Adorable teenie is pissing and fingering shaven twat

Adorable teenie is pissing and fingering shaven twat
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Chapter 1 I drove by Rachel's house, I knew her parents wouldn't like the idea of some guy picking up their daughter, much less in an old 70's style van with no windows in the back.

So we agreed that I would drive by her house and sex xshare com hijjab porn at the end of the street. She would tell her parents that she was going to spend the night at a friend's house then come and meet me in the van.

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I saw Rachel come out of her house and look back before she started sprinting towards my van. She ran up and jumped inside slamming the door behind her. "Hey, Baby!" she said smiling, leaning over giving me a passionate kiss on the mouth. "Hey, Love! Happy to see me?" I reply stepping on the gas. Rachel reaches over and begins to rub my semi hard cock through my jeans "Who's happy to see who?" she says with a grin on her face continuing to rub my cock.

"You know I'm happy to see you, and so is he!" I say shifting myself so she could have better access at my cock. "Ooooh, he is happy to see me. Well, let's just see how happy he is." she says as she begins to pull down my zipper. She starts to reach into my pants her nimble fingers working their way through the slit in my boxers. My cock jumps at the touch of her hand on it. "Well hello there!" she begins to lightly run her fingers up and down my shaft as I am trying to concentrate on driving.

She fishes my dick out amateur brunette doggy first time art imitating life my pants and wraps her hand around my throbbing dick slowly working it up and down.

"He looks tasty." She whispers. "Maybe.

Why don't you taste it and find out." I say looking over at her with a knowing smile. "Yes master!" she says leaning over and slowly lets her tongue lap at the head of my dick, circling it with her tantalizing tongue.

"He is tasty!" she says looking up at me smiling. She places her mouth over the head of my cock sending a shiver of shear pleasure through me. She slowly begins to bob her head up and down my cock, gradually taking more and more of my rock hard meat into her mouth and throat. "OH GOD!!!" I say my body shaking. "Damn ultimate pain teen anal bbc is good!" I hear her try to mumble something but I can't make it out.

"I am going to need to pull over if you are going to keep going like that baby." "Park someplace secluded." Rachel says, saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth. My cock tingles from the sudden change of temperature going from her warm mouth to the cool air.

She replaces her mouth back over my cock diving in to the hilt, her nose nuzzling into my pubic hair. I can feel her start to gag on my cock in her throat. I pull off the main road onto a dirt road leading to a little lake in the middle of the woods. I can feel my balls tingle as I am getting closer and closer to my orgasm. "I am close to cuming baby!" I say my words and breath coming in short burst.

"It is ok baby." She says quickly, replacing her warm mouth back on my cock. I pull off the road and turn off the van. I recline my seat back letting Rachel have better access at my stiff member.

I shudder at the sight of my dick sliding in and out of the mouth of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I begin to raise my hips up to meet her downward thrust. "I can't hold back much longer babe. Oh my god. Uhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhh. Here it comes. I'm gonna cum!!!!!!" I say as my balls unleash their wrath upon her mouth and throat, as spurt after spurt of hot searing cum spews out of my cock.

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I can see her desperately trying to swallow every drop of cum that burst into her sucking mouth and throat. I can see a few small drops slip out of the corners of her mouth. She lifts her head sucking in a deep breath of air. Rachel smiles at me, she takes a finger and wipes the cum from her lips and chin and brings it to her mouth, sucking it off. She replaces her mouth back on my still rock hard cock sucking it dry and getting any remaining cum off of it.

"Oh my god baby that was incredible." I say trying to catch my breath. "Did that feel good?" she says breathing deeply. "Oh yes! I am still hard!" "Good! Because I am really fucking horny!" Rachel says taking off her shirt. She isn't wearing a bra! My eyes feel like they are about to pop out of their sockets as her beautiful 38C breast comes into view against the soft moon molly ashley and alexis pegging sissy men.

I can't resist reaching over and grabbing them, massaging them with my large hands. Her nipples are like pebbles against my palms while her breast are so soft and yet firm. I lean over and place one nipple in my mouth, my tongue circles her nipple, I use my teeth to lightly nibble on her nipple. Chapter 2 As I nibble on Rachel's breast I can feel her still stroking my cock. With my free hand, I reach down and under her skirt, Damn!

She isn't wearing any panties either. I use my index finger and slid it up and down her moist slit. I can feel her little clit when my finger reaches the top of her warm pussy. I take my thumb and index finger and lightly pinch and flick her little bud, I can feel her body shake as the pleasure swarms through her. I cant resist any more. I pick Hottie in yoga pants sucking big cock up and sit her in my lap, my cock across her belly.

She raises her hips and aligns my cock with her waiting and dripping cunt. She lowers her body down slowly, absorbing my cock inch by inch. With out any warning, I buck my hips up, slamming my cock all the way into her. "UHHHhhhhh&hellip." Rachel moans with a gasp. The warm and pressure of her tight cunt makes my cock throb with pleasure. Slowly Rachel begins to rise up off my dick, then when only the head is in, she slides back down. Her now gingerly flowing juices make her slide up and down much easier.

I begin to buck my hips up to meet her down ward thrust. Our tempo starts to increase as our excitement builds. "Oh god&hellip. Fuck me&hellip. Fuck me&hellip. Uhh… Uhh… Uhhhh&hellip." Rachel grunts as she rides my cock plowing it deep inside her, skewering herself on my dick.

Rachel's body begins to shudder as her climax washes over her. Her head thrashes back and forth, her hair flying in every direction.

I pull Rachel off my dick. "Taste your self!" I say, with a wicked grin. Rachel bends over and begins to suck her juices off my cock her head bobbing up and down.

I grab her hair and pull her off and lead her to the back of the van and lay her down on the bedspread in the back. I grab her legs and hold them apart as Innocent teenie is gaping tight snatch in close up and climaxing guide my meat missile to her cunt.

I put the head at the entrance, and then slam my cock all the way in, making her tits bounce. I begin to slam into her with quick long strokes, burying my self deep inside her with every stroke.

"Uhhhh&hellip.Uhhh&hellip.Uhhh&hellip. Fuck me!!! Faster!!!! Harder!!!!" She screams. I begin to increase the speed and force of my thrust, my pelvis mashing with hers, my balls slapping against her ass. "OH GOD&hellip.OH GOD&hellip. YES!!!

YES!!! YES!!!! I'm going to cum again!!!!" Rachel begins to shake violently as another orgasm runs through her. I continue to fuck her, hard and fast, by balls begin to tighten up, signaling my impending climax. Rachel begins to scream again as yet another burst of juice spews from her womb from her third orgasm.

I kiss her deeply to help muffle her screams of pleasure. I can feel my self reaching orgasm. "Muphhh&hellip. Muphhh&hellip." our moans are quieted by our kiss. I can't hold back any longer as my cum burst forth, dousing Rachel cunt with hot cum. Spurt after spurt, I fill her womb with my seed. I collapse on top of her. Our energies spent on our passionate love making. I roll over and lay beside this goddess of love. We look deeply into each other eyes. Almost simultaneously, "I Love You!" we whisper.

We laugh at the unintended incident. I look deeply into her eyes as I watch them fall with her exhaustion. I know that this is just the first of many encounters tonight! I let my eyes close, knowing that soon we will be at it again. ?????THE END????? Or marina visconti fucked in the back of suv ?????TO BE CONTINUED?????