Curvaceous babe alesandra gets her pussy plowed

Curvaceous babe alesandra gets her pussy plowed
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Tim had been watching his mother masturbate once a week for some months now on Sunday evenings. After the family was in bed, Mom would take some quiet -time on the sofa and often she would use this time to relax with an orgasm. Mom was very lady-like.

She could get close to cumming without even touching herself as she read a gossip magazine or watched television. When she did go in with her fingers, you knew she was very close to bliss. Her private moves ran through his young brain all day long, even while he was at school. When he tried to imagine other females pleasuring themselves, they always did it the way Mom did it, a little bump and grind with the hips, a lot of ankle crossing, and quiet sighs of passion.

The teen had even become accustomed to the scent and taste of his mother's love. He had begun going to his Mommy's dirty clothes basket in the last couple of weeks and playing with himself to climax over her bathtub after licking the spot on the soiled panties right where Mom's Sunday climax met the fabric.

And once, feeling bold, Tim put his dick into his mother's bath towel and finished himself into the fuzzy white fur while imagining her rubbing his ejaculated jizz all over her steamy, hot body right out of a shower, maybe she would even rub some onto her pussy. Not too long after this, Tim was at school wasting taxpayer dollars by fervently masturbating as he watched the generous ass of Ms.

Aldritch, the tall, fit, twenty-something teacher with lustrous black hair. The teacher's skirt clung to her body as she pointed to algebra equations on the board and you could just imagine your cock pressed up against her sculpted butt cheeks as your hands reached around and had their way on her breasts and pussy. At least that's beautiful girls crave for a hard dong Tim was imaging anyway.

Lost In his new-found lust, this lady didn't even have a voice as far as he was concerned, he would come to her class if she did nothing but stand and point. The teacher was a focal point of the boy's day and he regularly took thoughts of her and whatever outfit she wore to bed with him at night. He liked it when she didn't wear a bra under her white blouse, and also when she sat on a stool in front of him. One time he saw pink panties way far up her shapely legs. Being in the front row, nothing about the statuesque brunette escaped his gaze, and he had no skills at all to hide this fact.

The pretty teacher with the hard green eyes had noticed the boy in her algebra class who had been beating himself off all month, almost looking her in the eye while he did different things to himself; pressing his balls with the math book or working the heel of his hand in there while pretending to follow along. He never answered a question aloud, always had a goddamn hand into his pocket, or down beneath his pants, quickly, furtively, adjusting his cock, fussing with himself, moving his legs back and forth, all kinds of dirty, masturbatory things.

Once she was sure she had seen him moved sideways so his erection was not contained under the desk, but poked up where she could see it. She was positive that he thrust his little boner at her.Of all the Goddamn arrogance! She had actually enjoyed the same reaction from a football player once but she'd be damned if she would take such a thing from this little loser.

That was the day she decided that Tim was disrupting her class and that he would be punished severely for it because she despised him (the way she bullied and mistreated at least one unlucky student every semester). And even though the hot brunette purposely teased the class with the way she moved, this little fuck had taken the bait so blatantly with his constant jerking and drooling for her that she was creeped out. And that was hard to do to her. Other kids, they noticed things. Some of her girls were doing things like sucking their fingers to get attention from the boys.

This upset Ms. Aldritch as she did not like to be upstaged at all. The sexual tension spread, a very contagious infection, and now almost everyone had failed the recent test.

If the principal came in to watch, he would want to know exactly what the problem was with her class. Aldritch knew little Timmy probably thought he was pretty sly, doing himself right under everyone's nose. He stank of a boy who watched his sister, or his mommy, or his grandma masturbate, probably all of them plus Daddy too, and she vowed to teach him more than algebra. Near the end of a Monday class, she stopped talking suddenly and looked ticas de grecia infieles por primera ves story casera the 16-year old who did not notice for a moment and continued to squirm in his chair, eyes fixated on the female educator's lower body and stockinged legs.

After some nervous giggles from his classmates, Tim broke out of his masturbatory fog. His prick began to wilt as the beautiful woman in front of the class sneered down at her guilty pupil. "Stand up, Tim," she said.

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"You weren't paying attention again and we are going to examine the root of the problem." "Can I answer the question sitting down?" asked the introverted boy who was poking out a bit in the pants and suspected he was wet down there. "Stand up, you little freak!" said the teacher with a quiet, hissing, anger. The humiliated boy stood up, his wilting hotties use feet during their fucking session that had moments ago been standing fiercely in his pants, hidden by the desk was now exposed to his peers.

Everyone could see he was still a boy in his pants and it was even worse because it still looked hard, like the wilted hard was as big as he got. There was a half-dollar sized wet spot at the end of the immature little rod that he was always playing with.

Miss Aldridge smiled inwardly and she became sexually aroused as she made the sweet young man apologize to his classmates. She instructed him to say that he was sorry to waste everyone's class time with his wiggling.

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The boy turned even redder and stammered while doing it, not really wanting to be heard or be understood. "I, I'm sorry to waste your class time with my wiggling," said Tim in a near whisper, his voice shaking. "So sorry Timmy, they didn't hear you. Try to speak like a man this time, or at least a little boy." Her wicked eyes held him and her panties grew wet with discharge as she made him repeat the humiliating phrase again, and again.

She made him turn in four different directions, to every wall of the classroom to repeat the damning sentence in front of his classmates. When he was finished, the bitch continued.

"Oh, and Tim, what exactly is the wet spot on your pants?" she asked. "Timmy, why didn't you ask to use the restroom? I didn't see you drinking any kind of a beverage during class. Did your little pee-pee make that wet spot?" Laughter erupted in every direction. Tim couldn't speak and wished he was anywhere else. "Tim, you have an hour detention all week for failure to pay attention in class," said Ms.

Aldritch. "Yes, ma'am," said Tim, slightly relieved and he bent his knees to sit down. "We're only getting started! I didn't tell you to sit down you little shit-ass! Did your penis make a spot on your pants Tim? We need you to answer because this is a health issue. Possibly the facilities will need to be evacuated, cleaned, and sterilized after your dirty act. Tim hung his head and the class listened with a fascinated horror as their teacher continued to harass her victim.

"If your pee-pee didn't spot your pants, Timmy, then what do you think happened? Do you think we should let the class vote on what happened?" She stared at him with her lip-stick pout as seconds ticked by. Tim could not answer this although his mouth made spastic movements. He continued to look at the floor.

"Is it urine, sperm, or drool, class?" In other words, if Timmy's little private parts didn't spunk a tiny puddle of semen from his perverted masturbation just now like I suspect, then he must have been drooling while he looked at something, or someone, hmmm?" Ms Aldritch said while she secretly hoped the whole class would think about her when they finished themselves that night, just like Tim had been doing (they did.) If it's drool, we know it must be your own saliva Timmy, because no woman would ever go down on you.

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Am I right, ladies?" smiled the beautiful woman at her class to a few hoots and giggles. "Either that or you flat out pissed your pants, little boy," she said like a pro. I'm going to notify the gym teacher and counselor of your filthy actions as well, sailor luna in fucking the holy spirit slutty cousin they will find some appropriate films for you to watch.

And your parents might be getting a letter as well," she bluffed. She really didn't like parents looking too closely at what happened in her classrooms. "Or maybe my class just puts you to sleep then, huh?" The bell rang as Tim shook his head.

"Ok, Tim, I guess I'm done joking with you," said the humiliatrix; in a half-assed attempt to cover her cruelty. You can come back but you had better shape up, mister. And I'll see you in detention tonight." Ms. Aldritch watched the boy she had just destroyed leave class by himself with tears in his downcast eyes. She regretted the lousy timing that had made the bell ring. Otherwise, this might have been one of her favorite stories.

She felt angry and cheated after the hard work she put in to set him up. The evil teacher decided to plant gay rumors about him. That worked with certain male teachers in this backwards district who would begin to treat him very differently. She knew that he would be a model student from now in her class, but it didn't matter to her. She would make up something next time in order to pick on him again during class, maybe claim that he had exposed himself to her in her classroom, again.

With more time she knew she could make him cry in front of his classmates and she could tell him that she was going to call the police on him, maybe she could extort him somehow with this threat. The truth was, this nasty woman made $65,000 a year on the side being a dominatrix and didn't really give a fuck about teaching. She enjoyed the job though and kept it because cruel treatment of her students gave her the best orgasms.

Alone in the classroom the bad teacher raised her skirt and made little circles around her clit through her panties. She vowed to further humiliate and scar this child sexually. Maybe during his detention she could subject him to female on male molestation and rape. Oh my God, how she wanted to rape him up his ass!

Rape and rape and rape that tight little ass she thought and squirmed as only she was allowed to squirm in her classroom. The teacher dropped her skirt on the floor and walked over to her desk where she took out a big white dildo from the drawer, one she had confiscated from a student's purse two years ago after catching the girl smoking on campus. She had taken great pleasure showing everyone in the hallway the contraband she had taken, the cigarettes and the vibrator.

The teacher winked and bantered with students and faculty alike as she walked the girl to the vice-principal. Still standing, Ms. Aldritch lay back against the chalkboard, got the vibrator busy under her silk panties.

Grunting like a tennis-pro, she imagined teaching her class how to kick a bound and spread-eagled Timmy in his groin area to do the most damage. She would make them break his junk up good. Smash it with a bat. Crush those healthy, young testicles so they could never again produce the dirty, sticky little babies that Ms.

Aldritch absolutely hated with a passion. The masturbating woman imagined her favorite teenage girls kicking, punching, and striking Tim's crotch as the naughty boy screamed and everyone watched.

She would suck the genitals of the male or female student that injured him the worst. The possibilities for brutalizing Tim were endless. The monster imagined teaching children to slowly torture Tim's penis in various manners until his cock just didn't work anymore, therefore rendering the organ unable to disrupt her class again.

That pretty little penis could be crushed, anal penetration in brazilian gazoo hardcore and blowjob, prodded, stretched, twisted, impaled, burned, and much more.

She could ask him if he wanted to cum one more time and his little tear-streaked face would nod yes, but he probably wouldn't be able to do it.

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That goddamn beat-off would probably just twist in agony and die and not bother to cum one last time. Oh wait. The bad brunette imagined one more punch to the balls, in just the right place, one last twist of his abused dick and then she could make it cum.

The teacher's tongue hung out of her mouth like a bitch dog in heat and she squatted and writhed on the big toy and her climax was ready. Ooh yeah, lots of thick, white, man-child seed shooting all over himself and her students she would have assembled to watch, the last load ever coming out of his male pride, before the member separated completely off of Timmy's body and died into her hand.

She would then grab his already ripped ball sack and castrate him with her other hand.

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Ms. Aldritch made a guttural sound and creamed on the dildo buried all the way up inside her thankfully barren womb.