Sensual amirah adara has her pussy pumped

Sensual amirah adara has her pussy pumped
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Authors note: this is my first story. A little bit about me to understand the story more. Ive never really been a big hit with girls. Or a hit at all. Im a cery shy and quiet person and i fibd it really hard to talk to girls. Ive only had one girlfriend in my entire life and that didnt end to well with her always accusing me of cheating on her so i just said fuck it and was done.

And i found that single life was pretty great. But just the other night i had an amazing dream, at least to me. I dreamt i met the perfect girl i could ever have in my life and i woke just wishing that the girl in my dream was real. So here was my dream. And if it doesnt seem realistic but this honestly did happen in my dream so believe it if u want or dont. So without further a do here is my perfect girl.

I remember the dream pretty well maybe because it made me have a very positive outlook on my life. My name is Jordan, and i just turned 18. Im 5'7, not in the best shape but not seriously out of shape.

ive got brown eyes and a decent sized jufro. ive got a pretty decent goatee. im not the best looking guy in the world and i accept it but am i ugly? maybe i see myself that way because of threesome with babes in stockings and pantyhose the rejections ive recieved.

ive been single for about 4 months now. Ive been enjoying my single life and i thought i was doing pretty good. No tie downs, no serious relationship responsibilities. Life just seemed easy and chill and i was loving every minute of it. I mean sure i did try to go out a few times but i got rejected as usual and life went on normally for me. I wasnt upset but maybe dissapointed about being lonely. Then the other night i had a dream that made me happy and wanting more.

I yearned for this girl in my life. I yearned for this girl to be real. The dream began off with my mother and I going over to one of her friends house for the weekend.

I didnt know much about them, i never met them before because i was always working but i had the weekend off and my mom made me come with her for the weekend. I thought i was going to be wasting my entire weeked here.

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We walked up to the front door and my mom knocked on the door. We waited for the door to be answered and i was complaining to my mom that i didnt want to spend my weekend off at her friends house who i didnt even know. She told me to stop complaining and that i would have fun and the same parental bullcrap all parents say. The door opened and a lady was standing in the door way. She was a short caucasian woman who looked very innocent but my mom had told me that if you piss her off her tough side comes out and she just destroys you mentally.

She was about my height maybe an inch taller, brown sexy milf sandy enjoys a sticky facial cumshot, brown hair, and very tanned skin. She spoke with an accent that in the back of my mind was very sexy on a woman to me.

Anyway she greeted us into the house and showed us to the rooms we would be staying in for the weekend. First was my moms room and it was a small room, perfect size for her with a twin sized bed.

My mom said she was going to take a nap and then join us later. My moms friend then showed me to my room and it was pretty much the same as the other room.

Twin size bed, just the perfect size for me. My moms friend told me that her and her husband were going out for the night and would be back till later. They said bye to me and told me to make myself at home. I watched their car pull out of the driveway and into the street where the car dissapeared fron sight. I went back up stairs and into my room and changed into some old basketball shorts, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and headed out into the backyard where their pool was that my mom had been telling me about.

I found a lawn chair sitting under the patio cover of the back yard and set my towel under it on the chair. I then walked over to vidya vikas college of mysore pool and jumped in without even testing the water tempature first.

It was warm to be honest and it felt great. I swam around the pool quietly every so often diving underwater and then resubmering, my hair falling into my face. I pushed my hair out of my face and looked towards my towel, ready to get out and go take a shower to wash the chlorine off of me. I started swimming towards the steps in the pool when the back door opened and i looked to see who it was, thinking it was my mon who had woken up from her nap. Instead it was some girl i had never seen before.

She looked about my age maybe a year older than me. She had long dirty blonde hair that flowed down to her mid back in a wavy length. She looked to he about 5'4 and maybe weighed a 115 pounds at the most.

She waved to me from under the patio cover and i waved back shyly, almost blushing. She set her towel down on the chair next to mine and then began walking over to the pool. As she got closer i saw that she had maybe the most beautiful green eyes i had ever seen, maybe most beautiful eyes in general. And she was wearing this very sexy but not super revealing black two piece bikini that just clung to her body, bringing it out even more.

She smiled at me and stood near the pool. I slowly swam over to where she was standing to apologize for being in the pool without asking if it was ok first. She told me it was perfectly ok. I asked her who she was and didnt know that his moms friend had a daughter. She told me her name was zoey, zoey martin and that it was ok that i didnt know.

I then introduced himself as jordan and she held out her hand. I held out mine and they shook hands. I then asked her if she would like him to leave so that she could swim by herself but she told me no and that she wanted me to stay so that we could get to know each other better.

She then jumped into the pool with me and then emerged from underwater, her hair clinging to her tanned skin. I watched as she rose from the water and was just amazed by her. She was beautiful, stunning, perfect it seemed. She caught me staring andi thought for sure she would get mad and call me a pig but instead she just giggled. She then swam over to me and swam around until she was behind me.

I didnt thin muc of at first. That is untilshe tackled me from behind and knocked me under water with her. She then got on my back like she was getting a piggy back ride and wrapped her legs around me. I rose of the pool, zoey on my back and shoulders.

She was giggling and holding onto me trying not to fall off. I began swimming around the pool with her on my back and she was laughing the entire time and i was enjoying myself a lt and i could tell she was too. After a few minutes of this she got off my back and back into the pool.

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She then dove underwater for a few seconds and then came back up smiling. I asked her why she was smiling but she didnt say anything and them just dove back underwater agai for a few seconds and the came back above the surface.

The while time, i watched her do this with confusion but happiness on my face. She went back under water a 3rd and this time i follwed her and went ender with her. She was looking at me and i was looking at her.

She swam over to me and got very close to me. She then gently pushed me in the chest and i webt backwards a little bit and ended up in sitting position on the steps of the pool. She then swam over to me again and once again got really close to me before then putting her lips to mine softly. I was caught off guard by the kiss but after a second or two i kissed her back. She broke the kiss and smiled at me. After that first kiss, we began to talk for about an hour.

Telling each other about one another, our interests and etc stuff like that. By the end of that hour of talking we were practically making out with each other in the pool, zoey stradling my lap, her pussy i could feel on my right thigh. She broke the make out session and got out of the oool and hrabbed her towel and dried off.

She then stood by the doir smiling at me, waiting. I got out then and dried myself as well. She then took hold if my hand and we walked hand in hand up the stairs and into her room. She then closed the door, locked it and then almost seened to bounce around her room to her closet. I stood there by the door and watched her. She then behan remiving her bikini until she was fully naked in front of me. I looked down at the floor blushing, unsure if it was ok to look.

She giggled and told me it was fine. Slowly i looked up and gazed at her noe beautiful naked body. She had beautiful b-cup tits, possibly 32's with small dime sized nipples. I then noticed her comepletely shaved pussy with not a trace of pubic hair anywhere. I thought she was just changing but instead threw her bikini into the closet and then walked over to where i was still standing, blushing.

She approached me with her seeming flawless skinner naked body until she was almost on top of me. She placed one of her hands on my chest and then then kissed me again. First time fuck blooding story kissed her back passionately and her other hand pulled doen my shorts to reveal my decent sized 6 1/2 inch boner.

She took a hold of it softly and began slowly syroking my dick. I took my hands and placed one on her beautiful curvy hips and the other on her right ass cheek and squeezed it slightly. She squealed with pleasure.

Slowly the hand in my chest was forcing me back until the back of my legs hit the edge of the bed. She gave a small nudge but hard enough to knoeck me onto my back onto the bed.

I pulled her down with me and she now layed ontop of me, with us not breaking lip contact.

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She removed her hand from my dick and placed it on my shoulder. She then broke the kiss and kissed the tip of my nose, and the kissed my neck down to my chest, then stomach and finally down to my dick. She kissed the head and my dick twitched at the kiss. She giggled at my reaction and then began to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock.

I moaned quirtly in pleasure and watched her seductivelylick my cock. She then slowly slid her mouth around it and lowered her mouth down the length of my dick. She got about 5 1/2 inches before she could go no more and i wasnt complaining. She then slowly began moving her head up and doen my dick, her teeth very lightly sliding against my cock turning me on even more and her tongue still moving around all over my dick. She went at it like this for another five minutes and i asked her if she had done this before.

She told me no that she was still a virgin and had never done anything except have her first kiss before. She told me that she was just doing what felt natural. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved back up and kissed me.

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I kissed her back and lightly placed my hand on one of her tits and squeezed it. She moaned in pleasure. I rolled her off of me onto her back and the kissed and nibbled on her neck, causing her to squirm with delight. I them kissed down to her chest where i sister brother ki sexy film suckig on one of her nipples while i played with her free boob, squueezing it softly and playing with the nipple.

I then kissed down to her stomach and around her belly button which ended up tickling her causing her to laugh. I then kissed above her pussy where her pubes would be if she had any. I then moved my head to the right and began to kiss the inner part of her thigh, teasing her.

I would kiss closer and closer and right before i got to her pussy i would move to the other thigh and tease her again. She began to beg me to stop teasing her and soon he grabbed my head and hair and put my head right in front of her pussy.i stuckmy tongue out and slowly circled her clit with it.

Trying to do what i have seen done in porn videos. She moaned with pleasure and arched her back slightly. I then moved my tongue down and began to lick her pussy which caused even more moaning and even panting from her. "Jordan right there, keep moving your tongue just like that on my pussy. Ughhhhhhh" she moaned loudly. I continued stunning victoria has her wet snatch hammered lick her pussy and then moved my tongue to the inside of her pussy and began to lick her inner walls.

This drove her over the edge as she came on my tongue and lips. But i didt stop i continued to eat her out and then very gently slid one finger into her pussy and began slowly sliding it in and out of her. Zoey hadnt even clamed down from te lat orgasm before she began moaning again and saying she was about to cum again.

I sped my finger up and little bit and stck my tongue deeper into her pussy where she then moaned loudly again and came on my finger and tongue. This time she grabbed me and pulled me up to her and kissed me deeply. She didnt mind the taste of her pussy in my lips or my tongue as our tongues slid into each others mouths.

I broke the kiss and she got off the bed and went into her parents bedroom and grabbed a condom from their night stand. She came back in and locked the door again.

She opened the wrapper and slid the condom onto my dick. Slowly she straddled me and got into the reverse cowgirl position until my dick was positioned at the entrance of her pussy. She asked me if i knew what i was doing and i told her i was a virgin also.she msiled and kissed me before sliding my dick into her wet pussy and breaking her hymen.

She cried out quietly in pain and stopped halfway. I slowly rubbed her back and told her to take as long as she needed. After about 2 brunette hottie has fun with a dick she slowly slid the rest into her pussy until it was all the way in. She moaned as it filled her up. She began to slowly slide up and down on my cock, maoaning and grabbing her boobs and my dick slid in and out of her.

She bent down and kissed me, still riding my cock when she said something i didnt expect. "Jordan i love you" she said moaning. I was caught off guard but happy at the same time. I told her i loved her too and she smiled for a second before she moaned loudly and came on my dick. She stopped for a second before she continued. I told her to wait and she stopped.

We the flipped over so that i was on top now and she was on bottom. I slowly began to theust into her tight pussy as she wrapped her arms around me pulling me deeper into her. I began to thrust faster as she lightly stuck her nails into my back.

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I told her i was going to cum soon and she told me she wanted to taste it. I pulled out of her and a moan escaped from her. She then got on her knees on the floor and i was stand over her. I pulled the condom off my dick and she slowly put my dick in her mouth. She began sucking in it agin and stroking it as she did. "Zoey im gonna cum" i told her between moans.

She looked up at me and continued to stroke and suck my dick. Soon i cane and my dick shot out 6 shots of cum into zoeys mouth. Zoey gagged and coughed a little but for the most part swallowed it all.

She stood up and kissed me on the cheek before laying down in her bed. I got into bed with her, both of us still naked and we fell asleep bbc dominican macana man fucks petite mixed portia. I wish my dream could become a reality. Not for the sex or any if that but for the perfect girl. One who is beautiful, funny, quirky and adventerous, loves having fun and not afraid to be silly or weird.

One who can always put a smile on my face. I yearn for that perfect girl so much. But for now all i can do is hope the dream will come true soon. The end.