La rubia se lo pasa teta con el mandingo

La rubia se lo pasa teta con el mandingo
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Part 2 Saturday Night! The limousine had arrived to take the girls to Ed and Diane's tattoo and piercing parlor. Lloyd who had stayed the night at R J's had been taken there earlier to await are arrival. Jo and Leah's sweet pink little pussies have returned to their relaxed and bashful state, from their previous evenings abuse, and are now quite wet, ready, and waiting with anticipation!!.

This particular place is located in one of the most unsavory places of north Portland.

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It is a place where drugs and prostitution are prevalent. The reason it is located in this area is because whatever happens to those women who come, or are brought here for their specialized treatment do not have to worry about any consequences.

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Most submissive slave girls have been taken here by their masters to be marked as their personal property, along with piercing, of not only their nipples but their genitals and this is done to them whether they are willing or not! The idea for taking both of these young women, here is to give both Jo and Leah a scary and realistic feeling that they might well be tattooed and pierced. They both have expressed their desire to be treated as sex slaves and to experience all of the possibilities that go with it and this would certainly be one.

The limousine is at Ed and Diane's. The entrance to this establishment is located at the end of a dark narrow alley, that the limo is unable to enter.

Ed and R J has made a deal with the pimp that controls this area so that we can freely pass the deal is that he gets to use the girls for a short time, as bait to help tempt and bring in customers for his other girls. Both Jo and Leah have been dressed in outfits that are quite revealing and that make them look like cheap, but very desirably arousing prostitute's.

Jo is wearing only a black garter belt and black stockings, Leah is wearing nothing under her mini skirt along with having a slave collar, heels and their hands bound behind their backs they are helplessly vulnerable. The limo has stopped, Stormy and I help the girls out Stormy takes Jo by her leash and I take Leah we lead them both down the alley as the pimp leads the way. Neither Jo or Leah have any idea what is going to happen or quite why they are dressed this way?.

At the end of the alley across from the tattoo parlor the pimp opens a door and we lead the the girls in and down a hall, it is dark and at first it is hard to see fucked for stealing from a bf natural tits cunnilingus once in, we pass through several doors and into a large lighted room, it was originally a meeting room in the back of an old hotel.

However the rooms in this hotel are used for only one thing!!. There are a dozen scantly clad working girls already offering themselves to a number of men who have been fondling them and haggling over a price, as we enter the mens attention is now focused on the girls. Jo with her gigantic tits and Leah who barely looks old enough to be out of hi school!

The pimp reaches over and easily pulls down the front of Jo's skimpy dress as her gigantic breasts are barely covered anyway so that these beauties are now fully exposed!. and are now getting quite a lot of attention. She has stepped out of what is left of the dress that has left her in only heels garter belt and stockings, the pimp has undone her hands and tells her to put them over her head and face towards the big wooden doors!

Leah is getting just as much attention as the pimp has walked over to her, and roughly pulls off her flimsy top, the few buttons that were holding it together fly off in different directions and her soft white little titties are now also bare, the fascination for big or small is apparent, The pimp has raised up her short little miniskirt and then removed it entirely, revealing her not so bashful bare little pussy!.

The attention her pussy is getting, has made her look and act just like a young virgin, she has been squirming at their touch as the fingers and hands freely and greedily roam, she can do little to stop them.

The men are almost starting to fight with one another, as the pimp steps in saying that they are only here for show, but they can amuse themselves as long as they like at the girls expense!. Men for some reason when it comes to big breasts always seem to have more than just a casual interest!

and under the circumstances are drawn to touch them. Jo seems to be quite happy to stand there with her hands clasped on the back of her head and let the men do whatever they wanted enjoying the attention they were both getting, the pimp was again telling the prospective customers that these girls were not for sale!. both girls have been quite stimulated by all the attention. After some interesting and enjoyable time plus the realization that they were not going to get a chance at the girls their interest waned and we were able to marched them back down the hall, both now were totally nude and very excited, several of the prostitutes had followed us out into the alley, their were a number of gang members that had gathered around after being told to make an appearance as the girls were lead across the alley and into Ed and Diane'sseveral of the gang members had commented on just what they were going to do to Jo and especially Leah when and if they got their filthy hands on either of them!

Ed and Diane have been waiting for us and have gotten most of the stands, sadistic ,toys and other appliances ready! One of the prostitutes had followed them in and was interested in just what kind of sexual abuse the girls were going to receive she had been wearing white open toed hi heel sandals and had a tattoo on her left foot.

Lloyd has taken a seat in one of the rooms so that he can enjoy the view. This allowed him to see out but that no one could see in. Diane who adela sunshine ass fucked gg exclusive gapingasshole assgape a tattooed lesbian has lead Jo over and made to set down on a small stool in between two wooden 10" x 10' posts that are about 3 ' tall and mounted on top of the posts are stocks Jo's head and wrists are locked into the stocks by Diane, she had also been nose hooked and her nipples are clamped with metal clamps that know longer allow her breasts her breasts to hang and their weight now is fully supported by her nipples that have been pulled up and tied to the stocks!

Her ankles have been pulled wide and tied to rings in the floor exposing her pussy so that it is ready for the next diabolically treatment. Leah with her wrist and ankle cuffs still on has been taken by Ed, over and helped up onto a small platform that has been mounted to the floor by a 10 "x 10 " post that has a big metal plate attached to the top, it was about 30 " high and had two small metal pipes that went back under her shoulders.

On the front part it had a small padded metal V shaped plate that forced her legs apart and were strapped to it by belts just above the knee, her ankles had been bent back underneath her thighs along with being pulled up and attached by the ankle cuffs to rings on the bottom of the plate!

Her wrists had been pulled down and attached to the post by her wrist cuffs, the result of this has left her arched back in a very vulnerable helpless and exposed position!. Leah was wondering just what he was going to do?, as a small rubber ball gag was forced into her mouth and tightly buckled at the back of her head. She too was now ready for what ever was next!.neither of the girls could hardly move or do anything to stop whatever Ed or Diane were about to do!

Jo's eyes had gotten quite large as she saw Ed take a small wooden paddle that had been wrapped on one end with some gauze an crepethis had been coated with some alcohol and lit on fire! He then started passing the almost invisible flame slowly up and down her genitals.

Jo had started to scream as her kinky girls screwed by perverted dudes in hotel room hair quickly lit up and burned off!!!.and was begging him not to do this!!!., the alcohol flame had only slightly singed her!, and after several passes, it had burned most of Jo's pubic hair off to almost nothing! It really did not hurt as long as Ed kept it moving.

It was much like getting your hand close to and open flame, the only bad part was the smell of the burnt pubic hair. For Jo, it was not only seeing the light colored flame, but the thought of what he was going to do with it!, in all actuality it only left her with a slutty blonde milf sets up a fuck session sun burnt mound and pubic area. Leah was unable to see what had happened to Jo but could hear her initial scream and her begging him not to do what he was about to do!.

., along with the smell that had made her wonder just what he was up to!.

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She of course did not have long to wait as with her up on this stand like she was and with her head back and legs strapped apart could not see what he was going to do.

Leah had very little pubic hair anyway and this required the flame to linger as he moved it even slower and with her being horizontal required him to almost rub the burning gauze and crape paddle against bashful little slit the results singed her a little more than what had happened to Jo.

She was making a squealing noise even with the gag, along with wiggling and trying to move her little muff out of the waybut in this position along with how well she was strapped and cuffed allowed little movement. As what little hair was left, quickly disappeared!!!.

thus leaving her with more than just a little, sun burned!. Diane had been smearing some medicated soap onto Jo, and proceeded to shave off what was left of her brown pubic hair, she had also removed the metal clamps from her nipples. Leah was next and was still sore and quite sensitive from the more scorching abuse she had received.

Diane delighted in watching her squirm as she intentionally tried to make Leah's little pussy twitch and jerk as she cleanly shaved off what little was left of her pubes! This had left Leah's now bare mound and red little slit open and almost dripping with uncontrolled anticipation!. What next was some nipple and pussy pumping along with some milking, these devices are used for several diabolically purposes and is not all that uncomfortable, it only helps make these areas more sensitive and along with the super bathroom dickmade with beth bennett pussies that Jo an Leah now possessed made them perfect specimens for pumping.

Their nipples were first and then just their clits one could hear the the motors on the vacuum pumps laboring to put as much sucking and absence of atmospheric pressure as was possible on their most tender little treasures, Jo was trying to hold her breath and Leah yelped as each time the pumps relief valve cycled this had gone on over and over again for almost five minutes Leah's yelping had now turned into uncontrolled pleasurable moaning and groaning.

Jo could no longer hold her breath and as she let it out, the pump was able to suck her clit up into the lower base of the tube, and then a little farther each time the pump cycled.

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Next for her was a plastic oval half cup that was held over Jo,s mound and slit, that really resulted in pumping and sucking not only her mound up inside along it had also sucked her clit an pussy lips up against the inside of the cup!, one could hear the machine straining to suck it up, this along with the wetness had easily made it really suck up and blossom!. Leah's mound and slit was smaller and more sensitive but it received almost the identical treatment and again after well over five minuets they were both released you could hear a long sucking sound as Diane slowly released the vacuum to each of the large plastic cups and the air rushed in!.

Both of the girls had orgasmed at almost the same time as the cups were released!!!.and both had never received such an interesting and pumping type of orgasm.

Both of their beautiful young pussies were quite enlarged, pumped up, very full, swollen and meaty looking, neither girl had ever seen anything like this and the sensation was so mysteriously erotic.

Ed had taken a very sharp needle that was used for piercing and was teasing and threatening to poke it through one of Jo,s big pumped and sucked up sensitive nipples!.

As he did so Jo's "eyes" had become quite large and she was starting to plead for him not to pierce her. He laughed and said, well then, if not your nipples maybe we should do your pussy lips or, I know even better, lets pierce your your clit! this had made her struggle to get loose!, but the way that Diane had secured her had made all her efforts in vain! Lloyd had been watching the goings on with Leah, and had been amazed when not only Jo,s pubic hair was singed off her muff, but was even more intrigued when what little was left of Leah's was also singed off.

Diane with Leah still up on the stand, and bound the way she was, allowed her to tease and threaten to kayla synz is damn near forty years of age a number of diabolic, sadistic and really perverse things to her naked helpless body. The fact that Leah looked so young and so much like a fair skinned virgin certainly gave one the perspective of a helpless and very vulnerable young girl .Diane had taken an even bigger and very sharp three cornered needle and was running it above Leah's nose so she could see it!, along with telling her that this!, was what she was going to use to pierce her tiny little clit!!!.it, the needle was almost as big as her clit!, even with it pumped up the way it was.

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Leah to was holding her breath in hopes that what Diane had said was only a threat!, but was terrified as she could not see at all just what Diane was going to do?!!.

Diane had at first taken one of Leah's hard nipples and was poking it with this big sharp needle, just enough to make her flinch each time she poked her!. Leah had resigned herself to the fact that she really was going to be pierced as Diane swabbed some alcohol on her nipples as well as her pumped and sucked up lips and clit.!

The feeling of the cold alcohol, along with the poking around of her pubic area only seemed to reinforce the possibility of this razor sharp three cornered needle actually cutting easily through the tender flesh!. This of course had only been done to scare her!!!. Jo had been untied, removed from the stocks and lead over to another stand.

Ed had bent her over it, and tied her along with securing a black leather belt around her thighs, so that her bottom and pussy was easily open for abuse, and he had inserted a big special dildo in her swollen pussy, it had electrical windings embedded in it, these windings were aligned with the nerve endings of her clitoris, and had left only the end sticking out it had three different positive and negative electrical connections. He had also attached several electrical connections to each of her nipples.

Once this was done he had hooked all the leads to the machine so that it could send electrical currents of different amounts intermittently up and down the dildo on the inside of her succulent slit along with across her nipples.

He then turned the power up to full max!!!., and Jo started to react with mom fuck by pawn guy and jerks as the machines electrical current and variable pulse's started shooting through her body, her bottom and thighs quivered and jiggled as her pussy muscles uncontrollably contracted and released its grip on the big electronic dildo, it had taken only several minutes before Jo experienced the first of several forceful orgasm's from this bazaar electrical stimulation.

Her big breasts would shake, swing back and forth and almost jump up and down as she tried to gasped for breath! Ed had asked Stormy who had been standing around watching these unusual goings on to hold one of the big vibrators up against Jo's clit!.

It was an incredible sight to watch, so sadistically sinful, she had lost count of the orgasms and eat her right on the table sascha production barely squeak out the words in staccato to anyone that was listening OMG,OMG, I,am,mmm!!!. cumming oh!,oh,oh, Oh!!!!. please stop, please stop,turn it off!,,turn it off!!,. no, no, no, don't turn it off oh!

Help me please someone please help me!!. Her mind was telling her one thing and her body was experiencing quite another. Diane had unbuckled and released the cuffs and had helped Leah down from the stand, she had at first, had her raise her hands over her head and had fasten her wrists with a leather belt and had pulled them up and told her to hang onto the belt!, she then tightened another leather belt around Leah's ankles after which Ed had set down on a chair behind her and had started to slowly at first, to tickle her!, this was something that Leah had not expected at all, and was quite unprepared for!

She was dangling from her wrists as Ed became more aggressive and what turned out at first to be something enjoyable to watch, slowly turned into a more diabolical form of naked female abuse, Ed was good at it and knew just how and where to tickle her so that he would get the most sensitive reaction. Soon she had tears in her eyes and was sobbing for him to stop! She had almost wished that Diane had pierced her as it would have been over much sooner compared to this?. After squirming for a while he finally let her relax.

Those that anal sex with my real flexi doll been watching, Stormy Lloyd the hooker and myself were all quite impressed as Ed had not touched any of her private parts at all, yet she had been in tears and not only was begging him to stop she could have almost peed her pants if she was wearing any!

Diane had released the leather belts and walked Leah out into the middle of the room, and at first had taken some small rope and tied her wrists together and told her, to hold her hands over her head she then secured them to ropes that were hanging from the over head beam, she then took a short fat egg shaped metal dildo that had been fastened to a ball shaped vibrator and due to her wetness easily forced it up past her pelvic opening into her womb this insertion left the vibrator up tightly against her clit.

Diane had told her to clamp it as tight as she could between her thighs and no matter what not to let it work its way out!!!. and if she did would certainly regret it! Their was a long electrical cord attached to to it and a control unit that Diane was adjusting it as Leah instantly became wide eyed form the pulsating current along with it companioning vibrator!!

she was trying with all her might to hold it in but it had become a loosing battle, each time the polished end of the egg was just starting to show Diane would shut it off and push it back up inside her and each time Leah would be gasping for breath and trying to squeeze her pussy muscles and thighs together as tight as she could.

She kept loosing the battle and finally it squirted out along with her cum juices as she orgasmed and it fell to the floor! Diane said, I told you not to let that happen!, so now you are really going to get your little boobs stretched!!!. Diane had taken her hands loose from over her head and had first, tied her little titties up really close and tight against her chest!.

Followed by her wrists, and had run the rope around under her arms, she then used this to pull Leah up onto her toes using one of several overhead pulleys!. This had left her suspended by only her swollen little breasts and toes!. Leah was still gaged and had tightly closed her eyes and had been biting the gag and holding her breath, she could make little noise and in no way stop the predicament she was in!.

Diane left her in this position just long enough to where she was slightly whimpering, and Leah had grabbed the ropes as tightly as she could to help keep her full weight from being suspended by only her now even more swollen little breasts!!.thus leaving her toes just barely touching the floor the results of this, had made her little breasts almost twice their original size!!!.

Diane left her there and took her time releasing her, just when she thought Leah could no longer hold herself up any longer, she let her hang by only her swollen little tits for several moments before releasing her, and then removing the gag! Leah had just barely started to recover from her breast stretching and from holding her breath after gasping in some air her breathing was becoming more normal.

Diane then took her over to a small oak table and bent her over it and had used some of the rope that was still attached to her wrists to bind them behind her back, this was done so that Stormy could then paddle Leah's bottom!

This is something that Stormy loved to do especially with her bare hand. She started to squeal, yelp, and a low uncontrolled crying occasionally emitted from her half open and now drooling lips!!.as she started to beg once again to please stop!. Stormy paid no attention as smack after smack descended on Leah's poor little backside, her bottom went from white to pink when Stormy finally stopped her bashful little muff was just starting to protrude from all of the paddling and previous attention.

Jo was still trembling and shaking from the residual electrical current as Ed disconnected the electrical connections from her nipples and removed the dildo he then released her from this bent over position, her body especially her pubic area would quiver and the muscles would involuntarily convulse as if the machine and electronic dildo were still hooked up and doing its thing.

Ed and Stormy were steading her and had lead her over to another wooden stand that was against the wall and had set her down on it, they had forced a big red ball gag into her mouth and had buckled it tightly against the back of her neck!, she was tied so that her ankles and thighs were about as wide as they could possibly be almost doing the splits!. Her arms had been tied behind her back and so as not to be outdone by Diane and Leah, her big breasts had also been tied up really tight against her chest so that she was now suspended by mostly her big breasts, this had left only her bottom setting on this small wooden box!

and to make matters worse Ed had reattached two small glass tubes to each of her nipples and had sucked them up inside the tubes and had then closed off the valves, this had left her nipples in a hard pulled vacuum, he then had lubed up an enormous dildo that had been attached to a long pole that also pery nipples doxy desires to be screwed one of those big black ball shaped vibrators attached to it and had been forcefully probing her and trying to get all 12" of it in to where the ball of the vibrator was tight against her clit.

She could do little to stop this penetration as the vibrator was turned up full blast! It was only a matter of moments until the first orgasm, and was followed by several more Jo was again gasping for air and trying to catch her breath the sensation was so wonderfully erotic and satisfying that she had easily lifted her bottom up off the wooden box and was trying to impale herself onto this gigantic imitation cock!

As deep and as far as she could, this had left her hanging by only her big breasts, ankles and the hideously big dildo!!!. Several other dildos and electrical devices including the violet velvet wand that emitted a sadistic purple current was sparingly used on both of the girls that had left them so spent that it was time they were returned to the dungeon so that they could relax and recuperate for Sundays doings!!!.