Sweetie pie with stockings robs sensual body in stockings in hd cam tube porn

Sweetie pie with stockings robs sensual body in stockings in hd cam tube porn
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The Abduction Part two I must have dozed, because I didn't hear anyone enter the room, but I know I am not alone. In the dark, I have lost all sense of time, I don't know if I have been here for hours, or days. As I turn my head trying to listen for sounds, something brushes against my inner thigh, and I exhale a breathe I hadn't known I was holding. With all my pubic hair gone, I am more sensitive, so the first touch of his tongue sends ripples across my flesh.

I vaguely wonder where the other men are, he had mentioned others, so I assume there will be more than one, yet they aren't touching me and aside from occasional sounds, I cannot tell how many are present. Another lick and my pussy lips part, and I thrust my hips trying to center his tongue where I like it best. He isn't working with me but my pussy is gathering moisture, and my clit is thrumming with my pulse.

Thrusting his tongue into my core, he stops for a moment while his thumb gathers moisture to rub my sweet spot. I'm going to come, and it feels so good, I don't care who I fuck. I just need more friction. I'm moaning, hardcore hd blonde big tits fucking is not a game not for this gag I would be begging, but I have no control. Rather than fight it I relish each flick of his thumb, and swipe of his tongue.

Before I reach the point of no return my tormentor stops and again I am left wanting, whimpering. "Are you going to be a good little slut?" His voice is deep, but it isn't one I recognize. In an odd way it is music to my ears, yet it isn't the sound of his voice that brings me hope, but the chance to feel his hard cock slide between my legs.

Without pause, I nod my head in answer. "I am going to remove the gag, but the blindfold stays, understand?" Again a sharp nod, and with a flick of the wrist I can close my mouth. "The boys and I are gonna fuck every hole you have, and I expect you to be a good slut and you will be rewarded.

If not, there are always punishments…" He left the sentence unfinished but I know what he means, and I am more than happy to comply. "Yes" I said, as much for his sake as my own. A sharp sting across my leg makes me gasp, "You will answer with, Yes Master, do you understand?" "Yes, Master" "What a good slut you are, the boys and I are going to have fun using you like the whore that you are.

You are excited by that, I can see your twat creaming. Before this party can start, I'll need a few things." There are strange noises, and I open my mouth to ask what he is doing but think better of ice video 20160501-132622 tube porn. Instead, I bite my lip and stay silent.

Finally, I hear the door open, feet shuffling, and the sound of zippers make my mouth go dry. I don't know if I can do this, then a laugh slips out. How can I forget, this isn't a choice, and while I don't know what the punishment would be, I'm sure it wouldn't be pleasant. "Something funny slut?" I shake my head in answer, and receive a slap to the inner thigh, this one closer to my pussy, for my non-verbal answer.

"No Master" I force the words past my lips. Suddenly, I'm caught in a whirlwind of activity, hands, lips, even teeth nip and nibble on my flesh everywhere. Tied down as I am, I can only feel as cold gooey stuff is smeared between my ass cheeks, a thick finger pushed into my anal cavity.

I have only had anal sex a few times, and it hurts but the sensation of having my tits sucked on, and my clit tweeked keeps me from tensing up.

"Your ass is tight; I can't wait to put my fat cock here and stretch it out." He added a second finger for emphasis; just as a pair of work roughened hands turn my head to the side, forcing my mouth open with the nudge of a thick hard prick.

Sucking cock has always been such a turn on for me, and this cock is no different. Without the use of my hands, I can't get a good rhythm, so I have no objections when my head is held immobile while thrust after thrust his ara gizli cekim aldatma vidiolari rusya hits the back of my throat.

I hardly notice that someone is fingering my pussy, and someone else has placed his cock in my hand.

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I've gagged several times, but in the position I'm in I can't take him in my throat like I would like. It doesn't matter, with a loud pop he pulls free of my mouth and another penis takes his place.

Between my legs, I can feel the engorged head of yet another mans tool slide through my juices once, twice and then the glide of a hard, solid shaft as it pushes between my vaginal walls. Around the current penis fucking my mouth, I let loose a moan, I can't help it. This is what I have been waiting for what my body has been craving since they brought me so close, but denied me any relief. My body is rocking with each thrust, and I can't find a steady pace, so I simply enjoy it.

"Fuck! I'm about to come." I clamp down with my inner muscles, but instead of coming, he pulls out.

Lucky for me there is another who takes his place, just as another cock slips down my throat. I must have pulled against my binds.

I can feel them loosening, someone is untying them. What that means to me now is not the same as it would have been just a short while ago.

Then I would have wanted escape, now I only want dick, lots of it. "You have been an exceptionally good slut and I don't think we need these anymore. With the ropes gone, It's time for the real fun to begin." Once my hands and wrists are untied, I have to wiggle a bit to get the blood flowing again, but within moments strong hands lift me from the table and help me to my feet.

With help, I walk a few feet before someone tells me to get pov fuzzy teen analized pornstars and big dick my knees. Expecting rough concrete when my knees land on a mattress, I am pleasantly surprised.

The mattress shifts with the weight of more occupants, but a firm hand between my shoulders sends my upper body forward, while another holds my hips up, ass in the air. "Hold her down boys, this is latinas first cam show watch more of her at ulacamcom to hurt." My head presses into the mattress, and my shoulders have pressure against them. I tense my body and a sharp slap to my left ass check makes me gasp.

"Loosen up slut or this will hurt even more." My ass cheeks separate, pulled uncomfortably apart, but I suspect that is the least of my problems. More slick, cold gel drips down my crack and two fingers work their way into my rectum. It stings, burns, and I try to keep myself from tightening the muscles. I can feel when the fingers are pulled free and replaced by the head of a mans dick as it is slowly worked into my tight bud.

The pain is excruciating, and despite my attempt to remain still I fight to get away. "Hold her!" Sunny leone brazzer xxxlong story slap to my ass and strong hands press the middle of my back down, making my back arch. Tears stream down my cheeks as the first inch slides past my sphincter muscles. Inch by inch my ass is on fire and when I feel his balls slap at my pussy, I know he is fully impaled.

With the entire length of a cock up my ass, I am shocked when the pain fades, and as he begins to move. In and out, and I discover I rather enjoy it. Once I stop fighting, someone dips a finger into my pussy, "she is dripping, soaked." I push back, and realize I am not restricted.

The thought no more than crosses my mind before a short thick penis grazes my lips. Instantly I latch on to it, and taking advantage of my sudden freedom, I grasp it in my hand working the skin as I make suction with my mouth. My ass is taking a pounding, as one after another take a turn fucking my secret place, then my mouth, or maybe vice versa, I don't even care anymore. Suddenly a strong arm grips me around the waist, and I flip to another position.

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Now I am on top, and gravity is taking its toll and the dick in my ass seems to be impossibly deep. While I bend my knees for leverage, someone adjusts my blindfold to keep my eyes covered.

I hardly notice. Lifting myself all the way to the tip, I relish the soft/hard feel as I squat taking this monster cock back into my ass. Over and over again, until finally I'm asked to stop so the guy I am fucking can trade places with another. Once my partner has pulled his cock free, the next man takes his place. Only this time, when I try to bend my legs, I'm told to leave them. My back is flush with the stomach of one guy, and I can feel yet another pressing into my pussy.

"Have you come slut?" I shake my head, but say nothing aloud. "Then here is your chance." I vaguely hear as his prick works its way into my tight vagina.

With the guys dick in my ass it hurts at first, but when he bottoms out and his pelvic bone bumps my clit tiny volts of electricity shoot from my core. The next thrust sends me over the edge in a quivering, bone melting orgasm. I can feel my asshole tightening down on the one rod, while my vaginal walls grip the other. I faketaxi curly blonde takes it from behind boneless, but they aren't through. At least I hope they aren't…