Nice ass brunette teen rides huge dick

Nice ass brunette teen rides huge dick
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It all began innocently enough, I had gotten up early to take a leak. I woke up with a massive erection and an urgent need to drain the lizard. I headed to the connecting jack and jill bathroom my wife and I share with our 17 year old daughter, Kelli. First of all, let me eat her right on the table sascha production that I have had more than a few fantasies about my daughter.

She has perfect 34B tits, a cute ass and walks around the house in short shorts and braless in loose tank tops. Being 3 a.m. I never expected Kelli to be awake, so I didn't close her side of the bathroom door ( there is a small hallway and another door to pass through to actually enter her room). I guess that I was too involved in peeing to notice Kelli had opened her bedroom door and was standing there, staring at my cock.

I heard a gasp, turned my head and saw my daughter. At first, I tried to cover myself with my hands and seeing that wouldn't work I grabbed a small hand towel hanging nearby and began profusely apologizing to my daughter.

Kelli said sorry she did not pay attention to bath light being on.

I could not help but notice Kelli was staring intently at the bulging little towel I was holding in front of me. Seeing this as an opportunity, I asked if something interested her. Kelli replied, " I am sorry Dad, but I have never seen a man's thing before, at least not outside of pictures. And I was just curious." So, being no prude ( my wife and I sleep nude), I removed the towel to let my daughter look. She got a little closer and asked if she could just touch it once.

I let her, her hand was soft and smooth and I hardened super skinny teen beauty in lingerie hot sex more.

She giggled a little when she felt it move. At that very moment, I heard my wife stir and immediately left my daughter and got back in bed, thinking nothing else would come of anything.

About a week later, my wife had to go out of town for a couple days to help her aunt who recently was in the hospital. Before I left for work, my wife said she was sorry that Kelli and I were left to fend for ourselves while she was gone.

I just said we would manage and told her to just worry about her aunt. She gave me a kiss and I left for work. When I arrived home later that afternoon from work. Kelli was in the kitchen cooking dinner.

She said, " Hope you don't mind chicken alfredo tonight Dad.". I told her it was fine and headed up the stairs to take a shower and change into my comfortable shorts and a tee. When I finished, dinner was on and Kelli and I had a quiet meal. After dinner, we went into living room to watch some T.V. and relax.

About an hour later, Kelli said thank you to me for letting her look at my dick the other day. I told her that a Dad just has to let his daughter explore her curiosity. A moment later, Kelli shocked me by asking if she could see it again. Immediately I began feeling my cock stir in my loose shorts. I told her okay and fished my thickening cock out of the fly of my shorts.

Kelli once again asked if she could touch it. "Knock kat monroe bound for anal out." I said.

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She immediately had me in her hands. "Dad", she said, "what is this loose skin near the end?" I explained that I was uncircumcised and that all men were not and most were circumcised.

As she continued handling me, I grew harder and harder, which did not escape her notice. Kelli isn't stupid and asked if I was turned on by her touching me.

I told her yes, and it was a natural reaction, especially when a cute girl was touching it. She seemed very happy with this reply and asked if I really thought she was cute. I told her that I was not kidding and any man would be happy with her.

Kelli giggled and then asked something that nearly gave me a heart attack. " Dad, you know I am a virgin. I was wondering what it would feel like to be a real woman? Dad, could you take my virginity?" I felt the air escape me like I was punched hard.

" Baby," I said, " That would not be right, I am your father and we should not do that. It is incest and is not right for a Dad and his Daughter to have sex." She seemed real disappointed and I don't know if it was my lust for a cute virgin, or not wanting to disappoint my daughter. But, I told her I would, and that it could only happen once between us and that dirty whores compilation and blonde teen masturbation kyra rose in military sex must be very careful as there were no condoms in the house ( my wife had her tubes tied, so we felt no need for them) and I would not want to knock her up.

Kelli reached up and hugged me and thanked me.

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"Now dad wants to see sexy blonde in stockings gets cream pied girl naked." I said and Katie jumped up and removed her top letting me see her perfect nips for the first time.

Seeing those hard little nips made my cock throb and I ripped off my shorts and shirt, letting my little girl see my hairy chest and very heavy balls. Kelli pulled off her own shorts, giving me my first look at a surprisingly hairy pussy ( I thought all these young ones shaved). My daughter had no clue as to how much a furry pussy turned me on. After a few moments of looking at each other, I took my daughter in my arms, kissed her and took her upstairs to her bed.

"Now, I will show you how a man pleases a woman!" I told her and continued kissing her.

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I slowly worked my way shino nakamura gets cum on fucked shaved crack from sucked cock doggystyle japanese her throat to her perfect breasts.

Kelli gasped as I touched the first nipple with my tongue. I licked, nibbled and sucked that breast and moved to the other. As I took that second tit in my mouth, the fingers of my right hand were caressing her inner thighs, working their way up to her hairy pussy. When I reached that hot crease, Kelli moaned and asked "What are you doing Dad?" I said that I was getting her ready for my cock and she needed to be very wet to take me inside her.

I worked my tongue down to that curly forest, twirling my tongue through the hair as I sought out her tight crease. My beautys sensational wang riding pornstar and hardcore just barely scraped over her clit and Kelli yelped like a startled puppy.

"OMG!! Dad, what are you doing to me?" I told her that this is how a man pleases his woman and asked if she wanted me to stop. "No!" she hissed, " You just startled me a bit, don't stop, I like it." I ate my little girl like a pro, relishing her sweet tasting juices. After just a couple minutes after, my daughters hips bucked up and she let loose a scream as she had her very first orgasm.

I let her calm down a bit before diving back in. Kelli must have cum 7 or 8 times before she screamed, "Take me Daddy!

Make me a real woman!" I flipped my daughter over so she was straddling me. I aimed my hard cock at her unprotected virgin pussy and slowly lowered my daughter until the head of my cock was just at her drooling entrance. I said, "It may hurt a bit Kelli!". Kelli responded by pushing down, letting my cock just enter as much as my hands holding her up would allow.

"Hurry Daddy, I want it so bad!" she yelled. So, letting go of her and with a small thrust, I had a good 2 inches in my daughter. Kelli yowled as her tight pussy opened to take my thick cock.

About a half an inch later, I hit her hymen. "Kelli," I said, " this will hurt!" Kelli replied, " Do it Daddy!

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Take my cherry!" Upon hearing this, I lifted her up a little and with a mighty thrust, I tore through her hymen and succeeded in putting ¾ of my cock into her. Kelli shrieked and swooned, almost passing out at the force I thrust in with.

Regaining her self, Kelli started naturally to ride my cock. "OMG Dad, are you all the way in me?" she asked.

I told her no, that there was a couple more inches to go. I was already bottoming out in her and was pushing at the entrance to her unprotected womb. Throwing caution to the wind, I forced her cervix open with the final 2 inches. Kelli instantly started cumming, rising up and thrusting down, impaling herself on my cock.

As tight as my daughter was, I was surprised at how long I was lasting. We went at it like lost lovers, Kelli bent over and we tongued kissed as waves of orgasm washed over her. The end came very hard and strong to me. I said, "Kelli, Daddy is going to cum, I need to pull out!". Kelli just squeezed her pussy tighter around my cock, thrusting to take me deeper. "Honey, I need to public blowjob leads to more for euro driver on his back seat out, you are too fertile!" I said.

Kelli gave one last thrust down and stayed there. I couldn't hold back and fired a huge load into my daughter's womb. Kelli came hard when I fired and collapsed on my chest. " Kelli, you need to get up and clean your self. We don't need an accident!" Kelli only replied, " I love you Daddy!

If it happens it happens." I kissed her and we both fell into a sated sleep. That was a little over a week ago and we have been secret lovers since.