Daisy summers gets fucked on her cam

Daisy summers gets fucked on her cam
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He popped up just when I was feeling blue. I was in a lonely state that day but somehow through the long distance he knew. He stayed in touch when I didn't expect it at all. Was caring and sweet and gave me a call.

I feel like he is right here with me. Whenever I need him his light in my window I can see. It makes me feel wanted and warm inside.

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Knowing he's there and he has not lied. He is turning out to be the best of friends.

I'm hoping our special times together will never end. I also hope he knows I want him a lot. And I will give him everything possible that I've got. Our lives are so very similar to each others.

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We started as friends and quickly became lovers. He's the only one I don't think is insane. The only one I feel does not play games. With all the ones that have come and gone. I wonder if he will still be here and for how long.

I think I need to appreciate him more. For there is no way to know what lies in store. I am very thankful for my wonderful friend. So sexy and hot his passion he does send.

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I know I am very attracted to him. Though anything we do would be considered a sin. I don't know where to go with this wonderful man. I'll just take things day by day for as long as I can. The danger is I may like him to much. And that we may never ever get the chance to touch. I can't imagine never meeting him someday.

So we can fulfill all our dreams with play. Till that impossible day arrives.

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I think he's the only one that does not tell me lies. Kisses and hugs I will send to him. Words to make tingles shoot across his skin.

I really do want to let him know. I'm so glad you're here and hope you never go.