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Dp and gangbang with four younger beaus and blonde smokin hot milf
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Awakenings 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Romotine paced the room his anger apparent from the many destroyed things around him. He had tried the doctor for over an hour then had gone to his place. They hadn't found anything to suggest a struggle, robbery nothing.

Damnit! Without the doctor, there was no way he could recruit those they had captured. Sitting with a thud he stared at the wall trying to think of something. He had been there an hour when he remembered that Natasha was also a doctor, why the hell hadn't he thought of this before!

Grabbing his cell phone, he dialed Natasha's number. After a minute she answered sleepily, Romotine explained that he needed her as a doctor. It seemed that the doctor had disappeared, lying he also told her that the doctor had taken her mother and sister also.

Smiling, because she knew he was desperate, she listened to him prattle on about what he needed, that she was the only one that could help him continue on with the glorious plan.

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Natasha looked over to Tahir sending him all that Romotine said. Saying she was far outside the city and it'd be a day for her to get back the leader thanked her and disconnected.

After getting dressed, they made their way to the Captain's office to once again revise their plans. To say that Roberts wasn't pleased was an understatement. "If we lose either of you we might as well give ourselves up to Romotine without a fight." Exasperated story wanita ngentot sampai squirting no end, he shook his head at the new cockamamie plan that Tahir and the women had devised this time.

"Ok, the way I see it," started Tahir, "he isn't nearly as strong as May and I, we can paralyze him then transport. Kim you'll have be our eyes and ears, Natasha with your heightened abilities no one is really a match for you, unless you start to tire, you can team up with kim and keep us all safe." "Tatyanna, you'll have to be the bait, I will do everything I can to find and return your son." Tahir hoped he wasn't making a promise he couldn't keep."When I enter his mind you will have to keep him down till I can seal him or get him with the doctor's apparatus.

The way I look at it, either way will be dangerous, he has more command in his brain than any other I have ever seen." The Captain was about to speak when Natasha's phone went off again.

Quieting the others Natasha listened and only said yes for a few minutes. Hanging up Natasha's face was grim. "The little bastard wants me to find him some more women, I can't do it knowing what he will do to them." Natasha shook more from anger than fear, "I'm afraid I'd try to kill him if I saw him" "I know Natasha but we have to play this out," Tahir said, "This is the only chance we will have to finally get this bastard." "We only have 12 hours to plan and get in place," Roberts stated, "I am against this plan but I was against the last and it was a complete success." Tahir sat going over the plan as he had last time they couldn't fail.

The next day as they were preparing to leave Roberts stopped Tahir for a moment. "I was informed a few hours ago, that the military is standing by to render aid if you have need of it. They are on this frequency, the code to call for help is raiders are a go, good luck I hope you can nail that bastard." "Thanks Captain, this may take a few days you'll be the first to know when we have him here." Tahir went over the instructions again with Tatyanna, she was the one he was the most worried about.

With no abilities and none that he could awaken he was afraid for her the most. "May remember we have to sheild her as much as possible." May was afraid also, though Tahir had taught her how to shield another, she had practiced for hours till Tahir was sure she could do it. Even with all this she was afraid she would falter and they'd lose Tatyanna, if that happened she just knew that Tahir would hate her and she couldn't live with that. Hell for only the second time in her life she felt she was falling for a man, she had almost walked in on Tahir and Natasha the other night.

She could only stare at them as they made love, god how she had wanted to join them! The funny thing was she had spoken to Kim, who was in love with him also, she hadn't been jealous. Walking up to Tahir she decided to take a chance," Tahir?" she asked. "Yes May, what is it?" he replied surpried by the hungry look in her eyes.

"Before we go I have to tell you something," grabbing his face she deeply kissed him, feeling her entire soul going into the kiss, "I think I am falling in love with you also, I have never met a man like you before, nor do I think I ever will again." May stood back her head hung low waiting for his rejection the rejection she always seemed to get from almost all men. Natasha and Kim smiled, in unison they said "It's about time!" Tahir could only stand there in shock all three of them loved him!

"Before I answer May, I have to say this" may's head hung lower she just knew he'd reject her. "I have known you all for quite a while, I have more than enjoyed working with you. I was more than happy to save each and every one of you. Now I have to say, May I fell in love with you that day I finally started to heal you," May's face lit up. "Yo.yo.you love me? No man has ever said that to me!" her eyes were alight with a new found love.

"I was afraid at first to take all of you with me even with your abilities, lately though, I have found that strong emotions like hate and love, intensifies the abilities." Smiling Tahir touched each of their faCes and softly said to all three, "especially love." After they were, there Tahir reached out and found a place, near Romotine's place that was safe for them all to hide in. Later that day May tied up, Tatyanna and Natasha walked to Romotine's place. Walking up the long flight of steps the slowly approached his apatment.

"I don't care, you look again, I blonde babe with curves gets some anal feel more people out there hiding," he was screaming at the guard another in a long line that had survived so far.

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Knocking Natasha entered with the two other women. "Leader, I found mama wondering the streets," she lied hoping he bought the story that was about to unfold. "My precious Tatyanna," he shouted as she looked at him with vacant eyes, "what is yearold became kamichichi micro daughter to immediately pies with her?" "I don't know leader when I found her she only said over and over he took her, he was in my head." Romotine stared at his sister, his brilliant sister now it seemed reduced to nothing more than an empty shell.

"There was no sign of your sister? no clues?" he asked his voice having risen higher almost to a nasal whine. "No leader that was why I was gone so long, I was resting after searching a whole day" hanging her head to help the lie more she whispered. "I have lost her again, both of them," to punctuate the lie more, she started crying. Putting his arms around her he actually tried to comfort her, Natasha thought she was going to be sick, the mere fact that he had touched her caused he to almost vomit.

Sniffling to hide her revulsion, she reached to May who they had altered her face so that the leader couldn't recognise her. "This was a woman I found on the way in, she is mostly sedated, as per you instructions." "Yes,yes" the leader waved them away, "not now I am depressed about my beautiful and brilliant sister.

Send the guards in as you she also wants a sperm beard from you with that he walked them to the door, "you rest I need you to start converting the men in the morning, then we can march on washington.

Once I have it, this pitful excuse of a country will crumble." Natasha relayed everything back to Tahir, so far everything was going according to plan. After they had stripped and tied her up spread eagled on the bed the leader didn't even look at her.

As the day progressed Romotine only paced before laying down for the night. Tahir and the others had been preparing for this all day. Soon as he was asleep may induced a deeper sleep in him. Appearing next to her Tahir released her and helped her up.

Both of them reaching out to Romotine, Tahir began the journey to find the brother, at first he had a hard time finding anything.

The man's mind was a vast wasteland of hate. Soon, though, he began to get images, the brother was, it seemed, moved constantly. Sighing Tahir saw at least he wasn't in stasis like the women had been. Reaching out Tahir tried to pull the brother to him ah!

damnit! he was moving again it appeared that when he stopped Tahir was going to have to go there. With the first part of the mission out of the way, Tahir delveled deeper knowing he had to work fast, May was there also watching. Snapping the first 5 he came to, tahir was sealing them when he heard the screaming and yelling heading his way. He had just finished with the second set of 5 and was reaching for another when Romotine attacked. Snapping the third set caused Romotine to scream louder May was holding him off wonderfully.

All the minor abilities gone Tahir snapped the first set of 5 major abilities this took alot longer as they were the thickest he had ever seen them in anyone.

Knowing that May wasn't going to last much longer he reached for the thickest one of all, snapping it was the hardest thing he had ever done. Finally sealing it, he told May to go. Taking over the battle of wills Tahir laughed at him. "You've already lost you pathetic little worm," Tahir was sneering at him. "I've already severed many of your abilities your more like a toothless dog." telling May to keep him asleep Tahir withdrew.

Kim horny milf goes for two hard cocks a warning that there were several guards heading their way. <Natasha you will have to help May, I am going after your brother, Romotine has been stripped of many of his abilities but he's still dangerous, just make sure that he stays asleep I can feel him fighting it now.> Feeling the brother finally stop Tahir slipped to where he was.

Surprised when he saw to coffin like chamber the young man was in Tahir coluld see that he was just out from the gas they gave him every few hours.

Also surprising was the amount of abilitied men Romotine had guarding him. Tahir counted at least 50 maybe more, obviously Romotine had been expecting something like this as these were some of the stronger of the men he had,at the official deal or no deal parody lizz tayler and tegan summers May was having to struggle to keep Romtine under.

Kim tried to help but was still too new at this type of thing. Natasha was taking out the guards as quietly as she could. Tahir found that these men weren't going to go as easily as the men had at the bunker. It seemd that at least 5 were healers and could wake the others as fast as he could put them under.

Finally Tahir switched tactics. "All of you know who I am, you all know what I can do. Must I treat you to what I did many at the battle on the park. I can feel that each of you is strong but not a one of you can block me. I am giving you a chance to walk away." Most of them just laughed and sneered at him a few 5 in all backed away, Tahir nodded and snapped stronger shields up while he released a huge wall of searing heat.

Those without shields were gone in less than 3 seconds, those with that weren't strong at all, were severly burned and laying in the grass their flesh smoking, the rest were all unconscious having used all their energy to block it. Walking to the small chamber Tahir opened it to give the man a chance to get real untainted air.

Back at the apartment everything was starting to get out of hand. More and more men were rushing up, Natasha grabbed all of the women and Romotine and slipped them all to the next building.

The problem was it drained her so bad, that now without her and Kim's help May was starting to lose the fight to keep Romotine asleep. Lifting the young man out, Tahir set him down on the floor.

Making sure no one was coming after them Tahir sat next to him waiting for him to awaken. A few minutes later he heard Natasha and Kim cry out for his help. Looking in on them he saw that they were in another building Natasha was seriously drained, Kim was watching and calling to him, may was almost unconscious having protected them all with the shield when Romtine awoke and tried to attack them all.

God Damnit! he was afraid that this might have happened. Knowing that Romotine would be back in no time at all with his army, Tahir grabbed them all and brought them all to him. May lay there on the floor crying saying she was sorry, "I held him so long I didn't realise that it would be so taxing. I tried to tap other energy and did but it went down so fast, I am sorry if I disappointed you." Burying her face in his chest she began to sob.

Kissing her lightly he held her face up and looked into her eyes, "I told you before I love you, I love all of you. The fact that you held out as long as you did proves that you were trying. I felt you too Kim believe it or not what you did actually helped May to last as long as she did. I stripped him of all his Minor abilities, some of his major abilities but the one that I made sure to get was his ability to feed on other human brains." "Do you mean that now he is harmless?

Kim asked hoping it was finally over. Sighing tahir looked at her lovingly, "No I'm afraid not, though he has lost alot of his abilities he still has a few dangerous ones, I am not leaving here till I have stopped him. we will stay here till you all can heal, Kim please start on Natasha, then help May unless you can supply them both." Kim just nodded her head and stretched out both her hands to the women "I can't move your brother Natasha till he awakens, the gas they used on him makes it a death horny blonde granny gives head and gets banged if I try to move him with a slip, before he is fully conscious." Tahir was tired his self, the short intense battle with the men here had worn him out some.

Tahir gathered all the wounded and dying men and sent them to the army's camp, instructing the commanders to use the doctor's weapon on each of them before they were taken to a hospital. Two hours later Kim had restored almost all of May's and Natasha's energy. Tahir had taken an hour nap and felt alot better his self. Not long after Natasha's brother awoke.

Running to her brother Natasha hugged him fiercely Tahir, touched Tatyanna and her eyes cleared looking on at the she scene she smiled.

"Did we get him Tahir, "she asked. Sighing Tahir replied, "no we were close I did manage to strip him of many of his abilities, especially the brain eating one. " "Then we have him beaten," Tatyanna said, "without that ability his brain will over load I don't think he can survive long without it.

"I wish that was the case but he had over 30 the other day, that could sustain him for quite a while," Tahi replied sadly, "The only choose now is to find him, bring him somewhere and battle him, I have to kill him or this will never end." Tatyanna agreed.

Romotine had never been as angry in his life his intelligence was slipping away, it seemed half of his abilities were gone including his brain sustaining one.

Trying to not kill more of his men Romotine tried to calm down. He had all that bastard's bitches right there in front of him but try as hard as he could he hadn't been able to get near them. He knew that Tahir wasn't there he hadn't felt his presence at all.

It had to have been one of the bitches, he knew that Natasha wasn't that strong and the redhead was just a extremely powerful healer and seer. It had to have been the other one the long blonde haired one and why did she look so familiar? Romotine knew for the moment that he had an advantage, well he did till he felt a nudging he'd never felt before.Damnit!

What the hell long hair gf fucked by her bfs friend girlfriend hardcore it now? Sitting he concentrated till a voice was heard. <Hello Romotine, I am sure you know who this is.> Tahir thought to him. <where are you you bastard! come face me like a man or are you scared of me?> Romotine laughed. <Scared of a pathetic worm like you, I don't think so.

or should I call you micro dick? From what I have heard you are and have nothing to really be afraid of> laughing as hard as he could Tahir cold feel Romotine's ire increase. <I'll tell you what, you want me? then meet me at the site of the last battle.

I suggest you come alone as I am, otherwise what's left of your army will be no more> Tahir was hoping this worked. <What guarantee do I have that you will be alone?> Romotine asked. <Like you I don't want those with me to be destroyed> Tahir could feel him starting to come over.

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<Alright, tomarrow in the morn. Meet me there and be ready to die.> laughing Romotine broke off communication. "Ok, it's on for tomarrow, I expect he will have people nearby, their dead. Let's all go back" Tahir made sure they were all ready then pulled them back to the west center. Sitting down in a conference call Tahir explained to washington and the Captain just what he had gotten done and then he outlined what was going to happen the next day.

After that he left and went to his room. He had just laid down when there was a soft timid knock on his door Telling whoever it was it was open, he watch me riding this huge ebony cock a little surprised when May stuck her head in and asked if they could come in.

They what did she mean? With that May, then Boys line up tfuck milf with Kim behind her walked in. Speaking for the group. "After the danger we shared and the beautiful words you said to all of us, we have made a decision. We all three love you, we all three want to have your children. Though we all think that a Natasha may already be with child, we all want to try, tonight, " As she said this Natasha and Kim were already undressing "since you have already undressed Natasha and Kim they thought it only fair that you undress me also," May shook, she had only ever been with one man and she hadn't felt half what she did for Tahir, when she was with him.

Tahir stood and took her in his arms kissing her deeply and passionately, slowly unbuttoning her shirt he tossed that aside kissing her neck and chest to the horny masseur drills his clients wet pussy from behind of her swelling breasts. Lowering her skirt she stood there only in her underthings. Behind him Kim and Natasha were slowly undressing Tahir, May's eyes taking in every inch of skin that was exposed.

Slowly torturingly removing her bra her devoured each breast in turn paying attention to each dark, sensitive nipplesucking each gently, then harder softly biting them making her breath quicken. Lowering her pink panties he admired her thin pubic hair, her openings lips moist slightly spread awaiting his inspection.

Tahir laid may back on the bed her sences were heightened and going crazy, Tahir opened her legs and gently kissed his way up her inner thighs. upon reaching her moist opening he breathed in the heady scent of her excited womanhood gently reaching his tongue to her clit she sucked in her breath and almost bucked Tahir off the bed, "Oh my god!" she screamed Natasha and Kim looked at each other and smiled they brazilian slut can not stop fucking hardcore blowjob remembered the first time with him.

Her thrashing decreasing, Tahir once again reached in to taste her, smiling at the moans and gasps he elicited from her. Finally after 20 minutes she begged him to enter her. Kissing his way up he positioned his member at her opening and slowly pushed in. Again she gasp and screamed. "Oh my god! yes I feel so full!" Begining to move in a rhythmn together she felt her second orgasm begin to build, bursting through her body she beagn to buck and thrash it took all Tahir could do just to ride it out.

That's when he felt the connection begin to grow. With each thrust he felt more of what she was feeling as she started to feel his pleasure too. Soon the feeling was building in them both Tahir knew that this was going to be as big as the one with Natasha reaching their climax together was an added bonus.

Tahis began to empty his seed deep in her womb, it felt almost a continous stream. Feeling his seed May exploded even harder into orgasm this time taking her breath away, seeing stars she felt that she was dying of pleasure smiling at Tahir her eyes closed as she fainted. Both smiling Kim and Natasha cuddled next to Tahir and May as they all went to sleep. The next shaved head cougar sucks him off in the bathroom (after a quickie with kim with almost as explosive results) Tahir and the women showered and dressed and went to breakfast.

Briefing with the Captain and washington again Tahir made ready to go. "We will be monitoring you the whole time, I can't move as far as you can, but I can be there in a few minutes, be careful." Natasha said as she kissed him, then one by one they all did. Thinking of the burned field he was there in seconds, reaching out he found the 10 men with rifles and they were gone, but not before one had got a shot off, before he got his shields up.

Grasing his arm it bled a little, smiling Romotine stepped out on the field. "What's wrong? You seem to have a problem, aaaaaaaa!" Romotine screamed as a gash appeared across his chest.

"You know what bitch?" Tahir sneered at him, "you fucking talk to much" "Why you bastard how dare you. AAAAAAAAAAAAA!" again Romotine screamed as blood flowed from the side of his head. "Like I said, shut the fuck up bitch," Damnit that wasn't what he had been aiming for, the wound on his arm was starting to affect him. Romotine was a little woozy but sent several energy bolts at Tahir, one landed near his feet. Shit thought Tahir we've got to finish this soon. Soon the field was full of holes, after an hour Tahir knew that he was almost done.

Romotine had a gash on his face, a slash across his chest, blood was pouring from his left leg, his right arm was almost usless and the cut on his forehead was seeping blood into his eyes. Tahir's arm had started to go numb. He had a cut in two places on his other arm, his left leg felt as if a mule had kicked him, his shoulder felt as if it were dislocated.Deciding that it needed to end now or he felt he'd die, Tahir took all of his energy and directed it into a crushing blast, sensing that something was different Romotine started to fire energy blasts as fast as he could, they began to get closer to Tahir.

Releasing the blast it struck Romotine just before his last bolt hit Tahir's shield and then Tahir, Knocking him some 30 feet away. Tahir was sure he had a few broken ribs now.

Slowly looking up he saw his blast had hit Romotine and carried him down to the ground, he was still trying to fight it, when it surged forward.

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Tahir could hear him scream then came to the sickening crushing and snapping as each bone was crushed and snapped, the screams grew louder for a moment till Tahir saw the blast flatten out and disappear. Limping over to the small pit left by the blast, Tahir saw that it was finally over. There was hardly anything left to identify that a human once stood there. Thinking of the army camp, it took 2 minutes for him to get there, strange he didn't feel that badly hurt.

Looking up he saw several people running toward him, strange but the one in the front looked a lot like Natasha, with that the world went dark. Two days later Tahir awoke in a strange bed. Trying to sit up he found he didn't have the strength, groaning, several people scrambled to his side. With a questioning look he saw that Kim, Natasha, May, Captain Roberts, hell even Tina was there.

Whispering he asked, "how long?" Natasha spoke up, "It's been almost 2 1/2 days, with the help of the doctor's device, we have freed and captured everyone that was involved for Xxx sex stories big ass aj applegate thought I was dead but after I saw that he was I didn't care anymore, I knew that you ladies would be safe now." the harsh whisper came out.

"The doctors here said you were almost dead when you got here, most of your ribs were cracked or broken, both your shoulders were dislocated, the bullet wound was the only minor wound you had." Roberts spoke up. Kim stepped forward, "they said you'd be here 3 weeks, I don't think so" with a smile, she started to heal him within an hour most of the cuts were gone the pain in his shoulders were gone and his breathing was easier.

Smiling up at Kim he thought god, you got to love a good healer. "Oh yes," May said czech teen fuck in stairs she sat next to the bed, "one more bit of news." "Oh?" Tahir replied "Yes, we all found out yesterday that we are all pregnant, it appears you are more fertile than you thought," giggling each bent to kiss him.

"I can't do anymore right now," Kim started, "you are about where you would by in three weeks if you had to wait" Looking shocked Tahir thought hmmm a daddy three times nice. With a smile he faded off to sleep. EPILOGUE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It had been a year since the incident, most of the awakened people chose to have their abilities removed.

Tahir and his gruop had not, they were assigned a duty of watching for more incidents and putting them down. Changing diapers again, Tahir looked at his three children. Each child had the hair color of their mother The only boy in the group Natasha's had jet black hair, May's little girl had sunshine yellow blonde hair, while Kim's daughter had fiery red hair.

Laughing Tahir was thankful they didn't have his hair color which he called shit brown. He had just finished the diaper's when he heard a sound.

Looking around he didn't see anything. About that time he saw a rattle float into the room and to one of the girls. Reaching out he didn't feel any abilities from her, but after scanning his other daughter and then his son, he found the culprit.

Looking at his son he felt proud, "so young and already looking after your sisters, problem is will they develop abilities too?" He didn't have long to wait as he felt a surge from the girls and more toys came their way. shaking his head he thought Damn! here we go again.