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Nice nympho gapes tight slit and loses virginity
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Bevy Bevy was a college co-ed who started late, opting to take a couple of years off after finishing High School to work in her father's office in order to save up for College. Her real name was Beverly, but she had been Bevy for short for such a long time that she almost didn't answer to Beverly much anymore.

The men who worked along side her left her alone since her father had made it absolutely clear what would happen if any of his employees hit on his daughter. They still stared when she wasn't looking, of course, but they didn't ask her out or make rude comments when she was around.

Not that they didn't when in private company, however, for Bevy was certainly attractive. Since then, she left the office to go to school studying business and accounting. She was a junior now and having finished the majority of her Major was now concentrating this semester on electives. One of these was a psychology course, a subject that she always did have a knack for, which she found particularly fascinating.

It dealt mostly with abnormal behaviors and how to classify and treat them. However, as the spring semester wore on, she began to find her test scores slipping and her papers earning lower than usual grades.

Her professor, Mr. Davis, seemed to like her well enough, he frequently called on her and she would have the answers readily. She sat in the second row and took attentive notes, but her papers all said the same thing: "Lack of attention in Class, Miss Connoly". Finally, a week before spring break and mid-terms, the class subject matter turned sharply away from the usual material of depression and clinical psychology and toward sexual manias: Homophobia, sadism and finally, nymphomania.

Bevy's paper on Homophobia only got a C+. She was hoping to do much better so as to lift her overall grade in the class. On the back of the paper in the professor's notes was an attached folded piece of paper. She opened it and it read: Miss Connoly, couldn't help but notice your difficulty over the past couple of weeks.

Would you be interested in a study session on Big tit dark haired babe teases on cam at 8:00 p.m.

in my office? Prof. Davis She decided to attended the session on Friday after packing to go home for the vacation. Since she had a 4-hour trip home and she would go right after the session, she decided to wear a white v-neck t-shirt that she had turned into a Tank top and a pair of figure-hugging sweat pants, which were grey with orange stripes on the side.

She wore her shoulder-length black hair in a short french twist aided by a banana clip, put on her small-framed Bill Blass glasses, picked up her notepad and went out the door.

When she arrived, she noticed the main hall was deserted. She walked up the stairs to Prof. Davis's Office (she hadn't been there before, but she remembered his instructions on the first day of class) expecting to hear the sound of other students in the session, but all she heard was her own footsteps.

She came to the professor's office in time to see him stand up from his desk and turn out the desk lamp. There were no other students in the office, which while not as big as the other department head's offices, was big enough to house his desk, an old flip-top student's desk and a chalkboard. She knocked on the office door and he looked up.

"Oh, Miss Connoly, I was about to give up on anyone showing up for this little get-together. I assumed that everyone was on their was to Florida or someplace. Where are you headed, if you don't mind my asking?" "Oh, not at all! I'm afraid I'm not going anyplace exotic like that, my father asked that I come home and help him at his office during the break." she said.

"Well, that's certainly kind of you to think of your family at a time most people are only thinking about their own pleasure." said the Prof. "Well then, since your here, we might as well get started: Please have a seat, Miss Connoly." "You can call me Bevy, Prof. Davis, it's not like we're in class!" she said as she sat down.

"Even so, I like to maintain a certain Decorum with my students," he said, "please refer to me as either Professor or Sir". Since she was used to working with her father she said, "Yes, sir, I understand." He picked up his notebook and sat on his desk in front of her. "Now, then, Tell me why you picked the topic you did for your last paper." "Well, since we only had the three to choose from, it was really a process of elimination." "How, so?" he prompted.

She continued, "First, I find sadism particularly nauseating and Homophobia I picked because I've had some experience with it, the Men who worked at my father's office thought being accused of being a Homosexual was the worst thing in the world, and as for Nymphomania." "Yes, Tell me about Nympho- mania." "Well, I don't know too much about it.", she said.

"Really? I thought that you might have some insight into it, being teens pound bfs butt hole with huge belt dicks and blast jizm sufferer yourself.", he said. "What do you mean?" she asked in a soft all about the party booze and sex with the officer young old and pornstars as she looked down at the desk. "I mean that you seem to share the same traits as the woman that we studied in class, Rebecca." "But, she was a slut!", Bevy protested, "I'm not a slut!" "No, but if you remember, she wasn't always a slut, at first she was just lonely and sexually frustrated and I don't remember seeing you with a boyfriend or other sexual release for the past three years.", he said.

"The guys here just don't like me, they want some one younger", she said. "Bevy, your only 23! Your not old and decrepit yet!", he exclaimed. "What I'm seeing are some disturbing warning signs that I want to treat before it becomes a problem.for instance, your staring off into space whenever we discussed in class the case history of Rebecca.

It took me awhile to figure out what you were staring at especially since you followed me with your eyes but never looked up at my face, but from your height, you would have been staring at my crouch! I swear, yesterday, you seemed to be almost drooling!" with that he looked up from his notebook to look at her, "Just like Now!".

"Huh?" she jolted as the intelligence returned to her grey-blue eyes. With a sudden realization, she remembered what she was just thinking about: She was undressing him with her eyes!

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"Oh my god! Professor you were right! Oh, Sir, What can I do!" she sobbed. "Now, Now, my dear, we're going to get you help, lucky for you we caught it in time before you lost total control!

Have you ever had hypnosis therapy?" he asked. "No, Sir, I don't think so" she answered. "Do you want me to try to help you? If not, I can refer you someone else, if you like" he said. "No, sir, I think you can help me, Professor and."she mumbled.

"And.What?" he prompted. "And.I want you to help me.Please?" she said meekly. He just stared at her expectantly. "Please, Sir?" she said. He beamed and said, "Of course I'll help you! First I want you to relax and empty your thoughts.close your eyes.that's it!" He reached into a drawer of his desk and took out a blue sapphire pendant.

He then stood in front of the girl and began to swing the piece of jewelry. "Now, open your eyes, Bevy" She did so and immediately fixated on the lateral movement of the blue stone, following it, drowning in it's brilliant sea of light. AS the dull light once again returned to her eyes, he noticed that her breathing had become more deep and thus, raised her glorious 40 inch bust to new heights. "Bevy.Bevy, can you hear me?" he asked. "Yes" then a brief pause, followed by "Sir".

'Now, then, let's see just how deep this problem goes.', the Professor thought to himself. "Bevy, when was the last time you've had sex?" asked the Professor. "At my father's office, three years ago." said the zombified Bevy. "Go on", said the Prof., "What happened? Tell me from the beginning." "Well, it all started on night when I was sunny leone xxx 3 hot blue film com home from work late when I saw a car parked in the deserted lot moving up and down softly.

I was curious who was in the car thinking it was one of the other secretaries and their boyfriends, who I could tease about later. Instead it was Albert, one of the recently hired Interns. When I got closer, I realized that he was getting a blowjob from another man! I didn't recognize him from the office. I was so shocked that I gasped and I think that Albert heard me and he look up.

At the time I didn't think that he saw me. But the next day, I found out that he had. He asked me not to tell anyone, knowing how homophobic the rest of the guys were and japanese milf sucks cock and is fucked he would be fired for some trumped up reason or another.

I told him that I wouldn't tell anyone that he was homosexual and we went to lunch that day and everyday there after. We became good friends, in fact, some slaying my neighbors slutty milf pussy at home stocking and hardcore the guys thought that we were a couple!

Which was good, because the rest of the office pretty much left me alone." 'No wonder she did her paper on Homophobia', thought the Professor. "Then, on my last day of working for my father, Albert asked to meet me for dinner in a nearby restaurant. We ate and had some wine, but in the middle of dinner, I started to feel light-headed.

After dinner, he asked if we could go back to the Office, that he had a going away Present for me. I told him that we could.

It was all quiet in the office when we arrived. He said that it was in the Copier Room. I felt so out-of-it that it was all that I could do to follow him into the Room. It was all dark. I was about to look for a light switch when someone grabbed my arms behind my back and forced me to my knees. The light came one and the person behind my pulled my short hair and forced my head up. Albert was standing next to Jason, the V.P.

of marketing and he said "I told you that I could get her here, Sir". "Good job, kid! Your career here is set for life, don't you worry about a thing!", said Jason, "Your welcome to stay and join the festivities of course!" "No, thanks!

Nothing here that I haven't already had!", said Albert. All of the guys laughed and Albert went out the other exit. Jason said: "How are ya feeling there, Bevy?". One the other guys said, "Jay, she looks a little drunk to me." Jason said," That's because Albert slipped her a Sex drug over dinner tonight. She won't remember a thing about tonight, other than she had a great time!

So there's no worrying about her Daddy, guys!". Then he turned to me and said: "Bevy, you've been the worst Cockteaser this company has ever seen and tonight we're going to make sure that you deliver on all of your promises! By the time we're done with you, you'll suck cock like a pro and take it up the ass, all while begging for more!

We're going to make sure that you're the Hottest Piece of Ass on Campus! After all, it's the least we can do for our Kappa Alpha Beta brothers, right, guys?", Jason grinned." 'Hmm, pharmaceuticaly buried sexual's sandy horny masseuse wants to get fucked that this girl isn't more messed up than she already is', mused the Professor.

"With that, cute brunette teen skye west gets pussy drilled by big cock pornstar and handjob all started to unzip their pants and take out their penises. All of them were erect and ready to go and I found myself staring at the biggest one, it was at least 13" long and 3" around!

It belonged to Craig, who was such a little guy at 5'3", that I wondered how he could walk around with that thing in his pants! I had worn a blue suit with medium skirt and an ivory white blouse and short heels.

The blouse was buttoned up to the neck, but I had worn a bra that was given to me for my 20th birthday a few weeks back that I'd hadn't worn before and today found that it was a tad too small, so I had taken it off before dinner. They noticed this as they unbuttoned my suit coat. They then rolled it off my shoulders so that it was bunched up tight and my arms were pinned back like a straight-jacket.

My skirt buttoned all the way up and they quickly noticed this too. They admired my teal French-cut panties, saying that they showed off my ass.

Next, they unbuttoned my blouse, amazed when my breasts didn't move after being freed from the shirt. My vision swam, and when I recovered, all I could see was cock after cock! Hard, Thick and Wanton! I looked down and saw that one of them was resting on top of my was so close! "I think she wants it!" said one of the guys. "Do you some hard cock, Bevy?" At the mention of my name, I looked up and was lost in lights, eyes wide, I bit my lower lip and said: "Cock?".

one girl 10 boy xxx story Craig, "like this!" He then shoved his monster into my face and said "Do you want this, little Bevy? Huh? Do you?". I stared at it, licked my lips and said meekly: "Yes.Yes, I want it.".

"Do you want to be fucked, Bevy? You want this hard cock in your wet pussy? If you do, you have to say so, you have to beg us to fuck you, understand?", said one of the guys. I was so hot and wet, I'd never been so turned on, I had to have it.

"YES!" I cried "Yes, I want it, Please, Please fuck me, fuck my brains out!" "You hear that? I never thought that Old Man Connoly's Daughter was such a Tawdry little Whore! Well, Let's give her what she wants, huh, guys?" said Jason." "Then they started in on me, fucking my pussy from behind, sucking and squeezing my tits, putting it up my ass and of course, I was sucking every dick stuck in my face. When I didn't have a mouth full of schlong, I was begging for more, just like they said I would be!

Each time one guy will squirt his cum down my throat, shoot all over my tits, Cum in my pussy or spray all over my ass, another cock would take it's place. Soon, from both exhaustion and the drugs, I began to lose consciousness, but not before having cum at least 10 times myself!

As for the guys, they each came 5 times! As I slipped into the Blackness, I heard Jason say: "She is certainly a mess! Don't worry, I know of a 24 hour Cleaners that'll fix up her clothes in couple of hours and as for her, all she needs is a trip to the showers in the exercise room. We'll put her in her car and she'll wake up thinking that she few asleep in the Parking Lot!" The Professor blinked and realized his patient's story and left him breathless and hard as a rock!

'Wow, all that pent-up sexual's a wonder that she hasn't exploded!' thought the Professor. "Hmm, maybe I should try some radical therapy", the Professor said to himself quietly. He went over to his desk, opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a magazine that contained the inspiration for his work on this subject: two stories to be exact featured in "Whores in Heat", 'Nancy the Nympho Nun' and of course, 'Rebecca the Co-ed Cumslut'.

He opened up the issue to page 54 and laid down in front of Bevy. "Bevy will you please read this story?" asked the Professor. Bevy read it and lingered on the Photos that accompanied it, licking her lips at the appropriate moments. When she was done, she looked up expectantly. "Bevy, what do you think were the most important words in this story?" asked the Prof.

"Well.Cock.", said Bevy, counting on her fingers. "Sperm.and, wait! fucking! .and fucked, to." "So let's see, We have Cock, Sperm and for argument's sake, we'll group the last three together to be Fuck, Fucking, Fucked. These will be your Vocabulary words, Bevy. I want your to sit up straight, chest out and head high and say each word slowly and deliberately. Ready? Begin!" stated the Professor. Bevy then sat up much straighter, taking a deep breath that pushed out her already impressive chest and rolled her shoulders back and raised her head and neck.

"COOCCKKK" she said as if she were in a perverse spelling bee. "SSS-PEERRMMM" was next and Finally, "FFFUCK.FFFUCKING.FFFUCKED", each word with extra emphasis on the first letter. "Very good, Bevy!" said the Prof. as he erased the chalk board. "Now, when I count to three, I want you to wake up with those words deeply entrenched in your mind, for the first few seconds, they will be all you can think about.

Do you Understand?" "Yes" came the reply. "then, one.two.three". A few heartbeats passed as Bevy visibly awoke from her trance. Then, all at once, she turned to the Prof. with a horrified look in her eyes. "Professor! what do I do! It's gotten much worse!" she cried. "Well", said the Professor, turning away from the Chalkboard, knowing full well that his erection was easily seen, "I think that first you need to admit that you have a problem." "Wha.What do you mean?" said Bevy as she wrenched her gaze from doctor and naresh bf move Professor's outlined dick with noticeable effort.

"I mean that while you have asked me for help, you haven't said what you think your problem is.admitting the problem to one's self is often the first step to recovery. I thought that maybe you just had a bad apple of a boyfriend who would tie you up or something, but the problem is much more deep-rooted than that. Tell me what your thinking about." "I.I.I can't.I can't tell you, it's too awful!" "Denying the problem only prolongs it, Bevy, are you afraid that I'll think less of you if you tell me?

I promise I won't. Tell what naughty things you are thinking about" "Men.I'm thinking about Men" "What about Men are you thinking about?" "No.please don't make me say it!.I'm a good girl, I am! I'm not like her, I'm not." "Like who? Like Rebecca? Are you thinking about Men's Penises, Bevy?" "YES! I Want Cock! Just like Rebecca the Cum-slut! I want to be Fucked!

Fuck me, Professor! Please, I know that you want it, too! FUCK ME!" By now, Bevy was out of her seat and was pressing herself against him, pinning him to the chalkboard. "Alright, Bevy, since you want it so bad, I'll just have to oblige!" Bevy dropped to her knees and took out his average sized cock and slipped it into her incredibly suctioning mouth. "Yes, Bevy, suck that cock.that's it, good girl!", said the Professor as he grasped her hair and pulled gently with each stroke.

Finally, he pulled her off and up and stood behind her. He lifted up her Tank top and ran his hands over her ample tits. Unhooking her bra, he played with each nipple while nuzzling her neck, eliciting soft moans and gasps from her.

He then leaned her over the desk and ran his hands over the back of her sweat pants, massaging her crotch, bringing her already heated depths to a boil. "Please don't tease me, Professor!" "You mean like you've teased me all semester?" he responded, However, she was too much in the throes of passion to hear his vengeful comment. He took down her pants and stuck two fingers inside her while she begged for his hard dick.

He finally relented and slowly mounted her with even stokes so as to not hurry the moment.

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She raised her leg so that her knee rested on the desk along with her hands for better access to her focus of pleasure. This prompted a more aggressive style from her partner, who began fast, hard pumps to accompany her litany of Submissive Vulgarities. ".Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Don't stop, I need it so bad! Fuck that hot little pussy! Ball my Brains out! Treat me like the Slut that I am!." Continued unabated for some time until the Professor began to feel the pressure increase in his prick.

He pulled out and positioned her on the floor, her face and tits just scant inches from xxxi story sex stories man woman soon to be erupting Volcano of Cum. "OHHhhh Yeah!" He exclaimed as the first of six gloopy jets of cream fell on her face, tits and outstretched tongue.

He reached behind his chalkboard and handed her a towel. "Here, I don't want someone to think that something untoward is happening in my office! How do you feel?" "Great!", She cried, "I feel wonderful! Thank you so much, Professor!" "I'm glad to hear it, Bevy! Although, it will still be awhile before your completely cured. We may still have to schedule several study sessions after the break." With a coy smile, she said:" I'd like that, Professor." "Drive safe!" he said as she closed the door.

After he was sure that she was gone, he went to the Phone and dialed a long distance number. Once it picked up, he punched in the code that would take him the after hours messaging center for the Senior V.P. of Marketing.

"Hi, it's Chris, as one Kappa Alpha Beta brother to another, thanks for the Present!" The End