Sexy black girlfriend tatiyana unzips boyfriend s pants and swallows h

Sexy black girlfriend tatiyana unzips boyfriend s pants and swallows h
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Amber Part 2 Brief recap: Amber Part 1 was my first story and I noticed I changed the name of the heroine from Danielle to Amber. Sorry for the confusion. And sorry for the mini stories but this is where the sex is in the story mostly. Bear with me through the parts that drag. Remember, there is a plot and not another drunk sex having story that is written all the time. Anyway, Mike blonde big ass lilith lee takes on some anal pornstars and hardcore decided to take his girlfriend's virginity on her birthday but found out that her dad was abusing her.

Mike fought Phil and Phil pressed charges against Mike which a jury reversed the charges but Mike dropped and Amber was in the custody of Mike's parents. Then they were left alone for some weeks and we resume where we left off. You must read part 1 first so copy and paste this to your browser: I lifted Amber from the Jacuzzi and set her down on some towels that were always on the ground. I turned to drain the water out, but Amber jumped on my back and her pussy was radiating heat despite the cold water we got out of.

Her boobs were pushed into my back and I could feel her erect nipples brush my back whenever she shifted position. It took me longer with this obstruction but I managed to cover the Jacuzzi and then had to do some fancy maneuvering to get past the door and not knock over various make-up accessories that my mom had left. Amber was merciless and kept distracting me with kisses on the check and neck. I knew there would be bruises there from the way she kept sucking but didn't care.

Her legs were locked around me and I had some trouble breathing so I knew that I needed to place her down soon. So I did probably the most evil thing I could lovable cutie spreads spread slit and gets devirginized of. My pool is open year round because it is heated, but I didn't turn the heater on so it was freezing cold.

I jumped in before changing my mind and both of us started shivering. Amber immediately let go and tried to swim for the edge and get out as quick as she could. She would have swum a record time, but I was holding onto her and kept pulling her to the center. Amber turned and gave me the evil eye, which wasn't so bad because there was a smile on her face. I laughed and shoved her under completely and got out of the pool as fast as I could with her only seconds behind me. I ran indoors and up the stairs into my bedroom.

Shutting doors in Amber's face had slowed her down so I had a few seconds to prepare myself for the punishment forthcoming. She ran in and jumped on top of me, goosebumps were everywhere and my bed was getting soaked from the water coming off of our bodies.

"You like the swim?" I asked while massaging her tits gently to see the nipples could have somehow gotten harder from the cold water. "I fucking hate you, and yet I still hang out with you." "That is because you really love me." I gave Amber a quick peck, kind of hard because my now fully erect cock was pointing up and lightly tapping her ass which gives you an image of where she was sitting. "Now what punishment should I do?" "Um, get off you cow?

Kind of suffocating here." I got a kiss and few slaps in the chest for that but it was well worth it. I could not stop drinking in her glorious naked body. "Well, I could leave you blue-balled again now that I know you are hard." She emphasized this by scooting back and staying there. My cock was now nestled in her ass and it felt really nice.

I tried moving my hips up and down but was stopped every time by Amber scooting forward and leaving me to hump air. "You don't want to do that? Do you?" "I am very tempted. But I love you to much. Still, no sex for today and tomorrow." "Lilith is your new name. Only Satan could teach you a trick that cruel." "I said no sex and that means all types.

Good night." Amber got off of me but no before clenching her butt cheeks, and then proceeded to climb into my bed and fall asleep. I could only stare in amazement and then decided to test Amber's will about "no sex of any type at all" rule. So I climbed into the bed too and started to feel her up. First the breasts and then moving slowly south.

Her flesh kept getting warmer and warmer the farther down I traveled. Amber moaned a little when I reached her patch of trimmed pussy hair. I brushed my fingers lightly over it and then continued on my way. A few more seconds and then I was at the top of her fat pussy lips. My hand gently cupped and I was amazed at how hot she was.

Gently I cupped her and began her pussy with my palm. Pausing every time she stirred. I slowly stuck the tip of my middle finger right on her fat lips and started to push in as slowly as I could. This was hard because my entire body was screaming for me to start fingering her as fast as my body would allow and then find relief quickly.

Now I was up to my finger nail and despite being asleep, Amber's hips rose and forced the finger in farther. I pulled back once I realized this but only to the first knuckle. Suddenly, her legs wrapped around my arm and her eyes snapped open. I was trapped and couldn't move. Amber looked at me and glared. I gave a smile and tried to withdraw my finger.

Amber brought my arm closer and soon was making my entire arm move. I was fingering her in a weird type of way. This continued for a bit and then I knew what Amber wanted and stuck two other finger's into her.

She gasped and let go of my arm. I lovely babes know how to satisfy every other my bed would have to be washed she was dripping with her lovely pussy juice. I took control and slowly moved out one finger and then twisted my wrist until I could touch her clit with two fingers. The moaning Amber made was so sexy I just wanted to jump on her and fuck her as hard as I could.

Somehow my conscious would not let me and kept calling up the promise that I made to only fuck Amber when she wanted to. Amber began to thrust her hips again to meet my fingers. I just kept right on tickling her clit until she finally came. My fingers could not move and I swear that she had some machine inside her to make her vagina tighten up that much.

I could only stay there and wait a minute before I was released. Finally I took my fingers out and Amber grabbed them and started to suck on them. I was kind of puzzled, never before had Amber done this but was rock hard and anything would have just been great. My fingers were moved around her mouth and sucked on until I was sure Amber had gotten everything off, but she kept going.

I really wanted my dick to be in her mouth but I contented myself with sucking and fondling her boobs. They had just reached C-cup and still growing I am sure.

Amber just moaned and began to suck even harder. I finally stopped her and straddled up until my dick was right above her boobs. I lowered myself and she reached up and put her boobs that were wet from all my attention around it. She twistys tatum woods starring at beauty in w to move them up and down. It felt great. Almost like a blow job but there wasn't any sucking and her boobs were soft.

I closed my eyes and felt around behind me. There was her vagina and I began to rub it before putting in two fingers again. Finally Amber moved onto a blow job and started to suck like crazy. She moved back and forth only using her hand to steady herself.

Thanks to wrestling, we were in a 69 and the moans that my attention to her pussy just increased the pleasure. I knew I could not hold back anymore and drove three fingers into her and sucked on her clit to make her orgasm the same time as me. I was flooded with her juice and lapped up as much as possible but it just kept coming. My face was covered and I began to release my fingers again while licking her pussy as much as I could. Amber was licking my dick at the same time.

Somehow she did not let a single drop fall and had swallowed four inches of my cock and the huge orgasm I had. Amber pulled away and collapsed next to me on the bed.

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We were both tired but my dick was up again. She looked at it and groaned. "I just finished. What you need is three girls." "Amber, you are the only girl I need. Besides, would you really want to share?" "If it meant getting rest, possibly." I smiled at that and began to kiss her.

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She knew that I would only keep going until she finally left and moved to another room or finally crashed. So Amber stayed and reached down to fondle the rock hard cock I had. Amber took it and started to move in closer while slowly sliding down until our hips were parallel.

I looked in shock and my face made the question for me. She nodded and then positioned my dick at her lips. I started to thrust forward slowly.

College sluts filmed fucking frat boys dirty dare dorm was amazing. The combination of heat and her delicious pussy juice. After two or three inches, I felt some sort of barrier of sorts and knew it had to be her hymen.

Carefully I pushed and it flexed some. Amber gasped and I pulled back a little. She said to go ahead but gently. I pushed in some more and the barrier was pushed more and more until it finally broke. She cried out and I just stayed there. Half in her pussy, I just stayed for a minute until Amber looked at me with some tears in her eyes. It was pretty big, you can only loose your virginity once and we both had.

After kissing for a little, I began to pump in and out of her with slow strokes to get used to it. I would bottom out and hold it there for a few seconds. After a minute or two my body and Amber both told me to go faster. I began to speed up but kept my strokes pretty long. Another minute and then I began pounding her furiously.

Amber kept moaning louder and louder the faster I went. We were in missionary position so my head could kiss from the breasts up.

I kept kissing and nipping at her nipples while they bounced up and down making a beautiful scene. Soon I was loosing control and had to blow soon. She must have sensed it because she just moaned for me to fill her hot little cunt with my sweet cum.

I kissed her on the mouth and began to tongue wrestle with her. I slammed my dick into her as far as I could and started cumming the biggest I ever had before. For the third time I was trapped by her vice like vagina until my cock was soft and her orgasm finally subsided.

I pulled out, still kissing her but gently. We kept kissing for a long time and then I laid my head down on her breasts and sucking shlong delights mother i d like to fuck asleep with her running her hand through my hair. When I woke up, she was gone and a letter on the bed. I ran downstairs, still butt naked and found her there in the the kitchen, cooking.

I crept back quietly and read the letter. "Dear Mike, Last night was really confusing. I don't really know how it happened, but am very glad it did. We need to discuss everything that happened and your punishment starts today, which will just torture you more. Amber" Then her lips after she had applied lipstick.

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I ran back downstairs, with pajama bottoms on this time. But despite after the sex, I was still pitching a tent and boxers with pajama pants just hurt. Amber turned around and she was dressed in one of my old shirts that had gotten too small for me unless I was showing off.

It made my dick grow even harder when I looked down and their were booty shorts on that only covered half of her ass. It was beautiful and I could not help but thank my stars she was there. "Amber, do you want to eat or talk first." "So you did go back and read letter when you holly halston in yellow bra tj cummings I was there." "Well I needed to make sure.

I do not want to lose you again after you had your boyfriend." "Eat first, and no lies about how good breakfast is. I hate it when guys do that." I sat down to eat and started eating bacon made exactly how I loved it. Wiggly with a little crisp. Amber saw my look of approval and got the eggs off the skillet.

She had made five eggs and they looked like a dick when she placed them on the plate. I laughed and ate them pretty quickly starting with the "head" of the dick. When I had finished Amber was still staring at me with a small satisfied smile on that showed no teeth. "Mike, what are we?" "We are lovers." "Are we or just kids who think they are in love gorgeous lesbian serena and ashley in a hot pussy fuck are kidding themselves.

I don't want to hurt you and don't want to be hurt." I got up and gave her a hug from behind while kissing her neck softly. "Amber, we are in love with one another and I think that we both know that this is for real." "That is what my last boyfriend said." "I know.

But just like I said about us being friends. I will be there for you anytime." She turned and just looked at me. I didn't notice before, but her eyes were slightly red as if she had been crying. "Were you crying?" "A little. I- I did not want to hurt you but could think of nothing and then I realized what happened and decided that we needed to talk." I gave her a small smile and then let go of her.

She started a little and then figured out that I was cleaning up after the meal. I could feel her eyes on me, but did not look at her for fear that I would rush to her and start making love again. When I was done, Amber was on the couch watching TV. I had to stand there until she noticed, and then she directed me to a seat that was close so we could touch, but far enough to tell me she was serious about the punishment.

Man today and tomorrow were going to suck. I lasted the two days without exploding. But Amber seemed to relish in the punishment and kept getting me hard by trying on outfits that were suggestive to say the least, and stripping right in front of me.

When we went shopping, she would rub her tits on my arm and when alone on the elevator she would start to masturbate. I could not go without having a tent and wore loose pants with tight boxers that helped to lessen how far my pants stuck out. We went to every girly store and it just killed me to see her being measured and trying on bras right there in front of me.

As soon as midnight on the second day had finished Amber ripped my pants off of me and pulled my throbbing dick straight into her mouth. She took five straight away with little gagging, but the last two inches were hard for her. After only a few seconds of her sucking, I started to explode into her mouth. I had two days of cum stored up and she could not handle it.

I was still spurting when some started to drip out onto her tits. When I finished she was breathing deeply trying to get some air into her system. I could only stand there. It was hard to stop staring and I did not want to leave this image of the hottest girl I knew having her tits covered in my cum and cum still dripping from her mouth. Amber took my cum and ran her tongue around looking for all the drops and then started to lick her tits to get all the drops.

I got hard again, but it wasn't too painful and Amber had gotten her turn. Once she was done cleaning up, I put her on the couch and started to shove three fingers into her.

Her pussy was still tight and not very easy to penetrate despite the sex we had had, and I had to move down to two fingers and began to rub her ass crack with my pinkie. She gasped and I knew that it wasn't much time. My tongue went to work and her clit was receiving all of my tongue's attention. Her pussy was dripping before hand and I was so happy to be able to eat her out again. It was a great taste and I knew interracial fuck with a sexy beauty hardcore blowjob she was regretting her punishment of me because she had no one to do this.

I gave her a pretty good orgasm and did not really keep girl raped in an abandoned warehouse so some pussy juice went onto her thighs and ass.

I just licked those and sucked on her ass cheeks. When Amber was ready again I got into position and started to push against her outer pussy lips and was amazed that she was so tight. Her pussy was not used to this but it seemed like she was still virgin tight and that just turned me on even more. I started off with long, slow strokes that bottomed out each time. I couldn't hit her cervix but knew that she was pretty full.

Her tits were not bouncing a lot, so I grabbed one and began to massage it very gently while sucking on the other one until she started to cum again. I got turned on teen is fucked by agent at casting audition massage more and began to fuck her faster and faster slamming into her and making the couch move a little.

My balls were slapping her ass and her tits were flying everywhere. "Oh god. Don't stop, faster." She was very vocal and screamed my name again and again.

"Fuck, Amanda, I am going to cum." "Cum in me, fill up this little girl." I was going like a jack hammer and then when she started on her third orgasm I could not hold back anymore.

We both screamed in ecstasy and I kissed her while pinching her nipples. She milked me until we both came down from that high that only sex can achieve.

I pulled out of her only half hard and pulled her until she was finally on top of me and started to let my hands roam around her body. Amber started kissing my neck and started to play with my hair. We both stayed like that, being careful not to touch each other too much but still made it completely sexual.

Finally Amber spoke. "We need to go shopping." "What now. I remember last time we went shopping you came out with nothing on and paraded around until you heard the clerk and then ran out with me having a hard on with her right there. I was embarrassed." "Well, I am almost out of birth control and we can't stay in your parents house like this when they come back. Plus I have an interview with a job that is part time and we can save up for an apartment when we go to college." "Okay.

Where do we need to go." "Pharmacy, the job, and to look at the university. There is a tour in at 10 so we have time." "Do you need the pills now or can we sleep." "I would prefer now and the interview is at eight so we can grab them and then come back." "Sweet, you want to drive my car?" "Absolutely. It is awesome, I can't believe you actually got it." "Well now I need to get the scholarship." "That is what the tour is for.

We both are recruited to go there and this is for soon-to-be athletes." "Amber, honey." "Yes Mike?" "Can you get off, my legs are going numb." I started laughing and held her arms to keep from hitting blonde cougar phoenix marie devours lovers schlong and then told her to get dressed. We both got dressed and I drove her to the nearest 24 hour pharmacy. Amber insisted I went with her to avoid embarrassment. Her best friend worked that shift and looked at us closely and started to giggle when Amber asked for the pills.

I turned red and muttered to Amber that she really needed to keep her mouth shut. "Don't worry. She can raunchy lezzies fuck each other hard outdoor and toys a secret because I have stuff on her that she doesn't want getting out.

It is a game we play to see who can get more dirt on the other by college. I'm winning." "And this secret is going to cost?" "At least five things I have on her." "What happens to the loser?" "The loser has to give the winner a favor that the loser cannot go against." Now Amber's friend was back and had the box in her hand, looking a little flushed.

It had taken a little too long to get them and I found out the bathroom was right next to the back room and made an excuse. Slipping into the back room I found her manager putting on his reverse cowgirl drilling with julia de lucia with a red face and panting heavily. Waltzing in, I confronted him and then brought him out half naked in front of Amber.

I looked at her and she asked her friend if both secrets canceled each other out. Teen babe hollie sucks a black cock pornstars and hardcore friend grew wide-eyed and was beetroot in color. Her nipples started to swell and she quickly said yes. I let the manager go and he bolted into the room to finish getting dressed.

I took Amber and she could barely control her laughter. I had kept my girlfriend in the lead and now I knew that the news of us having sex was not going to get out until maybe college. We laughed on the way home and then got into bed, embracing one another. My alarm woke us up at seven and six hours of sleep was too little.

We both got into the shower together to save time but I did not try to give her an orgasm. I did fondle her tits and rub her pussy but other than that we both just soaped and dried each other. I made a quick bowl of cereal for the both of us and got into the "Eleanor".

We arrived at her interview and I went in with her to the room. She was allowed to bring family and friends, but I could only talk when spoken too. The owner seemed like a nice guy and there was a healthy ratio of guys to girls so I knew that Amber would be somewhat safe. There were a few questions asked and when he asked where she was living she said with her guardians.

He looked at me and I just shook my head slowly to warn him off. He took the hint and gave her the job while offering me one too. I did need one so I accepted and filled out my resume.

He approved of it and gave the newest position to me and we hopped into the car. I drove in silence for a little bit when Amber started to cry again. I knew that pulling over would make us late and Amber hates to be late so I kept driving and started to talk about the college in a low voice that carried concern with it.

We both got there on time and the guide greeted us and other people. The tour was like other places. Boring. Until I got to the wrestling room. There the current 197 varsity challenged me to a match and I was thrown singlet and headgear. I pinned him in the first period. Other than that it was boring and when we got home, Amber and I sat down to talk about the university. "Look Amber, we need to know if there are any other room mates with us.

That will decide the cost." "I know my friend from volleyball will want to bring her boyfriend, but that is it." "We can definitely split the apartment with them so ask her. How much does the job we have pay?" "It is more than enough and I still have my college money so stop worrying about it." "Only if you give me a kiss." "How about something else?" "What do you want to give me?" "A smack you big idiot." I ran from her and got chased around the house until we were both tired and sat down to do our home work.

We both needed good grades to keep the athletic/scholar scholarship that would give both of us a full ride. I couldn't really concentrate with Amber there. She was so hot and homework is boring so I just looked at her the whole time. When she finished, she looked at my worksheet and saw it blank.

"So, you want to work in a different room than me to do your work?" "How about we have sex or do something and then I do homework?" "Nope. You need to do wife gangbanged by strangers in her car My pleading must have gotten through to her because she stripped slowly until she was naked and then gave me a long kiss.

I was starting to feel my pants move and was reaching for her tits when she pulled away and said that now I had to do it or no relief. I called her Lilith again and dove into working on the worksheet. Doing it as fast as I could but making sure my answers were right because Amber is worse about that than the teacher.

"DONE!!!" "Let me check." She always wanted to check and with her doing that I knew that some answers would be off. "So how did I do?" "You got them all correct." I grabbed her and began to kiss her all over her face. Pitching a tent again, Amber reached down and rubbed my cock through my shorts. It felt good, but when I started to lick her tits, she moved onto a hand job. Her hand was nice and cool and the skin was smooth.

Only her mouth and pussy had ever felt better on my dick and I made a point to tell her. She laughed and then pulled away. Telling me I needed to get naked too. I stripped slowly, taking my time to show off my body to her. My shorts were gone already so it was just my shirt which I unbuttoned slowly.

Amber was getting wetter watching me and I could tell. So I slowed down to torment her. She moaned and began to masturbate while squeezing her tits at the same time. I really could not stand it anymore, so I quickly stripped her and started to position my cock right at her dripping wet vagina.

Amber looked at me and mouthed the word please, so I dove in quickly and bottomed out. I stayed there while she arced and then began to ram her faster to try and get it done with.

I needed to get off, and she was ready too but after the sex we had had I could control myself and it was on her second orgasm that I finally let loose and shot at least six good-sized spurts of cum right into her.

She moaned and started grinding my dick, keeping it hard. She stopped for a second to come down off of her "high" and then told me to put her legs behind her head and fuck her that way. I was kind of shocked because Amber was not that erotic, or so I thought. I did it and found her mouth and tits only a few inches away.

As I kept fucking her wet, velvet hole I used her position to cover as much of her flesh I could reach with my kisses and licked her tits until they glistened.

She moaned and told me to keep going and explode into her snatch. "Keep going. Don't stop. Fill me up, let me feel that tasty cum inside me. Please." This was too much for me and I kept pumping in and out for another minute and then sped up to start forcing the bed to make dents into the wall. I started to fell that very familiar sensation that meant climax and then started shooting into her with the words "I'm cumming!" After two shots I pulled out and began to cum on her tits and stomach.

She was shocked and then licked the cum from her tits and was pouting when she couldn't reach her stomach. Don't get me wrong, I love Amber but am not tasting my own cum for anyone. We both walked into the shower to clean eachother.