Two hot lassies have kinky lesbian sex masturbation and pornstars

Two hot lassies have kinky lesbian sex masturbation and pornstars
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JackassTales Tale # 9 FORBIDDEN FRUIT (2) Farmer's Daughter (part two) There was something I had to do today, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember what it was!

I was a farmer, so perhaps it had something to do with farming. Suddenly, my mind cleared enough for me to recall. I had twenty acres of hay to bale and another twenty acres to cut! This was a chore I needed to begin working on pretty-damn soon. The sun had already crested over the eastern pastures and daylight was burning brightly. My plans called for me to drive the big tractor and pull the baler. My daughter would drive the smaller tractor and rake the hay into windrows. Well, I guess I had a damn-good reason for forgetting about my chores!

At the moment, I was sitting in a bathtub full of innocent chick opens up tight slit and gets deflowered water with my arms wrapped around a naked woman! This woman's back was pressed tightly against my chest while my hands played with her feminine treasures. One of my hands was cupping a well-rounded breast while the other was fondling a silky-soft pussy. Saying that this sexy-soft female was a woman might be stretching it a bit.

She was really little more than a girl. But no, goddamnit she was a woman fully grown and matured! Why, just this week she had reached the milestone of celebrating her 18th birthday! That girl had just past her 8th birthday on the day I married her mother ten years ago.

I became a husband and an instant father on the same day. I had never really wanted children and the girl's mother wanted no more. In order to prevent pregnancy, I had a vasectomy. The marriage turned out to have mixed blessings. On one hand, I became 'Dad' to a precious, precocious, mischievous child. The tender-hearted, loving little girl had brought love, laughter, and joy into my life. On the other hand, I had unwittingly become husband to a cold, heartless, sexually-repressed bitch of a woman.

This woman's idea of a sexual good-time was a 'slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am' coupling using the 'missionary-position'. Not surprisingly, the marital union didn't last. I was a man who loved pussy! I'd eaten my fair share of pussy before settling down to marriage at red mom ant son xxx story 26.

I was heartily disappointed to find out that my marital partner refused to suck my cock and very rarely allowed me to eat her pussy. I was repeatedly accused of being sexually perverted and 'bound-for-hell'.

After my recent divorce, the young lady who had become my daughter chose to live with me instead of her mother. Over the past ten years, I had often wondered whether or not the young girl's mother had polluted her daughter's mind with her beliefs about sex.

Had she repressed this young female's sexual desire? If she had, according to my way of seeing it, it would have been an unforgivable injury for both the girl and for any sexual partner she mind find. This very morning I'd had all my questions answered. Hell, that girl was nothing like her mother! How or why it happened, at this time and place, I couldn't explain, but the girl gave me the best 'cock-sucking-blowjob' I'd ever had in all my life!

On top of that, she had spread her legs and let me eat her pussy! Oh goddamn, she had lain on the kitchen table and had wantonly encouraged me to satisfy my pussy-starved oral cravings!

The words she said to me after she had drained all my seminal fluids into her mouth still rang in my ears. In a soft whisper, she had lustily said, "Listen here 'Old man', don't you worry about this limp cock. I know I can get it hard again. Let's go take a long, hot bath. Then I want you to take me to your bed. I want your big piece of beautiful meat inside my pussy. Oh Dad, I want you to fuck my brains out!" So, here I was with my bathtub filled with hot water, me, and my naked, sexy-soft daughter!

Hell, the limp cock I'd had earlier charming babe joseline kelly banged a big black cock now just a memory! My 7-inch shaft was now a fully-erect, meaty, steel-hard rod! If that daughter of mine wanted to be fucked, then I was just the man for the job! That girl leaned over and pulled the plug on the tub. As the water drained out, she twisted around in the tub. She ended up facing me with her ass between my legs and her legs wrapped around me.

I just stared as the water level dropped. She reclined back on her hands and spoke seductively, "Dad, do you like what you see?" I continued to stare, but my voice whispered huskily, "Oh goddamnit-to-hell, Kimie, I've never seen anything so erotically beautiful in all my life!

Shit girl, you've got my cock so hard it just might explode!" Kimie giggled, winked, and mischievously said, "Mister, you just hang on to your juices! I'm going to take care of that cock in just a little bit!" I wouldn't call my daughter a 'raving-beauty', but she is most certainly seductively pretty! They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, my eyes beheld the wonderments of that girl's feminine flesh. Kimie wasn't a skinny girl, yet she wasn't fat.

She was a fully-matured, full-figured girl. My eyes gazed at her breasts. That girl's chest was adorned with two tantalizing tits each the size and shape of fully-ripened grapefruits. Now, a finicky 'tit-man' might like his tits bigger. As for me, I was perfectly satisfied with my daughter's magnificent mammary orbs.

I especially liked the dark-pink, nickel-sized nipples which jutted out proudly. Pale-pink, silver dollar-sized areolas surrounded these tempting jewels. Tits are mighty-fine things for a female to have and Kimie had really nice ones. But, the fact of the matter is, I'm a 'pussy-man'!

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Why, I love pussy more than any other feminine delight! Here then, was where this girl of mine excelled above all other females. She has the finest pussy my eyes have ever seen! This girl's pussy puffed out with two swollen outer lips and a seductive slit down the center.

The tip of a pretty-pink clit peeked out from the slit. Best of all, not one spot on this mound of feminine flesh was concealed by pubic hair! This wickedly wonderful young lady had shaved her pussy! Her mystical mound of vaginal flesh was completely nude! Lord-a-mercy, that's just the way I liked pussies!

My cock throbbed demandingly. I needed to place it inside that pussy. But first, I needed to again taste the pussy's wonders with my amateur teen blowjob in beach brown haired and public porn. I reached for Kimie's legs and pulled them up to my chest and wrapped them around my neck.

The girl fell back into the water. Good-damn thing the tub was nearly empty or I would have drowned the girl. I reached under her hips and bodily lifted her ass off the tub. I'm not a big man, but my arms are muscular and strong. I pulled the girl's body up until her pussy was in front of my face. I began kissing, and licking, and sucking the silky-soft feminine flesh.

My ten-year banishment from eating at the pussy-table had come to an end. Thanks to my wonderfully loving and giving young daughter, I had all the delicious pussy I could consume. And, consume it, I did!

I ate with a ravenous appetite! For my appetizer, I had a heaping helping of mounded pussy-lips. I kissed, licked, and sucked down into the valleys between the pussy and thighs. My lips climbed back up the hills teasing and tasting feminine skin.

Kimie softly moaned.

My main course consisted of a silky-warm, quivering clit. I devoured this delectable delicacy with the vigor of a man possessed with devilish delight. My tongue licked, flicked, tickled, and teased this fabulous feminine treat. Kimie wiggled and moaned more feverously. For dessert, my mouth found the pussy's warm-wet vaginal cavity. My tongue penetrated deep into the moisturized opening licking and lapping the dripping feminine juices.

Kimie squirmed and softly squealed. My pussy-starved lust demanded that I have 'seconds'. So, I again ate hungrily. I had a second helping of mounded pussy-lips. I then devoured another portion of silky-soft clit. And then, once again I tasted the wet flesh and fluids of the pussy's quivering vaginal orifice. That daughter of mine had her legs wrapped tightly around my neck and her body was twisting, turning, and bucking spastically.

The feminine voice that spoke was trembling, begging, and demanding, "Oh Dad, oh goddamn Dad! Please don't make me cum again with your mouth! Oh, I want to feel your cock inside my pussy when I cum! Oh, please Dad, take me to your bed and fuck me!" That did it.

Her words released my mind from its demanding, pussy-hungry trance. I held onto Kimie's ass as her legs untangled from my neck and shoulders.

Her body slid down the length of my chest and landed in my lap. Unintentionally, the girl's inflamed, wet, moisturized pussy impaled itself onto my stiffened shaft. seven-inches of hardened meat slid deep into the pussy's slippery-wet opening. Kimie jumped up as if a hot poker had penetrated her flesh! My cock was pulled out a few inches. But, my hands were still holding onto her ass tightly, so she fell back down. My cock again thrust in deep.

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She jumped up again and once more a few inches of the shaft pulled out of her pussy. Yet, uncontrollably, I pulled her down and again my cock buried itself inside. The i know that girl amateur ex girl porn 356 screamed demandingly, "No, no, no, oh goddamn no Dad, don't fuck me here!

I want to be fucked in your bed!" It was too late! Her demands came too late! How in the unholy-goddamn-hell is a man to control the unstoppable urges of his throbbing cock once it's buried inside a vivacious young woman's pussy? Hadn't I lusted after this young lady all morning long? How could I let go of her now? I couldn't, and I just wouldn't! Kimie jumped up again, but she sat back down. This time, she impaled herself deliberately! It was too late for her, too! Her own feminine lusts had been inflamed by the pussy-eating she'd just had.

Her pussy couldn't reject the cock buried inside her! The girl's body overruled her mind. She rose up and fell down again and again. Pussy and cock joined together in a race toward orgasmic relief.

Deep, wanton british girls are thrilled with the idea of getting fucked by tourists encouraged frenzied fucking! Anymore thoughts about tender, loving foreplay were forgotten. Ready or not, it was time to fuck! I held the girl as she sat fucking her dad. My hips thrust up to meet each and every impalement as she rose and fell.

Time after time, the wicked, young vixen would stop and sit still. The damn little cock-teaser was trying to prolong the excitement!

Hell, her hot, young pussy was driving me crazy! She'd better stop taking her own sweet-damn-time, or I'll have to hogtie that girl and fuck her! My swollen cock pulsated with racing blood. Seminal fluid moved into place ready for release. Because of my vasectomy, I couldn't release sperm, but I still had semen. It wouldn't be as much this time because the girl had already sucked me dry earlier.

Hot seminal fire swept through the length of my cock and spewed forth into the girl's wondrous pussy. Surprisingly, I'd built up more orgasmic heat than I had expected. A gloriously-violent orgasmic eruption shook my body.

This thunderous orgasmic explosion thrilled my mind, body, and soul. Kimie too was shuddering and shaking as orgasms rocked her young, feminine body in spastic waves of carnal delight. Orgasmic glee lit her radiant face with joyful happiness. I was grunting and groaning like a wild stud mounting a mustang mare. Kimie was moaning, squealing, and screaming with the lustful wantonness of an untamed filly welcoming her stallion lover.

This young lady's tight pussy was squeezing and smothering my cock while her vaginal juices were trying to drown it. In self-defense, my cock fought back by continuing to pound into the slippery-wet opening with powerful thrusts. Seminal fluids and vaginal fluids joined together as allies of lubrication. Pussy and cock slipped in and out of each other effortlessly.

Kimie's rode my cock with her legs clinched around my back. Orgasms were not yet through with this young woman's body. She bucked up and down, back and forth as more waves of delight spurred her on.

We two, young Kimie and I, were lost in a world of orgasmic enchantment. We lived and loved in this world for as long as we could.

It was a good place to live. Very, very good it was. But, we couldn't live there forever. This place of magical enchantment slowly slipped away as we each rode the orgasmic ride until the magic slowly faded. There in the bathtub, I held my girl and she held me. Her head was gentling lying on my shoulder. Surprisingly, I felt warm moisture falling in gentle drops on my skin. Kimie was crying. I whispered endearingly, "Honey, have I hurt you?

Are you sorry for what we've done?" Kimie's head jerked up and she quickly replied, "Oh Dad, no, I'm not sorry! I've never had such wonderful orgasms in my life! But, Dad, I wanted to fuck you in your bed! I wanted to be your playmate and your bedmate. I wanted to do things to you that Mom would never do to you!" All I could do was laugh. I wasn't laughing at the girl.

I was laughing because of her! I told her the reason why, "Kimie, my sweet baby-doll daughter, you've done more to me this morning than your mom did to me in ten years! I ate your pussy in the kitchen. I never touched your mom's pussy in the kitchen!

You gave me a cock-sucking in the kitchen. Your mom never once sucked my cock! I've now eaten your pussy in the bathtub. Shit, your mom never bathed with me one time! And, now you've sat in my lap and fucked me.

Hell, your mom would have died before she would have ridden my cock like that! Damn girl, a man couldn't ask for a better sexual playmate than I have with you! I'll love you for this morning until my dying day!" The girl's face lit with a radiant smile.

She was a playful young lady with a wickedly, mischievous quick wit. She winked and spoke seductively, "Dad, this day is not over yet! I'll have my bedtime fun with you before the sun goes down!

Mister, I'm not through with fucking you!" ------------ I was remembering my daughter's words as I maneuvered the big tractor around the hayfield. I was certainly looking forward to the bedtime adventures her words had promised. I looked out across the pasture and saw the girl driving the smaller tractor.

She was doing a good job with the hay rake. She was a mighty-fine farmhand. I was sitting in an air-conditioned tractor cab while she had no such comfort. The blazing sun beat down on her. She must be working on her tan because she wore only her red bathing-suit top and a pair of cut-off jeans. Twice, I'd given her the chance to switch with me. She could handle the massive monster tractor with practiced skill.

Both times, she had declined. We didn't stop at lunchtime. A darkening sky to the west indicated rain. About two-o'clock, I decided that we needed a short break. I whistled for the girl to follow me. I pulled in under the shade of some tall oak trees. We both jumped from our seats and sat on the bank of the slow moving creek which cut the farm in half. Kimie plopped her ass in my lap and sat there just as if it was a place she belonged.

Well, she wanted to be there and I wanted her there, so her ass was exactly in a place it belonged! This girl's body was slick and sticky with perspiration, but her lips tasted sugary sweet to her dear old dad.

I wondered if those luscious lips were stingingly sore like mine. I'd never kissed a female so many times in one day as I'd kissed this girl today.

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Each kiss was a sweet, warm, passionate awakening of lust and love. Her clothes didn't stay on long. I stripped her down to her birthday-suit and she did the same to me. I stood and bodily picked the girl up and walked into the cool water of the creek. She didn't notice the teasing grin on my face as I pitched her out of my arms into an inviting pool of water. She spluttered and splashed, but she rose to her feet with a glistening wet body.

Her long, auburn hair had come loose from its ribbon and the tangled, curly-wet locks draped her shoulders and covered her breasts.

Her voice rang merrily, "Come on in Dad and get that big fella between your legs wet!" My cock had recovered from the sucking and fucking it had this morning. The 7-inch shaft was erect and ready for pussy penetration. Yet, it wouldn't be hard for long.

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Cold creek-water plays havoc with the best intentions of an erection. I walked into the deeper water where the girl stood. The cool water did its deed. My hard, meaty erection shriveled up and shrank! Just because I wasn't hard didn't mean I wasn't horny. After this morning, I'll never be able to even look at this girl without getting horny as hell! My hands brushed away the wet hair covering Kimie's breasts. Hot-damn, those twins were beautiful girls!

I began a slow massage of each tit and nipple. To my surprise, I found out that the cold water had prevented her nipples from staying erect! Well, I had a fix for that. I reached under her ass and lifted her out of the water. Her tits brushed my face. My lips found each nipple and sucked until each popped out as stiffened buds. Kimie's legs encircled my waist and the crack of her ass settled against my shriveled shaft.

She looked down at me with questioning eyes. I allowed her to slip back down into the water. As soon as her feet found firm footing, the girl reached beneath the water and found my limp shaft. Her voice spoke quizzically, "Shit Dad, what the hell's happened to my big, beautiful cock?" I answered my curious daughter with merriment in my voice, "Baby-doll, cold water and hard cocks are sworn enemies. I'm afraid this creek has gotten the best of this battle." That wickedly, wanton woman-child squeezed my shaft and said, "Don't worry old man, I've got a couple of nice, warm holes where you can warm that fella up after we play around a little.

I've got a hole between the lips of my mouth and a hole between the lips of my pussy. You're welcome to use either one!" Well, I could be just as wicked and wanton as that young lady! I squeezed her ass and replied with mischievous devilment, "Girl, there's another hole you have that I haven't yet tried. You've got a hole between the cheeks of your ass!" As soon as I said those words, I was immediately sorry.

Oh shit, the girl will think I'm a sexually perverted fiend! Her mother had certainly thought so! Why, I wouldn't have dared to even think about ass-fucking that woman I had been married to for ten years.

In an effort to forestall any awkwardness, I pick Kimie up again and pitched into a deeper pool of water. We two splashed and swam, we fondled and groped, and we tickled and teased. We kissed with passionate abandonment. Time passed as a wondrous haze. We raced in the shallow waters near a place where a truck could cross the creek. We gloried in our nudity. Lord-a-mercy, I was completely mesmerized by the sight of Kimie's bouncing tits and her jiggling ass!

That effervescent young vixen was wearing this old man out. I made my way back down the creek to a place where a big, flat rock protruded out from the bank. The ledge-rock was nearly the size of our kitchen table. I plopped down on my back with my legs dangling in the water. Kimie swam over and stood between my legs. The girl started making good on her promise of providing a hole for warming my cock.

She grabbed cute masseuse lily lust takes care of studs cock pornstars and massage half-limp, cold-wet shaft and put it in her mouth. Goddamn, it felt good! After the coolness of the creek, the girl's mouth felt like a fiery furnace. Her tongue and her lips massaged my tender, soft flesh.

My cock sprang back to life. The girl's warm, wet mouth bobbed up and down on the shaft. Before I knew what was happening, that deep-throated, cock-sucking daughter of mine had all seven-inches of my thick, meat inside of her hungry mouth!

Holy-shit, that wondrously-wicked young woman knew tricks that could drive a man insane! She sure as hell didn't learn them from her cold-hearted bitch of a mother! The tricky young wench stopped sucking just in time. I was about to shoot my wad. She sprang from the water and straddled my belly.

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She leaned with her young breasts dangling in front of my mouth. Her two, tantalizing, grapefruit-sized orbs hung down like over-ripe fruit ready to be picked. I didn't need an engraved invitation. I started picking. I had two hands full of the tender, luscious nectarines. My mouth sucked the wet, creek-juices off and lapped at the spicy-tit flesh.

Suddenly, the girl sat up straight and scooted down to my waist. She grabbed my cock and guided it as she impaled her pussy on it.

The 7-inch shaft that had been in her mouth was now in her pussy. Here I was again with my daughter riding my cock! Yet, she wasn't riding very hard. She wasn't jumping up and down.

She wasn't wiggling or squirming. In fact, she was sitting without moving! I looked at her questioningly. Kimie's eyes squinted as if she were deep in thought. She finally found the words she wanted to say, "Dad, do you remember me telling you that I want to do things with you that Mom wouldn't do? Well, in the past few minutes, I've had your cock in my mouth and I've had it in my pussy. But, according to what you said a little while ago, I've got another hole that you might want to put your cock in.

Dad, did you ever ass-fuck Mom? Do you want to fuck me in the ass?" What the goddamn-hell was a father supposed to say when asked a question like that by his sexy young daughter? The answer came in a blink. I would just tell her the truth! I took a deep breath and let out the words, "No girl, I never ass-fucked your mother.

My cock never came close to touching her asshole. Why, she would have killed me and sent me straight to the fires of Hell!" I paused for a second before saying, "As for you girl, well I guess I was just kidding with my talk about another hole. I was just trying to say something that was shockingly naughty.

It might be fun, but I wouldn't dare expect you to do something so…so wicked! I'd better keep my cock out of your asshole." The girl bristled with annoyance. She leaned forward, looked me directly in the eyes, and vehemently said, "Mister, I don't give a shit about wickedness! Not with you, I don't. What we do in the privacy of our own sexual couplings is our own damn business! We two, you and I, set the rules for ourselves!" She kissed me then.

She gave me a kiss that set my loins and my heart on fire. She whispered wantonly, "Now Dad, shut the hell up and ass-fuck me!" Kimie pulled her pussy off my cock and positioned herself on her knees 'doggy-style'.

I stepped knee-deep into the creek and stood behind her. Her ass was perfectly centered in front of my throbbing cock. I took a look at her ass. Oh what a husband wife teen with girl on webcams xxx dollars a pound expanse of silky-soft feminine flesh, it was!

This wasn't the boney-ass of a skinny girl, yet it wasn't fat-ass of a chubby girl. This was the fully-matured ass of full-figured young woman! That girl's ass was mine! This ass was mine to do with as I wanted. So, I gently smacked it with my open hand. I then smacked it again, this time with a hard, stinging slap.

Kimie hadn't given me permission to spank her, but she didn't pull away or tell me to stop. In fact, she had squealed with a pleasurable moan. Encouraged, I spanked that beautiful ass with several more stinging slaps to each cheek. The girl squealed again and again. Oh shit, a father is not supposed to get turned on by spanking his daughter!

But, that's exactly what was happening to me. I saw the pretty-white expanse of ass-skin redden from my stinging attack. Hell, I didn't want to hurt the girl! I leaned over and kissed the redness with soft, gentle tenderness. I kissed every square inch of my girl's ass. I kissed and massaged until the redness began to go away. I stood back up and aimed my cock at the ass that was mine. I spread the ass-cheeks and found the alluringly, tempting asshole. Just below this opening was an even more-tempting hole.

The girl's vaginal opening glistened with feminine moisture. Some of that moisture still coated busty blonde babe katie morgan eating ziggys hairy pussy cock. If I was going to enter the dry hole in that girl's ass, then I would need a little more lubrication on my cock. That dripping-wet pussy was the perfect place to get it! So, I rammed my 7-inch shaft deep into Kimie's pussy. The girl squealed and squirmed.

Just as I hoped, her female body released torrents of slippery-wet lubricant. I pumped in an out time after time while getting my entire shaft moisturized with feminine juice. Kimie moaned with excitement. Abruptly, I withdrew from the slick, warm-wet pussy. The head of my cock touched Kimie's asshole with a tender kiss. It then entered this forbidden feminine sanctum. A gentle push was all it took. The lubricated shaft slid in deeper. My cock was inside my daughter's asshole! The girl let the fingers of one of her hands take my cock's place inside her pussy.

She played with herself as I rammed my cock home. I pumped in and out slowly. How far did I dare go? This day, this girl had already swallowed all 7-inches of my cock into her mouth.

She'd opened her pussy and allowed the 7-inches to penetrate to its hilt. Could her asshole take 7-inches, too? The answer came quickly. This may be a sinfully-wicked sexual coupling, but the forbidden depravity of it was undeniably exotic and erotically stimulating! I was so aroused that I pumped harder and deeper than I had intended.

The entire shaft of my cock became buried in the girl's ass! Still, I continued to pump in and out vigorously. My balls and testicle sack were slapping against the girl's pussy and her fingers playing inside.

Pure, wanton, sexual lust spurred me on. This same lust made the girl push her ass toward me in an unspoken invitation of desire. Just like wild animals rutting in the deep dark woods, this daughter of mine and her dad were grunting and groaning with unrestrained animalistic frenzy. This morning my cock had cum in this girl's mouth when I was with her in the kitchen.

It had cum in her pussy while we were in the bathtub. Now, the deep, penetrating shaft was cumming in her asshole! Kimie was cumming, too! I'm just the man to know about this girl's orgasms.

This very day, I had learned a lot about this vivacious young woman. I felt her feminine body shudder and shake with the same orgasmic rapture that was coursing through mine. I held tightly to the girl's hips as I pounded into her ass. This woman and I both were screaming and squealing old milf and young sick man xxx staycation with a latin hottie our orgasmic coupling joined our two bodies into one.

Again, we visited our private little world where orgasmic enchantment prevailed through lust and love. We two, young Kimie and I, again lived and loved in this world for as long as we could. Together we fell exhausted onto the big, flat ledge-rock.

The slow-moving creek quietly meandered past this place where a naked man and woman basked in the warmth of orgasmic afterglow. I pulled Kimie close and hugged her tightly. I brushed the tangled hair from her face and kissed her passionately.

She kissed me, too. We kissed with enthusiastic, uninhibited obsession. Words of endearment spilled from my mouth, "Kimie, my babe, I'm so glad you're not like your mother. You've rocked my world more in this one day than she did in ten years! I told you something this morning and I'll repeat it now. I'll love you for what you've done until the day I die!" That wondrously wanton young lady kissed me again and whispered in my ear, "Dad, I'm so glad I can do these things for you.

But, I'm also happy about all these things you've done to me!" After a minute of silence, wickedly wonderful Kimie spoke once more, "Listen here Mister, this day is not over yet! If you think you're going to keep me out of your bed tonight, then you are mistaken!

You're not too old a dog to learn some new tricks. Why, I might just fuck you all night long!"