Black guys sex girl sex story

Black guys sex girl sex story
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I let out a long groan as my contraction ended.

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My husband rubbed my back encouragingly. In spite of how painful this was, I couldn't help but wish that this pain wouldn't end. Most women are excited to have labor be over, and to finally meet the child that they have carried and protected in their womb for nine months.

I'm not. ******************************************** Today is the day that I will find out if I have to admit to my husband that I have been unfaithful. Soon, I will push out my firstborn, and it's up in the air as to if my baby will look like my husband, or if it will be black, and I will have to tell him what happened all of those months ago. My husband works a stressful job, one that often involves traveling. That Night, as it will forever be ingrained in my memory, he had been away for a week on business.

I had given him our usual goodbye fuck before he left, and he had called several times to tell me how much he missed me and my pussy. That Night, I went out drinking with a good a mature gets fucked ass by a fake agent french interracial amateursex of mine.

We were in a club, the music was throbbing, and the liquor was flowing. I danced with many men that night- tall, short, muscular, fat, it didn't matter. I was having a great time and eventually lost track of my friend. I realized suddenly that I really had to piss, so I staggered off the dance area, past the bar and to the ladies room, where I did my business.

I was washing my hands when I felt a sudden wave of dizziness come over me.

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I slid to my knees and passed out. What seemed like hours later I woke up. The room was spinning around me, but I was able to make taboo sexy night out with nichole mac smalltits pornstars several men standing over me.

The room came in to focus, and I realized I was lying on a bed, and that my clothing had been stripped off of me. I whimpered, and one of the men grinned. "The bitch decided to join us. I think we should show her a good time." The men piled on me, one holding down each limb while the 5th fell in between my legs, and began playing with my pussy.

I begged them not to fuck me. I tried to scream, but they gagged me after my first yell. All I could do was whimper. My cunt felt so wet. I knew I couldn't possibly want what they were trying to do to me- my body was just trying to prevent me from getting hurt. It was a natural instinct I told myself.

The man between my legs grinned as he moved over me, and rubbed his thick black cock over my pussy. He whacked my pussy with his large cock head. Suddenly I felt his thickness sliding home in me.

I thought that I was losing my virginity all over again. He began to pound himself in and out of me.

My pussy stretched tightly around him as he slid in and out. I could feel myself getting even wetter, and couldn't believe how good this mature slut sucks cock like a pro cock felt as it sawed in and out.

I could feel the pressure building in my belly, but I didn't want to give my rapist the satisfaction of knowing he had made me cum. I sobbed as he pounded harder, then removed my legs from the other guy's grips and swung them up by my head, enabling him to get in me deeper. I raised my head and looked down, amazed that I could see several inches of cock outside of my body with every stroke in. His cock was rubbing against my clit, and the friction it created was building me higher.

Suddenly I felt a hand slap one of my tits, and I came, hard. God, it felt so good. He grinned at his friends and announced that I had just cum. "Bitch likes it rough!" He told his friends. He began slamming into me harder. He warned his friends to get their cocks out and ready because he would be cumming soon. Omi hat groe titten young old pantyhose heard zippers opening, and I had thick cocks in each hand, and two more waiting for attention.

The two men whose cocks I wasn't holding each took a tit in hand, worrying my nipples until they were rock hard, then there were warm, wet mouths over each hard peak. I came again as the person ramming my pussy slammed deep and announced his orgasm to the world. I could feel hot jets of cum begin to fill my pussy.

I cried out in horror as /I felt each spatter of cum begin to fill me. I didn't want this! I didn't want to get pregnant! I stopped fighting after the third guy began to fuck my pussy. I figured I was screwed anyway, and may as well enjoy the fucking I was getting. They all took their turns with me. I came more than I ever have in my life. As soon as they realized that I had stopped fighting, they took out the gag, and I was soon busy with cocks in my mouth as well as my pussy.

They fucked me, made me ride them, took me from behind, and made me suck them. They even fucked my once tight asshole. At one point I had a cock in all three holes, and one in each hand. God, it hurt, but it felt so good! They made me beg them to fuck them. At that point, I would have begged them to fuck me without needing them to force me to.

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I passed out, exhausted, at one point, but I'm pretty sure it didn't stop them. Once I awoke the next day, they drove me home, and shoved me out in the driveway. I stumbled into the house. I made my way upstairs, and climbed into the hot shower and began to scrub. I could feel the cum leaking out of my pussy and asshole.

My skin was bright pink by the time I got out of the shower. I collapsed in bed, and old spunker bbw and old man asleep.

My dreams were filled with large black cocks filling all of my holes, using me, impregnating me. ****************************************** I can feel another contraction coming on. The doctor is in between my legs, ready to deliver my baby.

It's time for me to find out if I have to explain the night that started as rape to my husband, or if his seed caught before the black men's. I push hard, and then I hear a cry. My baby is here! Wish me luck!