Alexis fawx continue to ride brads big cock

Alexis fawx continue to ride brads big cock
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My eyes are dark, making Ellen smile because damn, she knows that means I'm horny. Ellen gulps, looking down at her drink and tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

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She sips her drink slowly and looks over at me again. Just as she is about to look away I look up and my eyes lock on hers. Ellen feels heat run across her cheeks and bits her bottom lip to stop from squeaking. " Hi there." I greet her. " You don't wanna say? That's okay. You wouldn't be the first girl I've fucked without knowing their name." And I smirk. Like I know that she is going to fuck me.Like I can predict twenty minutes into the future when I'm bringing her out of the bar through a side door in an alleyway that's littered with trash and graffiti.

My left hand two beautiful teens webcam first time stepfriends brothers obsession on her shirt resting at her hips and my right hand grips her ass and I push her against a wall, opposite the dumpster that faces the door. My mouth is suckling on her throat and biting into her neck right above her shoulder now. Ellen moans, letting it escape from her throat as heat blasts it's way through her body like a warm breeze through a screen door.

My hand moves from her ass and slips under her shirt to follow the other hand. They blaze their way up her stomach and sides and when they reach her arm pits they take the shirt off her body and let it fall to the filthy hot asian masseuse rides dick massage and handjob below. The bra she is wearing is a dark blue and strapless though covers her breasts.

I let go of her throat and smile at her then bends quickly to kiss her mouth. My lips are like fire and they make hers tingle with heat; and the rest of her body and mine are dry kindling.

My right hand removes her bra; to be followed by my left hand which takes her corresponding breast in my palm squeezing, tightly, closing my fist over her tit. Ellen shakes slightly at the pain but pleasure shoots up her spine and she shivers again.

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My other hand slides down to her ass and teases the slightly exposed crack over her skirt. My fingers on her breast loosens only to squeeze her nipple between two fingers and she moans again.

Then I move my hand letting it crawl over her stomach to work at the button of her skirt with my other hand. In seconds I have her skirt off and on top of her shirt. She is now in nothing but a thong. Her ass and back scrapes against the wall as I push her against it. My teeth bite at her neck again, a different spot this time, slightly under her chin. Ellen grates her hips against my hard cock which my tight black jeans hardly holds. Ellen moans again as she does that a second time because I push back and the hard denim of my jeans slips into her pussy through her thong.

" Fuck.fuck.fuck." She hisses, gasping. I smile. " You're already really wet?" I chuckle darkly. I move my hand pushing two fingers inside her wet cunt. I slowly swirl them inside her and she squirms, biting roughly down on her lip.

" Ha ha ha, you want my cock inside your cunt then, eh?" She hears me ask and she nods quickly. God she wanted me inside her. " Say it." " I want your penis inside my vagina." Ellen whispers and almost can't talk as my fingers play inside both her pussy and ass. Ellen shuddering against the wall feeling the rough brick draw large rough marks across her skin.

" Okay, Ellen." I chuckle flashing a smirk. I place one hand on her stomach to steady her and with my knee pushing her legs out wide to stretch out the lips of her vagina.

I tug at my jeans pulling out my monster, very erect and hard, cock. I don't waste time with anything 'nice' or 'romantic'. Why should I; I thrust hard driving my cock deep inside pretty nympho gapes juicy snatch and gets devirginized in a filthy alley outside of a bar. Who needs 'nice'? My cock thickness is a surprise to her each time I fill her vagina with it almost instantly.

Ellen screams " Oh God John, please not so hard," shaking as I push deeper inside her. The pain and pleasure are a sweet poison that seeps into every pore and making her numb to anything else but itself. " You're going to fucking split me" " So?" I hiss into her ear as I shove most of my cock (all that he can fit anyway) in her cunt.

" After this I'm going to leave and see you again at your place." I chuckle darkly but it makes her shiver more. Why is that so hot? My large cock hits her clit and she screams again " OMG," her body clenching around my cock. It takes me a minute to pull myself out of her before I can slam myself back inside her.

" I'm already so close!" " I know you are, slut." I chuckle gripping her hips as I slam inside her with long hard deep strokes. Her back and ass hit the wall and she shakes as she feels small cuts open up. She is lost in pain and pleasure for the next minute or so because she never felt anything like this. It's so hot, and intense.

Primal. Ellen knows I'll leave after this meeting her at her place to continue our date. Normally Ellen couldn't imagine herrself in this situation but it's so hot. She is on fire and I'm not stopping the way I'm slamming her. I'm not stopping lovely asian girl devouring massive throbbing dick she feels herself clench and tighten before cumming.

Her stomach is hot and so are her legs as she drapes them in her own cum. Then she feels me pull out of her soaked pussy. " I'm not impregnating you." I say before I point my cock upwards and sprays my cum.

It's hot, thick, and heavy. It sprays upwards; it lands on her hair, her face, throat, breasts, and stomach. It seems to cover her body and she is shaking. Ellen hears my heavy breathing also the rummaging of clothing as I push my cock back into my jeans, zips up, turning to her.

" See you at your place in an hour." I said. Ellen went home and I was not there so she went to bed. Sometime during the night I arrived to find her sleeping. I slowly climbed on the bed.

My finger dig into her skin, probing up along her and pussy. A gasp escapes her as my fingers find nothing between me and her bare pussy.

Ellen cries out in shock and pain as my two fingers are shoved into her pussy. She hears my low dark chuckle as I pin her to the bed as she cries out against my hand and the rough handling. Tears running down her face mingling with my hands salty touch. The haze of pain and intrusion at my rough jabbing of my fingers into her.

She closes her eyes and cannot stop her trembling. Ellen is barely aware when I move, my hand away from her face. Ellen fades into a haze of fear and shame as she feels my hands on her breasts, a crude bite on her neck. Then she feels my body pressing between her thighs, and the sudden sharp thrust of my cock deep inside her. Whimpering and shaking her head in denial as she feels herself being taken by me again. Despite the fear and pain of the insistent thrusting of my cock deep in her shaved cunt.

She feels her body betraying her and responding in a welcoming fashion. Ellen writhes against my thrusts, inwardly cursing her body for reacting as if she enjoyed what I was doing to her. Her body is arching against my hard deep thrusts. She hears my low growl as I cum in her.

She is barely aware of the movement, then the lights come on. She look up through a haze of tears, and feeling waves of disgust. Eyes watery from tears, seeing my face smiling wickedly down at her. " Such a beautiful woman, Ellen." My warm voice rumbles as I chuckle. Ellen blinks as she looks up at me, as I hover near by, smirking holding my cock.

Breaking into tears as she wraps her arms around me. She pretty wife gets titty fucked with ddd tits onto me and eventually managing to relax.