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Pretty teen virgin sex and girls do porn obedient cleaning lady
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Chapter Three -- A Visit from the Earl James, the Earl of Sade, sat across from King Atheling in front of the roaring fire as they discussed the state of affairs of the land. After a while and several goblets of wine, their conversation turned, as it usually did, to the topic of women and who was the fairest in the land. "I still say that your mother, the queen is the fairest of all the women in the land," the earl said, sitting with one leg draped over the arm of the chair as he sipped on his wine and gently tapped his black, leather, knee-high boot on the chair.

"I must agree with you there, James," Atheling smiled, wondering if the earl knew of his mother, Queen Ides' new role as his lover. "Her handmaiden is quite a comely lass, too. Certainly not of the same class as your mother, the queen, but the girl certainly seems mountable all the same, if I must say so. ." the earl went on. "Have you ever considered taking the lass to your bed?" "No, but she has offered to join me there any time I wish," Atheling smiled back at him.

"Perhaps the king should take the fair maiden up on her offer," the earl leered back at him. "Perhaps some day I will," Atheling smiled. "Perhaps I will." "Why not today?" the earl smirked, giving Atheling a conspiratorial wink. "You mean now? With the two of us?" Atheling said, smiling and rising to his feet. "Unless the king would find it offensive. . ." the earl said, getting up and walking over to the table where the flask of wine lay. Atheling slowly walked over to the long, dangling felt cord that hung beside the fireplace.

"Something I've never tried, but I imagine the lass would be amenable. . if the payment were sufficient. She appears to be a bit on the bawdy side," Atheling leered, jerking on the cord.

Joining the earl at the table, Atheling topped off his goblet of wine and then walked over to the heavy door that led out into the hallway. Just then, there was a sharp rap suspect gets his cock blown and fucked by female officers the door. Atheling lifted the locking bar and pulled the door open. "You called, my Sire?" Anton asked, making an obligatory bow. "Yes, Anton. I wish to speak to the queen's hand maiden, Gretchen.

Would you ask her to join me?" Atheling said, turning and smiling at the earl again. "Yes, my Sire," Anton replied with a knowing smile on his lips as he bowed again, turning and briskly stepping down dirty blonde fucked and hardcore fetish fucking is not a game hallway. Closing the door, Atheling stepped over to the fireplace and tossed a couple more logs on the fire then retrieved his wine goblet and sat down in front of the roaring fire.

"So, have you ever done this before?" Atheling asked the earl. "Several times. My valet and I double on occasion. In fact, several of the wenches topless busty japanese teen schoolgirl pussy massage my estate seem to be quite fond of taking the two of us at the same time," he grinned back. "Like you say, if the price is sufficient, the wenches will comply with just about anything you wish." "Interesting," Atheling said, taking another swig of wine.

"Perhaps I'll see if Anton would be interested in joining me on occasion." "I'm sure he would. I've never known a man to turn down a free piece of cunt, or ass, for that matter. . ." Just then, there was a light tapping on the door. Atheling rose and quickly stepped over to it.

Lifting the bar, he pulled the door open to find Gretchen standing in the doorway looking at him with a lusty smile on her pretty face. "You summoned me, my King," she purred, curtsying and then brushing her hand over her mammoth bosom. "Yes, yes, Gretchen, come in, come in," Atheling grinned, stepping back and sweeping his hand into the room to invite her into his chamber. Demurely stepping into the king's chamber, Gretchen did a little double take when she looked over and saw the earl sitting in his chair by the fireplace.

Closing the door, Atheling turned to find Gretchen looking at him with a puzzled expression on her pretty face. "Have you met my liege, the Earl of Sade?" he asked her, swiping his hand in the direction of the earl.

"No, my Lord, I have heard of him, but I have never had the honor of meeting him, my Lord," she murmured, curtsying in the direction of the earl. "And what a shame that is," the earl smirked, running his eyes down over her ample figure. "Uh, pardon me for asking, but what did your Majesty wish to speak to me about?" she asked as Atheling stepped up in front of her.

"I was just wondering," he asked, slowly cupping her colossal breasts through her thick, woolen dress, "if these still yearned for the king's touch?" "Oh, yes, your Majesty, but. . ." she murmured, blushing and sneaking a glance at the earl who sat leering back at her."Uh, the earl?" "Would you mind if he joined us. . perhaps for a little afternoon m?ge a trios?" Atheling asked her, still groping her breasts through her thick dress. "We'll see that you are generously rewarded for your afternoon's work.

. ." "Uh, I've never, uh, never been with two men. . uh, two men at the same time, my Lord." Gretchen said, smiling shyly, looking first at the earl and then back to Atheling. "We will reward you well," Atheling repeated, moving his hands away from her breast and taking hold of her hand. Leading her over to the fireplace, Atheling turned her to face the fire and then walked around behind her.

Gretchen stood with her arms limply hanging down at her side as Atheling began to pluck at the long row of buttons running down the back of her dress. "So does the thought of being with two men at the same time appeal to my Lady?" the earl asked while Atheling continued about the business of unbuttoning her dress.

"I suppose it does, my Slutty slut does her best to cum she shyly smiled, her cheeks blushing red again. "Although it is not something that one really dwells on. . ." The earl watched on with obvious interest as Atheling's fingers crawled down the back of Gretchen's dress, unbuttoning button after button.

As the back of her dress slowly parted, Atheling saw that the only thing under the dress, besides Gretchen, was a pair of plain, white cotton pantaloons. As Atheling continued on, the earl slowly rose to his feet and stepped up in front of Gretchen. Reaching down, he grasped hold of her arm and lifted it up into the air. Quickly unbuttoning the three mother of pearl buttons on the cuff of her long sleeved dress, he gently tugged on the sleeve and pulled it down her arm.

As the sleeve slowly came slithering down her arm, the bodice of her dress lazily peeled away revealing the giant treasures hanging down from her chest. (PIC) "Good Lord, Gretchen! Your breasts are huge.

. ." "They became that way when I had my baby," she said, her face turning a deep crimson once again. "You have a child?" Atheling asked her, surprised at the fact that she had a child. "Yes, my Lord", she mumbled over her shoulder as Atheling unbuttoned the last button on her dress.

"The Queen needed a wet nurse for Prince Gothling so she asked me if I would do that for her. . ." "You would do that for the Queen?" Atheling asked her, rising back up to his feet as the earl tugged her other sleeve down her arm. "Yes, my Lord. After all, she is my Queen. And the queen and I are quite close to each other," she softly murmured as her dress collapsed down into a heap around her ankles. "So I have observed," Atheling chuckled, stepping around in front of her, recalling that first day he had seen his mother naked.

Looking down at her dangling breasts, he eased a hand under one of her mountainous udders and slowly lifted it. Leaning down, he pursed his lips around its big, puffy nipple. Sucking on it, he was immediately rewarded with a gush of warm, sweet milk. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the earl lift her other tit and suck its big, distended nipple into his mouth. Atheling continued to suck and more and more of the sweet elixir squirted out into his mouth.

Finally, he leaned back and licked his tongue around his lips as he eased her giant tit back down onto her chest while. Then he watched the earl did likewise. "Such a tasty treat, my Lady," he grinned at her, slowly kneeling down in front of her. "But now I have a hunger for the delicacy you have hidden down between your legs." "Oh, my King. . you would do that to your lowly servant. . ." she cooed, while the earl stood watching them as he slowly unbuttoned his ruffled blouse.

"Yes, my Lady. . hot, juicy cunt is one of my favorite repasts," Atheling smiled, plucking at the little, white bow in the center of the waistband of her cotton pantaloons. As he did, he saw that the crotch of her pantaloons was already soaked with her juice. "And It appears that my Lady's little cunny definitely falls into that hot and juicy category," Atheling grinned.

When the little bow came untied, her plain, white pantaloons went slithering down over the swell of her plump hips, Atheling watched a swirl of golden curls come into view. The growth of kinky, gold hairs covering the rounded slope of her belly was so profuse it almost obscured her pussy.

The only things visible were the fat, plump lips dangling down out of the nest of curls. "That's a forest down there, my Lady," Atheling mumbled, as her pantaloons skittered down her chubby legs and puddled around her ankles. "I can hardly see the treasure I know you have hidden in it." "Would the king wish the forest cleared?" she asked him, reaching down and running her fingers through the thick growth of kinky, gold hairs surrounding her pussy.

"I would even do it myself," Atheling grinned, pulling her pantaloons off over her feet and tossing them aside. "If my Lady was of a mind. . ." "As long as the king was careful not to harm it," she smiled down at him. "The lady would consent to such a thing." "What do you think, James? Shall we clear away the forest so we can find the treasure?" Atheling asked, looking over at the earl who was struggling with his knee-high boots.

"I think it would definitely be an improvment," he grinned back at Atheling. "And it would make finding my Lady's sweet treasure a lot easier. "Help the earl with his boots," Atheling told her, "while I fetch the shaving implements." "Yes, my Lord," Gretchen grinned, leaning over and grabbing hold of the bottom of one of the earl's tall boots.

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Her giant tits hung down below her, wriggling and jiggling wildly as she tugged and pulled on his boot. Finally, it came loose and Gretchen went stumbling backward with his boot still clutched in her hand.

Grinning, she tossed it on the floor where it landed with a loud clomp. Bending down, she repeated the process with his other boot while he watched with obvious appreciation as her colossal tits flounced and floundered about. With his boots off, the earl stood up and began pushing his britches down as Gretchen stood watching him with her legs spread and her hands on her hips. "Oh my. .

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. my Lord's cock is a large one. . very large one," Gretchen exclaimed, gawking down at the earl's giant cock as it limply dangled down between his muscular thighs. "I've had no complaints on my weapon," he grinned, stepping out of his britches, "nor with my ability to wield it. . ." "Well, it is no rapier," she smiled, reaching out and running her fingers down its thick shaft.

"It's more like a broadsword. . ." "It has won many a duel with cunts foolish enough to challenge it," the earl smirked as Atheling came striding back into the chamber. He had taken the time to disrobe and now the three of them were as naked as the day they'd been born.

"I have one of those foolish cunts who would like to challenge it as soon as the forest has been cleared away," she lustily smiled, giving the earl's prodigious penis it a gentle squeeze. Then Gretchen turned toward Atheling and her eyes darted down to his giant cock as it flopped and flounced around between his muscular legs. "Oh, your Majesty.

. you have a large one, too," she giggled. "Never have I seen two finer warhorses than the two the two of you are sporting. . ." "Perhaps we will let the lady take them for a ride, after we have cleared away the forest," Atheling smiled, setting the shaving implements on the table.

"My lady would be privileged savita bhabhi cartoon xxx story take a ride on two such fine mounts," Gretchen cooed. "Would my Lady perhaps like to ride both chargers at the same time?" the earl leered, running his hand over her breast and pinching a big, bloated nipple. "Oh, my Lord," she exclaimed with widely flared eyes. "Is such a thing possible?" "Quite possible, my Lady," the earl leered, running his hand down to her sopping pussy and easing a thick, stubby finger up into the wet, slippery opening of her vagina.

"Both of them, right up in here. . ." "Oh, my Lord," Gretchen giggled as the earl slowly fucked her hot cunt with his finger. As he did, Atheling kneeled down behind her and grabbed hold of the plump cheeks of her ass.

"And if that is not possible," he told her, roughly spreading the cheeks of her ass apart, "there is always this hole.

. ." As he spoke, he leaned down and licked the tip of his tongue over the fluted pout of her asshole. "Oh, my, my King," Gretchen giggled again, thrusting her asshole back against his inquisitive tongue. "Would his Majesty like to fuck Gretchen's little asshole, too?" "The king would sweeten the pot considerably if that were to come about," Atheling mumbled, licking his tongue up and down across her asshole.

"Well, let's get the forest cleared away so the festivities can begin," she told him. Pushing up to his feet, Atheling grabbed hold of one of the fat cheeks of her ass and turned her toward the table. Guiding her up to the table, he stopped her and turned a chair so that she could step up onto it.

"Let us help my Lady up onto the table," he told her, holding onto her hand to balance her as she climbed up onto the chair, "so the Hayward can go about his duties.

. ." The king and the earl stood by the chair as Gretchen reached down and grasped hold of their shoulders to balance herself. Then, she lifted her knee up onto the table and gingerly crawled out onto it.

Both grinning men watched her giant tits floundering about wildly as they each groped a big, fleshy ass cheek. "Oh, such naughty Lords," Gretchen sniggered, shaking her ass back and forth as they groped it.

Finally they let go of her ass and watched her flop over onto her back. Throwing her legs apart, she splayed them out and bared her hairy pussy to Atheling. Lying the way she was, her head was dangling down over the edge of the table on the other side with her long, braided hair hanging down almost brushing the floor.

Smiling lewdly, Atheling grabbed up the little brush and churned up a froth of white foam in the little porcelain cup while the earl walked around to the other side of the table where Gretchen's head was hanging over the edge.

"Would my Lady like to partake of a little royal sausage before the festivities begin?" the earl leered down at her as he lifted his big, limp peter and rubbed its bloated, purple head across her pretty, pink lips.

"I've never tasted royal sausage before," Gretchen giggled. "What does it taste like?" "Just about the same as common sausage, I'm afraid," the earl snickered. "But it does have a creme filling that most wenches find quite tasty." "But if you give me your cr?

filling, how will I be able to mount your mighty steed?" she asked with a smile on her upside down face. "We have all afternoon, my Lady," the earl grinned down at her. "And I'm sure curvaceous vixen alison tyler intensely fucked and facialed my Lady will find a way to bring him back to life.

. ." "Well, if it is the earl's wish, I will dine on his royal sausage and bring forth its creamy filling," she laughed, quickly sucking his cock into her mouth. As she hungrily sucked and slurped on the earl's peter, Atheling smeared the thick, white foam all around the big, meaty cleft between her widely splayed legs. Once he was satisfied that all the hair was covered with the white foam, he set down the cup and picked up the straight razor.

Giving it a couple of quick strops on the long, leather strop, he brought it up to Gretchen's hairy groin and began to shave away the lush growth of foam-covered curls. Holding onto the girl's fleshy pussy lips, Atheling maneuvered them this way and that way as he skillfully wielded the razor over and round her pussy.

Being careful not to nick her, he quickly cleared away the forest of gold curls. Setting aside the razor, he dabbed one of the linen napkins in the little basin of water and gently wiped away the last of the foam. "There, much better. . the forest no longer restricts one's view of the beautiful valley," Atheling grinned, running his fingers over the soft folds of flesh below her cleanly shaven mons. "Yes, much. . ." the earl panted, raunchy foursome session with desirable sex bombs pornstars creampie working his hips back and forth as he fucked Gretchen's pretty face.

As he did, Gretchen had her arms stretched out up above her head with her hands curled around the earl's hips. Pushing and pulling on the earl's hips, she controlled the pace of the fucking her mouth was getting.

Atheling could see that the earl's cock was now fully charged as it slithered in and out between Gretchen's pouty, pink lips. Bending down over her, Atheling quickly fingered the fat, gorged lips of her pussy apart. He could see that the girl's excitement was obvious as juice was seeping out of her pussy and running down into the crack of her plump ass.

Bending down lower, Atheling stuck out his tongue and slowly licked it up the lush, juice-filled xxx story 12 agh girls porn between the thick, bloated lips of her pussy. Savoring the tart taste of her juices on his tongue, he inhaled deeply, taking in the pungent scent of her oestrus. Licking higher, Atheling quickly found the jut of her big clit with the tip of his insistent tongue. Licking the tip of his tongue across her swollen clit, Atheling heard a soft gurgle escape out of her mouth around the earl's pistoning prick.

Then as he began teasing and tormenting her big clit, Atheling reached up and latched onto her undulating tits with both hands. Milk was seeping out of her big, puffy nipples coating her breast and his hands with its sticky warmth as he plucked and pulled on them.

As Atheling continued to lick and lap at Gretchen's big clit, he could hear the earl playing with me momes tits purn xxxx and grunting as his hips worked back and forth faster and faster. "Yes—yes—yes—suck harder—harder—" the earl grunted as he pumped his cock in and out of Gretchen's mouth.

"Unhhhhhhh. . ." Gretchen gurgled out around his cock as she hungrily slurped away at it. Looking up over Gretchen's smoothly shaven mons and her softly rounded belly, Atheling could see that the earl's face was distorted into a pre-eruptive grimace as he humped away at the girl's pretty face.

Then, all perfect teen ass spread xxx risky birthday capers with a sudden, the earl lunged forward and buried his cock into Gretchen's mouth all the way up to its hairy hilt.

As he did, Atheling heard Gretchen give out a choking gurgle and the muscles in her throat began to clench and relax. She had taken him into her throat, Atheling perversely thought as the earl continued to hold his cock thrust down into the girl's mouth.

Atheling could only imagine how much cum the earl's evil cock was spewing out into the girl's throat as Gretchen's full, pink lips were buried in the mass of curly brown hairs encircling the thick base of the earl's buried cock.

The earl's big, dangling balls were hanging down below his cock and brushing against her forehead as he kept himself thrust down into her throat. At last, with a tired grunt, the earl stepped back and slowly pulled his wilting penis out of her mouth and throat. As he did, Gretchen's tits heaved up and down wildly when she sucked in a deep, lungful of air.

"My Lady, please let me know if you ever wish to leave your service to the queen," the earl groaned. "For if you do, I have a position for you in my castle. . ." "Did I please the earl?" she asked, coyly running her little, pink tongue around her lips. "Never has he been pleased so royally," he muttered, stepping back up to her and lifting his limp penis back up to her mouth.

"But now, you must bring your royal mount back to life." "As you wish," she laughed, opening her mouth and sucking his big dick back inside it. As Atheling kept on tonguing and licking at her clit, Gretchen lifted her feet up into the air and gently rested their soles on his broad shoulders. Then, she splayed her legs out so wide the soles of her feet were resting against his neck as she humped herself up at his ravaging attack on her vulnerable clit.

Seeing the muscles in her belly tightening, Atheling assaulted her clit with even more savagery, slashing his tongue back and forth across it as fast as he could. Then, even as she continued to feast on the earl's hardening penis, she gave out a loud "Oompfffff." Her whole body stiffened and her legs began to quiver and shake as she thrust herself up against Atheling's mouth.

As she came, the earl sadistically pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, never even slowing his attack on it.

But Gretchen didn't seem to mind as she came and came and came. But at last it was over for her as she melted back down onto the table. Rising up from between Gretchen's chunky legs, Atheling wiped the back of his hand across his lips and saw that the earl's prodigious penis was once again back in full fighting order. But that didn't deter the earl from continuing his assault on Gretchen's mouth. And as he humped away at her mouth, the earl now had his hands wrapped around Gretchen's mammoth breasts.

He was roughly squeezing them, pulling on them and milking them. As he did streams of milk were squirting up from her big, puffy nipples and splashing back down on her japanese brother suck sister big boobs while sleeping speckling them with little, white dots of milk. "I think the time has come for her ride," Atheling said.

"I suppose so," the earl grunted, reluctantly letting go of her tits and slowly backing his cock out of her mouth.

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Reaching for Gretchen's hands, Atheling took hold of them and pulled her up to a sitting position. Then, wrapping his hands around her ample waist, he lifted her off the table and set her down on the floor. Her big, pendulous breasts were covered with streams of white milk as they jiggled and shook. Taking her by the hand, Atheling led her across the cold stone floor to his big, king-sized bed. "Let me, my King," James said, stepping around Atheling and crawling up on the bed.

Then as Atheling and Gretchen stood watching, James rolled over onto his back. As he did, his big, hard cock slashed back and forth angrily before he grabbed hold of it and held it sticking straight up in the air.

"Your mount awaits you, my Lady," James smirked at Gretchen. "And as fine a looking mount as I have ever ridden, my Lord," Gretchen giggled, putting a knee up on the bed and crawling up on it. Straddling the earl's hairy legs, she crawled up his body until her pussy was directly above his jutting penis. Atheling watched on as Gretchen reached down between her wide spread legs and brushed the earl's hand aside.

Grabbing hold of the earl's cock, she spread her legs wider and lowered her hips, letting her pussy settle down around the pointy tip of the head of the earl's penis. As she did, Ex domintraix gets her pussy rammed hard by pawn man brunette reality thrust his hips up at her at the same instant she dropped down on him, taking his big dick up into her pussy all the way up to the hilt.

Then, as James began to hump his peter up into Gretchen's pussy, Atheling reached down and pushed James's hairy legs apart. Admiring Gretchen's bountiful ass as it flounced up and down in front of him, Atheling crawled up on the bed between James's outstretched legs.

Moving up behind Gretchen, he wrapped one hand around her waist and the other around his big, jutting cock. Leaning forward, he lifted his cock up to Gretchen's already stuffed pussy.

Fitting the tapered tip of his cock down on the bottom of James's slowly pistoning penis, Atheling leaned forward and slowly forced the head of his cock down into Gretchen's widely stretched pussy.

The fleshy opening of her vagina gave way slowly as Atheling's big cockhead stretched it open and eased inside. Gretchen gave out a soft murmur as Atheling let go of his cock and leaned into her forcing his big cock deeper into the clinging tightness of her pussy.

The hot muck of Gretchen's cunt collapsed down around the two invading peters as Atheling inched his penis in along the bottom of the earl's embedded monster. Rubbing along the underside of the earl's giant cock, Atheling's big penis burrowed deeper and deeper into the tight, clinging core of Gretchen's widely stretched vagina. At last, both of the huge cocks were buried up to their hairy hilts inside Gretchen's cunt. "Oh, my Lords, you're stretching my poor, little pussy so bad.

. ." Gretchen groaned out. It was a strange sensation feeling his big dick rubbing along the rounded bottom of the earl's cock, Atheling thought as he began to slowly rock back and forth. Both men were now working their big cocks in and out of Gretchen's accommodating pussy as her big tits swung back and forth below her. As they did, her big, puffy nipples scraped along the earl's hair chest sending tickles of excitement down to her widely stretched pussy.

Wrapping both hands around her waist, Atheling jerked Gretchen back and forth on their big cocks as her soft ass slapped against his belly and his big, dangling balls slapped up against the earl's equally large gonads. It was hard to believe that a pussy that could feel nice and tight on one cock could take both of their oversized penises.

The fat, bloated lips of Gretchen's pussy wetly clung to the two giants as they slid in and out of her overstuffed pussy. The earl hardly had to do any work at all as Atheling's big cock rubbed back and forth along his cock. In a sense, Atheling was involuntarily masturbating the earl's cock with his own cock.

"I'm going to come, my Lords. . ."Gretchen gasped bigtits stepdaughter rides cock outdoors reality and amateur, throwing her head back and frantically humping herself back at the two cocks as they slashed in and out of her pussy.

Both men immediately picked up the pace of their fucking, hammering their cocks into her at a frantic cadence. The king's chamber was filled with the obscene, vulgar sounds of their fucking as the sounds reverberated and echoed off the stone walls. Time passed slowly as the two men continued to pound away at Gretchen's meaty cunt. Five minutes passed, then ten, but neither man relented in his savage attack on her froth-smeared pussy as she worked herself back and forth on the two pistoning giants.

Finally, James gave out a long, shuddering groan as he arched his back and drove his cock up into Gretchen's pussy as deep as it would go. Just then, James's penis lurched and Atheling felt a gush of warm, gooey cum coat his own penis as he continued to slam it into Gretchen's spasming pussy. "Come—my King—come—" Gretchen groaned out straining back against him as her body began to tremble and shake. Then Atheling felt his own peter kick down inside Gretchen's overstuffed pussy as it spurted out a massive gush of thick, hot cum that immediately mixed with the earl's gooey semen filling Gretchen's pussy to the point of overflowing.

The two giant peters continued to spew out their creamy load into Gretchen's overflowing pussy as she trembled and shook her way through her orgasm. At last, emptied, Atheling leaned back and pulled his cum-coated penis out of Gretchen's widely stretched pussy. As he did, a gush of cum spewed out of her pussy, ran down the shaft of the earl's penis and poured down onto the earl's big, hairy balls. "Royal balls certainly hold a lot cr?," Gretchen giggled as she leaned forward and let the earl's softening penis slither out of her cunt.

As it did, it flopped down onto his belly and continued to shrink and shrivel. "Sweet Gretchen, you bring out the best in a man," Atheling snickered, dropping his feet back down onto the floor.

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"That she does. . ." James agreed as Gretchen threw a leg off him and crawled over to the edge of the bed where Atheling stood watching her. Dropping her dainty feet down onto the cold, stone floor, she stood up beside Atheling and reached out to his dangling penis. "What would the Queen think of her sweet, little handmaiden if she knew what a bawdy slut she was?" James smirked at her as he scooted over to the edge of the bed.

"Would you like to ask her?" Atheling leered at the earl as James pushed up to his feet. "What?" James asked cupping one of Gretchen's giant tits and giving it a soft squeeze. "What does my King mean?" "Would you like to ask the queen in person?" Atheling smirked, stepping over and pulling his heavy, black robe off its peg. "You mean. . ." James said, letting the insinuation hang in the air like a suspended dagger. Walking back over to Gretchen, Atheling draped his robe around her shoulders and fastened jeweled clasp at its neck.

"Gretchen, go tell my mother that I would like see her," Atheling smiled, taking her hand and leading her over to the door. "As you say, my King," Gretchen said, giving Atheling a little smile as she curtsied to him. Then he pulled the door open and gave her a little slap on the butt through the robe as she walked out through the door.

"Hurry, my Lady, for we wish not to be kept waiting," Atheling laughed. Closing the door, he left it unlocked and retrieved his goblet of wine. "So what is going on, my King?" James asked, joining Atheling by the roaring fireplace.

"It all began back when good King Enclaus was killed back in the Hasting War," Atheling said, taking another sip on his wine. "Yes, I remember it well," James smiled, looking up at the black crossbow hanging above the roaring fireplace. "Killed by a crossbow, as I recall. . ." "Yes, that's right," Atheling smirked, following James's eyes with his own. "A crossbow! And that is when I decided to claim my kingly right to succession." "You mean your right to claim the old king's queen as your own queen?

But she is your mother. . ." James murmured, staring into Atheling's cold, blue eyes. "Yes, she is," Atheling leered back at him. "And that's what makes it that much more pleasurable. Don't you think?" "My, God, man," James swore. "Why I haven't even stooped that low. . ." "Would you like to?" Atheling leered at him. "What? Fuck my mother?" James shot back at him.

"No," Atheling snorted. "Fuck my mother. Fuck the queen. . ." "What? Do you horny babe unzips your pants and starts stroking handjob young it?

Fuck your mother? Fuck the most beautiful woman in the land?" James choked out. "What man wouldn't want to do that. . but what is the catch? What do I have to pay for such a treasure?" "No catch," Atheling said, taking another sip off his wine as he looked over at James with his icy, blue eyes. "She is my queen and she must learn her place. And that place is to please her new king. Please him and do anything that he requests of her.

two massive toys for a cute blonde So if my request is for her to bring pleasure to my friends, then so be it, she must comply.

Understand?" "No jealousy?" James asked. "Oh, a trifle, but nothing to compare to the enjoyment I'll get watching her suffer the humiliation I know that she will rightly undergo at your hands," Atheling leered back at him. "If you say so, my King. . then it will be so," James said, smirking and taking another long sip on his wine. Just then, there was a faint knock on the door. "You may enter, the door is unlocked," Atheling said, smiling at the earl.

The door swung outward as Queen Ides peeked around it. "Oh, my King. . what?" she gasped, her big, flared eyes darting back and forth between the two naked men who sat leering back at her. "Come in, come in, my Queen," Atheling smiled. Queen Ides took a tentative step into the chamber. As she did, Gretchen stepped in behind her and quietly closed the door.

"Mother, I'm sure you know James, the Earl of Sade. . ." Atheling said, flippantly waving his hand at the earl. "Uh, uh, yes, we've met. . ." Queen Ides mumbled, her face now a deep crimson as she nervously glanced over at the earl who sat with his legs splayed out and one draped over a chair arm to reveal his big, limp penis.

"But, but what is this?" "Well, the earl has put forth the supposition that you, my Queen, are the most beautiful woman in the land. Right, James?" Atheling said, smiling at his mother. "Yes, yes, my King. Far more beautiful than any other. . ." James smiled, letting his eyes wander over her bosom and then down her long, flowing dress.

"So, I have invited you over so that you may show him the true extent of your beauty." Atheling said, pushing up to his feet. "No, my Lord, please, please don't do this.

. please, I beg of you," Queen Ides begged as Atheling stepped over to where she stood and grabbed hold of her hand. Tugging on her hand gently, but forcefully, Atheling pulled across the room to the fireplace where James sat smiling up at her. "Gretchen, would you please disrobe the queen.

. so that the earl may see the real extent of her beauty. . ." Atheling ordered. "Yes, my King," Gretchen said, stepping back over to the peg that had held Atheling's robe. She quickly swept the robe off and draped it on the peg before stepping over to where the queen stood staring at her in stunned disbelief.

"Gretchen. tiene antildeos y ya es mas puta que ninguna otra chica de brunoymaria. ." Queen Ides murmured as Gretchen stepped up behind her and reached up to the neckline of the queen's dress. "It is my King's order, my Queen," Gretchen murmured, plucking at the buttons on the back of the queen's dress. "Atheling. . please.

. please don't make me do this," Ides choked out, helplessly looking over at him as he sat in his chair sipping on his wine and watching her. "Why, my Queen," Atheling leered back at her. "We both know how much you like a big, hard cock. . and James's cock is just as big and hard as mine. . so I'm sure that you will find it satisfactory in all aspects.

. and if that isn't enough, we have other plans for your sweet pussy. . ." "James, please make him stop this madness," Ides said, turning her attention to the earl. "But, my Queen, he is the King. . what can a lowly earl do to circumvent the king's orders?" James smiled up at her, watching her dress loosen its hold on her body as more and more buttons were unbuttoned.

"This is a disgrace," she fumed as Mom dad beti ki bf film fingers crept lower and lower down the back of her dress. "As I have told you before, my Queen. I am growing exceedingly tired of your endless protests. I am your King! Obey me! Now!" Atheling growled. At last Gretchen unbuttoned the final button and stood back up.

Stepping around in front of the queen, she grasped the cuffs of the dress's long sleeves and gave them a little tug. The sleeves came sliding down Ides arm as the rest of the dress fell forward exposing the silk chemise underneath it. "Please, Atheling, don't do this. . ." Ides murmured as Gretchen bent down and grasped the hem of the silk chemise.

Gretchen then slowly lifted it up Queen Ide's body revealing her red, loads of face pissing for wild beauty pantaloons. Then as it lifted higher, Ides' beautiful breasts emerged from under the silk chemise. "Oh, my Lady. . ." James gasped, gawking down at her quivering breasts as Ides lifted her hands up into the air and Gretchen pulled the chemise up over them. 'So beautiful.

. everything I had imagined and more. . much, much more." The big, round globes of smooth, pink flesh hung down heavily, jiggling and quivering as James worshipfully stared at them in awe and reverence. "James, you may show your respect to the Queen's sweet pussy, if you wish," Atheling smirked, motioning for Gretchen to come to him as he wrapped his hand around his big, limp penis and lifted it into the air.

"Come Gretchen, I have some more royal sausage for you to dine on. . ." Pushing up out of the chair, James stepped over to Queen Ides. "Please, my Lord, don't do this. . ." she whimpered softly. "My Queen, it is the King's order," James smirked at her, slowly dropping to his knees in front of her. "But first we must remove these impediments." As he spoke, he reached out to the little, silk bow on the waist band of her red, satin pantaloons. Pinching it between a finger and thumb, he gave it a gentle tug and watched on expectantly as her pantaloons went whispering down over the curve of her hips.

As the red satin slithered down Ides' long legs, it revealed the nest of black curls covering the V of Ides' softly sloped belly and the two meaty lips hanging down below it. "Please, my Lord.

. ." Ides begged as James reached out and reverently ran his fingertips over the nest of soft curls. "Such a precious treasure," James whispered, wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling himself charming mother id like to fuck loves hard fuck to his feet. "Please, James. . ." Ides pleaded. "Come, my Queen, sit. Make yourself comfortable," James told her, gently tugging on her hand, leading her to his chair.

"For I wish to dine on the sweet delicacy that lies down between your lovely legs. . ." "Please, my Lord. . ." she hopelessly whispered, helplessly standing in front of the big, black chair. Standing behind her, James reached out and gently grasped hold of her hips. Then, he gently turned her until her back was to the chair. Smiling at her as she plaintively stared into his cold, dark eyes, James softly, but insistently forced her down onto the chair.

Watching on, perversely pleased with his mother's misery, Atheling could feel Gretchen's lips working on his cock. She was on her knees in front of him, kneeling on the big, bearskin rug that lay in front of the fireplace. She had one hand curled around his cock, holding it up and her other hand was under his big balls, cupping them, squeezing and playing with them.

Then Atheling saw James drop to his knees on the rug in front of his mother. As James did, he reached down and wrapped his hands around the queen's trim ankles. Insolently staring into her big, tear-rimmed eyes, he slowly lifted her legs up into the air and placed her dainty feet on his shoulders. Looking down at the beautiful, pink rose that lay between her legs, he slowly pushed her legs apart until the sides of her thighs were resting against the arms of the chair.

With the queen's legs now widely splayed, the soft, warm soles of her feet were pressed against James's neck as he slid his hands down under her thighs and curled them up over their tops.

Gently tugging on her legs, James pulled her toward him until big, pink gash was perched just above the edge of the chair seat. Then James leaned down and began to probe and lick at the big, fleshy lips of her pussy with his tongue, trying to spread them open and reveal the secret opening between them. They slowly unfurled and his tongue found the seeping slit. Savoring the piquant tartness of her juices, James slowly licked his way up to her swollen, jutting clit.

The room reeked of the inciting smell of hot, aroused pussy. . and sex, Atheling laughed to himself. The two women were literally smelling up the room. . Even from where his sat, Atheling could see that his mother's big gonzo anal scene with emily thorne by ass traffic was hard and swollen, sticking up out of its fleshy hood seemingly begging for attention.

It wasn't the only thing that was hard and swollen, he sickly thought as he looked down at his almost fully erect penis and watched Gretchen's pouty, pink lips working up and down its shaft. The girl certainly knew how to please a man, he told himself as he felt her hot tongue twirling round and round the head of his prick while she sucked on him. Looking back over at the queen and James, he saw that his mother had her eyes clenched shut as her head was thrust back against the chair.

Her arms were resting on the arms of the chair with her hands tightly clasped around them. Her legs were still widely splayed out exposing her vulnerable pussy to James's slashing tongue. Her pretty face was etched with a grimace. Atheling wondered if the grimace was one of pleasure or one of determination not to give in to James's slashing tongue.

Then Atheling felt Gretchen's mouth lift off his fully hardened penis. Looking down, he saw her shove his big prick up against his belly and slowly lick her way down the rounded bulge running along its underside.

She licked her way down its entire length down to his big, dangling balls. Slowly, sensually, she wrapped her pouty lips around one of the big orbs and sucked it into her mouth.

Running her hot, little tongue over it, she opened her mouth wider and with her fingertips, she guided his other big ball into her mouth. Atheling could feel her gently sucking and pulling on his big balls with her hot mouth.

Then, as she continued to suck on his balls, Atheling felt her fingertips tickle up the crack of his ass until they brushed across the fluted pout of his asshole. Wondering what Gretchen was up to, he watched her let his balls slither out of her mouth as she slowly licked her way back up to the swollen, purple head of massive boobs milf giving handjob pov bigtits and tugjob cock.

She quickly and loudly sucked his cock back into her mouth as her fingertips continued to play across his asshole.

As Gretchen worked her mouth up and down the shaft of his cock, Atheling looked back over at his mother and James. When he did, he saw that his mother now had her fingers curled down in James's long, black hair and was pulling him against her pussy as she ground it against his mouth. Her long legs were bouncing up and down on the arms of the chair as she humped herself up at the earl's hungry mouth.

"Yes—yes—yes—" Atheling heard her hiss as her butt bounced up and down on the seat of the chair and her huge tits floundered about heavily. Well, so much for her fighting it, Atheling sickly thought as he watched James ravage her pussy with his mouth. Then he saw his mother's legs shoot out as her body stiffened and she began to groan and strain up against James's insistent mouth.

Her legs were now draped over James's shoulders with the backs of her knees resting on them. Her legs hung down over his back and her soft, round, little heels were beating against James's back. "Yes—yes—yes—" she hissed again grinding her pussy against James's mouth as she held him shoved down against it.

Atheling could see that her whole groin was slathered with her thick, frothy juices as it poured out of her spasming pussy and ran down onto the seat of the chair.

Then, as her body began to relax, she eased her fingers back out of James's sweaty hair. "James. . ." she softly murmured, running her fingertips through his hair. A spark of jealousy flared off in Atheling's brain as he watched the intimacy his mother was lavishing on James.

He had meant to humiliate her, not this, he sickly thought. Then he watched his mother lift her legs off James's shoulders and drop her feet back down onto the rug. When she did, James reached out and grabbed hold of the arms of the chair and used them to pull himself to his feet.

As he did, Atheling saw that the earl's big dick was jutting out stiff and hard as it bobbed up and down in front Queen Ide's pretty face. "My. . ." Atheling heard his mother murmur as she reached up and wrapped a hand around the jutting monster. With a lusty, little smile playing across her full, red lips, she looked up into James's eyes as she opened her mouth and pulled his cock toward it.

Watching on enviously, Atheling watched the earl curl his hips up and ease his big cock in between Queen Ides's full lips. As he did, Atheling watched his mother's lips collapse down around the thick, swollen shaft of the earl's jutting penis. Then he heard a loud slurp as his mother began to suck on the earl's big cock.

As Gretchen continued to suck on his own cock, Atheling watched James's muscular ass begin to rock back and forth as the earl fucked Queen Ides's pretty face. Then he saw the earl reach out and grab hold of her hair. Holding onto her black hair, he fisted his hand down into it and used it to jerk it her head back and forth as he humped away at her mouth.

"Enough. . ." Atheling said, a touch of anger creeping into his voice. James's ass slowly ground to a halt and he slowly backed his big dick out of Ides' mouth. "Sorry, my King, I got a little carried away," the earl panted, releasing his hold on the queen's hair.

Atheling pushed Gretchen away and stood up. Stepping over to where his mother sat looking up at him, he reached down and took hold of her hand.

With a rough tug, he pulled her to her feet. "Please sit, James," Atheling told the earl. With a knowing smile on his face, James turned and sat back down in his chair. His big, stiff penis was still jutting up into the air as he sat looking up at Atheling. "Mount your steed, my Queen," Atheling told his mother, turning her so that her back was to the earl.

Without a word of protest, Queen Ides slowly backed up between the earl's legs until the back of her shapely calves brushed up against the chair. Then as the earl wrapped his hands around her narrow waist, she leaned back and grasped hold of the arms of the chair.

As she leaned back, the earl gave out a grunt and lifted her at the same time she pushed up off the chair arms. Holding onto the arms, she lifted her feet off the floor and put then on the seat of the chair, one on each side of the earl's hips.

Atheling stood watching as Gretchen stepped around him and dropped to her knees in front of the queen and the earl. Reaching out to the earl's cock, she grasped hold of it kinky slut gets fucked hard on a model casting session pornstars hardcore pulled it up into the air underneath the queen.

Looking down between her splayed legs at the earl's jutting cock, Queen Ides slowly lowered her pussy down onto it. Atheling watched on enviously as her fat, bloated pussy lips descended down around the big, purple head of James's peter while his mother lowered herself down onto the giant. As Ides lowered herself down on the earl's penis, Gretchen continued to hold it up into the air.

Dropping lower and lower, the queen took more and more of James's cock up inside her pussy. The earl kept his hands wrapped around her narrow waist forcing her down on the cock until her gorged pussy lips were wrapped around the thick, hairy base of his cock. Grinding herself down on his hairy groin, the queen slowly rotated her hips around in a circle, twirling his big dick around in the tight clutch of her pussy. "Lean back, my queen," Atheling told her as he stepped up in front of them.

"What? What are you going to do?" she asked, leaning back against the earl's hairy chest. "Watch and you will see. . ." Atheling leered at her, stepping over the earl's legs and straddling them. As he did, his big cock was sticking straight out, pointing right at his mother's pussy. The rounded tip of his big, bloated cockhead nudged up against her clitoris as Atheling reached out and cupped his hands around the backs of her calves.

Pulling them toward him, he lifted them up until the crooks of her ankles were resting on his shoulders. "Gretchen, if you would help me," he grinned down at her as she stood on her knees by the chair. "What? What are you doing?" Ides asked, looking down at Atheling's cock as it ominously pointed down at her already stuffed pussy.

"Yes, my King," Gretchen murmured, wrapping her hand around the thick shaft of his penis and pulled it down until the tapered tip of its head was resting against the shaft of the earl's buried cock. "No! No! You can't—it won't fit—it's too big¬—" Ides gasped staring down at Atheling's big dick as he leaned into her and began to force the head of his penis into her pussy. "It here to have a good time cdi fit, won't it Gretchen," Atheling smirked, continuing to force his cock into the tight opening of his mother's pussy, stretching it open and spreading it wider.

The fleshy gash began to stretch open, widening itself to accept the second monstrous cock as it slid down into it. "Unnnnnnnn. . ." Ides groaned out as Atheling continued to push his penis down into the clutching sheath of her vagina.

Just as it had been with Gretchen, it felt strange having the rounded underside of the earl's big cock rubbing along the underside of his cock, Atheling thought as he continued to inch his penis into her deeper and deeper.

The head of Atheling's cock rubbed against the rounded underside of the earl's cock as it stretched the opening of her vagina saya songs anal initiation jonni darkko john strong chad diamond donnie rock markus dupree filthy ri and forced its way into the clutching muck of her pussy.

"Oh—oh—so big—" Ides whimpered as Atheling's cock slowly disappeared down inside her pussy. Atheling didn't relent and kept pushing it into her until he was finally buried balls deep inside her. As his hairy belly nudged up against her belly, his big, dangling amara romani makes her pussy wet with her man slapped up against the earl's balls. Now both men had their big cocks buried inside her accommodating pussy all the way up to the hilt.

"How does that feel, my Queen?" Atheling asked, leering at her. "So full—" she whined. Then Atheling slowly backed his peter back down the stretched channel of her pussy.

And as he did, Gretchen placed a finger on the queen's clit and forced it down against the shaft of Atheling's retreating penis. Now the rounded bottoms of the men's cocks rubbed together as they both began to fuck them in and out of her overstuffed pussy.

"I didn't think it possible," the queen murmured as Atheling reached around her upthrust legs and clutched her big, jiggling breasts. Squeezing and plucking at her breasts, he saw the big, puffy nipples begin to ooze and seep out streams of pure, white milk.

The warm milk oozed out of the nipples, down over his hands, over the rounded underside of her breasts and onto her belly. The two cocks rubbed together as they slashed in and out of the queen's widely stretched cunt. Atheling's ass was flying back and forth as he pounded away at her overstuffed pussy while the earl was curling his ass up off the chair and impaling the queen's cunt at the same time.

The flared edges of the cock's big heads rubbed together as the two men forced their big cocks deeper into her accommodating pussy.

In and out, in and out, the giant peters worked as they plowed the ballooned channel of the queen's stuffed pussy. Grunting and huffing, the two men furiously fucked Ides' cunt as their cocks scraped together inside her. The thick, meaty lips of the queen's pussy wetly clung to the two giants as they sawed in and out between them. Then, as Atheling rocked back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of his mother's pussy, he felt Gretchen's fingers on his ass.

Her fingers crept down into the crack of his ass and tickled their way over to the pout of his asshole. For several seconds, she continued to tickle and tease the fluted ring of flesh, and then Atheling felt one of her fingertips find the very center of the opening of his asshole.

Atheling continued to work his ass back and forth, humping away at the queen's pussy as Gretchen's finger probed deeper and deeper down into his ass. All at once, Gretchen's finger found his tender prostate.

As she began to rub the tip of her finger back and forth over his prostate, Atheling felt new and exciting sensations welling up from his ass. Looking down at Gretchen, he saw that she was grinning up at him and working her finger back and forth faster. Time seemed to stand still as the two men pounded away at the queen's widely stretched cunt.

It seemed to Atheling that they had been fucking for hours as their big cocks slashed in and out of her. Then Gretchen's warm fingers curled around his dangling balls as they flopped back and forth under his pistoning peter. Roughly clutching and tugging on his balls, Gretchen continued to tickle and rub his prostate with the tip of her embedded finger.

As the two giant cocks slid in and out of Ides' pussy, Atheling felt her begin to quiver and strain. The muscles in her shapely legs tightened and lifted off Atheling's shoulders as she arched her tiny feet and pointed her toes at the ceiling.

Then a strangling, choking groan escaped her lips and she began shake. Her ass was pattering up and down and Atheling could feel her stretched interracial hot sex pamela sanchez and max rajoy fuck on stage by begin to clutch and grasp at their bounding cocks as Ides came and came on their big cocks.

As she did, hot, sticky gushes of juice poured out around their pistoning peters, coating the earl's big, dangling balls with its gummy heat. The feelings radiating up from his impaled ass and balls were so pleasurable and new, Atheling felt the burn begin down inside his flopping balls.

If she kept it up, he wasn't going to be able to last much longer, he giddily thought. Suddenly, Atheling girl fucks a tied up guy poorpenis femdom the fireball down inside his balls erupt. As it did, he jerked back and the first gooey gob of cum spurted out of the head of his dick to land directly on his mother's pussy and James's embedded penis.

"Unh. . ." he grunted as he felt Gretchen's fingers curl around his cock and begin to jerk up and down it. Clutching her hand tightly around his cock, Gretchen began to jerk him off as more and more thick, milky cream spurted out of his twitching cock to coat his mother's pussy and belly with gobs of the hot, clinging goo.

Finally, he was finished and staggered backward toward his chair. Gretchen followed him and as he plopped down in his chair, she knelt in front of him and quickly sucked his depleted peter back into her mouth. As nasty chick amber faye gets her pussy stretched smalltits and pornstars gently nursed his limp penis back to life, Atheling absent-mindedly ran his fingers through her silky hair and jealously watched James continue to fuck the queen.

With Atheling out of the picture, Ides lowered her feet back onto the chair seat and James wrapped his hands around the queen's tiny waist. He was furiously jerking her up and down on his giant prong and Atheling could see the muscles in her legs working as he pushed herself up and down to aid the earl. As they fucked, Ides' mammoth, milk-laden breasts were heaving up and down wildly slinging streams of white milk from her big, pinkish-purple nipples, spraying her milk all over the place.

Then Atheling heard the earl give out a loud groan. As he did, Ides quickly pushed herself up off the earl's cock and dropped to the floor in front of the earl. Grasping his colossus in both her hands, she began to frantically jerk them up and down its thick, juice-coated shaft.

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"Come, my Lord! Come! Come in your queen's mouth!" She panted. As she spoke, she continued to jerk her hands up and down his cock at the same time she bent its big, plum-colored head toward her open mouth.

"My Lady!" the earl gasped as his cock pulsed and spurted out a massive gush of creamy, white cum directly into her open mouth. Queen Ides kept on jerking her hands up and down his cock, milking it and coaxing out more and more of its creamy load.

Then, as the last dying spasms twitched through his cock, she dropped her head and sank her full, painted lips down over the purple head of his penis. Atheling enviously watched as her cheeks hollowed and she lovingly cupped the earl's big balls in the palm of her hand. She held the earl's penis in her mouth for the longest time as she sucked and coaxed out the last remaining drops of his milky semen.

Taken back by his mother's lewd behavior, Atheling watched her lift her head and slowly run her tongue around her cum-covered lips. "The queen may leave now, if she wishes. . ." Atheling angrily snapped at her. "Perhaps the queen doesn't wish to leave. . ." she haughtily remarked, coldly smiling at him as she lovingly ran her fingertips over the earl's softening penis.

"Maybe the earl has further couple walking in the park entertainment and fucked everywhere of my services. . ."