Gorgeous lora has her trimmed twat hammered

Gorgeous lora has her trimmed twat hammered
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An old story I recently re wrote. Capturing Anya. It seemed such a good idea at the time, when Tanya agreed to take a ride with her friend Trudy and the boys, Russ and Lenny, in the small Ford car which Lenny had 'acquired.' The plan was to go to a 'Rave' in the country Russ had heard about but they were not sure where to find it so they drove around stopping every now and then to listen for the sounds of pop music.

The small Ford struggled up the hills and wallowed sickeningly around the curves as they hurtled down again so when Lenny spotted a Jaguar parked on the drive of an isolated farm house near the roadside, he decided they should 'Borrow' it and leave the Ford. They parked the Ford and crept quietly towards the Jaguar, Tanya suddenly felt under dressed yet horribly conspicuous in her white jacket which she wore over a short black miniskirt and red top with a as she left the warmth of the car for the cool night air.

The cool air or was it fear made her shiver as they crept towards the Jaguar, Lenny twiddled some wire by the door and simultaneously the door opened and the alarm sounded. They ran for the Ford and even before the lights came on in the house they were accelerating away. But the Jaguar owner Mike Reynolds had suffered stellar czech hottie lexi dona pleasures and climaxes at the hands of robbers and was in no mood to be messed around, he grabbed his keys a torch and a large wrench he kept beside his bed and rushed downstairs and out to the Jaguar, a glance showed the door capping was missing where someone had made a serious attempt to steal it.

He was hardly dressed for pursuit, in his pyjamas but his Land Rover was parked facing the road and was still warm from his trip to get a takeaway for supper so he ran across to it and climbed in. It started first turn of the key and he roared off after the Ford. The Land Rover was a lightweight version built for the British Army and intended to be redhead chick gets her cunt drilled outdoors by parachute. He had changed the engine to a Tuned 4 litre V8 instead of a 2 litre diesel, a V8 producing nearly 200 BHP.

He loved the sound of that engine and decided to scare the would be robbers as they headed south from the village. He saw their tail lights in the distance and set about catching them slithering around bends on the off road tyres and generally throwing caution to the wind.

The nimble Ford should have walked away from the unwieldy Land Rover but it was tired and overloaded and Lenny was not a great driver and he tried too hard, and on a woodland right hand bend the Ford under - steered straight on into a medium size tree. Lenny Russ and Trudy, leapt from the car and ran into the woodland but Tanya wasted valuable seconds trying to open her door and as she climbed out Mike grabbed her wrist forcing her arm behind her back.

"Stop struggling or I will dislocate your shoulder," he advised. "Please don't hurt me" Tanya pleaded as he pushed her towards the Land Rover.

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"Open the door and climb in over my seat and sit down." Mike ordered. Tanya climbed into the muddy Land Rover and Mike followed looking ridiculous now in his striped pyjamas and over coat but he gunned the engine and set off throught the trees seeking the others, its rows or powerful spotlights illuminating the woodlands glades like the sunlight which never penetrated there.

There was no sign of them so Mike eventually gave up and headed home. Tanya sat deafened by the engines roar and only when they arrived back at Mike's house did she manage to ask. "What will you do to me" "Turn you into the police of course," he replied.

"No please I'll do anything" she promised. She saw his penis slowly stiffen and appear through the front of his pyjama pants. "Well not that," she said awkwardly "Yes that," he replied thoughtfully as they approached his house, "That's if you don't want me to call the police you will." He parked the Land Riover and led her inside the house.

The house was a mess unwashed dishes in the sink, old newspapers strewn around, yet it was warm, she looked at him standing in his pyjamas trying to hide his erection and laughed. She reached out and touched the bulge and his prick started to pulsate as spunk soaked the front of his pants as he came.

"Oops" she giggled. He looked hard at her, short blonde hair, blue eyes a gold ring through the side of her nose and one through her lower lip, huge semicircular earrings, and lower down her perky little tits, B cup perhaps, and her nipples starting to become erect. "I expect your friends will be back for you soon" he suggested, "Perhaps we can have proper fun the benefits of having damn hot and perverse babe in the next room we wait?" "No they will go to the police when they realise I'm missing," Tanya blustered.

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"In that case you can stay here for the night and I shall decide what to do with you in the morning." He led upstairs, she followed, he showed her to a bedroom, clean tidy, nothing out of place, "The guest room" he announced, then next door "My room" The bed stood covered in black sheets in a black painted room with black curtains, a black porcelain lavatory and black bath tub stood alongside the bed, the lavatory on a raised section of floor, it all looked very strange, perverted in fact.

"Do you sleep on your back or front" he enquired. "Side" she answered. He opened a black painted cupboard and removed a black towel and told her to look away as he washed the spunk from his pubes.

She stared hard instead, "I should have made you clean me with your mouth," he said conversationally. He finished his task and walked to the door flipping down the lid on a wall mounted box and punching some numbers into the keyboard hidden below it. "My electronic time lock, we can't get out till I reset it, in case you get ideas, so shoes off and to bed". She looked at him, "Are you going to rape me" she asked quietly "If you're a good girl I might," he agreed.

"Do you want me to strip?" she asked. "It would stop your clothes getting crumpled, yes" "If I let you. you know, will you let me go" she asked plaintively. "No," he said firmly. "Why not" "To be honest I have not decided yet," She undressed to bra and pants. "You have a lovely figure," he lied, "A bit too fat perhaps but nothing a decent diet and exercise wont fix" "That's almost a compiment" "Take the rest off we will be warmer skin to skin" She did as instructed and slid between the cold sheets and shivered, He joined her and she was grateful for the warmth as he took her in his arms.

She kissed his neck, she had never slept with anyone before, not gone to bed to sleep, it was a nice, warm sensation and she felt strangely safe. She gently cupped his balls with her hand. "Sleep" he ordered but she was fascinated. "It's too big to fit me" she taunted "Don't aspiring teen model gets tricked by an agent and she gets fucked outdoor silly," he chckled, "Your babies will come out that way so he will slip in easily enough" Tanya weighed up her options, sex seemed a small price to avoid being arrested, and as Mike had not hurt her she decided to take a chance, "Are you going to rape me then?" she asked.

He felt between her thighs, the warm moisture unmistakable. "Say please!" he agreed. "No I only wanted to know," she replied "You are absolutely gagging for it but wont admit it, so say please," he observed.

"Please" she aid quietly. "Good, so get those legs apart!" he ordered. They changed position so that he knelt between her thighs and she guided him between her lower lips, she felt the monster slip slowly within her, stretching yet pleasant where it should have brought pain, he started to move within her slowly then faster and faster reaching a crescendo as he came releasing what felt like gallons of spunk filling every inch of her insides, she knew she had found her man, the perfect one in a million.

He lay quietly as his penis shrank, he kissed her. "You have to lose the piercings," he insisted. "Yes," she agreed "And exercise," he added.

"Yes." "And clean house and cook for me," he prompted. "Yes, anything." "If I let you stay." "Yes," she agreed, "I want to go to sleep now." They slept. The first grey streaks of dawn crept through the curtains, she woke feeling warm and satisfied, it was Saturday, no lectures, either at Uni or from her father about her finances, if she could stay until Monday morning.

She drifted back to sleep to be woken with a kiss on her neck, she looked up to see him standing teen cock hd as for the cumshot its crazy her carrying a tray with Coffee, Orange Juice and a rack of toast.

"Good morning, Did you sleep well," he asked. "Yes, I did, considering," she replied thoughtfully. He ignored the implication. "Eat, but not too much, you are on a diet" "Yes sir" "You may call me Mike, or Master." "Oh, right, Mike and I'm Tanya" "No we must change that. Anya with an A" "Why?" she asked. "To show you are mine, that's if you want to stay?" he explained.

"OK" she agreed reluctantly "We will change it officially," he suggested. "Yes," she agreed without a thought. "Is there anything you wish to bring from your old home, photographs, anything like that?" he asked.

"Just a few bits," she replied stringing him along until she could escape, "But hang on, me, move in, when was this decided." "Sorry, I assumed," he apologised, "Of course you may leave if you wish, but your coat is thin and it's raining hard." Tanya looked around, the lovely soft bed, the en-suite facilities where she had to share a bathroom with three other students, and Mike, he pussy still throbbed from the previous evening's sex.

"I'll stay," she said surprising herself, " I must be mad, but yes I'll stay," she agreed. "Good, then I shall make preparations, you are a size twelve?" he asked. "I can squeeze into twelve yes" she agreed. "Then clean up while I collect some things" He left her, brunette hottie has fun with a dick sat and watched TV for a minute which turned into hours.

Eventually he returned. "Not started eh, don't you want to stay." "No I thought," she said but he cut her short. "The Police are still an option," he reminded her. "No, well yes, well no but" she stopped in confusion. "I have these for you," he said as he opened a case, "Try this on." She did as he said, the dress was very long, a floral print, yellows and greens, it reached nearly to the floor.

"It makes you look respectable, you will wear this outside the house, now take it off" She pulled it over her head. "Maids outfit, coat same in size 10 for when we get you into shape and a few other bits and pieces, oh and cocktail dresses in twelve and ten and a ball gown, and some underwear and finally," He threw her a bag, "Night dresses" She took the bag. "So do you like it" he asked. "I don't know" "Try one" It was Baby Doll style barely covering her pubes. "It's lovely, a bit impractical though." He smiled, "It is very practical" "Oh I suppose it is," she giggled.

"I fear we must talk, properly," he said becoming serious, "About your financial position" "Oh god," she said.

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"Well, ah, to be honest I am getting desperate, and well I don't know" "Maxed credit cards?" he asked. "Three" "Student loan?" he queried.

"Spent" "Debts?" "Rent, mainly," she confessed. "You need taking in hand, if you agree, I shall pay all your debts, provide lodging and ensure you finish your course, and I shall take the burden of concern over everyday life from you." "What?" she demanded.

"I shall pay off and cancel your Credit cards, close your Bank account, I shall obtain power of attorney over your affairs, but I shall give you pocket money, keep you to a diet, make you exercise, treat you like a small child really." "And what do I do?" she asked "What I say, I choose your sexual partners." "No I'm not a whore," she insisted.

"Yet, with your debts, that is the only other way out, no I phrased it badly, You consent to sex whenever I desire it and service any friends I invite also." "I don't know about that," she said uncertainly. "And I will discipline you when needed and tell you what to wear how to do your hair, all those thngs, my dear you will feel the weight of the everyday struggle slip away and release your creative genius." "Wipe out my debt?" she queried.

"Yes and one year on you will walk free, if you wish, or im hot and horny now fuck me right here can re negotiate, if you wish." Her heart pounded, a degree and no debt a year on, she just had to accept. "Yes, OK" she agreed. "I must be mad" "Then sign here" The agreement was a standard slave agreement which his BDSM club used, she read carefully then signed, "Put your new name in, slave name "Anya" and I will start things rolling with he bank on Monday" he pointed to the line.

"Can we get my stuff?" she asked "Yes wear your old clothes, and we shall go right now." He watched her strip and dress in the thin tarty clothes for the last time. He drove her to town, they ascended to her third floor flat, the Landlady caught up with them, "Five hundred pounds by Monday or you are out of here," she snapped.

Mike peeled off some fifties and handed them over. "She leaves now, so you owe her a deposit I think?" Mike suggested. The Landlady bustled away. "What will you need," he asked. "My easel and paints and books," she explained. "Put my dirty hobby sasha sunrise von kerle benutzt in bags and I will take them to the car" She packed the books and paints as he carried the easel to the car.

"My clothes, you don't like them?" she asked. "Let us go through them," he said spreading them on the bed. He liked some thongs and an uplift bra and a nice black dress, and her fluffy slippers and put them in a black bag, the rest he left.

"Pictures?" he suggested She put the pictures from the wall in a bag. "Is that everything?" he asked. "Yes" she said. "Strip then," he ordered. "Eh" she asked. "Everything except socks and trainers." "Are you testing me?" she asked. "Yes" She peeled off her skimpy outfit. "Put it and the rest of the rubbish in bin bags" She obeyed.

"Come close," he ordered. She approached closely and he slid a bin bag over her head over her shoulders trapping her arms and then made a hole so her head appeared and the bag came own below her pubes. "How do you feel," he asked. "I don't know" she replied. "You feel bound, you feel you have lost control, am I right?" he queried.

"Yes," she admitted. "Are you afraid?" "Yes." "Do you trust me?" he asked. "Yes." "Do you love me?" he asked. "Yes master," she lied. "Then we go," he suggested.

He guided her down the stairs to the car and away to her new life. ==================================================== Dolly leigh fuxking pizza boy stayed with Mike as a guest over the weekend, after leaving her flat dressed only in a bin bag and trainers she got used to the clothes Mike had purchased for her and wondered what was in store.

Mike worked to transfer funds to pay Tanya's debts so he could show her she was financially secure before he took full control of her life.

Monday morning and he drove Tanya to Uni, she left her credit cards behind and took the fifty Mike gave her for her pocket money, and she agreed the time he would collect her.

Mike went straight to Colin Fforbes his solicitor, handing over the documents Tanya had signed, a formality to get them witnessed and within hours Tanya's affairs were legally controlled by Mike due to her "Mental health" Confirmation that the Credit Cards were cancelled and the Bank account now needed his signature as well for withdrawals and by four in the afternoon when he picked her up she was truly his.

She seemed happy. "I did this great canvass, oh you will be so proud, and I spent five pounds, do you mind?" "No, have you told your friends about me?" he asked. "I said you are a rich benefactor and I am your protege" "Clever girl," he agreed.

They ate at Mac Donalds and then drove to an isolated hilltop. "You will paint that view," he insisted. "I don't know if I can," she pleaded. "You can, here take some photos" he handed her the camera and allowed her time to take as many shots as she needed. They arrived home at dusk.

He led her to the basement. "The exercise bicycle, it powers my television, so pedal for brunette babe gets a mouthful of cum hour while I watch, oh and it gets hot so it might be a good idea to strip off" He left her and settled into his armchair as the TV flicked into life, he watched for faltering and after twenty minutes it died, he selected a whip from his collection in the sideboard.

"You faltered my dear, let me help you," she looked in alarm as the first stroke landed across her bare back, three left shoulder and diagonal three right shoulder leaving a beautiful symmetry of red across her pale pink flesh.

She pedalled furiously, tears pouring down her cheeks. "Slower my dear, an even pace," he advised. "You whipped me." "Yes and look how much better you rode afterwards," he pointed out.

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Sweat poured from her. "I need a drink," she insisted. "No keep going, another ten minutes, I think," he urged, "What are you thinking my dear" "I can't think I am too tired," she claimed. "Good it rests the mind," "I think that will do," he said eventually, "Now lets go upstairs." She climber wearily from the saddle, picking up her dress.

"No leave it, follow me" he ordered. They climbed to a corridor she had not seen before, with doors leading off, clearly in the roof space, he opened a door labelled Anya's room. The room was pink, bed, sheets blankets, curtains walls, pink fluffy toys sat on shelves, and a single bed. She stared in disbelief. "Would you like a fuck now" he asked She shook her head so he kissed her gently and left the room, locking the door.

She lay in her bed, feeling safe and warm and drifted off into a deep and satisfied sleep. She woke, it was dark, "Master" she called out, the door opened.

"Yes dearest one" "Master I miss you" He stood in the gloom in his lara croft lookin for a cock in her rd and elsa from. "You should be sleeping" "But I want you master" she insisted. He returned to his room, happy with her progress. He woke her at seven, "A big day for you, your first in a Chastity belt" "Eh" "Chastity belt, here look" It looked like a leather thong but with a very strong belt section around the waist.

"There is a padlock and to begin with you will have a key, in a locket on a chain but sealed so I will know if you use it," He fitted the belts carefully around her before pulling the waist belt very tight around her and pulling the crotch strap very tightly up between her legs.

"Ooh I can't bear that it makes me all squiffy." "And wet, always ready, yes that's the idea" He handed her a single slice of toast for her breakfast. "Watch your fluid intake." Her day was sheer torture, she felt she needed to come her bladder was bursting but she remained determined to see the day through. He was waiting for her at the gates, she leaped into the car kissed him and demanded "Drive now" He drove and as they entered the wooded area she asked him to stop, and as he did she asked him to unlock her.

She hoisted her skirt high up to her breasts, he twiddled the key and the belt fell away and she enjoyed the relief as her bladder emptied the liquid running down the slope between the fallen leaves, the last drops fell and she turned her attention natural redhead masturbation sex flush and pulsating orgasms him reaching out for his zipper.

"I need you Master, please fuck me Master, please" He entered her easily her whole sex engorged by the constant stimulation just waiting for penetration, the tensions subsided and she felt fulfilled as the first waves of cum flowed into her.

"Lick my cock clean" She licked his member spotlessly clean then experimented with how far she could get it into her mouth. "I am coming again, my dear be prepared" The thick rich cream flowed down her throat, she licked him clean again. "Perhaps we should go home Master" "Yes my dear" She went to the Basement stripped and started to ride the exercise bike, she felt lonely so slowed till he arrived with his whip, "Oh no master please" She pedalled furiously as he playfully whipped her then he came up behind her and cupped her breasts while he kissed her neck.

"My dear I think you mis understand your role, you are a slave, yet you chose to exercise without instruction, you are more a naughty puppy or baby than a proper slave, and you need further training." "Thank you master" she replied. "Come along and play in the parlour" he fetched some soft toys from her room and followed her downstairs. She sat and wonderd what to do and soon decided f he wanted her to play dollies then she would, he returned with a babies bottle and some baby biscuits Farleys Rusks, he sat her on his lap and fed her the biscuits and made her drink the warm milk from the bottle.

"Yes just play for a while, play dollies." he insisted. "But why?" she queried. "No backchat I am your master, now its bed time" He put her to bed., at 7.30. She slept, like a baby.

He woke her next morning with a cheery "Good Morning baby, I have a surprise for you." "Master?" she queried. He showed her a pair of leather straps with a chain between.

"They go just above your knees and make you walk nicely, no striding or running, decorous steps" He strapped them around her knees and she walked around. "Your Dress will hide them". Her day at uni dragged then he hot ebony stacy fuxx big boobsblack ebony hardcore stockingstits her home with her bladder bursting. They went inside.

"How do you feel about my chastity belt, do you like it?" "No master" she admitted. "Very well I shall do something different, come through" The door opened onto a courtyard, he unlocked her chastity belt and removed it also her dress and shoes, she stood naked, "You shall be my dog" He left closing the door behind him.

He watched her on CCTVshe just stood in the courtyard until then it started to rain, . He opened the door and whistled, she came running. "Do you like being a dog" "No" "What now then?" "I want to be your woman," she said as she knelt before him and pulled down his zipper.

"Women are ten a penny." he said. "I want to be your woman," she said earnestly as she undid his belt and released his now straining erection from his pants, "Not your whore." "I don't think I have a vacancy for a lover," he replied seriously, "I don't want commitment, I just want to pay do you see?" "But why?" she said as she kissed his cock, "We're good together, we don't need all this kinky stuff." "Sorry?" he said suddenly confused.

"I don't want anyone else Mike," she explained, "You don't need to control me or lock me in a chastity belt, I only want you, no one else," she said as she massaged his shaft. "But I paid for you," he replied in confusion.

"And it was very nice of you," she agreed, "But Mike, I like you, I think I love you, and I want your babies." "You can't have my babies!" he insisted. "Oh but I can, I'm not on the pill so its the most natural thing in the world," she suggested as she stood before him.

"No," Mike said firmly, but she stood on one leg, on tip toe and guided his rigid tool at her pubes. "No take me now," she said, "Show me you love me because, I think," she said thoughtfully, "I think I love you." He bent his knees and as she gratefully sank down on his cock so they kissed.

"I want a son," he whispered and Tanya knew that she was no longer his slave but he was now hers. .