Reya sunshine big tits teen performing incredible dildo

Reya sunshine big tits teen performing incredible dildo
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My hubby was away at rehab for a few weeks after his fight with cancer, after the first week i was feeling alone amatur blows after a day at the beach night, i had had a bit to much to drink that night …so i went to bed, i must have been asleep for about an hour when i heard someone was in my room, i was laying half on my belly with the covers kicked off me so my ass was visible, i had black see through panties on that day, &hellip.i tried to lay still as i didn´t know who was in my room, when I heard my daughter say, see ´´see I told you her ass was big just like it is in the photos I showed you´´…her boyfriend replayed yes it is and it looks so sexy……makes me wanna see more of it he said, ……my daughter went on to tell him about the photos she found of me naked and playing with myself…she told him that I had a very hairy pussy with big lips, &hellip.he was taking photos of my ass with his cell phone, when he asked ´´ would she wake up is I touched it ??

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´´I don´t think so was the reply from my daughter, I felt his hand on my pantie covered ass…&hellip.he ran his hand over it…when I felt a tug on my panties…in one easy move someone had pulled them down to expose my ass, ……my daughter said come over hear to him…he moved close to her and to me …she took his cock out and started to jack him off, telling him about the videos she found in the basement.

.she said, stunning blond girlfriend lexi belle toys pussy before riding bf had mama dressed in a black g-string, bra and garter belt with stocking, she said I was blind folded as some man was walking me into a room with 5 men and 3 women, the men took turns felling her boobs and ass, they would tell her what a slut and whore she was, when one woman walked up to mama and slapped her ass and said that she had a fat ass and all fat asses like to be ass fucked, she put her hand behind mama I don´t know what she did but I think she put her finger up mamas ass…&hellip.just then I felt splashes of hot cum on my ass& daughter asked him why he never shot out that much cum on her ass ????

he couldn´t answer her, he was at a loss for words, she said come on to my room we can watch the video so you can get hard and fuck me then, she rubbed the cum in to my ass and pulled my panties back up as they left my room The next morning it was sort of strange at breakfast with both of thema few days later they both came home with somethings to BBQ and some beer, we had a nice afternoon, since it was hot out I had a tank top and shorts on, with no bra my 85c boobs were pressed against the tank top &hellip.and my shorts were a number to small since I had gained some weight &hellip.about 5pm I sat down in a lawn chair to relax, I must have fallen asl**p for a bit when I woke up I was like in a trance, my daughter was standing over me looking at me …she said I think it´s starting to work I had no idea what she was talking about…when she reached down and garbed my left tit and started to massage it, as my nipple got hard she pinched it a few times, and said yea she´s ready My daughter sat down next to me and said mama I found all the photos of you in the basement and the videos too, you´re such a slut I never thought of you like that, but when I saw you sucking black cock and eating black pussy at the parking lot next to the freeway, I got so wet, and all the men and women in the videos would order you to do something and you would do it just like anal dominated by my mistress michelle humiliation fingering good bitch, you would suck there cocks, eat pussy and asses & you´ll do what we ask of you &hellip.she pulled me out of my chair and slapped my ass saying what a fat bitch I was&hellip.i don´t know what they gave me if it was a d**g or something else but I was in a trance, …she turned me around and walked me to the house, I remember seeing her boyfriend with a video camera filming it all, as we got closer to him she pulled my tank top up exposing my boobs to him ……nice big tits he said, …as we entered the bed room she said to wait in the living room to her boyfriend.or so I thought&hellip.

Once in my bed room she orders me to get undressed, witch I did …as I was naked I saw her boyfriend in the corner filming me, she picked out a set of red panties for me and a red bra where my boobs hung outonce dressed she blindfold me and took me to the living room, as we entered I could feel that there were others in the room &hellip.she said okay everyone this is our play toy for the night she is a nasty fat whore who likes to be fucked .she then pressed a ball gag in to my mouth, then she said come on feel her fat ass and big soft tits after all you payed for a fun night now you´ll have one, I felt hands all over my body .touching me, my boobs, my assmy cunt, my legsI was getting so wet that it was running down my legs, when someone removed my panties by cutting them at the sides …someone said woo look a the fur on her muff and they all started to laugh&hellip.

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I felt my self being pushed down into a chairmy legs were forced open and tied to something so everyone could see my fat cunt wide open dripping wet…first he show my daughter said as she started to rub my pussy and my clitI exploded in to a orgasm the spider caught himself a sexy latin playgirl a way moaning through the ball gag, &hellip.she moved her hand down to my ass hole and rubbed it toas she whispered in my ear mama I love you so much.

.the let me loose and made me bend over a table with my ass in the airI was tied to the table with my legs open ready for anyone to take my holes &hellip. the highest bidder gets to fuck her old fat pussy first she said, someone said $10 .the next $15 and so it went on .she reminded everyone that I still had two other holes to fuck so they should not use up all the money on my fat cunt&hellip.

the last bid was $22 …sold she said, her cunt is all yours…… I felt someone move in behind me and rub there cock up and down on my pussy to lube it upthe cock slipped in to me with no problem at all he started to stroke it in and out of my cunt until he shot his load deep in me, as he pulled his cock out of me, he slapped my ass saying thanks bitch the next one took his place in my wet cunt &hellip.he also deposited his load in my cunt, I was fucked 5 times and was rewarded with 5 big loads of cum …& the last one pulled out of me my daughter said now we will bid on her fat ass hole and mouth, & ass hole sold for $58 and my mouth for $10… the first one moved behind me and rammed his cock in my cunt someone said dude you payed for her ass hole not the cunt .

he said he needed some lube for my ass, my daughter said hold on, … I felt her soft hand on my ass hole rubbing it and some thing on it, …then I felt her finger enter my ass it felt so good … she then said okay now there is KY in her so it will side in, he took his place behind me and entered my ass it felt so big, he fucked and fucked my ass the others cheered him on yelling fuck the bitch, fuck that whores ass. he busted a big load of cum in my ass, as he was going soft he pulled out and the next one took his place, &hellip.someone yelled i´ll pay $20 if she eats my pussy as she is being ass fuck …&hellip.

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The ball gag was removed and a soft warm pussy was pressed to my mouth I started to suck and lick it like a wild dog &hellip.i suck the soft clit into my mouth and sucked it like a baby sucked a nipple the woman exploded in my mouth as the man filled my ass with his cum……she pulled away and turned around so I could lick her again from behind as the next guy mounted my ass hole .no one noticed but the blind fold had slipped a bit and I could see the big screen TV in our living roomI could see myself being fucked in the ass and me eating a pussy on the TVI could see others fucking and sucking all over the room, This went on for hours I was fuck in my pussy, ass and mouth over and over &hellip.

As the last load of cum was shot in my mouth and I swallowed it downmy daughter said okay time to pay up and go home, she collected the money until it was only herher boyfriend and one other woman there &hellip.

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The woman the said I don´t have enough money with me &hellip. Well then you´ll just have to clean the mess up, my daughter said you can start by licking all the cum off her body and the lick it all out of her ass and cunt, the woman started to lick me all over then went to my pussy to lick it cleanthat's when my daughter whispered to me ´´mama lick my pussy too and as she is licking your pussy clean I want you to let out a big stream of piss all over her face, that will teach her not to bring enough money´´ my girl pressed her cunt to my mouth I could tasted the cum inside her , I wondered how many loads she took that night, as the other woman was lapping at my cunt hole I let out a stream of piss and cum in her mouth just as I was ordered to do…once I was cleaned up my daughter took me to my bed and layed me down in it she kissed my lips and said mama we will do this again, you will do what ever we ask you to do or we will sell the videos to the highest biddershe kissed me again and her toung entered my mouth, I meet it and sucked at it as she kissed me, once we broke the kiss she said mama you´re such a nasty bitch bit Latina babe cameron canela gets all her holes poked love you so much

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