Slim babe knows how to use a pecker

Slim babe knows how to use a pecker
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Traci dumped her books on the floor as soon as she got home, running down the hall towards her room. "Why are you in such a hurry?" her mother asked as she ran off. "I have to go to the bathroom!" Traci yelled over her shoulder.

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She rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. "Well, it's not a total lie," Traci thought to herself as she pulled her pants and panties off and lifted up her blouse. She sat on the toilet, spreading her legs to expose her engorged clit. She breathed a loud sigh of relief as she rubbed her clit relentlessly and pinched and rubbed her nipples, desperate to cum.

That afternoon at school she had been talking to some of her friends when the sluttiest girls in the school sat near the tree where her friends gathered for lunch, and began to swap sex stories.

While her friends were busy chattering away, she pretended to listen to their boring tales while she secretly listened to the sluts instead. "Have any of you had an orgasm with water before?" one of the sluts had said in a hushed tone. "No, what do you mean?" another slut responded. The first slut went into lurid and graphic detail, describing how she had gone into the tub and lay under the faucet with her pussy up against the wall of the tub and let the water work its magic.

Traci sat with an absentminded smile for her friends, but secretly her pussy was sopping with juices as the slut had gone into every wet detail about the splashing water running on her clit, how she had played with her nipples, and the delicious description of her orgasm. Her every word and exactly how she had said it was ingrained in Traci's memory, and she called it back up as she sat on the toilet masturbating.

It wasn't long before she exploded in orgasm, she muffled her own cries as her legs spasmed, as her fingers rubbed her clit right over the edge. "Holy fuck," Traci whispered.

She picked up her clothes, flushed the toilet to keep blonde brunette redhead teen bring your playfellows daughter to work day the facade for her mom, and snuck down the hallway half-naked to her bedroom. She stripped down and put on a robe, taking her bath supply basket back to the bathroom.

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gorgeous babe playing with herself wow pictures you are!" her mom said when she spotted her in the hallway. "You're going to take a bath at this hour? You just got home from school!" "Well, I have to get to school early tomorrow .

so I figured I'd get ready tonight instead of in the morning," Traci said nervously. "Okay, well daddy and I are going to a dinner party with his business associates, we'll be back late. Will you be okay sweet heart?" "Mom I'm almost 17! I'll be fine," Traci said, edging away from her mom towards the bathroom.

"Oh of course, almost 17 . why you're practically an old hag," she laughed. "We'll be back later, call us if you need anything." Traci rushed into the bathroom, locking the door and running the water for her "bath".

She leaned against the wall naked, staring at the deep, oval tub as the water ran, waiting patiently for her parents to leave. When she heard the slam of the door, she got in the tub and followed the school-slut's advice. She shimmied her ass to the edge of the tub, raising her legs up and spreading them against the shower wall.

The water rushed down her ass and thighs, so she shimmied closer and closer, edging her clit towards the rushing water. That's when she felt it hit her clit. "Unh," she moaned instinctively. She leaned back, grabbing the edge of the tub as the water rushed over her clit, dancing on it in the most delightful way. The water's touch was smooth and delicate, yet it was a constant motion that brought her close to orgasm faster than she had ever been able to do by hand.

"Uuuuuunnnh," she groaned as her climax built inside her. The water ran over her nub, relentlessly stroking it, until finally the orgasm hit her so hard she literally screamed as her body exploded. She raised her hips to meet the rushing water, and as she did so she lost her grip on the edge of the tub. She kept moaning as she finished her cum, sliding downwards in the tub towards the faucet.

She was deep in the tub in an awkward position, her legs sprawled up high and apart. She struggled to get herself up, to move away from the water that was torturing her now delicate clit, but the tub was too slippery. She tried to push with married women going for fuck arms and hands but they kept sliding on the tub's surface, making it impossible for her to get a grip. The pain on her clit from the running water was too much, and her panicked state was not helping the matter.

The water rubbed her love button like a sadistic master, deaf to her cries for mercy. She tried to push away with her legs but they were weak from her hard cum. Finally she managed to bend her right knee enough to get her foot planted flat against the wall, but just as she was about to shove away the pain turned delicious.

"Oooh," she moaned, stretching her leg out again. "Ahhh yeah," she moaned, rubbing her tight, cold little nipples. "Oh yes," she hissed as a second, stronger orgasm built. "Oh fuck," she said out loud, so entranced with the intensity of her building orgasm she couldn't help it, "I'm gonna cum so fucking haa . ahhhh aaaaard!!

Unhhh! Yeah!!" She screamed, pinching her nipples hard as her legs straightened, and her hips instinctively raised. She moaned and cursed as she came, hard. When she was finished she was out of breath, and her muscles felt weak and rubbery. She could hardly move her arms, much less fight the walls of the slippery tub. The water tortured her sensitive little clit yet again, and her knees too weak to even bend, so she succumbed to the torture, laying naked in the bath underneath her faucet-master.

She had cum a third time and was building to the fourth orgasm when she realized she could sit up, and if she stretched her arms enough, she might be able to reach the knobs to turn off the water.

Luckily she worked out often, and she used her exquisite stomach muscles to reach up to the unusually high knobs. She stretched her arm as high and far as she could, tapping the knob with her fingers trying to get a grip. The water was still running on her clit, and her orgasm continued to build as she stretched, and for some reason being in this predicament turned her on so much, it made her cum yet again. She finally got a grip on the knob and held on to it as she came, letting the water run just until she was finished.

"Whew!" she exhaled when she finally turned off the water. She crawled out of the tub, weak kneed, and wrapped herself in her warm robe. She shuffled off to her bedroom, tired from the 5 orgasms she had in the last 2 hours, but strangely enough, still horny. She tried watching TV, but her twat was uninterested in the stupid sitcoms. She turned it off and wandered over to her computer, logging on to AOL to see if there was anything interesting on the net. She was vaguely unfamiliar with the computer, using it only to do research for school projects, to play games, or sometimes for shopping.

She surfed around mindlessly when she heard a strange little chime. "What the.?" A little white window popped up i fuck my boss hard a message. "Traci is that you?" it read. She was confused, having never received an IM before. She saw a cursor where it looked like she could type, so she tapped in "who is this?" "It's Lyla from school!" Traci gasped out loud pal gets obese one eyed monster sucked hardcore blowjob she realized it was the slut from school, the very one she had overheard talking about her tub experiences!

She felt her clit throb, not sure how to respond to her since they weren't very good friends, yet Lyla's advice had given Traci the hardest, greatest orgasms she had ever had in her life.

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"Hi Lyla, yes its me Traci" Traci wrote back, unsure of what else to say. "Cool! Whats up?" "Nothing just bored. Whats up with you?" "I'm chatting in a really cool chat room! You should come in here!" Traci had heard of chat rooms before, but they sounded boring.

What was so great about typing to a bunch of old people?

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"No thanks, I think I'm going to bed early. Night" Traci typed, and leaned over about to turn off her computer. "Wait! Come check it out, its in the SEX channels" That caught Amazing chick bounds on large dick hardcore and massage attention. "Sex channels?" "Yeah! Click on Member Rooms, then scroll down to the channel called highschoolsex!" Traci thought about it. Was it a trick? Was Lyla trying to catch her so she could tell everyone at school the next day and they could all make fun of her?

She wasn't feeling daring enough to risk it. "Sorry I have to go. Night," Traci typed, then shut off the computer. She sat in the dark in her computer chair for a while, thinking about it. She wondered what the channel was about, and she was feeling horny and curious. "I know! I'll make a fake nickname." She turned the computer back on, logged on to AOL, and made herself a new nickname: "CyberSlut". She laughed as she typed it and logged on to AOL with her new identity.

She did as Lyla said and went into the "highschoolsex" chat room. It looked about as boring as Traci had expected, people were talking too fast for her to keep up and about things she didn't really get.

She felt like she had crashed a stranger's party. She was about to leave when she got a message from someone named "HandsomeDom". "Hello, CyberSlut," HandsomeDom messaged her. "Hi" Traci replied. They exchanged names and chatted for a long time. Traci discovered that his name was Michael, and he sent her a picture of himself. Traci thought he looked pretty hot. "So how did you get the name CyberSlut?" Michael asked her.

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"I just made it up. I was curious about what was in this chat room." "I see," Michael said. "Would you be interested in talking on the phone?" Traci thought about it for awhile, but it didn't take long for her to reply "Sure!" In minutes, Traci was logged off the computer and talking to Michael on the phone.

He had a deep, sexy voice, a man's voice, way hotter than the guys from school. He was funny, and smart, and made her giggle and feel a little nervous, and . well, horny. "Tell me what you're wearing Traci," Michael said after they'd been talking a while. "I'm . um, naked," Traci said, blushing. "Oh really? Naked? Is there a particular reason?" Traci blushed again, remembering her long cum session in the tub.

"No reason, I'm just . almost ready for bed." "I see. Get in your bed, Traci." "Okay," Traci said, feeling uneasy about his authoritative commands, yet strangely aroused. "Do you masturbate, Traci?" "No," Traci lied, feeling her face turn beet red. "Oh come now, with a nickname like CyberSlut you've never masturbated?" "Well . I guess I . I mean ." Traci stammered, feeling embarassed and unsure. "How often do you make yourself cum, CyberSlut?" Michael's voice suddenly turned a bit more sinister.

"Um, well . once or twice a day," Traci felt wierd that he was using her AOL nickname suddenly. "I see. And how many times have you cum today, CyberSlut?" "Um . well ." Traci was too embarassed to say the word FIVE out loud. It seemed so nasty and whorish. "Traci, I can sense that you're feeling shy.

Do you know what a Dom is?" "No ." "Well . think of it as someone who understands your needs." "My needs?" "Yes. You picked the nickname CyberSlut because you ARE a slut." Traci gasped. "That's not true!" "Yes it is, slut. Don't yell at me, you're the one who picked that nickname, and that's because you know your true nature." "But I've never even . I mean I haven't . oh forget it." "Are you a virgin, honey?" "Yes," Traci replied in a small voice. "Oh goodness. A sweet little 16 year old virgin slut." "I'm almost 17!" Traci protested.

"And I'm NOT a slut!" "You need to send me a picture, honey," Michael said. Traci felt her nipples getting hard as he spoke, his voice was so deep and sexy it turned her on to hear it.

"I'm not sure how," Traci said. "I'll show you. For now, I think I need to teach you a lesson." "What do you mean?" Traci asked nervously. "Spread your legs, slut. "Stop calling me that!" "Listen, Traci dear. Do you like me?" "Yes." "Do you like the way I look?" "Yes." "Do you like the way I sound?" "Yes." "Do you want to keep talking to me?" "Yes!" "Okay, then you need to just shut the fuck up and do hot babe with huge melons rides her dildo I say.

Understand, slut?" "I guess," Traci muttered, feeling mildly annoyed. "Spread your legs." Traci couldn't help but do what he said, every word he spoke seemed to make her pussy cream like it never had before.

"Did you do it?" "Yeah," Traci said, barely audible. "Good. Now start rubbing that hot little clit of yours," Michael said. Michael ordered Traci on every little detail about masturbating herself, and he made her cum 3 times over the phone.

"Alright slut," Michael said, as Traci panted breathlessly into the phone from her final third orgasm. "Its late, and time for bed. Now I'm going to call you tomorrow night at 6pm sharp. Answer the phone, and you better be naked and in bed when I call." "But ." Traci started to protest. "Shut up. Now before you go to sleep tonight, masturbate yourself to orgasm again, after you cum, you may go to sleep." "But ." Traci protested again.

"Will you stop trying to argue with me? Just do what you're told. Goodnight, Traci." they hung up, and Traci laid back in her bed, her hands still sticky from her 3 previous self-fucks with Michael.

She was tired, and didn't feel like cumming again. She wasn't sure if she should do what Michael had said or just forget about it and go to sleep.

But, the more she thought about it, the more turned on she became. Something about his voice, or the way he took the liberty of bossing her around, and the top big boobs pornstars names and pictures he made her touch herself .

it turned her on and she didn't know why.

She felt her hands tweaking and rubbing her nipples as she lie in bed. Before she knew it she was masturbating herself, hot and heavy in her bed, her fingers manipulating her clit with expertise as her other hand fondled and rubbed her nipples. She came suddenly, her hips bucking upwards as she exploded in orgasm all over her own fingers. "Oh Michael," she moaned, and she soon fell asleep, her fingers still buried in her cunt.