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Storys xxx en serbi porno
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Introduction Daisy It was not just another day for Daisy, she was on her way to an audition. The previous week she got an email saying someone had eyed her up. and down (she thought this an odd way to put it) for a part in a brand new 'movie franchise' and she was on her way to be interviewed. Daisy was a startling young lady with beautiful chestnut hair with waves so graceful, even the sea could not match them.

Her figure was perfect for any man, or woman. Her breasts were curvaceous and could be seen through even a thick sweater, but were still perky. Her waist was slim, her hips were wide and her butt would make even a gay man look twice. Feeling hungry as she had no time to cook breakfast, Daisy decided to grab a pasty from her favourite van, located at the train station.

She walked up to the van and smiled at the attendant who immediately knew her order. Deciding she had enough time to sit down to eat it, she sat at a bench facing towards the gates to the platform.

What happened next would bring Daisy a brand new experience. Lucy Lucy was infuriated, her car would not start! She was supposed to be picking up her boyfriend in 30 minutes and she was stuck at home with a worthless piece of junk that wouldn't move. Without realising, she face palmed right in to the horn, scaring the life out of herself.

She counted to ten to calm herself down and tried one last time to start the car. And by the gods it worked! Slamming the door shut she sped off down the road as she was already late.

Lucy was a pretty girl. She had long blond hair, a face covered in cute freckles and emerald green eyes. She loved her boyfriend and proved it she did! Lucy may seem innocent but in the bed she became a naughty vixen and enjoyed being dominant or submissive. She would ride your cock like a cowgirl and make you beg for more.

Or she would do whatever you tell her, even letting you face fuck her until she chokes on your dick. Lucy hummed along to her cd as she drove along the main road. She was wearing a crop top that she loved to tease her boyfriend with and was wearing a black push up bra underneath.

Lucy did not have large boobs but her boyfriend insisted they were perfect, though she knew that he loved when she wore that black bra. She was wearing a new skirt, something she did not commonly wear but Lucy was very horny today. She had not seen her boyfriend in 3 months and wanted to feel his 7 inch cock filling her up as soon as she saw him. She was hoping to give him a ride in the car park and yes, that was an innuendo.

Lucy felt herself getting wet as she pulled in to the car park and swung in to a space. She checked her messages and squealed at german teens in real gangbang orgy fuckparty bigbreast she had been sent. Running out the car, she crossed the road and wandered in to the train station. What she saw next surprised her, in more than one way.

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Aaron After failing to nod off for the fifth time this train ride, Aaron decided to send a dirty picture to his girlfriend. So he popped in to the bathroom and pulled out his phone and his hardened cock. He sent a picture to her and messaged, "He can tell we're nearly home ;)." Aaron knew that would turn her on and he sat back down in his chair for the remainder of the journey.

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As the train arrived, Aaron gathered his belongings and hopped off. Passing through the gate, Aaron couldn't believe his eyes. His old crush was sitting on a bench looking more beautiful than she ever had. He had known that to be possible. Containing his emotions, he went up to her bench and said, "Hey, Daisy." Chapter 1 - the kiss Daisy looked up and gasped, "Aaron!

I haven't seen you in so long!" She jumped up, gave him a hug as usual but without second thought lunged towards his lips, giving him a short but steamy kiss. Shocked, Aaron started to retaliate, "Daisy, please don't, Lucy will---" but before he could finish, some passion possessed the teenager to bring Aaron in to a loving embrace. She ran her fingers through his hair, bit his lip and swirled her tongue around his. Daisy finally broke the embrace, looking devilish whilst running her hand down his front, grazing the bulge of Aaron's large cock through his jeans.

Lucy, observing from afar stood motionless. She could not believe her eyes, her boyfriend was making out with another girl. And not just any girl, his ex crush nonetheless! Though, what she couldn't believe the most was how wet she had gotten from watching the scene.

Had she been wearing any panties, they would be soaked. She didn't care that her boyfriend had kissed another girl, not anymore, what she wanted was to see more of that and to be fucked.

hard. Coming up with a plan, she waited a few seconds before walking up to the pair to act as if she hadn't seen the scene. "Hey babe," Lucy smirked. Aaron jumped out of his skin, "Oh hey Lucy, look who is here," gesturing to Daisy standing with a daring look in her eye. "Hey" the two girls said to eachother simultaneously.

Awkwardly, Aaron suggested to Lucy that they should go back to her's. Lucy agreed, but asked quickly, "Daisy. Are you busy today? Would you like to come with us and spend the night?" Daisy, completely forgetting about her audition instantly agreed as all she wanted to do right now was have a chance to fuck her newfound obsession.

Aaron did not understand what was going on, it was unlike Lucy to invite one of his ex crush's round, let alone for the night. But he knew exactly why Daisy agreed from the look in her eyes. Chapter 2 - The Car Ride Daisy walked out of the train station, followed closely by the couple who both awed at the perfectly circular butt in front of them, hugged by the tightest leggings known to man. They arrived at the car and Lucy started unlocking it. Daisy placed her hands on to Aaron's shoulder and tip toed to whisper in his ear to say, "I'm going to make you cum so hard in there." Aaron instantly got erect.

He watched as the girl who's beauty outmatched Aphrodite crawled in to the back of the car and followed quickly after her. Almost as soon as Lucy started the car, Aaron felt a soft hand lift up his shirt and slide underneath his underwear to grab his swollen cock. She started stroking it and biting his neck.

"You like that, don't you? You love cheating on your girlfriend in the back of her car." she whispered, "Say it! Say you love it or I'll stop right now and give you blue balls!" Not wanting the sex xnxx free blue film vide os xxx 2019 to stop he nodded. "Good boy!" she continued, "I can't get a good enough grip like this, I'm going to have to take it out." Slipping his cock out, Daisy starting pumping it with both hands and licked the tip of it.

Suddenly, Aaron felt his cock immerged entirely within the warmth and tightness of her mouth. Daisy had deepthroated his cock and he nearly bit his lip off so he didn't scream out loud to alert Lucy. But Lucy already knew. Every now and again she would glance in her rear view mirror to see Aaron's eyes rolling back in to his head. Even though she had turned the volume of the cd up so the two lovers wouldn't hold back, Lucy could still hear the sloppy sounds of Daisy's slutty throat as it fucked her boyfriend's cock.

She was so turned on that when she wasn't changing gear, she was finger-fucking herself. Daisy sped up her blowjob and sucked harder to signal that she wanted Aaron's load right now. Hr obeyed her wishes. As she felt the first pulse of his orgasm, she massaged his balls to make his orgasm so intense that he would never forget it. Aaron's cum spewed in to the vixen's mouth as lovable teenie gapes spread cunt and gets deflorated pushed her petite russian teen pussy fucks a soda bottle masturbation and fullfisting down on his cock, intensifying the experience further.

As soon as the exhausted man shot his final stream of cum and released his grip, Daisy came up to meet Aaron's eyes and opened her mouth wide to present him with a full mouth of thick cum which she preceded to swallow in one loud gulp. Lucy watched the slut swallow the cum in the mirror and orgasmed herself. She tried her hardest to keep steady as she was sent to heaven and back. After Daisy cleaned up Aaron's cock with a final few licks and sucks which Aaron almost came again to, he zipped up his jeans just in time for them to arrive at Lucy's home.

Daisy whispered one last thing in to Aaron's ear before they got out, "Thank you so much for that massive load, my pussy can't wait for its share." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, thank you for reading my story and I hoped you enjoyed it.

I apologize for the perhaps misleading name but I promise the next part will contain some proper threesome action ;) Any constructive criticism as well as nice words will be very appreciated in the comments.

Have a nice day.