A girl dsex first time with her boy frnd

A girl dsex first time with her boy frnd
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I was a 34 year old father, my wife and I had planned on having a lot of kids, but ended up having one, my daughter Stacey. She was about 5'4, beautiful long golden hair, tan skin, athletic, and thin body, with blue eyes.

Every month or so she would be going out with a boy, although it wasn't anything serious. My wife had left us when she was about 7, we had divorced. So every now and kerala sex massage parlor story, when Stacey wasn't around, I would go on the internet, and look at some porn sites.

I had never thought of my daughter the way I had since that one week. We had finally gotten a pool, and she showed off her new bikini. I had go inside before I let her see that I was erect. My cock was about 7in, and about 3in thick, but when it was erect it was about 9in. I wanted my daughter so bad that day, the way she would wear short skirts in front of me, and lean down exposing her breasts.did she know?

I didn't expect her too. It was also nice to make excuses when she was in the hottub, I would say I needed to get some towels, and only see some of her soft beautiful skin.

It was sick, and illegal, to think of my own daughter this way, but I couldn't help it, and I needed to feel her tight pussy wrap around my cock. It was that one night that I had finally lost my control.

I was sitting next to her on the couch watching some TV, she was wearing one of her short Hollister mini skirts, and a strapless white tanktop. I could feel my cock throbbing. I moved closer to her, but she didn't seem to notice. I gently lay my hand on her knee, she looked up at me and smiled. "hey daddy, what's up?" she asked smiling. "nothin baby." i said moving my hand up and down her leg. She started to frown and shifted away. I then slid my hand around her thigh.

She quickly pushed my hand away. "daddy what are you doing?!" she said shocked. Without thinking Igrabbed her wrist and pushed her back onto the arm of the couch. My cock was pushing against my boxers now, and her skirt. I lay against her making sure she couldn't move. "Dad stop!" she screeched. I grabbed her jaw. "C'mon baby, stop fighting and it won't hurt." I said.

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I pressed my lips to hers, roughly sliding my tounge into her mouth. She tried moving her jaw away. I harshly kissed her neck, pushing my chest close to hers. "Stop it daddy!" she yelled again. I put my hand on her throat threateningly. "Undress now." i commanded. "no, get off of me!" "i said undress for me now!" i yelled at her. I sat up, my crotch still between her thighs. Shakingly, she started to pull her shirt off, she wasn't wearing any bra.

Her tits were about 32 B, which was strange for a girl her age. Her lightly shaded nipples grew hard from the cold air. I started to lick around them. "please. stop it." i heard her say, i ignored her kissing her soft breasts. My hands carawled onto her left breast, I started to nibble around the right, biting down harder on it, i heard her wince. "please, stop." female cum squirting niley hott 13 (squirting tube porn cried again.

I sat up and took my shirt off. "kiss me." i said. she just stared blankly at me. "KISS ME!" i said again.

I grabbed th back of her head, and pulled her hair forcing her lips to my chest. She did as I said, softly kissing me. Althought the kissing just wasn't enough, I needed more. I started to unbutton her skirt, and slid it off. She wore a black thong, I could scarcely see a little of her pussy. I got off the couch, as I saw she was starting to tear. I pulled down my boxers and kicked them away. I started to stroke my staff, as it got hard as a rock.

It was fully erect now. I got back on the couch, and put one knee on the arm, and the other next to her, putting my cock in front of her face. I grabbed her hair, and put her lips to the head. "Suck it you little dirty bitch!" I yelled. She slightly opened her mouth, and I shoved my cock into it. her tounge, and lips were warm, licking against my rpick. I moaned. "Yeah baby, ohhh, that's it." i moaned closing my eyes.

I could tell my cock was too big to fit in her mouth, and and she refused to go any further than she already was going, so i pushed her head deeper feeling my cock, go in the back of her throat. "you like that baby?" i asked. she started to tear again. "oh yeahhh, you're so warm baby.i like that.ohhh yeahhh." i said as she kept sucking. But being sucked just still wasn't enough. If i wanted to fuck her, this was the time. I took my cock out of her mouth, and walked back.

I slid her thong off, and finally got a teen horny brunette ass fingering on webcam of her beautiful pussy. It was surprisingly shaved. It was nice and wet.

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I started to tease it with my finger, playing with it. "stop it daddy." she cried. I took my middle, and index finger, and shoved it into her tight cunt hole. she winced. She was so tight, and so good. "you like that hun." i said. i kept fucking her with my fingers. She moaned, in pain and pleasure. After a while, i slid my fingers out. and grabbed her wrists pulling her naked body off of the couch.

I grabbed her legs and picked her up, doctor and naresh bf move her left leg in one arm, i used my write hand to guide my cock into her hole. I pushed her aginst the wall, as i slowly slid up her pussy.

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She winced, and started to moan. Once i got deep enough, i started to fuck her harder and faster. in and out, in and out, harder, and faster every time. "daddyy, uhhh, stopp it pleasee, uhh uhhh." she moaned. Still fucking her, i moved to the table, and started to fuck her in a different position, he was on her side, with her leg lifted.

"uhh uhh uhh." she would moan. "c'mon baby, that's it, you like that don't you, oh fuck yeah." i said. I turned her over on the table, and slid my cock into her tight ass. She screamed louder. "oh yes." she screamed. My goal was to make her like it, and i did. She was screaming with pleasure now. As i fucked her tight asshole, i slid my fingers into her cunt again. "i'm gonna cum baby!" i yelled.

"yes daddy!, yes!, please uhh." she screamed. my cock was gonna explode any second. I felt the head squirt out. She moaned. "Yeah baby, you like that hot cum don't you?" "oh yeah daddy, yeah, uhh uhhh, faster daddy, faster." she moaned. I started to fuck her harshly now. I picked her up and brought her to my bed room, turning her on her back again. fucking her pussy. "you want more baby?" i asked her. "ohh yeahh!" she moaned. I took my cock out, and leaned my head down close to her little cunt.

i started to lick her little clit, i shoved my tounge in and out of her hole. "you taste so good." i said to her. "don't stop daddy, you're so fucking great." she moaned.

I licke her sides and her whole, tasting her precum. I stopped and whiped my mouth. I lay next to her, we're both sweating. "how'd you like that baby?" i asked her.

"it was great daddy." she smiled. "i want to do it again sometime."

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