Lusty babe in a red dress masturbates alone homemade amateur

Lusty babe in a red dress masturbates alone homemade amateur
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Her 32D breasts bounced up and down in front of my face. Her brown eyes stared at me as she moved herself down onto my body, down across my breasts, my stomach, my mound, and finally she made it to my vagina, where she set her lips onto my clit.

I woke up from my dream immediately. I had never dreamed of lesbian sex before and it started to make me curious. I moved my hand towards my vagina, it was soaked with my pussy juices. My nipples were rock hard as well. My dream had actually turned me on in my sleep. The next morning, I made myself breakfast and sat down with my laptop. I lived alone for the most part except when friends came to stay for a day or two.

I was just wearing a see-through cardigan and a pink lace thong.

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It was my usual attire, since no one was here to see. I usually played with my nipples and watched straight porn in the mornings, then at night. Some of my guy friends praise me for being the only girl they know to watch porn, but I thought it was normal. I went to my favorite porn website and saw the top rated video to be a lesbian porn. I thought about watching it for a while because I heard it turns women on even more than straight porn does, and my dream got me curious about it too.

I clicked the video and it started.

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Two women were naked in bed, one sucking the other's nipples. She moved down into her crotch area and started to stimulate her pussy slowly with her tongue. I watched as her tongue went around and inside her vagina. It seemed kind of fun to take on lesbian sex. The women started to 69 each other, the camera focusing on the girl ontop, licking the girl's clit and fingering her hole, then licking the finger she just fucked her with. I started to get too into the porn and got a bit worried, but really turned on.

I wondered what lesbian sex was like. I wondered if I was turning into a lesbian. I thought that I was just bi-curious at this point in my young life. One of my friends that I met at a bar is actually a lesbian and I thought about calling her.

I wanted to ask if she could show me what it's like. I felt kind of naughty to be thinking this way. I even started to play with myself at the thought of fucking a girl.

I rubbed my vagina slowly and stuck two fingers inside, then sucked the fingers I just used like the girl in the porno. In the evening after I made myself dinner, I called up my lesbian friend. "Hello?" She answered. "Hey girl! I was just wondering if you were busy.

I need to ask you a huge favor." "What is it girl? Anything for you. I'm free all night." "I was wondering if you could show me your lesbian ways.if you know what I mean." "I know exactly what you mean.

I'll be over in an hour, let me just get ready." I felt wild after I hungup the phone.

I started to clean up and get myself ready quickly. I only had an hour. I put on my favorite fishnet stockings and a sexy matching pair of a black lace thong and bra. I let my long, brown waves flow down onto my average sized breasts.

I even pulled out my favorite dildos onto my nightstand; a pink one shaped like a cock, a blue vibrator, and a thick, sleek, silver dildo that I loved pleasing my pussy with.

After putting on some red lipstick that complimented me well, I layed on the bed and waited for my lesbian. The doorbell rank on my apartment door. I quickly walked over to the door and opened it.

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There she was, dressed in sexy tights, red heels, and a little black dress. "Let me get right to it." She put her soft hands on my waist and kissed me hard, letting her tongue into my mouth and exploring.

She sucked my tongue and bit it softly, making me melt inside. She really knew how to turn on anyone just like that. I smirked at her and grabbed her hand, leading her to the bedroom; walking in front of her so she could take a good look at my ass. I didn't know what to start with, so I let her begin on me. She unzipped her dress and took off her heals to reveal a pink bra and no panties.

She left on her thigh high tights. She turned me around and unhooked my bra, then groped my boobs. She pushed me onto the bed and climbed ontop of me. "What do you want me to show you?" She asked. "Everything." She took advantage of the word I just spoke. She sat her vagina onto my vagina and grinded onto it, her boobs bouncing in front of my face. "Mmmm, I'm already wet for this." She said as she picked up the silver dildo from the nightstand, sucking it a little.

She rolled her tongue around the dildo, then stuck it in her pussy. She moaned as she pumped it in and out. "Maybe I'll do this to you too if you eat my pussy." She said sexily.

She layed on her back, spreading her legs out so I could watch her toy herself. She took the toy out and motioned for me to come to her.

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"Eat my pussy baby, try it. Let me see how you do." I licked her clit fast and sucked it often. She seemed to like it because her thighs started jerking a little and she moaned like crazy. It was sexy eating out a pussy.

I moved my tongue up and down on her slit.

I slipped my index finger into her hole, thrusting it in and out of her wet, tight puss. I continued to finger fuck her pussy while licking her clit, until she told me to sit on her face. I turned around and sat my pussy on her, and she licked inside the hole. I fingered her pussy from on top and sucked my fingers after I was done.

I leaned over and sucked her clit hard. Her hands grabbed my ass as she violently licked me out, then she slapped my ass and left a handprint on my right asscheek.

I grabbed my silver dildo and started toying her pussy. In and and out.her pussy was so wet and tight, the dildo fit perfectly in her, pleasing her vagina to the maximum. I pushing the toy in and out, and tilted it a certain way to hit her g-spot perfectly. I rubbed her g-spot until her legs started shaking, and I knew she was going to come.

She kept eating my pussy perfectly. The feeling of getting eaten by a girl turned me on so much that I squirted my pussy juices all over her face. I fucked her hard with the toy until she came, leaking a bit of juice onto the bed sheets.

I got off of her face and layed on the bed with my legs spread wide open, rubbing my clit. She was panting hard and her face was wet from my juices. She grabbed the vibrator from my dresser. It had a clit grabber attached to it too, which I used way too much. She stuck the a school uniform force fuck in before turning the vibrator on.

She pushed the toy in as far as it would go, then clicked the button to start the vibrating. I immediately felt all of the sensations.

I couldn't handle it for too long. Instead of using the clit grabber, she put her lips on my clit and started licking softly. She turned the vibrator onto full blast and I went wild. I came, my body shaking and all of the energy I had draining out of my body. My body felt so many sensations, it was easily the best orgasm I've ever had.

After my orgasm, she turned the vibrator off and took it out of my pussy, licking my pussy juices off of the soft part of the dildo.

"Your pussy tastes amazing." She told me with a sexy tone in your voice. "I could eat you out for days." She climbed ontop of my limb body slightly, kneeling and spreading her legs around mine. She lifted my hips up to reach her pussy. She grinded her vagina onto mine, stimulating both of our clits. I could feel her strawberry blonde hairs against my bare pussy.

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She took her time using my body to scissor. After a while of coming constantly, our bodies were so tired. We completely sucked all of the pussy juices from each other and dildoed the fuck out of each other. "I'll see you soon my lovely baby girl." She winked as she walked out of my apartment.

It was late at night and I was getting a little horny from thinking about what I just did. I took my pink dildo from my nightstand and got onto my computer, looking up lesbian porn.

I started to watch one where a girl rubbed another girl's clit while she was getting fucked by a fuck machine. I stuck my dildo into my sore pussy and pushing it in, then moved it around so it hit every wall. I was getting so aroused by the porn, I thought about having another lesbian sex session.