Huge tit claudia marie twerking for black cock

Huge tit claudia marie twerking for black cock
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Chapter 8 Meera After being abducted, Meera had woken to find herself in a large room. It consisted of a bed, a table, a large mirror on the wall and an attached bathroom. There was no window in the room. It was not possible to keep track of time, whether it was night or day. Thrice each day she was given food, the person bringing the food never spoke to her.

Meera couldn't understand what was happening or why she was being held captive. But one thing she was sure about, her Maasi would rescue her. She couldn't have been more wrong. Meera was a beautiful girl, just having turned 18 a few months back. 5 feet 5 inches in height, her figure was 34-25-34, with her tits being a perky 34B. Her brown eyes were always full of mischief; she had curly black hair which ended just below her shoulders. She was still a virgin teen big dick the blue balled compeers brother she yet had no boyfriend.

However she was not a stranger to matters of sex as she had ravishing schoolgirl rides on a big cock facials and cumshot some lesbian experimentation with Anjali. Around a week had passed. Unknown to her, she was being watched by Rani. The mirror on her wall acted as a camera and she was being recorded on it.

Rani decided that it was time for the final act. On completing her meal that day, Meera instantly fell asleep as the food was laced with drugs. She woke up; there was utter darkness. Her eyes were blindfolded. Her hand was tied to the head-board of her bed. She realized she was naked, her tits and cunt being exposed.

She felt another presence on the bed. "Who is there? Who is there? Please help me." She said. The unknown person lightly touched her tits, and she felt the person slowly blowing air on her tits.

It was Rani. She wanted to make Meera cum giving her this one last pleasurable experience. Karan was also in the room to bear witness.

Finally Meera was naked in front of Rani. Rani had to admit that her niece was beautiful. Her tits were sitting firm without any sag. Rani was naked too.

Rani lifted her hands up to touch Meera's glorious breasts. She cupped her niece's tits in her palm and fingers. Rani's fingertips caressed the soft flesh underneath Meera's tits and then moved her hands up to the sides of her globes. With one hand on each side of her niece's breasts, she squeezed them together, mashing the tits into one another. Rani's thumbs brushed over Meera's stiff nipples.

Rani lowered her head until her lips were at Meera's left nipple. She parted her lips and placed her mouth against Meera's nipple, sucking it gently. Meera couldn't resist this assault on her tit and purred softly as this unknown person sucked on her nipple. After the initial suck, Rani licked her tongue out and began circling it around her niece's stiff nipple, coating it in warm, wet saliva.

Rani switched to Meera's other nipple and began nursing on that one, sucking like a hungry babe. Meera moaned a little as Rani sucked on her nipples wantonly. Rani slurped messily and lewdly; a stream of drool began to drip down Meera's tit, trickling along the underside curve of her breast.

Rani pulled away from Meera's tit, leaving a string of spit from her lip to her niece's nipple. She switched to Meera's other breast now, sucking just as hungrily and messily as before. When she finished, the teenager's tits were glistening and shining with Rani's drool all over them. Rani went down further, seeing Meera's beautiful navel. She inserted her tongue in it. It was deep. She moved her tongue in and out of the navel, imitating the action of fucking. She kissed Meera all over her flat stomach.

Rani inserted two fingers in Meera's cunt. Her cunt was clean and the hair was neatly trimmed. Rani moved her fingers in and out of the cunt, making Meera wet. She took her face near the cunt and smelled it. It was a mixture of a sweet and salty smell. Rani's mouth watered seeing the cute little cunt in front of her. She herself was becoming wet. She inserted her tongue and sucked heavily, tasting the sweet juices of her niece's cunt.

Rani lapped it up. It was a heady taste. This was the final stage of her downfall, making the juices seem sweeter. Meera moaned as she felt the unknown person's mouth press up against her pussy and begin licking her. Rani's tongue was dancing up and down Meera's pussy slit and over her clit. Rani sucked hard, flicking the clitoris with her tongue in intervals, her tongue was dancing up and down Meera's pussy slit and over her clit.

Meera shuddered and started moaning. "Yes, yes. Don't stop now, please. Keep sucking. I am almost there. I am cummingI am cumming." Rani's head was almost buried in Meera's crotch now, shaking her head back and forth as her tongue danced along her clit and flicked in and out of her niece's pussy.

Her tongue was licking up and down Meera's slit, dipping inside her pussy, while her fingers rubbed and flicked over her swollen clit.It wasn't long until Meera was cumming hard.

As Meera orgasmed, her entire body quivered and she arched, pushing her tits up toward the ceiling as she moaned loudly. Rani swallowed her juices. She moved up and kissed the blind-folded Meera on her cheeks and chin.

She licked Meera on her lips. Meera could taste her own cum on this unknown person's tongue. Rani kissed Meera slowly. Japanese girl tease old man was the last act of love and kindness that Meera was to experience.

Suddenly someone took off Meera's blindfold. Meera opened her eyes. It was Rani. She was stark naked. Her fingers were still in Meera's cunt. "Maasi, you !!!

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What are you doing Maasi? What is happening? Where am I?" Meera exclaimed. "Yes my love. It is me. And you are exactly where I want you to be, bound and helpless in front of me." Rani said. Meera couldn't fathom what Rani was saying. She saw that there was a man sitting saxy sex xxx full story her feet.

He was naked too, his cock standing erect. "What do you mean Maasi? And who is he?" Rani looked at Karan lovingly. She moved over to him. "My darling Meera, this is Karan, my soul-mate." Meera thought she heard it wrong. "What are you saying Maasi?" Rani looked at Karan, they gazed into each-others' eyes lovingly. "He is my soul-mate, Karan. He is the one who made me realize my true potential.

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He is the one who freed me. He is the one who has been fucking me for the last 6 months, quenching my lust like never before." Their lips met, kissing each other hard. Karan could taste Meera's juices on Rani's lips. He pulled Rani closer to himself, holding her silky hair hard. Rani ended the kiss, looked at Meera and smiled lewdly. She knelt down and licked Karan's cockhead, tasting the pre-cum.

Karan gripped Rani's hair hard. Rani held his rock-hard cock and rubbed it lovingly all over her face. Meera was shocked. She couldn't understand why her Maasi was doing this. Maybe this was a ploy for their escape. Rani didn't want Karan to cum now. She wanted to see that hard cock in her darling niece's tight cunt. She looked at Meera."So yes Meera, you can actually blame your dearly departed uncle Bikram for this.

Had he been man enough to satisfy my lust and cravings, things might not have taken this turn. Oh yes my Meera, don't look so stunned. Your uncle Bikram is dead. So is your dear best friend Anjali." Meera's eyes filled with tears.

What was her Maasi saying! "Look at the TV Meera". Rani commanded. Meera looked at the television on the wall. A video started playing. It was a compilation of the videos created by the debauched duo.

First it had Rani and Karan fucking in various positions. Rani on top, Karan pounding her ass, Rani with Karan's cock in her mouth, Karan cumming all over Rani.

Then came the more depraved portions. Anjali being raped in the cunt and ass by Matoo and the others in front of RaniRani and Karan fucking while Bikram was tied up helplessly and finally Rani squeezing Anjali's throat as she let out her last breath. Meera couldn't bear to watch any longer. Her hopes were crushed. She closed her eyes.

Her tears flowed down her cheeks. Rani moved forward and licked the tears from her cheeks, moving her tongue across her cheeks in a sensuous manner. Meera asked the same question. "Why Maasi?" "Because I wanted to my darling. It is true that I had wanted to save Anjali initially. But when the initial months had passed and I had realized that she had been abducted by the sex-traffickers, I knew that it was inevitable that she would already have been raped and defiled.

Slowly that thought started fueling my fantasies. And as I said, Bikram never satisfied me physically. So while satisfying myself, the thoughts of Anjali's rape started popping into my head. And I found that it gave me unbelievable orgasms. I wanted to be free from the shackles the society placed on me. And then I met Karan. I instantly knew that he was the one with who I could find my freedom. And obviously for me to be truly liberated, all of you had to be destroyed".

Rani said very matter of factly. "But you raised me Maasi. I am the daughter of your only sister. You are like my mother and I am like the daughter you never had." Meera tried to appeal to Rani's maternal instinct. "Oh yes my dear. I know I raised you. And that is the reason your life belongs to me. It is mine to do as I please. Don't be under the impression that I am being forced or anything. I am doing everything of my own free will. Ha ha.

And my sister! She was this stuck-up, stupid, annoying cunt who was our parents' favorite. Oh how I wish schlong enters mouth amp pussy girlfriend and homemade parents were alive today.

First I would have seduced your dad. Do you know he was quite a hunk. I am sure he must have had a huge cock. Sadly I had never seen it. Yes first I would have seduced him. Yes, my sister was pretty but she couldn't hold a candle to my raw sexuality. I would have teased him mercilessly with glimpses of my perfect tits and sexy cunt to such a point that he wouldn't have any option but to fuck me hard. And once he had been transformed, I would have made him rape you my dear.

We would have raped both you and my dear sister. But sadly she is no longer there. So you will have to make do." Rani opened the restraints that were tying Meera's hands to the bed. "Come Karan. It's your turn now. Rape this bitch hard while I restrain her with my own hands. You have my blessings Karan. Pound her hard. Rip her apart." Rani cackled like a maniac. Karan's cock was hard since a long time.

He had fucked girls earlier boobs sucking rape sex storys those had been consensual ones. This is the first time he was about to rape an innocent girl. He found that he liked it and was immensely turned on by the thoughts of pounding this innocent cunt. He thanked his stars that he had found someone like Rani.

Rani held Meera's arms tightly. Meera was no match in strength to Rani. She was about to be violated brutally while being restrained by her dearest Maasi. Karan went ahead and inserted a finger in Meera's pussy. He pulled out and tasted it. It was the sweet taste of power that he held over this terrified girl. Slowly he began to stroke his already hard cock.

With his free hand, Karan gave one of Meera's exposed breasts a hard slap. He leaned down until his face was inches away from Meera. "Did it make you horny to see your Rani Maasi getting fucked like that? How did you feel when you saw Mattoo rip apart Anjali?

Did you imagine what it was like bitch? Well you can stop imagining, because you're going to find out!" Meera wanted to get up. She wanted to run. But her legs were pinned down by Karan, and her arms were restrained by Rani. She was too petite cutie uses a vibrator on herself fingering mature to resist. She could only shake her head weakly in protest. "Aw come on, it won't be that bad," Rani sneered.

"You might even like it!" Rape was unavoidable. Meera was too weak to fight. Her only hope was to try to reason with this man and her aunt. To beg for mercy if necessary. "No, please," she murmured. Karan paused momentarily. Rani said excitedly "Oh this is too good! This is what I wanted to hear; my darling Meera begging in her sweet innocent voice.

Oh Karan, my love. Thank you, thank you so so much." Karan placed the tip of his erect cock against Meera's soft pussy lips. Slowly he began to rub the head up and down, teasing his helpless victim.

"Please, no.don't.please." Meera was desperate to avoid what she knew was coming.

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Even though she knew in the back of her mind it would do no good, she was afraid and couldn't help herself.

"Oh yes. Begbeg Meera." Rani exclaimed as Karan suddenly and without warning forced his way into the teenager's unwilling body. In one push, he broke her hymen. "Oh fuck yeah this is great!" Karan reveled in the feel of Meera's tight pussy.

Oblivious to the pain he was inflicting, Karan continued his brutal assault. He thrust in and out rapidly, forcing Meera to take his entire cock. "Yeah, that's it! Take it! Take it you dirty slut!" Again and again the cruel criminal forced his way into Meera, violating her completely and without mercy. And the whole situation was orchestrated by her mother-like Maasi.

It was just too much for the teenager and she began to break down. Her body shook with quiet sobs as Karan continued his merciless rape. Meera's tears only seemed to encourage him. "Shit look at you," Rani said, the contempt clear in her voice. "Now you know your place my sweet darling. This is how you are supposed to be at the end of the cock of your rapist.

This is how you are supposed to live. This is how you are supposed to die.

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You are nothing but a piece of meat - weak and soft. We are the powerful ones who shape your life and destiny. You live and die at our whims, for our pleasure. Oh how I wish my beloved sister was here to witness your destruction." Meera's beautiful face was now contorted in pain and humiliation as her rapist continued to force his way deep into her.

She cried and sobbed uncontrollably now as Karan really slutty redhead hussy gets clamps on her orgasmic pink slit dominatrix spanking hammering away at her. Then finally he pulled out. "Thank you Rani. She is one real fine cunt!" Karan said, wiping sweat from his forehead. "Turn her over." Meera could only moan softly as Rani rolled her over onto her stomach.

She was now bent over face down on the bed. Karan took her firmly toned ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed them painfully. Rani leaned down. "How does it feel Meera? How does my lover's cock feel in your virgin cunt? How does it feel to realize that your existence is solely to satisfy our depraved lust and fantasies?

How does it feel to realize that you are now fulfilling your life's purpose? This is why you were born - so that you could die while giving me the best orgasm of my life." Rani said cruelly. First the humiliation of being raped, then to realize that she was nothing more than a human fuck-toy/fuck-meat for her dear Maasi was simply too overwhelming for Meera. It was just too much to bear and she started to beg again, pleading with Rani to let her go.

"Let you go? But that's no fun!" Rani nibbled on Meera's ear then slipped one finger down the crack of her ass. "Now let me introduce you to anal sex my love. As your Maasi, it is my duty to see that you get all kinds of sexual experience before your demise." Rani cackled like the wicked seductress that she was now.

With that she spread the teenager's ass-cheeks, took a hold of Karan's hard cock and placed it against her puckered anus. Meera's eyes widened in horror. "No Maasi, please Maasi." She cried. Rani laughed loudly as Meera screamed in pain. She felt Karan's cock forcing its way into her tight hole. This latest humiliation was far worse than anything that had come before.

Meera whimpered in pain as Karan pulled nearly all the way out, then thrust all the way back into her.

She could feel herself ripping and tearing as the cruel man violated her tight ass. Rani knew that she no longer needed to physically restrain Meera. Her niece was broken. She inserted two fingers in her own pussy and started to finger herself. She masturbated while witnessing her innocent niece's anal rape. Karan continued to hump Meera from behind, enjoying the feel of her tight ass gripping his cock. He sped up the pace of his thrusting, causing the humiliated teenager to once again break down into tears.

He enjoyed forcing the innocent bitch to endure such debasement. "Yes Meera, take it! Take it all my darling! Take my lover's cock up your ass!" Rani cried as she reached a sexual frenzy.

She came hard like a fountain. Karan's fucking had intensified to a frenzied blur. Blood trickled from the teenager's once virgin-cunt and torn asshole as he brutally pumped her from behind.

He grabbed a hold of Meera's long dark hair and rode her mercilessly. Meera lost herself in pain and humiliation, losing all sense of time. For what seemed like hours, Karan continued raping her ass. Then finally, he pulled out. The once tight opening of her ass was now gaping wide open. Forcing Meera to her knees, Karan slapped her face with his thick cock and started stroking himself. "Oh yes, I am about to cum Rani," he said as he stroked faster. Then with a grunt Karan began to cum.

He squeezed and pumped his cock, sending a thick stream of semen shooting onto the teenager's face. He continued to stroke, shooting spurt after spurt of creamy white goo all over Meera's face. Rani went down to Karan and grabbed his cock. It was covered with his own cum and blood from Meera's torn cunt and asshole. Rani's mouth watered and she gobbled up his cock. The familiar taste of his cock was accentuated now with the coppery, salty taste of Meera's blood.

Rani couldn't get enough of the taste as she licked his cock clean. Meera lay broken on the bed. She had no strength to move. She felt as if her lower body was shattered. But it was not over yet. Rani went over to the table in the corner of the room and took out a dildo from the drawer. It was huge 10 inches in length and appropriately thick. It had a belt around it.

Rani tied it on her waist and came forward to the bed. It was an obscene sight. "Now it's my turn love." She grinned wickedly. Meera had no power to resist. Karan put her in position for Rani. Rani held Meera's sunny leoun h d full xxx as she thrust the dildo brutally into her gaping anus.

Meera screamed loudly as it was much bigger than Karan's cock. Rani moved her hip like a piston, pulling Meera by her hair with one hand and squeezing Meera's left tit by the other. Meera moved like a rag doll between Karan and Rani. After fucking her ass for 20 minutes or so, Rani rested.

Seeing Rani in action, Karan's cock was rock hard once gorgeous brunette euro teen with big boobs. "It's time now Karan. Come. My darling Meera, this is the end. Now it is the time for your final debasement." Rani went to the table once again, and this time returned with a knife.

"No Maasi, please Maasi. Let me live Maasi." Meera pleaded. "Come Karan," Rani said. "Get behind her and enter her." Karan did as instructed. His rock hard cock went in smooth and tight.

She was so ready for him. He started moving inside Meera. She whimpered pathetically. "Pull her head back, Karan" Rani said. Karan pulled back Meera's head by her long hair. He was excited beyond words.

This is the first time he was participating in a snuff. "So this is it Meera. This is how you die on the cock of your rapist, by the hands of your darling Maasi." Rani said evilly. She struck, slashing the blade across Meera's throat. Blood sprayed and the teenager cried out in indescribable agony. "Pull back, harder!" Rani cried. "Fuck her dying body, Karan!" A bout of crimson shot forth and coated Rani bathing her tits. Karan humped the dying teenager with wild abandon, thrusting deep and hard.

Meera gurgled and convulsed for nearly a minute, spraying blood from her torn throat as she died amazing babes share pounder at the casting hardcore blowjob still on the cock of her rapist. Rani leaned forward towards Karan, over Meera's shoulder and their lips met. They kissed wildly; Karan's cock slid from the dead pussy.

"I know that the girls I had traded had been debased or maybe killed but this was the first rape and kill I ever participated in," Karan said, his voice full of passion. "Then fuck me Karan. Fuck me hard in her blood!" Rani said, desperately.

Karan threw the amazing woman to the bed in the pool of Meera's blood and swiftly mounted her. He fucked her deeply, his cock harder than he had ever remembered it. They panted together, like two predators after a hunt and a kill.

His mouth was on Rani's blood-covered tits. He sucked and licked the tits wildly, savoring the taste of blood. Beneath him, Rani bit on his shoulders in her passion, writhing in the crimson pool the blood of her niece.

She came, convulsing, on Karan's cock. Crying out, Karan came as well, sending his burning semen deep into her depraved lover. Panting, the perverted lovers fell asleep on the bed, covered in blood. The defiled corpse of Meera lay beside them.

Rani had fulfilled her fantasy.