Hot chicks blow cocks in the club

Hot chicks blow cocks in the club
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Hello, my name is Alex, I am an alchemist. For those of you who don't know I have recently been invited to my girlfriend Robin's for the next five days. And I have decided to bring along with me some potions to spice things up. Also one interesting potion that traveled through my cum has given my girlfriend a full grown 8 inch penis.

Much to both of our pleasure, now the real story can begin. "Oh my God, oh my God, this… this" Robin exclaimed reacting to her newly grown member.

"Now honey…" I started "Is amazing" she screamed as she wrapped her hands around it and began stroking it.

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"So this is how you feel, just amazing." I was surprised, though I was actually intrigued by this side effect I did not expect Robin to be so understanding. "You're really enjoying your new toy aren't you?" I teased "Yes" she moaned as she stroked herself even faster her fist a blur as it ran up and down her rock hard cock.

"Well maybe I can make it even more fun for you" I said as I leaned into her and began to kiss her. My two cocks pulsing in excitement (yes I said two read the other story).

My tongue explored her mouth which tasted of my cum. Then I reached my hand down and took her dick from her and began to jerk it myself. She moaned at my touch, the pleasure washed over her and she shivered. I began to kiss down her body till I was eye level with her glorious penis, dripping with pre-cum.

I licked it off, it was sweeter than mine, and I liked it.

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I continued and traced down her shaft with my tongue until I reached her dripping wet pussy. I began to eat out of her while I jerked off her dick. She screamed in ecstasy the pleasure flooding her body as my tongue explored her pussy and my hand stroked her dick.

I could tell she was close to cumming but I didn't want it to end quite yet. So I stopped what I was doing and took my hand off her dick.

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Then I traced my tongue up her member as my finger slid between the lips of her pussy. She shivered in anticipation. I began to slowly finger her and lick the tip or her penis. In small slow circles. I added another finger and as I did so started to suck on her head. As I added another I went two girls threesome with a big cock even further. And I followed suit until I was deepthroating my girlfriend as I was fingering her with my whole hand.

As she did her screams filled the house and she screamed "I'M GOING TO CUUUUUUM" so I sucked harder and fingered her faster and she came in my mouth spurts of cum flowed from her member and into my throat the taste was so sweet, like pears, I love pears. My hand was also covered in another type of cum that she licked from my hand. She smiled up at me as I did so and she said "that was amazing" "We're not done yet my love" I said as I did so I grabbed a vial this one was marked with a special symbol.

It read Gemini. I swigged it and there was a rush of heat all over me and a flash and sitting across from us sat me, naked and turned on I was sitting looking at me and my futanari girlfriend.

Robin looked first at me and then to new me. And she smiled and said "this will be fun" she laid down so that her head was right by new me's rock hard cock. He only had one. I however had two extra large extra thick ones just begging to fill some holes.

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As Robin began to lick new me's cock mine began to tingle with the potions effect. I could feel everything he felt and vice versa. Now I had two cocks that were begging to fill some holes. And Robin had two holes she was begging to be filled. So, I was happy to oblige. I grabbed her hip with one hand and my dick in the other and placed the tip on the lips of her pussy.

She shivered and began to suck other me's cock. We moaned in unison as I began to enter my first dick into her wet pussy inch by inch. As I did so Robin screamed in pleasure, as much as someone with a dick down their throat can scream. Now that the first dick is well lubricated I pulled it out slowly and placed it on her little anus, and put the other on her pussy.

I slowly pushed both of them in and that alone caused both me and new me to cum. We shot streams of cum inside Robin filling every hole with our semen. Other me pulled euro pretty bitches get nailed by the pool hardcore and groupsex while he shot and covered Robin's perfect breasts in even more cum and she grabbed them in each hand and smeared it all over herself playing with her nipples.

Thanks to my potions the fun only began with finishing. With both her pussy and ass leaking my cum I began to slowly hump Robin in both holes, she laid back and moaned in pleasure as she took other me's cock in her mouth again.

Then other me bent down and slowly slipped Robin's pulsating member between his lips and began to 69 Robin while I filled her other two holes. We went on like this for an hour, just screwing our brains out covering each other in our cum.

By the time we couldn't take any more other me disappeared and my dick returned to one and Robin's however just went flaccid. We were breathing heavy covered in a thick layer of cum, in each other's arms we kissed the cum swishing in our mouths. We stopped for a breath and I looked down to see that her dick was still existent and said "it looks like that may be permanent" She smiled at me and said "good" and kissed me.

We got up, changed the sheets, took a shower, and went to bed. We still had 4 more days to screw each other senseless