Gorgeous arab dancing no money no problem

Gorgeous arab dancing no money no problem
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The story I am about to tell is true. I will begin by telling you about myself. I am 59 year old married guy and consider myself to be straight.

I am 5'9" tall and weigh about 180 lbs. I also completely shave my body. The extreme female orgasm xxx babysitters enjoy rockhard cock hair on my body is on my head. I live in Las Vegas and truly love the sun.

I also love to have a tanned body but hate the tan lines so I have always laid out in the back yard in my g-string. This worked great till we moved to new home with very little privacy and also with children on both sides. It was very lucky for me that I lived very close to the desert. This is where my story begins. I started walking along a road in the desert and after the first few times I found that no one else was out there.

I decided to wear a very short pair of my daughter's shorts under my walking shorts. After I got out to where I thought it hanbaobao live cam sex masturbate part teenxxxnetworkcom safe I removed my walking shorts and walked in these very sexy shorts of my daughters to increase my tan area.

I walked along the road for a while then decided to walk into the desert. I found out very soon that no one was ever out there. Since I parked very close to the desert I decided to wear just my daughter's sexy shorts with my g-string underneath. I would walk a safe distance then remove the shorts and walk in just the g-string. As time went on I became braver and would actually walk naked but would have my shorts in my hand just in case I ever saw anyone. On occasion I would see someone in the distance but not sure if they saw me.

They would go there way and I would go mine. Since I was pretty sure I would not be seen or caught I began to play a game. I would walk out about a mile in my g-string then I would get naked and hide my clothes were I knew I could find them and see how far I would dare to walk naked without my clothes with me.

At first it would just a few yards then I would increase it as I became braver till I got up to about a quarter mile.

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On a very hot day this past summer I was walking in my g-string not yet unbelievably hot lesbian chicks playing with toys pantyhose lesbians the place I would get naked and leave my clothes.

In the distance I saw 2 guys but they were walking in the other direction and I was sure they did not see me so I continued on till I got to where I would hide my clothes and walk naked. I did look around to see if I could see them but they seemed to be long gone so I continued on with my naked walk.

I got to where I usually turn around and go back. As I turned to go back there, just a few yards away were the 2 guys I saw earlier. They were good looking younger guys probably in there mid 20's.

They looked like there with friendly guys and I figured the worst that could happen would be the embarrassment of being caught out there naked. I was standing there naked in front of them when I noticed one guy looking at my cock. He looked at his friend and said that I had the smallest cock he had ever seen and they both started laughing.

My cock is small, about 4" hard and when it is soft it's only 1.5 inches.

They both looked at me and told me it must be there lucky day. I asked them what they meant. They said that when they started hiking today they never thought they would run into a shaved sissy naked guy with a little cock who would suck them off. I told them I was not going to suck there cocks. Then one of the guys reached into his backpack and pulled out my clothes, cell phone and car keys.

He told me that they have been following me and saw me hide them and if I wanted them back I would do as they wanted. I knew I had no choice but I still tried to talk them out of it but would not hear it.

They took my cell phone and started to take pictures of astounding pornstars amazing group sex with lucky dudes and as they turned to walk away they said they would send the pictures to all of my contacts. That is when I told them I would do anything they wanted. They told me to walk over to them and get on my knees and then take there cock out of their pants. I unzipped the first guy and undid his pants and pulled then down along with his underwear.

As I pulled them down his cock sprang out already completely hard. It was about 7". He stepped out of his pants and told me to do the same to his friend.

I did as I was told and when his cock sprang out it was about the same size as his friend. They told me to take one in each hand and jerk one while I sucked the other.

This is the first hardcore with cute awesome gal blowjob amateur I ever saw another guy with a hard cock and up till now I have never touched another guys cock. I did as he said and took a cock in each hand. I leaned my head towards one of the cocks and as I got closer he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled it to his cock.

When it hit my lips I am sure why but I opened my mouth and he slid his cock into my mouth and told me to suck it. I began to suck his cock while stoking the other. I slid his cock in and out of mouth for a while then pulled out.

When he pulled out the other guy slid his cock into my mouth. This went on for about 15 minutes then the guy with his cock in my mouth started to tense up and I knew he was about to cum so I tried to get his cock out of my mouth but he grabbed my head and held it firm and continued to pump my mouth and before long I felt him shoot into my mouth. I again tried to back away but he held firm and continued to shoot into my mouth until I had not choose but to swallow.

He held my head till he pumped all his cum into my mouth and I had swallowed it all. As soon as he pulled his cock out of my mouth the other guy pushed his cock into my mouth and grabbed my head and began to shoot his cum into my mouth. He also held my head firm till he emptied into my mouth and was sure I swallowed it all. As he pulled his cock out of my mouth it was then that I noticed the other guy was taking pictures of me sucking cock with my cell phone .

They both looked at me and started laughing at me. They told me I must have liked sucking there cocks because my little cock was hard. I did coming blod in my pussy even realize it. I asked if I could have my things back and they told me I had to do one more thing. They told me I had to jerk my little cock till I cum.

I started to jerk it as they took pictures with my cell. It did not take long and they knew I was about to cum. They told me to cum in my hand and not on the ground.

I asked why just as I started to cum into the palm of my hand.

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I noticed now that he was using my phone to video me. I was then told that since I enjoyed eating there cum that I had to eat mine. I told them I would not do it.

The guy with the phone said he found a contact in my phone that said "daughter" and he would send the video to her if I did not do it. I had to do as he said and put my hand to my mouth and licked it all up. I gagged a little but was able to eat it all. When I was done I saw the guy with the phone push a few buttons and then they tossed me all my things . As they walked away one of the guys turned to me and told me he sent the video to my daughter anyway. I hoped he was just kidding so I grabbed my phone to check and sure enough he had sent the video of me sucking his friends cock and of me eating my own cum to my step daughter.

I was brazzers hot mom cheting sex. As they walked away laughing my phone was ringing. It was my step daughter. That is another story. As I said at the beginning of this story, it is all true, every word.