Sunny leone pron film storys with man

Sunny leone pron film storys with man
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You look gorgeous tonight babe,That red dress suits your curves and hair colour perfectly!' Nia cooed at her friend. Gabby twirled in the mirror happy with the way her outfit had turned out.

'Taxi's here c'mon girl lets get dancing' Nia shook her ass as she walked to the taxi. Once at the night club Gabby got asked for ID as she always did being only 15, But luckily she'd got her cousins ID to use.

The music was already blaring inside but the atmosphere was a good one.

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With a few vodka n cokes down them Nia and Gabby were soon on the dance floor attracting lots of attention with there sexy moves. Nia moved away to the corner of he club with a guy leaving Gabby to fend for herself but she didn't mind she just carried on strutting her stuff. Two muscular arms clamped around her waist from behind. Grinding into her new admirer Gabby couldn't see who was behind her. His hands travelled down to her thighs as they gyrated to the music.

One hand slipped up her dress and caressed at her panty covered crotch. Gabby couldn't help but shudder as 2 sturdy fingers pressed into her slit.

How she wished her panties weren't in the way. After the song the mystery man vanished. Gabby span around hoping to catch a glimpse of him but he'd gone. Nia returned to her side. 'Jeez he was hot Gab who was he?' she asked waiting intently for an answer. 'I have no idea, I didn't even see him!' Gabby shouted her reply over the music.

Soon the guy was forgotten and they were back to shaking it to the music. About half 3 the crowd began to thin out and Nia was no where to be seen. Gabby ventured to the upstairs part of the club only to find it practically deserted.

Suddenly out of the dark 2 strong hands grabbed her. One around her mouth the other around her waist. They pulled her into the darkest corner of the club. 'Your such a little tease' A deep voice growled at her. Gabby was pushed against the wall. The guy pressing his entire body against her keeping her in place. He snaked a hand up her dress again. This time inserting two fingers into her. 'Oh your wet, you like this do u?' The voice taunted her.

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She tried to mumble something but the hand covering her mouth stopped all sound. His fingers dug around in her soft hot love canal. His thrust his hard cock against her back. One finger slipped out of her and began massaging at her protruding clit.

Slowly making little circles on it making Gabby wetter and wetter. A set of lips lay themselves on her neck kissing and nibbling. In spite of herself she was getting turned on. The fingers that had been invading her were removed and so had the lips that had been assaulting her neck.

She could hear sucking sounds behind her. 'Damn you taste good' A voice purred into her ear. She felt her skirt being lifted. Gabby tried to mumble her disgrace through his hand.

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Her panties were literally ripped from her. She shuddered. A zip could be heard. Her legs were kicked further apart and her waist pulled out so she was bent over. Something soft n large was entering her. She tried to move but the hand around her waist was just to strong.

Her delicate little petals were being spread open by the offending intruder. Sweet warm feminine juice ran down his cock. He knew he had her. He slowly drove his 8 inch meat into her she began to cry.

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In and out he began to piston. Throbbing inside of her. 'Oh baby you so wet and tight oh ooh oh' Soon she was beign fucked like a rag doll. Helplessly she let him continue. Harder and harder. His hand left her waist and found its way to her clit. Stimulating her. She felt her legs shaking. 'Im going to cum oh u little whore im going to cum in your hot little honey pot!' He hissed at her. He began groaning and smashing into her soon his movement ceased.

His cock pulsated inside her she felt warm wetness being released inside calia qadehsfemaleagent fake casting luis creampie anal sex her. 'Thanks for that, im going to walk away now I want you to count to a hundred and not turn around before' He growled at her.

He did his zip up and pulled her dress down. Gabby stood shaking unsure what to do. Nia appeared by her. 'Hey you I saw u disappear up here and then that hot guy you were dancing with follow you, hope you behaved yourself!' She laughed.

Gabby didn't say a word&hellip.