Skiving schoolgirl takes desperate measures to avoid punishment

Skiving schoolgirl takes desperate measures to avoid punishment
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This is an updated and improved version of chapter 2. I have worked at improving my spelling and grammar. I hope I did a better job with this one.

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Chapter 2 Jen was alone downstairs in the family room sitting on the couch. She really needed some alone time. Her pussy was begging for some attention. She needed to masturbate in the worst way. She slipped her right hand into to wet bikini bottoms and started to rub her pussy. She could not get over just how wet she was. She started to stroke her poor wet pussy. Oh it felt so good to finally masturbate. With her other hand she started to rub her tits and pinch her nipples.

She was really getting into it and knew she was just a few minutes away from a mind-blowing orgasm. It was then that she heard someone coming down the stairs. She was very frustrated that she had to stop when she was so close to coming. She pulled her hand away from her pussy and looked up. It was Debbie and she had 2 glasses of wine in her hands. Jen was still buzzing from the wine she already drank but she took and glass and drank about half of it.

Debbie looked down at this hot little slut and smiled at herself. She was looking forward to eating her taste little virgin pussy. Debbie sat down next to Jen on the couch. Very close to Jen, close enough for their skin to touch. Debbie gave her one of the glasses of wine then she raised her glass and said, " To new experiences." Debbie finished off her glass of wine.

She then told Jen to go ahead and finish off her glass. She took the glass from her hand. "How you feeling Jen? You look a little warm." "I guess I'm a little drunk, maybe more then just a little.

I never drank wine before. I do feel warm all over by the way." She was kind of enjoying the feel of her skin rubbing up against Debbie's. Debbie put her arm around Jen and pulled her close.

"Feels kind of nice to be a little drunk don't you think Jen? Makes it easier to do something you would never have the nerve to do otherwise." Jen looked up at Debbie and just smiled. "Jen, you know you're really becoming a very pretty and sexy young lady. Did you enjoy the movies? " Jen looked down at the floor. She wanted to tell Debbie what she thought of the two busty harlots and one massive dick but could not tell her was she was looking into her eyes.

"The movies got me feeling kind of funny, but a good kind of funny. Debbie placed her hand under Jen's chin and lifted her face so that she could look into her eyes and asked, "Jen, have you ever kissed another women before?" Jen just shook her head. Debbie could not control herself any longer; she leaned down and kissed Jen full on the lips.

At first Jen just sat there not knowing what to do. Between the wine and the movies she knew there was no way she could resist Debbie's advances, all she could do was kiss back, and that is just what she did.

This got Debbie even hotter and bolder. She starts to move her lips as she kissed Jen. Then she let her tongue lick Jens lips. Jen let her mouth open and allowed Debbie's tongue to enter her mouth.

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Their tongues start to do a delicate dance inside Jen's mouth. Debbie could feel her pussy getting very wet. It was almost like that first time she ever made love to another woman.

She then let her right hand start to roam all over Jen's young firm body. She then moved her hand down so that she could rub her pussy through the thin material of her bikini bottoms.

Debbie was very excited by how wet Jen's bikini bottoms were. Jen started to moan as Debbie continues to play with her pussy. Then Debbie decided to reach into her bottoms. As soon as Debbie's fingers touched Jen's pussy she moaned into Debbie's mouth.

No one ever touched her like this before. In fact she had never even been kissed like this before. Jen then reach into Debbie's bikini bottoms and started to play with her pussy. Debbie was in heaven. Jen did not last long, within a few minutes Jen started to cum and cum hard. Jen broke the kiss and started to moan, "Rub my pussy Debbie, rub my hot pussy.

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You're making me cum. This feels so much better then anytime I rubbed my own pussy. Oh fuck, I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming. I love you Debbie. Oh god yes, yes, yes". She just kept Cumming and Cumming. Finally it began to reside and she was able to catch her breath. "Debbie, I have never anything like this before. I hope you believe me.

This is all new and exciting to me. " Debbie looked at her and said, "Well Jen, I HAVE done this before, and I plan on doing much more to you." With that she proceeded to remove Jen's bikini leaving her naked.

She then removed her own bikini so that she too was naked. She leaned over and started to kiss Jen again. After a few minutes she broke off the kiss and started to lick and kiss her way down to her tits.

She took a few minutes to lick and suck on those young firm tits and bite her nipples. Jen had such nice nipples. They would look great pierced. She then started down again till she got to Jen's still wet little cunt. She pulled her legs apart and started to eat her pussy. Jen laid back with her eyes closed and enjoyed the feeling of Debbie eating her pussy.

She never felt anything like it before but she knew she loved it and wanted lots more of it. Debbie used all her talents she learned when she used to eat her college roommate's pussy. It was not long before Jen was moaning and grabbing Debbie's head and pulling it to her pussy to make sure Debbie would not stop until she came again. It did not take long to Jen to have another mind blowing orgasm.

She could not believe she came again so soon.

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"Did you like that too baby." Jen said, "Yes, I loved it. I never felt anything like it." "Well then Jen, now it's your turn." with that Debbie leaned back and spread her legs wide. Jen got a close look at Debbie's pussy and saw that it was clean shaved and looked very smooth.

"Time for you to thank me, to make me feel as good as I made you feel. Time for you to learn about eating pussy." Debbie did not have to say it twice. Jen got down on her knees and start to lick Debbie's pussy. She was not sure what to do at first, she thought about the women in the movies and what they did. With that in mind and some guidance from Debbie, Jen was soon licking Debbie pussy like a pro and making her squirm.

"Jen baby, your learning really fast. That feels so fucking good. No guy can ever eat pussy like a girl can. Oh baby. Eat my pussy baby; eat mommy's pussy real good.

Make your mommy cum baby. Mommy loves you very much" This took Jen by surprise. She was kind of turned on by Debbie saying, "Eat mommy's pussy." This made her want to eat her hot little cunt even more.

Not the best day for sultry teen thief wanted to Debbie to cum as hard as Debbie made her cum. "Jen baby. That was incredible. I loved you eating my pussy." "Debbie, I really liked you saying 'eat mommy's pussy' it really turned me on so much.

Made me want to eat your pussy even more. "Really? Then I want you to start calling me mommy while we are having sex. Is that ok with you?" Debbie asked. "Yes, it just fine with me. " She then paused for a few seconds then said " mommy." This gave Debbie a special thrill. Debbie reaches down to Jen and pulled her up to herself, and they started to kiss.

Debbie could taste her own pussy juice on Jen's lips. After about 5 or 10 minutes both girls were feels their pussies start to get hot again.

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Jen was on top of Debbie at this point. Debbie told Jen to turn curvaceous vixen alison tyler intensely fucked and facialed. She was not sure what she meant at first but got the idea after about a minute. It turned out that Debbie wanted to 69 with Jen. Before long they were going wild eating each other's pussies.

"Oh mommy I so love the taste of your pussy, and I love how you eat my hot pussy mommy. Eat my pussy mommy, eat your little girl's cunt good, and I'll eat your pussy good to mommy." They continue to lick each other for about 15 minutes.

They both started to cum again. After a couple of minutes Jen crawled off of Debbie and laid down on her back on the couch. She never felt so good in her life. "Would you like a drink of water baby?" "Yes please." Debbie just looked at Jen. "I mean Yes mommy, may I please have a glass of water?" "Sure baby. Anything for mommy's hot little slut." With that she went upstairs, still naked and still wanting more pussy.

Now she was looking forward to tasting Miriam's pussy. It should be a well-fucked pussy by now. She should be well on her way to being a little slut. First her daddy's little slut, now to make her mommy's little slut.

She stopped for a minute to take one more look at Jen sleeping on the couch naked. She wished she had a digital camera so that she could take of shots of this sleeping angel/slut. This would be the last time she would she her as a virgin. She was sure she would take to cock the same way she took to pussy.

This thought make her smile. She then continued going upstairs hoping to catch her husband and daughter fucking their brains out. Next, Jen's gives up her cherry to Dave.