Beautys sensational wang riding pornstar and hardcore

Beautys sensational wang riding pornstar and hardcore
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1945,a distant cousin of the Russian Leader Josef Stalin was gifted with an ancient safe house, deep within the alps, accessible only through a series of underground tunnels and was invisible from the air. The months spent there slowly dragged on into years, and as Mikael Stvanagratz grew bored several of the nearby villages, nestled within the mountain peaks, began reporting the disappearance of several teenage girls, ranging from thirteen through to seventeen years of age.

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They were never found. Mikael strode through the ancient corridors of the protected manor, admiring the skill of the artwork and sculptures decorating the safe house.

Mikael turned left into his study and sat in a luxurious leather chair that creaked with age as he sat upon it. His middle-age hands felt the smooth oak desk, fingers tracing the lines within the wood. Then, his fingers paused upon three red switches situated underneath the desk, screwed onto the underside of the overhanging ledge.

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His finger twitched above the middle switch, and a faint buzzing followed. Soon after, a second buzz replied, and, satisfied, Mikael leaned back into the chair and closed his eyes. A few minutes later, Mikael's day dreaming was interrupted by an abrupt knock at the far end of the study, and Katrina, one of the few serving staff to have accompanied Mikael to the safe house, walked in silently. Mikael opened his eyes and admired her body.

The good side of thirty, Katrina was one of the few in the house who was allowed certain leeway of the rules Mikael had set in place as his boredom had slowly grown.

Mikael's rules were simple. All females within the house are to remain entirely unclothed unless specifically ordered otherwise by April amateur babe flashing her tits and acting naughty in public the only exceptions to the rule were the serving staff, like Katrina.

Secondly, all females, except senior serving staff, are to follow Mikael's orders to the letter, be they sexual or otherwise. And thirdly, all men of the house, Mikael and his two butlers, are allowed their way with any of the women in the house, only those specifically marked by Mikael do the rules change.

Being one of the senior serving staff, Katrina was not required to be entirely naked, but instead wore a thin silk gown which, while very much see-through allowed her a certain dignity others did not have. That still didn't prevent Mikael from having his way though.

"Ah, Katrina thank you," Mikael said in Russian, "If you would be so kind as to come and sit on my desk, there are a few things I need to discuss with you." "Yes, master," was her only reply, also in Russian. She walked across the room, her almost-see-through, gown hanging around her shoulders like a shroud of mist. "Just here please," said Mikael motioning to the empty desk in front of him. Katrina knew the ritual by now and, without more prompting lay on her back on the solid oak desk.

Revealing her shaved, slightly moist cunt to Mikael's ogling eyes.

Mikael rolled the chair forward slightly so his faces was inches from her aromatic cunt. "Please, begin," said Mikael, pushing the gown up over her knees, across her cute babe has fun with his cock and leaving it to rest piled up around her neck. Revealing her small, tennis ball, sized boobs. "The mission was a success master," she began, "The children are- ooh.

. .secure," she said, shuddering and gasping lightly as Mikael's tongue slid over her cunt lips. "How many were taken?" Mikael asked, his head bobbing up from between her legs. "Two master- ooh- just like you asked," she shuddered as he ran his tongue along her shaven lips once more, the very tip delving millimetres into the glistening honey-pot before him.

"Ages?" he asked, "Both thirteen, lord, as per your request," Mikael nodded, then, before she could open her mouth, he thrust his tongue deep into her soaking cunt, wriggling it like a trapped worm squirming for a way out.

Mikael's tongue thrust as deep as it would reach, then curled and squirmed back out, bringing a mouthful of her juices with it. He lashed her cunt ruthlessly swirling up, down and around as her hips bucked on the table.

He continued to torture her sopping cunt until he felt the faintest of tell-tale tremors that indicated the beginnings of an orgasm. Abruptly, he pulled, out. Not letting her have her reward until she was done. "They are pure?" Mikael asked, speaking slowly to allow his tongue to recover from its workout. "Yes, master. They are untouched, my tongue assures me." Mikael grinned at the thought of the two new captives, strapped to a soft bed, completely naked their pre-puberty bodies being ravished by Katrina's tongue as it felt for impurities on the bodies, and in their virgin cunts.

"Good," sighed Mikael standing, "Describe them to me." "Sisters. . ." she gasped, "Red hair, medium height- oh my god!," she cried out as Mikael's eight and a half inch cock sprang upright before her, and thrust, relentlessly, into her shaven cunt. "Uhhh," she moaned, as his pace steadied, "budding breasts!" she cried again as Mikael buried his rod to the hilt.

"No pubes!" she groaned, "The older one has some experience, fingers mostly, she's learning." "Good, good," Mikael sighed quietly. "Please, master," Katrina groaned, "Please, I'm going to explode, master!!" Katrina screamed as her cunt contracted around his huge rod, sending spurts of cum deep inside her.

That was another rule, any women who pleasured Mikael would not wear any contraception, and, if, a child was conceived, it would be expected to follow the rules of the house like everyone else.

"Gooodddd!!" Katrina screamed again, her cunt feeling curiously empty as Mikael removed his slick rod. "You may leave when you are composed," said Mikael, un-emotionally. "Yes, master. Thank you," replied Katrina, staggering of the table, attempting to pull her gown around her, knees wobbling with the spasms running through her. Leaning back in his ancient leather chair, Mikael sat, recovering, massaging his shrinking dick slowly.

He couldn't wait to meet his new arrivals, but first, She, needed punishing again. like i said before, this is just a little side-project, not much depth yet, but if you like it let me know and i'll get to it as soon as a finished *awakening* = )