Busty cougar stepmom cockrides in taboo trio

Busty cougar stepmom cockrides in taboo trio
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Let me take you back to the beginning of this story. Around 3 months ago I moved along with my mother eat your cum out of this used condom cei her boyfriend's new house; at first I was adamantly opposed to the idea. You see, here I am; 18 years old at the start of my senior year with this idea of graduating along side all my friends of whom I'v known since 7th grade; yet being forced to move away from all my close friend (several of whom even offered me to stay with them).

Now I would't exactly consider myself as a popular kid, but I was in other words a social butterfly. I knew every one in my year and vice versa (even many of the underclassmen considered me their friend). Although the house that I moved in to would have to be the nicest place I'v lived in by far, and my mom's boyfriend actually isn't all that bad; although one would think of him as an ass.

He also had a daughter 3 years younger then me. Her name is Emily. I still remember the first time I walked in to my new home; to be greeted by such a cute girl truly was a surprised; their she was just slightly over 5ft, long wavy brown hair flowing with light streams of blond highlights, and a lose fitting AE hoody/pajama pants.

I was taken by surprise for how adorable her appearance was; my mother painted a vastly different picture of her when she talked about Emily. Her description was that of a nerdy; soccer fanatic; catholic school; tom girl.

Well, I suppose you shouldn't judge a book by its description. She seemed to be a little nerves when I approached her; I asked her how she was; she replied with an adorable blush and a meek answer. This of corse piqued my; how should I say; curiosity. Now, don't blatantly get the idea that I’m concede in any way. For I am not; you see I am a Buddhist; it is my religion. I know that girls around my age and even several well over my age are mentally and sexually attracted to me; for good reason on my part.

I'm right at 6ft with long "bad ass" deadlocks for a white guy and a good physique; all thanks to my addiction of any extreme sport especially skateboarding; reading is my passion; playing piano and guitar is my ecstasy; to charm and flirt with any pretty girl I see is my one of my favorite hobbies.

So, I guess I have a lot of things going for me, but believe it or not i've never had a girlfriend, and I'm still a virgin. It's not as if i've never had the opportunity (for there has been plenty) nor is it that i'm waiting for love and marriage.

I suppose it has more to do with the fact that all the girls i've known have been; how should i put this: annoying, superficial, floozy, and in all honesty ignorant (I guess is a nice way of saying stupid); sorry I'm rambling: lets move on shall we. So anyway, Evanna, just seemed busty liana playing with her big juggs and pussy me a kind of girl that i've never big boobed sexy sluts fucking one lucky dude before; a nerdy outgoing radiant beauty that I just can not resist.

As, the weeks went on I found myself conversing with this girl in a way that I just can't describe in the right words. She is so deep it's haunting me; we talk all the time about music, books, school, academics (I'm glad to say that she is as beautiful as she is intelligent). I even persuaded her to reject mainstream media; now shes as addicted to my kind of music as I am: Tool; The Frames; Artist vs Poet; Serj Tankian; and so many more. We hang out in my room listing to music and playing Xbox (Black ops "zombies", Left for Dead etc) I can talk to Evanna as if she's one of the guys (such a male cliché derivative).

She tells me so much about herself that it's just not enough to hear; for this girl is the female version of myself in every way, and as we get to know each other more and more; shes beginning to cast aside her nerves and starts to become more and more comfortable with me.

as the weeks progressed our plutonic relationship flourished: it was innocent enough until one incident. Now, let me take you to the beginning of this normal soon to be not so normal wensday. I woke up around 6am as usual with the usual morning wood and as much as I wanted to fix said problem I knew it would just end in frustration (for you see I haven:t been able to release my. horniness I guess I should say ever since I first met Emily). Every night I would dream very lucid and sexual dream about Emily.

I sighed in frustration. So< I got out of bed; preformed my morning exercises and stretches, and headed off to the shower. Emily and I shared the same bathroom, and we haven't had and problems. yet. I just finished rinsing off and turned the water off. I stood there for a minute trying to warm myself up after turning the cold water on for the last minute of the shower. Shivering I shook on last time and feeling warm and refreshed I opened the curtains.

Wow, before my very eyes was a beautiful girl in her robe and ear-buds in here ears. Emily was staring at savita bhabhi cartoon xxx story mirror humming to her music; she shrugged out of her robe.

Dear Buddha, I shuddered with lust gazing at her sex naked body. Slim and firm; I've never seen her in this lighting before: she she had perhaps b cup sized breast; petit and pointing straight at the mirror.

her areola where an inch in diameter and oh so pink and kissable sexy nipples. Oh my and what a sexy round and firm ass; her smooth legs, and from the mirror my eyes ravaged her unshaven busy mane. Even after the cold shower my blood was pouring down.

I stepped out; walked behind her without my towl smiling. she gasped and tour her earbuds out. "my my what do we have her.

trying to get washup with me.

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I'm flattered" "i.its not like. that. i. i was listening to music. i didnt know you where in here" she says while trying to concill her breast with her arms. Emily closes her eyes in emmbaresment,but i saw her eyes squinting at the sight behind her.

"really and you think i should believe you?" Of cours i believed her she just wasnt that type of girl. "well accedents happen i suppose" breathing on the back of her neck; she shudders. I take a step back admiring her body from my point of view. "you dont have to pretend your eyes are closed. take a good open look." she turns around. scanning her eyes from my eyes down my manly hairy chest to my nether regions. she takes in a sharp breath of air.

"s. so. what n. now?" "emily you dont have to be so nerves. youv seen all ther is to see and i you; now as to your question. i need to brush my teeth." "what of me" emily replies with renewed confidence and excitement in her voice. oh my she is so adorablely sexy.

" i have no idea what nefarious plans that a mischivious sexy minks like you would have. perhapes the reason your here?" she blushes with a nod and truns to the shower. " by the way nice body." "i can tell that from your reaction" she says with a smirky sexy grin.

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now its my turn to blush as she steps in the shower wigiling her ass and slowly drawing the currtens shut behind her. I shake my head smilling and begin to brush my teeth with a raging hardon. i finished quickly opened the door but stopped to turn my head back to the shower to call out. "maybe next time you can help me clean my self. you know how dirty boys can get" "well see" was all emily said as she begun humming a tune.

I took my leave closing the door behind me; bracing my back to the door breathing rapidly in contemplation of opening that door and telling her that i didnt to a good job washing up, but alast i take a deep breath and walk to my room to get ready for school.

"damn i forgot my towel". School was uneventful; had a physics test and and got assigned an insane amout of ap calculus homework. driving home i pretty much tuned out listening to tool; the drive it self only took 35 mins. due to the trafic. as soon as i got in i imediantly made a cup of coffe and set to work on my cal homework.

after an hour i finished the last problem was when japanese family incest storys mother and son english subtitles heard the door open.

Emily gets dropped off by her friends mom aftere soccerpractice. almost imediantly i am haunted by the images from the morning. i lay in my bed sighing closing my eyes; drifting off; dreams dirty diry sexy wet dreams.

I awoke to a knock; turning my head to my clock: 5:30 an hour of lucid dreams had pass. "how is it" i called" "just me" was the response. "well come in." emily opens the door smilling ear to ear. " you know you dont have to knock" "yes. well after this morning i wasnt so sure" " very funny. so how was your day?" "exsaughting" emily says while she flops down on my favorite or should i say her favorite gaming chair.

"soccer was dreadfull, and my homework was pure horror" she sighs. grining mischeviously I say" well then would you like a massage" already out of my bed walking behind her. "oh! yes! that would be nice" oh so so sexy.

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"hmm you seem eagar." I place my hands upon her sholders rubbing my fingers into her kinks. she streches like a cat leaning back pov fucking gina valentina point of view amateur my hands. "you know i could work you better on my bed" she shudders. "oh.ok" emily stands up to walk to my bed. stopping she grabs the bottom of her shirt and pulls it off. "better for you to work me" she says slyly blood rushes downward.

"yes, even better without those pajamas" blushing emiliy pulls down her pjs stepping out she lyies face first in my bed with only black bra and pink pantys on. my shorts can barely contain myself. "now i can work out all your kinks" emily wigles her ass teasingly. i place my hands on her bare sholders feeling her warm smooth skin.

rubbing them down her back, felling her firm ass and glyding my hands down her sexy smooth legs. making sure to rub every inch; all the way to her feet. i bend over to kiss the back of her neck rubbing her sholder again. her little moans and shudders excite me so.making my way to her bra strap with my hands i unhook them letting it fall to the sides. rubbing my hands down to her ass i slip my fingers in her pantys; slowly pulling them down her lushes ass; sliding them down her sexy legs.

I fing them across my room. now working my hands on feet; i move ever so slowly up. grazing the bottom of her ass;placing my bare hands upon her voluptuous ass she shivers and moans while i massage her. slowly treading up; i move my hands to the sides of her back; she lifts up to through her bra. sliding my hands to cup her breast massaging them; twinking her nipples. Emily crys in delight; she flips over on her back staring at me with wide lustful eyes.

I capture her lips shoving my toung in her mouth as she does the same. Our toungs are dancing while our hands are exploring. Emily reaches down to pull of my shirt, and returns them to the waist bend of my shorts.

I lift up to help her pull them down, and shake them off my legs. Now, where both naked before each again. Still kissing her with passion; my left hand plays with her right nipple; my right hand rubs her female mane. Emily reaches her hand down to cub my balls pulling on them playing with them and slides up my shaft to my head and back down. I break from our kiss; staring her in the eyes: Emily smiles suductivily (no more need for word).

I began to kiss her neck; sucking her delicious skin all the way to her nipples. bitting, sucking; oh how she moans my name: it creats a fire of lust inside of me. I rain down to her bellybutton and onward to that beautiful mane.

My hands slide to the sides of her legs; Emily opens them for play. moving my fingers to lips; my toung glids to her clit. "oh fuck!!! FUCK!" Emily moans. I suck on her clit with no remorse as my middle finger slides inside of her. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I ravage her as she cute teen emma watson lookalike deepthroat with ecstasy. Her pussy clamps on to my moving finger with such force that I lift her several inches off my bed.

"YES! yes!

FUCK! PLEAS FUCK MEEE!". I reach up to kiss her; Emily attacks my lips and flips me over. Emily begins to rub her wet pussy up and down the back of my dick natural teen is gaping narrow vagina in closeup and getting off her ass on my ball. "OH., YES! EMILY FUCK ME. LET ME FUCK YOUR VIRGIN PUSSY!" I yell. SHE bends down to kiss me; lifts up and brings her hand to my throbing cock.

Lining it up to her opening Emily slams her pussy down my cock screaming with a shock of pain and ecstasy. the feeling of her pussy tightly squesing the life out of my dick was insane. So wet, hot, tight, I could feel every ripple of her on my cock.

Just as I was about to go insane; emily starts to bounce up and down. Slowly at first to enjoy every 6 and a half inches of me; then the pace quickens I place my hands on her firmly to begin to lift her up as she would then plow down on me. Our sensual rythem became faster and faster. Emily was bouncing at inhumane speed; while I thrust harder and harder; faster and faster opposit of her thrust. "OH FUCKING. FUCK. EMILY. EMILy. EMMMMMM!" I yell. pumping with more power then before.

"HOLLLLY FUCK. FUCK. FUCKING FUCK I'M CUMMING!" EMILY Screams; her pussy tightens its hold. I flip her over and with insane, lustful, animalistic passion I fuck her. slaming into to her pussy. hearing the sounds that it made. My ribs are burning with exaughtion, but I continue on with viger. I need this. Emily screams of ecstasy drown out all sounds. the feeling of my ball slaping her ass. I bend down to kiss her lips. Her arms wrap around me; I wrape my arms around her and pull her up off the bed: never losing my pace I stand up.

Manouvering my hands to cup her ass; I use all my streagth move her up and down. Emily kissing my neck she wraps her legs aroundme using her threesome pussy fuck anal masturbation to press against my ass and pulling me into her faster.

I slam her against a wall and lose myself to the feeling of my dick thrusting in and out of her at such speed. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screams; bitting my neck; her legs push harder against my ass locking me in her pulsating pussy. "FUCK! EMILYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" I lose it. Emily's pussy milking steam after steam of my cum. I fall to the floor with Emily; still locked inside her. we drift off to sleep.