Hailey james big ass blonde want it deep in her pussy

Hailey james big ass blonde want it deep in her pussy
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It starts on a Monday Morning. "WAKE THE SHIT UP, YOU PEICE OF SHIT." her mother yelled, slapping her across the face. Tailor ignored it.

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After school Tailor came home, layed on her bed and decided to start a diary. _______________________________________________________________________________ April 6th, 2005 1st Entry Tailor Last night, I had this really weird dream. I usualy do have nightmares, but this one.

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I could feel, it was so romantic. It was around the same theme as before. SEX! I was laying on my bed, this guy named Angel layed beside me, all of a sudden there was an attack, I was taken, stripped. The Lord of the Rings evil dude, stood before me. My pussy was right at his face, ready to kill it. I yelled for help, no one answered.

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Sauron touched my clit and it started to burn like it never did before. I felt the pain, well I think I did. Anyway, I stoped screaming.

He laughed, proud of himself. To start with, I am fan of Lord of the Rings, I am actually writing the first book. I've already written 30 pages. _______________________________________________________________________________ "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" yelled my Mom. I quickly hid my diary, I didn't want of all people my mom to see my fantasies. "Nothing." I quickly looked down and covered my face before she hit me, really hard. "Your fucking boyfriend's on the fuckin phone bitch, get it before I fucking kill him." she spit at me and whipped me the phone.

"Angel?" I cried, my face hurt so much, I couldn't feel it. "Tailor, what's wrong?" He asked "My face, mom hit it again." "Are we still doing that sex party?" "Yes." I TOTALLY FORGOT. "Shit" I thought to my self. "Okay, well cya there." "Bye!" I said. "What am I going to wear." I've never had actual intercorse, but everything else I have with every boy in town. Not trying to brag, but. I have. Even some girls.

"Mom, I'm gone shopping." I yelled, running out the door.

"GOOD, GET OUT AND STAY OUT SLUT! ______________________________________________________________________________ ~AT THE SEX PARTY~ I came in wearing a so-slutty outfit, I could of nearly died with all the stares I got, luckily they were good stares, like, "Holy Shit, I wanna fuck that girl untill she dies." look.

It's a great feeling. I got to my boyfriend who grabbed me, took off my clothes and started licking my pussy. _______________________________________________________________________________ I know that was such a short, and really boring story, but it's my first and I got bored with it too.

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