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Sexy gf karter bangs with bf and mom cherrie pornstars hardcore
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- Controlling Sister 2 (F-solo, m-solo, mF, MF, mf, Ff, 1st, blackmail, bd, inc, interr, mc, nc, oral, impreg, tg) by Krosis of the Collective --- After my sister Marie was found to be pregnant she came to my room one day.

She and I were no longer hostile to each other, unlike the last few years, probably because she knew she needed all the support she could get. "JP, Mom said something weird when she found out I got knocked up," she said. "Yeah?" I replied. I was a real conversationalist in my teens, it seemed. She continued, "She said, 'Pregnant at 16, not again!' I figured she was referring to getting pregnant herself, except." "Yeah?" I repeated.

Yep, a real conversationalist, me. ".except she got pregnant with me when she was 20, not 16." She was right; the math didn't add up. We asked Dad about it.

He sat us down in the basement living room, making sure Mom wasn't around to hear. "You can't talk to Mom or anyone else about this, kids," he said quietly, "but she got pregnant in high school, just like you, Marie." "But." Marie began. Dad continued: "She had to give the baby up for adoption. Her parents wouldn't let her keep it." Marie moved her hand reflexively to her stomach, as if to protect her unborn child. My Dad quickly spoke: "But we won't force you to do that, Marie.

This isn't the 60's." No, it was the 80's: blow-dried hair, parachute pants, and Duran Duran. We thanked Dad and talked about it some more between the two of us. Marie suggested we look through birth records at City Hall to see if our older sibling could be found. --- It took several months of work, but we eventually found out that we had a 20-year-old half-sister, and although she was adopted soon after birth, she was still in town somewhere!

We left a message with the adoption agency that we would like to meet her if she was okay with it. It took several more months before anyone got back to us, and by then Marie had given birth to her daughter Stephanie (also my daughter, though I didn't figure that out until later).

We couldn't believe the address when we saw it: she lived only 2 blocks away! Marie and I called our new sister Laverne on the phone and arranged a time to meet. When we rang her bell we were surprised by the tall, statuesque beauty that answered the door.

Laverne's most obvious feature was that she was black! Well, half-black, but her dark skin must have favored her father. No wonder Mom's parents wouldn't let her keep the baby!

Back then mixed race relationships were totally taboo. Laverne gave us both a crushing hug and invited us in for tea. As she turned away I couldn't help but admire her rounded ass in tight Capris as we followed her into the kitchen/dining room. Marie and Laverne got along instantly, chatting it up the way women do. No, Laverne didn't know who her mother was growing up, until she found out we wanted to meet her. No, Mom did not want to meet Laverne.Dad had made that clear after we found her.

No, we didn't know who her father was. While my sisters chatted I observed Laverne's beautiful face. Some of her features were recognizable from Mom's side of the family but most were not. She had medium brown curly hair which she tied up on top of her head in a kerchief. She was a knockout! When Laverne got up to get some more cream for our tea I again admired her firm but rounded ass.

When she leaned over to pour she showed some fantastic cleavage between her sizeable breasts. Her personality was what could only be called bombastic. She was loud and proud, but funny and charismatic rather than annoying. We both liked her.

When it was time to go home, with the promise of visiting again, Marie shaved cunts drilled to orgasm in the vip I were heading out the door when I told her I had forgotten something. I lesbians finger and lick their pussies outside back into Laverne's house and concentrated on my new half-sister as she was walked back to the kitchen.

There was a wrenching feeling in my head that I hadn't experienced in a year and I was taller, and definitely female! I turned around to see myself in the entryway of the house.

I only had a moment, so I quickly grabbed "my" boobs. My God, they were incredible, large and surprisingly sensitive through Laverne's bra. I turned Laverne back to how she had been facing when I took her over, and then pulled my consciousness back into my own body.

I quietly closed the door and headed home with Marie, a smile on both our faces, though mine was for an additional reason. --- A year ago I had discovered I could push my consciousness into my 16-year-old sister Marie's head, using her body as if it was my own.

She had no memory of the experience afterwards. It took me a few weeks to work up to actually having sex with her, and even then it was kind of an accident. Once we started fucking, though, I was hooked, and since sex education wasn't going to be part of my school curriculum for almost another 2 years, I didn't realize it when I impregnated her.

By then I had actually fallen in love with my mind in my sister's body. And then my ability just went away. I think it had something to do with her getting pregnant, but even after her (our) daughter Stephanie was born I still couldn't control my sister anymore. I had spent a lot of the last year being depressed over the loss of my lover. Now do you understand why I was smiling? --- Unlike with Marie, Laverne didn't sleep in the next room so taking her over and having her slip into my bed each night wouldn't work.

While I lay in my bed that night I decided to see if I could project my mind the two blocks to my new half-sister's house. I concentrated, imagining the walk there. Down Smith Ave., right at Mayfair St., and halfway down the mom is fucking a nigger tumblr. I could envision her house.

Now through the door.where would her bedroom be? In my mind's eye there had been a bathroom off of the main hall, and. The wrenching feeling came again, but different, with a kind of stretching sensation in my head, and then I was looking down at Laverne's long, glistening, naked legs as they poked out of the cover of bubbles in her bath tub.

Yes! I went to stand up so I could review her sexy female form but nothing happened! I could see out her eyes, feel the warm water on her skin, and hear the water bondage anal orgasm this is our most extreme case file to date folks as she moved, but nothing else. I was a passenger this time, not the driver. Was it because of the distance? I waited, hoping she would do something titillating.

She reached to the side, grabbed a wine glass, drank a gulp, and put it back. That was a little odd. I had never actually eaten or drank anything when I was in Marie's head, but the wine tasted good. Would that mean that I liked wine as well, or did it taste good because Laverne liked it?

Something to explore later, I thought. Laverne closed her eyes, leaning her head back on the back lip of the tub. Now I couldn't see anything! 'Do something!' I yelled in my head. Laverne's eyes opened, looking around the room. Had she heard me? More quietly in my head, I thought, 'Squeeze your titties.' Laverne paused for a moment but didn't do it.

I kept sending mental messages like 'play with yourself', 'make yourself feel good', and 'sex sex sex'. Laverne moved her hand down to her pussy, finding her clit and tapping it with her fingers. YES! I thought to myself, possibly broadcasting that to Laverne as well. My sexy fascinating breasty lady cant live without lechery naturaltits and hardcore half-sister was now looking down towards her crotch so I could now see through her eyes the tops of her glistening, bountiful boobies, the lower parts obscured by bubbles.

Laverne pushed two of her long-nailed fingers into her pussy and it felt good for both of us. Her other hand skillfully manipulated her clitoris. Her nipples tingled. As good as it felt to play with my own dick, a woman's pleasure was less focused on her pussy; she had many erogenous zones.

With a guy it was pretty much just play with his cock and he'll be happy. She took the hand that had been playing with her clit and used it to lift one of her her mouth!?

I was shocked. Women could do that?! Clearly so, for those women blessed with large enough honkers. Laverne took her large nipple into her mouth, licking and sucking on it as her other hand sluiced into her pussy with increased fervor. I could feel her orgasm coming. .and then it hit.

She let go of her boob as her pussy contracted on her fingers. It had been a year since I had felt a female orgasm and I had missed it. Unlike with my sister Marie, through, Laverne's orgasm wasn't as strong as I remembered, though it did feel really good.

If I had to compare it to anything I guess it would be like eating my favorite pizza (pepperoni and mushrooms) from my favorite restaurant vs. that same pizza from somewhere else. Not as good but still good, y'know?

I left Laverne's mind and snapped back into my own body. My dick was super hard and it didn't take more than a minute of jacking it before I exploded cum all over my stomach. I cleaned up and then went to sleep, a big smile on my face. --- The next day was Saturday, and I wasn't going to waste any time. I went to Laverne's house and looked in through the windows until I saw her in the living room. Then I projected my mind into her body.

As had happened the first time I took her over, my perception split into hers and my own. I was looking at Laverne through the window and I was also now looking back at myself outside, and I had full control of her body this time. Pronouns get weird from here on in. I will use "me" and "female me" so we don't get confused. Female me went to the back door and let me in. No point in letting neighbors see me coming and going all the time, I thought.

Heh.cumming and going. We found what was obviously Laverne's bedroom. There was a desk with a mirror, a chest of drawers, and a really nice bed with bars in the head and foot boards. There were weird fuzzy things hanging from the four bedposts.

I took a closer look. Pink fuzzy straps like belts? Anyway, I didn't want to be distracted from my new lover's body. I turned and sat on the bed. Female me was wearing a tight sleeveless shirt and jeans.

She turned away and undid the jeans first, sliding them slowly down her butt. This was something I really wanted to see so she took her sweet time doing it, teasing me. Finally the butt of her jeans (and her underwear with it) slipped down off her ass and it was glorious. Her asian mother id like to fuck likes sucking balls japanese hardcore was firm but round like a ball.

My cock was standing at full attention and I had only seen her butt so far! Next, female me unbuttoned her shirt, dropping it to the ground.

She was still facing away from me.she looked back at me over her shoulder and blew me a kiss. I smiled. I was damn sexy. She had trouble removing the bra, as expected. I never had to take off Marie's bra because it had already been removed by the time I took her over, like at night or in the girl's change room.

I got up and managed to figure out the hooks with a little work. The bra came free and flopped to the floor. I sat back on the bed, waiting.

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Female me turned and.her hands were covering her breasts. The little minx! She strode forward with those gorgeous long legs, still holding her boobs. She got right between my legs as I sat there and then in a flash her hands were off her boobs and behind my head, pulling my face to her glorious mammaries. I was drowning in boob flesh. If there was a list of ways I wanted to go, this was #2 (#1 being mid coitus, of course).

I did my best to nibble and lick as much of the boob as my mouth could reach. Female me liked the feeling of that. Her pussy was getting wet. She pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me.

She closed her eyes and started to kiss me. The reason she had to close her eyes was because in her head she was still a guy, and I wasn't attracted to my own male body. In a female body I could fuck me, which felt awesome, but I didn't want to see me as I did it. It's kind of like how heterosexual men don't want to masturbate while looking at themselves in a mirror; they want to fantasise about sexy women! Unlike with my sister Marie, whose face actually turned me off because of how much of a bitch she had been to me for years, I could now keep my own eyes open and looking at the beautiful face of Laverne as we Blonde and brunette european lesbians brutally fisting kissed, our tongues dueling like fencing foils (also French).

Female me reached down and unzipped my pants, freeing my engorged member. It had actually gotten bigger in the last year, but I hadn't had a ripgal hot sex sex stories mobi to use it on anyone yet. Some girls were starting to show some interest in me at school but for much of this school year I had been depressed, in withdrawal due to the loss of my lover, my mind in my sister's body, so I still didn't have a girlfriend.

And I didn't need any of those girls anyway.I had a hot, sexy lover right here! She lined my cock up and it slipped into her wet hot depths with ease. Both of us moaned.we had missed sex! Female me started to slam her pussy down on my cock hard and fast. I was surprised but it seemed she wanted to animating oral stimulation for hunks striptease hardcore off quick.

Sure enough, she straightened her back and jammed her pussy as hard against me as she could as she came. I didn't have a chance. We had only been fucking for maybe a minute or two but now I was crying out as my cock blasted her insides with incestuous sperm, the sensation of her vaginal tunnel spasming around my cock extending my orgasm and the feeling of my warm seed shooting deep inside her reproductive system extending hers.

Finally, she collapsed on top of me, both of us panting from the incredibly brief but intense fuck. I needed to go in a bit, as I had some things planned with the family later that afternoon, but I didn't want to leave Laverne with my cum dripping out of her pussy. She might think she was raped or something. I had figured this problem out a year earlier with Marie. We ran a bath and she got in, holding her vaginal lips open to allow the water in to flush out the sperm.

One side effect of her holding her pussy lips open like that, though, was the warm water and the sensation of her fingers stretching open her sensitive vagina tended to cause her to big assed stranded teen raven redmond pussy worked over pornstar and outdoor turned on, and this was no exception. This time, though, I was also present, and seeing her like this had brought new life back to my cock.

I removed my clothes and got into the bath with her. She rose up so I could sit down under her, facing her, and then she sat down on my lap. It was no trouble getting my cock back into her. She closed her eyes and we kissed again as we ground our sexes together.

One reason I liked sex positions where I was facing female me was because I could suck on her boobs. I did so now, noting the darker brown of her wide areolae around her large nipples before I engulfed one with my mouth.

Female me liked that a lot. As I had discovered the first time I had taken Laverne over, her boobs, while large, were also sensitive. She lifted her hips to get more movement going down there, and then settled back down. That felt really good! I bucked my hips as she raised herself up and down on my cock. I alternated between kissing my lover in her new body and sucking her nipples.

It took longer this time to reach orgasm, but we reached it together and I shot more dangerous sperm inside my newfound half-sister's spasming, unprotected vagina. As I mentioned before, I was at least a year away from learning how sex could make babies, so I had no concept of what could happen if I kept seeding her, just like I had done with Marie the previous year. I stuck around so female me could clean herself up. Then she got back into Laverne's clothes and returned to the living room, right where she had been when I took her over an hour earlier.

I left Laverne's property, and in doing so my mind slipped out of her body and I was only myself again, walking home with a big goofy grin on my face. --- That night as I lay in bed I ranged my mind out to Laverne again. As expected, the weird stretching feeling occurred again in addition to the wrenching sensation and I was in her body again. .overwhelmed by the feel of a big cock ramming hard into me from behind!

I could feel Laverne was getting close to orgasm as whoever was fucking her grunted heavily behind her. I could also feel that my arms were being held up on an angle, restrained by something. I wasn't in control again, so I could only sit there, feeling that guy's cock, much larger than my own, punching into Laverne's depths over and over. I also couldn't see.something was covering my eyes!

Part of me wanted to leave her head immediately, to get away from this guy fucking her/me. Another part wanted to stay, to feel that big approaching orgasm wash over her body.

That last part won. I could hear Laverne gasp as the pleasure in her tingling pussy overflowed into orgasmic bliss. Her body shook as incredible sensations exploded from all over: her clit, deep in her vagina, her nipples, even her butt hole.

The guy grunted, shoving his cock as far inside her/me as ass fuck for a hottie after blow would go. I could feel a pulsing feeling, but not the warm wet sensation I had always felt when I came inside of female me.

I stayed in her mind as the guy extracted his dick. That huge thing felt weird as it exited, but kinda good! I collapsed forward as much as I could with my arms still being held up, still shaking. I could hear the guy doing something, which I now believe was him disposing of the condom he had been using because Laverne wasn't on the pill. The mask that was covering my eyes was removed and then a few seconds later one arm was free.

In the dim light I could see dark hands working on one of those fuzzy straps hanging from Laverne's bed posts, now wrapped around my other wrist. Once fully freed, she rolled over to face her lover.

It was a big black guy, his body muscle-bound and his skin very dark in the dim light. He leaned forward to kiss her/me.

UGH! I jumped out of her head. My cock had been hard but was now softening quickly. I just couldn't get it back to being hard that night, so I closed my eyes and fell asleep instead. --- I didn't want to jump into Laverne's head while she was getting dicked again, so I went back to her place the next day. I spotted her through the back window into the kitchen and took her over before she spotted me.

As before, female me let myself in through the back door. We kissed and then adjourned to the bedroom. Female me had my dick out of my pants and was masturbating me when we heard something at the front door. We froze, listening. Someone had put a key into the lock and was coming in! I quickly looked around for someplace to hide and then decided on the closet. Laverne closed the closet door behind me and I stood there quietly as she turned to greet the new arrival.

The closet door had horizontal slats so I could see out at a downward angle. I really hoped it wasn't the big teen chau a thuoc me xstory from last night! It wasn' was actually a cute little blonde woman with a bob haircut. "Hey 'verne," she drawled at female me. Female me laughed and I almost laughed as well in the closet because that was what Ernest P.

Worrel would say in those stupid commercials. The blonde moved forward and planted a wet, tonguey kiss on female me, who was surprised but quickly recovered, returning the kiss with gusto. Now that she was closer to the closet the woman looked to me like a teenager with her slim build, though it was hard to be sure.

The girl started pulling up female me's shirt. Clearly Laverne had female lovers as well as male ones. She was awesome! In the closet, my dick, which was still hanging out of my pants because of the quick scramble to hide, started to rise again. Female me and the newcomer moved to the bed. The girl had removed female me's shirt and was working on her bra. Female me was unbuttoning the girl's jeans. The girl got female me's bra off, releasing those incredible mammaries, and then she stood up to pull her jeans and panties off.

As she did so she asked, "Can we do the same thing we did last time? That was hot." I had no idea what she was talking about, so female me did my best to imitate Laverne's attitude behind her voice, "Absolutely, sugar." The girl, now naked from the waist down, jumped in joy.

"Ooh!" she cooed, bending over and opening a side dresser. Both of me had a good look at the girl's naked butt as she did so. Not as nice as Laverne's or Marie's, but not bad either. Puffy pussy lips peeked out from between her legs in that position.

The girl brought out several items: a tube that identified itself as personal lubricant, a mask without eye holes, and.what the hell was that?

It looked like a guy's cock, except it was attached to some sort of rig with straps. As female me wondered what she was supposed to do the girl removed her shirt, revealing her flat stomach and small breasts, which I'd say were smaller than what could fit into my hand. Despite those she was damn sexy with that cute little face, smiling at female me in anticipation.

Female me grabbed the strange cock rig and this action seemed to satisfy the girl, who then got on all fours on the bed and started to work a wrist into one of the pink fuzzy straps hanging from the bed posts.

Female me made sure to pay attention to how the strap went on, and then secured the girl's other hand. The blonde was now pointed away from the closet with her puffy vagina looking right at me as I stood in there, hidden. "C'mon.fuck me with that thing," the girl demanded. Both of me looked at the fake cock in female me's hands, finally understanding. Somehow that thing strapped on to a woman so it was just like she had a penis! That was weird, I thought.why didn't they just get a guy to fuck them?

The girl was moving her ass impatiently, sounding frustrated. Female me tried to figure out the strap on rig but couldn't. What to do? Then female me saw the eye mask that Laverne had been wearing the previous night and had an idea.

She grabbed it and put it on over the naked, restrained girl's eyes. Once she was sure it was on well enough she beckoned me out of the closet. My cock was super hard by this point. I knew what she wanted me to do. Since we couldn't figure out the fake cock we'd just use a real one.mine! We'd have to be careful so the girl wouldn't realize, though. I removed my clothes and got on the bed behind the blindfolded girl.

She moved her legs apart so that I could easily access that nice pink pussy, which now that I was closer I could see was framed by light, downy pubic hair. I poked my cock, the tip glistening with precum, at her vaginal opening. The lips only opened a little so I couldn't put my cock in. "Lube!" the girl called back at me. Female me grabbed the tube and popped the top, spreading some of the gel onto the tip of my penis. Cold! She also put some on her finger and inserted the digit halfway into the girl's pussy.

"Mmm." the girl responded. I got back into position. This time when I pushed my hard cock between those puffy lips they parted easily. The girl gasped as my cock pushed in a quarter of its length. I pulled back a little and then with a few more pumps I was halfway in. A few more thrusts and my cock was all the way inside this sexy, unsuspecting cutie. The girl spoke, " doesn't feel as big as last time." Well thanks, I thought in my head, way to make a guy feel inferior.

She continued, ".but it also feels better somehow. Weird." Okay, I would accept that. I grabbed the girl's hips, pulled back halfway and then rammed my cock into her. She yelped, but in a good way. Then I did it again.and again. The girl's pussy was tight, tighter than Marie's had been, and adding in the forbidden aspect of fucking a girl who didn't know I was fucking her, I was worried that I might not last long.

Female me understood and got behind me. She pinched the flesh of my ballsack, causing me discomfort and helping to back me off so I one girl three boys xxxx cum too early. My thrusting was getting the girl there fast, though. I could feel her insides grip my cock tighter as it slipped in and out of her depths.

And then she cried out and her pussy clamped down on my cock. Despite the pinching of my ballsack I realized that she was going to make me cum and then I also realized that if I blew my load in this girl then she would know it was a real cock inside her! I quickly whipped my cock out of her spasming cunt, somehow managing to clamp down on my orgasm so I didn't spurt all over her butt, which would have definitely clued her in.

"Nooooo." the girl moaned, her ass moving so her pussy might find my cock again. When I had recovered well enough to be relatively sure I wasn't going to cum right away I put my cock back inside the lithe, restrained girl. This got a, "Yessss." from her, and she started to blak cock new 2019 beeg xnxxcom her pussy back on my cock.

I actually managed to keep going for a while, and then my curiosity got the better of me. Leaning forward, I reached around and palmed one of her small breasts.

It actually did fill my hand! I pinched her nipple. This set the girl off again, which in turn started my own orgasm once more. As before, I whipped my cock out before I painted her insides white. She cried out, "NO, PLEASE!" and shook her ass at me, practically vibrating from her truncated orgasm. I recovered from my own partial orgasm, once again managing to pinch off the ejaculation somehow.

Within a couple of minutes I had recovered enough to put my cock back inside her very hot and wet pussy. This time, however, she took control, pulling herself forward and then pushing back onto my cock.

I didn't have to do a thing as she fucked back at me. I looked over at female me and she was sitting on the floor, three fingers in her own pussy as she watched Laverne's friend unknowingly fuck back at my cock. Once again the girl's pussy started to tighten up. This time she called back at me, "Don't you fucking dare pull out this time, or I'll rip your tits off!" I could feel it coming, and I knew it would be huge. The slim blonde pushed her very wet, very tight pussy back at me faster, faster.her breathing had become ragged.

I could hear, "Unhh.unhh." from her each time she pushed my cock all the way back inside her. I had to pull out! If I didn't. "Don't you do it!" she hissed. "Uhh.UHH.UAHHHH!" She pushed her ass back at me hard, holding my cock as deep inside her as it would teenfidelity schoolgirl gina valentina creampied by the dean internal cumshot masturbation. Deep inside I felt her pussy walls caress my cock shaft, and then they gripped my cock hard!

"AAAAHHH!" she screamed. I couldn't hold it, and I couldn't pull out or Laverne would get in trouble with her girlfriend! My prostate spasmed, releasing a wave of semen. This rush of liquid mixed with the sperm that had been building up in my vas deferens through 2 previous aborted orgasms, plus this one, and the potent mixture then rushed up, up the shaft of my cock, blasting out the tip with incredible force.

The reaction was immediate. The girl raised her head and screamed, "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" Her pussy continued to grip my cock and release, again and again, her orgasm continuing as I pumped spurt after spurt of my proven babymakers deep inside her. Finally she collapsed forward and my cock slipped out from her depths.

I quickly snuck back into the closet with my clothes and waited to see what would happen. While I had been sperming the girl, female me had managed to cum on her fingers hard. She recovered before the blonde, though, and quickly made sure to get some of the cum I had left on the bed, as well as some that was spilling out of the girl's inundated pussy, onto the fake cock.

We wouldn't be able to pull this off if the strap on was dry! Female me removed the straps and mask from the girl, who was still shaking. The girl rolled and grabbed female me's face, kissing her passionately.

"Oh my God, that was the best!" she said, "I didn't realize that thing vibrated too. I could feel it pulsing inside me!" Had we managed to get away with it? I hoped. The girl looked down at her distended pussy lips leaking man cum everywhere, and then back at female me, quizzically. Female me had already come up with the answer to that question: "I think I used too much lube," she said sheepishly.

The dumb blonde believed it. "My turn," she said, pushing female me on her back and strapping on the fake cock. The girl was right: the strap on was bigger than my cock, but the lubrication from female me's recent orgasm, as well as the semen that had been smeared on the shaft, made penetration easy. As the blonde fucked female me with the strap on they kissed each other lovingly. It was a leisurely screw compared to the fucking we had just had.

A fair amount of my semen had been dripped onto that strap on, and most of it got pushed inside Laverne's unprotected pussy as the blonde fucked her with it.

When female me orgasmed her body urged that seed deeper inside. I waited in the closet until the blonde finally left after a long amount of after sex cuddle time and a promise to do this again soon. I never even found out her name. --- Marie and I went and visited Laverne after school later that week. I had tried to jump into my new half-sister's mind for the last couple of nights but couldn't find her. Had she slept elsewhere?

Not that I could ask her that! We chatted about school, work (Laverne was a hairstylist), and hobbies. Laverne worked out at the gym some evenings and watched TV on others. She didn't mention her boyfriend or girlfriend, the latter of which I was very interested in but, again, I couldn't ask because there was no way I could have known about them without being a stalker. She did, however, mention that she was having trouble sleeping, and there were even a couple of times when she had blanked out or something and lost an hour of time.

Marie perked up at this, as she had experienced much the same sort of thing about a year ago, though as she thought about it she realized it had stopped around the time she had gotten pregnant. I suggested that maybe it was a genetic thing, but Laverne said that she didn't experience this when she was 16, like Marie.

I didn't have an answer for that. --- After we got home I lay in my bed thinking. What was I going to do about this? If I kept taking over Laverne's mind when she was awake she would start to question her sanity, or maybe consult a doctor. Was this sort of ability known to doctors? I had stopped taking over Marie's waking mind when she complained about the blackouts, switching to doing it after she had gone to bed.

That way when she woke up in the morning she wouldn't think she had lost any time. That night I steeled myself, readying my mind as if it were my body preparing for a sprint. I envisioned Laverne lying in her bed. The wrenching feeling came again, but no stretching sensation this time! I had done it!

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Female me sat up in Laverne's bed, naked as a jaybird as the cover fell from her large breasts. She thought about masturbating but really wanted to fuck. Then I had an idea. Female me got up and put on a long coat and sneakers. She left Laverne's house and started jogging, which was kind of uncomfortable with her bra-less boobs bouncing about.

It only took a few minutes and then she was in our back yard, looking up at my window. She looked around, piling up enough yard stuff to enable her to see in my window. Once she saw me on the bed my consciousness split again, and I opened the window and helped my lover in, as quiet as we could be. Female me dropped the long coat to the floor.

I had her keep the sneakers on. She got on all fours on my bed and Sunny leone full romance xxx full sex stories download free story got behind her. I had to bump her clit with my cock head a bit, but within a minute or so she was wet enough to enter. We groaned as my hard cock pierced her labia. The feeling of not quite enough lubrication was a combination of discomfort and pleasure mixed as I pushed harder.

I withdrew partway and then pushed in again, getting further as her wetness spread around my cock. Once I was fully inside my lover's very hot pussy I pulled back a bit and waited. As her blonde friend had done the other day, she pushed her ass back on my cock, then pulled forward, and then pushed back again.

That felt awesome! Not as tight as her little girlfriend, but her pussy felt really hot, temperature-wise, as it pushed and pulled on my cock skin. Pretty soon we were both getting close, female me pushing back on my cock faster and faster. I didn't want it to end yet, was hard work getting her here! As female me started to cum I pulled out. She gave a disappointed groan, as her little friend had, shaking with aborted pleasure.

I whispered to her that if she wanted more cock then she would have to earn it. I lay down next to her with my cock in the air and directed her mouth to it. When I had tried this a year ago female me didn't want to do it, as it seemed gay. Now, though, she was extremely turned on and sexually frustrated, needing some cock to fill that void. She tried it again. Grasping my cock, she licked the head, her tongue swirling around it.

After a bit of that she took half of it into her mouth as she ran her hand up and down the lower half. I realized as she did this that gay men must be fucking awesome at cocksucking, as they know exactly what feels good for their own cocks.

Sure enough, within a few minutes I was raising my hips up, ready to blow. Female me, though, had other ideas. She let go of my cock. I hissed in frustration. She looked at me with smoldering eyes. "You gonna give me what I want now?" Seeing the look in my eyes she climbed onto my lap, facing away from me in a reverse cowgirl position.

My cock easily slipped into her sopping wet cunt. She rode me hard britains hottest mature maids tube porn fast.

We were both primed and barely any time passed before I started to blow my load inside her, setting off her own orgasm. We weren't as quiet as we should have been. Once I had finished spurting an incredible amount of seed into my oblivious half-sister's unprotected vagina she collapsed back upon me. And then we heard footsteps approaching my door.

Female me quickly jumped off my cock and rolled to the side, away from the door, falling to the floor as softly as she could. The door opened and my sister Marie burst in wearing that nightie I loved seeing her in while she had been female me.

"Why are you making so much fucking noise.?!" Later on I snickered at her choice of gorgeous teen beauty likes fingering and fuck, but not right then. She stopped upon seeing my hard, cum-covered babymaker as I lay there looking back at her. I hadn't had time to cover it. She couldn't seem to take her eyes off of it. "" she stammered. "I was whacking off," I said, matter-of-factly.

"I'll try to be quieter, okay?" I didn't cover up.this was my room, after all. Marie took one last look at the penis that had impregnated her a year ago. Though she had no memories of the event, the feeling of deja vu was strong. Then she said, "Oh.kay," and quickly left the room, her face flushed. "That was interesting," female me said as her head poked up beside me. --- We managed to get female me back out the window without issue, and she walked home, my cum rolling down her shapely thighs as she went.

Once home, female me had another bath to clean up the evidence of our lovemaking, pleasured herself, and then went back to bed. I retrieved my consciousness from her head shortly thereafter. --- On hard core xxxxxxporn with celeberties nights I could only ride in Laverne's head and not control her body.

I didn't know what had been different that night when I could, but it was frustrating. I was usually able to nudge her into masturbating, though. Finally, on Friday night I got permission to sleep over at my friend Warren's house.

I tried to slip out that night but he woke up and I had to explain that there was this smoking hot chick who wanted to fuck me, but I had to leave right then. He insisted on coming with me, of course. What horny 15-year-old boy wouldn't?

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We practically ran all the way to Laverne's place. I had Warren hide in the bushes to the side of the house and then went around the oldnanny nice threesome young couple is dealt with mature so he wouldn't see me. I pushed my mind into Laverne's and got female me to put on a robe and open the back door.

Once she saw me I could again control both our bodies, and then I called Warren in. His eyes just about bugged out at seeing my sexy half-sister practically spilling out of her robe.

I made introductions, female me not showing much interest in my friend, and then I told him to have a seat in the living room while she and I adjourned to the bedroom. While female me rode my cock to a mutual orgasm, my buddy Warren spied on us through the bedroom door keyhole.

He pulled out his cock and sprayed his cum on the door before we finished, returning to the couch afterward. Female me and I emerged from the bedroom, both of us wondering how I was going to manage leaving since I couldn't keep both bodies under control if we separated. Female me stepped into the pool of Warren's cooling cum that had dripped off of the bedroom door and while she was wiping her feet he called me over.

"Dude, I'm sorry," he said, "But she's too fucking hot.

You gotta let me fuck her or I'm telling." "What the fuck?" I blurted. "I'm sorry!" he apologized again. "That's the deal." I looked at female me. Could I fuck my best friend? I didn't really have a choice. She dropped her robe and approached Warren. Once again his eyes bugged out, this time over the naked, gorgeous Nubian queen approaching him, her boobs and hips swaying. Now that it was really happening he didn't seem to know what to do. Female me took right over, unzipping and pulling off his pants.

His cock, while a little longer than my own, was thinner. I wondered how it would feel inside me. Wait, not inside *me*.inside female me. As she turned around so her back was facing my friend (so she wouldn't have to see his face) I went to the bathroom. Once I was out of sight I made sure to continue controlling her, my consciousness vacating my own body.

I looked down my sexy female form at Warren's hard teenage cock below me and then sat down in his lap, rubbing my vaginal lips along his shaft. He gasped. Realizing that this was probably his first time and he was unlikely to last long, I raised myself up and nestled the head of his cock between my pussy lips. I heard him hold his breath, as if he was about to dive into water.

I sank down on his cock, the semen I had deposited in Laverne's pussy a few minutes earlier making the penetration easy. Warren moaned. I think I did too. Then I stared to fuck my best friend with my half-sister's pussy. It definitely felt different than when she fucked me, or her boyfriend. Not better or worse; just different. His cock went in and out easily. I could sense he was already close, despite cumming earlier, so I started to slam my pussy down on his cock hard.

I wanted to get there as well. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Warren cried out and I felt his cock throb deep inside me, spurting a second load into my half-sister's unprotected depths.

I got up and headed to the bathroom. Once I got there my vision split and I was once again one mind in two bodies. I called out that we'd be a little bit cleaning up. Warren grunted, content to lie there. Female me pleasured herself again while she cleaned the copious amounts of cum out of her pussy, once again unknowingly increasing Laverne's chances of getting pregnant.

After we were done I awkwardly waited in the hall, telling Warren to hold open the front door while I kept an eye on female me as she got into Laverne's bed. I waited for a couple of minutes after she had closed her teen sex hot sex chubby bbw, and then quickly and quietly headed out of her house, pulling female me back into my own head and closing the front door as softly as I could.

Then we ran. --- When we got back to Warren's house we got in trouble with his mom for slipping out, but we didn't care. We went to bed with smiles on our faces. In the morning I had trouble meeting my friend's eyes. I had had sex with him the previous night! I told him that we couldn't go to Laverne's house anymore, and he couldn't even mention it again, not even to me. He kept asking about it over the next few weeks and eventually I stopped hanging out with him. --- All good things must come to an end, as they say.

The next night I was again able to jump into Laverne's son small mom old sex and control her body while we were both at our separate homes.

I skiving schoolgirl takes desperate measures to avoid punishment as I sat up from under her bed covers again that it worked if I took her over while she was sleeping!

Unfortunately, that revelation came too late. On her way to my house, only a block away from hers, I felt a fluttering, warm feeling deep inside her midsection. Oh no, I thought, recognizing the feeling I had experienced once before, but not what it meant beyond.

My consciousness snapped back into my head. NO! I tried to broadcast myself back into Laverne's body, but I knew it was no my friend mom taylor wane. I tried anyway, again and again, giving myself a migraine.

I had lost female me, again. It was over. --- Although my love affair with my mind in my half-sister's body had been more sexual than loving, unlike with my mind in my sister Marie's body, I was still devastated. I spent more and more time in my room than with the rest of the family. They recognized the same symptoms from my funk last year, again thinking that maybe a girlfriend had broken up with me.

They weren't far wrong. --- During my depression my sister found that Laverne just up and moved away. We never heard from her again. She asked Laverne's next door neighbors but they only said that prior to her leaving they heard some big guy yelling a lot one night, and then on another night some crazy blonde chick broke one of her windows.

--- Eventually I got over my loss, and I enjoyed being the live-in uncle to my niece Stephanie. When I finally learned about how babies were made almost a year later, I realized that I was probably more than that.

Yes, with the amount of sperm I had pumped into my sister's reproductive system without protection for weeks prior to her getting pregnant, it was pretty much a sure thing. Marie, a teenaged single mom, was unable to find a new boyfriend so Steph spent her first few years thinking that I was her dad, which was fine by me, not to mention true. --- When Stephanie turned 14, though.well, that's another story.