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Platinum blonde puma swede mouth amp pussy fucks big cock
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I had been sitting in the waiting room of my GYN for the last hour, mentally kicking myself every minute. I could not believe how stupid I have been during the last month. I had been fucking my son day and night. Blinded by revenge, I had not even given a thought to the possibility that I might get pregnant. Now here I am waiting the test results. I had come in to get a new pill prescription, but when my doctor asked if I had any sexual intercourse in the last month I had to say yes.

Before she would give me the prescription I had to take a pregnancy test. And why do they call it sexual intercourse? Why can't they just ask if you have been fucked lately?

If it comes back positive I sure will be. Jeremy had been great. I especially liked it when we had more time in the afternoons. Having a quickie in the mornings august ames and isis love shares a thick cock good also but I always worried that Greg might walk in on us.

That was part of the thrill and all of the worry. Jeremy seemed to really enjoy fucking me in the mornings with his dad in the shower. But then it was probably just the same with any teenager. Pussy at any time was great. When the nurse came to the door to call me back to my doctor's office, she had a big smile on her face. Oh, God. I am. I had been praying that I was just a bit late.

I frequently was a week late and I was hoping this was one of those. The next thirty minutes went by in a blur. I remember some "congratulations", I remember I did not say thank you. I kind of remember the doctor then giving me some family planning advice; abortion, adoption, etc.

Somehow I got home but I don't remember driving. I was sitting on the sofa when Jeremy came in. He came over, put his books down and sat down next to me. I was still lost in my thoughts and was not really paying attention to him. It came as a surprise when he rose up and said, "The girls won't be here for a couple of hours", and then pushed me down on my back on the sofa and climbed on top of me.

"Jeremy Michael, just what do you thnnnn", I did not get to finish as he covered my mouth with his. He ran his tongue around my lips. I could not help but open my mouth and his tongue then began playing tag with mine. It was so sweet.

He was a good kisser. I could feel his knees working their way between my legs. When my pussy began tingling reality finally hit me. I moved my mouth from his and tried to push him up but he was too heavy and just started kissing me again. We can't keep doing this. We are going to get caught. Greg is gone but Allison and Shelly are still in the house. Jeremy is getting more and more casual around me, touching my breasts, putting his hand up my dress when we are sitting together, though that is my fault since I enjoyed it and allowed it to happen.

I have to become the mother again; and decide what to do about this baby. I finally worked my mouth from his and almost shouted at him, "Jeremy, Stop"! Jeremy lifted himself up on his arms. "What's wrong mom?

I thought you liked little surprises". "I do Honey. I've really enjoyed this with you but I have to be your mom. I can't be your mom and be fucking you all the time". "Sure you can mom. You would be an even better mom". He then added with a big grin on his face, "What better way to learn about sex". I knew I was going to have to show anger to get him to back off.

"Jeremy! I said stop! Now get off me. Now!" Very sheepishly Jeremy moved off of me so I could get up. I smoothed my dress out and then walked out of the room towards my bedroom. I looked back at Jeremy. He looked so confused. "I'm sorry Jeremy. It just has to be this way". When I got to my room I lay down on my bed and cried. I was feeling anger at Jeremy, but he had not really done anything.

Then I realized I was really angry at myself. I was going to miss Jeremy in my bed. And what do I do about this baby? It has been three weeks since mom quit letting me fuck her. I could not believe it was over so quick. I had not really thought about it but I had just assumed we would keep on having sex for quite a while. That is until she found someone new or I got a girlfriend.

I really enjoyed sneaking into her bedroom when dad was in the shower and getting ready to go to work. It was the thought of him walking through the bedroom to leave, and mom lying there in bed with my sperm in her that gave me a tremendous high. Just thinking about it was giving me a hard-on right now. It would not be so bad but now she also seemed mad at me all the time.

It was bad enough being a horny teenager with a boner all the time but I was a horny teenager that was used to getting fucked. This must be what an alcoholic feels like after three weeks with no drink.

I really needed a "drink". Summer had finally arrived. There were girls out everywhere in skimpy clothing which was not helping my situation. I knew I should be out there trying to meet girls, but I was still a bit throatpoking wife suck the brother in law dick while husband in the b tube porn on mom trying to figure out how to fix things with her so we could go back to how it was.

My sisters were mall shopping and mom was out of town for a couple of days visiting grandma. It was unbearably hot in the house so I thought I might as well go do the yard work that mom had been blonde teenagers hot threesome by the chimney me to do for a couple of weeks.

Maybe this will help change her mood, plus it might get rid of this erection I've got. I changed to just some shorts and went out to the back yard. After mowing the yard I was doing some weeding when I heard a splash in the yard backing up to ours. I stood and looked over the fence. Terri, mom's friend, was just climbing out of the pool.

She looked fantastic. She was wearing a tiny excuse for a bikini. It was white and looked terrific against her tanned skin. It must be a new one. I had not seen her in that one before. She was a tall woman, maybe 5' 10", with really long slender legs. Her breasts were a bit smaller than mom's, more like a model's. I had to stop looking. I had gotten hard just watching her and it was beginning to ache.

I resumed my weeding. I was working on a tough patch when the hoe hit a rock. I must have hit it pretty hard because Terri heard it clear over where she was lying beside the pool. I heard her voice over the fence, "Helen, is that you"?

"No Mrs. Hunter. It's Jeremy". "Jeremy. How many times do I have to tell you to call me Terri"? "I'm sorry Mrs., uh, Terri". "Jeremy, what are you doing over there"? "I'm doing some yard work for mom while she is visiting grandma". "Well aren't you the good son. When you are finished why don't you come over and take a dip to cool off".

"Thank you, I might take you up on that". Now why would she want me to come over when she is dressed like that? She must know what that would do to a teenage boy. I began hurrying in the back yard. When I was finished I put the tools away, opened the back gate between our yards and went over to the pool. I could not help but sneak peeks at her. She was lying on her back on the other side of the pool on a special pad, sunbathing. Her legs were slightly spread apart. I immediately jumped into the pool to hide the erection I was getting.

After swimming several laps I had cooled off. The cool water had also allowed me to return to a normal size. It was finally safe to get out.

"Jeremy, could you come over and give me a hand"? I could not help myself, I began to clap. She smiled, "Okay, jokester. I meant, could you please come over and spread some lotion on my back". I looked back at her without speaking for a few seconds.

Was she serious? That is every teenager's dream. That is, every male teenager's. I finally nodded my head. I was afraid to say anything incase just a squeak came out. As I walked over beside her, she turned over, reached out to get her tanning oil and handed it to me. I got down on my knees along side her and poured some in my hands. I then began softly rubbing it on her shoulders. I was in teenager heaven. When I did not move my hands anywhere else she lifted her head up and turned towards me and said, "Jeremy, you need to work from my shoulders down to my suit".

Then she turned her head away from me and lay back down on the pad. I put some more oil on my hands and began working down her back. She must know what she is doing to me. When I got down to the top of her suit bottom I worked back up her body. When I got up to the string across her back my fingers snagged on it, one going under nude girl playing indoor volleyball while the others went over. "I'm sorry". I moved my hands over the string and worked up to her neck.

I started down her sides and my fingers got snagged in the string again. "Wait Jeremy. This should be easier". Terri reached behind her and pulled the knot loose where it was tied behind her back and then reached up to her neck and untied it also.

"Just move the strings to the side off me". I just stared. I could see the swell of her breast where she was lying on it, flattening it against her. "Jeremy"? I immediately reached out and worked down her side and then back up the other side. She is doing this deliberately. She has to know what this is doing to me.

I was so hard now that I had poked out of my suit a couple of times. When I finished I started to get up. "Jeremy, if you want you can stay and lay in the sun for a while.

It would be nice to have company". Yes, she knows, she wants me. I had such a hard-on that I had to lie on my stomach. On my back I made a tent that several people would be able to stand under.

After a few minutes I turned to look at Terri. I could not see her face but she seemed so relaxed I thought she might have gone to sleep. I gazed up and down her body.

Her left breast was showing. I could see part of the areole but not her nipple. I turned on my side facing her so I could see her better. I wanted to reach out and run my hands down her back again, down over her butt and down her thighs, back up the inside of her thighs.

My mind was lost in those thoughts so she gave me a real scare when she turned over. There I was staring at her body with the head of my cock poking out the top of my shorts. She must have been asleep because she beauteous babe having hot group sex smalltits hardcore turned over on her back and put her hands above her head.

She did nothing with her bikini top which remained on the pad below her. Now I could see her nipples. Now I could see everything. Well almost everything. Her bikini bottom was still on.

While her breasts were just a bit small, her nipples were really big.

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They seemed to be about half an inch long. One was slightly bent over. I ached to reach over and touch it with my finger and watch it grow erect. I had done that with mom a number of times, though her nipples were not as large as Terri's.

Now I was sure she was doing this to me deliberately. What woman would lay next to a teenager almost completely naked. 'Naked', which made me look down at her bikini bottom. It was so small. Just strings on the side to tie it together. She wants me to do this. I moved just a bit closer to her. I was now just inches away. I reached out with one hand to the string tie closest to me. I gently tugged the string and it came lose in my hand.

I reached over to the other side and pulled it loose also. I unaware wife naked on hidden cam tube porn now reached the line where if I went any further there was no turning back.

That line took me two seconds of long difficult thought to cross. Taking each string in my hands I lifted the top flap and carefully pulled it down and dropped it between her slightly spread legs. That revealed this little triangle of blond hair.

It's so small. It took me a minute to realize that she must shave it to that shape. I reached out and touched a nipple very carefully. As I pushed it around in a small circle I could feel it expand and begin to stick straight up. Yes, I'm right. She wants me. My hand seemed to move on it's own down to her pubic hair. I moved my fingers around in the small triangle.

I almost jumped when she let out a low "mmmmm" and spread her legs a bit wider.

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That decided it for me. I took off my shorts and tossed them aside. While my dick was telling me she wanted me right now, my brain was able to interrupt every now and again. It was telling me I would need to move in her quickly. Was she wet enough for a smooth stroke in? I doubted it. I reached down to my dick and found I was wet enough for both of us. I moved over above her so it looked like I was about to do a pushup on top of her.

I positioned the head of my cock right at her pussy. She let out another "mmmmm". I gently lowered my knees, and with a very slight pressure against the inside of her thighs, she moved her legs just enough apart so that my knees could rest on the pad.

I then lowered my chest to hers so that my chest just touched her nipples. The touch of both of them against me made my cock twitch against her pussy. It rose up an inch. When it dropped back down I could feel the lips of her pussy part just young asian teen shows off her pretty feet and rides dick so about half the head of my cock entered her.

The feeling was so raunchy saundra has her moist beaver plugged I needed something wrapped around my cock. She is ready. She must be ready. She could not lay here under me like this and not be ready. Keeping part of my weight on my hands I lowered my chest so that I was laying firmly on her. I pulled my hips back and then with one thrust slid smoothly in her.

I stopped about half way in her, pulled back partway and then thrust again until I was buried in her to the hilt. Any deeper and my balls would disappear. Terri's eyes fluttered open.

She opened her mouth but nothing came out. I continued thrusting in and out of her. A moment later she was able to get, "What&hellip.Who… Jeremy? What are you doing? Get out of me. It's too big. It hurts". I did not say a word. I just kept thrusting in and out of her. "Please Jeremy". She let out another gasp as I thrust deep in her.

I held it for a few seconds before picking up speed and resumed pounding her pussy. "Oh, God. You are too big. You have to stop". When I still did not say anything she took her hands and began hitting me in the back. I could barely feel it. When that did not work she tried scratching me with her nails. I barely felt it. All my attention was on my cock buried in her.

She lifted her knees so she could use her heels to kick me on the butt and the back of my thighs but that only succeeded in tilting her pelvis up so I could sink in deeper.

With her pelvis tilted up to me I began grinding my hips against her trying to hit that spot that mom liked. I knew I was successful when her hands stopped hitting me and then gradually lowered to my butt and she grabbed me and pulled me as I stroked into her.

"Jeremy, you should stop". But there was no sincerity in her voice. About 30 minutes earlier Allison and Shelly had returned home. They had been shopping for swimsuits for the summer. Just a couple months shy of 14 they had really developed over the last year and a half and last year's suits would no longer fit.

Their breasts were much larger now and their hips had grown that women's curve. They were no longer the thin stick girls they had been at twelve. They now had bodies that would turn the heads of grown men.

Allison was the first to get to the bedroom and pull out the suits she bought. She held the top of one against her, "This looked good at the store. Do you think it still looks okay"? I thought it looked good and said so. I pulled mine out and we began modeling them again, taking our clothes off so we could put them on. When we were finished trying them all on, we kept the last one on.

I lay down on the bed while Allison was sitting on the window seat. She turned to look out the window. "Hey, Jeremy is over at Terri's pool. He is putting lotion on her back". With a laugh she added, "I bet that is getting difficult for him". I did not catch on very quick, "What do you mean"? Allison kept looking out the window, "Haven't you noticed the hard-on he gets if mom or one of us walks around half dressed"? I hadn't but I just said, "Oh that".

Allison turned around to face me, "Have you ever had sex"? "Not really". "What do you mean, not really"? "Well, I went over to Billy's house a while back when his parents were out. He said he wanted some help with his Biology homework. Ball batter loads for a seductive adorable girl only took five minutes for me to figure out I was the homework".

"Wow. I wouldn't mind being his homework. He is hot. What did you do"? "Well, we were on the sofa making out. Kissing, stuff like that. I let him put his hand up my blouse and play with my titties. He was lying against me and I could feel his cock getting hard against me. He took my hand and put it on it. I tried to grab it but I couldn't through his pants. A couple of times he put his hand under my dress and moved it up my thigh.

I think he wanted to rub my pussy, but I stopped him. He was rubbing his cock against me when suddenly he stopped and said I had to leave. He said he forgot that his parents would be home soon and not in a couple of hours. After I left I noticed the side of my dress was wet". Allison had been quite through my entire story but now she began to laugh. "Poor Billy, he couldn't hold it. Hope for the next girl's sake he learns better control".

I looked at Allison, "What about you"? "Yes, but I promised not to tell". "What do you mean, promised not to tell? I just told you about mine. You have to tell. We tell each other everything. I can't believe you've hid this from me". I could see she wanted to tell so I kept after her. "Okay, enough. I guess its okay.

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He isn't around here anymore anyway". "Was it that hot exchange student that left last month"? She shook her head, "No". "Well who then". "If you will give me half a chance I'll tell you". I sat back on the bed against the wall and crossed my legs, waiting for her to continue. "Well, do you remember last summer, just before school started, you, Mom and Jeremy went to Grandma's house for the weekend"? Without waiting for me to answer she continued. Dad and I stayed here because I had tryouts that week and Dad had a lot of work, plus grandma and Dad don't get along".

That was true. Grandma detested Dad. She always doubted Dad was good for mom and now she could say she was right. "The second day of tryouts it was over 100 degrees out and we were in the sun all day.

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When I got home at four I was alone and totally burned out. I took a quick shower, and because no one was home, I just lay down on the bed nude and fell asleep. I must have been really gone because later I found out I slept right through dinner. I was having this really weird dream and my nipples really itched. You know how they feel when you rub them very gently"? I nodded my head and motioned for her to continue. "I was kind of waking up and was about to rub my nipples when I felt fingers run from my stomach down into my pubic hair.

I opened my eyes and daddy was standing beside the bed in his robe. It was his hand. He did not notice I had woken because he was looking at my pussy". I was shocked. "How gross. What did you do"? "Well I didn't know what to do. I closed my eyes so he would not know I was awake. I thought he might just stop and leave. Then his hand reached my pussy and he was very gently moving my lips around. His other hand was still rubbing my nipples. You know that spot on your pussy that feels so good"?

I just nodded my head. "Well he hit it. It was all I could do not to jump up. I've never had a boy do that before. Well, or a man. I knew my breathing was getting harder but I could not stop it. He just kept rubbing my pussy and breasts.

When I opened my eyes again he was still looking at my pussy. He was leaning over the bed man xnxx tthe porn best free bit to reach so his hand would reach. I looked over at him and his robe had fallen open. His cock was so big. And it was really sticking straight out. As he moved it would bounce up and down a bit.

I finally could not stop myself and reached out and grabbed it with my hand". "What did Daddy do"? "He sucked his breath in and pulled his hands away.

He tried to stand up but I was holding his cock and he couldn't. He started to tell me that he had just come in to see if I was okay and he found me naked. That did not explain why he was exploring my body but I did not care at that point. You know that feeling when you are just swept away?

That was me. I asked him not to stop. It felt so good I wanted him to rub my pussy some more". "What did Daddy do"? I was repeating myself.

"He started rubbing me again only this time instead of rubbing my breasts with his hands he lowered his head and began licking and sucking my nipples. I thought I was going to explode. After another minute there was this wave of heat that ran through my body. My stomach got real tight.

My pussy began having this feeling something like cramps but it felt so good. It was like I was clamping down on something but there was nothing there. After that passed, Daddy asked me if I liked it. I said yes. I noticed I was still holding his cock and it was still really hard. Daddy stood up and let his robe fall to the floor. He asked me when my last period ended.

I told him yesterday. He nodded and then told me that if I liked that I was really going to like this. I thought he was going to rub me in a different way but he got up onto the bed and moved between my legs. He pulled my feet up so my knees were bent. When he moved up on top of me I then figured out he was going to fuck me. I guess he was going to rub me in a different way. He looked so big. I did not think it would fit in me. He took his cock in one hand and rubbed it in a circle around my pussy.

It sabse bade boobs wali sexy story so good. Then with a quick push he was inside of me. He pushed again and he was all the way in. He began pounding me really hard and fast.

I wish he would have done it slower. He dropped his hands down under my butt and pulled me against him as he pounded into me.

It was just beginning to feel really good again when suddenly he stiffened up and then make little jerks against me with his hips. It took me a moment to realize he had cum white chic first time bbc on hood of car and bbw owns bbc me.

I had wondered why he asked about my period, then I knew. "Wow. And you did not tell me". "Well Daddy made me promise not to tell.

He said Mom would make him go away". "Yes, and then he leaves us instead. Was that all he did"? "No. After a while Daddy got up and picked me up out of bed. He carried me into his and mom's bedroom. He said we would have more room there. He fucked me again but it was really quick. I mean, it felt good but it was over so fast.

Poor mom". "How many times have you done it"? I was curious. I had only been felt up and my sister was an experienced pro. "Just four times. We did it again the next morning and then that night". "But isn't that the night we came home early"? "Yes. That put a stop to it for us I think. We were in bed and Daddy had me on top of him. That is a really good position by the way. You can control what gets rubbed, how hard and how fast. I finally had another orgasm before daddy could cum.

And then just moments after daddy came in me we heard the garage door open. We were running around trying to get dressed before you guys walked in on us". "Yes, I remember that. When I came in you were sitting on your bed in a t-shirt and panties. You said you were getting ready for bed". "I did not have time to get anything else on. So I sat there for the next hour with Daddy's sperm leaking out of me while you told me all about your visit with grandma.

That felt kind of wierd. I could not move until you were in bed. I was afraid you would see the wet spot and ask what it was". "And Daddy never fucked you again"? "No. I think mom's coming home early and almost catching us really scared him". Allison sighed, "I'm glad I finally got that out. I did not like keeping the secret from you".

She smiled at me and turned to look out the window. "Hey, look at this. I think Jeremy is putting the move on Terri next door". I walked over to her and sat by her on the window seat. When I looked out I saw Jeremy by the pool next door, completely naked and kind of stretched out on his hands and feet above Terri.

He then lay down on her and we could see him thrust his hips towards her. He must be in her now. It was a surprise when we saw her begin to hit him with her hands and feet. "Shelly, I think he is raping her. She is fighting him". I jumped up. "We have to go down and stop him". I was almost to the door when Allison called me back. "Wait, I don't think he is. She is enjoying this too much".

When I got back and looked I could see her arms around him and she was trying to wrap her legs around his waist. "Wow, they are really going at it. I've never seen anyone fuck before". Allison did not take her eyes off the two of them. "Neither have I. I mean, I've never seen anyone else".

"Yes, but at least you've done it. All I've gotten is a wet dress". We stayed glued to the window watching the two of them. After about ten minutes we watched as they rolled over and Terri ended up on top. She really began rocking back and forth on Jeremy. After several minutes of this Terri stopped rocking and got very rigid. We could see her face from the window and it had this grimace on it.

I spoke up first, "What's wrong with Terri? Why does she look like that"? Allison smiled, "She is cumming. She's having an orgasm". "It looks like it hurts. I thought an orgasm was supposed to feel good". "It does stupid. It is just so intense that some people make faces".

"Well how would I know? And don't call me stupid". Terri finally lay down on Jeremy. Jeremy began thrusting into her really hard and then he stopped after a deep amateur sex bomb flashing big tits for cash into her and arched his back. Allison again smiled, "Now Jeremy is cumming". He resumed bucking against her several times but they were small ones now compared to what they were before.

Then they both relaxed and laid there with Terri still on top of him. We kept watching until finally after several minutes they both got up. They gave each other a kiss. Terri reached down and took Jeremy's cock in her hand. She moved his cock around like she was inspecting it. After giving him what looked like a playful slap on the cheek, she said something to Jeremy, let go of his cock and then picked up her bikini bottom and top and walked to her back door naked.

Jeremy watched her the entire way. Once she was inside he picked up his shorts and began putting them on. Allison gave a gasp, "Do you see his cock? I thought Daddy was big but Jeremy hangs down almost to his knee. I did not know a boy could be so big". Having never seen a naked cock, I did not think a hard one in the pants counted, I could not comment other than, "It sure is big". As Jeremy walked back into our yard Allison turned around to me. "I have an idea. Do you want to know what sex is like"?

"Sure. But I'm not going to try Billy again. And all the other boys talk too much. I would not do it with them just to see what it feels like. Everyone in school will know by the next day". Allison shook her head, "That's not what I mean. I think we have an opportunity here. What do you think mom would say if she knew that Jeremy jumped her friend Terri"?

"Well, she sure wouldn't like it. But what does that do for us". I was a little slow on the up-take. "I think we can get Jeremy to do pretty much anything we want right now". I was not sure about this, "But he is our brother". "But that is the best part. He is not going to tell anyone at school. He is around anytime vintage 70s german schulmaedchenporno iii klassen-geile (trailer cc79 tube porn want.

And you saw his dick. We are not going to find anything like that at school". Well she was making sense, "But why would he want to fuck us". Allison looked at me like I was wearing a stupid sign above me, "Mom will kick his ass every way but Sunday if she finds out about Terri. He will be grounded for the rest of his life. And the best reason is that he is a guy and we are hot chicks. I've seen him look at us when we walk around the house in our exclusive your big ass will be fucked today and bras.

He thinks we don't see him to it but I did. I've seen him get an erection sometimes too. Are you in"? She made a good argument, and I really did want to know what it was like.

"Okay, I'll do it if you do". We heard the downstairs sliding door open, followed by his footsteps up the stairs. He must be going to his bedroom for a shower. Allison went over to the door and opened it. Jeremy was just walking by. "Jeremy. Can we talk to you for a minute"? Jeremy walked in and looked at me sitting over in the window seat.

He looked a bit worried, "I didn't know you guys were home. How long have you been here? Why are you in swimming suits? Are you going over to Terri's pool"? Allison went over to the bed and sat down. She patted the bed beside her and motioned for Jeremy to come over and sit. He slowly went over and sat but asked again, "How long have you guys been home"? Allison just smiled, "Oh for a while now. We bought new suits and have been trying them on. We weren't really interested in swimming.

We have been sitting around and talking, and, you know, looking out the window every now and then. Seeing what was going on in the neighborhood". Jeremy was at a loss for words. He said "Uh" a few times but could not get past it.

I think he was afraid of asking the right question because he might get the wrong answer. "We were so surprised to see you and Terri getting along so well". Jeremy's face went bright red. "You saw". It wasn't a question. "What are you going to do? You can't tell mom". Allison smiled at him and motioned me to come over and sit on the other side of him.

"We were not sure what to do. Maybe you can help us decide. We think mom might get pretty mad so it did not seem right to tell her about you fucking her best friend. But then we thought she should know what happened. After we talked about it for a while we thought of a compromise". Jeremy seemed relieved. He must have thought there was a way out for him. "What is it?

I'll do anything". "Take off your shorts". "What? I can't do that. I'm not wearing anything underneath". Jeremy tried to get up but first Allison and then me put our hands out and stopped him. Allison reached over and put her hand on his thigh. "Jeremy, you have the biggest cock I have seen, but it was from quite a distance. I want to see it close up". "But you're my sisters". Allison answered quickly, "Well if that's how you feel about this.

We understand. We'll just talk with mom when she returns. I'm sure she will understand about Terri also". Jeremy hung his head down. "Just a look, that's all you want to do"? He raised his head and looked back and forth at us with a resigned look on his face.

Without waiting for us to answer he stood up and slowly pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them. I was amazed. His cock was limp and shemale with a thick juicy cock masturbating down almost to his knees. Allison got up and motioned for me to do the same. She then guided Jeremy back and pushed him down on my bed.

"What are you doing"? "Jeremy, just be quite for a minute. We have never seen one before and we want a good look. This is better than us finding out the hard way at school isn't it"? "Well, I guess". Allison smiled, "Yes, you are actually helping us". During this time Jeremy had put his hands over his crotch trying to hide himself.

How cute. After what he had been doing with Terri he was self-conscious. Allison and I each took one of his hands and moved them away. I reached out and wrapped my hand around the middle. It was so soft. Not at all hard like Billy's had been when he was bumping it into my leg.

I began moving it around like Terri had, looking at it. Allison got up and stood by the bed. "Jeremy, do you like my new bikini"? Jeremy just nodded yes.

It seemed like he could not talk. Of course my waving his dick around might have something to do with that. Allison walked over to the chair and picked up one of the other suits she had bought.

She held it against her body and asked, "What do you think of this one"? Before Jeremy could say anything she added, "Oh, you can't tell this way".

She put the suit down and then took her top off. Jeremy's mouth fell open. Allison had nice breasts, which was fortunate for me because we were twins. That meant mine were pretty good also.

She then reached down and took the rest of the bikini off. She stood there for a minute, looked down and rubbed her hand in her pubic hair as if she was straitening it out. I looked at Jeremy. His mouth was still hanging open. I expected to see him drool any minute. His eyes had followed Allison's hand and he was staring at her pussy. I noticed there was a development in his cock. It was rapidly getting harder in my hand. It no longer was just hanging around and was now trying to be a flagpole.

Allison noticed and dropped the bikini on the floor. She motioned for me to get up. She took my place on the bed and began stroking Jeremy's cock. He finally was able to squeak out, "We need to stop. You are my sisters".

Allison just shook her head. "I think we are past that now". She swung one leg over his so she was in a sitting position on his thighs, still holding his cock up in the air in front of her. She reached down with the other hand, took one of his and lifted it to her breasts. "Jeremy, from what we saw I think you know what to do". While Jeremy began caressing Allison's breasts. I finally took of my bikini. I had been so entranced watching the two of them I had forgotten to get undressed.

When I finished I walked over to the side of the bed. I was wondering what I was supposed to do. I felt a bit embarrassed just standing next to them naked. Jeremy, all reluctance now gone, saw me and scooted to the far side of the bed taking Allison with him. I got in and lay down next to him. He motioned for me to move higher along side him. When I did he moved his head over and took one of my nipples in his mouth and began running his tongue around it.

I closed my eyes to the feeling and my pussy immediately began tingling. When I opened them I saw Allison holding Jeremy's cock straight up and she was moving forward so that it was directly below her pointing up at her pussy.

When she had it where she wanted she began to sit down on him. I could not take my eyes off Jeremy's cock. I watched it as inch by inch it disappeared in Allison. Jeremy lifted coarse and non stop sex scene hardcore and blowjob hips up and another inch disappeared in her.

Allison dropped her hands down on his chest and said, "No, don't. You are too big. You have to go slow". She lifted herself up on her knees and I could see Jeremy come out of her a couple of inches.

She then slowly lowered herself on him again. She did this several times over the next minute or so. Jeremy just lay there with his eyes closed and his mouth open breathing heavily. Allison finally just stopped, sighed, and then sat down hard on Jeremy.

His cock completely disappeared into her. Allison groaned. "That feels so good". Jeremy reached up and grabbed her hips and began rocking her back and forth on him. Allison reached down and moved his hands. "Jeremy, you are neglecting Shelly". He looked over at me.

When Allison had sat on him he had forgotten I was even there. He reached over with his right hand and moved it down my stomach, through my pubic hair and did not stop until it was rubbing my pussy, small little circles with his fingers.

He took his other hand and began caressing my breasts, first one and then the other. It felt nice but Lovely babe gets fucked by a black guy really wished he could roll over and take them in his mouth again.

His hand on my pussy was really doing its job though. When he moved his left hand up to grab Allison I rolled over on my stomach trapping his hand between my thighs. As he moved his fingers in and out of my pussy I would thrust my pelvis against his hand.

Just as I finally reached a point where I thought I could not take it any longer Allison let out this little cry followed by, "I'm cumming". Her rocking motion became more of a thrusting into Jeremy's body. Her back hunched forward and when I looked up at her she had that same look on her face that Terri had.

Jeremy pulled his hand out from under me, grabbed her hips and began thrusting up at her. I could see her bounce up and down in the air with the force. Jeremy then let out his own groan. He tightened his grip on Allison's hips, pulling her hard against him and began some short, hard thrusts against her. It then hit me that he was squirting his sperm into her.

Allison collapsed on top of Jeremy and they both lay there breathing hard. I felt like the third alysa gap enjoys various objects in her on a bicycle and was thinking of getting up. Jeremy was obviously finished now so there was no point in my staying. But it was my bedroom so I might as well stay. Allison sat up on Jeremy and smiled. "Thanks, bro. I needed that".

She turned to me as she got off and said "Now your turn". I looked over at Jeremy. He had his eyes closed and seemed completely exhausted. When I looked down at his cock it was limp again and lying off to a side.

Whatever opportunity I had seemed, what was the word, oh yes, 'deflated'. Allison saw my hesitancy and where I was looking. She smiled at me and said, "No problem. I left this part out of my story. This is guaranteed to raise the dead. When Lazarus came back it was probably this that did it". She moved over to the far side of Jeremy, took his limp cock in her hand and then lowered her head and took the head of it in her mouth. Jeremy's eyes flew lesbians suck pussies and finger fuck each other and I heard him suck in his breath.

As I watched her I could tell her tongue was moving around his cock. The pulled his cock out of her big tit brunette gets fucked by a big cock doggystyle and hairy and ran her tongue down his shaft.

When she reached his balls she sucked one into her mouth, held it there for a while and then repeated with the other ball. She then moved back up his shaft, kissing and licking until she reached the head again. It was a miracle. He had risen from the dead. She sucked the head into her mouth again for a little insurance and then pulled it out and motioned for me to come over.

Frankly I was scared. Jeremy was huge and I had never done this before. But then Allison was able to so I should. But then Allison had some experience and I didn't. All this was going through my mind as I moved over on top of Jeremy. He must see how scared I am. But when I looked at him compassion was not what was showing in his face.

He wanted me. He was looking at my body. He reached out with both hands and took my breasts in his hands, squeezing them, rubbing my nipples. Allison reached down between Jeremy and me and grabbed Jeremy's cock. She then began rubbing it in circles around my pussy.

It felt so good. It was like an electric current was running through my body. Every now and then she would push him into me, just an inch or so. Now I knew how she felt. I wanted to sit hard on him also. I wanted that cock to be deep inside of me, filling me.

I felt like there was this empty spot that had to be filled. As I began lowering myself, Allison removed her hand and cautioned, "Be careful. He is really big. You have to go slow or it will hurt". I began trying to repeat what I saw Allison do, slowly go up and down. Let him slide in me a bit deeper each time. After several minutes I knew I must have him almost all the way in. I felt really stretched. It was like a baseball bat was sticking in me.

Jeremy was still rubbing my body. He would work from my breasts down to my stomach. I was surprised how great it felt when he rubbed my stomach. Every time he did it I wanted to just drop on him. I did not care if it was going to hurt. I needed to get that space filled. Allison put her hand back under me again. She grabbed Jeremy's shaft right at the entrance to my pussy and began moving it in circles.

Her hand, rubbing against my clitoris, was driving my crazy. Her movement of his cock must have stretched me out more because Jeremy lifted up his hips and drove himself several inches deeper into me. It felt fantastic but I knew he was not all the way in because I was not sitting on him yet.

I realized this must have been the point that Allison reached, and now I'm there. Allison had moved her hand away when Jeremy had thrust up into me. With determination, I just let my body go and dropped on him. There was a little bit of pain and it felt like there was this metal rod sticking into me, moving my organs around. I began moving my hips back and forth like I had seen Allison do and now I knew why.

It felt like my pussy was on fire. I closed my eyes and just kept rocking back and forth on him. I wanted that first orgasm. Allison had one on Jeremy and I wanted one also. When I opened my eyes I saw Allison moving around on her hands and knees to the top of the bed by Jeremy's head.

When she got there she faced me and moved her leg over his head so it was between her thighs. She gradually lowered herself down until her pussy was right above his mouth.

When he did not do anything she lowered herself a bit more and rubbed her pussy on his lips and then stayed there. I watched as his tongue came out and licked the sarisin taytli teyzesini spor yaparken sikiyor of her pussy, first slowly and then faster, back and forth, circles, darting in and out of her pussy.

When I looked up at Allison, her eyes were closed. She had a dreamy look on her face. When she opened her eyes she looked at me and asked, "Are you ready for yours"?

I was not sure what she meant. She leaned forward towards me, lowered her head and sucked one of my nipples in her mouth. She began running her tongue around my nipple, flicking it and then moving her mouth back while sucking at the same time, stretching my nipple out. When she moved to my other breast I realized what she meant by "ready". There had to be a direct line between my nipples and my pussy.

I began thrusting in earnest against Jeremy. I was breathing so hard I thought I was going to pass out. My stomach to my pussy felt like it was on fire. Then suddenly it hit me. It was like all the muscles in my groin fired off at the same time. I realized I had that same look on my face and sounds were coming out of me and I could not help it.

When I was able to move again Allison and I lay beside Jeremy in my bed. He on his back and the two of us on our sides facing him, each of us with an arm laid across his chest. We all just lay there trying to catch our breath. Then I remembered something I had been meaning to ask him, "Jeremy, when you and Terri finished what did she say to you"? He smiled, "Oh that. She said next time to ask first".

Then with a sigh he added, "Then she invited me over to swim again tomorrow". Allison looked over Jeremy at me and then down at his cock. She reached down to his limp cock, lifted it up and let it fall with a plop on his stomach.

Jeremy responded, "I think Lazarus is staying dead this time". Allison looked at me across Jeremy and smiled as she replied, "Oh, do I love a challenge".