Sexy blonde gets a big black cock

Sexy blonde gets a big black cock
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It was now 5.30 pm, Lily walked through the first two whorish asian salon workers banged by black dude interracial and hardcore of the lecturers building. Lily was looking for Dave, he was one of her favorite lecturers. He was kind, funny and understanding, not to mention HOT.

He was slightly taller than the average man He was very fit, he was also skinny but when he wore certain shirts his muscles were very obvious. He had black hair which he always had gelled up. Every girl in Lily's year had a thing for Dave.

Dave was married though, which caused hearts to break at the mention of his wife. Dave noticed Lily's work had been decreasing in quality lately and approached her at the end of a lesson that day and asked could she meet him in his office later. He was going to help her study and give her some tips about how to complete the next round of projects, Lily was happy and gratefully accepted as she really needed help.

Dave always offered as much help as possible to students. Lily made a quick stop in one of the bathrooms just before Dave's room to check how she was looking, she had a huge crush on Dave and wanted to look her best. She checked herself in the mirror, her blonde her was perfect, straight and in perfect place on top, and towards the bottom it was curled.

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Her make-up was done well, almost making her skin look flawless. She wore wet-look leggings, which showed off her amazing ass and her slim legs. This was all topped by a low cut.but now too low cut top, which showed off her incredible 34D sized boobs. It was tight around her small belly, and showed off her curves well. Fixing her small heels she left the bathroom and continued to her meeting. Dave opened the door and couldn't believe the sight he was looking at. Lilly looked incredible, he studied her for a quick second, staring at her chest which was delightfully raised up.

Her long sexy legs looked perfect in the leggings she was wearing. He felt his cock twitch. Trying to act professional and not like a horny young boy he cleared his throat and put his hand on her back and invited her into the room. He closed the door behind her, looking at her sexy ass walk into the room, and bend to sit into the chair, his cock twitched again, restrained against his jeans. After 30 minutes of discussing work, and study with Lily he asked to see a copy of the projects which were due in a couple days.

He said he would give her his opinionand she could change it later. Lily had not brought her laptop with her, but if he did not mind she could download it onto his computer.

He agreed and within seconds she was bent over the table typing her email into the computer to retrieve her documents. Dave sat to the side of the desk, staring intensely into her chest, which was now bouncing as she typed into the computer. Lily was incredibly attracted to Dave, since she arrived she had been flirting with him. Lily was now sending Dave over the edge, her amazing tits bouncing as she moved, her amazing ass pointed into the air as she bent over his desk, he wanted to grab her perfect tits and lick and suck on her nipples.

He stood up and tried to stop himself grabbing the little flirt and fucking her right there. She was still bent over waiting for her projects to download. As he tried moving away from her she moved her ass to follow him, always letting him stare at her beautifully sculpted ass.

He spotted the outline of her thong, following the outline to the top of her leggings he noticed the thong laces were now continuing up her back, around her waist and around into her pussy.

His cock was rock hard, pushing itself against his jeans, causing some discomfort but at the same time felt good. He wanted to rip of the little cock tease's pants and bury his cock in her right there, but here in his office would be risky, and he could lose his job.

Plus he was married, how could he ever do that to his wife? He couldn't he thought! He was not going to ruin his job and his marriage over this girl.

Lilys pussy was now aching. She knew he was staring at her ass, she could see him in the reflection of the computer screen. She could see him biting his lip slightly, her pussy quivered. She wanted him, Lily wanted Dave to fuck her right here in his office. She wanted his cock deep inside her. Her pussy moistened while she imagined Dave fucking her on his desk, or in his chair. She wanted him. I will have him she thought to herself, I will make him so horny he will have to fuck me.

Dave had snapped himself out of staring at this smoking teens ass. He was not going to ruin everything over her, that was enough he decided. Trying to act professional again he looked at the computer screen and saw Lilys files were downloaded. "Are they finished?" he asked, snapping Pornstar emma strips and plays with her hotgvibe out of her dirty thoughts. Dave sat down again, and starting reading her projects.

She was now standing beside him, staying quite while he reviewed her work. She starting to increase her flirting, she was walking around the room, bending down and presenting her ass to Dave while she pretended to look as his book collection.

She would even bend over him, pointing out things in her project giving Dave an incredible view of her tits. For a while Dave held strong, Lilys advances were not working, she felt disheartened. She sat on his stranded teen hottie rides hard cock in the drivers seat, beside his computer as he finished reviewing her work.

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Her tits were inches from Daves face, she started thanking him for his help, touching his shoulders and chest.Dave could not resist much longer, when she touched him electricity shot through his body, his cock was starting to grow in his jeans again. Just then Lily started mentioning how bad she felt about her project, stunning babe needs more than a dildo how upset she was that she was not doing as well as she used to.

Dave feeling a little sympathy for her reached up and lay a hand on her thigh to comfort her, he started slowly rubbing his hand in small movements on Lilys thigh while telling her not to worry, still trying to be professional and kind, but the sudden touch of his hand made Lily moan quietly. This sent electric shocks through Daves body again, hearing this sexy little bitch moan, he was over the edge.

Dave felt bold, he wanted her.

He said "From your projects here alone, it does not look good Lily, but.there are some other ways you could pass my class" his hand still on Lilys thigh and a grin on his face. Perking up Lily asked what they were, she said she would try anything to help her pass. He moved so he was standing in front of Lily, his hands were now placed on each thigh, almost touching her ass.

Lilys breathing was starting go get heavy as Dave leaned in and kissed her neck, his hands slowly moving up her thighs and around to her hips and then her ass. Lily moaned loud as her lecturer was now kissing her neck and pulling her from the table to meet his body. The bulge in his jeans now pressing against Lilys pussy.

She kissed him hard on the mouth, moving her tongue and massaging his. The heat between the pair rose as they kissed passionately. Dave lifted Lily from the table and sat in his office chair, with Lily on his lap still kissing her. Lily started grinding her pussy onto Daves bulge while he began kissing her neck, and down her chest. In one swift move her removed her top and licked her large mounds, feeling the warmth from Lilys pussy through his jeans. Lily was petite teen masturbates and drilled by her nasty stepbro smalltits hardcore moaning louder than ever and she started unbuttoning Daves jeans and removing his shirt.

Once Lily removed his shirt she admired his physic. They way Dave was sitting in the chair showed every muscle in his upper body, she leaned down and kissed his chest and licked his nipples.

Dave moaned loud as his student kissed, licked and rubbed every muscle on his upper body. His hands had now found their way into her bra, causing her to squirm in pleasure on his lap, grinding hard against his cock. "Time for your first project" he said, as he moved her from his cock and pulled down his boxers,causing his cock to spring free and stand proudly.

She gasped as she saw his cock stand. It was 8 maybe 9 inches long, and although it wasn't the thickest she had ever seen, it was a close second. She opened her mouth and enveloped the head of his penis. Her eyes never left his as she bobbed her head up, her tongue pressing the underside, then as she reached the tip her tongue flicked over the head. This caused Dave to shudder in delight, he had not received oral like this in years. After a few minutes he felt the familiar pressure in his balls, signaling that he was close to cumming.

He pulled Lily up and placed her back onto the table, his hands gripping her ass tight as they explored each others mouths. He started pulling down her leggings as she pushed off her heels. Once her pants were gone he laid her down, with her ass just slightly hung over the edge. He began kissing down her chest, licking and nibbling her nipples, causing Lily to squeal in pleasure, his long cock rubbed her clit through her thong making her juices flow.

Dave slowly made his way down her stomach. Once he reached the top of her thong he ran a finger from her ass to her clit, all the while he enjoyed watching her shudder in pleasure, making her moan and squeal.

He pushed the bottoms of her panties to the side, the sight of her tight, juicy pussy made his already rock hard cock even harder. He wanted to be inside her, the story xxxxx mp 4 new download in his cock got stronger, so strong he felt as if he was going to cum right then and there. He slowly started licking up and down her pussy, flicking her clit then gently stabbing her ass hole with his tongue.

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Her squeals and moans soon turned into screams as her lecturers talented tongue slid all over her pussy and ass. He stuck a finger into her and started working it hard as she neared climax. Dave could sense she was close and applied more pressure on his tongue, stopping every now and again, making her grunt in anger. She was on the brink of climax and he kept stopping.

Dave grinned into her pussy, he knew she was getting annoyed, Dave wanted Lily to beg for it. He wanted her to beg for him to fuck her. She dragged him up to her, kissing him hard tasting her own juices in his mouth. "Fuck me" she whispered in his ear. Dave was now working her clit with his thumb. "Say it again, louder" Dave replied. "Uuuh, fuck raunchy blonde slut has her anus destroyed. I want you inside me now" "Beg for it" he snapped.

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"You have to earn it" "Please, please fuck me Dave. AAHH please, I need it. I need you inside me" In one swift movement he lifted her ass slightly off the table and pushed his cock inside her, hitting her cervix as he did. Lily screamed in pleasure, her arms were hanging over his shoulders, her nails digging into his back. He growled into her ear as he moved his hips in a circular motion "Time for project number 2, you little slut.

Is this what you wanted?". "Oh my god, yes." she moaned. "Say it you little cock tease, say it". He was now moving slowly in and out of her. "Oh yeah, oh.oh this is what I wanted. I wanted you to fuck me, uuuh harder.

PLEASE". Dave was now holding her up in his arms, his hands tightly gripping her tight ass as she bounced up and down on his cock. Her legs were wrapped around his waist. Dave hadn't felt like this in years. He loved his wife, but over the last few weeks, months almost their sex life dwindled raunchy rebeca rides a long meat pole none existent and she made no effort anymore. Her mood was foul and she never spoke to Dave unless she was barking orders at him.

This horny little college bitch was exactly what he needed, its been a long time since hes gotten anything except his own hand.

He was going to pump all that built up cum into this little tease. With every stroke Daves passion grew stronger and stronger. They had moved from the table area back into his office chair, Lily was now bouncing on top of him while he played with her tits and ass. Their fucking had lasted nearly 30 minutes at this point which surprised Dave as he has been starved of sex for weeks. Every time his level of passion grew, Dave got bolder. He would slap her ass, or tits. He began pulling at her hair, and biting her.

Lily was going wild, her mind was so caught up in what was happening the extra attention he was giving her just spurred her on more.

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She screamed and moaned as she worked her way up and down onto his cock. Harder than she had ever fucked anyone before. She loved it. Lilys climax was nearing, she started riding him faster.

Dave could sense she was close and so was he, he slowly reached down and rubbed her cuddly sweetie gapes spread vagina and gets devirginized and started meeting her hips with his own.

Their fucking had reached a level neither had experience, with one last pump inside her his balls tightened and within seconds he released his load inside her. He gripped her hips hard, pulling her close to him. The extra feeling pushed Lily over edge, she screamed in pleasure as her climax exploded from her.

Her nails dug into his chest as she bucked and shook from her climax. As both lovers neared the end of their climax they shared a passionate kiss. After Lily and Dave cleaned themselves up and shared a couple more kiss and gropes, it was time for both to leave. Dave peaked his head out his office door, investigating the amount of people around, there was no one around, but it was now nearly 8 pm, they had been in the room since 5.30 pm.

Confident that there secret was safe, and they wouldn't be caught he ushered Lily to leave. After sharing one last kiss, Lily exited the room when Dave whispered in her ear "Your projects were perfect all along.See you in the morning"