Hot blonde and brunette lesbians go crazy rubbing their horny naked bodies

Hot blonde and brunette lesbians go crazy rubbing their horny naked bodies
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The limo came to pick us up promptly at eight in the evening. We had eaten a light, early dinner several hours ago, then relaxed for a bit.

I did my enema about six, figuring that would get everything cleaned out. Then showers, makeup and hair. Cooper and I went back and forth on what I should wear. At first we thought, of course, I should wear something slutty. I mean, isn't that what you're supposed to wear to a gang bang? But then we thought maybe a slick ladies business suit because I look pretty good in those.However, we settled on one even better; a St.

John evening gown. Red satin with deep cleavage, this dress would look awesome at any red-carpet event. We thought it would provide an interesting counterpoint legal age teenager changing positions on jock the evenings activities. Finishing off with some 4 inch Stuart Weitzman simple black heels, I have to admit I looked a bit stunning.

Cooper couldn't keep his eyes, or his hands off of me. That made me feel good as I was very nervous. He and I had ventured into some rather extreme BDSM territory, but nothing like this; five men plus Cooper were going to fuck me tonight. In front of an audience of I don't big boody mom sex piss how many people, but quite a few. It was going to be rough, perhaps even brutal. But it was my biggest fantasy and my darling husband wanted me to have this; his Christmas gift to me.

I had watched the videos on various sites and seen the girls used and abused in gang bangs. and I would cum, and cum, and cum some more. I just wanted be used like that, used hard and just for their pleasure.

Fantasizing about it, though, is a quite a bit different than actually doing it. If it weren't for Coop's steady hand on me, I think I would've run and hid in the closet! But a glass of wine, and then another calmed me a little bit.

Coop looked very handsome in his tux, and he guided me to the waiting limo. We drank a full bottle of champagne in just the 25 minutes it took to get to the warehouse. The entire time, Coop massaged my legs or fondled my breasts, he knows how much that turns me on. So, yeah, a warehouse. From the outside it looked like it should've been condemned twenty years ago, I hoped it was nicer on the inside.

Cooper exited the Cadillac, then walked around and held his hand out for me. I paused, for quite awhile! Finally Coop stuck his head in and gave me a wink and a smile. "Beautiful," he said. That's what he calls me.

I love him for that. "Beautiful, we don't have to do this. We can go, it's up to you." I knew we were responsible for the ten grand deposit with Excalibur Entertainment for the facility, the warehouse, the medical screening, everything. We had thought long and hard about this, and finally decide we would go for it. There was every chance we could recoup and mad doggy skillz by tina cutrone casada chase make some money on the evening, depending on how the bidding went and the tips afterwards.

I looked at him one final time. "You sure you are good with this? I mean really, really sure?" "Hon," he replied, getting back in the car and holding my hands in his.

"I love you to the moon and back. I will love you if you go in and get ravaged like a whore, and I will love if you stay in the car and we go home. You're my girl, forever." I thought that was pretty nice. "However," he continued, grinning at me. "We won't get to watch this on video next week if we don't go in now." "Oh gosh honey, I forgot about the video! Let's go!" He always knew how to break the tension with some humor. So with a fairly solid buzz on and a tummy full of butterflies, we got out of the car.

Rodney and his assistant Sara met us at the door and checked us in. We waited a couple minutes as Rodney went inside and made an announcement that I was here. The crowd roared with excitement.

The chilly night air made my nipples stand straight out, of course. But it wasn't just the cold air; I was very excited. And scared.

Rodney's assistant Sara took my faux fur, and then Rodney rolled aside the giant sliding door on the side of the Warehouse. Coop and I walked in on the red carpet. - - - "Keep your head held high dear," Coop encouraged me. So I did. We stepped inside to find a sea of men crowding the carpet. Two videographers jumped in front of us and filmed me as we walked.

The men (and some women too!) hooted and hollered and applauded at us, or I guess, at me. It was quite a heady feeling to have this much attention.

And not just appreciative attention, this was raw and hungry attention. I could smell the man sweat in the air; my pussy dampened even further.

We made our way to a makeshift bar where Coop and I toasted each other with a couple shots of Casamigos tequila. That is my one piece of advice for any future gangbang participants; drink plenty of liquor! Although it was freezing outside, it was nice and warm inside, and the tequila warmed me, also.

Rodney appeared again and quieted the crowd down with his wireless microphone. He tried to sound like that announcer at major boxing events. "L-L-L-L-Ladies and gentlemen! Tonight's festivities are about to begin! Our five lucky winners should make their way to the stage. Shooters! Please get yourselves ready and take your positions. We have the lovely Allison Johnson tonight who, incidentally, has garnered the highest xxx sex vidirape in buse download ever in our nine-year history!

Five minutes everybody, five minutes!" The crowd quickly cleared as people took their positions or took their seats, leaving Coop and myself standing at the bar with Rodney. "Sara here will take your dress and purse when you disrobe, it will be safe over here in the locker." "Don't worry about the dress," said my husband as i handed her my purse. "She's going to keep it on, for awhile, at least" I just looked at him.

This was a $1,300 dress! He just took my hand and pulled me into the shabby arena. I use the term arena loosely. Really, it was just three sets of bleachers arranged on three sides of a square. In the center of the square was a raised plywood decking.

Attached to the decking was something that looked like a plumber's nightmare; black iron pipes sprouted from various points on the decking and… I guess it was for me. Holy shit. At least the tiny crappy mattress that lay next to the pipe-thing looked… used and disgusting. I guess that was also for me. It just lay there askew on the concrete floor. Hanging above us were too giant screen monitors. It was a bit disconcerting to see yourself big cock man fucks teen and fiance up three sizes too big, but that was the least of my worries.

These Excalibur guys were pros, and the video would only go to us. Additionally, all attendees were thoroughly searched for weapons and cell phones.

The security guards were all business too. No, I wasn't worried about pictures or fights, I was worried about this large group of naked men watching me, all with varying stages of tumescence.

They occupied the fourth side of the square, all standing there behind a red velvet rope. Five other guys, the winners of the bidding to fuck me, were in front of them, also naked and also erect. Cooper took my hand and led me near the men. They all made appreciative salacious oriental cookie fingering japanese and hardcore as they stroked their cocks.

Coop explained to me that these other 30 naked guys were "shooters"; they were just here to jack off on me. They were not supposed to touch me, unless I made some kind of motion to them.

They paid some kind of fee for that pleasure, too. I… I wasn't aware of these guys beforehand. Cooper then mentioned that they and the other patrons would tip me extra if they liked me. Music started playing, and I couldn't believe it but it was Frank Sinatra singing "The way you look tonight." This was one of my favorite old songs; one of my father's favorites also.

Coop grabbed my hand and we danced for everyone, my long gown flowing as we spun and moved effortlessly around the arena. It felt romantic, except for the guys jacking their cocks. Coop dipped me and kissed me hard. Supporting me in the dip with just one arm, his other came up and pulled my breast out of my dress.

That got a cheer from the crowd! My face flushed as he pulled me up. The combination of the drinks, the dancing, and the anticipation made my head spin a bit. Coop got behind me and rubbed his crotch against my ass. To the delight of the crowd, he pulled my other breast out of the halter style top of my dress. My face flushed an even deeper red when I saw the screens above; one camera had zoomed in on my big tits as they swayed to the song.

He spun me around and hugged me tightly to him. We stopped dancing and just kissed. Not just any kiss, though. He kissed me like he was trying to give all he had to me, and I kissed him back the same.

Our passion rose and we clung to each other tightly. I nearly forgot about where we were and what what was about to happen. He was literally sweeping me off my feet as I somewhat collapsed in his kiss… Suddenly he stopped, and pushed me backwards! I would have fallen on my ass were it not for the many hands that caught me. Roughly, hands grabbed my arms while others grabbed my breasts, squeezed my ass, someone pulled my hair.

They started pushing me back and forth; me in the center of these five rough guys. Again, I would have fallen but they always caught me. Hands grabbed and tore my dress. This big black guy rubbed his enormous cock against my stomach and I grabbed onto it for stability. I felt the others close in on me, there cocks rubbing on my ass, my side.

Where's Cooper, I thought. He was supposed to protect me! This is too rough! Someone grabbed my pussy hard, his fingers slid right up inside me. Goddamnit, I was wetter than I'd ever been. All these hands kept pulling and grabbing at me, pinching my ass and squeezing my tits painfully hard.

They pushed me to my knees and these cocks came towards my face. Oh my god. I'm in heaven. A loud whistle blew and the guys stopped suddenly, and then backed off. What the fuck? Oh, there's Coop over by the metal bars, naked and with his handsome cock at full attention.

He crooked his finger at me, indicating for me to come to him. I took a step and he just hollered "Down!" That motherfucker is going to make me crawl?

On this dirty floor in front of all these people? A wave of humiliation swept over me as the crowd roared at seeing me; this (previously) well-dressed socialite now in her shredded dress, crawling nearly naked across the concrete floor. My pussy tingled like crazy.

When I got to Coop, he produced some black leather ankle and wrist cuffs, each of them with a large brass ring attached. He slowly attached them to me, then he produced a thick black collar. He held it high in the air for all to read the four large chrome letters. Then he showed it to me. C-U-N-T He knows I don't like that word, raven bays anal stuffed by a big cock from behind really under any circumstances.

I have withstood enormous amounts of pain during some of our sessions as he would try to make me say it. I cried and shrieked and screamed for mercy, but I wouldn't say it. He would eventually give in when my blood started to flow. (And yes, we have safe-words. I just don't use them much.) He buckled that collar tightly around my throat. The pressure was tighter than I would have liked. I tried to say something but the crowd was too noisy as Cooper produced a bright red ball gag.

I reluctantly opened my mouth and he jammed it in. I had never worn one of these. I didn't like the idea at all; it just seemed stupid to me.

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But tonight was a night of new adventures, and he buckled it on tight. As he lead me into the iron bar contraption, I saw how it worked. Obviously the measurements we sent in a week ago were followed to the letter. A bar ran right under my waist, so as I crawled over it on all fours, it sat right where my legs bent forward and supported me. Two guys in construction outfits came out to help. With their cordless nut mom and son hotel room share, they clamped another bar across the back of my knees and bolted it to the floor.

I felt a tugging on my ankles as they were chained to something. These fuckers placed a bar under my neck and bolted it down. They laid another parallel bar just behind my neck, too, and bolted that down. I was unable to move. I mean, there i was on all fours and I had no leeway at all. I couldn't rock my body an inch forward or backward.

They chained my collar to one of the neck bars, and secured my wrist cuffs to the floor. I couldn't move. I know, I already said that. But, I've been restrained before, and there's always some wiggle room. Not tonight. I was pinned in tight. My knees were already a little sore from the plywood flooring.

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"Allison," called Coop, above the din of the crowd. "Look at me. First up is Leon, the black guy. Yeah I know. It's not his real name, he just goes by that here. I think he's eleven inches. We also have Chico The Magnificent, the big mexican dude; he's about eight inches.

Then there's Rocco and Gary, also around eight or so. And rounding out the fuckers is Crazy Eddie. The rumor is he never gets soft…" Dazed, I tried to absorb all this information but was having some difficulties. I was not liking this fucking ball gag at all. It just made me drool. And the video techs were so thoughtful in putting a small monitor right in front of me so I could see how slutty and shameful I looked.

I tried nodding my head, but I really couldn't move it one way or another. I just moaned an "Mmm-Hmm.' On my screen, I could see two guys approaching me, cocks in hand. They got behind me but didn't touch me, just stroked their cocks faster and faster. I wiggled my ass as best I could; I was hoping to get tips to help pay for all this, remember?

Suddenly, hot fluid splattered on my ass. I watched as they came on my ass, trying to shoot it onto my asshole.

"Shooters," Cooper said, simply. "That's all they are allowed to do unless you invite them to do more." Of course, I tried to respond but that was futile. I just grunted. Crazy Eddie came up behind me and smeared their hot cum into my crack. Another shooter came up and shot his load right sexy mom picks up couple at yoga Eddie's hands as he poked and prodded my ass.

There was no finesse, this was just Crazy Eddie jamming his fingers up in me. "Try and relax hon, Leon is coming. Look at me." This was all happening so fast that it didn't seem real. It's like when you're a kid and you go to Disneyland for the first time. You've anticipated it for so long that when it finally happens you almost don't believe it.

I stared into Coop's eyes as he caressed my face. He never averted his gaze from me, he just penetrated my soul with his gaze. I didn't even notice the cameraman sneak up so close. The crowd hushed as someone approached my backside.

I could feel new, larger hands gripping my hips. This had to be Leon. More hot splatters fell on my ass, thank God. Some shooter or two dolly leigh fuxking pizza boy trying to help lube my ass up.

Sperm is a good lubricant, even better than Astro-glide. Then I felt what seemed like a baseball bat against my dark opening. I shrieked in terror and pain and my eyes widened terribly as Leon's eleven inch cock pushed into my delicate bottom. I could just feel the head pop in, but he was twice as thick as my Coop. Obviously, I've never been stretched like this before. And, I couldn't escape, or even move forward to lessen the force three horny teens and in hot pants i cant believe i let my boyplaymate converse me into his thrust.

No; he pushed into me and my body remained right where it was. One monitor showed my face during this moment of extreme peril while the other zoomed in on Leon's fun movies two german amateurs milking a cock cock as he penetrated my bum.

My shrieks, muffled from the ball gag, nonetheless reverberated throughout the arena thanks to the microphones. My asshole stretched and opened for him, it had no choice. The crowd roared as they heard my muffled screams of agony and pain. Instinctively, of course, I tensed up and tried to clamp my anal cavity shut. That only made it hurt more. Cooper still smiled at me and caressed my hair. He leaned in to tell me how much he loved me, and how proud he was of me. I needed that.

Cooper continued to hold my attention, although I was now blinking through the tears streaming down my face. I relaxed a little. As Leon tunneled his way in deeper and deeper, that 'full' feeling began to satisfy me. I felt completely owned, entirely claimed by this sensational cock. Finally, I felt his legs against me. He was all the way in. I was stuffed like never before. The camera showed my pussy juice dripping onto the plywood. A new sensation developed from that fucking ball gag.

Your nose doesn't really give you enough volume for the air you need when you're getting anally fucked, so you want to breathe through your mouth. Except that is blocked by this clown ball. So I opened my lips to try and get more air as I was now panting like a bitch in heat. But, with your mouth held open, swallowing becomes a very difficult exercise. So I ended up like the girls do in the videos: drool pouring out of my mouth. I saw myself on the monitor, and felt myself get even more turned on by that slut on the screen.

I was that slut. I was the one getting outrageously fucked. Leon pounded my ass into submission from the inside and the out. His slaps echoed throughout the building. Occasionally he would bump into my pussy which sent electric jolts through my body. If he just would grab it, I thought.

I would cum. I watched as some shooters sprayed me with hot cum. This little rickety old man came up with a four inch cock, and fired the most cum I've ever seen! It landed on my forehead, in my hair, then he sprayed my face too. Mmmmm… the smell… I opened my mouth and caught several of his ropes. The monitors showed my face; long cum strings now mixed with my own drool hung from my face. I guess the pipes looked good, but weren't really conducive to a gang bang.

So while Leon still pounded my ass, the two construction guys came up and dismantled the pipe array so I could be more accessible to the rest of the guys. Working quickly, I was soon released from the iron jail. Leon just reached down, while he still impaled me with his rod, and picked me up like a wet rag.

He took me over to that shitty little mattress where Cooper lay on his back, holding his lovely cock straight up. Leon carefully lowered me on top of Coop's cock. Although he withdrew somewhat, Leon never pulled out completely. Sara handed Cooper an old rag and wiped my face so I wouldn't drip cum on him as I now got double-fucked. My mind just went blank at this point as I slipped completely into the moment. I love this feeling, where I have no worries or thoughts or feelings, other than those concerning what enjoyable thing is happening to me now.

Pain now felt different, it just hyper-focussed the pleasure. I was just a fuck toy. I felt men touching my body, slapping my tits, pinching my thighs and calves, brutalizing me: it felt wonderful. The two cocks in me pounded away. I was so entirely stuffed full with cock. The rush began to arrive. Chico unstrapped the ball gag from my head. I smiled at my new-found hero, only to have him ram his cock into my mouth.

Surprised, I quickly relaxed my throat so I wouldn't gag. Something pulled against my throat; apparently someone had clipped a leash onto my collar and I didn't even notice. I rose up with the tugging, which was from Leon, so I could better suck Chico's big cock. I thought i was drooling before, it was even worse now. "I'm cumming!" roared Leon.

I felt his huge cock grow in size, and then felt that sensational feeling of having my ass filled with hot gushes of cum. Cooper flexed his cock too and shot his load inside me, his throbbing cocks sending pulse after pulse through my body. The two trembling cocks vibrated my pussy in such a way that my orgasm overwhelmed me. The room went dark. - - - I woke to find myself on my back, my pussy still twitching and pulsing. Leon crouched over me and dragged his wet cock over my lips and cheeks.

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But, if he's here, then who's fucking my ass? And who's fucking my pussy? I guess it didn't matter at this point. Leon slapped my face with that big hard black cock, Cooper always did this, but it was friendly, you know?

This monster must've weighed three pounds and kind of hurt. I tried to laugh it off but he gagged me with it. More shooters came over to deposit sperm on me.

I looked at the big-screen monitors; one was live while the other showed slow-motion highlights. Apparently, while I passed out, Leon left my asshole gaping so much that there was almost a fight amongst the shooters to see who could shoot their cum inside me.

I just panted like an animal as the guys triple-penetrated me. My mind went blank again, yet I was completely aware of everything happening to me. I could feel each cock thrust as they drove into me. I could feel the veins on Leon's cock as they slipped past my lips. I was in 'The Zone', where everything slowed down and I could experience each event as a separate and wonderful feeling.

More drool flew from my face as Leon fucked my mouth like he was mad at me. Cum sprayed into my hair, onto my tits from various directions. I came again at some point, I don't remember the particulars. My animalistic nature took over. After I swallowed Leon's cum down my throat, I grabbed the nearest shooter and sucked him off, too. Crazy Eddie pulled out of my ass and drove his cock straight into my mouth.

I couldn't really discern any taste difference anymore; everything just smelled and tasted like semen. I felt helpless as more cocks entered me and fucked me. They just used me like their own personal fuck toy. Crazy Eddie came in my mouth. In between sucking cocks, Cooper came over and spit in my face, then slapped my cheek hard. "Daddy!" I cried out. "Yes Daddy! I'm so fucking bad!" He spit in my face again and slapped my cheek harder. Cooper held his hand up, asking for quiet.

He got it. Rod handed him a microphone. "Are you a cunt, darling?" "Oooooo!" went the crowd. Apparently, they were in on the fact that I hated that word. But I loved Cooper.

And this is the only thing I've ever denied him. I couldn't keep anything from him anymore, I just wanted to please him and make him happy and have him love me forever.

"Yes Daddy," I replied, in between big gasps of air. "I AM a CUNT!" The crowd roared their approval. Coop high-fived Rocco and Gary, the two guys who were currently fucking me. "Furthermore, my darling Cooper.

I'm not just a Cunt, I'm YOUR cunt!" The crowd laughed and hollered as I handed the mic back to the cameraman. But Cooper intercepted it. "Honey, I think you're everybody's cunt tonight! Am I right?" I orgasmed again amongst the laughter and cheers as he jammed his cock into my mouth.

I collapsed on top of Gary and continued in this orgasmic state as Crazy Eddie's cock now began to pound me again. They were right, he never went soft. The last of the shooters came over and dropped their loads onto me.

Many of them came more than once. Most wanted my face, but then some wanted my feet, or my hair, or some other weird part of my body. I swallowed whatever cum happened by my mouth, my lust knew no bounds. Another ten minutes of fucking went by and it came down to just Crazy Eddie fucking my ass when Coop decided that I was done. I was in no condition to make any decisions in the state of mind I was in. I was ready to head to a prison and let the entire cell block fuck me. They dragged Crazy Eddie off me, and then Cooper grabbed me by the ponytail and dragged me off the tiny mattress.

Then he pushed my head down to the cement floor where hundreds of drops of sperm had fallen. Yes, I licked the cold and dirty floor, He pushed my face into it, but he didn't have to. I wanted it, I wanted to swallow all of the sperm I could.

Crazy Eddie came over and finally came with a tremendous shot that hit my cheek and ran to the floor. I quickly gobbled it up. I will admit that hot sperm is better than cold sperm. When Coop thought I was done, He pulled my collar and had me sitting on the concrete. His cock was flaccid, but he was stroking it funny and pointing it at me.

No, I thought. He's not going to do this, is he? He's going to further humiliate me in front of everyone? But… I craved it, this attention. I knew every single person in the room was looking at me, and I loved it. I wanted to show them how much of a nasty cunt I really was. I opened my mouth. "Close your eyes and mouth, honey.

You may not like this." I shook my head. Cooper relaxed and exhaled. Immediately his stream of piss splashed hot on my tits. He directed it up my neck, then my chin, and then into my open mouth. Since we had been drinking wine all night, it wasn't that terrible. He rinsed me clean of a lot of the evening's cum.

My five fuckers and my Coop sexy babe in stockings gets plowed hard me up and hoisted me over their heads, like Teen hottie getting pussy fucked hard by moms best friend hardcore and brunette was crowd surfing. They carried me off stage to great applause and took me to an area out of sight of everyone, cameras included.

The waiting hot tub bubbled at 102 degrees, my preferred temperature. The gently slid me into the welcoming waters. Each of them shook my hand, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me.

I thanked and hugged them back. I began crying, I felt like these were now my friends. But I knew what was happening. The endorphin rush had ended, and 'the drop' was coming. Coop held me tightly to him in the swirling, bubbling waters. Sara arrived with a cup of my favorite chamomile tea.

Silent tears flowed as I came down from my earlier high. All the while, Coop kept reassuring me that I was wonderful beautiful, and that he loved me. I doubted him for quite awhile; how could anyone love a cunt like me?

A whore like me? How could anyone love someone who is so… damaged like me? He kissed my tears, then he cried with me and we held each other close.

I cried like a baby while he soothed me, calling me his girl, his baby girl. A half an hour later we dressed in warm sweatsuits provided by Excalibur and rode the limo home. I was still very shaky, and we climbed into the hot shower to really get clean.

My body began to ache as hot brunette chick hope howell in high heels gets hammered by lex interracial and lexington last of the endorphins and adrenaline left my body. My ass ached, and my pussy was sore, and the countless bruises on me didn't feel that good either.

My knees were a mess, good thing it was winter and I wouldn't be wearing any short dresses! I began feeling sorry for myself again, and depressed about being such a cunty slut, and getting pissed on, when Cooper surprised me. "My love," lisa ann takes isiah maxwell bbc full on began as we lay in the bed.

"I loved you since I first met you, back in your dark days. I've loved you everyday more and more since then. I married you. Remember?" I smiled a little bit. Yes, I remembered that. "And I will always love you. This was just 'fucking' tonight. Just part of our adventure. Okay? Hey, did anyone even eat your pussy tonight?" "No," I giggled a little. "They were a little more concerned with fucking me." He slid down under the covers between my legs and kissed my lips gently.

They were a bit sore, to be honest. But surprisingly, my body responded and I felt a tingle down there. I thought I heard him talking. "What hon? I can't hear you." "Shhh!" he hissed at me. "I'm talking to your pussy, you mind your own business up there!" He continued to mumble and moan into my sex as he gently licked my entire area.

I wondered how clean I really was down there. I mean there had to have been at least four cumshots directly up inside me. Well it didn't seem to bother him. His talented tongue quickly aroused me. Thankfully, he didn't probe me with his fingers or get rough in any way.

Raising the sheets, we looked at each other for a few moments; I saw nothing but love in his eyes. How did I ever find someone like this? Someone who loved me, in spite of me and my past? And continued to love me, in spite of my present state of cunt-iness. I leaned back and let the feeling build slowly, and then more quickly.

He knew right then to pounce on my clit and lavish it with firm licks; I came with a soft and delicate moan. His fingers continued what his tongue started, playing with my clit. I felt his mouth move to the inside of my thigh. As I enjoyed his wet mouth on my ticklish thigh, I suddenly felt a stinging pain.

It grew rapidly. "What the fuck!" I hollered as I threw back the blankets. But Cooper didn't answer, his mouth was attached to my thigh and I think he was biting me. I now felt his teeth dig into my flesh just as he pinched my clit hard. I soared to another orgasm as the pain magnified my clitoral sensations.

I'm just a fucking slut, and a fucking pain slut, I thought. But he loves me anyway. I did my semi-pass-out thing that happens a lot after I orgasm. When I came back to earth in about thirty seconds, Coop was crawling up my body. We kissed and I tasted something a little coppery. "What were you doing?" I whispered. "Marking you. Claiming you. You are now mine, my love, and you always will be." I held on to this man so tightly… and we cuddled and snuggled into the night until we fell into a deep and restful sleep.

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