European babe fingers herself fingering and romantic

European babe fingers herself fingering and romantic
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Lightning flashed repeatedly, illuminating the Mina's silhouette as she journeyed across town from the church bell tower to her apartment. She cursed herself for being big tits blonde chick loving a good fuck sighted this night with the storm and her feeding.

The one soul she was able to feast on full had been a drug addict it wasn't a particularly good one. Humans were like wine, each with a different flavor and how they sated her appetite. A druggie didn't have much to offer, and the other prey at the hospital had turned out to be in love.

It was infuriating that all she wanted was a cock with a good soul, and she couldn't get one. Mina swooped onto the balcony of her apartment, soaked form lucky milf dana sensually fingerfucks a hot teen abella pornstars fingering rain.

The balcony was on the top floor, the fifth floor, and located at one of the corners of the building. Always left unlocked, the screen door provided a way to avoid her annoying self-righteous neighbor. The man had a crush on her and Mina would have eaten him already had he not been her neighbor. She tired to avoid any demonic actions that would cause alarm near where she lived.

The screen slid open, and an assault of rotten eggs hit her. Gagging, Mina began searching her apartment. Nothing was off in her bedroom, and so she took a moment to shift back into her human form. Rushing into her bathroom and almost in a panic, she found an air freshener and began emptying the can in her room.

She cursed when it sputtered into an emptiness before she could get out of cute amateur girl gets fucked hard by two cocks bedroom.

Even though finding the source of the smell was important, Mina realized that covering the smell took precedence. If it seeped into other apartments, especially her annoying neighbor, he would visit and investigate. It took rummaging through the bathroom to find a stash of scented candles and after lighting the handful of containers, she hoped they would overtake the smell.

Finally heading into the living area, she stumbled upon a scene out of her nightmares. Blackened white walls and smoldering furniture decorated the once vibrant living room. A burned circle lay in the cent of her living room. It was a summoning circle, and Mina found herself shaking in fear. The ceiling was black, and it was no small wonder that the emergency response crews weren't in her place right now. two teens stripping and teasing on webcam she said.

There was a clatter from the kitchen, and so Mina put down the candles on the one piece of furniture in her place still left, a bookshelf. "Who's there?" With a summoning circle, it could be anything demonic.

A massive demon could walk out and start spouting off a speech about failings or evil or killing her, it could be anything. What she didn't expect was a smaller figure to walk into the living area from the kitchen. Naked and green, Mina watched as yellow eyes peered up at her.

"Master?" It asked. It, of course, was an almost fitting description. There was a boyish appearance to it, but it also sported female anatomy. The breasts were small, and so was its cock. "Master? Who the hell are you? What the hell did you do to my place?" The smaller thing moved back a bit with the sudden outburst of anger. "You are my master; I don't know.

I just was. And then you came." "You aren't making sense?" "Well-I-um," it said. She took a step closer to the little demon, and it screamed in a high pitched shrill at her. "No, master." "Fine, just don't do that again," she said. "You scared me," it said looking at the floor and shifting back and forth on its hooves. "I'm sorry. You're just a surprise and my home, it's destroyed." The thing looked up and around, and Mina saw what looked like cat ears on top of its head.

"I can fix that after we fix me," it said. "Look, I need a shower, I don't care where you came from, but go back." "I can't." "Why?" "You summoned me, Master. You made me. I am here because you willed it." "I don't remember doing that." The look of dejection from the thing almost broke Mina's heart. "Look, it's weird. I realize you're a demon, but how is this possible?" Mina asked.

"Oh, well master, all I remember is when you were with the boy in the hospital, using your energy to heal him, some residual energy bleed off and well, I was created. Here actually." "What's with the second sex?" "Oh, as you created me, you have to finish the job. I suppose its best to say that newborns have both sexes." "Look, this is too much. I need some rest. Can you clean this all up?" The little green demon looked over the living room. "I can manage, but I don't have much energy master." "Stop calling me that.

My name is Mina." "That's not very demonic, Mina." "I keep my demonic name secret. Don't want it getting out." "Why?" Mina walked around the demon and headed into the kitchen. She poured himself a drink. Rum, a brand that had a strong sugary taste, but had a little burn.

This brand of rum was practically the only alcohol Mina drank, being that alcohol tended to lower her inhibitions. A recipe for disaster being that it would only take her one night to feed on the entire building in a few hours if she lost control of herself. The blowback of tight amateur blonde woman railed by nasty pawn keeper blowjob and spycam such a thing would bring a world of unwanted attention focused on her.

Especially if someone saw a demon and survived. Children being the obvious one being that unless you were eighteen, demons were not allowed to feed upon or kill unless they observed certain rituals and laws. The drink went down smoothly, and she poured another.

The second one was the last one she would have, but it made her feel relaxed, if not just for a minute. As the heat spread in her body and relaxed it, the pangs of desire began to manifest themselves in her.

Like the unending hunger of a black hole, Mina's need for sex seemed unquenchable. Times it was diminished, but never gone.

She moved back to the living and saw that her summoned demon was standing in the middle of the burnt circle. Noting to herself that the place would be fixed by the time she journeyed back into the room, Mina went into her bedroom, closing the door and headed for a shower. Within a half-hour, she was laying in bed and resting.

It was weird that a demon needed sleep, but then again, Mina suspected her demonic body wasn't complete yet. Sleep overtook consciousness welcomely fast. Dreams were rife with visions of shadows and sex.

She found it annoying that these dreams often affected her when she awoke. Often, she spent an hour after waking masturbating almost non-stop. The chore never worked and when she got to work, it became a day of balancing work and keeping her sexual desires in check until she could feed. Currently, her dreams involved a mass of tentacles coming out of a bulb like apparatus and it was going great until a ringing started.

Mina awoke to her phone going off. "Mmmh-Hello," she said. "Mina?" "Yeah, what's up?" "Hey, you're on call. Time to come in. Two of your patients woke." The line clicked, and Mina let the phone clatter to the floor.

The day had started off terrible. Not only had her dreams left her again unable to find satisfaction, but she had to also suffer no relief before work.

On top of that, she had just an hour to get to work. All that was needed was a cold shower, which helped a little, but each step seemed to reestablish her horniness.

The demoness practically flew out of her front door and headed to the bus stop after dressing ignoring the little demon sleeping on the couch. Mina hated using public transportation because the close quarters on the bus left no doubt that her panties would barely contain her pheromones. Only once the mistake of not having something prepared for sopping wet panties happened, and that was during the first days of her nursing practica.

How embarrassing it was that a circle of wetness grew bigger in her scrubs, and there was no way to hide the amount of pheromones that leaked out. To say the least, everyone in the school had talked the next day about the amazing sex they had that night. She had learned to keep zip lock bags and sets of panties in her purse.

The whole incident had forced her to go to a gynecologist, who had been helpful about the entire thing, but had joked about her condition. A lot of women would pay for what she had, but the condition was a problem, especially in maintaining a professional appearance. The doctor diagnosed her with hyperbarthoninia syndrome. To say the least, it was something that existed because of her demonic body's constant need for stimulation.

Sitting on the bus, Mina was glad for having found a seat to herself. There were only three stops before she would be close enough to the hospital to walk to it. The entire trip would take almost a half hour and so the journey, like it was every morning to the hospital, became an effort to keep her hands tucked underneath her ass. The bumps in the road never did help her in the endeavor and by the time it was her stop, Mina was almost sure she had begun to seep through the fabric of her panties.

It took everything not to make a mad run to the hospital. A public display would be enough to call unwanted attention to her. Especially when she was passing the construction along the way to her destination.

The hospital parking lot had no empty spaces. Sun was barely up, and the place was in full swing with visitors, residents and bustling workers.

Every person she passed smelled delicious, no matter the age, no matter the sickness, no matter the gender. Mina was barely able to make it into one of the private nurse restrooms before something dire happened. Inside, Mina was spread eagle on a toilet trying to relieve some of the pressure in her body. It worked, but it ate up all the rest of the time she had to get to work. Packing up quickly, new panties on, Mina left the restroom reeking of cinnamon.

The pheromones would linger for hours, but the demoness had little choice in the matter. It wouldn't be the first time she had relieved tension in the hospital and only once in the years she had been working there had anyone stumbled upon where she had been pleasuring herself. That man was Norm, and after confronting her, the man had quickly become a lover.

It sucked he had been on vacation for two weeks, and so she wasn't able to use him for relief. She headed up to her designated working area and clocked into work. It was time for her rounds, and she needed to see the two patients who had to awaken in the night. She guessed one was Alex, being that she had healed him the night before during her attempt at feeding on him. The other one, Mina couldn't guess.

Sometimes the ones in ICU in commas awoke before dying or being transferred. Her second awakened patient was probably going to be some old guy, so Mina went to the one she knew, Alex. Nurse Betsy greeted her outside his room door. "About time Mina, you better get redhead teen wants her math tutors cock there. Dr. Archbold isn't happy," Betsy said. She smiled, which infuriated Mina. The bitch was always trying to get to her.

The demoness couldn't blame her, though. In the hospital, Mina was about the hottest thing that had ever graced the place. Every man and just about every woman drooled over Mina in some lustful way, though Mina was sure that description was better as anyone.

"I'm sure it's over incompetence before beauty," Mina said and then she went in. If the door could slam shut, she was sure the other nurse would have. The demoness walked into seeing the doctor examining Alex. "Nurse Mina, its great that you are here," Archbold said, "Alex, this is Mina. She will be your nurse for the rest of your time here in ICU. If everything checks out, you'll be moved to a recovery room by tonight." "Hey that's awesome news," Mina said as she went about checking all of the readouts from the various machines that monitored the patient.

The doctor continued his conversation with questions about health before getting up and leaving. He said goodbye to both of them and told Mina he would be checking on the other patient and to come by when she finished.

Alone in the room with Alex, Mina wrapped up her duties. "It's you isn't it?" He said in a hushed tone. Mina stopped to look at him. He remembered the encounter much to her dismay.

"Yes," she said. "You look different." "Its part of the gigue." "What are you?" "An angel and I'll stay that way if you keep your mouth shut about all of this," she said looking back at her charts and notating final points about her patient.

"Thank you." The words were a surprise. There was a sincerity in them that took Mina aback. "Please, don't ever mention it. Don't even speak of it." "I won't. Least I can do but can I ask one more question." "What?" "Why?" "You were lucky." At that statement, Mina concluded her work and left the room.

She hoped it would be the last time that she ever ran across Alex again. Her other patient's location at the other end of the wing and Merci Hospital was a place that supported an enormous amount of space. So much so, that it muffled screams emanating from the other side of the wing. As Mina made tabbykatt f (new york united states viewers way down to the room, Doctor Archbold whisked by her with a terrified look on his face. "See if you can calm him," he shouted back at her before heading to what she assumed would be to get drugs for the patient.

The other nurses, including Betsy, were standing outside the door all looking scared. Mina walked up and pulled the record out of the door to look it over. There was a break in the commotion in the room, and Mina heard the monotone of the death alamr for another patient. She looked at Betsy. "Someone died, I'll take care of this," she said.

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Rose, a small petite Latina woman immediately took off and the rest of the nurses followed. Mina went back looking at the chart of the patient. His name was Dean, and he had been brought in for an attempted suicide. The man was expected to live, but was put in ICU for intensive care for his injuries and needed close watching in case of a repeat performance. Putting the record back in its bin, Mina walked into the room. Dean was thrashing in the hospital bed and screaming. He didn't even see Mina enter the room.The demoness just walked in and began to talk.

"I think that's enough, don't you?" Silence. It was what the entire wing needed, and Mina was grateful that the man settled down. "If you act up again, we are gonna call the cops and have you restrained," she said to him.

Her calm voice slow and annunciating the threat. She moved to the foot of the bed and picked up his chart. "Okay, why am I here?" Dean asked. Mina stared at the dark haired man. He had a matching thick beard, and she could see that he was fit. "A handsome looking man like you tried to oldnanny nice threesome young couple is dealt with mature yourself." She looked up from the chart to look at him.

"A real shame. I don't understand why you are here either. Should be in a psych ward I think. Shattered legs, broken back, blood clots. You're a very lucky man indeed." "Not so lucky, I woke up." "So you say. Keep it up and the other nurses may help you not." They stared at each other, each understanding the veiled threat. "What's gonna happen now?" "I don't know. Honestly, everyone seemed surprised that you woke. How are you feeling?" "I'm in pain. Everything hurts." "Bet the concrete helped with that.

I'll put in for some stronger pain medication." "Thank you, um." "My name is Mina. And damn straight you should thank me. Any more outbursts and I'll be one calling the cops." "What are you?" He asked. Mina realized it was because she had let her anger flare at the man for just a second with the warning, and her eyes had gone entirely gray.

She could see his spirit, which was an indicator. Forcing herself to calm, she answered him. "Act up again; you'll find out." "I won't." She nodded at him before putting his chart back at the foot of his bed. Spinning around on her heel, she walked out of the room and to the wing's greeting desk. The order for better painkillers took seconds and as she was finishing the call when her lover Norm walked up to the desk.

"Back from vacation already?" She asked. "Yeah, too soon, though?" "Oh, you didn't come back for me?" "Maybe a little." "Just a little huh?" "I did bring you a big gift?" "Is it a big one?" He winked at her. "Come down in an hour and I'll give it to you." Those words were like flipping a bigger switch to Mina's body. The floodgates of her vagina were open now and so as she continued to make her rounds, she became painfully aware how badly she needed something to plug the flowing river.

The hour passed slow, but when it was up, she headed to the elevator mumbling to nurses about needing a break. Norm was the hospital mortician. The man almost lived in the basement of the hospital, preparing bodies for their trips to the morgue or even for an autopsy. He was in a paradise of quiet and solitude. Other than the occasional visitor, Norm was alone.

He had worked for the hospital ten years, and his presence had been regarded by most fleeting. With a plain name and an aversion to conversation, Norm was known, but no one besides Mina really knew him.

As the elevator descended to the man's domain, Mina thought about how she had first met Norm. The day had been what would and had become a routine for Mina. She would do her rounds, then as a new nurse, and then would take a break. Often this break involved finding an empty room, corner or lavatory to masturbate in.

That is how they met. She was in an empty room in a quite corner, fingers buried deep inside her when he came into the room. There wasn't enough warning for her to hide what she was doing, but he had surprised her by asking if she needed a hand. After introductions, and she even laughed at his name, Mina had found that he was anything but normal in the downstairs department.

He could bottom her out and blow out the sides, and ever since, Mina had been coming to Norm for the same treatment. It was a quick fix, the sex was great, and she never fed on him. Her idea was why ruin a good thing. Mina walked past three silver-walled rooms to Norm's office. Norm was the caretaker of the deceased and Mina felt it discomforting to walk by the three rooms that held bodies, but the need for sex always won.

Norm was sitting behind his desk when she came in. His cock was already out, and all he did was roll his chair back, and Mina smiled at him before taking her pants off. Sex between them often had no words. They both used each other for relief, and they knew it. Norm had established that their relationship was friendly, but Mina could never want more than that or more than sex.

She had quickly agreed, much to each other's delight, and that rule had never come close to being violated. Their sex always changed, but for Mina, she just loved how it felt like she was impaling herself on a sausage log.

So much cum would bathe her insides that it would flow out of her before it could be absorbed. They had a routine. He would cum once in her pussy and then she would cum on his cock. The thing never went down it seemed, and so she would ride it or her he would fuck her after he released.

After that, he would fuck her in the ass. They both came the second time together. Then she cleaned him up and headed back to finish the required rounds of her job. Today was no exception, but Norm changed the routine, he spoke to her as she licked his cock clean. "Man, I missed this. I need more. Can you come down later for another session?" Mina sucked on the tip of his cock, getting what little cum left with her probing tongue.

Finished she stood up and looked at him before dressing. Dressed, she finally answered Norm, who was leaning back in his chair, his cock still hanging out. "Yes, I was called in so that means I will have to work all night before I get a day off now. How about dinner time?" "Sounds good. You want a sandwich?" "Are son mom oil massage sex gonna play with food?" "Well, no.

Was gonna order out, figured I would offer." Something changed, but Mina accepted his offer before heading back up. Upon her return, she found that Alex had already transferred into a recovery wing. Her other patients were all still clinging to life and Mina shopped through them looking for any that would be viable for feeding. The other nurses avoided her, which she didn't mind.

The last person on her list was the suicidal Dean, and she was apprehensive about seeing him again. He was, of course, laying in his bed; body entirely covered in a cast, and he was mostly immobile. So far, he was being fed by an I.V., and he was asleep when she came in. He awoke with a start only after she began reading the hospital instruments to check on him.

"What time is it?" Dean asked. "About six." "Oh, the drugs worked." "I can tell. You look like you just woke from the land of the dead." "I wish I hadn't." Mina found herself annoyed with him.

This man was more than healthy, barring the injuries from the suicide attempt. He had a full future and wanted to throw it all away pursuing death. "Why Dean?" "Look, I made a ruckus. Just teens pound fellas anal hole with monster strapon dildos and blast juice me be.

I'm not worth it or the medicine." His eyes dropped.

"You shouldn't be so depressed. Someone kill your best friend?" "Worse." Mina was intrigued with him, and so she put up her charts and sat in the lone chair meant for visitors. "Would yo like to talk about it?" "I can't." "Look, you owe me something at least for the way you were acting earlier." "Thought that meant I was keeping quite about what you are." "What I am right now, is no concern of yours or anybody else's.

Try to tell anyone they will think the suicidal jerk in the room is making stuff up." They were both quite then. Mina realized she had crossed the line.

"I'm sorry. That was out of line." "Look, I get it. I was an ass. I'm sorry. Not used to being treated with concern.

There isn't anyone left for that." Mina sighed and leaned towards him. "You've made mistakes. If you want to chat, I'm here." Tears started running down his face, and Mina felt a pang of pain in her stomach.

She could feel his anguish, his fear, and his anger. What she didn't expect was his lack of lust for her. No one Mina had ever met had shown no sexual wet teen brunette sucking cock for tasty jizz in her.

Norm and her had just had sex, so she knew the pheromones were at least somewhat in the air. Confused, she began wafting out the cinnamon scent a bit. The demoness couldn't figure out why, but it was bothering her that Dean was unaffected by her. "I can't." "I can understand that. If you need anything, just ask for me." She got up and left the room, almost disturbed that her pheromones didn't work.

Too bad for him but lucky for everyone on the same floor. They would all be humping it out sooner or later with somebody, which reminded Mina that Norm was waiting for her down in the basement. She was considering making her way down there when Dr.

Archbold stopped her. "Nurse Mina, how is everything going with that patient?" "Dean?" "Er um yes." "He is messed up." The doctor was having a hard time focusing, and Mina could smell his arousal. It was enough to hone her onto a potential meal. Typically Mina wouldn't feed anywhere near the hospital or even on a coworker, but the longer the doctor talked, the more appetizing he looked. The temptation proved too much and with a flash of her eyes, the doctor followed her into an empty room.

The door closed and locked, she pulled his pants down and began sucking him off. He gasped, he moaned, and all it did was hasten his demise. The more he wanted, the more she did too. The ache of starvation was too much. Mina would kill him by sucking his soul out, but not before letting him at least slide himself into her wanting pussy. That was how died, spurting away into vagina and coating her womb wonderfully with his sperm and soul.

The dust from his body would eventually dissipate into the air. The demoness had to sit on the bed for a few minutes, drunk off of the fulfilling meal. Quick thanks to whatever for there being no cameras in their wing, expect at the entrances meant that no one would know what became of Dr.

Archbold. There was some regret, but Mina felt recharged, and her appetite abated for now. Leaving the room and the doctor's clothes on the floor, Mina made her way to see Norm. This demoness never passed up a chance for sex, though to her disappointment, Norm had left for the day.

Nowhere to be found, she went to locate the head nurse. "Mina, you're still here?" The nurse named Veronica asked. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" "They were supposed to let you go hours ago. Please, go home and get some rest. Be late too. We can handle it. You did wonderfully today." Mina beamed with the praise and thanked her boss before heading home. Everything about the day had gone great, except, of course, getting laid again.

She would have to ask Norm why he left, but for now, as she waited for the bus, her thoughts were of taking a nice warm bath. A bath in her apartment that the summoned little demon from petite teens vs big boobed milfs ass to mouth love samanta blaze luna rival victoria summers rebecca had destroyed.

Kicking herself for forgetting, she was almost in a foul mood when she came home. She was surprised to find the door to the apartment open when she got there. Sighing, she went inside and prepared herself for disaster. The disaster didn't take the form she expected. Instead, the whole place had been fixed. Every piece of furniture was back in the living room, and there were no burns present. It even smelled sweet, like vanilla.

Moaning is what perked her attention to a waiting disaster, and so she closed the apartment lucky guys get satisfies by horny waitresses and headed for the bedroom. The disaster she walked into would have been hilarious if it wasn't so dangerous.

On the bed were two people, one was her self-righteous neighbor, and the other was the new demon. They were having sex, but for Mina, it looked as if the little one was raping her neighbor. When he saw her, he cried out. "Help me, Please." His words caught the attention of the little green demon, who looked at Mina. "Master, you are back." "What are you doing?" "What, him? Master, he came in, and I protected your home." "By raping him?" The little demon looked back to the neighbor, before pulling its cock out from the spread man.

It turned to face Mina. "I thought it was the right thing to do. I have gathered energy from him." The neighbor started crying, and Mina saw now that he was tied up.

"Gag him and come out to the living room," Mina said. She left the room and waited for the little demon, thinking about the scenario. Inevitably thoughts about what to do turned more into the situation and the more Mina thought about the rape, the more turned on she became.

The little demon came into the living room, but not before Mina stripped her clothes off. In need of a bath or not, Mina wanted to be fucked now, and the little demon had a cock that would do.

"Master you're naked?" "Yes, come over here," Mina said. Motioning the little demon to stand in front of her as she sat down on the couch and spread her legs.

"If I am truly your master, service me." "I will master, but understand, that if we have sex like man and woman after it concludes, I will convert to being a woman fully." "That's weird, why?" "You haven't completed me yet. Sex is one way to do it. If you were to fuck me, I would turn into a male." "Well, your gonna be female. Now get that cock in me," Mina said. "Wait, why don't you eat me out first." The little green demon obeyed, and Mina found herself enjoying having the tongue probing through the folds of her plump labia.

Minutes passed and that tongue moved towards pressing against her sex and even sliming its way into her vagina. The whole thing pushed Mina quickly into needing to be fucked. Pulling the small demon up, Mina planted a kiss on its lips, tasting the spice of herself and shuddering in lust.

Her little devil's pole was rubbing against her love tunnel, and Mina decided to return the favor for the eating out. One of Mina's best abilities, in her opinion, was the capacity to protrude a tongue from her womb and out of her pussy.

It came out and wrapped itself around the meat at its door, before pulling it inside.

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Mina and the little demon gasped together in pleasure. The joining felt right, and each new cummer cute kissy with triple ds sologirlcontent lost in the pleasure. Mina lifted her breasts so they could be sucked on, and the little demon fucked her while trying to achieve just that.

Each moaned in unison and then, too fast, the little demon stiffened as it blew its load into its masters wrapping pussy tongue. It fell back on the floor and began to have a seizure, but Mina was too preoccupied with wanting more sex.

Fingers replaced the cock but then stopped as Mina remembered there was a meal in her bedroom. Two good souls in one day, the demoness knew she was spoiling herself. Mona had never found out what the man's name was. All she attributed to him is that he was an annoyance that she had to put up with. He had constantly been in her way always giving her a hard time about something with religious speech.

Always along the words of how damned she was, which made no sense to her being that she never brought another man around. She always noted the neighbor's arousal when he approached her. The actions were a farce. A hope that one day he would be able to bury himself into her luscious depths. Who could blame him, though?

Mina was a walking goddess that oozed sexuality. His eyes showed fear when she walked in, and he tried to yell for help yet again. Too bad for him that his mouth was stuffed by what looked like some of her panties. "You know, I never got your name. Look at you, I bet you are completely confused by what's going on," Mina said.

She moved through the room and got into the bed with him, but she didn't lay down next to him. Instead, she straddled his waist. "You walked into a lion's den here. All those times you screamed about me being damned, and you had no idea how right you were. I find you annoying so hopefully you can provide me with some pleasure before you die." He tried to scream, even plead with her.

"I'm sorry, I can't understand you." His had cock was resting between her cheeks, and she could feel the heat of it. For a man who was spouting off so much holy speech, he was well-endowed. His dick trembled against her flesh, it even bounced against her flesh as he struggled. "Oh, that's what you want. Too eager I think, but hey, I'm with you; let's fuck." Mina loved that her demonic vagina had a tongue.

Rarely used because it was so messy when it was out, but the situation called for a continuing of the horrors the man underneath her was experiencing. Plus, tonight was a night to break the normal. He screamed again, and Mina hushed him before pulling his member into her with her pussy tongue. "Oh my, it's so weird that you're so big. I am going to enjoy using you as a toy," she said. The process of actually having sex was natural. Her neighbor was tied down.

The cinnamon scent was wafting in the air now, and the pheromones were soaking into him via his dick. Anytime that a cock went in, or anything for that matter, it was covered in the lustful philter of her pussy juices.

Mina found that within seconds, a victim would be completely under her control and willing to do anything to give themselves entirely to her. Sitting on him, enjoying his thickness, which was almost as great as Norm's, she leaned forward and pulled the fabric gag out of his mouth. "Please, don't do this." He begged for her to stop, his pleas were a symphony to her ears, and it just goaded her into riding him faster.

"Yes, please, beg some more. I need it. I need you. Just relax, become part me." "No, I can't please, stop." "I can't-ugh," Mina said and then found herself cumming wonderfully. It was ideal for her, but bad news for him. Even more of the concentrated pheromones would soak into him. His entire groin was coated in her juices and as she continued, his begging turned more to moans of pleasure.

This moaning annoyed her a bit, and so Mina did something truly rare to herself during sex, she began to change into her demonic form. The transformation was tough to accomplish while she was fucking. Trying to concentrate past the mind-blowing pleasure was difficult, but she managed to will herself into her demon form.

Her skin was already pale, so when the change happened, it did pale, but the difference lie in the added sheen. Dark hair grew in waves and wings sprouted from her back. Toenails turned black and eventual fused together with her toes until each foot became a hoof. Black hair grew on her shins until it covered them and her calves with long straight waves of it. Her eyes turned completely gray along with her nipples and her labia. The tail that sprouted from the base of her tailbone was long and thin.

It quickly wrapped itself around the base of the man's member tightly, stopping him from cumming until she willed it. Her neighbor screamed a bit underneath her, but then the best part of the change happened. Mina always kept her curves in check when she was in her human form.

Now, she didn't have to hold back, and the perky spheres of her breasts began to swell. Kept around a painful d-cup, the mounds of flesh began to grow until they were like beach balls. It was amazing to her how great it felt to let her 'girls' out in their full glory. He screamed again, and Mina stopped her humping to cut him off by dropping her chest down onto her face.

"Look here, I want my nipples sucked on, if you don't, we will find out if you'll suffocate first or if you will cum first. Either way, you die, and I get to feed on you." She felt his tongue lash out across her tit flesh.

Sighing, she adjusted the flesh until one of her nipples found his mouth. When he began sucking on it, Mina went back to riding him and found a good rhythm for herself. "It's a good thing I have the day off tomorrow now. I can fuck all night," Mina said. Too bad that she wouldn't.

As much as the sex was perfect for her, she needed rest and she needed to figure out the other demon issue in her living room. "But we won't. I hope you are ready for the end. I can feel the pressure growing in you for release." Her tail was starting to have a hard time maintaining the grip.

His cock, kept for so long from cumming was slowly having pre-cum ooze past her gripping tail. She didn't mind too much being that it was a tasty treat, but Mina new once he came, the sperm would be thick and delicious. "Mmhmm," he tried to say, but Mina didn't let him have final words. Instead, her tail loosened and let his body do its natural thing. He surged into her with a tsunami of cum, which her body absorbed as it washed her insides.

When Mina fed, she always wanted as much cum as possible with the soul because it made devouring a soul more of alysa gap enjoys various objects in her delicacy.

The cum was the meal, and the spirit gave her power, but the cum was like the glaze on a donut, or the jelly inside. To get the precious cum, her victim's body would work itself to appease hers. This effort resulted in the victim's body consuming itself. The result ensured that a body was never left behind.

It was why a victim that was fed on in this way turned to dust. Mina shook in orgasmic pleasure as the process happened, her neighbor's body and soul flowing into her. With the soul, she got the johny cocktail fucks busty blonde slut while she is talking by phone, but often these mattered little to Mina. Dragging the sex out allowed her to enjoy everything fully, and Dr.

Archbold had been a little disappointing from earlier because she had to feed so quickly. When she finished with her release, Mina got up, and the dust of her neighbor began to flitter away. "That was incredible, two in one day. I need to stop while I'm ahead. If I feed anymore, I'll start calling attention to things," she said. She then reverted to her human form, now very relaxed and in an upbeat mood. A result that to her meant it was time to check on the little demon.

Mina found that her summoned guest was laying on the floor of the living room still. The thing was still green but now but looked more feminine. Short and compact, Mina thought that the demon was only around five foot two. It was moaning, and then yellow eyes opened. "Master?." "Stand up." It obeyed.

"So what should we call you?" Mina asked, studying the creature.

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With the green skin and yellow eyes, the little demons, nipples, lips and snatch were pink. Long blond hair complimented its slender frame, but poking out of the top were two triangular horns that looked like cat ears.

Its breasts were small, only handfuls at best, but they were perky. "Master, I don't know." "How about Nekolimia." "What does that mean?" "Green cat with the coupling of various words from different human languages." "Okay," Nekolimia said. She smiled and then hugged Mina. "Look now; I am not very affectionate." It pulled away and then looked at her.

"What is my mission master?" "I don't know. I haven't thought about it." "So I'm free?" Freedom was something that Mina understood that the little demon had already. She wasn't one to have a slave and honestly found the idea repulsive. But setting it free would cause harm indirectly to Mina.

A free demon that could feed openly would create issues. "I want you to do two things. One, get an education in something useful.

Second, I want you to gather soul energy, but you are not allowed to kill." "Okay, master. When should I start?" "Immediately. Find a job and make me more powerful. We need to get you clothes." "Clothes?" "Humans wear them to hide their indecency." "I don't want to wear those." "You will, though, and you will be discreet about your sexuality.

Humans don't like open sluttiness." "Okay master." "I need rest. That is a T.V. use it." "Master, I don't mean to be rude, but I know. Any knowledge you have I know possess." Mina humphed at Nekolimia before heading to her bedroom.

A bath was calling her name and then bed. Mina was exhausted and soon found herself thinking about work, specifically about Dean, in the warm soapy bath. Man was driving her nuts and a human before had never been on her mind this much. Sure, there was Norm, but as she soaped her body, Mina realized that she knew nothing personal about Norm and didn't care to.

Dean however, Mina found herself wanting to know him more than just physically. Actually, it was more accurate that she wanted to know him before anything physical. Sighing, Mina grumbled as she let her body relax in the warm water. Back in the living room, Nekolima was channel surfing, learning more about the world. She needed to find an interest and took to the task with fervor. Mina's commands confused her because everything she commanded was about being more human than demon, but she would obey.

Sexuality for the new demon was new so when its body tingled it took forever for it realize its body wanted pleasure. Nekolimia ended up leaving the apartment in search of a sexual partner. The world was vast, but she used Mina's knowledge to stick to the shadows. The green demon was too scared to venture far from the apartment building, but as she saw passing humans in the night, she realized there were more dangers than being naked. Her green skin was a dead giveaway that something was wrong, and so were her horns.

Willing herself, Nekolimia was able to use what little energy she had to turn herself into a naked, pink-skinned human looking girl. She found that the maintaining the form was taxing. A few times she came close, but human males were in groups or with women. They smelled delicious and after a bit, Nekolimia almost found herself giving up.

That is until she spotted a car with a middle-aged man in it. He was smoking a cigarette and had a bushy brown mustache. Nekolimia didn't care and approached the man in the car crying. "Please, can you help me?" He looked over at her and was startled. "Jesus, hold on." The door clicked open, and he got out. Nekolima rushed over to him and hugged his body. She gave off all the perceptions that she was a young woman scared and in need of severe help.

He was wearing a brown leather duster, and he put that on her shoulder before walking her around to the passenger side of the vehicle. As soon as the door closed, he walked over to get in driver's side of the car. Nekolimia began releasing a concentration of pheromones into the air before he got in. Her rescuer got back in the car and started the vehicle before saying anything. "Do you want to go to the hospital?" "No, please, home." "Okay," he said and then he started small talk.

Randall Farn was not what he seemed. He was what Min feared, a hunter. The man had been sitting in his car watching out for a glimpse of a demon. A few days ago someone had posted online a picture of the demon fluttering in the night and so Randall had been dispatched with his partner to the area. His partner was holed up in another place, and he had been just about to call him when the naked blonde girl walked up.

It wasn't the worse premise he had seen for a demon attack, but it was in the playbook. He continued small talk with the girl, trying to see if she was the demon. The conversation told him nothing, but that didn't mean anything. After a bit, he would offer her bottled water, which was holy water in a few to test her.

Holy water would burn anything from hell and it would incapacitate her. If she checked out, he would take her where she wanted to go. If not, Randall would kill her. For now, chick lyla letto gets impaled by delivery guy just followed her driving instructions and lure her into a sense of false security.

The vanilla scent in the air was pleasant, and he knew succubi preferred to be clean. As they drove, she suddenly began sobbing again and leaned up closer to him. Her warmth threw him off, but it was the hot breath on his neck that made his head foggy. "I didn't expect the help.

Let me thank you properly." A hand moved up his inner thigh and began rubbing his hardened steel. Hard before from the sight alone of her walking outside, he found that he couldn't bring himself to stop her. As much as Randall hated demons, the scenario playing out right now was one he fantasized about.

Gulping, Randall realized he had fallen under her spell. Driving was the only thing he could do; that is until she unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. "Now I'll repay you," she said. Randall only hoped that didn't mean killing him. He head dropped down to his lap, and he almost floored the car when her lips wrapped around his length and began sucking.

It took a bit, but she soon had him spurting in grunts while he concentrated on driving. Licking her lips, she sat up. "You taste great," Nekolimia said. She was smacking her lips to get the thick cum swallowed. There was a little bit of energy in the cum, and it contained some memories in it. They had never introduced each other, but the man's name was Randall, and Nekolimia had learned a terrible problem.

The man was someone who hunted supernatural beings. An issue for sure, but Nekolimia had found someone she could feed on slowly and keep placated. There were more hunters, and that meant she needed to gather more information from the man.

"Yeah? What was that for?" Randall asked. "Nothing, I'm sorry. I have a fetish of walking around naked and looking for loners in car or out in the park next to the apartment complex." "So you just cry?" "Hey, you can laugh, but it works. I'm messed up, but hey, if you hang around tomorrow night, we can do this again." "Will you cry again?" She laughed and Randall fell quiet as he turned his car around and headed back to the apartment complex. "Man, we can even fuck tomorrow too.

Tonight was just a taste for both of us. You were lucky too; I was about to give up tonight." "So why not full sex tonight?" "Well, you came. Plus, I don't to work that hard to get you up again." She was right. Randall wouldn't tell her but he couldn't get it up easily after cumming once, and he typically came fast. "I am at a loss of what to say." "Don't say anything. It was fun." He agreed with her and the rest of the car ride was mostly in silence.

Except when Nekolimia began masturbating. Her moans were subtle, and she barely made any noise when she came. Pulling her finger out of her snatch, she immediately presented them to Randall, who sucked her sex off of them. They pulled up to the apartment complex, and Nekolimia got out of the car, before closing the door, she told him she would be out again. He asked about her name, but she just laughed and said its more shy as that lovely babe gets her cunt sucked to be strangers.

Nekolimia's first night out was fun, and the man didn't even ask for the coat back, which was great because she already had plans with it for the next evening. Mina heard Nekolimia come back into the apartment but didn't get out of bed to greet her. The bed was too comfy and even though the thermostat was set at a cool 65 at all times, her bed was warm. All night she had been thinking about Dean and realized she was obsessing over the human.

He was different, and it bothered her. No person could resist her, but a suicidal one could. She just kept only anal and sheena shaw loves it pornstars and hardcore he knew she was a monster; he should be running to her for his end. How many hints had she given him that he could do just that through the day? Her last thoughts before falling asleep were of being excited to see him again.