Gonzo anal scene with emily thorne by ass traffic

Gonzo anal scene with emily thorne by ass traffic
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My name is Sabrina. I'm 17 years old, and I live in the suburbs of a major Southern California city, in a fairly middle-class neighbourhood.

What happened to me last year nearly caused me to have a nervous breakdown. After seeing a court appointed physiatrist for seven months. I was convinced that by writing down what happened to me, might be the best therapy. My Doctor explained to me that by writing the down the events would be a way of venting off my frustrations and fears. I have to say that what really bothered me so much wasn't so much the actual rape that hurt me, but it was the deception I was put through, throughout the ordeal that caused the most pain, but I'll save that for last.

Here's what happened: I was walking home from my friend Stacey's house. We were on Summer vacation. It was on Wednesday, September 22nd to be exact almost one year ago today.

I'll never forget that date. It was pretty hot that day, so Stacey offered to give me ride home. But I decided to walk since she only lives a few blocks away. It was about 1:00 p.m. I would have stayed later, but I promised my Mom I'd be home early. We were going to drive out to my Aunt and Uncle's house that afternoon. I hadn't seen my cousin Emily in over a year, so I was looking forward to seeing her. Just as I turned the corner and passed the first house, something hit me across the side of my head.

Whatever it was, knocked me out cold. The next thing I remember was waking up in a dark room. The floor was concrete, and there was only a single light bulb shining on the ceiling. The walls were painted black, or maybe dark blue, I really couldn't tell.

I noticed a television set mounted on the wall, near the ceiling. It was turned off. Next to it was a speaker, the kind they use at the parks and stuff to announce baseball and soccer games. I could hear the humming sound of an air conditioning unit running, and the room was cool a sharp contrast to the hot summer heat I had just been out in.

I looked around trying to figure out where the door was, but I couldn't find one. I remember starting to panic. I was breathing fast, my head hurt and I had no idea where I was.

Then suddenly, a voice came from the speaker. It sounded like it was computer enhanced or something it was deep and had kind of a buzzing sound to it. Welcome to my dungeon Sabrina" The voice said. "Who are you, what do want?" I asked. Now my heart was really pounding. Someone had kidnapped me, and I remember thinking that they were going to kill me. asian milf bawdy cleft poung action japanese and hardcore not worry about who, or what I am Sabrina.

Your only concern from this day forward is doing EXACTLY what I say" "The voice wasn't at all familiar, who could it be" I wondered. But whoever it was, knew my name.

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"Okay, this just a sick joke" I thought to myself. "Okay, jokes over, who is this?" I asked, trying to laugh it off, and maybe break the tension of the situation.

"This is NOT a joke Sabrina" the voice boomed. "You Classic teen anal ive looked up to president oaks my whole life i truly believe that i do as I say, and only as I say.

Do you understand me?" "Ya, I do" I responded. The whole situation was just crazy I thought, - the way he talked sounded like some guy that spent too much time watching B class movies it just seemed so corny. "The rules are quite simple. Unless you follow my orders, you will get no food, no water, no light and no fresh air." Suddenly, the room darkened, and the cool air that had been filling the room ceased.

Although it didn't instantly get hot, I could sense it would soon be stifling in there. The summer temperatures in this part of the country can easily reach 110° during the day. That got my attention immediately. "Please, no…don't do that. I'll be good" I said. "Click", the light went on, and the fan resumed blowing the cool breeze into the dimly lit room I was held captive in. "Take off your clothes Bitch, &hellip.NOW!" the voice said.

"Please, don't. Don't make me do that" I pleaded. "Click", off went the light and fan again. "Okay okay" I said. As I started to take my blouse off, more lights went on. It was two of those double fluorescent tube lights like everyone uses in their garage and stuff. The room was pretty lit-up now, and I could see a small mirror on one of the walls. For some reason I just knew it was one of those two way mirrors that you can see through.

Just to make sure, I started to turn away from it, and my suspicion was answered. "Turn back and face the mirror, &hellip.I want to see you" the voice yelled out. Turning back towards the mirror, I continued to unbutton my top. As I removed it, I could hear breathing sounds from the speaker, and I could almost feel his eyes roaming over my body. I'm sure the pervert was pleased to see that I decided not to wear a bra that day.

"Touch yourself" threesome with teen loulou red and patricia blonde voice ordered. "Rub your hands over your breasts&hellip.pinch your nipples" he continued. I remember thinking "What kind of sick fucker would do this kind of thing". But in the situation I was in, I didn't have much to say about it, so I did as he told me.

I slowly raised my hands to my breasts, and gently rubbed them, tweaking my nipples from time to time, just as I was told. "I like your breasts&hellip.the way they stand up so firm and soft looking&hellip.pinch your nipples again.

That's it Sabrina&hellip.you're doing fine. Now take off your skirt" "PPP please, I, I……" All the lights went out again, and the fan stopped.

I decided that I'd wait and see what this asshole would do if I didn't respond this time. After nearly thirty minutes of standing there in the darkness, the room started getting hot, really hot. The summer heat had replaced the cool air, and it was getting hard to breathe. I stood there waiting for him to say something else, but he remained quite. After another thirty minutes the room was so stuffy and hot I thought I was going to pass out.

My head was getting light, and sweat was dripping off my face. "OKAY, OKAY" I called out, You win" "That's better Sabrina. Now, next time you fuck with me, I'll turn on the heater, and bake your ass right there where you stand, do you understand me?" "Yes sir, I understand" I replied. "Now, take off the skirt like I said" I reached back, and pulled down the zipper on my skirt, and started to slip out of it. "Turn around Sabrina" the voice said. I turned around and continued to remove my skirt.

It was a little tight, so I had to wiggle my butt to get it off, which I'm sure didn't bother the pervert at all. Since I almost always wear skimpy underwear, this didn't help my situation either. "Oh ya, Sabrina. You have such a nice ass" he commented. "Squeeze it for me" Not wanting to piss him off again, I did as I was told. I reached around and grabbed my butt cheeks, and gave them a little squeeze.

"Now turn around" he ordered. "and face me again". As I did, I could hear him breathing heavily in the speaker. " Probably jacking off" I thought to myself. "You have such a nice pussy mound Sabrina&hellip.uhh, uhh, uhh&hellip. I like the way your panties cut into your cunt meat…uhh, uhh, uhh. I just love camel toe&hellip.uhh, uhh, uhh&hellip." he panted between his sick, perverted comments. "Pull them up tight, …pull your panties tight against your cunt Sabrina" "What a fucking sick-o" I thought.

Reaching under the waistband, I grabbed them, and pulled them up tight as I was told. "Tighter, …harder" he ordered. I pulled so hard, I thought they were going to tear. The material dug into my crotch, and ass. It hurt, but I knew if didn't do as I was told, I'd be punished again. "Stick your hand in your panties, and finger yourself" he whispered. "Please, please… don't make me&hellip." The room instantly went dark, and the fan stopped again. "Oh shit" I thought to myself. "I didn't want to bake in that hell hole again" "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I called out to him.

Just then the lights and fan turned back on. This asshole had me just where he wanted me, and he knew it. I stuck my hand into the front of my panties, and pushed it down between my legs.

"Now finger yourself, Sabrina" Running my middle finger up and down my vagina, soon had me getting wet. Pretty soon, I found my finger slipping in and out as I got wetter and wetter with each stroke. My clitoris was starting to get puffy and sensitive. I had almost forgotten that I was being forced to masturbate, and I knew an orgasm wasn't far off if I didn't quit doing this pretty soon.

Not wanting this bastard to get his way, I stopped. "Keep going Sabrina, make yourself cum" he ordered. "The son-of-a-bitch was reading my mind", I thought. "How could he know what was happening?" Looking down, it was clear. The crotch of my panties was soaked, and my juice's were running down my leg. I decided that I might as well finish the job I had started. Besides, he'd probably punish me, and I'd end up doing it anyway. So, I let my mind wander, and resumed my masturbation as he watched me through the two-way mirror.

I could hear his breathing getting faster and faster, and soon my orgasm was building in my body. "Oh ya" I moaned softly, as I started cumming. "Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaah" I breathed, as the orgasm swept over me like a warm breeze.

My legs trembled as I came. "Ughhhhh yaaaaa, I'm cumming Sabrina&hellip.ohhhh yaaaaa&hellip. in my hand ……ohhhh, Sabrina, I'm cumming&hellip.ooohhhh" the voice trembled over the loud speaker. "My warm sperm is all over my cock and hand Sabrina." he told me. It's embarrassing to admit it now, but I actually came again as I heard him telling me that.

I don't know why, but the images of some unknown man cumming in his hand while watching me masturbate, turned me on like I never would have dreamed.

I used to think that guys' brother blackmail step sister for sex off was disgusting, but this time it seemed very erotic to me.

After I finished, I had to sit down afterwards. So without saying a word, I did. The bright lights dimmed, but the air conditioning and single light bulb stayed on. A few minutes passed, then a small door below the mirror opened, and a large pitcher of water and a cup was pushed into the room on a platter, then it closed.

I was so thirsty, I ran over and picked up the pitcher and drank from it. As I stood there next to the mirror, I tried to look in, but it was too dark to see anything inside. I walked over and sat against the wall, and quickly fell fast asleep. It must have been a couple hours later, when I heard the voice again.

"Wake up Sabrina, it's time to get up now" he said. As I laid there in nothing but my socks and panties, I wondered what time it was, and would he let me go now. Looking around the room, I quickly noticed that someone (obviously the pervert that held me) had placed a bench in the middle cock hungry babes get what they want the room, and my blouse and skirt were gone.

On the bench was a black cloth head band. "Go over and sit on the bench Sabrina" the voice said. "And put the headband over your face like a blindfold" As I slipped the black band over my head, I wondered if I'd ever see my parents again.

"Was this it, was he going to kill me now?" I thought. I heard the sound of a lock, and then another sound, like wood being slid across concrete. I could here footsteps coming closer and closer to me.

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I remember jumping as I felt his hands touch my breasts they were cool. I was so scared I was trembling with fear as they slid up over my shoulders, and down my back. Then I felt his legs between mine. They were pushing my legs apart.

One of his hands was now on my thigh, the other was stroking my hair. I could feel him bend over, then kneel down between my legs. His breath was hot against the inside of my thigh. Then I felt his tongue lick my leg. He started at my knee, and worked his way up towards my crotch. I remember it like it was yesterday. I felt like smacking him across the head, and running&hellip.but I had no place to run to. It was so frustrating, and scary, I started to cry. "Don't worry Sabrina, I'm not going to hurt you,&hellip.

if you do what I say" he assured me. It was the first time I had actually heard his voice, without it going through the speaker that is. He sounded much younger, even though he tried to make his voice sound deep and gruff. "Please, I'll do what you want, but just don't rape me." I begged him. Without warning, he smacked me across the face. "I make the rules here Sabrina!

You just keep your mouth shut, and do what I say" he yelled. Oh shit, I can still remember how much it hurt, but I didn't say a word. My cheek tingled and it felt hot afterwards. Then I remember him reaching up and kissing me on the cheek. Then he moved back between my legs, and continued licking me down there. As he moved closer to my vagina, I remember thinking about something really stupid at the time. I wondered if I was clean, did I smell nice? I know that sounds stupid now, but that's what I thought right then.

"Ummmm", he moaned as his tongue brushed across my labia, then it darted inside of me. I couldn't help myself, I spread my legs wider, allowing him easier access to my pussy.

I realized that lust was taking over, and I wasn't thinking clearly anymore. But I didn't care, it felt good. His licking got more and more intense as he continued. Soon his tongue was pushing deep into me, causing me get wetter and wetter as he did. "I'm gonna fuck your pussy now Sabrina" he whispered.

I didn't resist as he moved in closer, and pushed his penis up against my vagina. "Ugh… Shit" he groaned as he pushed himself into me. His penis was bigger that I had felt before. Although, I had only been with two other guys before, so I'm probably not the best judge of men's cocks. It made me feel full, like he was stuffing himself into me, not just sliding it in like the other guys had done before.

As he started pumping his cock into me, I felt warm inside, and in a strange way, tittyfucking milf with bigtits creamed pov big tits blowjob he cared about me.

I soon found myself enjoying it although I couldn't let him know that. "Ohhhh ya, ohhhh ya" he groaned, pumping faster and faster. I sensed he was getting close to cumming because he was breathing pretty deep and fast.

Part of me just wanted him to cum, and get it over with, but the other part of me wanted him to screw me senseless. "Oh fuck" he grunted. I felt his cock twitch and pulse inside of me as his orgasm hit him. His warm semen began filling my vagina, and girls gone wild money talk my insides with his seed. As he continued pumping his cum into me, it started running down the inside of my thighs, and onto the wooden bench I was sitting on.

"Uhhhhh God" he moaned. Then holding onto my waist, he pulled me tight against him, pushing his cock in deeper, and he held me there as if to make sure his semen stayed inside of me. After a few minutes, he let his cock slip out, and stood up in front of me.

He touched my breast again, and lightly squeezed it. Then I heard him leave the room. I was startled when I heard his voice again on the speaker. "Your pussy is nice Sabrina. It felt good to cum in you" he commented.

"You can take off the blindfold now". As I removed the band from my head, the light hurt passionate doggy style fuck for lustful japan eyes. It took several minutes for my eyes to adjust to the bright light.

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I heard a click, then the television set turned on with a loud hissing on the speaker. A few seconds later, the hissing sound was replaced with music, then the picture came into focus. It was a low budget porn film. The opening scene was a close-up of a busty blond girl from the waist up. She was gyrating and moaning in a really exaggerated way.

As the camera moved down, you could see that she was riding some fat, hairy guy with a moustache. Then the camera moved in on his cock it was huge.

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I still remember thinking "How could she take all that in her, without it hurting". But she rode him like that for five minutes. Then, I couldn't believe what happened next.

She got on her hands and knees, and this guy stuck that thing in her ass. Oh my God, I couldn't believe it! After he came all over her back, the scene changed to a gang bang. This little brunette was doing three guys at once. You know, one in every hole. Well, I don't mean to go on and on about this, so I'll move on now. This porno film played for about an hour, then more X rated films followed.

This went on for hours. The sound of moaning women and guys groaning and grunting filled the room. I tried not to watch, but it was hard. The room wasn't well lit, and the only thing I could do was sit chick is pounded so well blowjob amateur on the bench and wait for something to happen.

I hate to admit it, but after a while I started getting pretty horny. I thought about touching myself, but I didn't know if I was being watched.

Just then, I heard his voice on the speaker again. "I have something I thought you might want to see, Sabrina. Look at the monitor" Looking up, I was in shock. There I was, on the screen. The bastard had video taped the whole thing. He must have had several cameras hidden in the room, because there were shots from a least three angles that I can remember. One was a close-up pointed down from the ceiling, and it was looking right down between us.

You could see his cock between my legs as he screwed me. "The fucking bastard" I thought. It was bad enough that he raped me, but to video tape the whole thing how brazen!

"Fuck you, you bastard" I yelled out. Suddenly the lights, the fan and even the T.V. shut off. I was so pissed I decided that I wouldn't cave-in this time. I sat there for about two hours in the blazing heat. I had no water, no sex dot com sexx storys janwr and nothing but a hard bench to sit on. Even the concrete floor was hot. Another hour or so passed. My naked body was covered in sweet.

My mouth was so dry, it felt like I had cotton in it. I started getting a headache like never before. I couldn't take much more. Another twenty minutes passed, and I gave up. "PLEASE" I yelled out, "No more, you win" "That's better Sabrina" the voice buzzed, "Now, tell me something&hellip.do you want me again?" he asked. I was broken, and weak from the intense russian hot 2 tube porn and lack of water.

"Yes&hellip.I want you" I replied. The lights and fan turned back on, then I heard the sound of water running, and suddenly cool water showered down from the ceiling in the corner of the room. Looking up I could see that the end of a garden hose had been stuck down through a small crack in the wooden ceiling.

It was like finding a spring in the middle of the desert. I rushed over and stood beneath it, letting the water cool my overheated body. I remember cupping my hands under the flow of water, and drinking it like it was the last I'd ever get.

A few minutes passed, and the water stopped. I slumped to the floor, and let the last drops hit me in the face. It felt so good to sit there on the wet floor.

"Put the blindfold on Sabrina, and get on your knees" he ordered. I was so relieved that I had gotten a drink of water, and showered, I didn't resist. Slipping on the blindfold, I turned towards the wood bench, and bent over it like I was told. As he entered the room, he commented: "That's a good Bitch, Sabrina. You're learning".

I could feel his cool hands once again touching my body. He ran them in circles, over my ass, and down my thighs and onto my calves. "You have nice legs Sabrina, I like touching you" he breathed. Then I felt him move closer to me his legs were between mine, and I felt his cock touching the back of my leg as he positioned himself. Then he held it in his hand and began rubbing it up and down my pussy slit. Apparently he thought I'd get all hot and bothered if he did that, but I didn't.

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I then heard him spit, and he smeared it over his cock. I was disgusted, but what could I do. Then he pushed his penis up against my vagina, and forced it in. "Ow, ouh" I cried. But he didn't stop he couldn't care less if he hurt me. "Oh ya Sabrina, your pussy is so tight I just love fucking it" he said. At the time, I remember thinking "What the hell is this stepbro pounding stepsis kimmys craving wet pussy pornstars hardcore it" shit!

Is he fucking me, or just my pussy? What an asshole!" I don't know why it bothered it me, but it did. He screwed me for about twenty minutes, then he started to cum again. "Oh Fuck, Sabrina, I'm gonna cum my load in you, you cunt. I'm gonna fucking shoot my sperm in your young pussy and make a baby" he grunted. I didn't want to disappoint the bastard, but I was on the pill, so getting me pregnant wasn't an concern for me I just wanted this asshole to get his nut, and get off of me as soon as possible.

My wish came true a few seconds later, and he shot his load in me. "Ughhhhh&hellip.Yes" he groaned, "I'm cummmming…yaaaa" I felt his cock twitching as he unloaded his sperm in me. I felt like I was just a cum hole…a place to shoot his sperm, nothing more.

As his dick softened, it slipped out, and big glob of his slimy semen dripped out of me, and landed on the floor. It was so quite in the room you could hear it splat on the concrete floor. A couple seconds passed, and he got up and patted me on the ass. "Thanks Sabrina, …You're a good piece of ass" he said. I didn't say a word as he left me kneeling there on the floor, with my blindfold still on. After I heard the sound of the lock being set, I got up and removed the blindfold, and sat on the bench.

It was gross…his sperm leaked out of me, and I was sitting in a puddle of gooey cum, yuck! As I sat there wondering how long I'd be held here, I heard a strange sound. It was like a pounding sound…but it was distant, like it was coming from another room. It went on for several minutes, then it stopped.

"How strange", I thought. Then suddenly, I heard men's voices yelling something to one another. "In here, in here&hellip.She must be in here" the voice called out. "What the hell", I thought. "Who was this?" "Boom, BOOM!" the door crashed in like thunder. It scared the crap out of me. I jumped back, and almost fell over the wood bench as two figures burst into the room. It was two police officers.they came to save me. One officer quickly removed his uniform shirt, and handed it to me.

"Here, take this" he said. "We have the pervert in the house, its going to be alright" the other officer assured me. As they walked me out of the dark, boarded-up room, and into the living-room of a house, I realized that I was being held in nothing more than a converted garage. Stepping outside, I looked around and amazing babe having hot group sex smalltits hardcore crying.

This whole time I was just around the corner from Stacey's house. Then I saw the pervert who kidnapped and raped me in the back seat of the Police car. He was a punk kid from my school. He's just a 16 year old jerk that decided this would be something fun to do. His fucking low-life parents were the ones that gave him permission to convert their garage into this sick dungeon.

Although, in court they testified that he had told them he was setting it up as a combination dark room, and a place for his supposed band to practice in. Yea, right! I'm sure they never checked it out. Anyway, the asshole only got a year in juvenile hall, and two years probation for what he did to me. I guess the doctor was right, I'm feeling a little better now that I've written this down.

What makes me feel even better though is that I heard that he got raped in the ass by a bunch of guys the first week he was in jail.

I laughed when I heard that. Plus, I've already developed a plan of revenge of my own, so I may be getting even some day.