Hot hairy lesbian annabelle lee and skinny celine

Hot hairy lesbian annabelle lee and skinny celine
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I am Chandu let me introduce my elf ht 5,9 and well built sporty structure .This my latest experience and she was our medical college mate her name is Begum.

she was 23. She was very nice.

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she look very beautiful she is 5 feet,5 inches and she talks very nice .she is an Muslim and she stays amy valor said she craves big cocks her mother her father had passed away 5 years back and she moves very freely with me. She crack jokes and she will share her lunch she tells about her family and she shares her feelings. let me describe her she was white and have a good structure she had nice back seat and her boobs were very big and there are well shaped her size and shape nice and perfect and at night I use to dream of her as I would is a pleasure and soon in hospital we are announced that we would have night duties for a week and we must come to hospital for 6 o clock at evening and we were divided into pair I got paired with begum and she came and at that night we talked and she used to tell and ask about me I used to tell about my parents and she use to discuss about movies and she asked me about my hobbies and she gave me her mobile no from that day I used to call her she used to talk with me very freely 5 days passed away and on 6th day she asked me did u have any girl friends I just smiled and asked her why did u asked me like that she told that I am in love with u I was shocked and she ran away and at next day after noon I called her I said I love u too and we decided to meet and we went to beach and we sat and talked and we went to hotel and ate food and I dropped her in her home she introduced me to her mom and I also impressed her very much.

And talked to her.

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I came to my room. She called me at the night we talked for hours and I told to come to my room saying that she is going for a camp in her home. she told she will come to my room tomorrow and she will surprise him. hearing this I was amazed and planned and dreamed how to fuck her.

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Next day- I got up in morning and cleaned my room and at morning 10 o clock begum came to my room. she came and she said that she said to her mom that she was going 1 week for a medical camp.

I said ok and invited her in she looked very sexy in her black colored saree and she exposed her navel from her saree and I told she is looking sexy she told me that my room was very nice and she likes to stay with me.

i told sure I prepared lunch we ate I saw her D shaped ass which was 38 and when she walks it was swinging she had very nice ass and she surely give a great pleasure I enjoyed seeing her ass swinging and I saw her navel area I was very clean .she ate lunch and we went to my bed room she said we will sleep and have stuff on night.

I thought of not having anything in hurry and said ok we slept up to 5 o clock we got up and we roamed out to a park nearby and returned to my room at 7 o clock we had bath and we ate dinner and she was dressed in a light green colored saree she wore only bra I was silky I lifted her and took to my room and placed her on my bed I slowly removed her saree and first kissed her navel I got some stuff to do with her I filled her navel area with sugar and ghee and I licked it she moaned with pleasure saying ahhhhhhh&hellip.,uh&… lick me hard Chandu lick me I am yours and I will obey your orders and I slowly unpinned her bra and I was able to see her to big melons I pressed it hard and I pressed until I see tears in her eyes and she pleased me to leave the became red I softly licked her boobs and she innocent girl is geeting peed on and bursts wet kitty the pain and she was in joy.

Next step- i hugged her tightly and kissed her on her face wildly. I kissed her on her nose .and I slowly dropped her saree off from her waist and her langa down she was not wearing panties and now she was nude .I removed my t shirt I am in my short she put my short down I was fully nude in front of her. She was stunned seeing my huge fat seven inch cock.

I asked her to lick my cock and she licked my 7 inch cock and she said it was too big and fat. And I asked her to sleep on bed she slept stretching her legs wide. I kept my face on in front of her pussy and smelt it .it was very wet. I was now able to see her pussy it was nice and I smelled it and gave a deep kiss and I licked her pussy I inserted my finger in her pussy and dolly leigh fuxking pizza boy moaned in pain."Ahhhhh.

"Ahhhhhhh ,aaaaahhh… she was moaning and now I asked her to show her G spot she showed and her pussy lips were very tight and I just stretched her pussy lips it was pinkish and it was very naughty chick is brought in butt hole assylum for harsh therapy and now seeing my cock fatness she was afraid I said to her I will not hurt her she said ok and I inserted my cock in her love hole and only just rubbed my cock over it I inserted my cock in her love hole and my tip of cock went and she started crying and she said it was paining I took my cock out and told it would pain first and she will enjoy it she said ok and I inserted my cock in her love hole it went slowly because her hole was very tight I locked her lips avoiding her shout she was crying and my cock went inside her fully and she was moaning like aaa.uh …uh…uh… she was crying and I kept my cock inside her love hole for ten minutes her pussy walls were very smooth and she is feeling like heaven I took my cock out and blood came from her love hole and we washed away her blood and I started to insert my cock I fucked her fast and she moaned and cried me to leave her and I didn't spare her word I pressed her boobs and released my cock and I cum in her pussy and we relaxed for a while it was eleven and I attacked her pussy again I sat on dressing chair and she came and sat on my cock inserting in her pussy facing me I lip locked begum and caught her waist and lifted her up and gave full strokes from down and She moaned in pain aahhh……shouting fuck me tears came from her eyes she became red and I fucked her 4 times in that angle and released my cock out and I fucked her for 2 and half hours and released blood came from her pussy and she cleaned it and she lay on bed in 69 position and I started to fuck her she is becoming hotter and hotter and we got relaxed and asked her how she enjoyed it she told it is very nice and she said I am afraid of pregnancy I told its ok and I will give her an injection and pills to get out of pregnancy and she said she likes chair fucking and again we got to that position and fucked her off she cried with pain and we got tired we slept in that angle .I fucked her 7 times at that night and we slept Next morning:- At morning we got up and have bathed together and she got dressed up usually and we ate tiffin she fed me with her hands and she gave me a kiss and went to do her work and she said she enjoyed the night very well and her pussy was paining and she can't bear it .and she turn around and walked away I was now cannot see her swinging ass up and down i was I hall and she came and sat beside me and she remembered me about her worry about pregnancy .i said ok and gave her a pill and she took it.

She said it would be safe to take injection also and I said ok and I said to lay her on the bed I came with a couple of injections and asked her where to give it she asked was it paining I said yes and she said to give her on her butts I said ok .she lifted her saree up and I gave her two injections on her butts and I enjoyed seeing that she is rubbing her buts she was crying in pain it was paining and I rubbed her on her ass and she said its ok and I was now horny I was mad about her ass and now I got a chance I asked her I want to fuck her ass she silvia rubi anal free porn please leave me .and said please fuck it at night at that day climate was cloudy and we ate lunch in after noon and we went to park and we sat and we came to room at six and Evening:- we had came to our room.

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we went to our bed room and we got bathed and I asked Begum to wear only bra after bath and don't wear anything else and she said ok and we ate dinner and I enjoyed very much seeing her nude ass swinging up and down.

and we had dinner and she came to room and I asked her to show her ass and It was very nice and I asked her to shake her ass and I kissed her ass cheeks and pinched it she moaned in pain ahah.aah&hellip.

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I kissed her ass and it was so soft and there is lot of flesh on her ass and I asked her to walk. I liked paining her ass and hit her on her injection given areas she cried rubbing it and said don't do it and she rubbed her ass cheeks I liked it and she said please apply some ice on her injection areas I had brought some ice and applied for some time and I asked her to be in lick my cum covered feet clean cei doggy position and she did.

I asked her to stretch her ass and her ass hole was so cute I smelled her ass hole and licked it and kissed for half an hour inserting my tongue and she jumped in pleasure she shake her ass and gave slap on her ass and they became red and now I took apple jelly and applied on her ass and on her buts and licked it and I applied some jelly to my cock and she sucked and applied some cream to my cock and I pushed it was tight and slowly my 7,inch cock got in and she kept quite and break into tears and she hold the bed tightly and she was crying with pleasure and my cock fit her ass hole inch by inch and she was rolling in tears she hold her ass stretch she was unable to take breath I helped her to take breath and she felt on bed and she again regained in five minutes and again I inserted my cock in her asshole her ass hole was still tight I fucked her ass hole and cummed in her ass hole and she was filled with joy.

she gave me a hot French kiss and asked me to fuck her ass and I told her to sit on my face she came and I smelt her ass and I can feel her ass cheeks pressing my face and she got up and I licked her pussy once and I inserted my cock in her pussy hole and I didn't fuck her I gave vibrations in her pussy moving my cock like a car gear in her pussy she was in heaven moaning with pleasure .she said she liked her ass drilling and I said it would be there a great pleasure I n front and we hugged each other and we slept while sleeping I removed begum bra and slept keeping her boob in my mouth like a child.

Next day:- she at morning wake me up it was 8 in morning .she was very fresh she wore a blue coloured saree and she said it was her birthday and I thought of giving gift to her I got bathed and I said to her we would enjoy today she asked me to take for shopping and we went and she buy some bangles and clothes and we went to room and I said I will come and I went out and keeping in mind I buy her a gift and brought a cake and we both celebrated her birthday and she was now with tears in her eyes the love I showed towards her and she said she will be mine and had alights on her.i gifted her a ring and she took it and hugged me and she said fuck her as u wish in her I was very happy now and we had lunch and after we sat in my bedroom and she said she liked the way I fuck her.

Begum asked me what treat I want. I said I like looking her nude all the day doing her works in home she said ok and went into room and came out nudely she done all her work nudely .i was looking her ass there are bouncing at some time I gave a slap on her ass buts I use to see her rubbing her ass cheeks and evening as it was her birthday I thought of giving her something special she came to bed room at 6 I said your ass is very sexy today smiled and shake her ass I said kissed her ass and i told her to stretch her ass cheeks and I liked her ass hole and I put some honey and licked I thought of doing some thing different I asked her to sleep on bed and lift her ass up I came with some cherries and grapes and slowly I put them into her ass hole and she said what r u doing I told her she will enjoy it I put cherries and grapes I put condom to my cock and with full stroke I pushed my cock they got pasted and I squeezed them and its like heaven to her.

i took a lemon from fridge and pilled the skin off and put it in her ass and I pushed two lemons in her ass hole and I took a pencil and pushed deep in her ass hole in and out and as I drilled out pencil in and out lemon got crushed in her ass she cried because it is itching in her ass hole and she shaked her ass and at last I took the waste of lemon out and she said it is giving her a different feeling I said her to shake her ass she is crying because of a unknown in her ass and I took some ice cubes and sent in her ass hole she got relaxed and she said it was very nice and now I fucked her ass and she was crying with pain and she told to do some more torture so I took some tiger bomb in my fingers and I applied to her ass hole I put I deeper and she moaned as it was firing her ass hole and she got of the bed and jumped in the room with paining and now I put some Ice in her ass which reduced her pain and now she leaned on me and I asked her how was it she told she want something else I said do u no anal beads she said she don't know and I took the anal beads there are four beads and I asked her to show her ass hole I inserted all four beads in her ass hole and I left the thread out and I said she must keep this beads till next day evening she said that she will keep and she said she will be nude for me and at night we slept and next day morning she walked with beads In her ass hole and told it was nice and I felt pity on her I pulled out and anal beads were red I smelled and can smell it it was lime smell and she small girl xx first time her ass was paining but the pain was very sweet and I asked her to wear clothes and she said 4 days passed away and three days left please make me remember this week Chandu .begum asked me .i told I will.

And we got up in next morning and she was dressed in nightie and she was doing her work and she was preparing tiffin and I went and caught her from back and gave kiss on her neck she said not now and after tiffin Chandu and she talked with me. I told I want her to in a different way and that day we got relaxed in the morning and we at night got dinner and she went into room and she came in a beautiful light green saree and she covered her face like a Muslim. I was very much horny we got into room and I kissed her on her face and I removed her saree and removed her jacket and langa and she was with her bra and panties and I told her to lay on the bed and licked her every part from toe to head and I asked her to take bath and I took bath with her and I cleaned her parts very hairy with soap and we came out and she was nude and she was standing in front of me I asked her to dance I played a song and she danced I enjoyed it her boobs were swinging and her ass was swinging like anything sexy prof bridgette bangs in the classroom pornstars and hardcore I was mad seeing it and I now lifted her to my shoulders and thrown her on bed and I my cock was fully strong and it was 7 inched now and now I kissed her on her face and she was sleeping on side of me i rubbed her pussy I was very wet and I put my cock and I was still tight and she said please push slowly Chandu and when I entered my cock fully in her pussy she moaned like ahh&hellip.its paining and uh…ah …ah&hellip.ah&hellip.and I gave heavy strokes tears came of from her pussy and at last with full power I gave stoke and her pussy was filled with cum and blood came from her pussy she put her face in pillow with pain crying and she said her pussy was paining and she was satisfied and now she was holding her pussy with pain we lay on bed for 15 minutes and she washed herself and now I said her to stretch her legs and I kissed on her pussy and I licked and kissed her pussy lips and she was moaning ah.ah.ahshhhhhhh&hellip.and I enjoyed it very much and I said her to sleep showing her ass up to me she slept I stretched her ass and smelled it and it was very nice it licked her very cute ass hole and her ass hole was like a tight hole and it was cute and I took some honey and asked her to stretched her ass and filed her ass hole with honey and I licked her ass and I took some dry fruit date palms and I pushed them in her ass and I asked her to stand and I kissed her ass cheeks and I slapped her ass cheeks and stretched her ass hole and date palm felt from her ass hole and I told her to eat and she said it is very nice I took a cover and put some fruits like grapes mango pieces and oranges and I make that in to a ball and I asked her to stretch her ass and I put into her ass hole and told her they must not get crushed and if it crushes I said I wont talk to her for ever she asked when will u take and I said I will take tomorrow morning and she slept keeping her ass up and she got up in morning she was in kitchen I told her to show her ass hole and I pushed my cock into her ass hole and fruits got crushed away like mix juice and I told her to drink and I finally decided to torture her at last day I asked her to roam nude and she came beside me and she sat on my lap and I told her she will remember this day I told her she must accept what will do to her she said ok I asked her it will pain her a bit she said ok I asked her to sleep and I tied her hand and legs to bed and she asked me what are u doing and I said you will be tortured today and she was shocked and I said please she accepted and I also put her panties in her mouth and she can't do sound and I first fucked her pussy and ass hole and I asked her to relax and opened her mouth she said it is very nice and I said you must bear some torture she said ok and I didn't say to her because If I said to her she won't accept and laid her on bed showing her ass to me I also tied cloth to her eyes and now I took two injections and I put very hardly on her ass cheeks and she shake her ass in pain I gave her two slaps on her as she then kept quiet and I rubbed on her ass cheeks where I did injection and now I took some tiger bomb and applied to her pussy and her ass hole she shak like anything but unable to get from bed and I then put some ice and I slapped her on ass and they became red and I lit a cigarette and placed her on her ass and she shook her ass like anything and I removed her tied hands and took clothes from her mouth and eyes she was crying like anything and she said why u did like this and she said it Is paining and she said I liked this torture but I was paining and she cried in pain and she felt on me and slept crying and in morning we got up her ass was red and I put some ice and she felt nice and I kissed her cool ass cheeks and she was moaning with pain and we got bathed and I told her to pack her clothes I gave her a gift and I left her in home