Striking centerfold is displaying her gaped wet slit in close up

Striking centerfold is displaying her gaped wet slit in close up
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I had never even seen another woman's pussy close up, let alone touch one, but I had an overwhelming urge to play with Daniella's gorgeous, slippery cunt. "I think you had better let Josh finish what he started" I said, wanting to watch close up as my sweet innocent son slipped his cock in and out of her arsehole.

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"Why don't you get down on your hands and knees." Daniella took up the "doggy" position, and I stood behind Josh, looking over his shoulder at her tiny pink arsehole.

I could hardly believe what I did next, trembling with excitement and fear. I put my hand between my son's legs and guided his cock tip into her arsehole. When he had pushed all the way in, to accompanying groans from Daniella, I then took turns playing with his balls and Daniella's cunt in turn, sliding my fingers between her cuntlips and plunging two fingers into her hole while Josh arse-fucked her.

Meanwhile Jim had moved onto the bed and Daniella was licking up and down his cock like an ice cream cone.

Thoughts that Josh should not be witnessing this disappeared quickly as I made Daniella cum, watched her arsehole spasm on my son's cock and then felt his balls jump as he, in turn, filled her arse with his cum. By this time Daniella had deep-throated Jim's cock and, just as he came, he mea melone fucked on the boardroom table out of her mouth and long jets of cum spurted over her head and landed on both Josh and me.

From the time his father and I had burst into the room Josh had not said a word but at this point he shouted "Dad! That's disgusting!" The incongruity of the remark, given what we had been doing, made us collapse into hysterical laughter mostly, I guess, out of nervousness and relief well, relief for everyone but me. I was at the point where I was ready to fuck anything that breathed! "Ok" I demanded, now completely unashamed, "It's my turn".

I lay back on the bed, lifted my knees and spread my legs.

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"Daniella, I want you to eat me out." I expected her to kneel in front of me but she surprised me by kneeling over my face in a sixty nine position so that I was now enjoying a very close view and tantalizing aroma of a glistening, dripping cunt. As she lowered her hips her inner lips slowly parted disclosing the ripe juicy flesh which I couldn't resist tasting (my first taste ever of pussy).

While she began to expertly tongue my cunt, I enjoyed both the sweetish salty taste on my tongue and the electric shivers all through my body that were a result of her tongue flicking in and out of my cunthole. I then couldn't help but notice, since it was, literally, in my face, that Jim had lost none of his erection despite his huge orgasm.

The thought occurred to me that we should change Daniella's name to "Viagra" just proves the old aphorism that the best aphrodisiac is a new pussy! Well, she might have caused it but I was going to put it to work. I have no idea what Josh was doing at this point because I was way too busy watching from very close quarters as my husband slipped his cock into Daniella's cunt.

She did try to pull away at first with a "No, I cannot have zee baby!", but I assured her that Jim had been vasectomised years ago, at which she thrust back hard against his cock and I'm pretty sure actually bit my clit. I think the sight of her copious juices flowing out around Jim's cock as his balls hit my tongue was almost as exciting as the tongue fucking I was getting from Daniella.

In all too short a time I had an orgasm that practically lunched me off the bed. I was just coming down, gasping for air and still enjoying my close up hd teen boobs compilation punish my nineteen yearold bum and mouth of a pussy devouring a cock when I was rudely reminded that I had a daughter.

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breasty legal age teenager adores lecherous sex hardcore blowjob What with being busy and all, Jim and I had forgotten all about Tracey who suddenly appeared in the doorway with an outraged but completely appropriate "What the fuck is going on?" At the best of times our 16 year old is petite and attractive but standing in the doorway, wearing a shortie nightdress and with all the hormones raging around, she was like a piece of filet mignon to a hungry mob.

"Daniella was just helping us with Josh's sex education" I gasped, still out of breath "If you don't want to help, go back to bed, otherwise take your brother in hand." (Quite a clever pun under the circumstances I thought) "Are you kidding" she laughed, "if I couldn't hear what was going on I could smell the sex from my room." Now I was so high on hormones that I could hardly think straight but I still knew that neither Jim nor I could have sex with our children.

But them with each other? I could feel another orgasm building just from the thought of it. I knew Tracey wasn't a virgin and she had recently gone on the pill but I knew little else about her sexual experience. "Tracey, have you ever had your pussy eaten?" I asked "No, my boyfriend thinks it's disgusting &hellip. even though he always wants me to suck him off." She replied "Well Josh" I said, still watching my cock and cunt show, "Why don't you show your sister what Daniella taught you?" Tracey immediately sat on the chair and spread her legs, displaying very clearly the fact that she wasn't wearing panties and that she shaved her little cunt.

That was enough for Jim, who with an "Aaah, shit!" exploded into Daniella and I caught the overflow right in my eyes.

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As Tracey watched, her father pulled out his still rigid cock, which allowed me to lick off Daniella's juices and then catch the cum dripping from her cunt in my mouth. Hmmm, salty and sweet again! Now satiated, Jim, Daniella and I sat up to enjoy the sight of my 14 year old son practicing his pussy eating techniques on his horny babe katja kassin female dom interracial sex year old sister as she played with her breasts and encouraged him using words I didn't even know she had heard.

"Yes, lick my pussy! Now suck my clit! Oh, my God, tongue fuck me!" As Tracey built to an obvious orgasm, Daniella, not finished with her lessons yet, knelt beside Josh, began stroking his now-hardening cock with her left hand and playing with his balls with her right.

After a few minutes of this, just as Tracey was about to cum, Daniella let Josh's balls go and plunged her index finger into his arsehole.

The result of this little manoeuvre was that both my children came at the same time Tracey shoving Josh's nose into her cunt and rearing back in the chair and Josh spurting great wads of cum into Daniella's hand, which she then proceeded to lick clean. "Well, what a morning" I announced "I think we should all clean up, have some breakfast, regain our energies and see how we want to append the rest of Saturday!

To be continued.