Ashley haze is a hot redhead ass addict

Ashley haze is a hot redhead ass addict
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The Angry Nurse I work in a small country hospital as a chef or I guess a cook as is all I am required to be to fill this position. I used to work in the city and did the restaurant circuit for a few years and had a great time. Met some awesome people, made some awesome cash and yes had some awesome sex.

I even rubbed shoulders with some celebrities on the odd occasion, well to tell the absolute truth I cooked for them is all. Despite all the fringe benefits I started to get restless in my work. I could cook the current menu with my eyes shut and I hadn't met any interesting people for a few months.

The waitresses were all either to old, to crazy or to used if you catch my drift. I knew I needed a fresh start so I made up my mind to do something about it. I gave notice, bought myself a bike, a big old cruiser, paid up my rent and hit the road. I tried out at a few pubs and roadhouses, stuck at some a little longer than others but didn't find what I was looking for.

Hell I didn't know what I was looking for. So I planned to just keep moving on until something clicked and just hoped like mad that something would indeed click.

Anyway that's how I come to be in the job I am in. I worked in the town, and I use the word town loosely, in the roadhouse for just over a month when one of the nurses (and not a bad sort) told me about a job in the hospital coming up as their regular cook had gotten knocked up and would soon be going on maternity leave.

At first I laughed off the idea. Me working in a hospital, not that I knew much about hospitals but I did know they weren't exactly my scene. On thinking about it though I was a little tired of moving on and I had made a bunch of friends here which had not happened anywhere else, and if the nurses at the hospital were all like this chick then wow, what a fringe benefit.

The idea started to grow on me. Working Monday to Friday, weekends off, hell ye I was going to try it on for a while and see if it fit. After working pubs and hotels the menu didn't exactly stimulate me creatively so I looked for other reasons to enjoy my work.

To my delight a lot of the nurses were in fact as hot as the chick that got me the job. And I guess that is where this story takes off. . Half way through the first week I got a call in the kitchen to rush some sweetened orange juice to one of the rooms as there was a diabetic there having a turn.

I was a bit confused because even though this was a country hospital surely they had insulin or whatever other meds and equipment they needed. I didn't waste time though; I grabbed a fresh bottle from the cool room and a clean glass and raced down the hall. When I got there the door was shut, weird! I was sure I had the right room so I tapped gently on the door. "Quickly, in here" a muffled voice came out "and close the door behind you" What the?

Oh well I did as I was told and when I entered I ducked sheepishly around the privacy curtain that surrounded the bed. My mouth dropped open as on the bed laid Kate, the nurse that got me the job there totally naked but for some rubber gloves and her cute little nurses hat. "Bring me some sugar?" she said with a wink." "You fucking bet Big black cock xxxx full sex stories did" slipped out without too much family strokes stepdads side of the bed alyce anderson put into it.

Not as charming as I had wanted to be but I was caught completely by surprise. "Well give it to me!" OH SHIT! Darksome beauteous bitch climbs on a hard ramrod had no intention of doing anything other than giving it to her. I placed the juice and the glass shakily on the table, still acting like a nervous schoolboy. I was usually so much more in control but the situation was usually planned by me! I leant over the bed and placed a kiss firmly on her lips.

She closed her eyes as I had hoped she would, as this would give me more time to calm my nerves and get my act together.

I started to work my way down her neck and detoured around one and then the other succulent breast savouring the sweet flavour combination of rose (the perfume she was wearing) and her luscious skin not moving on until each delicious nipple was rock hard and pointing at the ceiling.

My trail continued down her scrumptious flat stomach circling her navel before gently slipping in causing a gasp of delight from my co-worker. I stopped briefly as I moved around the bed positioning myself between her smooth athletic legs whilst slipping my shirt off over my head and kicking my boots off under the bed.

I leant forward taking her a milky white breast in each hand and began working them as I would bread dough. Round and round, together and then apart, using my fingers then the palms of my hands causing Kate to groan with pleasure.

I turned my focus to her pussy, which was soft and smooth, not a trace of hair at all. I licked gently and then sucked her lips then traced around them one way and then back the other. I blew cool air onto her clit before teasing it gently with my tongue. She parted her legs even wider giving me greater access to pussy; I obliged and lay down between her spread legs and began devouring her like there was no tomorrow.

I was now in control of my game; performing as I wanted to, massaging her soft succulent tits and French kissing her delectable pussy.

I looked up from between her open thighs as I pinched her already hardened nipples. Her soft white tits looked like two big mounds of ice cream with juicy red cherry garnish sitting on top. I began tongue fucking her gradually building the pace and driving deeper and deeper with each thrust, my face was sopping wet as I considered for a second my entire face may actually disappear up her saturated cunt.

Her back arched as she placed both hands on my head making sure I did not escape as her hips began shuddering with orgasm. She climbed down of the bed and kissed me firmly and appreciatively and began working her way down my naked chest and stomach in the same way circling my navel and then sticking the tip of her tongue inside it causing me to jump.

"Touché" I laughed as she grinned up at me while undoing my belt and lowering my pants. My cock was so hard and sprang free like a jack in the box as Kate lowered my boxers and I stepped out of them.

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She wasted no time taking the head in her mouth and pumping the shaft with both hands. She licked the head and then down one side of the shaft all the way to the base. Once there she took first one ball, then the other and finally the whole sack into her mouth which drove me insane I don't mind telling you.

She sucked and licked my bag of tricks again and again and then made her sunny leone hot xxx blue film back up the other side of the shaft.

She put the head of my prick in her mouth and paused, and then slowly moving forward swallowed my entire cock right down to the base. I thought I would cum but managed to avoid it. Changing her mind she removed my prick from her mouth rose higher on her knees and placed my cock between her ample tits. She worked slowly at first up then down the shaft watching my reaction. "That's good" I said trying to look cool and controlled.

She sped up the pace and I closed my eyes and bit my lip hard to try and prolong the magnificent feeling of my rock hard cock gliding up and down between her beautiful breasts when all of a sudden I felt my knob glide straight into her warm moist mouth and then back out as she continued titfucking me.

I was going to cum, plain and simple, no one had ever used this move on me before but it was my new favourite. I placed my hands on top of her head hoping she knew that meant I was ready to fire my canon because I was not sure I could give a verbal warning without my voice failing. My cock glided between her tits into her mouth one or two more times before I grunted and spewed forth like a water cannon drenching her pretty face and tits in ebony teen kendall woods has her pussy torn apart jizz.

"That was amazing" I said. After all praise where praise is due. I lifted her to her feet, turned her around and bent her over the bed and without wasting too much time started trying to fuck her brains out.

After 10 or so minutes of relentless pounding she came again with an explosion of profanity as her body trembled and then collapsed over the bed.

I was not done but was glad for petite asian driving student sucks big cock opportunity of a change of pace as I wanted to enjoy every minute of this adventure. I rolled her over so that she was again lying on the bed and climbed on top. I pushed my cock slowly this time but firmly all the way into her dripping wet snatch and settled into a slow and deep stroke.

I propped myself up on my elbows so I could take in exactly how spectacular this ripe young nurse was. She had an amazing hour glass figure with full well shaped breasts. She had a round but firm ass topping of her long athletic legs and a smooth and firm stomach leading down to a tight silky smooth box. Her well formed face suggested was framed by beautiful curly brunette curls and suggested she was late teens despite being mid twenties. I leant in to kiss her on the lips and as I did she rolled me over on to my back flinging herself over me with such skill that my cock never left her pussy.

She continued grinding away at the same pace as I placed my hands over her amazing tits she rode me like a mechanical bull for a while longer until I blurted out "Fire in the hole" She sped up the pace and started screaming "Yes, yes, yes" As we both erupted. We lay there embracing for a few moments before I remembered that I was at work. "Oh crap, I have shit in the oven" Kate laughed "I hope not, although I didn't help you get the job for your cooking anyway" she grinned cheekily.

"Hey you didn't need to get me a job to score a root Hun, you could have just asked" "Aaaah but it's not any old job that pays you while you get your brains fucked out is it?" she replied as she left the room. I was finishing buttoning my chef whites when another nurse entered from the shared bathroom between this room and the next.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" she snapped. "Um, they needed juice miss!" It was all I could think of in this situation.

"What are you talking about, there's no one in this room. And what did you do to my bed?" "Um.I.don't kn. "Well get back to work or I'll report you to management" Damn it she was mean, hot as hell to look at though, perhaps she was the devil! I thought as I hurried back to the kitchen. You would think I would spend a day like that gloating over my experience with Kate, but for some reason I couldn't get the angry nurse out of my head. I figured her for late twenties, beautiful face despite the cold hard expression.

Long golden hair kept in a tight, thick single braid down her back to her ass. Her conservative uniform didn't give much away as to what was under it but at a guess I would suspect she was reasonably flat chested. How did an attractive young woman get so harsh, so bitter? I wondered. Perhaps she had heard Kate and me and was in deep need of fuck herself, yes that was my theory.

. I went about my work trying to avoid the angry nurse but managed to bump into her more than I had imagined. It was a small country hospital after all. I had regular sexual encounters with Kate and a couple of the other nurses which Kate was ok with as they happened as a result of her scheming. There was even a delightful threesome that occurred in the kitchen one afternoon.

Quite often the angry nurse showed up shortly afterwards and would frequently snap "I'm watching you" I asked Kate and the girls what her story was and they had no idea.

They said she had arrived in the town three years ago with no family and kept pretty much to herself oriental awesome teen pink flaps stretched schoolgirl japanese then.

I decided not to waste any more time thinking about it, it was her problem. Three weeks later on a Friday afternoon I was finishing off the kitchen and hoping to knock off early as it had been a long week.

I had helped out at the roadhouse that week at night as the new cook was sick as well as my normal shift at the hospital and just needed to go home and crash in front of the footy with a couple of brews. The angry nurse had been at me all day about food being too hot, too cold, too hard, and too soft, too fucking yellow, you name it. I had enough and was looking forward to a weekend and was finishing up an hour early and couldn't wait.

Just as I was picking up my keys to head off she came into my office and snarled "Where are you going? You're shift finishes at five not four" "It's been a big week and I've been helping out at the roadhouse, I just thought I'd grab an early one is all" I explained.

"Well I need the sugar bowls in the dining room filled" she snapped. Now I was fuming "I refilled them this morning besides what is up your ass lady?" "Up my ass?

I beg your pardon! That's it I am going to." I was sick to death of it and my anger had me seeing red not seeing sense. This uptight mole had it coming to her and I was just in the mood to give it to her.

I cut her off "That's it isn't it. There's nothing up your ass and you want there to be don't you, you cranky bitch" I slammed the door shut and cleared my desk in one movement then bent her over the desk with one hand while pulling at her skirt with the other. Strangely there did not yet come any form of protest. What the hell was she wearing?

I became so frustrated that I started tearing frantically at her clothes until I had torn the lot off her body. I bent her over again and went to shove my dick in her ass when I discovered how dry and desperately in need of ploughing this woman really was.

I wondered more than ever now, why? She was hot, she was stunning even. She had the body of an aerobics instructor or something. She was slim but muscular, not in the body builder kind of way but there was no visible fat the best ass in the game remy lacroix is here for some deep anal bootylicious and twerking her. Her breasts were small but not as tiny as I had thought, they would still be enough to hang on to as I drilled her lovely ass I thought to myself.

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Ah yes back to that ass problem. I spun her round holding my prick in one hand and said "Suck it, and once you've sucked it I'm going to jam brrazzer and nauty america fuck up your ass" She didn't struggle or say a word.

She dropped to her knees and started licking my knob. She circled the tip with her tongue briefly then swallowed it. She felt great, she had done this before. She changed pace frequently and alternated between sucking and blowing. It wasn't long before I was ready to come "Stop" I ordered I picked her up and turned her over furiously aiming my cock at her ass hole.

I spurted hot sticky cum all over her ass. I began to massage into her ass with my fingers and the tip of my knob the hot sticky goo that now covered her ass. Once satisfied her ass was sufficiently prepared I leaned forward grabbing her tits for leverage and thrust forward as I pulled her back by her tits ramming my cock balls deep in her tight ass as she wailed in pain.

"Yeah that's it, we'll loosen you up now wont we" I taunted I continued to thrust into her, slamming my swollen cock into her as hard as I could. I wanted my knob to pop out her mouth, and then I would know I was in far enough. I squeezed her tits and pulled on them harder causing her to whine like a dog. I place my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down onto the desk so her ass was sticking up giving me another inch of depth as I hammered away at her ass.

"Now when I take my pole out of your ass I don't want to see you walking around with a pole up milky brest suking and fucking ass ever again got it?" I said Still no reply. I felt my balls contract and drove harder and deeper than ever before.

I was going to bury my come deep inside her ass. My legs trembled as my cock churned inside her. Each pump yielded another stream of jizz until I was empty. Now this was the first time I had experienced angry sex and I was not a big fan but I wanted this woman to agree with me that she needed to loosen up and cut people some slack and I had not got an answer from her yet. I rolled her over xxx pnjab hinde moves com gave her another opportunity "Are you going to be nicer to people now" I almost pleaded She bit her lip and shook her head.

So I looked down at her beautiful pussy which to my surprise was trimmed to a tiny little V and forced her legs apart. I went down on her furiously sucking and tongue fucking her in preparation for the hammering I was going to give her. To my surprise she started moaning with pleasure then to silence herself curled a finger up and stuck in her mouth and bit down on it.

I continued my oral assault on her pussy and was again startled by her pussy contracting as her body began to spasm. She exploded shooting a stream of lady jizz straight into my face which nearly made me blow my load again. When her climax subsided she looked up at me almost pleading me to keep going. I removed the rest of my clothes and obligingly buried my cock in her sopping wet cunt and started pummelling away at her swollen pussy.

I pounded her relentlessly watching her tits bounce violently on her small frame until I felt my balls contract again. She removed her finger from her mouth letting out a load moan and raised her upper body of the desk grabbing my ass tightly as if trying to pull me further inside her.

We came together; I painted her tits and stomach with my hot sticky custard as she sprayed my balls and legs with her warm juice. We dressed in silence as the reality of what had just taken place began to hit me. "Will you go to the police" I asked not sounding half as dominant as I had over the last hour. She looked at me sternly then looked down at her watch then looked me straight in the eye and replied "Next time don't try and leave before your shift ends" and turned and closed the door behind her.