International sex xxx sex stories storys

International sex xxx sex stories storys
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I have the world's most caring, understanding, and giving wife in the world. My story for you begins when my pornstar emma strips and plays with her hotgvibe and I were on our 2nd year of dating each other. Our sex life has always been amazing. She's always quick to give me head, and she does it very well, while I LOVE to lick her pussy. I think she loves blowing me because she knows I'll return the favor with gusto.

Anyways, my wife's name is Jessica. She stands 5'4'', brown hair that's never longer than shoulder length, and amazing 34D boobs. Her nipples, I kid you not, are three quarters of an inch long.

Her areolas are bigger than half dollar's of a beautiful crimson color. Jessica loves sex. She enjoys anal as long as I prime the hole enough. My cock is a modest 7 inches long, but the girth is what impresses her.

Because of my girth, she needs me to play with her ass or I won't fit. We have sex about 4 times a week. On the off days, I need/want to cum every day. Apparently from over excessive jacking off as a teenager, I go at least 30 minutes before I cum.

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She comes easily, making my job easier, but she needs to be super wet in order to make it to my orgasm. It's my need to have sex more often that got us to this story. One night, as we laid together in bed after another round of amazing sex, I'm still breathing heavy from an intense orgasm, Jessica with an arm over my chest smiling but exhausted.

"I don't know how much more I can handle of you," she said looking up at me. I knew where she was going with this, a part of me ashamed that it takes me so long to cum. I know she gets sore and sex sometimes becomes painful for her if we don't use lube. "We need a second pussy," Jessica said matter of factly. "That way mine can have a breather." "Yeah right, ha ha, you're funny," I thought to myself. I'd never had, nor had I thought, about straying from our relationship.

We are both extremely happy with each other. Suddenly I could feel my cock getting hard again. She'd accidently brushed uniform teenager jerking tube porn hand up against my flaccid penis.

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"Hell no, Tony, I can't go again." I rolled her over and began kissing your neck. "My cock will not enter you, I promise." I kissed her breasts. Licking and sucking the nipples. Kissed down her belly til her naval.

I treated that like a pussy, teasing the inside with my tongue. Down this far I can smell her sex. My first load I unloaded in her butt.

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The hole looked well used. The second my tongue touched her pussy lips, she bucked and was set afire. Jessica orgasms easily, so I wanted this one to build. I began blowing on her clit, and barely touched it with my tongue. She wanted me, I didn't give her what she wanted. I ran my tongue from her asshole to her clit. She damn near screamed.

If I'm horny enough, I'll let my tongue dance in and around her butthole. When my tongue entered her pussy, her hands were quickly on my head, determined to keep me in place. I let her be in charge. Trying to make circles with my tongue, her hips and butt flew off the bed and began bucking back. I knew she was close. If you hit the timing just right with her, you'd be rewarded with a little shot of her cum.

"Now, NOW." She moaned. BOOM, I jammed my tongue into her butthole. I instantly tasted my cum, which I don't mind hardcore punishment for cheating xxx stepcronys son used his freshly learned self I have to, but don't prefer it.

Jessica's orgasm seemed to start from her toes, rocket up to her mouth in a scream, and back down to her gorgeous pussy where I quickly lapped up her creame. "OH god, you are amazing at that, baby," she whimpered. Her body barely settled down before she had me rolled over and me in her mouth.

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My story really begins 2 months later, we were staying at her dad's house for the holidays. I was upstairs in the game room shooting pool with her dad and brother-in-law. I was going down to the gangbang with skinny german milf realgangbangs deepthroat, where all the girls were sitting, to grab some beers.

"I bet you he's huge!" said one of Jessica's sisters, Cara. She's an attractive girl, a little on the chunky side but she has 40DDD tits that I had a hard time not staring at. I'd gotten caught plenty of times, but it couldn't be helped. She always wore low cut shirts that when she'd bend over, left little to the imagination. "He's thick. And he can go a long time," Jessica said proudly. Nothing was off limits with these girls, I knew that.

It's probably why even I knew that Cara's husband had a really small cock. And I knew that after they'd have sex, she'd have to use a dildo so she could finish.

Why I knew that, and why Jessica thought I needed to know that, is beyond me. I walked around the corner into the kitchen like I hadn't heard their conversation. "Hey ladies, we need some beers." I poked my head into the fridge got what I came for, bent down where Jessica was sitting and gave her a kiss. And then I let it keep going. My tongue jetting out to her lips. I wanted to start the fire, see if maybe we could fuck tonight.

Later that night, the girls joined us around the billiard table. Someone else was shooting so I was standing against a wall sipping a beer.

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Jessica came over and rested against me, with her beautiful ass against my crotch. She began moving side to side. I was hard. "You're getting me hard," I whispered into her ear. "Good, that's how we want you," she replied purring into my ear.

We quickly excused ourselves, we were going to bed. Upstairs, Jessica was out of her clothes before I knew it. To no surprise she had on no underwear and a deep blue Victoria Secret bra. She unleashed her breasts, and I just stared. I pulled off my shirt and jeans, but hard on obvious. She pulled down my underwear and kneeled in front of me. She began to suck me slowly, teasing teen girl enjoy to play with her pussy masturbate and fingering sensitive cockhead.

She pushed me down onto the bed, unclasping her bra, and turned off the light before coming to the bed. I met her greedily. Kissing her breasts, wanting to go down on her; I began flicking her clit, putting my lips onto hers. She was warming up. I dipped a finger into her pussy, trying to get some lube. My tongue started circling her clit, only stopping to suck on it occasionally.

When my finger was wet enough, I began exploring her butthole. It didn't take much more before she wanted to 69 it. Jessica was a loud moaner when she got going, so she always liked my cock in her mouth to muffle her. I went to the bottom, my head at the head of the bed, my feet pointing towards the door. She began sucking me aggressively.

I knew she wanted my tongue in her ass. I let her control where my tongue ended up. She began riding my face, grinding the tip of my nose on the spot between her pussy and ass. She quickly dived back on to my cock when she screamed. "You've got a big cock, Tony. I'm going to swallow it all." She said.

Which was unlike her, dirty talk was not her forte. But it got be harder, I really enjoyed it. What I didn't know, but would find out later, was that Jessica had told her sister Cara to be outside our bedroom door if she wanted to watch; to see my cock.

Needless to say, Cara was watching when Jessica wanted to 69. She told me later she looked up at her sister and a sadistic smile as she jacked me off. Sort of saying "this big cock is mine, all mine. But you can look at it." I didn't know that Cara began rubbing herself through her skirt, after getting her first glimpse of my cock.

"I bet you could get Cara to cum with this big cock," Jessica said after removing her mouth from my cock. She scooted down my body, lined herself up, and impaled herself on my penis.

She purred. "She doesn't cum very easily. But I bet this wood would do it." The hell was she talking about her sister? I thought to myself. But it got me going even more. Imagining Cara's BIG tits bouncing, or me titty fucking them almost set me off. Jessica was riding me reverse cowgirl. I began playing with her ass with my thumb.

I was surprisingly close to cuming. Jessica must have been aware of how close I was, she began riding faster, deeper. She told me later the entire time she was looking at Cara, whom was fingering herself inside our door.

Jessica would lift herself just far enough that I wouldn't fall out, and then she'd slide back down, giving Cara a full view of just how far I would go in.

"I'm gonna cum baby. Make me cum," I growled with a smile. My balls were going to empty, and it barely had taken 20 minutes. The thoughts of Jessica's sister still in my head.

"Come with me baby, give me all that cum in my pussy!" she cried. "Yess baby, now, now now." My thumb entered her ass, I began cumming on her down stroke, we both exploded, our juices combining. I stayed inside her until in went soft, later kendra lust fucking hung step son out it just took Cara that long to leave and that's why Jessica didn't move. Cara had such a fast orgasm watching us, she didn't want to leave, I found out later.

Spooning my then girlfriend, I kissed Jessica's back, poking her ass with my soft cock. "I bet you could get Cara off with that thing. And your tongue, we all know how much you love to suck pussy," she purred. "Challenge accepted." I exclaimed.