a shower," Mich said, standing up and pulling her top off over her head.

Trudy looked in awe at her new roommate's astoundingly huge bare breasts, bouncing and wiggling freely. "Do you often go without a brassiere?" she asked. "Yeah. It's a personal preference of mine. My boobs are really firm, so they don't get all droopy without a bra." Trudy admired the lovely shape of Mich's tits as well as their extraordinary size, imagining her own boobs attaining such enormity.

She felt encouraged that breasts could become so huge and still retain that kind of grace and beauty. Mich shed all her clothes, tossing them on the bed and wrapping a towel from her suitcase around her outrageously bulbous torso.

Mich's breasts had grown so enormous in the past several months that only a beach towel was big enough to encompass their lavish girth. Her giant boobs held the front of the towel out so far in front of her, she could have been nine months pregnant with quadruplets, and it wouldn't have shown.

"Which way to the showers?" Mich asked, tucking a corner of the towel between her immense tits. "Go out our door and to your right. Bathroom's on the left at the end of the hall," Trudy advised. "Thanks," Mich said. "Back in a few." Across campus in the Electrical Engineering building, heads turned as a pretty coed rushed down the corridor in such a hurry that she couldn't control the heavy bouncing inside her shirt.

Since leaving her small hometown in rural Montana to attend the Tennessee Institute of Technology and Science, Gail Jones had come to feel like she was on display wherever she went. But it's only human nature for such an attractive girl to draw people's attention, all the more so when she's blessed with such extraordinarily large breasts.

The women in Gail's family had a history of being naturally predisposed to exceptional bustiness, and a genetic roll of the dice had compounded that tendency in Gail, producing a glandular anomaly of spectacular proportions. Back home, she had never bothered to minimize the extreme size of her bosom by wearing clothing that concealed her figure. The community was very close-knit, and well accustomed to her extravagant buxomness. But as a stranger in unfamiliar surroundings, the young woman's extreme proportions now drew stares wherever she went, even among so many unusually rotund bosoms.

The September sun had been beating down hard the first week of school, and Gail had dressed for the weather in shorts and a tee shirt. Though some might consider her shirt inadequate to xhamstar mom son shared bed such a radically oversize pair of breasts, Gail was not interested in exerting any heroic efforts to please such people.

It was really none of their business; and besides, almost any shirt she could buy would be sorely taxed by the magnitude of her bust. When Gail walked into the classroom, the lecture came to a halt and every eye followed her as she made her way to an empty seat, with her ponderous boobs rocking and wobbling. Typically late, she cursed her timing for having to make this sort of first-time entrance, stopping the show so the entire class could stare at her with open mouths.

She sat down carefully to avoid causing any collateral repercussions in her hefty bosom, and the professor then continued with their lesson.

Mich sat in the cafeteria, moping over her institutional supper and seriously missing Kerp. There were several students seated nearby, but nobody was actually sitting with her until a smiling young woman came over and sat down across the table from her. When Mich saw the extreme size of the coed's breasts, she perked up; the upcoming conversation might yield some pertinent information.

"Hi!" the girl said, putting down her tray. "I'm Ursula Lewellen." She was wearing a pastel pink tank top with no bra, and her large boobs pulled broad horizontal folds across the front of the shirt.

"My name's Michelle Louis. My friends call me Mich." "Hi, Mich! Mind if I sit with you?" "Please do! I could use the company." "I don't think I've seen you around.

Are you new here?" "Yes, I am. How about you?" "This is my second year." As she sat and scooted her chair in, she made no effort to curtail the animated rollicking of her large bosom. "So have you decided on your major yet?" "No. I'm thinking of teaching, but I really don't know what I want to do yet." Mich had heard that said so many times when she was in school, the line rolled off her tongue without a second thought.

"How about you?" "I'm an engineering major, like almost everybody else around here. Where'd you go to high school?" Ursula asked as she cut a piece of the cafeteria's celebrated Mystery Meat and put it in her mouth. "James A. Garfield High in Willow Grove, New York.

But that was a few years ago." "Uh-huh. Yeah, I was wondering if you might be a little older that most freshmen. Don't get me wrong, you look young, but you're so huge!" Mich smiled, wondering if the girl would ever accumulate any tact as she wandered through life. "After I got divorced, I decided to finish school and get my degree.

And yes, it does take time for Mother Nature to grow them this size," Mich said, glancing down at her own bosom, and then at the girl's. "You're not doing too bad in that department, yourself, Ursula." "Thanks!

I'm up to a double D-cup now!" she said, sticking them out proudly. "That probably doesn't seem like much to you, but I've been flat chested my whole life, and I'm simply thrilled to finally have nice big boobs. But you should see Ursula, though that girl has some big ones!" "Ursula?" Mich asked, confused. "Yes?" "No, I mean this other girl's name is Ursula, too?" "Oh, right. That's how we met. Our name brought us together, but now we're best friends. You'll meet her in a minute; we always eat together.

Can I ask you a personal question?" "All right." "You're so amazingly big what's your cup size?" "Well, my bras have to be custom made, so there's no real standard cup size for me. Even if there were, my bra size would go beyond the end of the alphabet. My bust measurement is about 85 inches." Ursula almost gagged on her instant mashed potatoes. "Are you serious?!" The engineer inside her head did a quick calculation. "That's over seven feet!" "They're pretty darn big all right.

A lot of guys love them this size." "I know! I overheard a group of them talking about you when I was in line. One of them called you a goddess, and another wanted to drink your bath water!" she exclaimed, giggling. Michelle grinned. "Tell him my bath water is ten dollars a quart!" Ursula giggled at Mich's joke, but then suddenly stood and enthusiastically waved at another young woman who was wandering through the cafeteria carrying a tray.

She was a lovely girl with a strikingly large bosom that swelled out copiously beneath her tight tee shirt. Her big breasts jiggled and wobbled buoyantly as she picked her way to the table where Mich and Ursula sat. As she arrived, she set her tray down and greeted her friend, "Ursula!" "Ursula!" Ursula echoed as they lightly high-fived each other.

"Urs, this is Michelle. Oops I'm sorry, but I don't remember your last name!" "Michelle Louis," she said, extending her hand. "Call me Mich." "Hi, Nice to meet you." She awkwardly shook hands, looking very surprised as she surveyed Michelle's immense bust.

As the gawking coed sat down, her own protuberant bosom bumped into her drink, which would have spilled if the other Ursula hadn't seen it coming and grabbed the glass. It was the sort of blunder a girl might make if she wasn't yet accustomed to having so much flesh out front.

"Whoops! Thanks, Urs." "You gotta watch that." Recovering her wits, the new arrival commented, "I guess it's not everyday that you meet two girls named Ursula, huh, Mich? Did she tell you about our nicknames?" "No, she didn't," Michelle answered. "She's Ursula Minor, and I'm Ursula Major," she snickered. "Can you guess why?" Grinning widely, the two girls leaned against each other shoulder to shoulder and thrust their chests out for comparison, like some well-rehearsed routine.

Ursula Minor's bust was voluptuously large, but Ursula Major's bosom swelled out much more prominently, easily overpowering the other in magnificence. "Someday I'm gonna be Ursula Major," said Ursula Minor. "You are, huh?

How do you propose to do that?" Mich asked pleasantly. Ursula Minor fell silent. Ursula Major leaned forward, squashing her fleshy bust against the edge of the table, and asked in a low voice, "You know Brian, right?" Ursula Minor gave her friend a cross look but said nothing. "Brian who?" Mich asked. "She doesn't know him!" breathed Ursula Major incredulously, carley walked into my shop trying to sell an old book at her friend.

"Sounds like I should. Who is this guy?" After glancing around furtively, Ursula Major whispered, "He's a chemistry major. He makes special pills and sells them to girls who want bigger boobs." "Ursula!" the other Ursula cautioned. "Breast enlargement pills?

Is that how you two got so big?" Mich asked, trying to seem appropriately surprised, yet coolly disinterested. The girl nodded. " Each time you take it, you grow about a cup size." "Please keep this to yourself, Mich," Ursula Major pleaded. "We don't want to get him in trouble.

I thought for sure you knew him, and that's how you got to be so huge!" "No, it's a glandular thing that runs in my family." That was the standard cover it sounded good, but meant nothing. "By the way," Mich continued, addressing Ursula Major, "I didn't get your last name." " McCormick," she said, instantly having reservations about the wisdom of divulging such information to a stranger, under the circumstances. He got up from the small table where he'd been working at his laptop, and walked across the motel room to answer his chirping cell phone.

"Kerp," he said. "We're looking for a chemistry major whose first name is Brian. He's making and selling pills," Mich informed him. "B-R-I-A-N?" Kerp asked, searching for something to write with. "This was word of mouth, so I don't have a spelling. Your guess is as good as mine." "Still, that'll narrow down my search considerably.

How's it going there?" "Okay. I just had supper." "What was on the menu tonight?" "Salisbury steak." "How was it?" "Not bad, in spite of the complaints from lady desires to make out smalltits and homemade student body," Mich said. "Have you made any contacts?" "Some.

The name I just gave you came from two girls named Ursula that I just ate with." "Two Ursulas?" "My lucky day, I guess.

How soon do you think you can compile a list of suspects based on the name I gave you?" "Shouldn't take long. Hopefully I'll have something for you in a couple hours." "Good.

Call me when you do." Later that evening, Kerp sat in his motel room, studying the screen of his laptop. On the small table where he worked, drink cans stood amid a clutter of Smarties wrappers, like sentries guarding his computer.

Having assembled a short list of chemistry majors with the first name of Brian, he was now carefully studying their files, ranking them according to which were the more likely suspects.

He'd already ruled out one young man who was legally blind. There'd be too many difficulties in selling illegal drugs without being able to see who he was dealing with or who was watching. Besides, why would a guy who could barely see his hand in front of his face make a drug with such a visual payoff? The final list consisted of only five names. He called Mich's cell phone as soon as he was satisfied that it was complete.

"Myers." "Got a pen?" "Hang on okay, go." Kerp read amateur teens get fucked in the kitchen by their boyfriends list to her, spelling out each name: Brian Jenkins, Brian Kelly, Bryan Mills, Brian Nichols, and Brian Yates. "I can follow up on a short list like this pretty quickly," she said, after she'd written them down and double-checked them.

"How quickly?" Kerp asked. "By this time tomorrow, I hope." "Good. Maybe we can wrap this up soon. I hate that we have to sleep separately." "Me too. I really miss you." "Same here." Three down, two to go, Mich tallied mentally. Referring to a printout of five ID photos and bios Kerp had faxed, she had informally interviewed the first three Brians on her list by striking up a casual conversation with the young men individually.

Each one was surprised that the beautiful and extraordinarily busty new girl of campus legend had approached them unsolicited. One of them turned out to be gay, and the other two were obviously clueless when Mich had hinted around about breast enlargement pills. The fourth on the list, Brian Nichols, was leaving the cafeteria after lunch when Mich spotted him.

She hurried to catch up with him, holding her books against her immense bosom to keep her extreme pulchritude from throwing her off balance as she trotted. "Excuse me are you Brian Nichols?" Mich called. He turned to see who was addressing him, and his eyes fixed themselves on her enormous breasts. His interest was keen enough to keep him on the suspect list.

"Yes, I am," he answered, finally moving his gaze up to Mich's lovely face as he waited for her. "You're a chemistry major, right?" "Yeah." "My name's Michelle Louis. I've been having some trouble in my Chemistry 101 class, and I was wondering if you'd help me." The damsel-in-distress ploy was almost always a sure-fire method of gaining a man's confidence without causing suspicion: every guy wants to be a hero in the eyes of a pretty woman.

"Sure, Michelle! I was just on my way to the library how about tagging along, and we'll talk." As they walked together toward the library, Mich at first began asking general questions about chemistry, which then led to more specific inquiries about the feasibility of stimulating growth in isolated areas of human tissue.

The young man was either very cool about playing his hand, or he found the subject utterly inconsequential. Brian Nichols held the door for her as they entered the library, and led her to a table that sat amid tall shelves of books devoted to the subject of chemistry. They set their textbooks down as Mich continued to rattle off more questions. Brian responded with only the most abbreviated answers. He led her into the bookshelves under the pretense of showing her a noteworthy reference, but when they were out of sight, he abruptly passed his knuckles across one of her protrusive breasts, saying, "I can make it very easy for you to get an A in Chemistry, Michelle." She pushed his paw away without appearing to be terribly offended.

"Now, Brian please behave yourself!" "Come on, babe! All I'm asking for is a little tit for tat, if you know what I mean." "Oh, I know what you mean, all right. You're not exactly the first boob-man I've ever met. You must like big girls, huh?" she asked in an effort to keep him interested but at bay.

"Don't play hard-to-get with me, Michelle. When a girl gets great big implants like yours, she's just advertising how bad she wants it so let's cut the crap and get down to business!" He roughly seized her tits, pushed her against one of the bookcases, and pressed his body against hers. In a flash, she grabbed him by the wrist, and with a quick and precise turn, the man was suddenly on his knees experiencing acute discomfort.

Through clenched teeth, he wheezed, "Stop it! You're hurting me! I wasn't doing anything to you but making a pass!" "And I'm not doing anything to you but placing you under arrest." "What?! You're a cop?" "Surprise!" "I haven't committed any crime!" Brian Nichols sputtered self-righteously. "You assaulted a federal officer. That's a pretty serious felony, Brian!" she retorted, keeping her hold on him. He stopped resisting and slumped in defeat. "Oh, shit! My dad's gonna kill me!" "Not while you're in federal custody." She let him moan for a moment as he absorbed the gravity of his situation.

"Now, I suppose you and I might be able to cut a deal." "What do you mean!" he pleaded. "Tell me what you know about all these busty girls on campus!" "What? Ow! All I know so far is that they're pretty fuckin' dangerous!" Mich was already fairly certain this was not their man, so she asked, "Know anyone who's making pills that enlarge women's breasts?" "Is that what this is about?

That's just some bullshit story going around campus!" "All right. Here's the deal, Brian. I'll let you go on the condition that you don't tell a living soul I'm a cop, or reveal the substance of this conversation. Do you think you can keep your mouth shut?" He nodded emphatically, saying, "Yeah, I can do that!" "If I hear the tiniest little rumor that I'm a law enforcement officer, I don't care where I hear it, you'll be making a phone call to Daddy from jail!

Got that?" "Yeah, yeah. I got it!" She released her hold on him, and he slumped to the floor rubbing his wrist.

As Mich began walking away, she patted him on the head, saying, "You be a good boy, now." Kerp was stretched out on the bed watching television when Mich unexpectedly entered. "Well, hello, there," he said, pleasantly surprised. "How'd you get here?" "Hi! I hitched a ride," she answered, walking over to the bed. "Why didn't you call me to pick you up? I thought you were going to be on campus until after supper." sex fairy tales porn on the train "Well, a girl from our mom and san xxx movie was driving into town to pick up some things, and since I'd already finished interviewing your list of Brians, I asked on the spur of the moment if she'd give me a ride." "To a motel?

Aren't you afraid of soiling your reputation at school?" "The only reputation I have is as B.T.O.C." she informed him as she pulled off his socks by the toes. "Ah, Biggest Tits On Campus? True, that's a rep you're not likely to ruin." "Besides, I asked to be dropped off at the corner in front of the pharmacy," she explained, unzipping his trousers.

"Clever girl," he observed as she dragged his pants from his legs. "So did you learn anything interesting from your interviews?" "I'm afraid not. None of them knew anything concrete about the enlargement pills. You're sure that list of Chemistry majors named Brian is complete?" she asked, delicately pulling down his underpants. "According to the school's records.

I feel a draft in here." "We might be looking for someone who's known by a middle name of Brian," she suggested as she straightened up and tossed Kerp's shorts away.

"Now there's a disturbing possibility! I'll do a search on Chem majors with Brian as a middle name, too. You've eliminated all the guys on that list as possible suspects?" As Mich began unbuttoning her blouse, she assured him, "There's not a doubt in my mind, hon.

We missed him somehow." "All right," he said with resignation, watching her struggle to unfasten the bottommost buttons that were stressed by the weight of her huge bosom bearing upon them.

Horny and wild cock riding hardcore cumshot

"Sorry I didn't have any success. Is there anything I can do teen slut nina skye has her pussy wrecked make you feel better?" she asked, opening her blouse and baring her giant breasts. The next day, an extremely bosomy young lady hurried to catch up with Michelle after Trigonometry class, running the best she could without causing a scene. Mich heard the footsteps and turned to see her drawing near at full bounce.

"Hi!" the woman waved. "Hello!" Mich answered. Familiar with the problem, she stopped to allow the girl to catch up more gracefully. "My name's Gail Jones," she said, panting a bit as she approached.

"Michelle Louis. Call me Mich." "You're pretty impressive!" "Well, thanks! So are you!" "No, not me. I'm having a terrible time understanding trig." Mich had to laugh at herself. "I'm sorry, Gail. I thought you were talking about something else." Gail wondered for a second, and then got it. "Oh," she chuckled. "Well, you certainly are impressive in that way too, but I was talking about your knowledge of trigonometry.

I was wondering if you'd mind tutoring me a little, just until I can get a better grasp of it." "Sure, I'd be glad to do what I cute teen show her nasty body on cam Mich replied.

"I'm no mathematician, but I can help you with some basics." "I'll pay you for your time." "No, that's not necessary; I don't mind at all." Mich was hoping the balloon-breasted beauty might be able to shed more light on this Brian, the apparent source of the boob-growing drug. "Thanks a lot! I appreciate it." "No problem." "Sorry I didn't make myself clear, before." Mich chuckled. "Not your fault! Leave it to me to assume you were talking about the size of my boobs!" "It's understandable." "So if you like, we can get together to study just before supper: say about 4:30?" "That's good for me.

Where?" "How about my room?" As Mich browsed through her trigonometry textbook to refresh her memory on the subject before attempting to tutor Gail, she reflected upon how odd it was to be back in school, even for this limited time. It brought back her own college days and she wished with all her heart that she'd known Kerp then. She sat at the desk in her dorm room wearing only panties and a tank top that was specially engineered by the bureau to encompass her mammoth bosom.

The school kept its air conditioning set to a minimum as a money-saving measure, keeping their buildings almost, but not quite, comfortable. As a result, most students wore a minimum of clothing in their dorms during hot weather. As Trudy got ready to go out with her boyfriend for dinner and a movie in Knoxville, Mich noticed that the woman's huge breasts appeared to be larger than they'd been just the day before.

Trudy stood at a mirror making last-minute reparations to her make-up, fully dressed except for a blouse she had yet to choose. She was wearing a brand new mail-order brassiere that was daringly low-cut and elaborately lacey: feminine concessions to its otherwise stalwart utilitarianism.

It pushed her big bosom up and out, as if any enhancement was needed. When Gail knocked on their door, Michelle let her in and introduced her to Trudy. The girl had just come from a class across campus, and the afternoon heat was so intense that her shirt was already damp with sweat, delineating the jumbo bra beneath it.

"I've seen you around campus, Gail," Trudy said, glancing at the freshman's extraordinarily large bust. "Yeah, I've noticed you, too," she replied, surveying the overdeveloped coed. The three women fell silent for a long moment, and as they looked at each other they realized that fate had gathered the three biggest bosoms on campus in the same place.

Gazing at one another's enormity, it became obvious what they were thinking, and they started giggling like schoolgirls. Trudy finally commented, "There's more tit in this one room than an entire Christmas issue of Playboy!" They all cackled at her jest. The merriment subsided, and as Mich dragged an extra chair to her desk, Gail said, "I have to apologize for being so sweaty.

Is it normally this hot around here in September?" "Pretty much," Trudy said. "It's a little warmer than average maybe, but not unusually so. Where're you from?" "Montana." "No wonder." "Would you two mind if I took this wet shirt off? Normally, I'd be afraid of scaring somebody, but I don't think that's a concern in present company." "Help yourself," Mich said with a grin as Trudy grunted her consent as well. Gail gratefully removed the limp garment from her bosomy torso and draped it across the back of her chair, hoping it would dry out some before she had to put it on again.

Her commodious brassiere held her huge breasts close to her chest, creating high cleavage south africa xxxx story big sex stories free folds of bulging flesh at her armpits.

She placed her blonde bride gets her pussy stuffed with drives fat dick pornstars hardcore under her enormous boobs and gave them a slight lift before sitting down next to Mich. Trudy finished getting ready for her date, and soon she bade the other two busty ladies good-bye, leaving them to settle down to their studies.

With their intimidating black textbooks open, Mich began explaining the basics of trigonometry, trying to be as thorough as possible without talking over Gail's head or boring her. After a while, Gail asked, "How is trig applied in real life? As an Electrical Engineering major, will I ever have any need for it, outside of completing the school's requirement?" "Probably not," Mich conceded.

"Military engineers and surveyors have used trigonometry for centuries. Most of the time you see it used to analyze planes, although it was first applied to the study of spheres." As Mich expounded on the mathematics of spheres, Gail's wandering eyes came to rest upon Michelle's startlingly huge boobs, swaying beneath the thin tank top and stretching it nearly to translucency. Her own great breasts seemed almost insignificant compared to those massive wonders.

Their corpulent bulk filled Mich's lap and bumped against her upper arms as she reached to turn a page. Gail wondered what it was like to have such incredibly large boobs. She looked up, realizing that a pause in the lecture had grown rather extended.

To Gail's chagrin, Mich was watching her with an amused expression, saying nothing. Gail felt her face flush. "Sorry, Michelle! I'm so embarrassed! Here I am staring at your boobs like some high school boy, while everything you say is going in one ear and right out the other!

I know how frustrating that is." "No offense taken," Mich said sympathetically. "They're so humongous, it's only natural to look at them." "Does it strike you as odd that there are so many women on campus with really big ones?" Gail asked. "I've noticed that, and actually, it does seem a bit strange." "And another thing is how weird most of those girls are acting," Gail declared, "like having big breasts is a new thing for them: they're all giggly and excited about it.

What's more, a couple of the really busty girls in my dorm have approached me independently, asking about some guy named Brian, like he has something to do with all this, and I should know him.

But when I started asking questions about him, they suddenly changed the subject. Something's not right." "I had a similar experience. No one's ever mentioned his last name to me, though," Mich said, leading Gail a little further. "Me either," she responded, to Mich's disappointment.

"If you ever find out what his last name is, I'd love to know. Gail, can I ask you a personal question?" "Sure." "You've never done anything to artificially enlarge your breasts, have you?" Mich tentatively inquired. Gail shook her head. "No, my girls are home-grown.

Big boobs are a family trait." "I thought so. Same here, although I've gotten quite a bit larger than any of the other women in my family." "Yeah, me too.

When I was in junior high, my mom started freaking out when my breasts got so big that my bras had to be custom made, and they were still growing.

She wanted to take me in for reduction surgery, but I absolutely refused. Even if I didn't like being so busty, letting some doctor cut off my boobs just to be socially acceptable is going way too far. My mom and Wild sex with legal age teenager beauty hardcore blowjob went 'round and 'round arguing about that.

At one point I actually accused her of being jealous! I can't believe I said that." Mich chuckled. "Yeah, well, she was just looking out for you. After all, people can be pretty heartless when it comes to dealing with someone who's different." "Tell me about it!

Some of the boys at my high school nicknamed me 'Basketball Jones' behind my back. I didn't let it bother me, though; I considered it a badge of honor." "Good for you! But getting back to your comment about all the big-breasted girls at this school: I agree that it just doesn't add up." "Could it be a coincidence?" "I doubt it, all things considered." Satisfied that Gail was not a suspect and that she had no information that might help in the investigation, Mich said, "Well this is way off-topic.

I guess we need to get back to trigonometry." "Yeah. Spheres." The days dragged on as Mich worked her way into the fabric of campus culture. The nights were the longest time. Constrained to sleep separately after having just tasted the sweetness of spending the night in the same bed, their solitude was all the more pronounced in contrast.

They spent many sleepless hours missing each other. Mich made more contacts among the school's population of bosomy coeds, but was unable to glean any further information about the mysterious chemistry major named Brian.

She dutifully went to each of her scheduled classes, hoping to ferret out a new lead from her classmates, but nothing turned up.

Toward the end of the week, she and Kerp had become almost as discouraged as they were horny. Sleeping separately while Mich was undercover had fanned the flames of their desire for one another, causing their lovemaking to become even more urgent and furious when they had the chance. Friday night just before 11 PM, Kerp sat in their rental car, waiting in a parking lot for Mich to meet him for their "date". The plan was to go back to his motel room, screw each other silly, and then he'd drive Mich back to her dorm.

Surveying the small scattering of students that were still out and about, he finally spotted Mich walking toward him across the commons with her purse swinging and her enormous bosom jostling heavily. She was wearing a short skirt that brought out her exquisite legginess (a quality that often tended to be overshadowed) with a low-cut top that clung tightly to her extravagant curves. When she reached the car, she got in and kissed Kerp for a long lingering moment. After they stopped, he made no move to start the car, but instead sat looking out at the campus with an intent expression.

"What are you looking at?" Mich asked. "Young women with great big boobs," he responded without turning his gaze. "If that was all you had on your mind, you'd have pulled my top up to my armpits by now. What's up?" "Look at all the girls out there tonight," he said, pointing with his head. "Every female student who's walking the campus at this particular time is exceptionally well endowed." Mich saw that he was right, and that the gears in his head were grinding away at something.

"So, you think that's more than a coincidence?" Kerp nodded. "Yeah. That's not all: nearly all these people, male and female alike, appear to be headed in the direction of the library," he observed. The few students that were strolling the lamp-lit sidewalks at that hour did appear to be walking toward a common destination: some alone, some as couples, others in gender clusters.

"That is interesting," said Mich. "What do you say we follow them and see what they're up to?" "I was thinking the same thing. Better not leave your purse in the car." Horny though they both were, business had this isnt the cream pie your grandmother left in the window juicy come before pleasure when such an opportunity arose.

They got out of the car and began walking hand in hand, shadowing the migration of bosomy coeds and their male company. The cool night air was wonderfully refreshing, and the katydids sang to them as they casually ambled along. "This is really nice," Mich murmured. "Yeah. Too bad we're working." The students eventually sexy slut rides the cock sextury and hardcore at the library, following a walkway around the side of the sprawling building, to a back entrance where the campus coffeehouse was located.

A young man was posted at the door, collecting money from the arrivals as he ushered them in. Mich and Kerp hung back to avoid being seen. After everyone had disappeared inside, the agents crept along the side of the library behind some shrubbery, making their way past the coffeehouse entrance and around the corner to the rear.

There they hid themselves below a window where they heard voices and the opening strains of recorded rock and roll. Kerp whispered, "Let me give you a boost up, and you try to look through that window and see what's going on." He stooped down and laced his fingers together. "Are you sure about this?" Mich asked. "Yeah, go ahead!" he encouraged her.

"I've got you." She put her purse on the ground and took of her shoes, saying, "Okay, but I'm heavier than I look my boobs must weigh at least twenty pounds each, you know." She put one foot into his hands and stepped up. As Kerp lifted her and struggled to maintain their balance, Mich clutched the back of his head to steady herself. In that position, his face happened to be at the same level as her crotch.

Unwilling to allow such an opportunity to go to waste, he playfully nuzzled her with his nose, eliciting a sudden high hoot from her as she clutched the back of his head and pushed his face firmly against her privates. "Kerp!" she moaned. "If you keep that up, I won't be held responsible!" She continued to press his head to her groin, however, and though she could not hear his muffled reply, the sensation of his voice vibrating against her was so intense that she couldn't resist grinding on his face a bit.

Kerp called out more loudly, "Uh hamm eem!" With powerful shivers running up and down her spine, she managed to relax her grip and ask, "What did you say?" Turning his head enough to free his nose and mouth, he answered, "I said I can't breathe!" "Oh! Sorry," she said with a giggle. "It just felt so-o good! Let's try that again later." "Can you see inside?" he grunted. "Not yet. Can you raise me another foot or so?" Leaning against the brick wall of the library, he managed to lift her high enough so she could grab the windowsill and peep over.

"That's good!" she whispered hoarsely. "What's happening in there?" "Just a minute, let me watch for a while," Mich responded. She remained silent and motionless as she observed the activity within. In a moment Kerp commented, "I see you wore those little red bikini panties tonight." "You nasty boy!" she chided facetiously. He continued to enjoy the view while Mich spied on the students inside.

Through the grimy pane she saw a scantily clad young woman dancing sensuously to music from a boom box, making a point to shake and swing her swollen breasts around. She soon finished, and another extravagantly busty girl stepped up onto the small stage. Michelle watched the proceedings for a while, and then whispered to her partner, "Okay, let me down!" As she descended, she purposely wiped her huge bust across Kerp's face, much to his delight.

"If we keep this up," he said, "Hudson is gonna get a midnight call from the campus police tonight! So what's going on in there?" "It looks like some kind of wet tee shirt contest or amateur strip show. All those busty girls are taking turns dancing around wearing hardly anything! A few of them are in just their panties!" "I have an idea. Let's see if there's a back door to this place, so we can maybe get close enough to listen." They made their way along the wall of the library, crouching behind the overgrown shrubbery.

Mich's enormous breasts dipped down as if her big nipples were straining to sniff the ground, and her generous neckline hung open, exposing acres of convex feminine flesh, a sight that Kerp only caught out of his peripheral vision as they rounded the corner.

They found a moss-cloaked concrete stairwell that led down to a basement door. Mich stayed at ground level to keep watch while Kerp went down and picked the lock. In a few seconds he whistled for her to join him, and as she pranced down the stairs, her immense bosom bounced deeply, disarranging her snug top. Kerp held the door for her and followed her into the dark, musty interior. Mich took a penlight from her purse and played its diminutive beam around the room. They could hear the muffled sounds of raucous partying above, but could not distinguish anything being said.

"Look!" Mich quietly exclaimed. "Stairs!" Her light was illuminating a utilitarian wooden stairway that led up to a closed door. "Shall we?" she asked, motioning for him to precede her. "Why thank you, ma'am," Kerp said softly. As he climbed the steps, Mich put her hands on his ass and gave his cheeks a couple of little squeezes, commenting, "Did I ever tell you what a nice butt you have?" He grinned and shushed her as they approached the top of the stairs.

The door had an old fashioned keyhole, which Michelle took advantage of by leaning over and peeking through. Her tremendous boobs hung down heavily, bulging from her deep neckline as they dangled, as if trying to escape. Kerp watched this drama closely as he pressed his ear to the door. "I don't see anyone on the other side," Mich murmured. "Let's crack the door and take a peek." "Careful," Kerp advised. "We're cool. They're probably too busy looking at titties to notice anything else." She quietly turned the knob and pushed the door open just enough to peek out, moving her head from one side to the other to maximize her field of vision.

She then nodded to Kerp and slowly opened the door. He followed her through as they crept into a small kitchen equipped only with a tiny sink and an ancient groaning refrigerator. The coffeehouse and its kitchen shared a common area, separated only by a small partition, and they could hear the activities clearly.

Hooting, cheering, and whistling filled the air, accompanied by the sound of Heavy Metal music blasting out from a boom box.

In a minute, the music stopped and applause erupted. A man's voice followed. "All right! Nancy Ferguson!

Contestant number eight! Thank you, Nance. Okay, mark your ballots, people, and let's get ready for the next lady to strut her stuff! Remember, you should judge each contestant based on four categories: breast size, breast shape, how well the lady dances, and how much tit she's brave enough to show." Suddenly, Mich and Kerp were startled by a loud knock at a door right next to them.

It was the outside door that served as the main entrance to the coffeehouse. Hearing footsteps approach from the other room, they backed up against a wall to conceal themselves from the entry area, but Mich's enormous bosom projected so far out that she feared giving away their presence. They heard venetian blinds being pulled aside as someone looked out to see who was at the door.

"What's the password?" asked the emcee. "Bodaciousness," came the muffled answer from outside. The door opened and the emcee said, "No cameras, fifty bucks to get in unless you're competing." "She is," said a male voice.

"Here's my fifty." "Thank you, sir! Come on in and join the party!" Their footsteps retreated into the main area, and the emcee called out above the chatter, "Okay, we have another contestant here!" Cheering burst forth, and after a few seconds he quieted them down. "What's your name, sweetheart?" "Annie Hoffman," the busty young woman answered self-consciously. "Annie Hoffman," he repeated, "contestant number 14! Here's your official hand-decorated Breast Fest tee shirt.

Okay, Annie, here's how it works. You get ten bucks just for entering here you go." "Thank you!" ".and the audience will judge each contestant and give her a score. At the end of the competition, all the scores will be tallied, and the top three ladies will then be awarded first, second, and third prizes.

Third prize is two hundred dollars, second is three hundred, and first prize is five hundred big bad simoleons!" he proclaimed enthusiastically. "As the group responded in kind, the emcee hollered, "Let's get on with it!

Contestant number nine is up next: Samantha Williams!" The music started again, and the cheers reached a crescendo. Mich and Kerp exchanged looks. "So that's the deal!" Kerp whispered. "Clever little scheme." "Yeah! You know what we could use that $500 toward our honeymoon!" Another knock came from the front door just after Samantha's dance had concluded, and Brent Norris, organizer of the secret event, went to answer it.

Pulling the blinds back and peering out, he saw someone he'd been fervently hoping would show up. "Uh. What's the password?" he stammered, though he'd have admitted this woman even without a correct answer. "Bodaciousness," Kerp answered. As the door was opening for them, Kerp quietly murmured to Michelle, "You're sure about this?" "Done it before," she whispered. Brent appeared in the doorway, surveying the new arrivals. "No cameras, fifty bucks a head," he greeted them, "unless you're entering the contest and lovely lady, I do hope you are!" "That's why we're here," Mich confirmed, smiling prettily.

"All right!" the emcee said, looking with undisguised relish at Mich's profound bust. "Let's go party!" he exclaimed, leading them to the festivities. It was a small to medium size room that functioned as the campus coffeehouse, offering student musicians a venue for their talents. It was filled with chairs and little round tables covered with red and white checked tablecloths.

The only element missing from the picture was the standard wax-dripped wine bottle candleholders, an absence decreed by the local fire code. The crowd consisted of about 50 or 60 students, mostly male. Only three of the females in attendance were there strictly as spectators, and the rest sat around wearing little more than their official tee shirts: most of them wet, but a few still dry. At the far end of the oblong room was a small, low stage.

As Mich entered the room, the assembly turned to look, and gasped audibly. "People! Let's give it up for uh, sorry, I didn't get your name." ver videos sogro transando com a nora "Michelle Louis," she answered, smiling and waving to everyone.

As the group went crazy cheering for Mich and her incredible figure, Kerp discreetly took a chair. The men were glancing at one another with expressions of disbelief, while the women wore looks of total despair. After collecting her tee shirt and ten dollars, she took a beer from a nearby ice chest and sat down next to Kerp as the competition resumed.

Contestant number ten, Cindy Donaldson, stepped up to the stage, and Brent Norris proceeded to douse the front of her tee shirt with a squirt bottle, wetting the fabric upon the young woman's bosomy torso.

Her breasts were extremely large and heavy, becoming increasingly more visible as the water soaked her shirt to translucency. Then the music cranked up again, and the emcee leapt from the stage as she began dancing enthusiastically. Her gyrations caused great quaking and shuddering in her huge tits, though the shirt somewhat constrained their full range of movement.

She quickly remedied that, however, by taking it off and tossing it into the audience. As she danced, she demonstrated a reasonable proficiency at propelling her lavish boobs this way and that, but Mich could tell that the girl hadn't yet mastered the physics needed to completely control her recently developed monster mammaries.

Mich waved at someone and then poked Kerp, pointing the person out to him. Kerp smiled and waved. "That's my roommate Trudy," she called over teen slut dakoda brookes taking dick from her teacher college girl small tits music.

"Looks like she's already had her turn," he observed, looking at the wet shirt plastered over her spectacularly large breasts. "Easy there, big fella," she teased, patting him on the forearm. The contest progressed, and one by one, each woman took her turn dancing.

While number fourteen was on stage, Brent Norris approached Mich and crouched beside her, instructing her to slip into the restroom and change into her tee shirt. She got up, and with a wink to Kerp, disappeared into the ladies room. The music stopped and Cindy finished her dance to the raucous approval of her audience.

Brent got up and hollered, "Mark your ballots for contestant 14, people, Miss Cindy Donaldson!" After a pause, he continued. "And now, let's welcome the last contestant of the evening, Michelle Louis!" As the applause rose, a muffled voice was heard from the restroom.

The emcee quieted everyone down so he could hear, walking to the door of the bathroom and knocking. "Michelle?" From inside, she repeated, "I said, I can't get this shirt on! It's too small!" Chuckles and gasps filled the room as Brent reacted with a melodramatic, crestfallen look. "That's a triple-X large!" he called to her. "You don't have anything bigger out there, do you?" "No, sweetheart, that's the biggest they make!

But pass your shirt out to me, I have an idea." Mich opened the bathroom door a crack and handed him the tee shirt. Taking out a pocketknife, he cut a slit in black slut wit enormous tits nailed in kitchen back of the shirt and returned it to her. "Try that," he said. In a moment, Michelle came out wearing only the shirt and her red panties.

Her gigantic breasts ballooned out extravagantly in front of her, bobbling heavily with every movement. The emcee eagerly began wetting down her chest, spraying the shirt until it was plastered against her immense tits. To the delight of the onlookers, Mich assisted by arching her back and thrusting out her huge bust, smearing the water generously over her enormous boobs to make sure they got good and wet.

The music began again, and she broke into a routine she'd learned when she was undercover, posing as a stripper. She danced sensuously and with glad abandon, flabbergasting everyone with her artistry as well as her profound endowments. After a minute or two of bouncing her enormous bosom around the stage, she went into a spin, and the centrifugal force raised the front of the tee shirt up and away from her chest, allowing the onlookers a glimpse of her mammiferous bounty.

Her gigantic breasts lifted off her tummy and bulged outward like great weather balloons straining to break free from their handler. Men hooted and women shrieked: the monsters had awakened and were coming out of their hiding place.

As she spun, she pulled the tee shirt up over her head, flinging it into the crowd, and came to an abrupt halt that sent rocking shudders reverberating through her immense tits. They swung heavily from side to side as she began a slower, more erotic interpretation of her dance. Kerp wondered what in the world he was doing sitting with a bunch of strangers watching this incredible woman, instead of having her in bed all to himself.

As she danced, she wrapped her arms around her huge bare bosom and hugged its mass against her chest as best she could, coyly covering her big nipples with her hands. After an interlude of teasing frolic, she shifted her bulky boobs so she held one in each arm, and began alternately hefting them to the rhythm of the music. Kerp was pretty sure that one guy sitting alone at a corner table in the back was quietly masturbating.

All too soon, the music came to an end and Mich concluded her sultry cavorting to the furious acclaim of all the guys and many of the girls. Brent stood, gesturing to Mich and calling out over the noise, "Fantastic!

Our 15th and final contestant, Michelle Louis! Mark your ballots, please, and turn them in, either to me or Roy." Mich returned to her seat next to Kerp, pulling her top back on over her bosomy torso, feeling somewhat surprised that she had actually done such a thing.

As the ballots were collected, Trudy came up and sat down beside them. "Hello, Michelle!" "Hi, Trudy! I want you to meet my dear friend." Mich began, desperately inventing a quick pseudonym for Kerp since none had been prearranged, ".Arlo Philpotts. Arlo, this is my roommate Trudy Caldwell." "Nice to meet you, Arlo," Trudy said, extending her hand across the table while pressing her huge bust against its edge.

"Same here, Trudy," Kerp said, shaking her hand. "You danced really well, Mich!" she commented. "Thanks!" "Like a pro," Trudy added with a slow nod.

"I've been wondering you don't have implants, do you?" "No, I don't." "So you're all-natural, then, huh?" Michelle had the feeling that Trudy was fishing for information.

Hoping to learn something herself, Mich tried a new approach. "Not exactly." "What do you mean?" her roommate asked.

Michelle leaned forward and murmured in a confidential tone, " I've been taking some pills that enlarge my breasts." "Pills? Where did get them?" "A guy named Brian," Mich said, hoping to elicit a last name. "Yeah?" "Uh-huh. He's a Chemistry major. Know him?" "As a matter of fact. But your tits were already this huge when you first arrived at school. I have to wonder since Booster causes only about a cup-size of growth with each dose, how'd you get so big in such a short amount of time?" That's the thing about a lie: one always leads to another.

Mich was painting herself into a corner, and it certainly seemed that Trudy was helping her along. "Brian made up a special batch for me to try," Mich fabricated.

Delighted that she'd been able to invent a plausible explanation on the spur of the moment, she continued, "It made my boobs a lot bigger than I'd expected, but I've come to like having them this size." "A special batch, huh? Well, I've been taking Booster, too but he never told me there was a new, stronger version." "He was testing it out on me." "Yeah? You know, I'd like a chance to try that stuff out, too.

I wonder why he didn't let me know about it." "He probably wanted to keep it secret until he was sure it would work. Tell you what Let's go pay Brian a visit right now, and see if I can talk him into letting you have some." "Okay, but just you and me," Trudy whispered.

"Brian won't like the extra company if your friend comes along." "That's fine, Arlo won't mind," Mich said, glancing at Kerp, who was pretending to be interested in something across the room. "All right. We'll go as soon as you win first prize." "You think?" Mich asked, "Give me a break! Nobody else even came close! While we're waiting, let me make a quick phone call," Trudy said, fishing a cell phone out of her purse perky tits teen goldie oritz gets banged by huge hard cock smalltits pornstar she stood.

When she had moved off into the relative quiet of the kitchen to make her call, Kerp leaned over and whispered to Mich, "What are you doing?" "I'm going to let her lead me to Brian! This is the break we need!" "How in the world are you going to let her lead you without giving away the fact that you don't actually have a clue where he lives?" "I'll have to play it real cool, but I think I can hang back just a bit and anticipate from her body language what turns she'll take as we walk along, so I'll look like I know where we're headed." "All right, but I'm going to be close on your tail." "Just don't get too close." "I'll be careful.

You be careful, too! It sounded to me like Trudy might have suspicions of her own!" "Yeah; I'll stay on my toes." After a glance toward the kitchen, Kerp turned to Mich and accusingly whispered, "Arlo Philpotts?" "I didn't think she had," Trudy said quietly into her cell phone. "So, are you interested in finding out what's going on? Brian Pearson responded, "Absolutely!

I'd love to meet her." "Okay. See you in a minute," she said, and snapped the device shut. Strolling back to their table, she sat down with Mich and Kerp. "Can I have your attention, please!" Brent barked. "Everybody quiet; we have our winners!" Conversations faded away as the crowd refocused their attention.

"Okay, our Third Prize winner of two hundred dollars is," he announced, pausing for effect, " Nancy Ferguson!" Everyone applauded as Nancy stood and walked forward to claim her cash, her huge unbrassiered breasts swaying heavily under her translucent, damp tee shirt. While the busty young woman returned to her seat, Brent continued, "Our Second Prize of three hundred dollars goes to Cindy Donaldson!" Again, the crowd expressed their approval as the startlingly buxom girl stood up topless, approaching the emcee with her arms held high, shaking her enormous tits from side to side in celebration.

"Good job, Cindy!" Brent said, staring at her oversize gyrating breasts. "Now we come to our First Prize winner. For an outstanding job of dancing and an even more outstanding pair of knockers, let's give it up for Michelle Louis!" Most of the gathering rose in ovation (and daddy can i pee and father comrades daughter hd xxx uncle fuck bunny get a better beauteous babe having hot group sex smalltits hardcore as Mich stood.

Before making her way to the front of the room, she turned to Kerp and commented, "All in a day's work!" From behind a tree, Kerp watched Mich and Trudy enter the lobby of Prescott Hall and sign their names in a guest registry, as required by school regulations.

As he watched from a distance through the glass entryway of the men's dorm, the two outrageously busty women headed for the stairwell, walking out of his view. Instead of climbing the stairs, however, Trudy surprised Mich by heading down to the basement. A dimly lit hallway led them through the dormitory's cellar, past ductwork and plumbing, eventually terminating at a door marked with the number '3'. Trudy knocked and called out, "Brian!

It's Trudy!" A male voice from within responded, "It's not locked! Come on in!" As Mich followed Trudy through the door, she noted a peculiar smell not the kind of rancid odor one might expect from a guy's dorm room, but ice video 20160501-132622 tube porn like a laboratory. The contents of the room bore that impression out as Mich entered and saw tables loaded with chemicals, various glassware, Bunsen burners, stands, racks, and other assorted scientific paraphernalia, strewn about without concern for anything but functionality.

On the walls hung several pinups of beautiful models with extremely large breasts. The comparatively large dorm room was the result of a crude renovation undertaken decades earlier to accommodate the needs of a growing student body.

It had originally slept three, but was now reserved for single occupancy by graduate students pursuing a Masters' degree. Trudy flopped down on the creaking bed in a familiar kind of way, and Mich saw a young man seated at a desk with his arms folded, watching her. Michelle looked him in the eye and asked, "Are you the individual who's been selling a breast enlargement drug?" Trudy didn't seem at all surprised by Mich's question.

"At your service," the man confirmed. Mich flipped open her badge and announced, "This is a bust, Brian." Staring appreciatively at Mich's immense bosom, he calmly responded, "And an amazing one it is, pretty lady!" Trudy snickered until Brian uncrossed his arms to reveal a pistol in his right hand, which he leveled at Mich.

"Sadly for you, however, this is not an arrest. Please raise your hands, Miss Louis." As Mich slowly obeyed, Trudy advised, "I bet that's not her real name." With his gaze still fixed on Mich's enormous boobs, he answered, "I don't give a shit what her name is." Then lifting his eyes to Mich's, he asked, "So you're a cop?" "That's right." "Too bad. I really don't want to kill a cop, especially one with a rack like yours!

But if I let you arrest me, you'll be taking a very lucrative career away from me, and you'll also be robbing the world of a truly gifted pharmacologist: the man who may even discover a cure for cancer someday! So I'm forced to prevent you from doing that, for everyone's sake." "Brian, you're not going to hurt her," Trudy said, half asking, half pleading. "I'm afraid I am. My life's work is at stake, and now that she's interfered, I have to do something about her, or she'll ruin everything for me.

It's a very simple equation, Trudy: my life or hers. I choose mine. Which side of the equation do you want to be on?" Mich's head swam.

This was supposed to be strictly low-key! She hadn't even bothered to put her cleavage holster back on after dancing! "Wait a minute, Brian!" she counseled. "This is probably only a slap-on-the-wrist offense! Most likely, you won't even get jail time." "Maybe so, but none of the pharmaceutical companies are going to pay me the big bucks if I have that kind of criminal record.

"He's making you an accessory to murder, Trudy," Mich cautioned. "You keep your mouth shut, bitch!" Brian said menacingly, a gap in his controlled exterior exposing the hostility underneath.

Mich hoped that, by aggravating him, she could draw him close enough to overpower him. "Or what?" she challenged. "You intend to kill me what else can you threaten me with?" "You're not gonna shut up, are you?" he asked rhetorically. He took aim and fired the pistol, hitting Michelle in the chest.

Kerp sat upstairs in the lobby, looking around like a lost puppy. He'd had no trouble following Mich and Trudy without being detected or losing track of them, but after they'd entered Prescott Hall and disappeared into the stairwell, Kerp had no idea which floor they were on.

Assuming they were upstairs, he'd gone up hoping to catch a glimpse of them. He asked a few of the residents if they'd seen a couple of pretty women with huge boobs, but was unable to evoke an intelligent response to that question. Kerp didn't know how worried he ought to be. This should be a routine arrest for a non-violent offense, he mused, and Mich can certainly take face fucking madness ashley fires yarisa duran morgan lee of herself.

On the other hand, it's never good to lower your guard due to overconfidence. Every bust is potentially dangerous! His only remaining course of action was to sit in the lobby and watch for Mich and Trudy. A sign on the door said the dorm was closed to visitors at midnight, which was in less than ten minutes. If they kicked him out, he'd wait outside the front doors until he could think of something better. Mich couldn't figure out what was happening as she regained consciousness.

After trying to take stock of her situation for several groggy seconds, she realized that she was tied to a bed by her wrists and ankles, and there was a strange man sitting beside her.

In addition, something smelled funny and she was chilly. The lack of warmth, she immediately discovered, was due to the fact that her top had been pushed up around her armpits, exposing her tremendous breasts to the cool basement air.

With no constraint, their great size and weight had dragged them off her chest, and they lolled at either side of her on the mattress. She remembered being shot, and didn't understand why she was still alive. Then she recalled being surprised, as she was passing out, to see a dart in her chest instead of a gaping wound. Before Mich could formulate anything to say, Brian noticed she was awake. "Well, look who's joined us! I didn't believe Trudy when she told me you don't have implants.

Anal porn with dirty pawg savannah fox had to check for myself, and sure enough, you feel like an all-natural girl," he said, stroking one of her huge tits. Mich fumed inwardly at being violated, but said nothing, waiting for her mind to clear. Trudy sat nearby with her arms folded over her fleshy bosom, obviously dissatisfied with the situation. "At least you seem to be natural," Brian continued. "Of course, the same thing can be said of the ladies who use my drug.

So I have to wonder as fuckin' big as you are, you might possibly be natural, but my bet is that you've been taking a drug similar to mine someone else's creation." Mich said nothing in response, giving him only her hardest glare as she desperately tried to think of a way out of her situation. Her stomach was queasy and her chest felt tight.

She was a bit dizzy as she lay looking at the ceiling, trying to shut everything out of her mind so she could think. Her heart was pounding, and out of the corner of her eye she noticed her huge breasts throbbing visibly with every beat. Looking at them directly, they seemed flushed and even more enormous than usual.

It was impossible to tell for sure in her addled state and present position, but her boobs appeared to have grown substantially larger. "What did you do to me?" she growled. "Just a little free sample." Mich spat back, "You piece of shit!" "What?" her captor whined in mock surprise.

"I was just curious to see what would happen. A big girl like you shouldn't object to a little more up front!" Trudy dryly interjected, "She's getting awfully big, Brian." "No shit," he agreed, nodding with satisfaction as he patted one of Mich's giant mammaries. "It'll be really interesting to see what develops by morning." "You're keeping her here all night?" Trudy asked. "Why not? She's mine to do with as I please.

I can get rid of her any time." "Where's she going to sleep?" "Right where she is. I'm not even gonna try moving her unless she's sedated. She's probably trained in self defense or hand-to-hand combat, or some such shit." "Well, where are we going to sleep, then?" "You can stay right where you are in that chair and be my look-out.

As for me, I'm sleeping in my own bed," he explained with a lascivious grin. "You fucking jerk!" Trudy hissed. "You're crazy if you think I'm gonna sit here and watch you screw her! You be your own damn look-out!" She started to push herself out of the chair, but Brian suddenly raised his tranquilizer pistol and discharged a dart into her neck.

It hit her jugular vein, bringing her down almost instantly. "Bitch," he commented. Kerp stood outside Prescott Hall with his hands in his pockets feeling totally helpless.

He couldn't imagine what was taking Michelle so long, and he had no idea what he should do next. He kept telling himself there was nothing to worry about, that this was a low-risk operation, but something deep down would not let him have peace about the situation. At that late hour, there were only a few stragglers still walking the campus. Kerp saw one of the last of them coming toward him on the paved walk, and was able to determine her gender from a distance due to the extreme volume of flesh protruding from the pedestrian's chest.

He clung to the hope that such a bosomy young woman ought to know where Brian Whatshisname's room was. As she drew near, Kerp asked, "Ma'am, can I ask you a question?" Gail Jones smiled prettily and said, "You look kinda lost!

How can I help you?" She had a fresh-scrubbed look about her that Kerp failed to notice, because he was too busy staring at her lavishly overdeveloped breasts. Through her tight tee shirt he could see a huge bra that looked as if it were about to burst open.

The bracing effect of the cool night air could also be seen through the shirt. Making a fierce effort to look her in the eye, Kerp explained, "I'm trying to find a guy named Brian. I think he lives in this dorm, and I was wondering if you might know him. By some chance." "That's so weird!" she exclaimed. "Ever since I got here, people whos that girl please bffs beach bikers been asking me if I know a guy named Brian!

No, I don't know where he lives, but he must be a real popular guy! Sorry I can't help you." Disappointed, Kerp answered, "No problem." As she walked away, she looked over her shoulder at him and called, "You're talking about Brian Pearson, right?" "Pearson!" he repeated with renewed drive. "Thanks!" Kerp retraced his steps to the front doors of Prescott Hall and knocked loudly until he saw the irritated Dorm Monitor emerge from his ground floor apartment.

Kerp held up his badge and called, "I need to talk to Brian Pearson!" The man walked over and unlocked the door. As Kerp entered, the Dorm Monitor mumbled, "Pearson's in the basement. Go downstairs and follow the hall until it ends. I think it's number three. Last door, anyway." Having securely tied Trudy's bosomy, unconscious form to a chair, Brian stood up and looked at Mich with a menacing gaze. He slowly walked to the side of the bed and stared down at her as he unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor.

Pulling his underwear down, his stiff cock flopped out, big and ugly. The gag in Mich's mouth tasted of sweat. She was desperately fighting to keep panic at bay as she came face to face with impending rape and murder.

All the damage she wanted to do to this man, and all the precise ways in which she was trained to do it, meant nothing with her hands and feet bound. Brian took a pair of latex gloves from his pocket and snapped them on. Then from his nightstand he picked up a condom, opened the packet and unceremoniously put it on, commenting dryly, "We gotta watch that forensic evidence, don't we, babe?" Climbing onto the bed between Mich's legs, he yanked down her skirt and then her panties, and began playing roughly with her breasts, shaking them and slapping their thick flesh.

After tiring of this abuse, he crawled on top of her with his face hovering ominously over hers, and with a foul-smelling leer, grasped his dick, preparing to force it inside his victim. At this point, panic finally prevailed, and Michelle screamed through her gag at the top of her lungs as she sharply butted her head against his. Brian recoiled with a shout of pain, grimacing intensely as he held his head with both hands.

He was going to have to hurt her good, now. As he waited impatiently for the agony to recede so he could think clearly again, he heard a metallic click next to his ear. He jerked his head around perfekt babe shows body continue on mycyka com find himself staring down the barrel of a 9-mm Glock, just inches from his nose. It was cocked and the man who held it wore the angriest expression he'd ever seen.

"You're just six pounds of pressure away from having a hole in your face, asshole," Kerp growled. "Dude!" Brian exclaimed. "You can have a turn at her," he offered in desperation. Kerp responded by snapping one manacle of his handcuffs tightly around Pearson's erection, saying, "You're under arrest!" Brian got spooked and began to resist, but when Kerp yanked on the cuff, the man suddenly became much more docile.

Kerp led him at gunpoint to the opposite wall and locked the other delicious asian wench rides a stiff dong of the handcuffs onto a vertical steam pipe. Then, holstering his firearm, he hurried to Michelle's side and removed her gag. "Are you all right?" he asked. She was fighting back tears as she nodded to him, but by the time he'd untied her hands, the dam broke.

She sat up, enclosed him in a desperate hug, and let it all go in heaving sobs. He sat on the bedside and comforted her, rocking gently as he held her, feeling torn between extremes of anger and relief.

Mich sniffed and wiped her eyes with the back of a hand just in time to see Brian Pearson coming up behind Kerp with a large, nasty looking knife in his hand. In a flash, she reached inside Kerp's jacket, pulled out his pistol, and just as it cleared his holster, fired it from under his armpit through the back of his jacket. It was a lousy way to try to aim a gun, and the bullet narrowly missed Pearson, lodging in the wall behind him. The concussion of the discharge, however, met him full in the face, stopping him in his tracks and making his ears ring for the next two days.

He dropped the knife on the floor and held up his hands, pleading a newfound cooperation. Kerp took the weapon from Mich's trembling hand and held it against Pearson's head while securely cuffing him to the steam pipe again this time by his wrists.

Meanwhile, Mich untied her feet and began straightening out her clothes. "Sorry about that, hon," Kerp apologized. "I didn't take into account what a real wienie-shrinker it is to be arrested. Thanks for watching my back. Are you okay?" She nodded. "Yeah. A little shook up, but I'll be fine in a minute." Sitting back down on the bed beside her, he took her hand and asked, "Did he." "No, no.

You came in just in time." "I would have been here sooner, but I lost you after you went inside the building. I finally got some help from a passer-by." "How'd you know I was in trouble?" "After I found Pearson's room, I was listening outside the door when you screamed through that gag, and then I heard you head-butt him. I only know one head that's hard enough to make a sound like that!" Mich had to chuckle despite herself, and it helped to elevate her mood. She gave up struggling with her top, and vented an exasperated sigh.

"I thought so." Her knit top was stretched tightly around her huge, swollen breasts, squishing them up uncomfortably against her chest. Kerp gazed at her huge bosom and asked, "Problem?" "This top is too small, now. Seems our boy slipped me some of his boob drug while I was unconscious." Kerp looked at Brian, demanding, "Did you?" "I don't have to tell you shit until I talk to a lawyer!

Hey! You never read me my rights! I'm gonna walk!" he proclaimed with a triumphant chuckle. "No you won't. We didn't Mirandize you because, technically, you aren't under arrest yet." Pearson became perplexed. "Huh?" "We're not here: we're ghosts. Before we disappear, I'll call the local DEA office and they'll have the honor of officially busting your ass. And I promise they won't forget your rights." "Shit!" he muttered in disgust. "Well, you could let me have the dignity of putting on my damn pants, or at least my underwear!" "Like the dignity you were about to bestow upon my partner?

Sorry, pal you're on your own." "So you're gonna leave me handcuffed here with my dick hangin' out?" Pearson charged angrily. "I'm sure you can handle it." Mich sighed. "He had indicated earlier that he'd given me a dose of his enlargement drug, but it's impossible lactating teen fucked hard on hookup hotshot know if he was telling the truth, the way my boobs occasionally have those odd growth spurts." "What?" Pearson demanded, but neither of the agents acknowledged him.

"What kind of growth spurts? What'd she mean? Hey! I'm talking to you!" Their prisoner continued his indignant ranting, making conversation impossible, so Kerp strolled over to where the man had laid his tranquilizer gun and studied it for a moment. Finding a fresh dart, Kerp loaded it and fired at Pearson's bare abdomen, and after a few seconds of rabid cursing, he slumped down, unconscious. "Hm," Kerp murmured, nodding.

"I might have to get one of these just the thing for somebody who won't shut up." He set it aside and walked over to Michelle, who was now leaning over Trudy, checking on her. Feeling around behind his armpit, he commented, "You made a big hole in my jacket!" "Yeah, sorry about that.

It was about to get a hole in it anyway. Did it give you a powder burn?" "I don't think so. So what's the deal with Trudy?" he asked. "Turns out she was Brian's girlfriend. I think the honeymoon is over, though. When he started talking about raping and killing me, it didn't sit very well with her." "He was going to kill you?" "That's what he said.

I'm pretty sure he was serious." Kerp turned toward the unconscious form of their suspect, with an expression of malice that Mich had never seen on his face before, like a man about to do something drastically out of character. She spoke his name, but he didn't seem to hear her. She became afraid not of Kerp, but of the consequences that would ensue if he should yield to whatever temptation he might be considering.

She stepped in front of him, blocking his view of Pearson, and took his face between her hands. "Louis!" He looked at her as if she'd just appeared out of nowhere. "Huh?" "I need you to give me a hand with something." "What." "Help me stretch out this top so it'll fit better. I don't want to walk across campus like this," she pleaded, thrusting out her immense bosom toward him.

Having a colossal pair of mammaries pushed in his face was enough to get Kerp's attention any time, and in their notably enlarged state, he was rendered powerless to entertain thoughts of vengeance. "Oh. Okay. Good grief, Mich! Your tits are definitely way bigger!" "Are they?" she asked coyly. Still striving to take his mind off Pearson, she mercilessly lifted up the front of her top, exposing her immense breasts. As she pushed them up from underneath, she commented, "They feel incredibly full and heavy right now.

I wonder if they're going to get any bigger." Kerp stood frozen for a long moment, gazing helplessly at her astoundingly huge bosom as he pictured them growing even larger. "D'ya want to go back to my motel room and try those out?" he finally suggested, now fully distracted.

Mich grinned. "Hey now that this case is wrapped up, I can stay with you all night," she murmured, playing with a button on his shirt.

"So if you'll help me stretch out this top to fit me better, we can be on our way!" "How do you propose we stretch it?" "Just reach your hands under my shirt." "I like this." ".with your palms against the material, so they're toward you." "You're sure about that part?" "And then pull on it while I give you some resistance." "Okay, I think I get it." "Shit!" Mich squealed.

"What?!" "Your hands are freezing!" "Sorry. Are you ready?" he asked. "Go ahead." Kerp began stretching the front of Mich's knit top, pulling it away from her gigantic bosom as she leaned backward, tugging against him. The shirt made a crackling noise as it expanded, and something snapped once or twice before the garment had yielded to its fullest extent. "All right," Mich announced.

"Let's see how that fits. Okay? Kerp? Would you mind taking your hands out so I can thank you, dear." She smoothed out the material on her bosomy chest and looked around for a mirror, but none was to be found.

She turned back to Kerp and asked, "Does this look okay?" Kerp was still having trouble wrapping his mind around the increased enormity of Mich's enlarged tits. Her top was now stretched out enough to barely house Mich's gargantuan bust, but the neckline had also expanded, plunging down deeply on her sprawling bosom, exposing so much firm mammary flesh that Kerp immediately began feeling the effect in his pants.

"Y'look fine, Mich. You ready? Let's go to the motel!" he said, grabbing her hand and heading for the door. "Hey! Aren't you going to call DEA?" "I'll call on the way. Let's go." "What about her?" Mich asked, nodding toward Trudy. "What do you mean?" "She's more a victim here than an accomplice. I don't think we have anything to hold her on anyway." "How long will she be out?" "I don't know.

Not as long as he will be." "Let's just untie her and leave her." Before leaving the building, Kerp left instructions with the Dorm Monitor that other federal agents would be arriving, and they would expect his cooperation. As they walked across the campus toward their rental car, he pulled out his cell phone and punched in mom catch her son hinbe sex vibeo number of the Drug Enforcement Agency, reading from the business card Hudson had provided.

The DEA agent who received the call was professional and polite, especially for someone who was not happy about being awakened at that hour. As they walked toward the car, Michelle's colossal boobs dipped and wobbled heavily, putting on a spectacular show that had Kerp's undivided attention.

If Mich had decided to veer off the walkway and stroll into the woods, he'd never have noticed. It was impossible to say whether it was due to the chilly mountain air, or if it was an effect of the drug Pearson had given her, but Michelle's nipples had become quite distended, poking out to an extravagant degree. Her breasts had grown so utterly enormous that her knit top actually creaked under their weighty bobbing as she walked along.

Kerp's stride was a bit awkward as he escorted Mich, unable and unwilling to take his eyes away from his partner's insanely huge, galloping bosom. A security guard, patrolling the campus in a pickup truck, drove past them and ran off the road, clipping a speed limit sign. Ignoring the clatter as the truck recovered and continued on its way, Kerp gazed into her bottomless cleavage and said, "You've been through a lot tonight, so I'll understand if you don't feel like making sex sunny leon story com. Besides, it's late, and you're probably tired from all that dancing, too, so." "No, I'm fine," Mich said calmly.

"Like they say, any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. Louis, I really want to thank you for saving me back mamita from brazil likes hard dicks brazilian hardcore "Of course.

You've done the same for me more than once." "What I mean is, when we get back to the motel I really want to thank you!" When Kerp awoke the next morning, Michelle was already up, wearing only her panties as she stood in front of the vanity mirror studying her slutty kiley jay tries a bigcock in her tight pussy. He lay watching her for a few seconds, but as his eyes focused, he jumped out of bed as if reveille had just sounded.

"Well, good morning, sleepy head! What do you think?" she asked, turning her profile to him and thrusting her chest out. Her breasts had returned to their normal coloring, but had grown much bigger during the night, attaining a staggering size.

Her monstrous tits ballooned out from her torso an imposing distance, dipping down to her hip level and swaying ponderously as she moved. "Good grief!" Kerp croaked. "They're pretty darn big, huh?" "Whoa!" he whispered soberly. "Pearson definitely gave me his drug.

I must've gained a good five or six inches in my bust measurement overnight! I can tell you like my new look!" Inside Kerp's underpants, his dick was rising to attention. "You haven't measured yourself yet?" "No," she said with a coy smile.

"I was waiting for you. The tape is on the vanity." He nearly fell over himself as he crossed the room for the measuring tape, and as he approached Michelle with it, her swollen tits took over his entire field of vision. "Mich! They're so fuckin' huge! They're incredible!" As he stood before her and stroked her expansive feminine contours, she felt around for his erection, concealed from her sight beneath the sprawling canopy of her expanded bosom, and freed it from his underwear.

"Mmm," she moaned. "You'd better hurry up and measure me, because it's been hours since I made love to you, and I'm in a bad way!" Kerp struggled with the measuring tape, trying to grab an end of it as she lovingly caressed his stiff cock between her hands.

He finally managed to wrap the extra long tape around her overdeveloped bosom, pinching the mark at the fullest part. Miss Myers, you're now the proud owner of a 91-inch bust measurement!" "Ninety-one, huh? Pretty cool!" "Actually, it's more like 91 and a quarter." "I'm so much bigger now, I'm going to have to see Marge for a bunch of new tops when we get back." "Wait a minute.

Now it's 91 and a half!" "Of course, when you take my bust measurement, we can't expect it to be accurate. It always turns me on and my tits start swelling up!" "You poor thing. I'll tell you what I may not be able to take an accurate measurement of your bust in a normal state, but I can get one at maximum inflation!" "Well, that's true." Suddenly Kerp disappeared below the horizon of her giant moaning cumshot compilation and amateur first ass robbery suspect apprehended. "What are you ohhh!" He pulled down her panties and she squealed as he began tonguing her clitoris, filling her with an unrelenting surge of pleasure and desire.

"Oh my!" she huffed. "Louis, that's extraordinary please don't stop!" He continued delighting her for a while, until at last she clutched his head and shrieked in a transport of ecstasy. He kept servicing her as she continued to climax, and when she was completely finished, he stood up and again wrapped the measuring tape around her immense breasts, which were profoundly full, projecting from her torso to a spectacular extreme.

"Now, your bust measurement is 96 inches!" Kerp announced triumphantly. She wrapped herself around him, enclosing him between her bloated tits.

After a lingering kiss, he asked, "Do you feel like having another orgasm now say, the old fashioned way?" Taking his hand and leading him to the bed, she smiled and asked, "Only one?" After eating breakfast and packing Kerp's things in the rental car, they were ready to drive over to the campus and pick up Michelle's belongings from her dorm room.

The plan was that she would do the driving while he worked at his laptop to wangle a couple of last-minute seats on a plane for DC. Kerp turned in his motel key at the front desk, and they searched the room one last time for overlooked items before walking out to the car. Kerp got in and closed his door just as Mich slid behind the wheel and accidentally sounded the horn with her swollen bosom. When it wouldn't stop, she tried shifting around in her seat to silence the blaring cacophony, but with no success.

Kerp looked at her and asked, "Feeling horny?" "It won't stop!" Mich complained. She reached down to pull the seat release, and as she backed away from the steering wheel, the noise finally ceased. Amused, Kerp asked, "Can you still reach the pedals?" "Barely, with my toes." "Do you think you can drive?" She looked at him with a worried expression.

"I sure hope so! I can't just stop driving for the rest of my life!" "The bureau will modify the pedals of your personal car." "But what about when we're on assignment, using a rental car?

What'll I do?" "I guess you'll either have to get a pair of platform shoes, or just let me drive." "But I like to drive! Am I going to have to learn how to lizzie tucker this sexy white girl has a juicy ass it with my tits all squished against the steering wheel?" "That could be dangerous.

Besides, you don't want to risk being charged with a DWIB." "What's that?" "Driving While Incredibly Busty." "Funny boy. Funny, funny boy." "I'm only yanking your chain, dear. The bureau has adjustable pedal extenders designed for it's more, ah, robust field operatives." "Well, if I get much more 'robust', I'll have to drive from the back seat!" Bosomy young Gail Jones had no classes on her schedule until late in the morning, and was spending the time studying in her room.

There was a knock at the door, and she vented an exasperated sigh: there were too many distractions in the dorm. "Who is it?" she called. "It's Michelle." He attitude softened: Michelle wasn't the flighty type who'd interrupt a person merely for mindless chatter.

"Come in, it's open!" "Hi, Gail! I'm glad I found you in. I wanted to talk to you before I left," Mich said as she shut the door behind her. "Where are you off to?" Gail asked, patting the edge of the bed for Mich to sit. "I'm leaving the school." Gail gasped. "Leaving! Really? Why? What happened?" "I'm afraid I haven't been totally honest with you, and I want to apologize and explain.

My real name is Michelle Myers, and I'm a federal agent." Gail scrutinized her friend's face for the smallest trace of facetiousness. "A federal agent? Are you kidding me?" "No, Gail, I'm perfectly serious." She didn't produce her ID to support her claim because the name 'Federal Bureau of Gigantic Bosoms' is not inspiringly credible. "I've been working undercover posing as a student.

Last night we busted Brian Pearson, a graduate student who's been making and selling an illegal breast enlargement drug." "A breast enlargement drug! So that explains all the big boobs on campus!" "Most of them," Mich said with a wink. "By the way, I was looking for you yesterday to tell you I'd found out Brian's last name was 'Pearson', but I couldn't find you.

I'm a big help, huh? I'm glad you caught him anyway. That reminds me, last night there was a guy standing outside of Prescott Hall looking for Brian when I was passing by.

For some reason he asked me if I knew him, and I. Oh!" Gail sheepishly looked down at her huge bust. "Of course! That's why he thought I might know Brian! All I could tell him was Brian's last name, but that sent him running like it was important." Mich considered what Gail had just said, and asked, "What time last night?" "Late 12:30 or so." Mich smiled, asking "Was he about my height, cute, nice butt?" Gail chuckled. "As a matter of fact." "I believe that was my partner, in which case you saved my life!

Literally! I was about to be raped and murdered by Brian Pearson at about 12:30 last night, and my partner found me in time because a passerby gave him Brian's last name. A female passerby with, and I quote, 'a totally amazing set of knockers'. Thank you, Gail." Gail sat with a hand covering her opened mouth as she absorbed what Mich had told secretary ryan smiles gets plowed and facialized. Her eyes brimmed as she whispered, "I don't know what to say!" Mich patted Gail's knee.

"You don't have to say anything. But I would like you to think about something." "Sure." "The agency I work for uses exceptionally well endowed female agents for specialized investigations and surveillance." From her purse, Mich took her FBGB business card and handed it to Gail. "After you graduate, I'd like you to consider applying at the bureau. We could use a girl with your looks and intelligence." "The Federal Bureau of Gigantic Bosoms?" Gail asked with a snicker. "I know it sounds frivolous, but our work is very serious." "I don't doubt it, Michelle.

Is it a good place to work?" "Yes, it is. Granted, it is a government agency with its share of stupidity and red tape, but we've taken quite a few very dangerous people off the street. The pay is excellent for big busty girls like you and me, and they provide all your bras and tops for free! Anything you want, custom made. Nice clothes that really fit! Even if your boobs are still getting bigger, like mine." "You're getting bigger?

Good grief, I see you are!" Gail exclaimed, looking incredulously at Mich's gargantuan bosom. "Actually, the big difference in size this morning is Brian Pearson's doing; he gave me a dose of his drug after rendering me unconscious. But besides that, my breasts are getting bigger at a slow but steady rate, and that's the result of the bureau's clinical enlargement program. No implants or surgery it's done by stimulating natural growth. Strictly voluntary." "Oh.

So if I got a job there, I wouldn't have to get my breasts enlarged? They're pretty darn big already not compared to yours, of course." "No, it's up to you. The bureau encourages it agents to become as busty as possible, but it's curvy blonde fucks her pussy and ass body and your decision." "So, generally speaking, your boobs are the size they are because you want them that big?" "Right.

I don't even mind the extra size Brian surprised me with, although I do resent him for taking away my choice in the matter. So. Please keep my card and think about coming to the FBGB as a career. Stop by if you're ever in Washington and I'll give you an unofficial tour of the facility." "I might do that. If nothing else, it'll be interesting to see an office full of women with boobs bigger than mine!" Gail said with a laugh. Mich chuckled with her. "It was a real revelation to me when I visited for the first time!" "Well, thanks for stopping by and explaining everything." "Like why I had to lie to you?

Sure. Thank you for understanding." "Uh, one more thing, Michelle." "Yes?" "Was the stuff you told me about trigonometry true?" They got back to Washington that afternoon and spent the rest of the day playing hooky. After they'd unpacked and gotten settled, Kerp had an inspiration for a project and conscripted Mich's help. He positioned her facing his camcorder and looked through the viewfinder to frame her. He'd had her wear only a blouse that dated back to when her bust measurement had been a mere 70 inches or so.

Her breasts had grown so much bigger since then that she'd doubted if it was possible to button the blouse over their great bulk. To her surprise, however, the stitching and fabric held together under the stress of retaining Mich's colossal breasts, but she didn't know how long that would last. Though the blouse was apparently fine for Kerp's purpose, she thought she looked terrible in it.

Kerp, however, enjoyed seeing her tremendous boobs all constrained and misshapen within the garment. "Kerp, they're all asymmetrical and squished! Are you sure you want to video me like this?" "It's fine, babe. This isn't about fashion, it's about your humongous friggin' tits." "Oh, so you're saying that in this case, good taste is not a consideration for you?" "Is it ever?" She chuckled.

"Well, hurry up and get it over with, then. I don't know how long this blouse will hold." "Almost ready." Michelle's breasts had recently achieved such gigantic proportions that they blocked most of her abdomen from view. If Kerp stood closer than six or eight feet from her, he'd have to duck down to see whether or not she was wearing panties. A year ago she'd been able to tuck in that blouse, but now it was utterly consumed by the overwhelming volume of her mammary glands.

Their bare bottoms could be seen peeking out beneath her shirttails. "Okay, here we go," Kerp announced, satisfied that all was in order. "Ready?" Mich nodded.

He pushed the record button on the camcorder, and after giving his lover a 'thumbs-up', he got on the floor and crawled over to her, staying below the camera's frame. Her legs felt smooth and cool on his cheek as he kissed his way up to her vagina. He began tonguing her in secret ancient ways that had been perfected over centuries to deliver the utmost sensual pleasure, and while thus occupied, he lightly ran his palms along the backs of her shapely legs.

As Kerp stimulated her, the expression on Mich's face was like that of someone about to pass out. She began moaning involuntarily as passion overtook her, and in less than a minute she could feel her breasts starting to expand.

The longer he pleasured her, the more her immense boobs swelled, until finally, the first button popped off and dropped to the floor. When Kerp heard it, he was delighted. Just as a second button surrendered its hold and fell, he changed his technique slightly, applying his tongue to Mich's soft inner folds in a way that compounded her sexual arousal.

Nozomi hatsuki sucks two guys and gets a facial

She began squeaking. In a sudden burst, buttons were flying everywhere as the shirt gave way with a rip, and spilled her profoundly swollen bare breasts into view. They bounced heavily, astounding in their gleaming enormity.

Kerp stopped and lifted his face to see the bottoms of her stupendous tits as they wobbled and shimmied heavily. Michelle began desperately clutching at his very sexy blonde on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg and panting rapidly.

Grabbing his hair, she pulled him to his feet, chanting, "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon," under her breath. He quickly shut off the camcorder and asked her, "Are you okay, hon? Did I hurt you?" She smiled blissfully and shook her head. "No, no," she cooed, unfastening his pants.

"You had me scared for a second. Shit, your boobs are enormous!" he said, getting a good look at them. Michelle's breasts were monstrously huge, jutting out from her torso fat and taut as a drumhead. Kerp lightly skimmed his palms and fingertips over the surface of her gleaming mammaries, attempting to fully comprehend the magnitude of the tits he was handling.

The sensation sent wild thrills through Michelle's body as she desperately unfastened his pants and pulled them down. Grabbing him by the shoulders, she whirled him around and pinned him against the wall, encompassed on either side by her gigantic breasts.

Mich pushed his underwear down and grasped his erection as it sprang out of them. As she lowered herself onto it, it popped easily into her ready moistness.

She clamped her thighs firmly around his swollen member, and began moving up and down on it sensuously as he responded with opposing thrusts. Kerp was nearly buried in bosom, his arms pinned helplessly at his sides.

Michelle's gargantuan tits bulged against both sides of his head, and the only thing he could see was the determined look on his lover's beautiful face. She continued laboring diligently, giving his erection the most extended and thorough workout he'd ever had.

"Mich, I don't think 2019 new xxx bf online prone story can." "Shhh," she hushed him gently. "Just relax and let me do the work, sweet man." "Seriously, I'm about to unhh," he gasped as he began pumping a river of semen into her. She continued working on him as he came, heightening his orgasm. Before his penis had the remotest inclination to become flaccid again, Mich tilted her head back and her body began jerking in spasms of pleasure.

As her orgasm finally subsided, she rested her forehead against his and chuckled. "I'm sorry, hon!" "For what?" Kerp panted. "I practically raped you! You got me so turned on!" "No; rape is without consent. You have my permission to do that to me any time!" "I'll bear that in mind!

So tell me what are you going to do with the video?" "I'm going to capture the segment where your boobs rip open the blouse, and post it online." She began laughing, her massive breasts shaking heavily against him.

"I should have known! You'd better obscure my face before you do, buddy boy. All we need is for Hudson to see that!" Kerp published the clip of Michelle's enormous expanding bosom on the internet, and it became legendary in a very short period of time, along with another digital video file of her striptease performance at the coffeehouse, taken with a hidden camcorder by Roy Barnard. Although no effort was made to conceal Mich's identity in that footage, the image was so grainy that her facial features were indiscernible.

This fact didn't hurt the clip's popularity in the least, however, as those weren't the features that made it notable. Hudson drummed his fingers on his desk as the debriefing drew near an end.

"So why didn't this Pearson character show up on your list of chemistry majors with the first name of Brian?" Kerp nervously shifted in his seat. "The school keeps their records of graduate students in a separate database, but nobody bothered to let me know that fact." "Well at least you got to him in time to before he could." "Yes sir." "The only thing I don't understand is why these women continued to take the drug after it had already made them so busty.

Most women typically regard anything bigger than a C-cup to be in excess. An extremely large bosom, as some of these girls developed, is a fashion faux pas." "I have a theory, sir," Mich said.

"You do?" Mich nodded. "I think it's addictive." "Addictive! What prompts you to draw that conclusion, Agent Myers?" "What better way to keep users coming back? That way Pearson makes more money while he watches their breasts grow bigger and bigger. He's that kind of low-life." "Hmph. I can see how it could be a nice racket." Hudson picked up the small brown envelope of illegal pills and looked inside it.

"Is this all of it?" "No sir," Kerp answered, "That's just a sample we brought back for our people to analyze. We left the balance of the substance along with the manufacturing paraphernalia for DEA." "Very good. Well, I believe you've answered all my questions. If there's nothing to add, you two can get back to your duties." "Thank you, sir," Kerp said, standing up. "He moved toward the door, but Mich kept her seat, saying, "I've got one unrelated item that I need to discuss with you, Director." "Does it involve your partner?" "Um, no, sir." "You can leave, then, Agent Kerpalsheiker.

And by the way, if it's not too much trouble, I'd like your expense report on my desk sometime before I retire." Mich was an amazing sight in her gown, with its neckline cut so wide and deep that Kerp wondered if she might actually pop out of it. Mich was an amazing sight in her gown, with its neckline cut so wide and deep that Kerp wondered if she might actually pop out of it. Kerp kissed more strangers that day than he had his entire life.

For some odd reason, it had not rained on their outdoor ceremony, and the event transpired about as well as they had hoped. Michelle wished that Margery of the FBGB's Apparel department could have made her wedding dress, since she did such good work and was familiar with the difficulties of creating clothes for the preposterously endowed.

That idea was not practical, however, if they were to keep their marriage a secret from the bureau. Having elected to wear a brassiere for the occasion, she did have Marge make her a lovely ornate white one. Michelle's breasts had become so phenomenally enormous that, when it came time for her to get dressed, her attendants had to load the behemoth glands into the cavernous cups of her bra one at a time!

Margery knew to hedge her bets when it came to creating clothes for developing agents, and even after Michelle's Booster-induced growth spurt, the bra still fit her, if a little snugly. The sturdy undergarment held her gigantic boobs high on her chest, causing them to balloon out extravagantly, bulging over her neckline like a double batch of bread dough rising from undersize pans. Mich was an amazing sight in her gown, with its neckline cut so wide and deep that Kerp wondered if she might actually pop out of it.

She considered it her solemn duty as the bride to display more cleavage than any other woman in attendance, and her dress had been specially engineered to do just that. A skilled team, comprised of Michelle's family and friends, had created the gown for her, based on measurements taken when Mich was in town to get their marriage license a few weeks prior.

Since Mich's breasts had grown quite a bit larger in the meantime, panic struck when she tried on the dress and nearly burst its seams. With a little ingenuity, determination, and leftover fabric, however, sufficient on-the-spot alterations were made to the gown, barely enabling it to accommodate her profound abundance. When it came time for the ceremony, Mich's father proudly walked her down the aisle.

If Kerp hadn't been so spellbound by his bride's beauty, he might have enjoyed watching the shock on the faces of the guests when she appeared in all her bosomy glory. At the close of full story virgin german ist blood i ceremony, when the minister presented Mr and Mrs Louis Kerpalscheiker to their guests, Mich was so overwhelmed with emotion she didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so she did a little of each. They stayed up front as the receiving line passed by to greet them, and after this obligation was met, they were finally able to relax.

Seated at folding tables under a large tent-like canopy that had been rented at great expense, the wedding party and their guests ate a delicious catered meal also procured by Mich's parents at bridal rates.

Mich's sister Jeanette, the Matron of Honor, was sitting at the head table with her husband and the newlyweds. She was a truly beautiful woman, and possessed an extraordinarily large bosom, of which a liberal portion was proudly on display. She seemed to be a terrific person, too, but Mich wouldn't let Kerp talk to Jeanette for very long before taking him away by the arm and introducing him to some more homely relative.

Kerp did dark honey deepthroats and rides girlfriend hardcore, however, that both women claimed to be the younger sister. Mich's mother was sizzlingly dressed as well, wearing a beaded burgundy gown that was tastefully low cut to show off her own sizable rack. It was inspiring to see that Mich's mom remained so beautiful as she grew older, and that she and Mich's father were still very much in love after so many years.

As they ate, Kerp looked at his wife and said, "I've been meaning to ask you, Mich. After we debriefed Hudson on the Booster case, you stayed in his office after I left and talked to him some more.

What was that about?" She vented an exasperated sigh and slowly shook her head. Leaning toward him, she explained in a hushed tone, "It'd been a long time since he and I had discussed my taking the final shots to stop my breast growth, and I just wanted to let him know I still wasn't ready, and ask if that was a problem." Kerp nodded.

"Shouldn't be. What'd he say?" "Well, he gave me a totally weird look and asked me if I was sure I hadn't had them yet, like it was the kind of thing that'd slip my mind. So I assured him I hadn't, and he started getting all nervous and fidgety." "Uh-oh." "Yeah. Then he tells me that since they came up with that new pill a few months ago, the program that I'm on has been discontinued.

There are no shutdown shots anymore!" "What?!" "Hudson totally forgot I hadn't had them yet. They don't even make the stuff anymore and there's none in inventory. It's all gone!" "So you're just left out in the cold?" "Well, I dropped a hint that when my breasts got so big that I couldn't come to work anymore, I could sue the bureau for damages. Like I told him," she said, inhaling deeply, "disability insurance just can't support me in the manner to which I'm accustomed." After carefully studying his wife's giant inflating bosom for a long lingering moment, Kerp interjected, "Speaking of support, your dress is incredible.

Or rather, you're incredible in it. I can't believe how much of you is sticking out, and how far!" "I thought you might like this. The support is mainly from my bra, though not the dress." "So, mom and san xxx movie got out your Sunday-go-to-meetin' underwear, huh?" "Yep. I even wore panties for the occasion," she murmured with a grin. "No kidding? So did I!" "Is that a fact?" "Yeah, those little red bikinis of yours that I like so much." "Kerpalscheiker, are you serious?

You didn't really?" "Something borrowed." "You're pulling my leg!" "You'll just have to find out for yourself after the party, Myers." "Oh, I intend to. And the name's Kerpalscheiker, bozo!" "All right, Mrs Kerpalscheikerbozo." As Mich was about to take a sip of wine, she was startled when something touched her thigh. She grinned and discreetly slapped at Kerp's hand, which was feeling around under her dress. "Don't do that!" she whispered. "Not here!" "Why not? We have a license now and besides, nobody can see under the table." "No, but they'll see a whole lot of me if you keep that up!

My boobs barely fit into this dress as it is, but if you start turning me on, they'll swell up and come popping right out of it!" "Oh. I hadn't thought of that. But actually, it's not a bad idea!" Mich laughed and said, "Don't make me use force! I could always grab hold of something that'll make you stand up and sing a soprano solo for everybody!" Kerp removed his hand. As the celebration drew to a close, Kerp looked around at the crowd of strangers who had come to honor the love he and Mich shared.

He missed having his own parents there, but it was a good feeling to have a family again. Her husband had already left the apartment, driving his own car because he had an early dentist appointment across town before work. Michelle stood in front of the mirror, naked from the waist up, looking at her phenomenally oversize tits in the reflection. She ran her hands across their broad contours and lifted them up slightly, hefting them to feel their great weight.

On her dresser was a small brown envelope, and as she picked it up, her monstrous tits swayed and wobbled ponderously. She loved the recent dramatic increase in the size of her breasts: they were substantially fuller and heavier now. She also loved the look on Kerp's face when he looked at them. Though it was always nice to know that her bosom was continually expanding by virtue of the bureau's ploddingly slow but reliable method, there was something exhilarating about waking up six cup-sizes bigger.

That sudden contrast was a heady thing. She emptied the contents of the envelope into her palm, and after studying the small, rough-edged white pills for a moment, she sighed and poured them back in. She started to return the envelope to the bottom drawer of her jewelry box, but instead ambled into the kitchen, stood at the sink and poured a glass of water.

With her gargantuan tits having grown so much bigger lately, their unsupported mass now rested upon the countertop as she stood there. Shaking one of the pills out onto the Formica, Michelle looked back and forth between the tablet and the corpulent swell of her gigantic bosom.

She and Kerp had agreed, after all, that they both wanted to let her breasts continue to grow bigger. So why was she hiding this from him? Why not tell him about it? After all, he'd find out eventually. "Maybe I should be happy with what I've got," Mich thought out loud, touching a hand to one of her insanely immense, naked breasts.

She gazed at the pill pensively. end