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Wild hunks fucking chaste honey smalltits hardcore
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So many things were running through my mind about how it was gonna be when my sister got to the house. It was exciting thinking about what could happen even though she had no clue what was going on with me and my mom. The next day we had the house all cleaned up and spotless.

My sis was supose to be there later that night to stay and visit for about a week. Me or my mom haven't seen her in about a year so it was gonna be a nice visit.

It was later on in the afternoon and me and my mom were sitting down on the couch watching tv. "So what are we gonna do when jamie gets here?" Which is my sisters name by the ava devine and brandi mae play with toys. "I dont know, hopefully its not gonna be awkward." I say back to my mom.

"Might not be able to have sex for a week." She says joking. "Oh we'll find a away!" "You'll be ok for a week baby." Smiling at me. "The hell I will! You cant even do without for a week." I say to my mom. "Oh we'll see!" It was getting closer and closer for my sis to get here. Still so many things were running through my head while we sat and watched tv.

"You wanna have a quickie?" My mom says to me out of nowhere. "I don't know, would be kind of nice." "At least you wouldn't have to jack off later when your sister gets here." "I'm prolly gonna jack off anyway." Smiling back to her. We were on the opposite sides of the couch as she stood up. "Cmon lets go to the bathroom." She tells me. "Why? The couch is right here and its soft." "Well your not gonna cum on me cause ive already showered and I'm not gonna swallow all your cum right now." I got up and followed her into the bathroom watching her ass jiggle as it showed through her tight little shorts she had on.

Once we entered the bathroom she turned towards me and leaned back on the counter. First thing I did was walk up to her and start kissing her neck as I reached down and cupped both if her ass cheecks in my hands. I continued kissing around her neck massaging her ass. I gripped it a little tighter and used my strength to pick her up and set her down on the counter.

I worked my way down her chest with my mouth and lifted up her shirt just enough to show her tits. I licked and sucked her nipples as my hand found its way to the outside of her pussy. I could feel how wet she was from the outside of her panties. As she moaned a little louder I felt her hand on top of my head pushing me down slowly. I finally made my way to her pussy as I kissed and put a little pressure to her shorts where her clit was.

I started kissing her thighs and reached up and moved her shorts and panties aside exposing her glistening pussy. I kissed and breathed heavily on her lips and clit.

"Mmmmm baby, eat my pussy!" Saying in a soft moaning tone. I opened her pussy up a little with my hand and started running my tongue up and down her slit tasting her pussy as it spread through my mouth. I put my whole mouth over her clit and started to suck on it. I reached back up and wet my finger before I stuck it in her pussy. I began to finger her and work her g spot as I sucked.

"Oh shit babyy! Thats it!" My mom exclaimed to me. It wasn't even 5 minutes in and I could already tell she wanted to cum. I continued fingering and sucking as I felt her pulling my face in harder and harder.

"Fuck I'm almost there! Suck harded! Ohhhhh I'm gonna cum all over your face!" Just then she leaned back on the mirror and grabbed my hair and pulled me off her pussy.

Close your eyes and open your mouth she said as fast as she could breathing heavily. A split second later all I felt was a warm liquid rush into my mouth and over my face.

"Shiiiiiitt babe!!! I'm cuuuummminggggg!! I'm cummmiinggg!!! Lick my pussyyyy!" She says as her breathing got heaver by the second.

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She pulled me back in and had my mouth completely over the opening of her pussy. The second squirt erupted almost more than the first one and went straight to the back of my throat almost gaging me. I couldn't do more than to just let it run out of my mouth cause it was way too much.

Quickly she put her feet on the floor and stood up. "Come here quick!" She said. I stood up with her and put my mouth to hers.

Still rubbing her own pussy she kept cumming and squirting as she tasted everything that was in my mouth. The whole front of my shorts was soaked from her pussy as it kept coming out. Finally she stopped squirting and now almost trembling as she stood there with weak and shaking legs. "Mmmmm, damn honey, that was the best quickie I've ever had!" Trying to smile and talk to me at the same time.

"Well damn I could tell, you almost drowned me!" Joking back to her. As she jumped back up on the counter I reached down and dropped my shorts and boxers down to my ankles freeing my dick. My mom reached down with her hand and grabbed it and started rubbing it up and down her pussy. "Cum in the toilet babe whenever you're ready." "I'll try and make it there." Saying back to her.

She teased my dick a bit more before putting it at the opening of her pussy. She took a deep breath as I pushed in. Being how wet she already was it slid in easy but still felt tight. She put her arms around me as I gripped the back of her ass to pull her to me as much as I could. She began kissing passionately on my neck and breathing heavier every second again. Being that this was supose to be quick I rammed my dick in her as hard and fast as Interracial gangbang session with a desirable brunette could.

"Your pussy feels sooo good." I whispered to her. "Harder babyyy! Fuck me like this as long as you can!" Moaning back to me. I continued for another 5 minutes trying as hard as I could to make myself cum. "Cum for me babe! I wanna see you jack yourself off into the toilet while you look at my pussy." I probably lasted another 30 seconds after hearing her talk and I was about ready to cum.

"I'm almost there mom! I'm about to cumm!" Just then I pulled out and moved about 2 foot to the right where the toilet was. I tried to position myself over the toilet facing her to where she could watch as I came.

"Cum babe!" My mom said as she was rubbing her pussy. As my mom watched I shot the first load all over the toilet.

The second spurt went almost farther than the first one. She began rubbing faster as more tied with cuffs and collar in black lingerie more cum came out. I started jerking slower and harder towards the end of my orgasm. Still more cum leaking out of my dick my mom had jumped off the counter and made her way to me. "Don't stop." She said as she started bending over the toilet. As the last of my cum was dribbling out her lips met the tip of my dick.

Slowly her mouth covered inch by inch all the way to where my hand was holding the base of my dick. She kept the tip of my dick at the back of her throat til the last drop was out.

"Damn that was good! I thought u didn't want any in your mouth?" She let my dick fall out and stood up straight. "You gonna complain?" Joking back with me. I stood back away from the toilet with my shorts still down catching my breath. "Give me that towel behind you so I can clean this mess up." She said. I grabbed the towel and handed it to her.

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There was cum everywhere over the toilet seat and on the floor. "Sorry mom." Saying as I was pulling my shorts back up. "Go get cleaned up and ill clean this up.

I'll be out in a minute." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed to my room to get some differant clothes on. 5 minutes later after getting cleaned up and getting new clothes on I went back out to the living room where my mom was sitting watching tv again. "Now your good for another week." She says winking at me as I was sitting down.

"Idk I doubt it mom." "Well your sister should be here in another hour or so." "Sounds good." I replied back. An hour and a half go by and my moms phone rings.

"Hello?" "I'm here, come outside and help me with my things." My sister Jamie tells her. "Ok sweetie." She says as she hangs up the phone.

Me and my mom both walk out to the driveway where my sistet was standing getting her things out the back of her car. Before continuing on ill describe my sis. Shes about 5 foot 5, 130 pounds, hazel eyes, brunette, decent size B cup breast and an ass that was almost bigger than her mom's.

To say the least it was the main attraction in her already beautiful body. "Hey!!" My sis yells at us in excitement as she runs up to me and my mom with a hug and a kiss. "I missed yall!" Jamie says still holding my mom in a tight hug. "We missed you to babe!" Kelly wells takes 6 cumshots in her mouth mom replies. I grab my sisters bags and head inside to take them to her room.

My mom and sister follow behind me and walk into the house. They go and flop on the couch and of coarse start gossiping about everything and everyone. "Everything is in your room sis." "Thanks. What you gonna do now?" She asks me.

"Idk, prolly gonna go play the game or something." "Loser! Come sit down and visit with me for a bit!" I walk over to the couch and sit down on the end. She gets up and runs and jumps on me. "Damn big ass!" I say to her. "Shut up." She says back as she hugs me real tight again. "I think I'm gonna go take a nap. Its been a long drive." "You just got here." My mom says back to her. "So what I'm tired." "Well yall go do whatever yall want, I'm goin to my room." I said to both of them.

I walked to my room and turned the tv on and just layed there. Everything was boring in the house and there was nothing at all to do.

It was getting late and I decided to go to the kitchen and find a snack. I walked out my room and all the lights were off like everyone was sleeping already. I made my way down the hallway and noticed a bright light in one spot from the dining room. I didnt make any noise as I looked around the corner and seen my sister at the computer. I watched for a minute to see what she was doing but I couldnt see the screen and she couldn't see me from where she was at.

After a bit longer it snaped in my head. "Oh shit the video!" I had forgotten all about the video I had put on the computer that me and my mom had made.

All that was running through my mind was I wonder what she would do if she seen that video or how she would act. I kept watching her and I noticed she was fidgeting around quite a bit. I started seeing her hand wonder around her body touching the side of her tits and circling her nipples. She had a pair or pajama pants and spaghetti strap on with no bra.

I was thinking this might be the time I get to finally see my sis masterbate. As I stared some more her hand worked her way down past her stomach and on her thighs. My dick began to move a little as I watched her get closer to her pussy.

Her opposite hand found its way to her tits and finally the other hand on the outside of her pants right over her pussy. My heart began to beat faster the more I watched her. I slowely started rubbing the outside of my shorts where the bulge began rising. As I watched more her legs spread open wider and wider to where they were resting on the arms or the chair.

Another minute passes and she stops real quick. I see her look around the living room as if she was making sure no one was watching. Pov of chubby little asian hottie sologirlcontent stood up as her fingers made there way into the waistband of her pajamas and dropped them to the floor.

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She was soo sexy even almost in the dark as u could see the pink thong she had on. She sat back down and quickly opened her legs back up. She moved her panties over to the side of her pussy and there it was with the light from the monitor shinning down on her 20 year old shaved wet pussy. Her fingers ran up and down her slit and happen to make there way inside her pussy a time or 2. About 10 minutes of watching and massively turned on I almost had enough to just run back to my room and jack off to release some cum.

Just as I was she started moving around more and I could see her facial expressions changing from her eyes and mouth closing to them opening real wide. With one hand still on her tit and the other rubbing her clit almost as fast as she could I could see she was close to cumming.

I didnt tubidy free porn story download miss it so I stuck it out and waiting for the moment I can catch my sister masterbating and cumming. Another 30 seconds I could see her breathing heavy as she started throwing her head back. I heard a couple soft moans as she was ready to cum. I stood there and watched in amazement as her her eyes and mouth opened wide glued to the computer screen. As she started to cum it look as if she was trying to fuck her own fingers.

I they brought a strap on to the gym cdi to go over so bad and put my mouth on her pussy as she watched whatever she was watching and let her use my mouth for her cum.

Her orgasm lasted around 25 to 30 seconds before she slipped her fingers out her pussy and started coming done from it. She looked around her as she stuck 2 fingers in her mouth that she just had in her pussy.

It was soo hott. All of a sudden she got up and faced the way where I was at and began to walk. I quickly ran to my room. I had left my door cracked so I could see her when she goes by and go check on what she was looking on the computer.

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She goes into the bathroom and shuts the door. As she does that I go over to the computer to see what was on it and it was shocking. I had just came all over my mom in the video when I seen it. The desk chair had a puddle of my sis's cum on it and I had just heard the shower cut off. I quickly ran back to my room and started to think what else was gonna happen with my freaky sis and freaky mom.