Brazzers com sister sleeping in room

Brazzers com sister sleeping in room
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Stewardess Cindy Ch 4 Humour & Satire Original story by Frankel Cindy was cross with herself. She was on a rest day in Dubai. She was lucky enough to work for one of the biggest airlines and they put her up in one of the best hotels in town. As always Cindy had been one of the first people down to the pool. She was keen to try out her new bikini. The shop assistant had said it would be big enough to cover her large breasts, but when she put it on it had felt too tight and parts of her nipples were still exposed.

The captain had warned her that in Dubai they had a very strict dress code, and for some reason it was against the law to show her nipples. Cindy thought perhaps she might get in trouble. It was then that she had noticed the spa beside the pool. "A spa is a kind of bath," she thought.

"Nobody wears clothes in the bath." She quickly took off her guy fucks diamond jackson simone sonia on the bar brazzers full and happily bounced over to the spa and jumped in. The spa, however, was surprisingly shallow and Cindy found that her breasts were over the waterline no matter how she sat.

It was then that she saw the sign that cherokee afterhours penny flame brunette big tits her cross.

"No nudity," it read. "Penalty 5 years jail." "Oh no," thought Cindy. "And now someone is coming and I left my bikini all the way over on the other side of the pool!" She held her breath as footsteps approached the pool enclosure.

She was relieved to see it was just a harmless old man who had been on her flight. He was so nice. He was an expert in massage, especially thigh and breast massage. When the man saw her he made his way straight over. Cindy waved, relieved she didn't have to cover herself as she would for a local. The old man quickly took off all his clothes and joined Cindy in the spa. "Nice to see you again," he said. "And you too," said Cindy.

"I have to warn you though, there is a rule against nudity." "What's that you say?" he asked. "Forgive me tiny pornstar veronica rodriguez doggystyle and huge cock, I am a little deaf." He slid over to Cindy and sat shoulder to shoulder with her. Cindy could see he was in danger too. His penis was standing up and the top of it 1time mom sex with son sticking out of the water.

"I said they have a rule against nudity," said Cindy. "Do they?" asked the man. "Yes," said Cindy. "Which makes no sense because this is a spa bath and who has a bath in their clothes?" "Oh dear," said the man. "They are quite strict with their laws here too. We might be alright if we could just cover your breasts." "I could put my hands over them," suggested Cindy.

She placed her hands over her breasts and pushed them into her chest causing them to swell up even further. "Hmm," said the man. "I don't think it counts if you do it. You see they are your hands so you are still really naked.

Perhaps if we used my hands." The man stood in front of Cindy. He pushed her hands away and reached down and covered her breasts with his hands.

He seemed to have trouble getting a grip as he rolled them around and pushed her breasts left and right and up and down. The man's penis grew longer, poking out directly in front of Cindy's face. '"Oh," said the man. "But now my bottom is exposed. Perhaps if you cover it with your hands." "Good idea," said Cindy. She reached forward and put her hands on either side of his bottom.

His penis pressed against her face. "It's no good," said Cindy, the cock dancing on her lips as she spoke. "Your penis is exposed now! I bet that is against the rules too." "Yes," said the man. "You better hide it for me." "Hide it whe…?" Cindy didn't get to finish her question as the man pushed his cock into her mouth. He seemed to have trouble finding the right place to rest it as at first he pushed it all the way into her throat and then pulled it almost all the way back out.

"You best close your lips around it to make sure it is hidden," said the man. Cindy closed her lips tight around it as he continued to try and find the right place for it. First all the way in, then out, then in, then out."Your grip seems too loose," he said.

"It might come out. Try sucking on it to help keep it in." Cindy sucked tightly on his penis. He groaned and Cindy thought he might be having trouble reaching her breasts. His grip on them kept slipping as he rolled them around in circles. "I can't find a place to rest it in your mouth.

Try flicking your tongue around it. I think your tongue might be in the way." Cindy licked her tongue all around the hard shaft. For some reason, the old man kept almost pulling his cock out. Cindy decided she needed to help him, so every time he thrust back she thrust forward to keep it in her mouth. Then he would thrust forward and it would slide deep down her throat. She held her head still then and tried to keep it in her throat, but he would pull back again and she would have to bob forwards again chasing it.

She kept her suction tight around the cock and licked it with her tongue as she fought to keep it out of the way.

They achieved a kind of rhythm now, his cock sliding in and out of her throat, his hands swirling her breasts in circles and her hands hiding his bottom.

"If anyone comes," she thought. "They won't see a thing." Just then someone did come. Two young Australian men dressed in their bathers. They saw the old man with Cindy and came straight over.

"What is going on here?" they asked. "This young lady is helping me hide my nudity," said the old man. "Against the law you know, to be naked." Cindy was surprised when the young men took off their bathers and threw them across the pool.

"Do you think she could help us?" "I think so," said the old man. "What if we got out of the spa for a moment?" Keeping his cock in Cindy's mouth, he let go of her breasts and took hold of her head and made her crawl on to her hands and knees on the pool deck.

"One of you get behind her and see if you can hide her bottom. The other get below her and try and hide her breasts. If you can find a way to also cover yourselves I think it would be wise." On her hands and knees, Cindy kept sucking tightly on the old man's cock.

She was worried that his bottom was now exposed but had no way of warning him without exposing his penis. She was glad when one of the young men got behind her and covered her bottom with his body. He was a clever man because he also managed to hide his penis by inserting it inside her pussy.

He seemed to have trouble finding a place to rest it though as he pushed it in and out of her. She was worried he might be angry with her because he slapped her on the bottom. The other man was even smarter. He crawled beneath her and not only covered her breasts with his hands, but managed to hide his penis in between them.

Cindy was rocked back and forth between the two cocks thrusting in and out of her at either end.

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The old man was gripping her hair tightly as the younger one behind her continued to slap her bottom. She liked the way it felt as it pounded inside her harder and harder. Suddenly, she felt a wonderful feeling building deep inside her and the most thrilling sensation swept over her body. She couldn't help but moan around the old man's cock. Suddenly, the old man moaned and he finally seemed to find a place to rest his cock in her mouth.

He gripped her hair tight in his hands. His cock twitched and exploded liquid into her mouth. Cindy swallowed it. She was shocked when the old man took his cock out of her mouth. Before she could react, the man hiding her breasts climbed our from beneath her, stood in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth. Cindy was worried now. Her breasts were exposed and rocking back and forth as the two men pushed their cocks harder and harder into both ends of her. She was grateful when the old man crawled beneath her and took one of her breasts into his mouth.

The other breast he hid with his hands. He went from one breast to the other as they swayed two small boobs blonde babes enjoy ing her. She was still worried that the men were partly naked. "At least we tried to cover up," thought Cindy. Suddenly both young men started to shake. Cindy felt liquid erupt into her mouth and pussy at the same time. She swallowed again. Both men withdrew and Cindy looked around, pleased to see that the liquid had stayed inside her pussy.

"I wonder where it goes," she thought. Cindy saw the men put on their bathers. "How clever," she thought. "Why didn't I think of that? Now they aren't naked!" Cindy looked around, but couldn't see her bathers anywhere. "Oh dear," she said. "What is the matter?" asked the old man. "My bathers have vanished. This happens all the time.

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My flight captain has a magic trick that can make them disappear. Now it happens all the time." "How do you get them back?" "I have to suck his magic lever.

When the magic liquid covers my eyes the bathers appear again. If it is someone else's magic, it has to be two magic levers." "Does his magic lever have another name?" asked one of the young men. "Of course," said Cindy. "It's also his penis." "Oh," said the old man. "Well, ours are magic levers too, you know. Perhaps all three might bring your clothes back." Cindy smiled.

"You are so clever. But we better be quick before anyone else arrives." The three men took out their magic levers and aimed them at her face. On her knees she leant forward and began sucking them one at a time. The men were very keen to help and thrust their levers hard into her mouth. Her breasts swayed as she turned quickly from lever to lever. They went from soft to rock hard in her mouth.

The men crowded around her, the levers pressing against her cheeks as she sucked. Kinky babe gagging random cocks and pussy pou old man rubbed it over the side of her face and across her eyes as she sucked one of the younger men. "What a sweetie," she thought. "He's preparing his aim." She started to jerk the younger men's levers as she took the old man into her mouth.

She felt them all harden together. All three men took the levers from her and exploded white liquid into her eyes. As usual, she wiped the liquid from her eyes and licked it off her fingers and swallowed.

When she opened her eyes she gasped in shock. Her clothes were still missing, and now so were the men.