Horny cougars with huge boobs get their pussies pumped get their man hi

Horny cougars with huge boobs get their pussies pumped get their man hi
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A Rapist at 14 #3 By the time I was seventeen I was getting board with fucking my mother. I was having a hard time getting hard and the thrill of raping her and the subsequent fucking's had run its course. I still enjoyed fucking my sister though. I think it was because she still had such a tight pussy and was so enthusiastic about fucking.

I was getting a lot bigger and was now 6'3" and weighed 195lbs. I quite the football team and took a job after school at the local grocery store delivering supplies to people who didn't want to come to town.

I was also doing weight lifting and my body was well muscled. I had dreaming about our dads huge dicks raped two people since the school teacher.

The first one was by chance. I was in the local 7/11 store buying a coke when I over heard this women tell the clerk that she was going through a divorce. She said it was tough on her kids because at twelve and thirteen they were used to having their Dad around. If they were young it wouldn't matter. I looked at her and could see she wasn't too bad to look at.

I guessed her to be about thirty three or four. She was about 5'2'' and maybe 115lbs. Not big tits but not bad either, maybe a 34B cup. Her two kids were standing next to her.

I guessed the boy to be the thirteen year old and the girl the twelve. She was just starting to fill out with small tits and a cute butt. The boy was big for his size like I had been but a little on the feminine side. I started to get that excited feeling. I wasn't sure if I should try her with those kids around but my excitement over ruled. I followed them home and couldn't be more delighted because they lived on a corner and I didn't see any street lights near by.

I didn't work on Mondays so I checked out when they got home. Both kids got home about three thirty from school and their Mom got home just after five.

For the next week after work I sat down the street close enough to see there coming and going. I noticed that the kids went to their rooms about nine and she went to bed about eleven. Their garage was on the side of the house and had a remote opener.

I checked for a dog and didn't see a dog house or see one. Both on Wednesday and Saturday she took the kids to a dance class and got home about eight thirty.

I decided to make my move that Wed. I arrived at their house about seven fifty. I had my surgery gloves, tape, mask and several pieces of cord and this time I brought my hunting knife. I put my bike on the side of the garage behind a bush. They drove up about eight twenty and when they entered the garage He takes posession of the family estate and the stepsis snuck in.

I waited behind the car until they put the door down and when the women stepped out of the car I came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist and put the knife to her throat. I whispered not to scream or I would cut her throat and kill her children. I told her to tell her kids not to be scared that I wouldn't hurt them if they followed her directions to the letter. I am only here to rob you so if you cooperate you won't get hurt. She told the kids what I said and that they were not to scream or runaway.

I told them to go into the house. I took all three to the woman's bedroom and tied the kids and the women up. I spread eagled the mother on her bed and put duct tape over their mouths.

I went thru her purse and took about forty dollars out and said where do you keep the rest. I took the duct tape off and she told me she only had a couple hundred dollars in an envelope in the kitchen.

I left pretending to go look for it but instead I waited out in the hall. After about ten minutes I returned and took my knife out and cut her dress bra and panties off. I was right; she had a very nice set of tits and a big black bush. I took my pants off and stuck my eight inch cock (I had grown down there too) into her skinny petite ebony nasty ass with buttplug black. She was real dry so I took it out and began sunny leone xxx 3 hot blue film com eat her pussy.

She was wiggling and trying to close her legs but the rope kept her legs apart. As I ran my tongue up and down her slit and over her clit she soon became wet in spite I'm sure of not wanting too. I plunged my tongue deep into her Love nest and felt her shudder as she came. She had a strong odor of sweat a little pee and her own natural juice's. I ate her until she had about five orgasms before I slid up her body and took one of her tits in my mouth and began to suck on her nipples.

She had huge areolas and her nipples popped out about an inch as I sucked and rolled my tongue over her nipple as I kneaded and pinched the other. She was really breathing hard when I shoved my hard cock up into her fuck hole. She moaned and I felt her cum again as I slid into her hot fuck hole. I fucked her with long slow strokes and as I increased my speed she started shoving her wet pussy up to meet my every down ward plunge into her.

Pretty soon I was fucking her real fast and she was moaning under the duct tape. MMMMMMMMMMMM, mmmmmmmmm, OOOOHHHHHH. and she was Cuming one after the other. I looked over at her kids and they were staring at their mother. I noticed that the boy had a hard on and I smiled. I fucked their mother for about twenty minuets and then I came. I laid on her for about another five minutes as I felt her pussy contracting around my cock as she came down off her high.

I went over to the boy and pulled his pants down and sure enough he had a hard on from watching his mother get fucked and enjoying it. For his age he was hung pretty well like I was at his age.

It looked to be just less than seven inches. I asked him if he had ever fucked a girl. He shook his head no. How would you like to fuck your mother? He shook his head violently. I said sure you would. I picked him up and took him over to the bed. His mother was wide eyed and struggling and shaking her head no. I placed him over his mother and guided his dick into her wet hot snatch. He was wide eyed and crying but I could also see he liked the feel of her pussy on his dick.

I said fuck her or I will fuck your sister and hurt her. He began to shove his dick in and out of his mother. Pretty soon he wasn't crying anymore and was really giving her a fucking. She was shaking her head back and forth and tears were coming out of her eyes. It didn't take long before he came. I whispered in his ear to keep going. I new as young as he was he could probably cum several times before he went soft.

He continued shoving his dick in and out of his mother. This time he lasted about ten minutes and I noticed she was starting to push naty lee is ready for a sweet solo session masturbation european up at him on his down stroke.

I said, see she likes you fucking her, can you feel her respond to you. He looked up at his mother and she closed her eyes but did not stop thrusting up at him. He came again but kept right on fucking her. I untied her legs and she threw them around her son and was shoving her pussy up into him as he fucked her.

I went over to the girl who was standing there with her eyes as big as saucers. I said it's time for you to participate little girl. She started crying and shaking her head. I slipped her panties down and off and pulled her dress over her head.

It wouldn't come off so I took my knife and cut it off. She was wearing a training bra and I took it off. I tweaked her little rose buds and ran my tongue over one of her nipple. I could tell she was scared to death. Its ok I told her. I won't hurt you. You're too young for me to fuck. I would damage you too badly. I undid her legs and picked her up and took over to the bed and sat her down on her mother's chest. I took my knife and then removed the mothers tape from her mouth.

I said if you scream I will cut her from pussy to her tits. "I won't I promise, but please don't make me do this." Yes you will or I'll fuck your darling little virgin with my big cock. I said now eat her little virgin cunt bitch. She began to tongue her daughters little almost bald pussy. She was just starting to get peach fuzz around her pussy. The boy had stopped fucking his mother so I told him to keep fucking. I went over and sat in a chair and watched the boy fuck his mother with real enthusiasm and the mother eating her daughters little snatch.

Boy did it give me a hard on. After awhile the little girl was wiggling and shoving her little cunt into her mothers face. The mother was now really eating her daughter with gusto and still had her leg wrapped around her son and was fucking him back as hard as he was fucking her. Finally the boy came again and collapsed on his mother's stomach. You liked it didn't you? He shook his head yes. I new you would, I remember the first time I fucked my mother I was about your age and I'm still fucking her.

Once your mother gets used to the idea I'll bet you can fuck her whenever you want too. He nodded yes. In the mean time the mother was furiously eating her daughter and I think her daughter had her first climax. The girl finally rolled off her Mom. I lifted the mother's knees and stuck my cock back into her really wet pussy. All that cum from her son was oozing out the sided as I shoved my cock in and out of her.

I lifted her legs over her head and took my fingers and shoved them in her pussy and then I put first one then two fingers into her ass. Her sphincter muscle was resisting but finally gave way to my fingers. I took my dick and inserted it into her ass. Her eyes flew wide as I plunged my cock deep into her anal cavity.

She screamed and I put my hand over her mouth and put the tape back on. I waited for her ass muscle to relax and then I began to pump my large cock mother and daughter lesbian incest straponteen and out of that fine ass. I fucked her ass for almost a half hour before I came. I retied all their legs I and we all laid down on the bed and relaxed.

and I dozed off with my cock in her ass.

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When I woke up it was about eleven forty five. I shook the boy awake and asked him, would you like to fuck your sister? He just stared at me for about a minute and then slowly shook his head yes. I undid his legs and hers and I said, first I want you to eat your sister's pussy just like your mother did to her.

He nodded in the affirmative and crawled between her legs. He began to lick and run his tongue in and out of his sister's pussy. After having been eaten out so well by her mother it didn't take very long for her to get aroused. I went into the bathroom and rummaged thru the cupboards and found a tube of K-y jelly.

I came back to the bedroom and told the son that was enough and that it was time to fuck his sister. I rubbed a great deal of jelly into her pussy hole and I massaged her little clit with my thumb. I couldn't be sure but I think she came again. I undid her legs and let him get on top of her. I told him she was going to be real tight and to be patient with her. It took him about five minuets to get his cock into her. Finally he got it in about half way. He said it wouldn't go in any further.

I said yes it will you hit her hymen the sign of her girl and latin what would you prefer computer or your girlassociate. I said push down real hard and he did. He busted threw her innocents and plunged his cock straight into her right up to his ball. She let out a scream thru her tape.

I told him to lie quiet and let the pain go away.

Then she would begin to feel good. He began to slowly fuck his sister as Milf eva notty fucking with teen couple instructed him to do.

In and out of her he went. He whispered that she was so tight around his dick. I said she will loosen up a little the more he fucked her. I looked over at the Mom and she was shaking her head back and forth with tears running down her face as she watched her two siblings fuck. The boy was really into it now, fucking his sister with long steady strokes. I watched his dick go in and out of her and thought, hmmmmm I wasn't to much bigger than him, maybe I should give her a go.

I could see the blood on her legs from her busted cherry and decided not to. He came in his sister's pussy but was able to keep going.

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Pretty soon after she started to new xxx story hot american her little pussy up into him and I said that's it fuck her good because she like's it. You do like it don't you sweet cheeks. She shook her head yes and they continued to go at it. I looked back at the Mom and said see, you liked it she likes it and I know your son like's it.

I hope you will continue to fuck each other after I'm gone. It would be a shame not to. I went into the bathroom and washed my cock off because it still had some shit on it from fucking the mother in the ass. I came out and pulled the mother to the edge of the bed and placed her head just off it. I took my knife and placed it on her throat and said I'm going to remove your tape and I'm going to put my cock into your mouth.

If you scream or bite me I will slit your throat. Do you understand me? She nodded yes. The kids were fucking their heads off and were not paying any attention to us. I said as I slide my cock into your mouth and touch the back of your throat you will feel like gagging. If you resist the gagging effect and breath through your nose you should be ok. Then take a big breath and hold it.

You won't choke to death I promise you and I will withdraw in time for you to take another breath. She nodded in the affirmative. I removed the tape and inserted my cock into her mouth. I positioned myself so I had a straight shot into her mouth and throat. I began to push slowly down until I felt the head of my dick peculiar teenies pound the biggest strapons and spray ejaculate all over the place the back of her throat.

She coughed and I saw her take a big breath and I shoved about three quarters of my cock into her mouth and about an inch or two into her throat.

I thought, god this is the part I love the best. I pulled out of her a little and then as she drew a new breath I shoved my cock all the way in. About four inches went into her throat. I began to fuck her mouth and throat like a pussy. Every minuet I with drew and then continued. I looked over at her kids and they were laying there staring wide eyed as they watched their mother being mouth fucked.

I said why you don't try it. I fucked their mother's mouth for about fifteen minutes and then my balls erupted with a huge amount of my sperm down her throat. Most of it went directly down her throat but some oozed out of her mouth.

I put the tape back on her mouth and weakly went over and sat in the chair. I looked over at the kids and sure enough he was fucking his sister in the mouth. She couldn't do it like her Mom but she was doing pretty good sucking his cock. I said when you cum you might like to eat your sister's pussy. You would like that wouldn't you sweet cheeks. She nodded with a very firm yes without missing a beat as her brother plunged his cock in and out of her mouth.

Watching the kids gave me another hard on so I walked over to the bed and fucked the mother. I lasted a long time, almost three quarters of an hour. I know she had multiple orgasms and did one hell of a lot of moaning.

I let the boy fuck his mother again and his sister twice. He fucked the sister the last time while I was fucking their mother in the ass. I took a quick shower and then I told the mother I was going to let her legs stay free and after I'm gone you can walk to a neighbors and get someone to untie you and the kids. I took the girl into her room and let her dress. I tied her hands and feet and carried her to the bed and laid her on the bed. I did the same for the boy.

When I was done I told them there was no need for anyone ever to know that the boy fucked his mother and sister and that the mother had eaten her daughters pussy. All you have to say is a man broke into the house and raped your mother.

OK? They all nodded affirmatively andI left with the women naked laying on the bed with her knees up and legs apart. I almost went back for more. I got home about two forty five. I looked in the newspaper the next day and read that a Helen Barber had been raped by an intruder but that her two children had not been molested. The article described how the women made it to a neighbors house about 3am and banged on the door until the neighbor opened the door.

The neighbor told this reporter that when he opened the door he found Mrs. Barber standing there stark naked with her hands taped behind her back and duct tape over her mouth. He said he took her in the house and called his wife to bring her a bathrobe and then he called the police. The police hace reported they have have no suspects or clues except that they have taken a sperm sample from her for future DNA evidense should they find a suspect.

I'll tell you about the second one next time. (Continued) All rights reserved to the author.