Pressley carter gets pussy stretched big black cock and monstercock

Pressley carter gets pussy stretched big black cock and monstercock
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It was obvious she was pregnant, very pregnant, but she was by far the cutest one there. She was sitting with her two friends drinking and I was alone having a beer. She saw me looking at her.

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At first she looked away but would often times glance back and smile. After a while she would wisper to her friends and they would look at me and then all giggle. After about a half hour she got up and went to the bathroom. A minute after that one of her friends got up and came over to me and said " you like Jenny don't you?" I told her I thought Jenny was really cute.

And she told me Jenny thought I was too. She said she wasn't married and said I should join them when Jenny gets back. So I did. After about an hour Jenny said she was getting tired and needed to go. I was dissappointed until the other girls said they wanted to stay but Jenny needed a ride.

So of course I volunteered.

She lived fairly close in a little studio apartment. I was so happy when she invited me in. When I walked in there was an elderly woman and two little girls watching TV. The elderly lady got up and Jenny gave her some money and she left.

The two girls Cinthia 10 and Lily 6 got up and hugged their MOM and went back to watching TV but Jenny said they had to get ready for bed, which was just a queen sized mattress on the floor. They complained a bit but went off to the bathroom, which incidently had no door. I thought Jenny was way too young for such big kids but she was 16 when she had Cinthia.

I sat on the couch which could see right into the tiny bathroom.

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The two little girls started to remove their clothes and with the mirror I could see EVERYTHING. I tried not to look like I was looking, but WOW was I turned on. Off came the underwear and the cutest site I had ever seen. Jenny was at the kitchen area making tea and I watched the two little bodys move about in there. Lily the little one sat down on the toilet and spread her legs and then reached down to spread her lips and then I heard the loudest "tinkle" I have ever heard.

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forced sex mia khalifa cry I don't know what possesed me but I got up and went over there and watched her. She said "Hi" and I said "Hi". Then she said "Do you have to go pee too?" And I said "Yes" She said "OK" and got up and wiped her little bottom and said "Go ahead" I didn't know what to do. I went to Jenny and asked her if I should wait till the girls went to bed but she said "Don't be silly" So I went back, pulled my pants down and peed.

The two girls looked at it with huge eyes and asked what that was and why didn't I sit down.

I was embarressed and didn't know what to say. Just then Jenny came over and explained it to them. I was relieved. They asked if they could touch it and I was flabbergasted. Jenny told them it just felt like skin.

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But they said they wanted to touch it and Jenny just looked at me. "What" I stuttered out and she said can they touch it. I said "IF you say latina teen veronica rodriguez vs mandingo OK" and she said sure. They each touched it with one finger, at first, and then stroked it a couple times with their fingers.

It felt amazing. Oh my god it was starting to swell, fast and noticeable and I quickly pulled away. Jenny laughed and turned away and went back to the kitchen area saying "They gotta learn sometime". Then Lily said "Do you wanta see mine?" and Cinthia said "Mine too?" All I could say was "sure" I got down on my knees and they both spread open their legs right before my face, and there were the two most perfect hairless baby mounds.

"Do you want to touch it?" said Lily. I said "Your Mom wouldn't like me to do that" And from the kitchen I heard "It's OK".

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Again I was flabbergasted. "Are you sure?" "Sure why not? I don't know what possed me me but I put my face right up to Lily's little mound and with a quick sniff, I put my lips to it and gave it a german teen gets fucked hardcore and handjob slow kiss and put the tip of my tounge and slid it right up the slit.

She giggled and said loudly"Mommy he kissed it." Then Cinthia said"I want you to do that to metoo" I wwas waiting for Jenny to freak out but all she said was "did it feel nice?" "really nice" said Lily. So I did the same thing to Cinthia but longer and deeper. She said "That feels really really good" "OK it's time for bed girls" "AHHHHhhhhh Mom, do we have to?" The girls said.

"Yesss, now" and the both went and put on undies and slid under the covers. "Here's your tea." and she set it down on the coffee table. and said "do you want to watch TV" and I said yes. But I could see that her shirt was really wet at her nipples. She looked down and saw and said"Shit, I'm leaking bad". She grabbed her shirt and pulled it off over her head. And I could see her big round belly, and her sheerbra soping wet with milk and her two big round areolas. She removed her bra and her big boobs were amazing especially after nursing 2 kids, "Damn they hurt too." She threw her bra and shirt over to the corner and said "Lily, come here honey" and asked me if I didn't think it was to weird, did I want some milk in my tea.

"OK" I said. And I swear she squirted like five streams right in my cup. Then little Lily climbed up on her lap and started nursing.

Right in front of my face. I was in pain my hard on was so strained in my levi's End Chapter 1