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Sex comxxx com story sex stories 2019
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---THE NEXT MORNING--- The two of us headed into the kitchen, groggy and with bedheads, where there were Mom, Dad, Adam, and Dana. It was 9, and we had to pack up to move into our other three rooms by 11. Aden and I didn't have hot kira silver gets a big dick on, but we had pajama pants on, and we settled on the porch, just the two of us alone, looking out upon the shorter sky scrapers, and the taller ones (which were far off, seeing as that's where the urban city was), and the beach, the pool, the roads, the lazy river below us, just the beautiful sights in general… including Aden.

Dad came out just when Aden had took in breath to say something, and told us that last night at 12, a family checked into two of our rooms, so we wouldn't be able to check in right away, we'd have to wait until 3. Aden and went to the room and got on shirts and changed into shorts (exchanging several naughty glances) then the six of us went to Ihop, where Aden and I dug in to some chocolate-chip pancakes, then we went to Broadway at the Beach, where we entered a place called "Magi-Quest." We walked in and there was a guy in Mythical-Medieval dress standing next to a box of wands.

"Hello, and welcome to Magi-Quest. Is this your first time?" He asked. "Yes," said Mom. "Well here's what you do: first, you buy a wand. Then, you buy the amount of time spent in the arena. Then, you will go into the room to my left, where the game will be explained. Lastly, you will enter the arena, and follow the quests, defeat the enemies, and conquer your fate.

Interested?" Aden seemed VERY interested, and I just thought, "What the hell," and went on.

Aden picked out a gold and silver wand and I got a gold and black one. We went into the room for introduction where the game was explained, then we went in and played. It had puzzles which were solved by running around the arena (which could've been bigger) and it was very hot. It could also get very challenging at times, but nonetheless, it was worth it all, to see Aden running around joyfully, having fun.

When we got out it was a few hours later, and we strolled around Broadway. Soon, Aden and I got bored by shops our parents were going in and so we broke off, walking around the area, stopping only at 5, on a bridge next to a fountain, watching the water as the sun set behind it. "I enjoyed last night," said Aden, eagerly.

We both wanted that to continue, but we were interrupted by my phone ringing. It was a text from Mom saying that we were going to eat at the Hard Rock Café for dinner. I replied, be there in a sec. We slowly made our way over, talking about why it was in a pyramid vs. anything it SHOULD be in for Hard Rock (a guitar, drums, microphone—or, I don't know, perhaps a building—etc.) "No, Aden, how would they fit a restaurant inside a microphone?

Or a guitar? How would they even build a giant guitar?" "You're lacking imagination, Anthony." After dinner, we went to the hotel where we checked into our new rooms.

Mom and Dad's room would be next to Adam and Dana's, however, Aden and I's room would be a floor underneath the other two. We went down and unpacked. "I'm going to take a shower," I said. "Oh," said Aden, "I was just about to brush my teeth." "You can brush your teeth as I'm in the shower," I replied. He seemed kind of shy at first, and I didn't know why. It wasn't anything naughty. Just the two of us wanted to get into the pool as quick as possible.

I know I couldn't bdsm redhead gets whipped by her eager masters whip. I mean, the pool was giant, on one side it went to 8 feet deep! There were four water slides, a lazy river, and a children's area, too.

Of course, it all turned out fine, and we didn't notice each other in the shower/teeth-brushing session. But we did get up to noticing each other in the pool. It was late (not that late, just around 7) and we were alone in the pool. After swimming and talking, we finished our conversation which we had never before had a ton of time to finish. "So," said Aden, swimming close to me, "I enjoyed last night." "I did too," I truthfully replied. "But…" he exaggerated the 'U.' Uh-oh.

"…But what?" I said. "But I don't know if you're…" "You don't know if I'm what?" "…as serious as me…" There was silence for a few minutes, until I broke it, "What do you mean by that?" "Well…This is awkward…" "And you're making it more awkward by not saying anything," I said, matter-of-factly, "If you don't think I'm not sure of what happened last night—" "I'm not—are you sure?" "No—Explain." "Well, I don't really want to… if you don't feel the same way." "Let's put it this way: Nothing you can say will change the way I think of you." "You say that now." "And I will say it tomorrow, proudly." "Fine… in my eyes, it was more than a jack-off session that we did together." "How so?" "Because… I love you." It struck me in the chest.

Harder than a moving train, harder mexican couple fuck after school to megadeth a bullet, than an airborne plane, harder than any news I'd ever gotten; and it was Fabulous. I pulled him into an embrace and kissed the hell out of him.

If someone walked in—even Mom or Dad—I wouldn't care. I loved him, and I knew for sure he loved me too. We stopped for a second so he could breathe: "So that means—" "I love you, too," I replied, chuckling. We stared into each other's eyes, then kissed some more. ---BACK IN THE ROOM--- There we sat, holding hands across our laps.

"So, am I your first boyfriend?" I asked. "No," he said, "You're my first partner ever." I smiled as he said, "you?" "No, I had a jerk who cheated on me, but it was no were near as real as this.

I'd only say 'I love you' to a person who I really meant it. He never pushed the issue, and I never told that sleezeball 'I love you,' and I'd regret it if I did." I was being very honest with this story. He cheated on me with an ugly motherfucker named Matt. He laughed. "Ah, Damn!" I said, going through my suitcase. "What?" Aden asked.

"I didn't bring any back up contacts and I left my contacts at the pool!" "Did you bring your glasses?" "Yeah." "Let's see." I slipped on the glasses, and I figured Dylan must've been right, because he looked like he was going to orgasm because I put the glasses on. The hard, Oh-my-god-he's-so-sexy face he had on turned me on, and I made sure of one thing: I was going to fuck Aden tonight.

I don't care if it was just oral, it was going to happen. Perhaps anal is too soon, anyway, but, you know, I was going to get in his pants more than a jack-off session. ---THAT NIGHT--- This might take a while. I didn't want to approach him as creepy; just loving and horny. Which, of course, I was. I loved him to death and never wanted to let go. It was hard not blurting out "Let's Fuck!!

:D" when we took off our clothes and lied in bed in our boxers. "Good night," He said softly. "Good night," I returned, reluctant, and not quite finished, "do you want to have a quick jack-off before bed?" "Umm…" He thought about it.

"Or, uh…" "What?" He asked. "Well, you know…" "No I don't, please elaborate." "…maybe… we could…" "We could what?" "Try a bit…more?" "What do you mean? Do you want to…?" "Give you a BJ?" "Well, do you?" "I just want to give you pleasure." "Aww, you're sweet. Surly, you're planning to let me return the favor?" "If you would like." "…then maybe.

I'll think about it." "Do I have to wake you up?" I asked, tickling him. He squirmed around and laughed in the most adorable way.

I chuckled too, and after a while I stopped and he looked at me, into my eyes. He kissed my lips, then pulled away, and said, "Nope." "Do I have to get you in the mood?" I asked, rubbing my hand on his body.

My hand rubbed in circles a bit, making him moan, then I lowered my hand to his pelvis, where I slipped my hand into his underwear and messaged his penis. I pulled out, then ran my hand down his leg, rubbing as I went. He kissed me as I rubbed between his leg and covered ballsack, then said, "Do that a bit more." I did, and he moaned, gia derza in my new black stepdaddy an erection, as I did, too.

"Ok, I've thought about it. It's just that I'm nervous; I've never… done it… with a guy before.

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Or with anyone at that." "Me either," I said, calmly, my lips inches from his. I kissed him, then reached down in to his underwear, taking his ass into my hands. I squeezed it, and rubbed it, and he moaned through our locked lips and tongues, then, I took of his boxers, and slid underneath the covers.

"Wait," he stopped me, "What'll it be like?" "I don't know," I truthfully responded. "Let's find out." I took his fully erect 5 inch penis in to my mouth and moved my head up and down, savoring the flavor and love passing through this.

I swirled my awesome gal feels one eyed monster in holes around the head, then rubbed the shaft. He moaned in pleasure as I sucked as if there was no tomorrow.

I shoved the entire thing down my throat, basically kissing his pelvis, and I stuck my tongue out, licking his balls. They were just starting to grow hair and delicious. Very soon, my cock was rock hard—the hardest it'd ever been, 7 inches! I began to massage my own penis as I messaged Aden's—with my tongue.

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He moaned and thrusted it down my throat, and I was glad to see him in such pleasure. He started thrusting faster, closing his eyes, climax—then, there was Aden's hot cum running down my throat. It tasted sweet and salty. It was amazing I swallowed it easily, then shoved his dick into the back of my throat, and swallowed, and he shuddered. I slowly took my mouth off of his penis, and he began rubbing my ass. Slowly, he took off my boxers, seeing my giant 7-inch rock hard cock. "I don't know if I can—" Aden began, but I interrupted him.

"Then don't," I said. He thought of this, for some reason, as: 'You'd better do it, you stupid bitch,' and he shoved himself, forcefully, onto my cock.

As soon as it was in his mouth, he seemed reassured, he loved it, grabbing the base and shoving it down his throat, massaging the balls. He was like a pro. I moaned, and, totally sex-greedy, stuck my hand on the back of his head and pushed my penis in. I knew I wouldn't last long. Just the look of Aden, naked, was enough to make me blow my load. I pumped it in and out, ruffling his short blond hair, and he circled the shaft with his tongue.

I was right; I wouldn't last long. I felt a sensation like never before as he sucked me, I felt as if I'd died and gone to heaven; and this was a reward for a great deed. But no, it was Aden, and I was having the time of my life. As I felt the oncoming climax, feeling like the most powerful ever, I braced myself, and shoved my entire cock down his throat as my creamy boy juice was spat all over my pelvis.

Slowly, Aden licked it off, occasionally, licking my cock, then he put his mouth to mine, and transferred my cum into my mouth. Mine was saltier and less sweet than his, and I nearly swallowed his tongue swallowing it. He laughed, and I told him I liked his better. I fit my dick in-between his ass cheeks and he pressed his dick on my stomach, laying on me.

His head was on my chest, breathing hard. "I love you," He breathed. "I love you, too," I said, kissing the top of his blond head.

That was perhaps nasty playgirl loves to have a fun sex hardcore and blowjob best night ever. Until tomorrow night>=)