Boys and anty sux xxx vidsex stories

Boys and anty sux xxx vidsex stories
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(Since this is a true story, all persons names have been changed to protect their privacy) It all sunny leone xxx sex sex stories in when I went on the family vacation a few years ago. Much of my family will take the same week off, no matter when it is, once a year, and get together at my grandmother's house for a week long family get together.

It's always been a staple of our family life and closeness as a family. This year was about to change a lot of that for me. I had arrived at my grandmothers that February morning and had seen my family had already arrived. All of my aunts, uncles, and cousins were there, along with my grandparents, my mother, and my sister. My grandparents own a large 80 acre plot of land that was once a farm but now they just let fallow during the spring and summer. After a quick meeting with my grandparents to say hello, I had gone out to the guest house to place my things.

The guest house was an old brick milkshed that they had converted into a small, yet comfortable living space. When I entered, I was that someone had already placed their things os melhores do zap dando o cu pela primeira vez there, but that there was 2 cots made up to sleep on. I placed my things in the opposing corner and went back to the house.

When I returned to the house, I went into the living room to visit with the rest of my family, and to find out who was going to be sleeping in the guest house with me. I was giving a lot of hugs and making my family generally happy to see me, and vice versa. When it came to my cousin Erin, I gave her a much bigger hug than usual. For years the two of us had been playing Xbox Live together and generally she was th one cousin I did keep in touch with because of that.

She was now 17, I hadn't seen her in two years, as her family had not made the trip for the family vacation last year, and I was generally surprised to see how she had grown. When I saw her last she was only about 5 feet tall and very scrawny, and now she had become a very young woman. She was about 6 feet tall now, maybe 110 pounds, but solid, as she participated in many school sports.

Her auburn hair was just below her shoulder blades, and she had developed small breasts, coffeeblackmore blowjob and facial masturbation and webcamshow bigger than an A-cup. It shocked me a bit, but still I was happy to see her, as I was with all of my family. "Now that that's all over with, who took my spot in the guest house?" I asked, pretending to be pissed about the whole situation.

"That would be me" Erin explained. "I brought my Xbox and my TV, and got them hooked up out there for us to play. "Sweet!" I exclaimed. I was always willing to hand out an ass whooping in Modern Warfare or whatever other game Erin chose to dish out. With that I sat down and go into the talkative routine with my family. * That night, Erin and I sat down to play some games, generally exhausted and stuffed from a large meal. It had gotten to be around 10 that evening and the weather had dropped below 20 degrees outside.

The weather looked like snow for the week too, and a lot of it. "As long as we don't lose power" Erin said, knowning that we could play Xbox for a week straight easy if we really wanted to. After several hours of playing co-op and deathmatch modes, we decided to move on to a different type of match. We would play til we died and the other person would try to best it. Erin went first and got much furhter than I expected her to, which put the pressure on me.

When I took my turn, Erin was rubbing my back, which I thought was just something plutonic, her way of trying to keep me calm. As I neared her deaht point, she put her free hand on my thigh and leaned in intently to watch. Right before I could get to her point I expired in a massive explosion I had not seen coming. Erin jumped up and down excited knowing she had finally beat me at that game type, a type we had played for a while.

"Congrats cuz, you finally did it" I said, generally happy for her. In respones she jumped into me and gave me a hug "Yup, I'm the champion now bitch" was her response, which made me laugh. When I looked at the clock then, I realized how late it was. "We should probably go to bed" I said, pointing at the clock so she saw it. "Fair enough, and tomorrow I'll kick your ass again" she shot back.

Erin went into the small bathroom to change and I removed all my clothes but my boxers, how I always slept, and laid on my cot under the blankets before she came out. When she did come out, the room was dark and I barely saw her siloette, but could notice that she was not wearing much. The thought excited bondage hentai bride with bigtits gets punish for a brief moment, then disgusted me that I was thinking that.

"She's your cousin idiot" I exclaimed to myself. "G'Night" she said and then I fell asleep. * When I awoke, it was not daytime like I had expected, nor was it in any way that I did expect. I awoke to find that my cousin had her hand in my boxer shorts and was slowly, gently caressing my dick. It was semi-hard as it would be if I did know who was touching my dick, but I quickly jumped out of bed and looked aghast at Erin. She had turned the TV on low light and was using it to take advantage of me.

I looked at her on the floor, on her knees wearing a sheer light blue nightie that barely reached her middle thigh area. "What the hell are you doing Erin?" I exclaimed. "What does it look like?" she asked playfully. "Jesus Christ you're my cousin, you can't be doing that. Hell, your 17 now, you should know that's just not right!" "Why not?

We've been best friends for years and god damnit I want this with you." "What? Sex? No way. Go have sex with your boyfriend or something but not me. That's just not right Erin." "I don't have a boyfriend, teen skank merri heys gets her bumhole ruined have.

I've been on dates, and to the prom, but no boyfriends." "So what, you just fuck everyone then?" I exclaimed, it sounding harsher than I expected it to. "No. For your information I'm a virgin. I have only done one thing and that's because I was forced to!" She was started to yell now. Luckily the shed was brick and concrete, and from this distance fro mthe main house, noone would hear it. "Forced?" I asked, now feeling somewhat sympathetic. "Yes, a guy took me to the prom and on the drive home he tried to fuck me.

I said no and then he tried to make me suck his dick. I refused and he wouldn't let me leave. He parked on the side of the road and made me jerk him off until he came. I felt so wrong. I want to do it the way I want to, like with you." "Still Erin, I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but we can't do this" I sat down on my cot to try to show her I was trying to be serious.

"Even if you weren't my cousin, you're 17 and I'm 29, this wouldn't be right." With that she stood up and quickly dropped the nightie she was wearing off her shoulders, revealing her entire body to me. For a moment I could not do anything but look at it. He body was athletic as hell. Her small breasts has tiny little nipples on them that were hard at the moment, and her pussy was completely shaven, which surprised me for someone who was not sexually active.

Then, I snapped back to reality and stood up again. She looked at me with lust and innocence in her eyes, but no guilt. She knew what she wanted. "I can't do this Erin, I'm sorry. I'm goin back to the main house, you can sleep here yourself." Before I could reach the door, her voice interrupted my every move. "What are you going to do?

March a quarter mile to the house in 15 degree weather in your boxers? And what are you gonna say when you get there? And how are you gonna explain your hard dick?" I was speechless, all of a sudden the tables had turned, she had my back against the wall. "Now come over here and sit down, or else I'm going to tell everyone you tried to rape me." "Shit" I thought, "there's no way they would believe me that she tried to seduce me" "Come on, sit down" she said again and I obliged.

I sat back on my cot and she smiled.

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"Just enjoy it, you know you want to." With that she reache into my boxers and pulled my dick out. She seemed stunned to see it, despite the fact she had it in her hand earlier.

It was fully erect, despite my serious trepidation. She could not wrap her small hands around it completely, and the 9 inches she saw made her face look aghast. She slowly started to jerk me off. I tried to ignore it, block it out, but I had a hand on my dick and it was hard. "I'm going to give you the first blowjob I'll ever give" she said and before I could even attempt to stp her, she quickly wrapped her lips around my dick and started taking it in her mouth.

She took in just the head and began sucking up and down on it, flicking it with her tounge as she sucked. The feeling overwhelmed everything else now and I let out a soft moan of pleasure.

She responded by taking a little bit more in her mouth. "Ouch" I exclaimed as one of her teeth hit the head of my dick. She stopped sucking and took my dick out of her mouth"What interracial lesbian action with sara jay candace von and big tits with your teeth, it's very sensative there Erin" I told her.

With that she began sucking my dick again, and though I has started to compose myself when she talked, I relaized I just told her how to suck a dick, my dick, and now all bets were off.

It felt so good. Her head bobbed up and down in my lap as my dick moved in and out of her mouth, every time she went down she would try to go deeper, but she could not take it all, but she tried. Slowly she sucked my cock, as if she was afraid to hurt me again, or afraid to not do it right.

I started to get incrediblly horny, and then it hit me. I wanted this, I was just to afraid to admit it to myself and to Erin. It felt bor and sister xxx story full sex stories, it felt right. She continued sucking and I placed a hand on the back of her head, running my finger in her hair, and matching the rythym of her sucking with my hand, guiding her to suck me.

I kept moaning as she did, I was going to cum in my cousin's mouth this evening. I started moving my hand up and down on her head faster, her mouth guiding my dick in and out faster, her sucking becoming more furious. My dick began to throb, I was going to explode.

"I'm going to cum Erin" I said, and she tried to pull away from my dick, but my hand held her there, forcing her to keep sucking. She tried to push herself off me, but I grabbed her wrists with my second hand and kept forcing her head down on my cock. "You wanted this, you're going to fucking take it" I said.

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Then I forced her head down on my trobbing dick one last time and starting shooting load after load of my hot cum into her mouth. "You swallow my cum you slut" I said, letting my sexual emotions take over, and watched her as she gagged and attempted to swallow all the cum I gave her.

She stopped fighting it and accepted the cum until I was done spurting into her mouth, then I released her arms and head. She looked up at me, a single tear in her eyes from her gagging, and she wiped it away, then wiped the excess cum off of her chin, and smiled at me, "See, that wasn't so bad." With that I reached out and grabbed her tightly by the throat, which took her completely by surprise.

She tried to struggle, but I was much stronger than she was and almost twice her weight. "IF you wanted that, you're going to get a whole lot more this week, starting right now" I said, with a hint of both pleasure and fury in my voice.

I threw her onto her cot and held her down by the throat. She continued to struggle, but it was nothing I could not handle.

I began rubbing one of her nipple with my second hand and her struggling began to subside and she began to breathe more heavily. I moved the the secon nipple, then to her clit. I began rubbing her clit lightly, and she stopped struggling completely and began moaning lightly. I removed my hand from her throat and leaned in to lick her nipples as I rubbed her, then placed one finger gently into her pussy, which made her entire body convulse and french arab slut desperate arab woman fucks for money back arc.

She moaned loudly as I did, and began rubbing her hands through my hair as I licked her nipples, one after the other. This continued for a minute or two before I stopped, causing her to look aty me curiously. "You're going to cum in my mouth to" I said and then proceeded to slide down to her pussy. I was so pristine, so untouched, and so beautiful.

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I licked her clit lightly, which made her moan again, and then began eating her pussy expertly, as I had done many times before. Her moans instantly became loud and furious and she grabbed the bedsheets as her body convulsed from the feeling of being eaten out for the first time. The taste was invigorating for me. Her pussy tasted amazingly sweet, and it made me eat her out faster and harder, which in turn made her scream faster and harder as well.

"OHMYGOD" she screamed and I felt her body convulse harder than it hd yet, then felt a small amount of her cum start to fill into her pussy, I began lapping that up too, making he continue to convulse until finally I subsided, allowing her to try and catch her breath. I then went to the small bathroom and washed my hands and face, not wanting to leave any evidence to my family that anything out of the ordinary had happened this evening.

When I came out a two minutes later, Erin was still tatu girls fuck first time there breathing heavily, with a smile on her face like I had never seen before. "That… was… amazing…" was all she could manage between breaths. I smiled and said "You might be the champion, but you're also going to be my slut for the next week" (To Be Continued…)