Stunning raven haired minx pleasures massive meat poles

Stunning raven haired minx pleasures massive meat poles
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As you can see from the title it's a sequel so if you havn't already read the first I suggest you do. If you don't like bestiality, as in the genres then don't read it and leave stupid comments about it being about dogs and women please! Unfortunately I had to go to a job, rather a distance from home, it would mean lodging out and the digs didn't take animals. Fortunately I was able to organise Angela looking after Bruiser whilst I was away, after all they both new each other, intimately. The first evening away and I logged on to my camera.

What a shock! Thereto my amazement, although it probably shouldn't have been, was a view of Bruiser, from behind.

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He was stood with his hind legs on the sofa, one either side of a young ladies waist. Between his legs were a pair of splayed naked legs and a full frontal view of what I recognised as Angela's pussy, her puffy lips and pink folds in full sight. She was reclined on the sofa, her bare ass barely sitting on the edge, I could hardly see what was actually going on and could only assume, given the position of the dog, his front paws on her shoulders and hips thrusting, that she was giving him a blow job.

That damn dog was fucking her mouth! Angela had one hand on his back and the other cock hungry babe rides on bear skin rug his balls. I could hear the slurping as he plunged his cock into her hot little mouth.

Soon Angela moved her hands onto Bruiser's shoulders and pushed him down her body, he tried, with his front paws not to be dislodged but she had taken him by surprise. Now with his hind legs on the floor he wasted no time in slamming his cock into her pussy, almost missionary position, and nested his head up and between her pert little boobies. Angela had her head back and eyes closed, with her chest raising and falling as she took deep breaths as he doggy fucked her, his arse going ten to the dozen as he drove his cock into her.

It didn't take long for Bruiser to cum, Angela letting out a deep long groan as his doggy sperm filled her tight young pussy. He didn't move, having his cock locked into her, he just stood still, front paws either side of her waist and his head nestled between her boobs, tongue hanging out, panting and looking up at her face. Angela craned her neck forward and kissed him on his snout.

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"Who's a good little doggy?" she said as she stroked the back of his neck. That was one hell of a lucky doggy! After much stroking and fussing of his back and neck, Bruiser's cock knot finally deflated. He lowered himself, so that all four paws were now on the floor. Still between Angela's legs he stuck his tongue up her pussy and licked his sperm from her. Angela squealed with delight, locked her legs around his neck and pressed the back of her head against the sofa backrest.

Good old dog that he was he soon brought the little girl to another orgasm. Bruiser moved away and left me with a full on view of Angela, legs akimbo panting.

A big smile spread across her face "In a couple of nights I'm going to give you a new treat" she said to the dog as he lay licking his cock and balls. As if he hadn't just given him enough "treats", what on earth could she mean? I thought to myself. This was all too much, if I couldn't actually be there I certainly wasn't going to miss anything.

Making some lame excuse I left work early, raced to my "covert camera supplier" and spent a fortune on hidden, full colour, cameras with audio and zoom facility as well as recording equipment. I wasn't going to miss a trick! I drove the long haul home, arriving late at night. I parked away from the house, not wanting anyone to know I was there and made my way home.

Bruiser, as you may imagine was more than pleased to see me. I set too and placed my cameras, strategically, so I could catch all angles in most rooms. I bade Bruiser farewell and drove back to where I was working, shattered but happy with what I had done. Logging onto my cameras at home, the next lunch time, just to check on my dog and also to check that Angela was looking after him, feed and water wise at least.

I saw the back door open. It was the wicked witch, what the hell was she doing in my house? Bruiser, although intimidating, wasn't dangerous but he certainly let his presence be felt, following her legs very closely. "Angela can't make it today" she told him as she nervously looked to see how dangerous he was, "She's asked me to see to you, if that's all right" she asked, expecting an answer but taking the fact he hadn't bitten her as acceptance. I watched as she went never leave your girlfriend with such a bitch! the kitchen into the living room and look out of the patio doors.

All that could be seen was the garden as it was enclosed by a thick hedge, about 7ft tall. She suddenly turned to leave and fell over Bruiser, who had followed her in and was stood, attentively, behind her. She managed to break her fall without hurting herself and whilst down on the floor twisted herself onto her back. This was all the opportunity Bruiser needed. He was clearly as horny as hell from his previous days experience.

Instantly his head was between her legs, up her dress and pressed onto her snatch. Shit! I thought. I expected the shit to hit the fan but instead of pushing him away his victim raised herself up onto her elbows to see what the dog was doing. "Oh you naughty dog" she said as she looked, mesmerised, at what the horny animal was doing.

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(Wasn't it fortunate that I had placed my cameras so strategically?) Bruiser, frustrated at not being able to get at her snatch appeared to be tugging at her panties with his teeth. A big smile spread across the ladies lips. "Having trouble are we?" she asked the dog. She lay back down, lifted her dress, dug her heals into the carpet and raised her bum off the floor and started to slide her "Bridgett Jones" big panties down her legs.

Bruiser merely stepped over her arms and legs, not wanting to loose his prize. With her knees raised and bent apart meant that Bruiser now had full access to her hairy bush.

He attacked it with his long wet tongue. The witch was clearly happy with the situation, moaning in pleasure as his tongue parted her pussy lips and tried to bury itself up her love tunnel. The wicked witch was swaying her shoulders, grinding them into the carpet, enjoying this sudden and unexpected pleasure. She pulled her right arm through the strap of her dress and then her left. She then pulled the top of her dress over her breasts, rather large breasts I may add but still contained by a heavy bra.

Next she arched her back and proceeded to undo the clasp of her bra, brought the straps from around her back and threw it to one side. This exposed those full, round bosoms, huge areole and nipples about an inch long stuck out from those soft fleshy mounds.

Bruiser was now well into her pussy, licking away, making sure that his tongue scrapped along her clit. This dog was better at giving head than any guy! The witch shuddered at his administration, her hands clamped over her boobs and she massaged them, firmly. She then started to pull, quite strongly at her nipples, already erect and about an inch long she stretched them even longer. "Oooh you naughty naughty dog" she said as she tugged and pulled at her nipples.

Her panting became ever faster, one hand reached down to clamp Bruiser's head into her pussy, she raised her hips off the floor and started to orgasm. She hadn't had sex for a long time, which probably explained why she came so quickly. Bruiser now having access to her "forbidden" rear hole stuck his tongue into it. This sent her way over the top and she writhed in ecstasy for what appeared to be minutes, raising and lowering her hips from the floor, on each lift Bruiser again buried his tongue up her ass.

Finally she came down from what must have been more than one orgasm, or if insan aur janwar fuk story was only one, it was a hell of a big one! "You naughty naughty doggy" blonde lingerie orgasm on cam watch part on ulacamcom admonished the poor dog, waving a finger at him.

Bruiser, cock stuck straight out under him and firmly erect was still panting, obviously wanting his own pleasure. She noticed his doggy cock, long and red, twisted herself so that she could take him in hand and proceeded to slide her grip nach discbetrunken ausgenutzt und geschwangert and down his throbbing member.

"What a nice doggy cock you have there" she said to him "Do you want me to help you with that?" Bruiser may not have understood her question but he certainly what he wanted as he thrust his cock into her grip. The wicked witch continued to tease and torment Bruiser by giving him a hand job, stopping, then starting again. "Would doggy like some pussy" she laughingly asked as she withdrew her hand from his cock and turned and raised herself onto all fours, her ass facing him.

She turned her head to look around at him, "Come on doggy, let's see what you can do" she said to him. Bruiser, no slouch in accepting this type of invitation was instantly behind her, front paws on her back and cock attempting to push it's way into whichever hole it could find. She reached between her legs, took hold of his cock and aimed it at her sopping pussy entrance.

Bruiser needed no more encouragement and with one thrust buried himself inside her. Once in that was all he needed, front paws pulling at her hips he fucked her furiously. Her whole body rocked backwards and forwards as Bruiser pulled and withdrew from her. His speed was extraordinary. "No…no…slow down a bit" she said and somehow managed to pull herself forward enough to get Bruiser's cock from penetrating her love hole. Bruiser, frustrated by this bitch stopping his pleasure, dug his front paws into her hips and pulled himself back into position.

No bitch was going to stop him! Unfortunately for this particular bitch Bruiser's aim was not the best, frustrated by her stopping and not particularly caring, he drove his slippery cock into her ass. Shocked and surprised by this sudden invasion all his bitch could say was "Oh". It was too late for her to do anything, Bruiser had his cock buried deep up her ass hole. Having never had a cock up her ass had taken her by surprise but after a quick shake of her pendulous boobs she started to thrust back at him.

"You are a very naughty doggy" she managed to say, through partially gritted teeth. Bruiser sped up, there was no way his cock was coming from out this tunnel until he had shot his wad. Faster and faster he went, tongue now hanging own the side of his mouth, his victim was panting as fast as he was and he suddenly arched his back as he thrust his cock as deep as he could into her and held.

She groaned as she felt what must have seemed like gallons of doggy sperm shoot up her ass and joined him in his orgasm, shuddering and her arms collapsing under her. After a couple of seconds, her face buried into the side of the carpet, she looked around at her friendly attacker.

"You can take it out now, you horny dog, you've had your pleasure". Unbeknown to her Bruiser had locked with her. The swollen knot stuck well into her ass. She wiggled her ass and then must have felt his knot as it spread her ass ring wide. "Oh my god" she said as she suddenly realised what had happened.

She looked around the room, suddenly scared of getting caught in the act. Having seen that nobody could see her she seemed to relax and let nature take it's course.

As Bruiser turned away from her, still knotted, she slipped her right hand between her legs and started to lay with herself, slowly rubbing her pussy.

Addressing the dog but not directly she prem ka chopra xxx storys com, "You know I must come and see to you more often". She laughed as she amazing babe having hot group sex smalltits hardcore, her laughing caused her anal ring to tighten on Bruiser cock and have the effect on reigniting his erection. Bruiser suddenly turned, grabbed mi and mom and friend of her hips and started to fuck her again.

"Oh no not again" she moaned to herself. Bruiser fucked her hard and fast, she continued to pleasure her pussy herself and both quickly came to orgasm. This time Bruiser didn't knot with her, timing had his cock out of her as he came and his cum shot over her, broad, bare ass. Quickly realising she was free she turned onto her back.

He wasn't getting another go, well today at least, she thought, wickedly, to herself! Looking down herself she could see her dress had been pulled all over, her ass cheeks were covered in doggy cum, she hadn't a clue what she had done with her panties or bra and there, in the corner was a dog happily licking his cock.

Realisation suddenly dawned on her! Had this dog done a similar thing to Angela, whilst she visited him regularly?

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She had certainly seemed a lot happier lately. No, surely not her sweet little Angela, there was no way she was being fucked by a dog? There again, never in a million years would she have believed that she would be either.

She was going to have to keep an eye on her and this dog!