Office reality first time mia khalifa tries a big black dick

Office reality first time mia khalifa tries a big black dick
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The evening was cold and dark, it was about 7.30 in the evening and since winter had set in, darkness would fall earlier. Amy had got off from work and she started walking her way home. On her way home it started to snow heavily. She began to speed up, as she started finding it difficult to see. She was almost home when her eyes came up upon a man lying right in front of her door dressed only in rags was shivering and had his face covered. As a sign of humanity she helped him up and took him into her house.

When inside she said 'Would you like some hot coffee' and the mane nodded. She told to sit in dinning room while she went upstairs to change. Before leaving she turned on the heater and went upstairs. When she got down the man had removed the rag that he had around his face and was teen rides a fuck toy deep in her hole on webcam through his hands.

She stepped into the kitchen to see what he was up to. When her eyes fell on his face see starting imaging what a guy like him was doing in her house. He had big blue eyes, light brown hair and nice facial cuts. She asked him if he was felling cold and he replied "yes" so she told him that he better take a hot bath and put on something warm that she would give him. He agreed to do so. She led him to the bathroom on top and told him to start his bath and she would find some warm clothes to give him.

He stepped inside the bathroom and began undressing with the door slightly open. Amy started getting thoughts about him again, she was thinking that since he had a cute face what would his body look like. So she decided to take a small peek into the bathroom and watch him undress. She saw him take of torn shirt which was not actually a shirt just rags stitched together.

Looking at his muscular chest and arms she started feeling a little naughty. She kept still and began watching again. She then saw him pulling down his pants which was all messy and was completely filthy.

But want she saw next got her the tingling sensation right between her legs. He member flaccid state was about five and a half inches in length and about 2 inches in diameter, she saw him open the value of the shower and she saw him just stand there and let the hot water just run down on him.

Amy began fantasizing about the guy in the shower, and the tingling sensation between her legs began to grow she could feel her cotton knickers getting wet. But she kept her eyes glued the stranger. She then noticed something which almost sent sparks flying through her body, with the hot water touching his penis, his cock began to increase and swell up, Amy was completely shocked as she had seen more than one penis's in her life, but this one was far much bigger and much thicker blond girls lips print on wazoo tube porn the others she had seen.

She began thinking about how good it would feel inside her. She could not understand why she was feeling so attracted to this guy cause she hardly even knew. But the lust inside her just kept building up. Amy's body was responding to all the intense action she was getting to see.

She could feel her knickers getting wet. Biting down on her bottom lip, Amy's urge to get screwed by that complete stranger was now raging, but she came to her senses just in time, as she heard the shower close.

She quickly took out a bath robe and put on the bed and went downstairs, thinking about what she had just seen. The stranger put on the bathrobe although he did think that it was quite weird giving a complete stranger a bathrobe.

Anyhow he put it on and was thinking should he go down in this or no. Then at once they was a slight tap on the door and in entered Amy "Are u feeling better now" she said, "Yes thank you very much" he said answering her.

"Well dinner is served " Amy said "lets have something to eat". As she led the way the stranger watched her move her luscious ass from side to side, it was quite a sight for him as Amy was a beautiful blonde with shoulder hair length. Nice part of tits and an Ass to die for. Quite taken up by the view his eyes were so fixated on her ass that he didn't notice her turn around and look at him.

At the dinning table Amy put out the plates and served both the stranger and herself some steak that she had made. In order to start a conversation she said "So what's your name", "Nick" he replied "hmm Nick I am Amy" she said "Ok, nice to meet you Amy", he replied. "So you have no place to stay "Amy asked, "Yes" Nick answered. "OH Ok, you can spend the night here today", "Do you like the food" she said immediately, "Yes it's very nice thank you very much for your hospitality" he answered, "Oooh cmmon, you would have died out there in that freezing cold", "I did what teen solo strip unless youre from the sixties and delve that earth milf would normally do that's it" she said, "Yes but most people around here don't care, they walk pass me like I wasn't even there" said Nick.

"You on the other hand are different""You've helped me, and I would like to thank you for that, Coz I cant repay you in anyway". Now that hit Amy at once Repay me in anyway huh !!! "You don't have to repay me Nick, I did what I had to do that's all". She said. Her eyes then suddenly fell on his crotch he had his legs a bit open and could see his flaccid member on the side of his left leg, but she quickly brought herself out of it coz she didn't want him catching her looking at his cock.

After dinner she got the plates and put them in the dish washer. She showed Nick to the empty bedroom that she had, and pointing to the corridor in front showing him her door on the other end saying that if there was anything he wanted just let her know. Saying that Amy headed down into the kitchen to finish up all that she had left.

Nick in his room began wondering about Amy being all nice to him and all, but those thoughts soon left his mind as he began to see Amy's ass jump around in those tight jeans of hers. I started driving him mad. He started thinking that how would it look like and those set of tits just made his dick get harder.

He opened out his robe and began stroking his huge cock gently. Thinking about all that he had seen, he began stroking his member faster and faster thinking about Amy's Ass when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door. It was Amy, what did she want now thinking to himself. He quickly got up trying to adjust his cock but every time he would touch it would jerk a bit.

"Ah, just one second I'll be right there", he said, all this panic finally got his cock to reduce just enough that he covered himself again with the bathrobe he was given.

Opening the door he found that Amy was dressed only in a white silk nightie, which was just one inch below her knees and her hair all open and nicely placed on the top of her chest.

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Nick wanted to just pull her into his room and fuck her brains out. But getting back to reality he asked "Yes", Amy answered "There are some blankets lying in the cupboard in case you feel cold".

"Thanks, I think I will take one out, coz it is getting a bit cold in hear", Amy eyes at once fell on the bulge in Nick's bathrobe, she started to notice that the tent was getting bigger she looked up with a sly grin on her face and saw Nick looking at her.

Her face grew red with the embarrassment, as Nick gave her a soft smile, it then clicked her at once, Nick also wanted her as bad as she wanted him. "Oh My" said Amy, "What's going on here Nick", expecting him to say sorry but instead he said "I cant help it, I get a hard on every time I see you". Amy was not expecting that so she said "What do you mean ?" "I mean that every time I look at you I get aroused, your so damn hot" "I cant help it" said Nick, with that Amy began blushing, finding out the effect she had on Nick was truly amazing.

"Is that True, Nick" she said, "Yea, every word of it is". "The first time I saw u walk down those steps shaking that ass of yours I almost hit the roof !!" " Now again when I opened the door and saw threesome college students deepfucking tube porn standing in front of me with nothing on other than the nightie I just lost it".

Amy started to get wet from all of what Nick just told her she could feel the tingling sensation beginning to rise in her. Nick opened his mouth to say more but Amy put her finger on his lips and said "SSHHHH" and then pulling him by the center of his bathrobe she led him into her bed room. Her bedroom was a master bedroom which consisted of a big king size bed with six fluffy pillows and a thick blanket on top of it all.

After entering the room she led Nick to the bed and pushed him on the bed making him fall back with a slight gasp, She crawled up from the bottom of the bed on all fours. Slowly coming up on Nick's feet, then a little higher to his crotch. Then with her mouth she pulled at the robe to loosen it and eventually opening it. Amy paused for a minute looking carefully at her stranger's dick as it started to rise. Amy crawled up a little more, sticking out her tongue and placing it on Nick's belly button.

Then began to play with it sliding her tongue inside then outside of his belly button, then gently biting the outer part of his stomach. Nick let out a soft moan "AAAAHHHHH", Amy got a grin on her face as she felt Nick's dick touch her outer lips of her alexis texas lesbian full sex stories. He was getting excited, Amy thought to herself, but she wanted to tease him more.

Sticking her tongue back out and on to stomach she began dragging it up. She came up to his chest, not very hairy but just ok it was just the way she liked it. She began to lick his left nipple round in circles, then just sucking it hard, eventually in the end biting on it.

Leaving Nick to take out a deep moan. She then moved over to his right nipple sucking on it as if her life depended on it. Doing what she had done to the left nipple, in the end biting down on it gently. All this teasing was driving Nick crazy, his dick felt so hard that it would erupt anytime, he have never experienced anything like this before, did she know what she was doing to him. I think don't so coz Nick was getting closer and closer to cumming without even having her to blowjob him or even having her to take it up into herself.

He was trying his level best to control the jism inside of him.

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Coz he knew that both of them were enjoying this session, he was enjoying it the most, as it had been a very long time since he had ever had sex with anyone. And all of this was just taking him over the edge. But Nick didn't want to ruin it for the both of them so he held on, relaxing himself holding on so that both of them would wonder woman beaten and forced to cum it.

After Amy finished with his nipples she moved up to his lips giving him a deep and passionate kiss she let her tongue roam freely in his mouth as if she was trying to quench her never ending thirst for him.

She gave a little moan in his mouth as his cock touched her outer labia. This took Nick over the edge he could not handle it anymore.

He pushed Amy on to the side and got on top of her taking off his bath room revealing his huge member to Amy. She really liked his dick, she could see the huge purple head, it would jerk from time to time as the cold air would hit it. Nick didn't waste any more time he got down and began licking the insides of her thighs.

Kissing them and biting her gently between her thighs, then going higher and higher. With this Amy let out a loud moan, she was getting wet and she could feel the dampness trickle out from her pussy on to her thighs. As Nick moved higher, he got to the spot where he saw the trickles of Amy's dampness he began licking it up going higher to reach her now wet cunt. He pushed Amy's nightie up and began running his tongue between her pussy lips "AAAHHHH" moaned Amy.

At once she opened up giving Nick more access to her privates. Nick spread her pussy lips a little revealing the pinkish red color of her inner labia. He began his licking again this time putting it in and out of her cunt hole rubbing her clit all the time with his thumb. This began driving Amy mad she was moaning out aloud "AAAHHHHH OHHHHHHYEAAAAAA LICCCCCK MYY PUSSSY, LICCCK MYY PUSSSY".

And she was pushing up into him for him to get as much as he possibly could and not miss any spot. With that Nick increased his pace, then he stop sliding in and out of her with this tongue and began flicking her clit.

That was it, sparks flew right through Amy as she began to cum "OOOHHHHH IMMMM CUMMMMMIIINNNGGGG NICCCCKKK IIIMMMM CUMMMMINGGGGG!!!!!!!!

She came hard n fast, and Nick was right under her lapping up all the juices that she was offering him. Amy's orgasm lasted for about a couple of minutes. But she was still very aroused, she wanted Nick to shove all of his 9" into her and screw her brains out.

Nick looked up at her, his face all covered with her cum. He got up and began kissing her passionately Amy could taste herself on him, and she liked it. Nick then broke the kiss and went down to give some attention to Amy's harden nipples. He licked and sucked on it in the same way that Amy had done for him biting them gently in the end.

While the other hand was pressing and squeezing her right tit. Every time Nick bit on Amy's left nipple, he would pinch her right nipple. This made Amy start going over the edge once again, as every time he bit and pinched at her nipples an electric shock would run from her nipples right down to her pussy making it tingle.

Amy could not take any more of it and she began screaming out "FUCCCKK MEEE NICCCKKK, PUT THAT COCK INTO ME FILL ME UP III WAANNTT YOOUU INSIIDDEE MMEEE NOOWWW!!!!.

With that Amy rolled over amateur european couple bondage blowjob deepthroat bdsm got on top of Nick, then gently stroking his dick Nick let out a slight moan. Amy then positioned herself on top of him and slowly sat down on Nick's huge member.

As Amy pressed her open pussy onto his cock, which slid in gracefully. "Ahhhhh Ohhhh hhmmmm." Amy moaned as she felt his cock sliding up into her body, once he was as deep as he was going to get she slid her hips back and thrust forwards again.

"AAHHH Amy, wow" Nick started saying as he felt Amy's tight pussy grip his cock as she slid it in and out at a nice fast pace. Amy was sitting in such a way that her breast were just about level with Nick's chin. Nick began sucking on her nipples biting them a little harder as Amy increased her pace.

Amy was bouncing up and down Nick's dick harder with every downward trust. While Nick was squeezing and sucking on her tits. All of a sudden Nick felt Amy's pussy squeeze his cock like a vice as she came furiously screaming out "AAAHHHHHH FUCKKK MEE NICCCKKK OHHHHHH FUCCCKKK MEEE AHHHHH" With that Amy fell forward resting on Nick and her juices pouring out on his dick, getting up she said "It's your turn now". Nick didn't have to be told twice he positioned himself between her legs and inserted his dick with a quick jerk into Amy's gasping pussy.

He started slowly at first but gradually increased his pace. At first sliding his dick all the way out then stuffing it all back in, Amy wrapped her legs around Nick's lower back and began pulling him harder on to herself, screaming out" FUCK ME HARDER NICK FUCK ME HARDER" with that Nick increased his pace and began banging hard against her. Amy could feel his balls slap against her ass with every stroke. Finally she felt him slowing down, Nick began saying "I'M CUMMINNNG, IM CUMMMINNNG AAAHHHHHH!!!!.

With that he shoved his cock deep into pussy and came. He sprayed squirt after squirt deep inside her womb. Both Nick and Amy were lying breathless on top of each other, taking large gasps to get some air back into there lungs. "Wow you were Incredible" Amy said "You too" answered Nick. "Well you have repaid me for taking care of you" said Amy with a giggle.

"Ohhh Really, you sure about that" replied Nick. With that they both feel asleep. In the morning when Nick got up Amy was not there, but at the side of him was a note which said "GONE TO OFFICE, I'LL BE BACK AT 6:00, WAIT FOR ME YOU STILL OWE ME A LOT".

With that Nick gave a wicked grin and lay back down. TO BE CONTINUED. .