Gorgeous caramel beauty chick choose to show tits and sucked dick for some cash

Gorgeous caramel beauty chick choose to show tits and sucked dick for some cash
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In the mid 1970's when I was just fifteen I was involved in some amateur dramatics as a bit of fun and a good way of meeting girls. The show was a period piece that required eighteenth century costumes including knee length trousers and fancy shirts. My mum's friend J was a brilliant seamstress and was responsible for the wardrobe for the show.

She could make fantastic costumes out of bits of tat and cardboard that looked a million dollars under the stage lights so one Saturday I was instructed to call round at her house to be fitted out for my costume. J was in her early forties, married with two sons slightly younger than me. She was no stunning MILF (if there were such ladies in those days) and I'd never thought of her in any horny way - but she was friendly, kind and down to earth so I cycled round to her house quite happy to be fitted out and not a thought about anything else.

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I parked up the bike and rang the doorbell. J came down said a cheery hello and told me to come upstairs extreme boobs banged in the school class her sewing room which was just one of the bedrooms upstairs.

I followed her up the stairs watching her arse precede me up the stairs. A bit on the big side but moving very nicely in front of me as we went up. Not bad the passing thought came to me as we went into the room in which she had her sewing machine, a work bench, a bed, a mirror and a couple of chairs. J was dressed in a blue V necked sweater and the slightly tight trousers. We chatted about my Mum and school and things as she busied herself getting the right material, pins etc together and I sat on the bed just watching her move around the room.

Actually, I thought to myself for the first time she's not bad looking. Around five foot seven, nice and curvy, her hair was soft and medium brown, lightly made sanny leon sex full sex stories, her boobs filled that sweater very nicely quite big in fact maybe even 38's. and as she bent over and turned there was the occasional glimpse of a bit of lace on her bra or view of a strap.

Always a treat for a young, healthy schoolboy! Her waist dipped in nicely and her hips and backside pushed the tight material of her trousers just enough. She wore a delicate perfume and her nails were painted with a bright red varnish.

Very nice I thought. Once J had got everything together she held up the rough cut of the costume trousers and said " Right take your trousers off and let's try these on." My wandering brain came back to earth with a bump! Of course this was essential for the job in hand but it hadn't come to my mind.

My previous thoughts had brought about the odd stirrings down below but nothing significant or too embarrassing I thought so I took off my shoes, undid my jeans and took them off. J told me to stand up and held the half made pantaloons up to my waist.

She then pinned the two halves around my middle letting the front and back parts of the leggings hang down my legs. She then knelt down and started tacking together the sides to make a tight fit.

Whilst still chatting and promising not to stick the needle into me she got to work and this was when my problem started. Watching her knelt in front of me I was presented with the perfect view down the front of her sweater.

Her bra pushed her pale white tits together into a firm deep cleavage. The white lace around the edge of her bra was clearly in view teasing me with every move she made - and all of this was enhanced by her regular smoothing down of the fabric down the line of my leg with the palm of her hand. Just stood there, with nothing else to reena sky and melissa moore hungrily eating their pink slit my mind the inevitable began to happen the stirrings in my cock became more urgent.

I tried to control things but my mind wandered to what it might be like to touch those tits. I wondered where her nipples were exactly tried to spot their rise in her sweater. Were they small or big dark or light did she like them being sucked. My cock started to rise and rise Oh God !

This was getting obvious ! It started to push out my jockey shorts further and further and the material of the pantaloons started to rise up - lifting it away from my body. I noticed J's eyes flashing to the movement as she continued to stitch and pin and then she looked up and caught my eye. By this time my seven inches were sticking straight forward and the swelling through my shorts made a huge tent in the material she was working on. Now blushing, raising my eyes upwards and aware only of the aching in my cock - which was now beginning to visibly twitch - all I could say was "S-s-sorry !" J stopped her work and said quietly and kindly " It's alright David these things happen - but I can't carry on whilst you're like this go to the bathroom and sort yourself out." She quickly unpinned the waist band and took off the costume.

As I manoeuvred to help my cock finally sprang through the gap in my shorts. It bounced to attention at forty five degrees directly in front of J. It was uncontrollable as it twitched in front of both of us the tight glistening head as bright and tight as I'd ever seen it and pre-cum forming on the tip as J looked down and held it with her eyes for what seemed like an age.

She then looked up at me straight in the eyes and said very softly. "Go on off you go to the bathroom." I stammered "Thanks !" grabbed my cock and as best I could and with all sorts of movements stuffed it back into my shorts. I virtually ran out of the room down the corridor and into the bathroom. I closed the door and stood stock still in there never so embarrassed in my life. I thought I must get this under control so I stepped to the sink and ran the cold tap.

I splashed cold water on my cock and my balls and even leant over the edge of the basin and bent my cock over till it hurt - plunging it as a far as I could into the water until at last the shock caused it to subside and it shrank back down to a controllable shape. I dried myself off adjusted my shorts opened the bathroom door and returned to J. J was busy preparing some other costumes as I re-entered the room.

"Better now ?" she asked as I sheepishly came back in "Yes thanks !" I said quietly. "Good" she replied. "You're not to worry about it - you know. It's very flattering for a lady when a young man shows that sort of interest. And you looked very nice !" She smiled and her eyes flashed with a soft expression. As she spoke she knelt back down and put her arms around my waist to re-pin the costume and to recommence the fitting.

Now - her proximity, her perfume the repeated view of her cleavage- her words and the fact that my friend down below had been in no way satisfied caused an instant repeat performance ! Up and up and up it came again pushing up my shorts and the material of the trousers "Oh God NO !

I thought please don't !" but it was inexorable it hurt it ached - it was twitching there making the material move in time with my raging pulse right in front of J's face. She just watched the bouncing movement as the blood coursed into my cock - and I looked down unable to focus between my huge bulge and those now beautiful and fantastic breasts encased in their sweater.

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Finally she said "Good gracious David didn't you do anything in the bathroom ?" I said "I'm really sorry I covered it in cold water to make it go away and I thought that would be OK but it doesn't seem to have huge juggs babe sucks off and banged by fraud driver handjob and blowjob !" "It certainly doesn't !" J said as her eyes returned to the tent pole in front of her.

"I really meant you should have gone and had a wank in there !" Such a rude word from the mouth of a friend of my mothers went through me like an electric shock that I gasped out loud it was so unexpected. J said " Oh yes I know the all the words as well you it's not just horny young boys who say them !" She then looked me straight in the eyes and said: "Look we can't carry on like this you with a cock like that and looking down at my tits all the time and me trying not to look at it when it's bouncing around in front of my face !" "Let's get this over with !

Sit on the edge of the bed and just get it out !" I did was I was told undoing the costume and putting it to one side and then pulling down my shorts to my knees. J watched my every move still kneeling on the floor in front of me. "No" she said "let's get those shorts right off" and reached forward and drew them down my legs catching my socks as her hands passed them and throwing all to one side. "Now take off your T shirt so I've got a lovely naked young man in front of me !" I did as I was told - and then leant back onto the bed onto my elbows my cock never so big before never so tight never aching so much was thrusting out and up from me.

It bounced with my every pulse the pre-cum was now dripping down it's underside my balls felt as if they would burst.

Still kneeling J ran her eyes all over my body inspecting my every part and I think she was enjoying what she saw. Then she knelt up and said "Look I know it's my tits that have been really making you hard so here's a special treat !" She crossed her arms and reached to the edge of her sweater pulling it up and over her head. Those fantastic tits encased in the white bra came into full view. I sat up instantly wanting to see every detail of the show now before me.

J looked at me then down to her own breasts. "Do you like them ? " she asked " Oh Yes Oh Yes !" I gasped as she raised her hands to the cups of the bra and started pushing them gently together her thumbs rose further up and each slightly caressed the mound of the nipples that I could now see through the material were both large and dark.

J said "Now - why don't you touch yourself ?" I reached down, turned my fingers round my cock and gripped it, I slowly began to wank myself trying desperately to be in control but within ten or twelve strokes it was just too much for me.

I felt it starting to rise. My cock convulsed I let go and started to pump my arse clenched and my balls contracted the spunk rose in my cock and started to spew from the eye it flew from the tip of my dick. The first load struck J on the side of her face and she gasped out loud as she tried to turn away.

It caught in her hair and on her cheek. As I groaned out load she sighed again and smiled and leant back a little as my second load was launched onto her chest it hit with such force I heard it splash as it both rose up towards her neck and down towards her tits. The third gob flew straight between her breasts and started to flow slowly down between them to the line of her bra. Fourth and fifth bursts fountained up from my cock and cascaded back down over my fingers as they grasped and pumped for a sixth and final spasm.

I fell back onto the bed groaning and gasping every muscle in my groin wrapped into exquisite spasm. J reached up with her fingers to where the layers of my spunk were spread across her soft white skin above those fantastic tits. She gently ran those painted nails through the cum spreading it smoothly over and down her cleavage. "That was so so nice David - and very flattering" she said gently.

"Here let me show you something that some ladies like !" I sat up again as she reached slowly behind her and undid her bra. It slipped down her arms and revealed to me for the first time her beautiful nipples. They were dark pink with full aureoles. J re-dipped her finger tips into my spunk across and between her breasts and then ran it onto her nipples. She circled their tips and natural chick is geeting pissed on and splashes wet snatch to gently grip and pinch them.

The nipples quickly grew and rose to the size of small fruit. Her head went back and she breathed in deeply then turned her head towards the mirror where she could see herself blatantly smearing her naked breasts with the jism of a fifteen year old.

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She was now totally lost in the sensation as she spread the cum further and further with her palms sliding up, between and under her silky tit flesh. Her eyes closed and she rocked rhythmically on her heels as she knelt there in front of me.

She turned back to me and said "Rub your cock on me David". I leaned forward, taking my still firm but slimy cock in my hand and wiping the remainder of the flood onto her tits - and pushing it first on her left nipple - and then between those soft pale bulging orbs.

J reached to either side of her smeared and creamed tits and pushed them gently together squeezing the tip of my dick and enveloping it in hot, wet flesh. Uncontrollably I started to push and my cock slid in and out up and down. The sensation was fantastic. J looked down at the tip of my cock as it slid in and out of the cavern between her breasts and smiled. She pushed her tits together even more tightly for me as I got in tighter and harder with each of my speeding thrusts. J looked up at me and said grinning - "This is called tit-fucking David what do you think of it ?" "O God !" I breathed " It feels fantastic !" "Well then" she said " seeing that we've got this far why don't I try something else ?" With this she leant back a bit and releasing my cock she dropped her head and took my cock straight into her mouth in one go.

I couldn't believe it. The heat of her tongue and mouth the slight scrape of she gets fucked inside pussy and enjoys jizz over face teeth on my flesh as she drew her lips back down my length sucking and licking the cum with which it was smeared until her lips finally drew back over the tip.

"Mmmmm" she said "that tastes so nice. You really are a very naughty boy David. But don't you cum nicely !." All I could think of saying was "Thank you !" but that didn't seem to be enough - so I just kept saying it again and again !. As I did so J returned her attention to my cock with her tongue just gently tracing it from the base to the tip lingering on the underside of the tip with her gently licks and making me jerk and spasm as I repeated "Thank You!

Thank You !" J seemed to be totally lost in licking my dick slowly and gently and she continued almost absent mindedly up, down and round it.

Finally she stopped torturing it with her hot breath and sliding tongue. "We're not going to be able to get back to work until this has been sorted out again - are we ?" she asked. "No I don't think so" I whispered. J stood up and I went back to sitting on the bed. Her breasts swung in front of me still glistening with the remains of my first explosion.

Her nipples were hard and proud. I couldn't take my eyes of them as she stood above me head sightly to one side, one hand on her hip and the other stroking gently up and down her belly lingering at the belt line of her slacks. She was obviously thinking what could or should happen next.

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Her naked breasts, the memory of what had already happened and the latest teasing of my cock with her lips, tongue and teeth brought my hand back to my cock I started running my hand slowly up it stroking its length as I continued to gape at J.

As her eyes fell to my movement around my cock she said "I'm not going to let you fuck me you know ! That would be wrong but we can still finish this nicely." As she spoke a red fingernail started to dip just below her belt line and trace the line across until it re-emerged and returned to stroking her belly up and down but her other hand kissable teen stretches juicy pussy and gets deflorated now gone to her breast and was beginning to pluck and pull at the nipple and it responded yet again as she continued to study my stiff cock bobbing below her - as if the words she had spoken had triggered a new level of need.

All I could think to say was "Yes please" as her finger tips returned downwards and this time disappeared inside her trouser tops. Her palm slipped passed her belly button and continued down and down. I could see the shape of her hand push the material of her trousers outwards and her fingers curled into the space between her legs. Her other hand continued to caress her breasts and her head went slowly backwards her mouth opening to breathe more deeply as her fingers found what they were looking for and started their magic work.

My cock was now back to a surging bouncing pole the slimy tip was stretching my foreskin painfully wide as I watched this middle aged woman this friend of my mothers working her tits and frigging herself inside her slacks right in front of me. This was unbelievable ! "I want to see !" I gasped. "Ok !" She sucy sucky session with a chubby asian brunette and big tits "Pull my pants down !" So I reached over - undid the button at her waist undid the zip over the bulge of her hand and drew her pants open.

She sighed again. I could see her fingers were thrust deep inside her matching white lace panties and were making a slow rotating pattern at the top of where I knew her cunt was. I drew her pants down over her buttocks and pulled them to the floor. She stepped out of them whilst still paying attention to the slow gentle work going on between her own legs. She was breathing in short rapid bursts and her eyes were glued to my bouncing cock which still wanted to burst into a million pieces.

Her knickers were now opaque at the crotch where her fingers had been working. Her red nails showed clearly through the soaked material as they continued their rotating movement. I took their sides and drew them down her legs. The smell of her pussy juices assailed me and as I passed her knickers over her feet she widened her stance a little and let me watch those fingers pass gently lower and slip her pussy lips open. Her middle finger slid up and down the crack as it gaped wider and redder and then disappeared inside to re-emerge at the top and back down again.

I watched fascinated as my hands started to stroke first the outside of her legs and then the inside- rising up the inside of her thighs with each stroke. This seemed to have a positive effect and J began gasping.

She said between breaths "I've got to lie down !" and she immediately turned and sat beside me on the bed laying back and raising one leg at the knee. "Can I touch ?" I asked. She nodded and took my hand in hers. I felt the warm wetness of her juices still on her fingers. She pulled my hand upwards and towards her wide open legs. She pressed my fingers against her pussy and told me to stroke her. I moved my finger slowly up and down her gaping pussy.

It yielded and spread with each touch the hot wet sensation invited my fingers to press a little harder and with each stroke as I pushed her sex opened further and further. By this time J was lying straight back her head rolling from side to side "Inside me !

Inside me !" she sighed. So I steepled my fingers and pressed a little harder. "Yessss!" she sighed as she raised her arse off the bed and pushed onto my fingers. Her fanny opened around them and I responded with a corresponding thrust. We quickly found the rhythm between us and before we both knew it this 40 year old housewife was grinding her sex onto the thumping fingers of a naked teenager her tits bouncing from side to sideher nipples bursting and father rapes his daughter in nigeria storyd head flying from side to side whilst my cock stuck out stalk like bouncing against her legs ready to bust its seed at any moment.

Then J came. She shouted something I didn't catch followed by a squeal of filthy words "Yes fuck it inside me do it to me you bastard spread my legs wide !-Get it into my cunt " Her cunt flexed around my fingers gripping them tight and her juices flowed hot over them.

My cock took over it needed to be one place and one place only ! I leapt up turned on the bed drew J's legs wide open at the knees and plunged home ! J's eyes flew open "No" she cried "We mustn't indian couple having sex on cam indian wife fucking indian pussy i tube porn we mustn't !! You bastard it's not right you can't! " - but it was too late for me.

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With two or three pumps into that silken, soft, hot, wet,wide, open pussy I was coming in waves. As the involuntary thrusts launched through and out of me - J commenced a series of low loud "Oh My Gods !" from deep down inside her.

It wasn't her voice at all. Each time I spunked she jerked uncontrollably her mouth now wide open almost teen slut katrin tequila enjoys double dicking a silent scream her eyes staring wide into mine she wrapped her legs up round my waist and dragged me in.

My hips and cock were out of control my dick was exploding I convulsed and thrust with all my strength trying to bury myself deeper and deeper into that hot burning heaven between her gaping legs.

I came in bursts that felt like they were splitting my cock in two I felt the spunk gushing into her as if in gallons it flowed it spouted it felt like enough to line the whole of her delicious insides.

And then it was over. I fell forward onto J. My chest pressing apart those fantastic tits. My cock continued to twitch and my hips gave involuntary thrusts as I tried to find the echo of the most fantastic sensation. J gasped for breath in my ear in between whispers of "We shouldn't have ! We shouldn't have! You're only fifteen ! Oh my God !

Fifteen ! Just fifteen ! It's like a son fucking his mother ! Oh my God !" We separated and my subsiding cock slid from between her legs releasing a string of spunk that trailed and smeared out from between J's legs and down her thighs.

With one last look down at the chaos I had made of her pussy and a final - "Oh My God !" J stood up, quickly gathered her clothes and left the room. I lay there not knowing what to do or think but eventually redressed. I didn't think there would be any more costume fitting that day. So pulled on my trousers, shoes and socks and went to the door.

J was stood, re-dressed, but somewhat disarrayed in the doorway of her bedroom across the corridor leaning against the door jam. "I think you'd better go now David" she said. I started down the stairs then stopped and turned back and said "Thank you so much" J simply said "It was fantastic you bad bad boy ! We'll have to sort pickedup hitchhiking teen fucked in a car the costume another day.

I'll ring your Mum." And so she did - but that's another part of the story !