Fervid chick is gaping juicy pussy in close range and coming

Fervid chick is gaping juicy pussy in close range and coming
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Beach Bunny I live right on the Atlantic Ocean in Florida and have a very nice beach for my front yard.

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It is well posted but you really can't keep everyone out. Like most people that own ridding lawn mowers, snow blowers, and assorted ski equipment I own a beach combing machine that literally combs the beach and removes anything bigger than a dime down to a foot deep. In essence I have one of the best-groomed beachfronts in my area. I had a canal dug along one edge of my property from the ocean all the way up to my house where I have my boathouse.

There is a walking bridge over the canal near the water because that was a requirement to get the permit. My boathouse is almost as big as my house and contains a fishing boat with outriggers, down riggers, and fish finders. I also have a boat for water skiing, a sailboat, and several other water toys. In addition to those three bigger boats in the water I have canoes, kayaks, and all sorts of diving equipment on the wall racks. I can also hoist my boats up out of the water for cleaning or repairs.

Everyone I know seems to be jealous of me. Well it wasn't easy or cheap. It was a life long dream that happened to come out right. I am forty years old now and have a lot of time on my hands since my business is in capable hands and practically runs itself. Like I said it wasn't easy. Maintaining my beachfront requires many truckloads of sand to be brought in to stay ahead of the erosion.

Once I had settled into my new career as a 'beach comber' (ha, ha) I realized that I needed to have some pretty girls around to brighten the place up.

So I put an ad in the local paper for a 'beach bunny.' It read: Beach bunny wanted. Must be at least eighteen years old, female, and sexually liberated. For more details call…" I was very impressed with the number of responses. I told each and every girl that called to send me her résumé, a copy of her birth certificate, and two 8x10 photos of her one in a skimpy bikini and one out of it.

Again I was impressed with the number of responses that I received. Of course massage rooms sweet young lesbians get filthy of the girls were attractive some more so than the others. However I was looking for some intelligence as well as beauty. I set up interviews with the top thirty and had a great time. I narrowed the field to fifteen and then set up a 'Wet T-shirt Contest' at a local college bar where my girls would be the only entries.

Now that was really something to see since all of the girls knew exactly why they were there.

There were certainly no complaints from the crowd or from the girls. The girls got wet, teased the guys very well, and then tossed their T-shirts into the audience. The college kids went crazy, even the girls. Soon my girls took their shorts off and tossed them to the back of the stage like they were told to do.

They were strutting around the stage in just skimpy G-string panties before tossing them into the audience too. I watched two college girls fighting over one pair of panties and then the winner put them up to her nose to smell of them. I approached her and asked her name, it was Abigail. Then I asked Abigail if she wanted to go up on the stage and smell the source of the fragrance. She sure did so I led her to the steps and helped her up onto the stage with my fifteen girls. Abigail went directly to Jasmine the girl that had tossed her the panties and then knelt before her smelling her crotch.

I was very impressed when Jasmine pushed Abigail down to the stage and then sat on her face.

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Soon Jasmine had Abigail undressed too and turned around getting into a sixty-nine with her. Jasmine opened up her ass cheeks and showed the crowd the nicest asshole they had ever seen. My other girls saw how well the audience liked what was going on and tried to imitate them. Some were not really into doing a lesbian act up on stage and it definitely showed.

A few were almost as good as the initial couple. At the end we let the crowd decide several questions, who was the prettiest, who had the best tits, who had the best ass, and which couple put hayley marie coppin downblouse jerk iboobsbig booobs the best show. Jasmine was the winner of all four questions. I told my girls to put their shorts back on and that there were more T-shirts to make up for the ones that they had tossed into the audience.

Some of the girls wanted their panties back too also so I handed them twenty-dollar bills and mentally removed them from the list in my head.

I told them all that their drinks were free for the rest of the night. I included Abigail too. Then I just sat back and observed my girls. By the end of the evening I offered Jasmine the position of 'Beach Bunny' and asked her if she would like to bring a friend along too. Jasmine immediately picked Abigail. I then picked three more as backups.

I was very pleased with the selection. Then I took my five Beach Bunnies home. I let them pick out their own bedrooms but Jasmine and Abigail asked if they could share a bedroom. They sure could. The other three girls Hailey, Jessica, and Victoria each wanted their own bedrooms. Then one at a time I visited each girls in bed. Hailey and Victoria were cold about it and let me do my thing so that I would leave them alone.

I decided that they were bitches! Jessica was so shy that kelsi monroe trolling for trolls asked me to turn the light off but welcomed me into her covers. She giggled like a little schoolgirl as we made love and I loved it. She thanked me afterwards for giving her an orgasm.

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Jasmine and Abigail were thrilled to share me. They had no problem taking my cock into their mouths no matter what hole it had just come out of. When I filled Jasmine, Abigail ate her clean. That excited me so much that I could cum in her too, then Jasmine ate her out. I had to go to my own bed if I wanted to get any sleep at all that night. The next day I took my five Beach Bunnies to the local bikini shop and told them to pick out seven new bikinis.

I wanted them to have a new one for every day of the week. What I observed was that Jasmine and Abigail went for the smallest sexiest thong bikinis in the shop. Then they bought matching bikinis too and tried them all on for me. Jessica went for the more conservative look. I thought that would be picked up german whore is fucked on field style. However Hailey and Victoria went for the most expensive bikinis in the place and not because they looked good on them either.

Jessica modeled all of her bikinis but Hailey and Victoria said that I could see them later. Not a problem! Once back at my house I told Hailey and Victoria to get all of their stuff and to get out.

I called two taxis and gave them enough money to pay for their ride home. They sure left in a huff. Jasmine, Abigail, and Jessica had a funny look on their faces so I sat them all down and told them what was going on.

I told them what I had discovered about the room arrangements, what happened at the bikini story, and about my first sexual experience with them. I praised Jasmine and Abigail for their choice in very sexy bikinis and I even praised Jessica for her more conservative choices too. Then I took them out onto the ocean in my ski boat. They could all water ski so I let them. I made one girl stay on board the boat with me to keep an eye out for a downed skier.

The girls had the time of their lives. After Jasmine and Abigail lost their tops they simply skied topless after that. Jessica never lost her top but removed it for my sake when she was the look out. She put it back on to ski. Later I praised her for doing that and told her that it meant a lot to me.

That night the sex was a little different. Each girl came to my bed for a one on one. Jessica was just as sweet and tried to turn off the lights before undressing. Remembering that first night up on stage I told her that I had probably seen her naked as much as I had clothed.

She still giggled and ran to get under the covers. She was just too cute for words. The next day I took the girls shopping for sexy panties and bras, and then for very short shorts, mini skirts, and assorted blouses and shirts. I let each girl get twenty outfits as long as they modeled them for me. The clerk a mature gets fucked ass by a fake agent french interracial amateursex the bra and panty shop refused to let the girls come out of the changing area to model for me.

Jasmine simply told her that I was the guy paying for sixty bras and sixty pair of panties and that if she didn't let them model for me they would have to take their business elsewhere. The clerk became much more cooperative after that. Then after about the third or fourth trip to the dressing room the girls just walked around the shop looking for the next set to put on. After about the tenth set the girls just changed right out in the shop while the other customers and I watched.

Jessica said that it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been getting up on that stage that first night. Everything was placed in three large bags and I paid the bill. I even slipped the clerk a fifty-dollar bill as a tip and told her that we would probably return to her shop.

The girls insisted on me taking them to Rough pounding for a ravishing awesome hottie Navy to look for skimpy shorts and skirts. I was very glad that I did. The selection there was great and they sure looked good in them. Jasmine and Abigail talked about possible shortening most of their purchases.

They asked for a pair of scissors and to the cringe of the salesgirl started cutting two of the pairs of shorts.

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They went back in to change and came out showing sex sunny leon story com entire lower half of their ass cheeks. I loved it. Even Jessica loved it and wanted a pair just like them. Those were the three pair of shorts that the girls walked out of the store in. They had bought some tops at Old Navy but Abigail knew of a quaint little shop that had some real sexy tops. They sure did.

They were the kind that looked like someone had torn the parts off that covered the most. Jessica blushed when she held one T-shirt up and realized that two holes had been cut in the front where her tits would be. Abigail told her to buy it and wear it around the house for me. She blushed some more but put it in her pile. After the girls had bought their twenty outfits Jessica asked if they would be going anyplace that might require a dress. I hadn't given that any thought and knew that she wasn't out to get me to spend more money because she wasn't.

So they suggested another place to shop. The girls picked out several dresses and tried them on. They all looked good. How could anything not look good on these girls? Jasmine liked one red dress that fit her like a glove and was almost too short to sit down in.

She had the other two girls try on the same dress in the same color and then they all came out to model for me. They were breathtaking. Then on command they all raised their hands above their heads to show their panties in their entirety.

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Then Abigail and Jessica picked out their favorite dresses and had the other two model with her. Needless to say I purchased those three dresses in triplicate along with twelve more, assorted of course. That evening all three girls joined me in my bed at the same time. I would fuck one girl and the other two would make out. I was very surprised to lean that Jessica liked girls. She didn't even giggle when she ate them.

Jessica explained that she had three sisters and a mother but no father. Making out with one another was the only way they could have sex until they were sixteen. Jessica was now only eighteen and still not very sexually aware. The following day the girls started their SCUBA diving classes. We took boat rides, did some fishing, and went out to eat every night. We had group sex afterwards too. Sometimes it was in the backseat of my car, on the boat, or lying on the beach at night.

About a month later I took the girls back to that bra and panty shop. The salesgirl recognized us right away and came up to us. The girls nasty housewife alex chance take cock in pov naughty america pornstar not worn all that we had bought the last time because of living in bikinis most of the time. However this time it was anything sexy and transparent. They bought baby dolls, negligées, garters, and hose.

This time we hit a shoe store too. Silly me for not thinking of that the last time. Well a dozen pair for each later and we headed back to the bikini shop.

This time it was to get anything they wanted. Surprisingly they limited themselves to a quantity of fifty suits total but decided that they could share, trade, and mix and match. Now I enjoyed the fact that they would all share their bikinis, panties, and even their makeup.

They were beginning to act like sisters, girlfriends, and lovers. After successful completion of their SCUBA diving course I took them out diving in the ocean right off my beach. I even fucked each one doggy style underwater too. I couldn't be happier with my three Beach Bunnies. Combined they were the perfect girlfriend.

What one couldn't think of to do the other two could. They could all dance like strippers but were willing to take classes in pole dancing. Between the three of them I could fuck mouth, pussy, or ass anything and anywhere that I chose too.

They were not squeamish about getting naked in public either, even Jessica. Like I said together they were my perfect Beach Bunny.

The End Beach Bunny 68